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Monday, January 28, 2008

Tomorrow's a Big Day

Can McCain Control His Temper?

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Monday, January 28, 2008 4:20 PM PT

Election 2008: John McCain claims his temper is not an issue. "I don't think I would have the support of so many of my colleagues if that were the case." Who are these supportive colleagues?

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They certainly do not include Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss. Over the weekend, he announced he cannot endorse his colleague for the White House and is endorsing Gov. Mitt Romney instead.

"The thought of him being president sends a cold chill down my spine," Cochran said. "He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me."

Perhaps Cochran can't appreciate the maverick in McCain. But the same can't be said of Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, a noted reformer and friend of whistle-blowers. Grassley said in a recent interview that he was so upset by a McCain tirade that he didn't speak to him "for a couple of years." McCain got in his face and shouted an obscenity at him.

(Grassley says they're on friendly terms now and thinks McCain has the qualifications to be president. But he stressed he's not making an endorsement.)

McCain admits he's rubbed some senators the wrong way. But he explains that what they really don't like is his tough stand against farm subsidies and "pork barrel" spending.

If that were the case, we'd say more power to him. But it seems McCain goes ballistic on anyone who disagrees with him. And he's not just verbally abusive, but physically threatening.

He got in the grille of Sen. Richard Shelby — an inch away from the Alabama Republican's face — after Shelby voted against the 1989 nomination of John Tower as defense secretary. "I was madder than hell when I accosted him," McCain admits, half boasting.

"In his world, it's very difficult to have a simple policy disagreement," said American Conservative Union chairman David Keene. "Everything becomes personal. His position is right, and everyone else's is basically evil."

Lest anyone think McCain, now 71, has mellowed, he got in another altercation just last year. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, got full frontal McCain over an immigration bill, according to reports in Roll Call and the Washington Post.

McCain, who supported amnesty for illegals, accused his colleague of making a "chickensh**" argument to try to sink the bill. "F*** you!" McCain shouted at Cornyn during the negotiations. "I know more about this than anyone else in the room."

"Idiot" and "liar" are among his other favorite put-downs. McCain's "finger-in-your-eye" style has alienated even allies on the Hill.

He quips he "didn't win Miss Congeniality." But outside of wielding the gavel of the Senate Commerce Committee, he didn't win any top leadership posts, either, despite 25 years in Congress. In effect, the abrasive lawmaker was marginalized throughout his career.

While good leaders don't always win popularity contests, that's not exactly a vote of confidence for somebody who's now running to lead the free world.

McCain has burned a lot of bridges. If he does not work well with others in the Senate, including among those in his own party, how can he count on bringing them on board his executive agenda? How can he run a Cabinet and bring together international coalitions?

To be sure, there's an upside to anger when dealing with the kind of enemy we now face.

We appreciate that McCain, who was dead right about the surge, is willing to stare down "radical Islamic extremists." We want them to fear our commander in chief. It helps if they believe he's got his finger on the button, so to speak, as the Soviets believed with President Reagan.

Difference is, Reagan didn't have an itchy trigger finger. His recently published diaries confirm that he skillfully used firm diplomacy behind the scenes. We're not so sure McCain can control his bellicosity.

Reagan disarmed Mikhail Gorbachev with his charm. When McCain says he looks Vladimir Putin in the eye and all he sees is "a K, a G and a B," it may not be just a line he uses in debates.

We have our issues with McCain, but none more important than presidential temperament. Is he fit for the highest office in the land?


  1. McCain says Thad Cochran is a proud pork barrel spender.

    Tonight Bush says, his spending plan will balance the budget by 2012. It's about time.

    Did anyone catch the proposal to allow spouses and children to use unused GI Benefits?

  2. McCain might have fit in a little better in one of our congresses back in the 1800's, when there were a few fistfights, I've read. Sounds like so far he hasn't hit anybody. It's a hell of a bad tactic in the Senate, you aren't going to change anyone's mind there by raising your or their blood pressure. They may not be immune to other pressures, but I'd think they are immune to that.

    I won't lose my temper if he loses tomorrow.

    He might. Lose and lose his temper.

  3. He had the same problem in the Navy, some say.
    He was passed over for high level commands. Years in solitary being tortured can do that to a fellow.

    1 amongst 100, Arizona was willing to honor his service and sacrifice.

