“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Republican Wife Who Created 'President Obama'

Only a Republican Senator could have a wife like Jeri Ryan and want to watch her have sex with a stranger.

Obama does not smile. He blinks, and in a blink he has snatched the moment away from Hillary. Only a miracle will save Hillary. Obama knows it. The Clintons know it.

Obama has the instincts of a predator, is a gifted orator, and has superb political skills. He is also a recipient of having deliciously inept political enemies. Remember how he came to be senator?

An incumbent Republican Senator wanted to watch his beautiful wife have sex with strangers in sex clubs and got exposed. The same Republican gentry that discovered and packaged George W. Bush decided that the slimed senatorial candidate should be replaced by none other than Alan Keyes. Need I say more?

Obama took that free pass and moved right over from Baltic Avenue to Park Place.

The Republicans have convinced the Democrats that Hillary is unelectable. Instead of forming an argument that would convince the American people that the GOP deserved another chance, the Republican establishment obsessed over Hillary. All the big mouth media types were prepared for the Hillary kill and missed Obama studying the field, who is now deftly taking Hillary apart state by state.

Obama will now sprint to the nomination. The Republican Cardinals are stuck between a hate and a loath, McCain and Huckabee. Can McCain save the Republican Party? That will get you blinking.


  1. not to worry, there are at least 10% of democrats that are "Scoop jackson/Lieberman dems" that will NEVER vote for an obama...

    obama has said the reason for the arab/islamic terror is that they are poor and need more aid from us...

    i kid you not...

    I will vote for GOP before that clown gets my vote

    (by the way, why wasnt i called on to service Jeri?)


  2. wio...the interesting thing is that once Obama wraps up Hillary, Obama is going to have to supply details on his vision and explain the anticipated changes he talks about. The glamour show can only go so far. Eleven months is a long time. Obama says he is "going to heal the country and repair the world."

  3. There is the possibility that there is something very juicy in some dossier on Obama.

  4. That is not enough, wi"o" to stop Obama. He has proven that in Iowa and we'll see it again.

    The Politics of HOPE, is not a zero sum game, with Obama. He expands the electorate.
    Proven capacity to do so.

    Obama had more supporters than all the GOP candidates combined in Iowa. We'll see that again in New Hampshire, another lilly white he will win.

    Then Michigan and South Carolina, where his "identity base" will abandon Nillary to ride with the brother.

    As to Mr McCain, he'll get his clock cleaned by Obama -
    DOS Operating System vs Mac

    Not even close, McCain is so far behind the generational curve.

    Ohio & Florida, those are the States that the Election swings on. What's the GOP to do there. how is Team Taft going to help?
    Mr McCain is more corrupt than Mr Taft. Google Keating Five. No conviction, but not sweet smelling.

    Not in the months to come, that corpse will stink to high heaven.

    The drug issue is not one the McCain can use, his wife's history stops any travel down that avenue, against Obama.

    To canpaign on the "Surge" in Iraq is a loser, with 50% thinking that victory is achievable, but 70% thinking the war a mistake. Not a winner. The GOP debate, none of them talked of quick victory in Iraq, so that scenario has been abandoned

    If McCain is the candidate, Obama is the winner.
    If Rudy does not win in the Florida Primary, Huckabee will.

  5. Doug said...

    You'll love this, Trish!

    Sun Jan 06, 04:41:00 AM EST

    I laughed so hard my morning coffee went through my nose.

    GWB: "Turrrururists"


    An Obama presidential win would be the kids running the playground. The MTV generation elects its first candidate. All image. Feel-good platitudes and big, flashy symbolism combined with no fucking idea how the world works.

    If the Stupid Party can manage to not hobble itself by its choice for president, Obama can be easily defeated.

    However, the Stupid Party (I motion we add "Greedy" to the name, making it the "Stupid, Greedy Party") will probably deliver and serve up an unelectable candidate.

  6. Obama wiped out Mr Dodd, got him to "Zero" and Mr Biden to single digits, because Obama turnout made the 15% threashold so high, their turnout machines could not cope.

    Hillary got the "Scoopers" in Iowa, per the exit polls. The aged and more conservative. Swamped in the tsunami of youth, that turned out. More than HOPE, there was substance, the ever vaunted youth vote rallied. If they come to causcuses and primaries, they'll be there in November.

    the US swings like a penduleum do.

    The GOP has splintered their base, and continue to do so. As Romney continues to savage the GOP fronttunners.

  7. As Howard Fineman puts it:

    Huckabee's candidacy is nothing more or less than the logical result of the GOP's 30-year-long crusade to turn evangelical Christians into the shock troops of the party. After Jimmy Carter first lured some of them into the trenches in 1976—and won much of the South in the process—Republicans, under a Tennessean named Bill Brock, made this the core of their strategy, and figures such as the late Lee Atwater, Karl Rove and George W. Bush pursued it. The full fruit of their labors materialized in 2004. Twenty-seven million evangelicals voted by a four-to-one margin to re-elect the president; they formed more than a third of his total vote.

    If they are that crucial to the GOP coalition, it only makes sense for them to want to eliminate the middlemen. Why rely on laypeople such as Bush when you can have the real thing?

  8. obama has said the reason for the arab/islamic terror is that they are poor and need more aid from us...

    - what is

    Not a single major candidate hasn't mouthed this specious economic root causes bit (coupled with political root causes) including Giuliani. That the neoconservatives resorted to it more than any other bunch in making the case for regime replacement in Iraq and inspiring the "end to tyranny in our time" foolishness, is now forgotten.

  9. Interesting that Zbigniew Brzezinski is a national security advisor for the candidate of change.

  10. couple of points...

    the dems may be able to motivate a few thousand college kids during winterbreak but a news flash..

    the gays, blacks and 18-28 yrs just dont actually vote...

    as a dem, who was frustrated that the bush won, not because of fraud, gop dirty tricks, but because the gays, blacks and kids DONT VOTE...

    no Obama is far from a sure thing, except if he gets the DEM nomination, the Republicans could put most any main stream GOP'er and win...

    any terror attacks in the world will add more voters to the GOP, if obama makes it...

    nope it dont see it...

    as for trish's pov, most NEO-con's i know NEVER thought arab/islamic poverty was an issue...

    islam's clash with everyone else is the issue..

    aka samuel huntington..

  11. Each of the Dems claim they are the "Candidate of Change"

    Which of those agents of change is Zeb workin' for?

