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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Note to Whoopie Glodberg: 42 year old Polanski boinked a 13 year old in the ass.

...but it wasn't "rape-rape." OK Hollywood scum, put this little factoid into your debate:

Roman Polanski plied drink and drugs into a thirteen year old, went to fuck her, found out she was not on the pill, and plowed her up the ass. Say what?


  1. Europe is in a philosophical place that makes opposition to the US extradition warrant inevitable.

    1. They see flagrant judicial misconduct directed at a prominent European, who jumped bail and fled "injustice". They know that in America, they almost never try to extradite someone who jumped bond and fled to another country on minor crimes or even within the States on major crimes, provided many years have passed and the person has led a long, law-abiding life since then.

    2. Europe has grown resentful of American bullying, and see this as another instance of the US pounding one European country on several counts, this time Switzerland. That is the Swiss citizen take, too, that the Swiss should stop being so obsequious to America's demands.

    3. Europe has an age of consent from 13 to 15. They consider America having ridiculous statutory rape laws almost never enforced in America, that have ridiculously high penalties on a par with actual rape.
    They believe, philosophically, that law that is enforced so capriciously in America with choices on who to prosecute left to pure whim and local politics - malicious.

    4. They know America has given shelter and refugee status to many figures who committed major crimes abroad. Death squad members. Ahmed Chalabi. They sheltered a Cuban Exile terrorist who blew up a Cuban airliner with a bomb for over 35 years - lest they enrage the Exile Community and lose votes in a Swing State.

    5. Most importantly, they note the girl he bedded didn't want him prosecuted then, doesn't want him prosecuted now..and see America's odd "plea bargain" system as a way to avoid an investigating magistrate determining actual crime and recommended sentence. They veiw, somewhat correctly, the plea bargain as a contract. Confess to a crime in return for a deal. Well, if the judge works to destroy the deal, contracts broken, in Euro the confession of guilt should be nullified as well.
    That is how it works in US torts..admissions and agreements to do things based on admitted fault or cash in lieu of admission of fault that form a Settlement is all thrown out if the Settlement is voided by a Party. You admit you polluted a river to get a 50K fine, and the judge tries to fine you 150K in reviewing the Settlement...he can't claim that fault is now established but the fine isn't. The admission of fault is also "reset".

    ******I agree that Polanski's artistic accomplishments should be besides the point, but those who know him best, who are in the artistic community...are making their appeals because they think Polanski is a good guy.*****

  2. It's interesting that this controversy isn't skewing left/right but rather elite/non-elite. Our betters in Paris and Hollywood are going nuts over this, and the usual suspects in the media who support them (or kiss their asses) are trying their best to back that up. There are pro-Polanski pieces on HuffPo and in the Guardian, but very few of the commenters at either site are having it. Their reaction tends toward repulsion actually. I find this quite reassuring.

  3. So, what's the difference between rape and rape-rape?

    The kind of drugs you feed a 13 year old? Or which hole you fuck her in?

  4. Yeah, he's a "good" guy.

    His defense was, "Hell, Everysone wants to fuck a 13 year-old. The Judge wants to fuck young girls, the jury wants to fuck young girls, the prosecutor wants to fuck young girls."

    I shit you not.

  5. It's okay Deuce. I secured the "life sentence" for Your library card a long time ago.

  6. "I don't know why wight wing wed state Amewica is being so pwudish about sodomizing a thiwteen yew old in the weaw end. I addwess this sowt of manufactuwed outwage in my new book, "What's Wong With ACOWN Wunning Bwothels?" copywight 2009 by Bawney Fwank. All wights wesewved."

  7. Why is this EVEN being debated..

    He pled GUILTY and ran...

    case closed...



    today this headline makes me mad...

    An CNN-IBN interview, ElBaradei defends past actions, says "we can't just barge into a facility." (talking about an Iranian building just admitted to be another nuke faclility)

  8. Iran is China's second-biggest supplier of oil, and imports are rising. In a country where more people are expected to buy cars this year than in the United States, China's appetite for oil is unquenchable.