    1 of 1 would be a tough argument to make

  4. America is a force for hope in the world because we are a compassionate people. And some of the most compassionate Americans are those who have stepped forward to protect us.

    We must keep faith with all who have risked life and limb so that we might live in freedom and peace.

    Over the past seven years, we've increased funding for veterans by more than 95 percent. And as we increase funding...


    And as we increase funding, we must also reform our veterans' system to meet the needs of a new war and a new generation.


    BUSH: And, as we increase funding, we must also reform our veterans system to meet the needs of a new war and a new generation.


    I call on Congress to enact the reforms recommended by Senator Bob Dole and Secretary Donna Shalala so we can improve the system of care for our wounded warriors and help them build lives of hope and promise and dignity.


    Our military families also sacrifice for America. They endure sleepless nights and the daily struggle of providing for children while a loved one is serving far from home.

    We have a responsibility to provide for them. So I ask you to join me in expanding their access to child care, creating new hiring preferences for military spouses across the federal government,

    and allowing our troops to transfer their unused education benefits to their spouses or children.


    BUSH: Our military families serve our nation. They inspire our nation, and tonight our nation honors them.

  5. Hitchens has a good piece--

    This calculated willingness to shop on both sides of the street of racial politics was actually analyzed quite shrewdly by Dick Morris, the former consigliere of the gruesome twosome, in conversation with Sean Hannity last week. The Clintons, he thought, would be quite happy to lose big to the "black vote" in South Carolina. It would enable them to signal that they were the ones to stem the flow of the color tide. Morris' host protested that this seemed a touch cynical. Morris jovially assured him that he knew the people he was talking about.

  6. Fool Me Thrice Hitchens piece.
    Takes the Clintons apart on race.

  7. I like Dick Morris, but he really is a whore. He would, and has, worked for just about anybody.

  8. First Hour: Author & lecturer Raymond Moody checks in.

    Moody, (no relation to Moody Bible Institute), father of Near Death Studies, checks in for a first hour chat. Always worth listening to.


  9. Today is a big day in Florida. It's a winner take all primary but the RNC has elected to punish Florida for moving up its primary. So this year, only half of the Florida delegate votes will be recognized.

    If both parties had normal-sized delegations to the national conventions, Floridians would have the fourth-largest delegation at the Democratic convention, 208 delegates out of 4,329 total, and the third-largest at the GOP convention, 114 out of 2,517.

  10. I do not ever remember another race like this one. I still have not 100 percent decided who to vote for. There are pros and cons to all the candidates. If it looked like a runaway for one of them, a voter could have the luxury of casting a protest or blocking vote. That's not the case this year. With the race neck and neck, every vote counts.

    Most likely, the wife and I will cancel out each others vote. It won't be the first time.

    Saturday was the last day of "early voting" and the polling place nearest my house was "swamped" with early voters.

    BTW - As I write this, it is a chilly 30 degrees in my part of the Sunshine State. The forecast high for today is a beautiful 71.

  11. Ride to the sound of the guns!

    My poor wife, first Thompson, now Rudy will be dropping out.
    If he does not win. He says that the winner of Florida will be the nominee. No prolonging the pain for him.

    She'll be with me voting for Paul, before this is over, on Super Duper Tuesday.

    Pat Buchanan is reported on the Morning Joe to have said, that if McCain is elected President the US will go to war with Iran.

    Cindy McCain says Florida is make or break for Big John.

    Which I would not doubt, either the war with Iran or make or break.

  12. This is a big day I suppose. The Republican team is about as uninspiring as it gets. I am glad I am not in Florida.

  13. �Billary� vs. Obama
    The Clintons attempt to use Obama�s race against him.

    By Thomas Sowell

    Whatever one may think about Barack Obama as a candidate or as a potential president, his candidacy has brought something new to the American political scene.

    His stunning victory in the Iowa caucuses, in a state where more than 90 percent of the population is white, was an unmistakable signal that racism is not the invincible thing that some seem to think it is.
    But these cheap shots have been by no means as poisonous as Bill Clinton�s obvious attempts to reduce Obama to just a black candidate.

    Even after much of the media had gotten on him for this, Bill Clinton returned to that theme after Hillary lost the South Carolina primary big time, by saying that Jesse Jackson had won South Carolina before.

    It is not that the Clintons are racists. It is just that they will use whatever they want, in order to get whatever they want � and the effect on the country does not bother them.