    They're all members of the Council of Foriegn Relations, so there won't be much change, there.

    Obama promising to use Hillary and her people as advisors.

  12. Interesting that Zbigniew Brzezinski is a national security advisor for the candidate of change.

    obama is the new jimmy "dhimmi" carter

    not to worry.

    the black rockers will bring their terror to AZ, Ohio, Paris & more...

    newupdates coming in...

    islamists threaten and force cancel of Dakar Rally.

    ONLY 300+ cars burned in paris on new years by black rockers

    Dallas TX, father murders two daughter for not wearing islamic potato sack...

    england, 66,000 women had their clits cut off....

    and on and on....

    yep, it's not the time for a new "dhimmi"

    Hope, Change?

    I HOPE the Nuking of the BLACK ROCK changes the islamic thought of being invulnerable

  13. Doug, thanks for the clip. About sums it up.

    And if any of you don't watch Family Guy, you don't know what you're missing.

    elijah, you know you're only encouraging Rat with the eye and the pyramid.

  14. wi"o" states everyone of Hillary's talking points.

    Tuesday will tell the immediate tale of their accuracy. In a lilly white State, where there are few blacks or gays.

    Bill Krystol thinks Obama wins by double digits, in New Hampshire.
    Obama polls best with the college educated, above average income whites. But won every catagory in Iowa.

    In Michigan and South Carolina, the identity voters will come out. No Black voter wanting to off the bus, voting for an old white woman, while a Black man goes on and wins.

    Or so says Chris Rock, he'd know Black folk, much better than me.

  15. Whadda mean, trish?
    elijah just expressing his devotion to the dollar, no?

  16. "I HOPE the Nuking of the BLACK ROCK changes the islamic thought of being invulnerable"

    Wonder how often that comes up 'round the executive conference table.

    My SWAG: Never.

  17. So an Islamist kills his kids, that is not a threat to anyone outside his family. In the US or Canada.
    A dysfunctional family. There are certainly many of those in the US and North America.

    Not limited to mussulmen in the US. Supposed Christians killing their their kids much more often, perhaps because there are so many more of them. When it occurs, their pseudo-Christianity is not touted as the cause of the dysfuntion.

    Mental illness often used as a defense. As anyone that would kill their children, crazy.

  18. The white liberal press is already exalting that it is time for an African-American President. They do so in a standard pattern. They talk about the danger to Democratic politicians that are prepared to take away Obama's due. Obama is due. Wait tii it becomes obvious that Obama is getting 95% of the black folk and they get out in front like the Mexicans did with the Mexican flags during the immigration parades. Add that to the normal Demo crazies and it will be an exciting eleven months. Will Detroit burn if Barack is denied?

  19. "Wonder how often that comes up 'round the executive conference table."

    That would depend on which 'round the executive conference table' you mean. Cause I don't believe the specs for that black rock plaza conform to any of the guild's specifications.

  20. If Obama wins the primaries and then is denied the nomination, by the Democrat Cardinals, they'll stay home in November. Which would be great for the GOP.

    There could be States that become competitive, if the Blacks disenfranchise themselves.

    They have been voting 90% plus for the Democrats for many, many cycles. Now they'll want their man, a proven winner amongst the white voters, to have his turn.

    The Democrats finding themselves hostage to their base, as does the GOP.
    2008 an interesting year, the tails wagging the dog?

  21. You're making a big mistake if you reduce the Obama phenomenon to a matter of race.

    Salient as that may be for many black Americans (and not a few white Americans) younger voters especially are not thinking in those terms.

  22. dr

    we all KNOW you are safe from black rockers, they will never find you in your double wide stuck into the canyon tucked away and hidden by stagebrush...

    but to all the rest of us, the blackrockers are a real threat and it is growing on a daily basis.

    your excuses for why black rockers are no threat are shallow, but you are entitled to your POV.

    For me, I bet on islamic nut jobs to continue to grow and be an issue...

  23. Exactly, trish.

    Mr Obama's success is not a function of race. But of HOPE.

    The Black vote has been polling for Hillary. But those are just polls, not real votes. Where there has been a vote, Obama won.
    In a State that is 96% white.
    If he wins in New Hampshire, a State that is 95.8% white, it again will prove his draw is not racially motivated.

    If he wins in both Iowa and New Hampshire, then the Black vote will rally to him. But he will not become the "Black" candidate.

    Except in those locales where the Democrat would not win, regardless.

  24. Be afraid, wi"o", be very afraid.

    But the rest of US, led by the President, knows the truth about Islam.

    It is a Religion of Peace.

    6 to 8% of of the practioners, in places like Pakistan, crazy.
    That is issue, but not one that dominates the political scene in the US.

    If you let it dominate your thinking, that's for you to do. But the majority of US, believe in the Religion of Peace rhetoric.
    A GOP Core Value.

    Obama geneticly linked to the RoP.
    He's winning big amongst Democrats.

    That's the proof of the tasting.

  25. "I HOPE the Nuking of the BLACK ROCK changes the islamic thought of being invulnerable"

    Wonder how often that comes up 'round the executive conference table.

    Maybe that is WHY the Elders have SENT me with the message...

    After all, My BLOODLINE is that of the Prophets...

    NUKE the BLACK ROCK, destroy A pillar of Islam

    It's time to KILL the ROCK...

    If the Islamic Peoples are to BE saved, the ROCK must DIE...

    Learn about Islam and understand, HUMILIATION of the faith is the ONLY WAY, short of complete genocide...

    I'd rather kill the rock than advocate the genocide of 2 billion

  26. Obama aint about RACE at all...

    He actually looks white-ish to me...

    he aint BLACK according to any real brothers...

  27. The white liberal press makes it racial when they pose the question: "is America ready for a black President?"

  28. oh for all of you that say HOW DARE YOU...

    My Temple was Destroyed TWICE and NOW a UGLY assed DOME sits on the remains...

    We have a retaining wall left to us...

    the Vatican sits on MILLIONs of our Holy Books, Scrolls & relics...

    So no, I can SAY it...

    BLOW the BLACK ROCK...

    MAYBE MY Message will get to ONE man, BRAVE enough to do what I say...

    KILL NO ONE....

    Destroy the ROCK

  29. Spread it, around the world, it's dust settling everywhere.

    Think about that, and the message it'd send, to the faithful.

    The Rock not destroyed, but redistributed, across all the world.

