“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tens of thousands? How does two million grab you?

Barack Obama was in Minnesota asking a crowd of 15,000 (organized of course) if they are fired up? If he really wanted to know who was fired up he should have stayed in Washington.


  1. What's a good "Blue-Dog" to do?

    Especially, a "Freshman" Blue-Dog, from a district that Bush carried a couple of times?

  2. A lot of those people did Not look like the people down at my polling place. I have no idea what that means.

  3. Dick Armey of Freedomworks wants Amnesty for Illegal Aliens 'Bless Their Hearts'

    The meanness about the border issue is unsettling to him.

    The meanness of the illegals is unsettling to the LA ghetto dwellers that are being racially cleansed.

    At least Dick remains alive after being unsettled.

  4. Retired Congressman Dick Armey is the top national organizer for the 9/12 Marches...

  5. Another "Compassionate Conservative" Texican.

  6. Man Punched So Hard He Loses Half His Skull

    Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case.
    The CPS said it did not have enough evidence to proceed but Steve's mother, Nina Gator, expressed her disbelief at the decision.

    "Our boy is walking around with half a head -- what more evidence do they need?" Nina Gator told SkyNews.
    "I can't believe it."

  7. Let's face it guys. It is a done deal with those already here. Every time I go to New York down near Battery Park, I try and see what has been done in eight years to fill those holes. Not much.

    The country has been paralyzed by lawyers. We cant get rid of a few hundred assholes at Guantanamo.

    We have to normalize the non-criminals here and stop the illegal influx of the new. You may not have noticed but there are many many Muslim Africans entering now. Look at the cab drivers in the big cities to see who is on deck.

    That fat pig Ted Kennedy and political moron George Bush did this to us, but it will get worse if we not get rid of the political crowd that is in now.

    For eight years Bush did nothing to control the borders. That is an established fact. We have to come to terms with that. If we do not, it is over.

    The Democrats will allow non-citizens to vote. They will pack the court.

    We have to focus on establishing a national policy as to how many people we want in the US. Make it an environmental issue. We need to establish a debate on who we want here and how many. Shift the argument to the practical. Focus on jobs for those here and a goal as to the size of our future population.

    Do we want every city permanently grid locked? All parks and farm land threatened by too much growth? A never ending building of new schools and public infrastructure?

    Those arguments will have appeal. We have to get back into government first.

    You want to see hell, go to England.

    I was in London and England for two years in the mid sixties. The left came up with a policy to allow emigrants form their stupid empire to come to Britain. That included all the ghetto Africans from the West Indies. There was little crime in Britain at that time.

    A 95% white country then now has 70% of their violent crime being committed by the newly established Africans. England had very few Muslims.

    The left then allowed extended families into Britain. Now look at the mess.

    One man saw it coming clearly and that was Enoch Powell. The liberals and left marginalized him as a racialist. Powell said planes fly in two directions. If emigrants are worried about their families left behind, then let them return to their families.

    He was right . The left was wrong and the English people know it. They are screwed. We need to be smart and intelligently frame the argument and the focus and not allow the left the entire playing field.

  8. The Good, they die young.

    Danny Pang dies at 42; accused O.C. financier

    Danny Pang, an Orange County financier who faced charges of massive international fraud and whose wife's unsolved murder 12 years ago prompted questions about his possible ties to organized crime, died Saturday. He was 42.
    The United Bamboo Triad

    The report, compiled by the FBI and the Orange County and Los Angeles County sheriff's departments, concluded that "Danny Pang should remain as having a possible role in her death."

    It raised the prospect that Pang worked as a money man for the Taiwan-based United Bamboo Triad. Foreign Policy magazine listed the triad as one of "the world's most dangerous gangs," with 10,000 members and tentacles in drug smuggling, human trafficking and assassinations.