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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Left-wing politicians in Brazil and US interfere with Honduras

Let's be clear, Obama has sided with socialists and left-wing groups his entire adult life. He brought that propensity into the office of the US President. He is backing the Marxist Zelaya in Honduras.

Brazil is blatantly using it's embassy to side with Zelaya.

Honduras is on the verge of civil violence and the blood will be on the hands of Obama and his left wing soul brothers. It is a disgusting and shameful exposure of the true Barack Hussein Obama.

It is being reported in this Tico Times article that:

"Concerned for the safety of embassy officials, the Brazilian government has asked the United States for protection if necessary, something the northern superpower seems willing to give."

I find it hard to believe that the US military will be misused to protect Brazil's interference in an internal Honduran affair, but we shall soon see.


U.S. prepared to back Brazil in Honduran crisis
By Chrissie Long
Tico Times Staff

Planes in Honduras have been grounded and the de facto government is extending curfews, hoping to stem violent outbreaks following the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

Meanwhile, Roberto Micheletti, the former congressional president who assumed the presidency in Zelaya's absence, encouraged Hondurans to remain strong and “not to lower their guard,” according to a Tuesday article in the Honduran daily La Prensa. He also said he won't chase down Zelaya, who is holed up in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital.

The deposed president, who was marched out of his home at gunpoint on June 28, arrived at Brazil's embassy on Monday and has been broadcasting messages to his supporters from a Venezuelan television station.

Thousands of Zelaya supporters, who gathered outside the embassy to cheer on the ousted leader, clashed with police who, according to Human Rights Watch, used “excessive force” while attempting to disperse the crowd.

Concerned for the safety of embassy officials, the Brazilian government has asked the United States for protection if necessary, something the northern superpower seems willing to give.

“I am sure we will provide assistance, but we are in the midst of discussions on how to do so,” said Ian Kelly, White House spokesman, in a press conference on Tuesday. “It's a very sensitive situation and we don't want to get into the details (of what actions we will take) … but we are willing to offer our help.”

The U.S. Embassy, which was closed Tuesday for reasons relating to the uncertain political situation, posted a message on its Web site that a decision to reopen “will be taken during the course of the day.” Meanwhile, the embassy urged U.S. citizens living in Honduras to register with the embassy. (The U.S. State Department will be post the latest security information on its Web site).

French residents living in Honduras were warned to “stay in and not to move until further notice” in a message appearing on the French Embassy's Web site on Tuesday.

“This is a situation that could play out in many different ways,” said Luis Guillermo Solís, political analyst and former professor at the University of Costa Rica. “But it's a good opportunity for the parties to reshape the negotiations, as the situation has caused both sides to become seemingly radicalized.”

With the international community (except Panama) unwilling to recognize the November elections and Micheletti consequently turning his back on the lead mediator, Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, the situation was becoming increasingly tense daily. But Zelaya may have opened a window of opportunity, Solís said.

“It would be a shame if a four-month crisis turned into a four-year problem,” he told The Tico Times. “One would have hoped that the elections would be a way out of the crisis, but that is not possible if there is no agreement (between the Honduran government and the outside world).

“If there's no agreement, there's no guarantee that the elections in November would be fair and transparent,” Solís added.


  1. Honduras should break off ties with Brazil, and send their diplomats packing. Then arrest Zelaya when he comes outside.

  2. Obama is a pure, unaltered Communist.

    What, exactly, is the protocol for "Recalling" a President of the United States?

  3. Rufus: What, exactly, is the protocol for "Recalling" a President of the United States?

    Impeach in the House, convict in the Senate, if you don't do it the way Lee Harvey Oswald did with his three "votes" for LBJ from the School Book Suppository Building.

  4. Since BHO is FOS,
    a suppository might do the trick,
    leaving nothing but an empty shell from Hell.

  5. Cantor expects extreme Healthcare Bill to come out of House, creating 50 new federal departments.
    Washington will make the Kremlin look efficient by comparison.

  6. So first we have "recall" the Representatives, and Senators?

    Sheesh, Deemocracee is hard.

  7. Oh, well; Latin America will break your heart, eventually, anyway.

  8. Thirty Mahdi Army commanders assasinated in Damascus

    Unknown gunmen assassinated 30 Mahdi Army commanders in the Syrian capital Damascus.

    The killings, made in the past few weeks, were all made "quietly, inside the victims apartments", said an unnamed source in the Sadr movement.

    The source added that among those assassinated was Laith al-Ka'bi, who commanded the Mahdi Army in the Palestine Street neighborhood in eastern Baghdad. The report adds that large numbers of Mahdi Army operatives left to Iran out of fear the assassinations wave could expand to target them.

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  10. Barack Obama, College Administrator
    To Professor Obama, the U.S.A. is a campus, we are the students, and he is our university president.


    Professor Chu, Obama’s energy secretary, summed up the sense of academic disdain that permeates this administration with his recent sniffing about the childish polloi:
    “The American people . . . just like your teenage kids, aren’t acting in a way that they should act.”

    Earlier, remember, Dr. Chu had scoffed from his perch that California farms were environmentally unsound and would soon disappear altogether,

    “We’re looking at a scenario where there’s no more agriculture in California.”

  11. Via VDH---> Prof. Chu, Obama’s energy secretary: "The American people...just like your teenage kids, aren’t acting in a way that they should act."

    Meanwhile, a former warm-monger predicts decades of cooling as the sun stays nearly "spotless."

    The world thinks America is the land of the free...because they never pay for the security they get from our forward-deployed forces

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  13. I thought this was kind of cute:

    When: 1960s
    What: Midway through the Cold War, American leaders began to worry that a rogue US officer might launch a small, unauthorized strike, prompting massive retaliation. So in 1962, Robert McNamara ordered every nuclear weapon locked with numerical codes.
    Effect: None. Irritated by the restriction, Strategic Air Command set all the codes to strings of zeros. The Defense Department didn't learn of the subterfuge until 1977.