    Real clever.

  30. desert rat said...
    But the rest of US, led by the President, knows the truth about Islam.
    It is a Religion of Peace.

    lol I thought you KNEW history... Can I get a pair of those rose colored glasses? Your hitching you wagon to quite a load of shit... lol Religion of Peace, too funny... even the idiot bush has stopped saying that... go to Belmont today for another update about Islam...

    V: 6 to 8% of of the practioners, in places like Pakistan, crazy.

    actually in places like pakiworld, it's more like 70%

    73% of all palios support suicide attacks on israelis INSIDE 1948 borders

    You can google all the stats you want to find out the numbers, but from those that I know that deal with arabs, the MODERATES? (10-30%) are terrified of the majority islamists...

    V: you let it dominate your thinking, that's for you to do. But the majority of US, believe in the Religion of Peace rhetoric.
    A GOP Core Value.

    too funny, that majority of the USA watch JErry Springer, Listen to Howard Stern & Oprah, that dont make em right...

    DR, the thing you discount is the fact that we who CONTROL the FreeMasons, KNOW ALL...

    I am a Levite...

    V: Obama geneticly linked to the RoP.
    He's winning big amongst Democrats.

    Yep from an islamic pov, He's an APOSTATE Black Rocker, worthy of islamic Justice

  31. DR : Spread it, around the world, it's dust settling everywhere.

    Think about that, and the message it'd send, to the faithful.

    The Rock not destroyed, but redistributed, across all the world.

    Real clever.

    You dont understand Islam, NUKING the rock would not "Spread the Dust" but kick them in the teeth, gut and ass...

    Not to call you "names" but you really dont understand Islamic thought...

    I do...

    Want to Crush them?


    Bury them in pigskins

    Wrap dirty panties on their head

    Use Qurans as toliet paper

    Draq pics of Mohammed with a dog's body


  32. There you have it, amigo.
    Blinded by the Eye of Re.

    The White House speaks for the President, not the Belmonters.

    The White House has not changed it's position vis a vie Islam.

    The GOP fellows, last night, all echoed the White House position.

    As always, I do not often tout what I believe, but the position of US, the Constitutional Government.
    Right or wrong, that's where my oath lies. So I'll continue to explain the US position. You can explain how the powerless puppets in Israel see it.
    The Barbie Doll position.

    Ms Rice speaks for the Government, for the President. The President speaks for all of US.
    Ms Glick sees the challenge, for Israel, of being dependent upon US. She understands the US, better I think than you do.

    By the by, I've sold those mobile homes, installed them for other folks, but wouldn't live in one, myself.

    Given any other option, which I have, other options.

  33. Again, wi"o" we, the US, is allied with mussulmen around the globe.

    We have establishe two Islamic Republics in the last five years. In Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Why would you think we, the US, would want to crush those allies, humiliate those allies?

    Why would we want to set back six years worth of work, in establishing those Islamic Republics, by attacking US allies in Saudi Arabia?

    The Sauds definately allies, or we'd not be providing them with $30 billion worth of modern weaponry.

  34. I am not shocked that Americans want change. I am still puzzled that jack ryan would want someone else taking care of that splendid filly.

  35. There's an old saying,

    Sleep with ticks, get snake bitten by rabid dogs.

    Or something to that effect. :)

  36. Israel will have to nuke that Rock, then suffer the consequences, standing alone.

    Which is the course that the world is on.

    Not US, that's not in the Plan.

  37. V:The White House speaks for the President, not the Belmonters.

    The White House has not changed it's position vis a vie Islam.

    The GOP fellows, last night, all echoed the White House position.

    As always, I do not often tout what I believe, but the position of US, the Constitutional Government.
    Right or wrong, that's where my oath lies.

    unless you choose to disagree with it...

    V: So I'll continue to explain the US position.

    dont fool yourself, your not explaining the US position, you explaining what makes you feel good...

    V: You can explain how the powerless puppets in Israel see it.
    The Barbie Doll position.

    I am not explaining the "israeli" pov, I am explaining the truth as I see it.

    V: Ms Rice speaks for the Government, for the President. The President speaks for all of US.

    Thank goodness we can elect a new one every 4 years... Ms Rice speaks for the State Dept, and that is not always what the President thinks, says, or does.

    But as you know regardless of the blinders that THE CURRENT PREZ has the White House has our country was formed BY the declaration war by the black rockers...

    and it was our Nation, in 1948, that declared Israel to be a Nation, with all rights therein.

    So when you speak for america, and imply Israel is nothing by a puppet, you are going against US policy...

  38. Another case of GOP Core Values, duece.

    Foley, Craig, Ryan.

    Ours is not to reason why ...

  39. desert rat said...
    Israel will have to nuke that Rock, then suffer the consequences, standing alone.

    Which is the course that the world is on.

    Not US, that's not in the Plan.

    No, israel will not have too...

    there are russian nukes floating around, there are paki nukes, there will be iranian nukes...

    israel doesnt have to do shit...

    just let the crazies get the nukes...

    it's more likely that iran would nuke arabia 1st before hitting israel...

  40. Indeed, I think mat is more right, in his insight, as to Israel.
    The Israeli government being a puppet on the US string.

    As it is the US position that Israel is a puppet, to be controlled by arms shipments. The Lebanonese experience the proof of that tasting. When Ms Rice ordered the arms shipments stopped, so did the Israel offensive.
    Dancing to her tune.

    Closer to the reality
    I think Ms Glick is right, Israel is screwed. We'll see what happens during Mr Bush's visit. What Israel cedes, this time.

  41. If your solution to the mussulman challenge is that we wait for Iran to attack Mecca ...

    The Eye of Re has definately blinded you, amigo.

  42. MANCHESTER, N.H. (Associated Press) -- Bill Bradley, a former presidential hopeful and senator, on Sunday endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president.

    "Barack Obama is building a broad new coalition that brings together Democrats, independents and Republicans by once again making idealism a central focus of our politics," Bradley said in a statement released by Obama's campaign. "Because of his enormous appeal to Americans of all ages and backgrounds, Obama is the candidate best positioned to win in November. ... His movement for change could create a new era of American politics _ truly a new American story."

  43. In Afghanistan the US has built a 57,000 man Army

    In Iraq we have built a 350,000 man Army and organized a 75,000 man Sunni militia.

    425,000 total mussulmen in the military or paramiliary in Iraq.

