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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mass murder in Argentina rewarded with government job in Iran


  1. yep...


    but you believe anything bad about him...

    it's all spin and smoke...

  2. US disturbed by Iran defence job

    The US has said Iran is "taking a step backward" by appointing a cabinet minister suspected of terrorism.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad chose Ahmad Vahidi, wanted by Argentina over the deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish centre, as his new defence minister.

    Mr Vahidi was strongly supported by Irna's parliament, the Majlis, with 227 MPs backing him out of 286, Iranian Speaker Ali Larijani said.

    The US State Department described the appointment as "disturbing".

    "Iran today is taking a step backward by putting into a high office a well-known individual suspected of participation in a terrorist act," said state department official PJ Crowley.

    While the NYTimes reports that Mrs Clinton announced that the US has cut $30 million in aid to the Hondos.

  3. The $30 million is in the Americas, where we belong and are taking the wrong steps.

    The Iranian Minister is of little concern, as noted by the language we used and lack of action we take.

    The US still participating in the World Bank funding of Iranian projects. So with regards Iran, using the Hondo standard, it is faux outrage we display.

  4. Colombia, BTW, is looking at a huge infrastructure build in its defense agreement.

    On the one hand, nobody gives a shit what anyone else has to say. On the other hand, there will be competition.

  5. I will not leave here with your crap floating around. Just so you know.