    That was the hallmark of the first Clinton administration. There is no reason to doubt that this will be the hallmark of the next Clinton administration, if there is one.

    If Hillary wins the White House, that will mean 16 consecutive years � and perhaps 20 � in which Presidents of the United States have come from just two families.

    Surely the country is not that lacking in political leadership.
    When Bill Clinton first ran for the White House in 1992, his fawning fans coined the term �Billary� to highlight the fact that Hillary was part of the team � �two for the price of one,� as they liked to put it.

    We need to keep that in mind today and not let Hillary escape responsibility for what her surrogates do.

    At the same time, we need not let the radical feminists get away with depicting Hillary Clinton as representing some potential breakthrough for the independent woman.

    When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of Britain, she did not do it by riding on her husband�s coattails. Neither did Indira Gandhi in India, Golda Meier in Israel or other women who rose to be leaders of their countries in other parts of the world.

    The whole bean-counting mentality � the first woman, the first black, the first this, the first that � is an unbelievably irresponsible self-indulgence at a time when Americans may soon be facing nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists.

    At a time like this, we need the best qualified people at the top, whether they are Asian-American women, left-handed Hispanics, or whatever.

    Obama�s win in Iowa signaled that many Americans seem to feel the same way. The Clintons� attempts to bring us back to bean counting is only the latest in a long series of their disservices to this country.

    � Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.

  14. Israel's hardline on Gaza may just distabilze Eygpt, not their disired Goal, is it?

    Border crisis bolsters Islamists

    In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and secular political groups rally for Gazans -- and against Mubarak.

    By Jeffrey Fleishman
    LATimes Staff Writer
    January 29, 2008

    CAIRO -- Egypt's main Islamist party and other opposition groups are strengthening their appeal by using images of desperate Palestinians streaming out of the Gaza Strip to provoke wider protests against President Hosni Mubarak's 26-year-old government.

    Demonstrations in Cairo and throughout the country by the Muslim Brotherhood and other political groups ostensibly have been staged to declare Egyptian solidarity with the residents of Gaza. But they are also aimed at weakening Mubarak, whom the groups accuse of oppression and criticize for economic shortcomings and close ties to Washington.

    It is political theater punctuated with dangerous rhetoric. Mubarak's vast intelligence and security forces are attempting to prevent pro-Palestinian protests from erupting into sustained nationwide anti-government rallies. But the Muslim Brotherhood and Kifaya, Arabic for "Enough," an umbrella opposition group of leftists and nationalists, are determined to make just that happen. The Muslim Brotherhood has sponsored 80 demonstrations since Wednesday, when hundreds of thousands of Gazans began pouring into Egypt through a breached border wall.
    At the Rafah border crossing Monday, Hamas cooperated for the first time with an Egyptian effort to reassert control over the frontier. Egyptian guards and Hamas forces coordinated security and used concrete and barbed wire to close at least two gaps in the barrier opened by explosions. At least four gaps remained open, including two for cars.

    Israel forcing Eygpt into a situation where Hamas is legitimized by cooperation on border security.

    Or the Bush Plan in play for developing a de facto Palistinian State, seperated from Israel?

    Guess we'll see.
    Hope it is an Allied Plan and not anarchy or a Hamas Plan fully engaged to gain both Palistine and Eygpt.

  15. McCain owes everything to the MSM and the polls:
    Lotta Pubs, being terrified of a Hill Presidency, make their choice almost entirely on who they perceive as having the best chance of beating Billary.
    That's how Rudy went from first to gone in less than a month.

  16. Everyone of them except Rudy has flip-flopped more than JFK2.

  17. Billary canceled all her interviews.
    Dark Days for the Co-Dependents.

  18. Looks like the hnt for a scape goat has fallen short, in France's bank scandel de jur.

    PARIS (Reuters) - French prosecutors will not appeal against a decision to throw out the accusation of fraud leveled against a trader blamed for huge losses at Societe Generale, a senior judicial source said on Tuesday.

    If confirmed, the move would represent a blow for SocGen managers, who last week branded trader Jerome Kerviel a "fraudster" and said the bank had been the victim of "massive fraud".

    The judicial source said it was also "inevitable" that many staff within SocGen would be questioned over the affair.