    That's the Generals "I" learned to love, and ridicule.

  14. The Left does not appreciate that Freedom is not Free. all.

  15. "None.
    Irritated by the restriction, Strategic Air Command set all the codes to strings of zeros.
    Real Men do not suffer fools.

  16. Don't worry, Dougie-boy, the last thing in the world the left wants is "Freedom" for Dougie-poo, T, or Rufus.

    Expensive, "Free," or whatever.

  17. The government of Honduras should expel all Brazilian diplomats from it's soil at once.

    The moment the embassy is evacuated?

    Zelaya should be shot on sight..

    case solved...

    If hillary & obama, castro, chavez and ortego dont like it?

    resurrect zelaya from the dead...

    or? kiss my ass...

  18. Fidel Castro praises Obama on climate change
    By PAUL HAVEN (AP) – 18 minutes ago
    HAVANA — Barack Obama's call for action on climate change and his admission that rich nations have a particular responsibility to lead has received strong praise from an unusual source — U.S. nemesis Fidel Castro.

    Obama also was praised by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin earlier this month for canceling parts of a missile defense system that Moscow had viewed as a threat to its security. Putin called the move a "right and brave decision."

    make me puke... (and i aint even a REAL American)

  19. But Castro is, man of "misdirection".

    Brazil has very little "force projection" capacity. What their financial ties are, to Brazil, I do not know ...

    Declare war on Brazil, raid the embassy, problem solved.
    Short term, anyway.

    But just like sending Mannie into exile was an error in political tactics, so would escalating the hostilities with Brazil.

    The Hondos should announce that the US forces in Hondoland, that they are no longer welcome in their country and are leaving, tomorrow.

    It only pays to fight the US.

  20. What should the Hondos do?

    1. Cordon Sanitaire Brazilian embassy

    2. Expel US troops and diplomats

    3. Ground all aircraft

    4. Jam all broadcasts from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, etc

    5. Roast coffee

  21. TimothyJ: For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country. Or, at least that left-art a$$whipe that currently occupies the oval orafice.

  22. Forgive if this has already been posted:

    The Old Man and the Sea of Oil

    By LIAM DENNING Oil bulls are putting their faith in an old man and a little boy. They hope the former, septuagenarian Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimi, is right in saying there has been "a fundamental change" in the oil market. They hope the latter, the weather pattern called El Niño, "the boy," will go easy on them.

    Mr. Naimi, speaking ahead of last week's summit for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, was trying to draw attention from extraordinarily high oil inventories, emphasizing instead that the global economy is recovering.

    Mr. Naimi's language, with shades of a "new paradigm," should unnerve bulls. So should market data.

    It is true that oil prices kept climbing even as inventories rose, which is odd. Fears of "peak oil," the impact of Chinese demand and inflation helped fuel interest in futures contracts, pushing up forward prices. The resulting contango, in which near-term contracts are cheaper than contracts for delivery in the future, made it extraordinarily profitable to buy crude, store it and sell it forward. Assuming 80% leverage, a 3% cost of debt, and 50 cents a barrel per month in storage costs, buying physical crude and selling it 12 months forward netted returns above 50% as recently as April.

    The danger comes when, as now, the forward curve flattens. The contango has narrowed by roughly half since late July, with the 12-month contract now trading about $5 above front-month oil. Using the assumptions above, the trade now generates a loss of 18%. Sure enough, inventories in the U.S., which uses a quarter of all oil, have fallen since early August, although they remain high.

    Absent a "V-shaped" economic recovery, therefore, the risk is of a glut of inventories being liquidated. Certainly, the strength of crude prices isn't translating into better refining margins, which have weakened around the world, a sign that final demand is lacking. Valero Energy, America's largest independent refiner by capacity, last week announced more shutdowns.

    A big worry, now that summer is almost over, is the overhang in distillates, primarily diesel and fuel oil. U.S. refiners usually switch output to distillate from gasoline as winter approaches. But with distillate inventories almost a quarter higher than the five-year average, there is little incentive to run refineries all out. That means less demand for crude.

    El Niño, which can mean mild winters in North America, could exacerbate this. The Climate Prediction Center last week said that El Niño would strengthen through fall and winter.

    OPEC may well have to revisit its optimistic view on inventories. Yet OPEC's compliance with earlier production cuts has dropped to 66% in July from 83% in March. The cartel's willingness to forgo more revenue by cutting output could be all that stands in front of a big move downward in oil prices this winter.

  23. just let's work towards freedom in this county so that their people can stay there or go back to their homeland...this would make them happy.

  24. Today Democrats defeated a motion to set aside the HHS order to gag insurance providers regarding Obamacare. They also defeated an effort to require "health care reform" cost estimates be made public for three days before any vote.

    In Massachusetts, they rewrote their rewrite of the law regarding a Congressional vacancy.

  25. Pro Mujer, an organization that funds microcredit cooperatives in Latin America, also provides women's health screenings, using a special van retrofitted with medical consultation rooms and staffed by a nurse and doctor.


    Testing for cervical cancer in developing countries is getting some help from Merck and QIAGEN. The companies said today they would collaborate on a new program to increase access to HPV vaccination and HPV DNA testing in some of the poorest areas of the world, calling the partnership the first time a vaccine manufacturer and a molecular diagnostics company are addressing the burden of cervical cancer together with a comprehensive approach.

    Their commitments were announced at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.

    More Than Money

  26. Don't try posting here anymore, Whit:
    The Dems sent Deuce a cease and desist order, and a note that you and he will be billed for the fines you now owe the FEDS.