    So we have organized almost 500,000 mussulmen into military formations of one sort or another.
    They are US allies and proxies, or that's the Plan, anyway.

    We have spent $10 Billion USD on the Pakistani Army. Almost 1,000,000 men under the Paki President's command, between the Army and the paramilitaries.
    US proxies, according to the Plan.

    Almost 2 million armed men, US allies, to be directed by 100 US Army A-Teams.
    That's the Vickers' Plan.
    Worked out well, when he worked with Charlie Wilson.

  44. I am still puzzled that jack ryan would want someone else taking care of that splendid filly.

    2164 -- I don't keep up on all the nuances of modern culture, but I understood the charge made as part of the divorce proceeding was that the GOPer himself wanted to have sexual intercourse with his wife in front of the audience of the sex club members.

    Pretty wierd, but not in the same category as wanting to watch someone else have sex with his lovely wife.

    Question is -- did the GOP politician see his wife as a proxy for the GOP voter, ready to be debased in public?

  45. "So we have organized almost 500,000 mussulmen into military formations of one sort or another.
    They are US allies and proxies, or that's the Plan, anyway."

    Specifically Brzezinski's plan of a "global-zone of percolating violence."
    - Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives

    Again, which dem agent of change is Zeb workin' for?

  46. Google the phrase global-zone of percolating violence and the results are interesting.

    Constant combat - to say the least.

    The first link at Google references Lyndon LaRouche's view of Zeb's idea

    He not being unbiased or "seriously inside the lines", but there are other views of Mr Zeb's idea. Most seem to echo Mr LaRouche to varied degrees.

    Onward towards the light!

  47. A better question, perhaps, elijah.

    What Change are they the Agents of?

    In the field of Foreign Policy, don't see much change at all.
    If Zeb's Plan is married to Mr Vickers' Plan.
    Which would seem the way forward. Conventional US forces falling back, putting the proxies to the front.

    It certainly "Play in Peoria"

  48. the eye and the pyramid


    jimmah carter will hobble out and campaign for Obama(he's still alive isn't he?) O Lord not the big Z.

  49. I don't know what the divorce laws are in Illinois, but here all you got to say is 'irreconcilable differences' and not go in to the bloody detainls.

  50. It's poverty, I tell you, lack of upward mobility, lack of understanding, that causes the mooses to do what they do. Anyone with an open mind can see that. Poverty, and Jewish aggression, lack of opportunity. We need a President that's willing to talk to these folk, and quit telling them what to do, and quit taking there resources. Mutual understanding is within reach. Obama's the man to do this. He is familiar with moosie ways. He can reach across racial, economic and cultural and religious divides. It's the advantage of America that we are able to throw up such men when the needs arise, the times are right. He will bring the world together, and heal it.

  51. Whose afraid of the word 'high yeller'?

    Obama hasn't used the true race card, which is, I'm all you folk.

    I say that seriously. Used correctly, it seems like a winning approach, to me. But then, I've never been elected to anything, not even the local conservation committee at Farm Services.

  52. Did you see the Charlie Wilson movie, bob?

  53. Reuters/C-Span/Zogby has it a dead heat on both sides of the aisle. Clinton/Obama and McCain/Romney.

    Change of plans yesterday, Rat, but I think we're going today.

  54. "We're gettin the band back together..."

    Foreign/security policy advisers to

    Barack Obama

    Former Amb. Jeffrey Bader, President Clinton’s National Security Council Asia specialist and now head of Brookings’s China center, national security adviser

    Mark Brzezinski, President Clinton’s National Security Council Southeast Europe specialist and now a partner at law firm McGuireWoods, national security adviser

    Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s national security adviser and now a Center for Strategic and International Studies counselor and trustee and frequent guest on PBS’s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, foreign policy adviser

    Richard A. Clarke, President Clinton and President George W. Bush’s counterterrorism czar and now head of Good Harbor Consulting and an ABC News contributor, sometimes Obama adviser

    Gregory B. Craig, State Department director of policy planning under President Clinton and now a partner at law firm Williams & Connolly, foreign policy adviser

    Roger W. Cressey, former National Security Council counterterrorism staffer and now Good Harbor Consulting president and NBC News consultant, has advised Obama but says not exclusive

    Ivo H. Daalder, National Security Council director for European affairs during President Clinton’s administration and now a Brookings senior fellow, foreign policy adviser

    Richard Danzig, President Clinton’s Navy secretary and now a Center for Strategic and International Analysis fellow, national security adviser

    Philip H. Gordon, President Clinton’s National Security Council staffer for Europe and now a Brookings senior fellow, national security adviser

    Maj. Gen. J. (Jonathan) Scott Gration, a 32-year Air Force veteran and now CEO of Africa anti-poverty effort Millennium Villages, national security adviser and surrogate

    Lawrence J. Korb, assistant secretary of defense from 1981-1985 and now a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, informal foreign policy adviser

    W. Anthony Lake, President Clinton’s national security adviser and now a professor at Georgetown’s school of foreign service, foreign policy adviser

    James M. Ludes, former defense and foreign policy adviser to Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and now executive director of the American Security Project, national security adviser

    Robert Malley, President Clinton’s Middle East envoy and now International Crisis Group’s Middle East and North Africa program director, national security adviser

    Gen. Merrill A. ("Tony") McPeak, former Air Force chief of staff and now a business consultant, national security adviser

    Denis McDonough, Center for American Progress senior fellow and former policy adviser to then-Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, foreign policy coordinator

    Samantha Power, Harvard-based human rights scholar and Pulitzer Prize winning writer, foreign policy adviser

    Susan E. Rice, President Clinton’s Africa specialist at the State Department and National Security Council and now a Brookings senior fellow, foreign policy adviser

    Bruce O. Riedel, former CIA officer and National Security Council staffer for Near East and Asian affairs and now a Brookings senior fellow, national security adviser

    Dennis B. Ross, President Clinton’s Middle East negotiator and now a Washington Institute for Near East Policy fellow, Middle East adviser

    Sarah Sewall, deputy assistant secretary of defense for peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance during President Clinton’s administration and now director of Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, national security adviser

    Daniel B. Shapiro, National Security Council director for legislative affairs during President Clinton’s administration and now a lobbyist with Timmons & Company, Middle East adviser

    Mona Sutphen, former aide to President Clinton’s National Security adviser Samuel R. Berger and to United Nations ambassador Bill Richardson and now managing director of business consultancy Stonebridge, national security adviser

    Pay special attention to Samantha Power.

