“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are You fired up? Are you ready to go? They are.


Obama dragged this up again the other night in his joint session lie speech. He has used it before in his campaign run. Oh, that's right, he still is campaigning, this time with your money. You fired up? Now let's put this in context and see what Obama was saying a year ago.


  1. "Maybe you'll be lucky and Harlem will come to you.

    Um, gowwa, buwanna.

    Country Joe And The Fish

  2. At least he's "Presidential"

  3. Census Bureau severs ties with ACORN in 2010 count
    Hope Yen

    The Census Bureau on Friday severed its ties with ACORN, a community organization that has been hit with Republican accusations of voter-registration fraud.

    "We do not come to this decision lightly," Census director Robert Groves wrote in a letter to ACORN, which was obtained by The Associated Press.

    In splitting with ACORN, Groves sought to tamp down GOP concerns and negative publicity that the partnership will taint the 2010 head count.

    "It is clear that ACORN's affiliation with the 2010 census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 census efforts," Groves wrote.

    Stephen Buckner, a census spokesman, confirmed the letter, but declined additional comment.

  4. define a memorable blow job.

    Sat Sep 12, 11:19:00 AM EDT

    That would be unladylike.

  5. That's our President's organization we're talking about.

    Under Alinsky's tutelage they've made an artform of scamming the system by taking advantage of white guilt.

  6. Those feelings of "Guilt" exist, no doubt of that. There are many that may even have cause, for feeling guilt.

    That the Alinsky school recognizes that reality and uses it to their advantage ...

    Just part of the play.

    That the "Right" denies both the guilt and its' legitimacy, that's to their own disadvantage.

    Perceptions creating their own political realities, here in the Americas.

    TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — Honduran officials said Saturday that the United States had taken away the diplomatic and tourist visas of 17 interim government officials and the acting president.

    Interim President Roberto Micheletti said that his United States diplomatic and tourist visas had been revoked in response to the June 28 coup in which President Manuel Zelaya was forced into exile.

    Later on Saturday, his spokeswoman, Marcia de Villeda, said that the United States revoked the visas of 14 Supreme Court judges, the foreign relations secretary, the country’s attorney general and the armed forces chief on Friday.

    Mr. Micheletti said he had anticipated the action and called it “a sign of the pressure that the U.S. government is exerting on our country”

  7. Even I as a non-sports fan has HEARD "you fired up" at a little league ball game...

    I guess if your raised in some other nation you dont learn good old American stuff like that...

    but what do I know, some here think i aint an American because i dont always cap the a...

  8. This has no connection to the two previous comments:

    Sir Elton John has said he wants to adopt a toddler he met during a visit to an orphanage in Ukraine.

  9. Speaking of Maryland, I missed the episode where she made the mistake of sharing her phone number with a "desperate" on-line acquaintance.

  10. The Average District might have 50,000(?) Voters in an "Off-Year" election.

    Ten Percent of those Voters just got in their cars and Drove to D.C. to "Protest" the Incumbents.


  11. Best Sign I saw, yesterday:

    I'll Keep my Freedom

    You Keep the Change.

  12. If it was "evenly" dispersed, rufus, across the continent there may have been feelings of dispair, in San Fransisco. But I doubt if they were, from across the continent.

    I'd surmise that the majority of those folks on the Mall lived withing 300 miles of DC.

    I have not heard of one fellow District 4 constituent that made the drive, which is my district, let alone 40,000 of us, from across the State.

    The whole affair will have little impact on politicos from Tucson or Tempe.

  13. If two million people marched on the Capitol yesterday, one would think that would be front page on today's newspapers.

    We shouldn't get carried away with speculating on the number of marchers but the media is certainly trying to ignore or downplay the event.

  14. The whole affair will have little impact on politicos from Tucson or Tempe.

    Let them ignore it at their peril.

  15. No more so than did Spike Lee's "Million Man March" have an effect upon my Representative, Mr Shadegg.

  16. About the march yesterday, Politico asks the question, "Is it a march or a movement?"

    I think (hopefully) that it is a grass roots groundswell.

  17. Tucson politicos can easily ignore the unrest in the southern "Red States", manifesting itself in protests in DC.

    How many "Civil Rights" and anti Vietnam rallies and protests were there, before there was a policy impact?

    Dozens, hundreds?
    I know it took years, decades.
    Even Iraq War protests made little impact on the course of the conflict. The US is still on the Bush Team timeline.

    The Campaign continues, on both sides of the aisle, while Obama still has the majority of the Electoral College and the Senate.

    Both Mr Wilson and his Democrat adversary are enjoying enhanced campaign contributions. There is no clear money advantage in that particular race, but across the continent the Dems hold the power of the purse, both in recieving contributions and extending Federal largess. Igniting another thousand or two new points of light

    The Game is still in the first quarter and the Dems have at least a 21 point lead.

    And they still have the ball.

  18. Tea Party participants and yesterday's marchers are being compared to the John Birch Society and labeled as Americanists.

    They're being written off as irrelevant, unfocused, and no more than anti-liberal.

    The far-left take the extreme example and paints the whole group as hate-mongering racists.

