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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chuck Schumer cannot sell 'Public Option.' Obama punts.

Yesterday, a few cautious Democratic senators buried the 'public option,' the government-run health care plan whose supporters assure us will not force out private plans.

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chair of the committee, said that the public option would keep the legislation from getting the 60 votes it needs to clear the Senate. He voted against it.

All Republicans and a few Democrats voted against both measures, Rockefeller's went down by a 15-8 vote; Schumer lost 13-10. The White House reacted:

As the President said in his Joint Session address, health insurance reform legislation must provide more choice and competition in the health insurance market in order to drive down costs and provide affordable options to Americans who are uninsured or forced to shop in the expensive private or small group market,” White House spokesman Reid Cherlin said in an email. “He believes making a public option available on the insurance exchange is a good way to achieve those goals. He has said he is open to other constructive ideas of increasing choice and competition. He will work with Congress to ensure that under health insurance reform, Americans who cannot find affordable coverage will always have a choice.”

Who do you believe, Ron Paul or Howard Dean?

She believes in free healthcare.


  1. My concern with this health care reform, as an Independent, is that it’s all over the place, there are not enough specifics and it must be put into writing and as if “written in stone” so that not every illegal that comes to the US will get free healthcare and those that work hard all their citizen life in US pay for every “Tom, Dick and Harry”

  2. She wants "free healthcare". Don't we all?