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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taxpayer March on Washington - Thunder on the Right

This should raise some eyebrows in Washington. It is bigger than expected. It is at least several hundred thousand strong and they all look like voters to me. It is mostly white and determined. I was not impressed with the first few tea parties, but this is different. It is feisty and will be noticed.

The New York Times has yet to see fit to report in.

There is clearly over one million people at this rally.
Have any of you heard of Deneen Moore Borelli?


  1. The bull shit New York Times still has nothing about this on page one.

  2. This is rather exciting. They have had two great black speakers. Mason Weaver said here is a black speaker that does not need a tele-prompter.

    The news services at best are saying tens of thousands. Way off base.

  3. Page One?!?

    Bubba, I admire optimists, but, man!

  4. 1,000,000 - That'd be 20,000 per "State."

    If you were a Missouri Congressshithead, and you were informed that 20,000 of your "Constituents" drove to Washington to Protest your spending plans, would you take it seriously?

    I think I read where "One" letter is considered to represent "100" Voters.

    What would "One" Person getting in a car, and "Driving to DC" represent?

  5. All these people besieging the President's peace and quiet in DC come from those states in that red blurry area between the West and East coasts the libs fly over when they use their carbon credits, so they don't count.

  6. If you look really closely you might see 'Ohio Bob' in the crowd. He'd be wearin' a John Deere cap most likely.

  7. Wearin' a John Deere cap while he trys to text a message to MLD on his cell phone.

  8. Fresno State Bulldogs lose to Wisconsin, 37-34 in double overtime, so the radio said when I tuned in late.

    And I missed it cuz I'm too tight to pay a satellite subscription.