    Furthermore, China's rapid economic growth is the ruling Communist Party's single most important claim to legitimacy. Tougher economic sanctions against Iran would probably cause the price of oil to spike in China, threatening its economic juggernaut.

    Looks like even the clueless Washington Post has figured out that even the Messiah's Awesomeness isn't enough to cause 1.3 Billion people to commit economic hari-kari.

    They're not as stupid as 300 Million Americans.

  9. Cedarford said...

    "Most importantly, they note the girl he bedded didn't want him prosecuted then, doesn't want him prosecuted now.."

    I don't know how "crime and punishment" came to be thought of as a personal matter.

    It does not matter whether or not the victim of a crime wants to press charges or forgive the criminal.

    Criminal court is not civil court. The charge against Polanski is not being prosecuted under Jane Doe v Polanski but The State v Polanski.

    The victim can no more ask the court to forgive these charges than she can ask the court to be her agent of revenge. Nor can any other citizen do so on her behalf.

    As to the length of time that has passed since the offence was committed: If there had been no trial 30 years ago then one might argue that testimony after so many years might be unreliable. But the trial was held; testimony was given; a plea was entered and accepted. There is no legal issue re: time.

    If you believe in the rule of law then Polanski must be brought back before the court.

    As to the crime itself: my reading of the available evidence is that not only was there a statutory rape involved but an actual rape. Polanski's admitted use of drugs on the girl to impair her judgement makes the case.

    Polanski has already evaded the consequences of the real crime.

  10. rufus said...
    Iran is China's second-biggest supplier of oil, and imports are rising. In a country where more people are expected to buy cars this year than in the United States, China's appetite for oil is unquenchable.

    all the more reason for Israel to attack and hit iran's oil refineries & power plants (in addition to military targets)

    iran's economic oil engine should be razed..

    that ought to put a wrench in china's stomp towrads the future...

  11. A grown man having sex with a child - whom he effectively sedated for the purpose, to boot - gives meaning to 'vile' and 'cretinous.'

    On the lighter side, this bit of comedy gold from one John Perry at Newsmax is making blog-rounds today:

    There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic.

    America isn’t the Third World. If a military coup does occur here it will be civilized. That it has never happened doesn’t mean it wont. Describing what may be afoot is not to advocate it.


    As if the plate weren't full enough already, Mr. Perry. As if.

    What's the over/under on Belmonters picking this up and adding their own wistful flourishes?

  12. AND from the WSJ:

    A nine-month European Union investigation into the 2008 war in the Caucasus has concluded that Georgia triggered the conflict, but that Russia prepared the ground for war to break out and broke international law by invading Georgia as a whole.

    Conclusions to the roughly 1,000 page report, released on Wednesday by Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini, also found that Russia-backed South Ossetian militias committed atrocities and “ethnic cleansing” of Georgian villages during and since the war. It faulted Russian forces in control of the territory that either “would not or could not” control the South Ossetians.

    There oughta be a law: Mention of Russians must be prefaced by "the fucking." Almost leaves me willing to remark the (post-man crush) wisdom of GWB for endeavoring at every opportunity to poke them in the eye with a stick. Almost.

  13. No need to mince words, 2164 - he buttfucked her.

  14. and by the way, can't help but notice how much more pleasant and well attended the Bar is when DR is not present.

  15. Can one boink a rectum?

    In the interest of science, the opinion of Mr. Polanski could be sought following his release from prison.

    To sooth the likes of Cedarford, Mr. Polanski could serve his time in a European prison, where the abuse of his rectum would be almost identically assured.

    There is, after all, something to be said for the stereotype, "scum of the earth".

    On that note, I forfeit my turn at taking a shoot at Ms. Goldberg. Far be from me to add insult to Mother Nature’s injury.

  16. In the recently released documentary the Prosecutor appears on camera and states that he would have fled town as Polanski did given the judges actions.

    If he does finally get dragged before a US court I'm guessing they'll give him probation anyway.

  17. Out into the ether:

    We'll miss you and our thoughts are with you, David. Avoid the avoidable and don't let anyone give you any crap.