  19. Perhaps MLD can help.

    Sun Sep 13, 08:25:00 AM EDT

    MLD strikes me as even more reticent.

    What Is, however, might define it as the head of a 'Friends' cast member bobbing up and down over one's midsection, nipples tapping out a lazy Morse code on one's thighs. Etc, etc.

    Fellatio is a very subjective matter, I believe.

    Was there a march yesterday? Stay away from the news for even a tiny bit and just look what happens...Buchanan's "peasants with pitchforks" show up in the Capitol and make a lot of angry noise. Hope the weather was nice and the Smithsonian shops got the added patronage.

    And I'm not belittling the bother, mind you. I've just seen plenty of them.

  20. Rat, everything you wrote has gone through my head, at least a couple of times, in the last two days.

    I'm a "numbers-type" guy. I must admit, I have a Very "spotty" record at trying to identify movements, and Electoral behavior.

    I'm trying to say, "I don't have the foggiest what it all means." The "Lefties" might be right (not about those people being racist haters; but about them being a little "looney.")

    They "Might" be right. But, If I were a Newly-Elected Representative from a purplish district I would sure as hell be paying a little attention.

  21. Well, rufus, it is worthy of attention. Whether it is a manifestation of more than the 48% that supported Mr McCain displaying their continued opposition to Mr Obama is the real question.

    Because as we all know, a lot of McCain support was really fueled by an anti-Obama sentiment.

    I do not think that the demonstration is more than the Republican base from the southeast is just continuing the campaign, into 2010 and '12.

  22. Demonstrated by doug's post that Dick Armey was the driving force behind it.

  23. Well, you "might" be right. Those people did look a little "NASCAR"ish.

    However, 11,000 showed up at a tea party in Quincy, Il, yesterday.

    Then, there were all those Town Halls.

  24. Armey helped organize. If there was a "Driving Force," I'd have to say it was Glenn Beck.

    I was struck by the fact that I only saw TWO Politicians (except for Armey,) there.

    This tells me the politicians were caught just as flat-footed, as I was.

  25. 48% of US is a bunch of folks, rufus.

    20% of US are really peeved.

    No disagreement on that.

    But does it sway the "Center"?

    Only time will tell.

  26. Rat, your link doesn't work.

  27. Wow, titillation at the EB.

    I heard something recently about classes for those who aspire to writing Bodice Rippers.

  28. A real money maker could a series of bodice rippers whose heroine is a young Marine officer serving in exotic and dangerous locales.

  29. No bodice-rippers for me 'til someone's in retirement.

    Speaking of money-makers:

    I could've flown up thirty or fifty No Mas Chavez t-shirts and made a tidy sum. Were it legal. Which it most definitely is not.

    Like selling Che shirts to the ANSWER auxiliary at the Iraq protests. Which were chock full of rabid bozos and your more sober types alike. But protests are like that. There is a certain subspecies for which, in a manner of speaking, life is just one endless march down Constitution in a knit Rasta cap.

    Power to the People, dude.

  30. Gunmen kill Iranian president's top cleric ally 2009-09-13 20:27:41 Print
    TEHRAN, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- The top cleric Borhan Ali, an ally of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the western province of Kurdestan, was assassinated on Sunday, the official IRNA news agency reported.

    Unidentified gunmen early Sunday gunned down Borhan Ali, the provisional Sunni Friday prayer leader in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdestan province, the report said.

    The assailants attacked him in front of his house in Sanandaj, according to the report.

    Borhan Ali was in charge of Ahmadinejad's election campaign in Kurdestan province.

    Iran's western provinces have been the hotbed of armed clashes between Iranian security forces and Kurdish militant groups, in particular the separatist Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) ,an anti-Iranian Kurdish group linked to Turkey's outlawed Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK).

    Some Iranian analysts said that PJAK rebels have bases in northeastern Iraq from where they operate against Iran.

  31. November 2010 is going to be a bad month for turkeys and/or Democrats.

  32. Is it meaningful? When Bob reported in on his first tea party experience,I thought not. If there is a carry-on from this event , it will be.

    Pray that the Democrats censure Joe Wilson this week. That would be very helpful.

    I was psyched when Obama was running and Al Sharpton was going to shut down NYC, but someone on the O team saw the trap and shut it down.

    I wish there was a way to promote another million man march. That would also be helpful.

  33. WHIT: A real money maker could a series of bodice rippers whose heroine is a young Marine officer serving in exotic and dangerous locales.

    That would be a BDU ripper. Good luck!

  34. I'm thinking the same thing, Deuce. One can (and will) be dismissed as a "fluke."

    Another "March" would do the trick. But, it'll be getting cold, soon.

  35. I updated this post with a video clip of Obama responding to GWB's last State of the Union. Posted for your entertainment.

  36. ABC News was misquoted, then repeated many times on the
    "2 Million:"
    reported an approximate figure of 60,000 to 70,000 protesters, attributed to the Washington, D.C., fire department.

    In its reports, ABC News Radio described the crowd as "tens of thousands."

  37. rufus said...

