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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1963 Thanksgiving Walton's Family Reunion


  1. rufus said...

    "rufus said...
    Unemployment claims down to 466,000. Still losing jobs, but not as many.
    When did the BHO Regime hire Rufus?

    Quirk quoted:

    "Unemployment claims down to 466,000. Still losing jobs, but not as many."

    Quirk said,

    "as many to lose."

    Yeah, but none of the above credits BHO, little Tim, or W, for the millions of jobs "SAVED"

    Maybe Rufus can get those figures for us now that he's on the inside!

  2. Quirk said,

    "NOT as many to lose."

  3. Cain't deny the numbers, Doug. That way lies "Madness."

    You'll still get a ittle uptick in the unemployment rate this month. Prolly 10.4, or so.

  4. BTW, this is still Dubya's economy.

    Nothing a new President could have done would have made much of a differnce this soon. It'll start being Obumble's economy around the end of 2010.

  5. The turkeys however are finding near full employment tomorrow. This annual job of theirs is just that, annual, not perennial, least for those currently employed.

    They don't ask for much, a little electric touch, a meat thermometer under the wing, to tell when the job is done.

    I've shot two of the wild Merriam turkeys in my life. They are pretty dang good eating, great I think if you had a cook more skilled than me. They are a little tough, compared to store bought. Give 'em a slow, long cook, and a little sauce, you're into some dining.

    The only thing my Blessed Idaho Fish and Game Department ever did right, dump some Merriams out of the back of a pickup truck.

  6. What kind of Thanksgiving post is that? It screams dysfunctional, unnatural and selfish, of the people whom, I know to be genuine, giving and selfless. When did they grow up and become real people?

  7. Ben Franklin had a son, that I think took the English side in our War of Indepence. I've read, he never talked to him again.

    Ben wanted the turkey as our national symbol, but the other folks wanted the eagle, with the symbols of peace in one claw, the arrows in the other, eagle's head turned toward the symbols of peace.

    Great image.

    These Merriam turkeys always seems to hang out in bunches.

    You see one, you'll see a dozen.

    Most of our game birds are that way. Except maybe the doves, which seem to be basically in twos, unless they have lost their mate, and they group up with some others for awhile.

    Can't tell you how many times I've seen doves, in twos on branches, or telephone wires. Then when startled, they fly away together.

  8. I don't understand your post, MLD. I hope mine wasn't offensive.

    My headphones died, can't listen to the dialogue now. I don't seem to have speakers around here. Daughter got them, I think.

    Was just talking about turkeys, myself. And doves, cooing.

    (I probably shouldn't say this, but doves are damned good to eat. Done right. Their meat is very dark. You skin 'em out, just take the meat from each side, there isn't much to them. I must have shot a couple hundred of them. The trick is, if you can find a good flyway, when they are migrating, or a water sourse they use)

  9. I always hear that fresh turkeys out weigh frozen by a mile. My friend's husband gave her 10 turkeys for her birthday a couple of years back, for her to raise. That was nothing compared to the chickens she got the year before and the goat she got the following year. Anyway, that year, I had a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving and to be honest, I couldn't tell the difference.

  10. These Merriams are a different deal.

    We're not talking about fresh or frozen here, but wild and tame.

    I will be
    Thy turkey

    For thy Thanksgiving feast

    And if thou
    Want to say
    Thanks to me

    Just add a little sauce

  11. I'm going vegetarian when we get back home.

    After I get my fill of burgers, that is.

    I might opt for the occasional seafood entree - something that in no way strikes me as ever having been alive or leaves me wondering about its last moments.

    Shrimp, for instance. And scallops.

  12. I always enjoy the Friday after Thanksgiving. You still have two days off.

  13. Husband had a lovely meal last night that included, that's right, udder.

    Mmmmmmm-mm! Udder.

  14. Bob, the Walton's to me are the perfect family. They were good, giving people. I remember my cousin, four years older than me, would make me sit and watch The Walton's, whenever I misbehaved. She thought, I would learn good manners.

    So, in this Thanksgiving post, one's having an affair with a married man and John boy wasn't coming home because of work, and so on, maybe, I misunderstood post but that's what, I got our of it.

    But then again, I usually don't see the whole picture.

  15. I'm glad you're back with your guy, Trish. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  16. How could anyone not willingly, gladly watch the Waltons? That was standard Thursday night viewing. I loved the Waltons.

    The Waltons kept the youth of the nation wholesomely occupied until the purchase of that first Pink Floyd album and the beginning of much trouble.