  55. From MESH Admin

    The 2006 National Geographic-Roper Survey of Geographic Literacy surveyed geography knowledge of 18- to 24-year-olds across the United States. (The full report is here.) Respondents were shown a blank political map of the Middle East and asked to identify four countries: Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran. These were the results:

    graph missing here(bob)

    The report comments:

    On average, young Americans can find one (1.3) of these four countries. Fourteen percent can point out all four countries correctly, while 44% cannot find any of them.

    After three years of war in Iraq, only 37% of young Americans can find Iraq; 63% cannot. As many can—and cannot—identify Saudi Arabia. The result is even worse for Iran and Israel. Only one in four can find Iran (26%) or Israel (25%). Three-quarters cannot find these two countries. Overall, up to one in five say they “don’t know” where these four countries are located (ranging from 16% for Iraq to 20% for Iran).

    Education makes a difference in young adults’ ability to locate these four countries in the headlines: young Americans with college experience (1.6 correct answers on average) are more likely than those with up to a high school education (0.9 correct) to locate these countries. That said, even the more educated group fares relatively poorly, with less than a quarter of those with a college education able to find all four countries (23%, 6% of those with up to a high school diploma).


    My dad always did say we ought to have a literacy test for voting. His argument was, you really need to know what you're voting for, and against. My argument always was, who creates the literacy test? To which he had no good reply.

  56. You are going to be missed, trish

    Samantha Power
    I actually think in the Palestine - Israel situation, there's an abundance of information. What we don't need is some kind of early warning mechanism there, what we need is a willingness to put something on the line in helping the situation. Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import; it may more crucially mean sacrificing -- or investing, I think, more than sacrificing -- billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel's military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine, in investing the billions of dollars it would probably take, also, to support what will have to be a mammoth protection force, not of the old Rwanda kind, but a meaningful military presence. Because it seems to me at this stage (and this is true of actual genocides as well, and not just major human rights abuses, which were seen there), you have to go in as if you're serious, you have to put something on the line.

  57. If there's real dirt on Obama we'll see it soon. Before Feb. 5 for sure.

    That's Barack Hussein Obama.

  58. “I’m very concerned that you can’t state [Barack Obama’s] middle name, you can’t state his record and you can’t state his past life,” she said. Asked if she was referring to Hussein, his Muslim middle name, and his admitted use of drugs, including cocaine, in his youth, she said, “Yes.”

    Bill Shaheen was forced to resign as co-chairman of Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign when he made similar remarks last month. He said: “The Republicans are not going to give up without a fight . . . and one of those things they’re certainly going to jump on is his drug use.”

    He suggested they would ask, “Did you ever give drugs to anyone? Did you sell them?”

    A Clinton official said Bill Clinton called Shaheen to commiserate with him when he left the campaign. It was a matter of personal friendship, which did not suggest the former president condoned Shaheen’s behaviour, he said.

    The Clinton camp believes the media have been softer on Obama than on Hillary Clinton and ought to do a better job of exposing his potential weaknesses. Sources hint there is a stack of negative material on the Illinois senator that has not seen the light of day.

    And, honestly, I'd like to know what it is. If it's there, it should be known. The country is choosing a President here. I don't see it as dirty politics.

  59. You're too kind, Rat.

    I'll be stopping in every now and again. (Doug sighs heavily.) Reticence is a policy I've adopted for myself - suitable, I believe, under the circumstances.

    It's been 17 years since I served my country. (Many of my old interrogator friends are still at it.) I feel very fortunate to do so again.

  60. If McCain is the nominee, bob, his drug use gets a pass.

    In August 1994, Cindy McCain admitted she had been addicted to painkillers such as Percocet and Vicodin since 1989, saying she had resorted to stealing drugs from a nonprofit medical relief charity, the American Voluntary Medical Team.
    Her activities also violated federal statutes, so a federal investigation was also performed. McCain's defense team secured an agreement with the U.S. Attorney's office that was limited to financial restitution and treatment for her drug addiction. At the time, legal experts told the Phoenix New Times that had she not been married to John, she likely would have been sentenced to federal prison.

    New Times is the liberal throw a-way rag, here in Phoenix. There are now a half-dozen of 'em around the country. Mike Lacey, the publisher, fancies himself a crusader for the truth.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. This story in Salon of drug addiction, cover up and political influence in the non-prosecution of Mrs McCain.

    Keating Five would balance any land deals that Obama may have been involved in, regards his Ill. home.

    McCain is not the GOPs' best hope, his history as a carpetbagging politico is long and some of it is already available to the public.

    the link to the Salon piece

  63. "So many idealistic political movements for a better world have ended in mass-murdering dictatorships. Giving leaders enough power to create 'social justice' is giving them enough power to destroy all justice, all freedom, and all human dignity." -- Thomas Sowell

    I'd vote for this man.

  64. What's the problem? So we convinced them that Hillary won't make it. Now just re-align the crosshairs.

  65. CNN kids themselves and everyone else into thinking it's a CNN/Fox thing, when in fact it's just
    Do whatever you can to hurt the Pubs and Help the Dems.
    Including Millions of Dollars worth of free advertising that just happens to compete in the same time slot with the one time left the Pubs get any exposure before NH.

    As if the Obama-Led Dems really need any help!

  66. You can only get so far, goin' negative, sam

    Eventually you have to have something positive,
    to beat the energy of HOPE.

    Which Hillary never poccessed, HOPE something she never even laid claim to. Hope was a place to get a way from.

    HOPE beats experience, when the folk "KNOW" their country is on the wrong track. Even if they cannot tell you why.

    Feelings often defeat substance.

  67. I still maintain that a good number of white folks that would not have voted for the identical candidate w/white skin WILL vote for Barry.
    ...and feel real self-satisfied about it, at least for a while.
    Basic Human trait, compounded by PC indoctrination.
    While many are voting for youth and CHANGE, he'd never be where he's at right now if he'd been Whitey.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Saw the back of a grey head on Times Frontpage video of McCain, and thought he had his mom w/him again:
    It was Joe!
    Big John will clean Mitt's Clock.

    I can't even IMAGINE a pub win right now!

  70. Sam,
    Could you please delete that?
    I tear-up every time I see it, and caint read no more!

  71. Maybe in 3 months Barry will be doing fundraisers for Congressional Dems, with his shot already in the bag!

  72. I wouldn't fret the youth vote too much - there was hope in the last pres. election that getting the youth out would hurt Bush (not many youth in favor of him) but they didn't seem to materialize then. Will they now?