  18. While I am willing to be corrected on the matter, I do not think a documentary, either American or Canadian, has any jurisprudential bearing on the case.

    If a documentary did exert such influence, both the influence and the outcome would be extra-Constitutional.

    As to the prosecutor making a dash for cover, well, that's what rabbits and cowards do when their criminal behavior brings them face-to-face with the possibility of a little extra-constitutional rectal reaming.


    You are referring to our late Mayor?

  19. 2164th: There goes my library card.

    In the NAV we said, "There goes my liberty card."

  20. "You are referring to our late Mayor?"

    No. A young man of my humbled and happy acquaintance.

  21. For automotive enthusiatists...

    From Government Motors: A decision was made recently to drop the 1.3-liter, 3-cylinder gas engine in lieu of a currently available 1.4 liter 4 cylinder engine for the Volt's Range Extender. Strangely, no accompanying bally-hoo was included hyping the imaginery multi-hundred mile/gallon fuel economy.

    If they keep going along this trend line, they'll have a final production model as good as my old '83 Tercel with that fabulous 3A motor. That car was passed on in the family with close to 300,000 miles, and smogged like a new engine at that time, giving 35 mpg over the road at freeway speeds.

    I think the next design modification from Government Motors will be the addition of an optional trailer hitch to enable owners to remove those heavy problematic batteries entirely, and just run their Volts on a permanently towed, trailer mounted, motor-generator setup. No extra radiator and water pump would then be required to cool the state-of-the-art batteries to avoid explosions. Maybe they could make a deal with Toyota to license the 3A motor with flex-fuel capability for the auxilliary power plant. That would attract Rufus.

    It should still qualify for the $7,500 federal tax rebate that will enable Government Motors to (maybe) compete with unsubsidized competitors, holding their projected net list price to only $32,000.

  22. Teresita at 9:33 is a classic.

  23. Disclaimer: The $32,000 net list price quoted above should be considered a government program estimate, so price escalation will need to be factored into final family budgets for progressive prospective owners.

  24. 19-year olds are marked as "sexual offenders" all the time for having sex with underage girls. After spending time in jail and prison, they have to register with authorities wherever they reside. Their names are freely available on websites.

    I heard Dennis Miller saying that Polanski should be let off with a million dollar donation to a charitable organization. I don't think so...That means one set of laws for the rich and another for the poor or not so rich.

    Another factor here is that the man was a fugitive for 32 years. He should serve time for that as well as the original sentence. Oh wait, I know! Let him make a donation to the Obama Library and then he can get a Presidential pardon. The precedent has been set.

  25. Linear, Detroit needs you.

    The Volt could become the first "articulated" electric vehicle.

    The Articulated Volt.

    Obama could have it renamed the Voltswagon.

    The Germans would pronounce it Woltsvagen.

  26. Years ago, I heard a guy, who publishes a used car guide called "Lemon-aid" talk about an Eastern Bloc miracle of engineering: the Skoda.

    He said that people in his office called it "The Scrotum." He joked that it was for people who liked to meet towtruck drivers.

    I suggest that Government Motors take the very best Eastern Bloc engineering from the Skoda and the Yugo and marry it to the plug-in capabilities of the Volt.

    Ah, but what to call it? In keeping with the cute style peculiar to the econo-boxes, I think they should call the new car the Vulva.

    The tagline could be: "And you thought your mother-in-law was a c**t."

  27. I.M.F. Calls for Overhaul of Financial System

    The report cited rapid deterioration of the commercial real estate market as one reason why American banks were not out of the woods yet.

    It said that about 12 percent of U.S. banks had exposures to commercial real estate loans amounting to five times their capital on hand, “posing a significant threat to their solvency.”

  28. More on Polanski from the NYTimes

    Samantha Geimer, who publicly identified herself years ago and has expressed forgiveness for Mr. Polanski — described in vivid detail how she had met Mr. Polanski, supposedly to be photographed for a fashion magazine spread. Ms. Geimer said he took her to a house he was borrowing from the actor Jack Nicholson, where he gave her Champagne and a Quaalude, photographed her naked in a hot tub, ignored her pleas to leave and raped her.