    Investigating judges reviewing the case decided on Monday to place Kerviel under formal investigation for lesser allegations concerning breach of trust, computer abuse and falsification, which carry a maximum three-year prison term.

    Being placed under investigation can lead to trial, but falls short of filing formal charges.

    Prosecutors had asked the magistrates also to consider charges of fraud and "aggravated breach of trust", which carries a maximum seven-year prison term.

    Seems that the French can sniff out a cover up, as well as cash.

  19. What part of the Sunshine state do you live in, Whit?

  20. The pollsters and MSM control the process, people so weak in their convictions they get herded into the "serious" column.

    Obama/Kennedy the chosen torch bearers.

    With Bill helping them along.
    Almost as if he was trying, since he is the "smartest" politician, ever.

  21. Both Sowell and Hitchens took the Clintons to the woodshed over their stinking tactics. Good on 'em. Unfortunately, according to Pat Buchanan it's likely to work. Don't know that I quite agree with him though.

  22. Where's the Kite-Powered Jetliner?
    Fuel fees send airfares sky high
    With oil prices high, fuel surcharges on many international flights have climbed to nearly half the price of a ticket.

  23. Place "Mad" John as the only serious alternative to Romney.

    Degrade Rudy to inconsequential

    Place liberal Romney as the only serious alternative to "Mad" John.

    Either of which can be beaten by Obama/JFK or even Billary.

  24. I spent part of the night reading 'American Creation--Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic'. There was a chapter about the Treaty of New York between us and the Crees. Knox, Washington and Jefferson were pushing to treat the Indians right, as they saw it from a republican revolutionary point of view, and came up with a good treaty. The Cree and associated tribes were led by one McGillivray, a 1/2 Scot, 1/4 French 1/4 Cree who was accepted as leader by the Cree because they had a matrilinear culture, and he had talent. He had been dealing with the Spanish but made a treaty with Washington which promised to keep the white settlers off their back. Unfortunately, the US Army was anywhere near up to the job, and eventually McGillivray went back to the Spanish. Knox, Washington, and Jefferson, it can be said, had good intentions but no means to uphold the bargain, and the whites kept pouring in. After that, it was all downhill, and later, even Jefferson went along with the mistreatment.

  25. John McCain to Win 55.0% $51K
    Mitt Romney to Win 44.0% $59K
    Rudy Giuliani to Win 2.1% $46K
    Field (any other individual) to Win 0.4% $24K

    Romney was ahead, last I looked a day or so ago.

  26. "allowing our troops to transfer their unused education benefits to their spouses or children."

    A looooooong time in coming, that's been.

  27. Of course, the WSJ shows me to be wrong in thinking the old folks might like Romney--

    Age May Help McCain in Florida
    January 29, 2008; Page A6

    SUN CITY, Fla. -- Much is made of John McCain's 71 years. In Florida, his seniority could be a boon among older voters, many of whom have already cast ballots in early voting.

    "We've had too many young ones the last few years. We need someone with a little experience and age," said 67-year-old Jane Turner, who runs a fishing charter boat with her 77-year-old husband, J.R., in Pine Island, Fla. Both of them voted for Mr. McCain in early balloting. Age doesn't compromise performance, she says. "Look at us. We're still spending 10 hours on the water fishing every day."

    Sen. John McCain, campaigning in Sun City, Fla., says he isn't targeting older voters specially. Seniors account for 16.8% of Florida's population.
    In the tight Florida Republican primary, where Mr. McCain is neck and neck with Mitt Romney, the candidate who carries the older set will likely come out the victor today. Senior citizens account for 16.8% of Florida's population, compared with 12.4% nationwide, according to the Census Bureau, and are the most avid voters.

    Older voters were a big part of the Arizona senator's win in South Carolina. He trounced his rivals there among voters over 60 with his talk about government frugality and veterans health benefits. According to exit polls, he won 42% of voters over age 60. (He won 33% of the vote overall.) The older voters accounted for more than a third of ballot casters.

    The older demographic is "equal if not more important in Florida," said Buzz Jacobs, a McCain adviser.

    A SurveyUSA poll conducted last week among likely Florida voters showed Mr. McCain winning 38% of voters older than 65 while taking 30% of votes overall. The poll has a 4.3% margin of error.