    I wouldn't downplay McCain potential with the youth voters. He seems the only 'pub they might consider - He seems to say what he actually believes and he has sat and chatted on The Daily Show numerous times and that counts for a lot.

    If you slot Obama as being simply about peddling hope you are blinding yourself. Sure hope is his brand but there is much else there. The bottom line is he is a great orator, he is spouting a line most americans want to hear 'We are great, we've been manipulated down a bad path, and it is time to show our good side to the world again - by the way I'll not bull sit y'all, I'll tell it like it is'. I wouldn't expect too much policy talk in the next 11 months; mostly just general leadership directional stuff as is the case with most campaigns.

  73. Sam!
    Now the rest of the Bar is denied getting in touch with their inner feelings of Empathy with Hillary!

    If you could be so kind to re-post, I will close my eyes so the rest can see and grow.


  74. This will be far different w/regards the youth vote than were MoveOn's pathetic efforts, Ash, I gaurantee it!

  75. You may be right there doug and if you are correct Obama will be res. for sure (barring some unforseen skeleton). Any drug talk will only further cement his bond with the youth - who hasn't partied and pretending you didn't inhale is sooooo ludicrous.

  76. res. being my current form of Pres.

  77. He does give a good speach, ash.
    About HOPE.

    Nothing wrong with that, it's not something to look down your nose at, the ability to generate excitement out of thin air.

    When the opposition is all about specifics, detail and experience. Wonks to the nth degree, being beaten by an appeal to HOPE.

    A lack of specificity, the greatest appeal.

  78. yeppers, sir, nothing but politics, affirmative politics.

  79. leadership is another word - trish may want to warn us lemmings about the cliff ahead.

    trish, make use of that internet thingy whilst gone please, we could use your perspective and recommendations for reading.

  80. For a moment, last night, I thought Big John was going to bitch slap Mitt.

    After callin' him a liar.

    But all I got was the smirk.
    Almost as good, for entertainments' sake.

  81. It's the dope, Ash, every fourth letter missing:) When you were young you could spell.

    It's not like we have heard this line before. 'Put Hope in your brains, not Dope in your veins.'

    Jesse Jackson gave a great speech at a democratic convention long ago. Dad said, that guy is great, I clearly recall. Was a great speech.

    There are great speakers out there in history, galore. Some real bastards.

  82. Sorry Doug, you know the rules. Only 1 request/day.

  83. Bobal,
    Any Predictions of what Mr. Sponge Job Wide Stance may spawn in the future in the political realm, ala Mrs Ryan/President Obama?

  84. Crap!
    Hoisted on my own retard!

  85. Clinton spoke for over a half hour, and took more than an hour's worth of questions. While answering another one of them, he took a little credit for his punditry.

    "I told Hillary a year ago that what is now happening would happen," he said. "Everyone said, 'Well she'll get nominated easily but she'll never be elected cause she's so polarizing.'

    I said, 'That's the dumbest thin I've ever heard. Everytime people see you. ... You will have more trouble getting nominated than you will winning the election."

    Bill speak

  86. He evidently really said that!

  87. A man with a history of mental illness entered an emergency room with two live grenades and was tackled by a security officer, authorities said.

    Detroit Receiving Hospital guards searched the man after he triggered a metal detector Saturday night. An officer found the man had a grenade in one hand with the pin out, The Detroit Free Press reported.

    The officer tackled him, and the emergency room was evacuated. No injuries were reported.

    Tackled by Security

  88. A crazy.
    But was he a mussulman?

    Bet he's not a Yale graduate.

  89. So, wi"o" says go to Belmont, for the update on Islam.

    Being bored, I did.

    Wretchard has the presence of mind to tell his current reader set:

    ... I am not so certain the greatest peril of the future will come from radical Islam. ..."
    1/06/2008 02:54:00 PM

    Said it a couple times, in the course of the thread.
    Was that the updated message wi"o" meant?

    Hard to believe, but there it is.
    Does even Wretchard see the light?

  90. Ned Beatty. Deliverance.

    'The ball keeps rolling'

    A movie for Barack Obama to see, before he's sworn in.

    Makes me want to be a congressman, unless the truth is more Craig-lite.

    Worth seeing, Charlie Wilson's War.

    A born politician, that Charlie.

  91. Don't know much about his probable replacement Doug, so can't say. Except he'll have the good sense to stay out of airport rest rooms, I'd think.

  92. What did you think, bob.

    A smear on the Reagan Admin. vis a vie Osama and US funding?

  93. trish may want to warn us lemmings about the cliff ahead.

    - ash

    What cliff?

    (Much screaming, followed by silence.)


    THAT one.


  94. ... I am not so certain the greatest peril of the future will come from radical Islam. ..."
    1/06/2008 02:54:00 PM

    Said it a couple times, in the course of the thread.
    Was that the updated message wi"o" meant?


    not my point, but at least you can go and read something other than the freemason's handbook

  95. Not a smear at all, Rat, against the Reagan admin.

    Go see it. You'll like it.

  96. There's a handbook?

    Where can we find it?

  97. I have seen it, I did like it.
    Did not think it smeared Reagan and the boys, as regards Osama.

    bob posted a dittie that put that idea forward, wondered what he thought, after seeing it himself.

  98. Wilson later arranged a meeting between Somoza and Ed Wilson. Ed Wilson offered to form a 1000-man force of ex-CIA operatives to fight on Somoza's behalf. The meeting broke down when Somoza fondled Tina Simons, Charlie Wilson's girlfriend at the time. The deal also proved impossible because Ed Wilson asked Somoza for $100 million to pay for the force.[5]

    Don't fondle Charlie's girls!

    Charlie is in retirement now, have married a ballerina, withsome else's heart beating in his chest, after a two year wait for a transplant. You'd a thought it would have been his liver go bad.

    I don't know if I read a smear of Reagan,more like we're not exactly forward thinking as a group, but the message for today would seem to be not to pull out of Iraq precipitously, when some progress has been made, as Obama is saying he would do.

    How any of it relates to Murtha I don't know.

    I just posted the ditty Rat, just for the interest.