    Well, we know at least 2 Million Americans are "Fired Up."

    Add in, yesterday's, "local" tea parties, and you've probably got 2 1/2 Million "Fired Up" Americans.

    I think it's going to take "More" to turn this mess around, though.

    Sun Sep 13, 07:58:00 AM EDT

    Doug said...

    An Act of God
    MIGHT do it.

  38. T, I put you back up on the board. I debated whether to use Gorilla Glue or velcro. I 'm not saying which.

  39. From that ABC Link:

    "Firing up a sympathetic crowd of 15,000 in Minneapolis, Obama pitched his plan for a government-run health care option and reiterated many of the points he made in a Tuesday speech to a joint session of Congress. "
    So it's official:
    He Fired 'em Up.

  40. I'd use a lavender felt, Deuce, but I forget what felt sticks on.

  41. (I do remember it being fun tho)
    Probly cut out little Porno
    Felt Figures.

  42. I'm not sure. I think I will focus on an eye patch moment.

  43. perhaps, that's the use of felt you had in mind.

  44. It was felt on felt I think.
    I always pursued a good feeling.

  45. I felt motivated to feel her.

  46. Be a good chap and find one perfect for Sonia. She would be fetching in teal.

  47. 18. starling:

    Two observations.

    1) I learned a new epithet from Doug’s comment quoting ACORN’s Chief Organizer–”international conglomerate.” Although I am not sure how Ms. Lewis defines the term, the context of its use suggests it’s a synonym for “evildoers.” As applied to Fox News, perhaps it means “(entertaining) evildoers with an explicitly financial motive.”

    2) There are courts of law and their are courts of public opinion. ACORN has already lost in the latter, as evidenced by their getting kicked to the curb by the Census Bureau. That’s a recognition that ACORN is toxic, radioactive even. Suing the film makers, conjuring up the Fox News bogeyman, and hiding behind the poor, Blacks, Latino’s etc– these are actions every bit as scurrilous as the ones that got them into this mess. They can gnash their teeth and call in some of their markers, but it will be to no avail. They won’t beat this rap.

    Sep 13, 2009 - 7:59 am

    19. Lifeofthemind:

    The term “international conglomerates” reeks of anti-Semitic associations. It has echoes of “Cosmopolites” and “International Jewish Banking.” The hard Left and their media agents are now deeply vested in a series of paranoid fantasies. When John Stossel completes his move from ABC to Fox I wonder if he will feel free to speak of what the work atmosphere was like across the street from Lincoln Center. We should not however make the mistake of over estimating the roles of Fox and Newscorp or investing to heavily in the personality of Mr Rupert Murdoch. He is a businessman with his own interests including ties to China.

    What we all pray for is a spontaneous eruption from within the Black community that rejects Acorn and all it represents. It will not happen and America has been waiting desperately for it.

  48. I feel Sonia best in the buff.

  49. "What we all pray for is a spontaneous eruption from within the Black community that rejects Acorn and all it represents. It will not happen and America has been waiting desperately for it."
    Hell, they (aside from Jamiel Shaw's family) don't even object to being ethnicly cleansed:

    Mission Accomplished by LBJ.

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    A Crime against nature for CA Beauty Pagent to Sponser blowing up Carrie's Breasts.

    They were just FINE, as is.

  51. Looks like Sonia burned out over Carrie back in May.

    I knew I had been neglecting the poor lassie, but I was "busy"...

    Shame on me.

  52. Here is a good video

  53. North Korea to test 3rd nuclear weapon
    Sep. 13, 2009

    North Korea has launched a public propaganda campaign to prepare its people for the succession of Kim Jong Il's youngest son as leader, a news report said Sunday.

    North Korea has mentioned Kim Jong Un by his full name - which it had not done in the past - and his qualifications in broadcasts through speakers installed in each house, the South Korean Yonhap news agency reported, citing an unidentified source on North Korean affairs.

    Meanwhile, Fox News reported Sunday that the North Korean leader has ordered his country's third nuclear test. According to the report, the test will use enriched uranium.

    Last month, Kim told his party leaders that the goal of the new test is to force the US into another round of negotiations.

    The broadcast campaign for the succession was launched in Pyongyang about two months ago, but it was not clear if it had been extended to other parts of the country, Yonhap said.

    Obama, the current President of the United States, when learning of the requirement for all citizens to listen to said broadcasts quickly moved to get an executive order passed requiring a channel to be "on" in every American household. President Obama went on to say that North Korea's abilities were far less along than America's and that a new security office is being set up to both monitor what America's watch and also broadcast directly into their homes. Further statements by the Whitehouse confirmed that private corporation was hired to monitor all emails, blog postings and cell phone activity for any comments "unflattering" towards America's 1st President for Life.

  54. Thanks for taking me back Deuce.

  55. This guy makes more sense before his first cup of coffee on Jan 1st than any politician alive, today.

    James Woolsey on Batteries, Flexfuels, and Saudi Arabia

  56. ACORN to sue Fox News for exposing how they put the HO in Obama bin Lyin's HOPE

  57. Hmm...fellatio and Sir Elton...