  28. A country worth defending:

  29. I've tried to figure out why the PTB favor Romney as the nominee. All I came up with is that, while he cannot be said to be the more reliably conservative candidate (compared to McCain) he possibly is more reliable as a Republican.

    In any event, McCain would be the more dangerous opponent for the Democrats, come the election, especially if Hillary ends up being their, um, man. Rush, et al, may not want to hear it, but it's a fact.

    If it's McCain v. Obama, it will be the independent and crossover voters' election to call.

  30. Jump Starter:
    Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, said the weakness in housing prices was increasing economic anxiety in the country and showed the need for her housing proposals, including providing $30 billion to states and communities to combat mortgage foreclosures.

    "The latest housing data shows that 2007 marked the first time in recent history where America has experienced a sustained annual drop in median existing home prices," the New York senator said in a statement. "In order for us to truly jump-start our economy, we must address the housing crisis."
    Call Hill to call for more free Bucks, Albob!

  31. One of our guys here has had some substantial dealings with McCain over the years and, echoing my father on the matter, is favorably disposed toward the man simply because (and I quote) what he says is what he means.

  32. McCain's Legacy is sticking it to the pubs!
    ...and us, as in Shamnesty!
    What is "PTB"?

  33. ...or McCain Feingold.
    Romney wouldn't hasn't trashed the first ammendement!

  34. He also says whatever he needs to say depending on the prevailing winds.
    Like pretending to be a changed man on immigration while continuing to employ a radical jerkoff that worked for Fox.

  35. McCain-Feingold is most definitely the turd in the conservative punchbowl.

  36. He was against Bush's tax cuts,
    Now he's all for making them Permanent!

  37. You're not going to find a truly conservative candidate who can win this election. Not this time.

    Just sayin'.

  38. But I relish the prospect of you defending Romney as the conservative heir apparent.

  39. Bush did to the Party what Clinton did in '04-5 to the Dems.

  40. No, I'll defend him as better than Billary or Obama.

  41. Fair enough.

    But that carpet bagging sonofabitch (I'll ne'er be able to shake that, Rat) may be the very best hope the GOP has to extend its WH tenure. Actually, he may be the only hope.

  42. He wanted spending cuts to be included.
    They were not, the deficit exploded

    The DeLay-Bush axis of vote buying won, the dollar has fallen precipitously losing huge amounts of real value against a basket of goods. Services have held down "Core Inflation", but comodities have exploded, but were excluded from "Core Inflation" numbers. As they showed volatility.

    So, since voting against the tax cuts the US Governments' debt has increased $2 trillion dollars on Team43's watch.
    While revenues have increased, so did expeditures, at a faster rate than revenues.

    So much for GOP fiscal conservatism.

  43. "Mad" John is a stay the course kind of a guy.

    He does say what he thinks, he believes what his staff tells him, constituents be damned if they are on the wrong side of staff.

    To get anything done on a Federal level, here in AZ, the Dem Congressmen have to be utilized. The GOP members are totally disconnected from the constituents, playing Beltway Games. To include both Mr Shadegg and Mr Flake.

    Quite sad, really.
    To watch Arizona turn Blue.

  44. The most "conservative government" in my memory, Clinton - Gingrich.

    Revenues rose, spending was controlled, the Federal government grew at the slowest rate of my lifetime.

    The annual budget was in surplus and even some of the Federal debt was paid down, though not much.

    Clinton, without Gingrich, would not have obtained those results.

    Gingrich was demonized in the MSM and the social conservative wing of the GOP and chased out of DC.

  45. Trouble with Rudy is he would like to be President but not bother to run for it. I cannot see the country going for a technocrat like Romney. We are much too shallow for that. The Republicans will like Romney but there are not enough of them. McCain is the war candidate and Americans are tired of war. So is the military. If it is McCain vs Obama, Enthusiasm will win over resignation and apathy.

  46. I'll say it again. Differently.

    That "war candidate" polls appreciably higher with Democrats than any other Republican runner.

    It's Republicans who don't care for him. Much.

    Re: Giuliani

    Myself, I can't say as I'm brokenhearted that il Duce appears to be dead.

  47. You left out John Kyl, esq. 'Rat!

  48. And donuts to dollars, McCain would absolutely deliver...the MIC.


    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Edward Kennedy may have thrown his political weight behind Democrat Barack Obama in the White House race, but he says that doesn't mean he harbors ill feelings toward his old friends, Hillary and Bill Clinton.

