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Friday, November 13, 2009

13 dead, 29 wounded, and one victim

Major Nidal M. Hasan allegedly acted out his anger at Fort Hood. Who are we to attribute religious motives?

The Army major charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in last week's shooting rampage at Ft. Hood is paralyzed, according to his civilian counsel, retired Col. John Galligan.

Galligan said that his client was also experiencing intense pain in his hands and that that Hasan's speech is garbled. He expressed unhappiness that the charges were apparently read to his client in the hospital yesterday without either him or his military counsel present.

"Well, there's no legal requirement that I be present when the charges have been preferred," Galligan said. "However, given as you've noted the high profile nature of the case, given his location and status, still in the ICU, and described by me based on the last timing I saw him in a medical condition that I would describe as guarded, I was extremely upset to learn that they were going about this important step in the pretrial procedural process without formally notifying me - by that I mean ensuring that I knew it was going to be done, coordinating it in advance. That would have permitted me to be down there.

"In all honesty, my first five minutes with the client was spent almost apologizing for the manner in which it went down..."

As the Army considers adding a fourteenth murder charge (one of the American Imperialist soldiers was pregnant) the Commander-in-Chief stifles a yawn while attending the memorial services at Fort Hood


  1. My daughter doesn't tell anyone on SAS, save her roommate from Richmond who already knows, that she's an Army child.

    And it bothers her. Divides her. Saddens her. Because she knows it's a great, big part of who she is.

    And she can't freely share it.

  2. Glad to hear his hands hurt, only good news in the article.

    If his speech is now 'garbled' it has caught up to what his mind has always been.

    garble--[Middle English garbelen, to inspect and remove refuse from spices, from Anglo-Norman garbeler, to sift, and from Medieval Latin garbellāre, both from Arabic ġarbala, to select, from ġirbāl, sieve, from Late Latin crībellum, diminutive of Latin crībrum.]

    Seems to have an arabic root, from the lands of garbled thought.

  3. Why not, Trish? The military is he only respected institution left in the entire country. Polls show that time after time. She should be proud, and show it.

    Beats being the daughter of a Congrerssman or woman by about 10 country miles.

  4. Go up the chain with complaints about soldiers being in, you know, al-Qaeda, and win a free Article 15.

  5. Because to the moneyed it is a strange and unpalatable occupation. And there is that little bit about killing.

    She is sincerely proud of it. And probably one of the best representatives ever. She doesn't want to enter into conversation with those who can't "get it."

    She's saving it for the end of the voyage.

    Her dad has done the same.

  6. Don't you find it kind of funny that an "army child" IS one of the "moneyed"?

  7. Why is it that, I always find the largest puddle, to park in, so that when I step out of the car my entire shoe gets wet?

    That's the kind of day I've had. I should have known when, I woke up with the headache, I usually get mid afternoon.

    First my lap top went blank, and wouldn't go on, and then, I remembered this happened before and all I had to do was disconnect the power source and voila. That's what I get for buying shit.

    I was waiting for an important call so, on my way to the store, I had my phone on the seat between my legs. When, I got of the car the phone fell to the ground, and you got it, the screen went blank. When, I got home I did the same thing, I took the battery out, put it back in and voila.

    I guess, I can look at it two ways, either, Friday the 13th wreaked havoc on me all day or I had the luck of the draw and my electronics were saved.

    I should have kept my plans for tonight, maybe, I would have gotten lucky.

  8. "She had decided to pose as a schoolgirl to confirm her fears."

    Well she had her worst fears confirmed, allrighty.

    Anybody watching me with a webcam would probably fall asleep.

    On the other hand I have a lively imaginative life.

    How is your new car running, Melody?

    Didn't you buy a fancy rocketship of a car, as I recall?

  9. Her dad has done the same.


  10. Gonna snow here, tonight and tomorrow. You must have had rain, Miss T.

  11. Sorry, rufus, that was a little, um...


    Yes, it was.

  12. I think maybe, T, got that one backwards.

    I didn't buy a car.

  13. Well, no matter, you make any car you're in look like a rocketship.

  14. I'm guessing a few inches, gone in a day or two. Weather reports say there is a big storm coming.

    We get the leftovers from what hits over T's way.

  15. I would have sworn you posted a pic of a grand am or something. But then I thought Whit sent me the title of a book to read, and he can't remember doing so. Someone's memory is failing, I'm just not sure whose.

  16. That's what they all say. And my husband did. 2009 challenger. Six speed. 5.7 hemi.

  17. Well, I guess that just about says it all.

  18. I asked if I could take it to the store tonight. Do you know what he said....Bwahahahaha

  19. 2009 challenger. Six speed. 5.7 hemi.

    Ah, I'm glad to hear that, thought I was losing it.

    He really should let you drive it.

    I'd let you drive my 1960 Ford F-600 truck, five speed and a brownie box, 2 in reverse, and I only let very special people drive that.

    Casino time, T-shirt Friday $250 dollar drawing. Later.

  20. Melody, if you live in a community property state, you probably have a right to drive it. Get tough with him.

  21. I must be very special. If I'm ever in Idaho, I'll take you up on that offer.

    I'm a good driver, ya know.

  22. Bob, today is a cold one, snow line at 1,000 feet, which means parts of Bellevue.

  23. "Ash said...
    Don't you find it kind of funny that an "army child" IS one of the "moneyed"?"

    Ash, you read a poignant comment by a proud mother, of a young woman, who is reluctant to discuss she is from a career patriotic military family, and all you come away with from the comment, is that the family spent money on the trip?

    The young woman has likely heard foolish comments from company familiar to you, who made similar inane remarks.

  24. Do you think an American family in the foreign service and a senior military officer should be in penury?

  25. Deuce thanks for adding me as a contributor there!

  26. no, not at all 2164th, but I do find it ironic that one moneyed person should feel ashamed of her background because she is with other moneyed people - as if she weren't herself moneyed was the impression I got - that she was a pretend moneyed person or some such.

  27. In other words trish's statement implied that they weren't 'moneyed', but, they are.

  28. Ash, perhaps I am mistaken, but the theme of the comment was that many contemporary moneyed people are openly contemptuous of the US military. This of course, goes back to the cult of the sixties and their cultural rout of academia of the politically unclean.

  29. Your welcome T. You have been a major contributor and I look forward to your views and posts. I am grateful for the valuable contributions of my partner, Whit and the stalwarts who have made our blog successful.

    I encourage other board members to take the plunge and post above the fold. I am sure I speak for all in welcoming you as a contributor and barkeep.

  30. Say T, I'll have a Glenfiddich on the rocks.

    And congrats on the new job.

  31. Chivas Regal and Mountain Dew, T. I need a drink after that trip to the Casino.