    He was 45 years old at the time, he got a sweetheart deal; Having sex with a minor. (No charges for rape and sodomy). But it wasn't good enough so he fled and for 31 years has thwarted justice.

  29. I think Polanski and Whoopie would make a lovely couple.

  30. Gag Reflex,

    Re: Polanski and Goldberg

    Thank you! I thought it was just I.

    Only Fools Rush In

  31. 2164: in the thread titled something like "Honduras Should Close the Brazilian Embassy" you tangentially observed that the Internet was in danger of becoming corporatized. I came into that discussion late, but observed that there are far too many free and very cheap means of publishing on the web for your concern to be warranted.

    Wretchard just posted a synthesis of insights arising from a PJTV conversation between Glenn Reynolds and Steven Pressfield (his, theirs and Chris Andersen (Wired & The Long Tail) that further and more eloquently underscores my point.

    Key paragraphs:

    But the key idea, which associates back to Pressfield’s idea of ‘tribes’ in Afghanistan and Reynold’s Army of Davids, is that bloggers (in general any content provider) catalyze tribes. This is a very powerful insight, possibly the key realization of the new information age. (Think of Chris Anderson’s concept of the Long Tail) It is the failure to grasp this point that underlies one of the key failures of the MSM. The Internet is a self-organizing medium; it’s a declaration of governance and independence whatever else it may be. The MSM has been trying to reinvent networked communications and return it to the Age of Kings. The MSM is the town crier model and its day is over.

    At the moment the tribes are still finding both the membership and leadership; they are still in the process of discovery — finding themselves and others. But I think people will ultimately discover that even these processes are asynchronous. The challenge will be what to do with the outputs of these efforts — with the tribes — when they attempt to find re-entrance. The MSM has denounced the Internet as the agent of the great diaspora; what it fails to realize is that it will also be the scene of the great forum when the tribes come together on their own terms. The next great phase will be evolving methods for tribes to find peers (social networking is a primitive effort to do this) and cooperate.

  32. If Chicago doesn't get the Olympics, Oprah and Obama will call the IOC racist.

  33. If making money were an Olympic event, no city hosting the games would win a gold medal. Or silver.


    "There has never been an Olympic Games that has made a profit," says Robert Barney, director of the International Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Barney is also co-author of Selling the Five Rings: The International Olympic Committee and the Rise of Olympic Commercialism.


    Actually, tangible economic benefits are elusive. The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics are often hailed for finishing with a $233 million surplus. But Barney says the calculation includes only direct costs of staging the games and not the indirect costs provided by city, state and federal governments.


  34. I was leaving the buttfuckng commentary to you, j willie.

    It is a field I have little experience with, in so far as 13 year olds are concerned
    The entire thread is unworthy of civilized commentary, let alone a matter for debate, little wonder you are here, today.

  35. jwillie

    This is a small blog. A thousand views/hits, eyeballs, whatever you call it, in a day. A dozen, or so, commenters.

    Yet, the commenters, alone, probably, on average, read another 100 blogs on any given day. The commenters on those blogs have probably read a thousand, or more. We'll leave it there.

    It's exponential.

    And, we're all, constantly, dragging a link back here, and dragging another one over there. No wonder it scares the MSM, and the Politicians to death.

  36. The People's Liberation Army in its newspaper early this year said the event's meaning was clear: "This military parade is a comprehensive display of the Party's ability to rule and of the overall might of the nation."

    Geremie Barme, a China scholar at Australian National University who has studied past National Day parades, said the displays are typically aimed at the domestic audience — Communist Party officials and ordinary Chinese. "It is meant to educate, excite, unite and entertain.

    If a tad of 'shock and awe' is delivered around the world, all well and good," he said.

    Stirs Unease

  37. Sam,

    Had Mr. Polanski and Ms Goldberg been grand marshals, Ms Goldberg might have been able to clear up any confusion about the "rape" or "rape-rape" of Tibet.

    It is a small blessing that Ms Goldberg is not Ms Goldberg at all.