  17. Trish good idea. I feel much better not putting the crap in my body.

  18. And black Friday is always good. Not only do you have two more days off buy it gives you an excuse to be out shopping all day and night.

  19. Thank you, bob.

    He just got back this evening. Last significant trip, I believe, until the Day of My Liberation arrives.

    No Thanksgiving for us until Saturday. The guests could not be summoned sooner.

  20. For some reason, I don't remember
    The Waltons so much. I remember Ozzie and Harriot, The Life of Riley, best of all, Amos and Andy, and, my mom's favorite, I Love Lucy.

    Something To Keep A Little Stir Of Sensuality In The Conversation

  21. Even, I remember the Walton's.

  22. But they didn't look like that picute.

  23. The best thing about being home from school, sick, when I was a child, was watching all the adorably corny old black-and-white sitcoms right after cartoons and The Price Is Right.

    I would have kicked ass on The Price Is Right.

  24. I never did understand why people shopped on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I may be deprived of a shopping gene. Friday I intend to catch up on my reading. I have a novel I have been neglecting.

  25. My wife always wanted to be on one of those shows. I don't know how seriously, She always thought she'd kick ass too.

    I'm not so sure, though. She may know her refrigerators, and toasters, but I'm not sure about the pickups, or the real estate.

    Look at that young woman's beautiful right arm, so graceful. And, if you gaze long enough, your attention goes to the left.

    Those arms, they can enfold a man.

  26. We turn our thoughts to Thanksgiving and all other things decent, edifying and representative of salubrious tradition. Bob.

    Friday is topless woman day. And half price flat screens for the first hundred customers through the door at Best Buy day.

  27. Well, while, you're doing that, I will be frolicking and dancing through the walls, of the unforeseen.

  28. It sounds like more fun then reading a book, eh?

  29. My Nana took me to, dialing for dollars. Remember that one?

  30. Do you remember Queen for a Day?

    Worst show ever put on.

    One of the bummers, back in the Golden Age of TV.

    If you do, can we share our retiement checks?

  31. I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

    You'd like it, bob. It's a mystery set in Sweden. Out in the sticks. In the bone-ass cold dead of winter. Nicely unfolding.

    You'd like it for the character names alone.

    Though I'm quite certain that given the choice, you'd like frolicking through unseen walls, too.

    I think that's illegal in a few states, whatever it is.

  32. Check your local statutes first.

  33. I'll look into it.

    Sounds like something my daughter might like.

    I have, I admit, been too hung up on the old literature I know something about.

    I'm guessing some old themes are there.


    Thanks for the warning, too.

  34. Dialing for Dollars and Queen for a Day I've heard of but not seen.

    My real forte is every mid-century sitcom which came into syndication in the Seventies. And every damn sitcom thereafter.

  35. You don't really want to see Queen for a Day.

    I advise againt that. I hope some LA building has burned down, and taken the whole damned archive with it.

    If you look carefully, you can see, on that young lady's right thumb, some pinkesh polish, which knocks me numb.

  36. Well, it might make a nice XMas gift for the dear girl, bob. Though Elegance of the Hedgehog I'd choose first. Simply because it's a beautiful story with some flat-out stunning prose.

    On television: Had I been graciously given the choice between receiving some semblance of an education or just staying home and watching Leave it to Beaver and Hazel reruns - maybe squeezing in the occasional Beverly Cleary book - it would have been no contest. No contest at all.

  37. The child of cheery and diligent valedictorians. I was a complete mystery to them in this regard.

    There are others like me out there! I know there are!

  38. Hey, the Beav?

    I forgot about him.

  39. Seen every episode at least twice.

    Know every I Love Lucy plot like the back of my own hand.

    Oh, yes.

    I am, along with Jonah Goldberg, a mostly pop culture creature.

    My husband, growing up on a farm, hadn't the time to develop his pop culture self. He was in this way as sadly deprived and incomplete as if he had been raised in the Congo.

  40. She's gone, bob, your sensuous inspiration. Frolicking unseen through solid barriers. I'm guessing.

    May be time to call it a night.

  41. :)


    The Beaver For President

    I quess I could add, "I Like Beaver"

    Like in the old "I Like Ike" buttons.

    Though I know it's gross, my defense rests upon the old sexual punning from the 17th century.

  42. night Trish

    Melody, continue to sing your song

  43. (Oh, and you're absolutely right, Dear Host. South America is indeed crawling with the Iranians, up to thoroughly no good. I thought maybe they rode in on Russian coattails. Not so, not so. They're here independently.)

  44. Nite, bob.

    (I'm certain she'll be back. : ))