  99. Hewitt has an Audio featuring current Marine Corp training, which includes computer generated material and a Course designed by a retired Detroit Police Officer, that being the City that most closely resembles battlegrounds in ME locales!
    (and by far the largest Muslim Demo)

  100. kinuachdrach said...
    I am still puzzled that jack ryan would want someone else taking care of that splendid filly.

    2164 -- I don't keep up on all the nuances of modern culture, but I understood the charge made as part of the divorce proceeding was that the GOPer himself wanted to have sexual intercourse with his wife in front of the audience of the sex club members.

    He took her to numerous sex clubs in different cities. The original stated purposes were for curiosity. It is classic manipulation and seduction.

    1. Get her into a sex club.

    2. Get her into several sex clubs. (she is then desensitized to the scene)

    3. Get her to engage in the safest way and that is for them both to be watching others.

    4. While watching others perform sex in their presence, he start engaging her in an open and amorous manner, kissing, touching, getting her hot while others watch.

    5. The touching and sexual exploration, in an open environment of the sex club becomes more advanced to the point of engaging in open sex in front of others.

    6. Interplay with another woman probably by him in front of his wife. The goal is to create an environment where he can have sex with other woman in the sex clubs. He trades his wife with other couples.

    It is a classic formula for human behavioral manipulation that can be used in many many ways to get them to do something that they would normally not.

  101. I understand that, bob.

    Just wondered if you saw the smear or if it was a manufactured storyline by the anonymous Reaganites.

    I did not see one, but I'm not self conscious about what I did, during the Reagan years, either.

  102. "Bet he's not a Yale graduate."
    Yeah, the graduates are their enablers, to include W, Bubba, and Hillary, among others.

  103. I definitely remember the great Carter wheat embargo fiasco. Great move. That showed em'. That made their bellies groan. Yeah.

  104. Deuce sounds like an expert!

  105. Or if theose anonymous Reaganites were not Reaganites, at all.

    Mr Murtha was in the depths of Abscam, that was the Murtha reference. He, of the targeted officials, was the only one to turn down the bribe money.

    Some have advanced the idea that by including the reference in the movie it was surpportive of Murtha's current position on Iraq.

    Multiple levels of symbolism within the movie. A different message for each viewers varied perceptive perspective.

    Similar to the symbols on the dollar bill, some say.

  106. trish's reference to Samantha Power, part of the new Obama Band.

    She is a Yale graduate.

    No reference to Skull & Bones membership, but who's looking.

  107. He terminated the Russian Wheat Deal, which was intended to establish trade with USSR and lessen Cold War tensions. The grain exports had been beneficial to people employed in agriculture, and the Carter embargo marked the beginning of hardship for American farmers. wiki

    That and 21% interest rates did a lot of us in. Those were hard times I can attest.

  108. Making a lame joke, I quess we can say Charlie had a good heart.

  109. Till it went bad and was replaced.

  110. Sgt. William Jones, Michael Alvarez
    Hewitt: Hour 1 - Hugh talks politics and Canadian boycotts with Columnist to the World, Mark Steyn, and
    then begins a long discussion with members of the Marines and civilians charged with training of young Marines going abroad to Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Hours 2 and 3
    - Hugh continues his conversation about the training our young Marines are now receiving before going to Afghanistan and Iraq, and then later in the hour is joined by retired Marine and Congressional candidate Duncan Hunter II

  111. 21% interest rates, sure made house flipping a bitch.

    Those were the days of owner carry backs and other imaginative financing techniques.

    The oil embargo, too
    Gas station waiting lines goin' around the block.

  112. Samantha wants to invest billions of dollars 'in the new palestine' even if it means ticking off an important domestic political group, which brings to mind a line in the movie I didn't catch very well about Charlie being supported by seven Jews or something. Did you catch that Rat?

    Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import; it may more crucially mean sacrificing -- or investing, I think, more than sacrificing -- billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel's military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine, in investing the billions of dollars it would probably take, also, to support what will have to be a mammoth protection force, not of the old Rwanda kind, but a meaningful military presence. samantha

  113. PAPER: Sarkozy to marry girlfriend Bruni...
    Well, it was fun while it lasted.

  114. I was working as a leadman on a framing crew, back in the Carter years, then one day, there were no more slabs to frame on.

    Came as a kind of a shock.
    Joined the Army as a Combat Engineer, went off to see the world. Met interesting people, taught 'em to mind their Uncle Sam.

    Towards the end, anyway.

  115. Gas lines--yeah, I remember stories on the news of people being gunned down at gas stations for slipping in front of the cars ahead. Mostly in California.

  116. "Those were the days of owner carry backs and other imaginative financing techniques. "
    Just get Grade A buyers:
    Felt like a banker raking in that interest!

  117. Albob knows what happened to those slabs, learned it on Late Night.
    Abducted, they were.

  118. Invest in Palestine now, get in on the good deals.

  119. Yeah, in the movie it was said that Charlie's moneymen were from Miami, jewish lobbiests.

    His main constituent support came from low income Blacks. From the information in the Discovery Channel documentary.

  120. The aliens used em' on the dark side of the moon, that's a fact.

  121. Two Slabs of Concrete, some Green Cheese, and they were in business!

  122. I saw the republican debate tonight. The last one before voting. I think Romney won handily. I think it was enough to put him over in new hampshire.

  123. Those hookers in Charlie's life weren't Size O

  124. First they stopped having babies, then they quit eating and invited the Muzzies in.
    Hope them Muzzies like lean meat.

  125. It depends, charles, on if the independents vote in the Dem or the GOP primary. More than any other factor, I think.

    If they are excited by Obama and vote in the Dem primary, he wins by double digits.

    If they turnout and particpate in the GOP, they'll go for McCain, he'll win, hands down. That's how he won in 2000, the independent turnout.

    Not being bound by Party affiliation, to vote in the Party primary, an interesting paradox for true blue Party members to deal with.

  126. Calif Pubs chose not to fill paperwork to allow independents to vote Pub!
    ...become a pub, don't vote, or vote Dems.
    Figure that one out if you can.

  127. Black entertainers keep wallet in back pocket as of yet for Obama--

    Oprah Winfrey’s backing of Barack Obama for president hasn’t influenced a lot of other heavy hitting black celebrities to join her yet.

    Her two most favorite authors, Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison, have not opened their pocketbooks yet for Obama. (Angelou has traditionally been a Clinton supporter.)

    Neither has Spike Lee nor Denzel Washington, although the latter’s wife Pauletta sent Obama $2,300. Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr. has put his bucks in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as has Quincy Jones.