  38. Ms. Goldberg is not Ms. Goldberg?


  39. Chicago Olympics 2016:

    Rev. Wright gives the invocation

    Bill Ayers will light the ceremonial Molotov cocktail

  40. I think it is worthy of comment when the glitterati of Hollywood gather to make the case of presenting one of their own as being a victim instead of a predator. If hard but good anglo saxon words are necessary instead of the santized version of pap sqeezed from the MSM tit, then so be it.

  41. Film director Roman Polanski, arrested earlier this week in Switzerland, saw support weaken on Wednesday for his effort to evade sentencing in the United States in the rape of a 13-year-old girl three decades ago.


    But support in Europe and Hollywood appears to be eroding. Along with the French government's new focus on strictly legal matters, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Tuesday said that while Polanski should be offered consular help, ministers need not get involved in the extradition battle.


    Los Angeles Times entertainment reporter Patrick Goldstein wrote that his mail was now "about 100-1 against Polanski."

    Hollywood Divided

  42. Watched Tropic Thunder for the 1st time a couple nights ago. Man, that was a funny movie. Cruise and Downey were especially funny. Laughed all the way through.

  43. Sorry, WIO:

    Israel rethinks anti-Iran warnings

    Even hawkish Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman now sounds skittish about his government's long hinted-at willingness to go to war rather than see an enemy get the means to make a bomb.

    "God forbid -- there's no need to attack anything," he told Israel's Channel Two television on Monday.
    According to one Barak aide, the risks of going it alone against Iran were brought home by a U.N. report condemning the heavy civilian toll of the January war in Hamas-ruled Gaza, an offensive that Israel says was provoked by Palestinian rockets.


    "Before the operation, the message we got from plenty of foreign players, including even some NGOs, was 'Go in and do what you have to do to deal with Hamas'. But of course, that was all forgotten once the dust settled," a Barak aide said.

  44. Whoopie?

    She is a legend in her own mind, and yours, apparently.

    She used to be a comedian, now she is less than that.
    That Polanski fellow is scum, and to discuss his activity, with the minor ...

    There is a reason that it'll keep us out of the libraries.

    References to buttfucking, that certainly elevates the conversation. It certainly drew comments out the "Friends of Isreal"

  45. Sam,

    Had Caryn Elaine Johnson (aka Whoopie Goldberg) been born Whoopie Goldberg, this thread would have devolved into a screed on the sodomization of America by Israelis/Jews/Zionists hell bent on freeing Charlie Manson, Nasi Gadol of the Elders of Zion.

    As it is, we are left with examining the case of a simple pervert and a simple moron.

  46. Which by the Toward Tradition guru's standard would cause them to be classified as anti-semitic, just like Dustin Hoffman.

  47. j willie,

    Deseret Rat rides again. Next comes the Deseret Alphabet.

  48. Can't drill at home, but we give Brazil $2 Billion to drill there. Coincidentally, George Soros, sugardaddy of Democrats, made a big play in Brazil.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Sodomy is the phrase used in civil conversation, in public places.

    Buttfucking is phraseology used by those that enjoy the tantalization and shock of it.

    Not phrasing that should be used at the public library.

  51. Right, I'm with you on the Goldberg thing, Allen.

  52. There you go, allen and man of "misdirection" writing their fantasies, and then claiming them to be the baseline for the discussion.

    The "if only" thread of fantasy and projection ...

  53. "Which by the Toward Tradition guru's standard would cause them to be classified as anti-semitic, just like Dustin Hoffman."

    In the language of the Kingdom of Deseret, there is bound to be a thesis in the above quote. While I am signing off now, others might gain useful insights into the Kingdom of Deseret as reached through the portal of the magic footlocker, as Deseret Rat provides the customary (but missing) Indo-European formulation of subject and predicate.

  54. Anybody that's interested, a Canadian guy, McIntyre, I think his name is, after trying for ten years, finally managed to get hold of the raw data that was used to create the "global warming" Hockey Stick.

    It's a Huge Scandal. A lot of data was left out, and the guy, Briffa, cherry-picked around until he could find 12 trees to give him the "dendro" results he was looking for. It's a Devastating Blow to "Climate Change" orthodoxy.