    "Absolutely not. I'm not against the Clintons. I'm for Barack Obama," the Massachusetts senator and brother of the late President John F. Kennedy said on Tuesday.

    "I've said I'm for Barack Obama. But I'm going to support Sen. Clinton or Sen. Edwards should they gain the nomination. It's imperative that the Democrats be successful," he said in an interview with NBC's "Today Show."

    Kennedy, patriarch of one of the leading political dynasties in the United States, endorsed Obama at a raucous rally in Washington on Monday.

    He was joined by his niece Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late president, and his own son U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy in backing Obama, a first-term Illinois senator who would be the country's first black president.

    The endorsement was widely seen as a blow to Hillary Clinton, a New York senator who is Obama's chief rival for the Democratic Party nomination ahead of November's presidential election. Clinton would be the first female U.S. president.

    Some analysts saw Kennedy's endorsement -- which cast Obama as an heir to the idealism of John Kennedy -- partly as a response to critical comments about Obama by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton.

    Not true, Kennedy said."

  50. A prospect to brighten my day: Hillary may actually lose New York.

  51. I think a lot of people, and young people in particular, are really, really, tired of the standard load of Bullshit spewed by politicians in general. It is accepted that a politician lies and changes his public stance on any given issue in an attempt to get elected. Guiliani, Romney and the Clintons fit this picture of a politician. A politician such as McCain will garner a bunch of votes simply for projecting the notion that 'he says what he means, and means what he says'. Romney and Guilani come across as a 'say anything, do anything to get elected' kinda guys.

  52. Doug can't count. That cat has got two legs. I looked twice.

    Reomney might look like the fresh face, the agent of change, compared to Hillary, if change is what they want.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Doug:
    I'm in the far northern part of the Big Bend, 15 miles from Georgia.

  55. Why would the Motorcycle Industry Council care about McCain, one way or the other?

  56. Romney explains his changes of position much better than the other candidates.

  57. Maxine Waters comes out for Billary. Gender trumps race, in her case. Or, maybe, old favors aren't forgotten.

  58. I'm leaning Romney. Rat's insistence that he's socialist not withstanding.

    As I was typing this, I got a recorded phone call from John McCain saying that he is running as a Reagan conservative.

  59. I heard on Bill O'Reilly last night that illegal aliens in Houston have, in three years, cost $600 million in medical services. $200 million per year and that's just in one city.

    The curtain is being lifted on the true costs of cheap illegal labor.

  60. Whit, you're there. What's the property tax reform issue that is on the ballot?

  61. Amendment 1

    Basically, a sorry result of Charlie Crist's first months as Governor. The inital idea was to reform an unfair and inequitable ad valorem tax system. By the time it got out the legislature it was a pitiful offering which will not accomplish much of anything.

    Two essential problems in Florida. 1. Existing homeowners have tax increases capped at no more than 3% per year. This causes new and non-homesteading homeowners as well as commercial property owners to subsidise long-time owners. I myself pay about $3000 more per year than a neighbor with nearly identical house.
    The second problem is that the run-up in property values resulted in a windfall for the tax man. Local governments have been spending the newfound money like drunken sailors.

    They haven't gotten the message yet that the party is over.

  62. We got a higher exemption than you will have even if it passes, which it sounds like it will. Out legislature is phasing out the personal property tax, too. That Amendment 1 ought to get the republicans to the polls. Probably good for Romney.

  63. The media reports that Dems will vote against the amendment and Repubs for.

    I hope it fails and I'm not a Dem...

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Dr: Israel's hardline on Gaza may just distabilze Eygpt, not their disired Goal, is it?

    ah yes.... C4 speaks from the grave...

    Israel's "hardline?

    what hardline?

    cutting off cigarettes and viagra?

    cutting 20% of the gaza's strip electricity?

    I'd say if israel was hardline they'd cut the water pipes, blow up the sewage plant and then blow up the power plant... then blow up the border between egypt & gaza...

    oh wait, the palios blow up their own border, they blow up their own schools, they blow up their own sewage plants, they destroy their own electric grid...

    oh wait, let's give the masses 300 bucks and a newly created tax free zone...

    some hardline...

    once again, rat tries to paint israel as hardline without calling attention the reason israel has ANY line at all is 2700 rockets being shot at them by rat's friends.... the palios

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