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Friday, September 04, 2009

The Constant Change of Climate


  1. The climate hysterics are so invested in their positions that they are unwilling to consider the sun as the prime mover of climate change. Some of the climate change proponents have invested much effort, time and money in the emerging carbon trade industry and they seek a return on their investments.

    Some groups see climate change as a vehicle to bring about wealth redistribution.

    For some people, mother earth becomes their Goddess and Environmentalism becomes their religion.

  2. Here's an article from today's Yahoo:

    Change is seen in Atlantic from climate, fishing

    Two points:
    The report is the broadest study that researchers have undertaken for U.S. waters in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, Michael Fogarty, who headed the study, said Tuesday. The findings show how interconnected the ecosystem is, he said.

    Think about that. Nothing plus chance plus time evolved into a complex world of interconnected ecosystems.

    A recurring theme of the report is that the ecosystem is changing.

    You would think that people who believe that Earth evolved from NOTHING plus CHANCE plus TIME would realize that Earth and its inhabitant change and adapt over time.

  3. Instead of giving in to fear and doubt, why can't we all just look on the bright side?

    Global Warming Could Forestall Ice Age