    Anthony Watts has Several Great Posts Up Explaining it All.

  55. On another note: Doug, I worry about you, sometimes. (and, it ain't got nothin to do with typhoons, and tsunamis.) :)

  56. Roman Polanski's apology to Barack Obama:

    "Pardon Me!"

  57. I admit it Rufus:
    I'm hung up over large

  58. I, also, like diesel-electrics, Doug. It's the "twistering" gays, and the "feces-covered" burglars that worry me a bit.

    You drag some strang shit home, from time to time.

    Good "Yon" article, though.

  59. Woody Allen publically defends Polanski. What a surprise!

    "NO Woody, I said TUCK the kids in bed!" -- Mia Farrow

  60. the rat speaketh: References to buttfucking, that certainly elevates the conversation. It certainly drew comments out the "Friends of Isreal"

    My comments, as a "Friend of Israel" concerning Polanski was clear, he is a criminal and should be locked up...

    My support of Israel has nothing to do with my support of locking up men, who at 45 are drugging and molesting 13 year olds...

    Now I know rat, you have an obsession with all things "rectum" oriented, after all look at your posts.....

    Me? I have an obsession with the fall of opec & jihadists.

  61. Sorry folks, should have let that sleeping dog lie. It was so quiet and pleasant before he started barking like a fool again.

    2164, I commend you for speaking out against the moral depravity yet again demonstrated by the left/Hollywood, this time in their support, sympathy and claim of "victim" status for an admitted child rapist. It is imperative that clearthinking people speak out loudly against the moral confusion and disordered thinking of those who would sympathize with a man (I use that word loosely in this instance) who premeditatively plotted and perpretrated the oral, vaginal and anal rape of a 13 year old child. Susan Estrich, the liberal screech, could not have been more forceful and clearheaded in her denunciation (on Rasmussen website, of all places) of any/all who try to make any case of sympathy for Polanski. Juan Williams said on Hannity tonight, that if Polanksi had done that to his daugher, he would have "killed his ass". And Dennis Miller said that he had argued for some significan financial fine BEFORE a listener strongly urged him to read the trial transcript. Having read it this afternoon, he basically said no jail was good enough for the pervert and he should rot in one for the rest of his days on earth.

    Allen - good to visit with you again! Been too long. Hope all is well.

  62. Doug said...
    Sorry, WIO:


    Israel has not removed the option off the table, regardless of what Avigdor said. If anything the military option is the only way to change iran's path...

    iran is heading for a wall and sanctions are not going to stop her...

    obumbler aint going to do anything, he is voting present...

  63. The language given the circumstances is really, actually disturbing and offensive.

  64. today in the WSJ

    There Are Only Two Choices Left on Iran
    An Israeli or U.S. military strike now, or a nuclear Tehran soon.

  65. Here is what honest language can do. It can clarify exactly what Polanski did:

    PARIS/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Film director Roman Polanski, arrested earlier this week in Switzerland, saw support weaken on Wednesday for his effort to evade sentencing in the United States in the rape of a 13-year-old girl three decades ago.

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters in New York that Polanski's extradition from Switzerland to California to face sentencing on the 1977 sex crime charge was a matter for judges, not diplomats, to handle.

    Polanski, 76, was in a Swiss jail after his arrest there four days ago during a visit from his French home.

    In France, the government changed its passionate protests about Polanski's arrest to a more measured stance and described the charges as serious. A French government spokesman said the "Chinatown" director was "neither above nor below the law."

    Major U.S. newspapers called on the Oscar winner to account for the crime, and commentators said U.S. public opinion was running strongly against Polanski. Few in the cinema world in Hollywood and Europe stepped forward on Wednesday to join his supporters.

  66. j willie,

    Back at ya, Mate!

    Don't be a stranger.

    It always comes as a surprise to suffer the righteous indignation of the otherwise foulmouthed. Apparently, it all depends on who is sodomizing whom.

  67. You said it just right, Deuce. He raped a 13 yr old in the ass.

    It was a filthy, despicable act of violence on a child.

    You can't describe that in "polite" language.

    Your language was "descriptive" of the deed.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

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