    Also missing from Obama’s list of donors in the current election cycle is BET Chairman and Founder billionaire Robert L. Johnson. The regular Democratic donor did give Hillary Clinton $4,600 in 2007. The last time he sent a check to Obama was in 2006, for $2,100.

    Obama’s celeb donors include the recently controversial Will Smith, but not Chris Gardner, the multi millionaire whom Smith played in "The Pursuit of Happyness." Obama did receive donations from the newly married Eddie Murphy and the always funny Chris Rock
    But neither Sean "Diddy" Combs nor Shawn "Jay Z" Carter has pitched in for the Illinois senator as of yet. Jay Z’s fiancĂ©e Beyonce Knowles has also remained silent. Her father, Mathew, last sent Obama $1,000 for his senate campaign.

    Winfrey, meanwhile, may like Obama but hasn’t put the weight of her fortune behind him yet.

    Oprah and boyfriend Stedman Graham, according to federal campaign records, donated only $2,300 each to Obama’s campaign at the party held at Winfrey’s Montecito, California mansion last September. They could have donated twice that amount.

    Aside from that event, the enormously charitable Winfrey seems to have been otherwise uninterested in politics all these years. It’s been a decade since she’s donated even a penny from her hard earned empire to any candidate’s cause. Even now, her endorsement of Obama hasn’t led to any contribution to the Democratic Party in any form. Maybe she’s waiting to see if Obama is the official candidate.

    Maybe they are thinking of tax raises.

  128. the only place for the indies to go is obama...

    kinda ironic in a way!

  129. taxes? howabout that Huckster? 23% sales tax he advocates. That would be sumtin to see.

  130. Each State has it's own system.

    It's a sweet deal, for those in control of the cards.

    It's part of what makes a third Party attempt for the White House so difficult, just getting onto all the ballots in all 50 States.

    Gotta build a network, every where, at once. Have a popular message and organizational skills, or really deep pockets.
    Both really.

  131. Ten committed men are worth a hundred wafflers, Ash.

    Take your tax questions to Hewitt/Jackson. But, if I had a billion dollars and had bought everything I need, I just might go for that idea.

  132. That's the problem with the Bloomberg option, no viable popular message that I can see him riding to the White House.

  133. That's a FAIR Tax, Ash, the amount don't really matter, long as it's FAIR.

  134. The Huckabee program taxes retail sales.

    If they were to tax each equities transaction, each stock trade on any Board, each real property sale, each commodity trade, the rate would be much, much lower.

    Much more equitable, as well.
    As each and every market depends upon the stability and security provided by the System.
    So it could be argued that every financial transaction should pay it's fair share to support the System. No exemptions.

    That'd be a Fair Tax.

  135. Another crazy ...

    TYLER, Texas (Associated Press) -- A man killed his girlfriend, then filleted and cooked parts of her body before calling police to tell them what he was doing, authorities said Sunday.

    Christopher Lee McCuin, 25, called 911 on Saturday and told an emergency dispatcher he had killed Jana Shearer, 21, and was boiling her body parts at his mother's home, said Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith.

    When authorities arrived at the home, they found Shearer's mutilated body, one ear boiling in a pot of water on the stove and a fork sticking out of some human flesh sitting on a plate on the kitchen table.

    Authorities said it was unclear whether McCuin consumed any part of Shearer's body.

    "We cannot prove that he did," Smith told The Associated Press. "He was either going to, had been or led us to think that he was doing it."

  136. And another ...

    LAUDERHILL, Fla. (Associated Press) -- A 12-year-old boy beat a toddler to death with a baseball bat because she was crying while he was trying to watch TV, authorities said.

    The boy, who was not identified, was arrested Saturday on first-degree murder charges, Lauderhill police spokesman Lt. Mike Cochran said.

    He was arraigned in juvenile court Sunday and remained in custody, but it was not clear if he had an attorney or if anyone else would be charged in the girl's death.

    Cochran said the boy confessed to authorities that he was home alone Friday baby-sitting a 10-year-old and the 17-month-old girl and became angry when the toddler began to cry. The relationship between the three was not clear.

    At some point, an adult called 911. The girl, Shaloh Joseph, was rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead of blunt force trauma to the head, Cochran said.

  137. Reporters can laugh out loud, and write disparagingly, that Huckabee would call a news conference to disavow negative campaigning, then show the very negative commercial he was pretending to be disavowing.

    The voting masses weren't in that room picking up on the fraudulent dynamic. More of them watch superficial video vignettes on local TV news than read critical commentary, whether in the newspaper or online.

    Reporters sometimes get to see the inside truth. But it's something else entirely to convey it to outsiders.

    Lessons of Huckabee

  138. Violence and 250,000 Displaced: Kenyan Unrest Takes Toll on Once-Peaceful Nation

    KACHIBORA, Kenya (Associated Press) -- Armed with bows and arrows and automatic weapons, hundreds of attackers poured through the camp where the terrified had sought refuge Sunday. They fired into the air, sparking a brief gunbattle with police before fleeing into the hills.

    Hours later, after the bodies of a woman and her baby shot dead were carted away, aid agencies arrived to hand out emergency sacks of food to the hungry masses.

    It sounds like a scene from war-ravaged Congo or Darfur. But this is Kenya, a country long known for welcoming refugees from troubled neighbors _ not producing them.

    A week of postelection violence has left at least 250,000 people homeless, shattering the East African country's image as a haven for those fleeing conflict.

    "I can't believe it. We're refugees in our own land," said Dan Mugambi, a 35-year-old teacher who was among about 15,000 people sheltering in a primary school compound in the North Rift Valley village of Kachibora. "This has never happened here before."

    Though violence around the country has eased over the last few days, Kenya is still reeling from unrest unleashed after supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga accused President Mwai Kibaki of rigging the Dec. 27 vote. The charges brought long-hidden ethnic tensions to the fore, sparking mayhem in the slums of the capital, the coast and the countryside.

    Best as I can tell, both Kalenjin & Kisii Tribes are Christian.

  139. Fear not, Obama will fix it.

  140. Them Texas Rangers never heard of stomach pumps and DNA analysis?

  141. Maybe Size Zeros figure they'll never be cooked, with a figure like that?
    The Size Zero Self-Deefence.

  142. The UN children's agency UNICEF said Kenyan hospitals were in need of medical supplies to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions.

    "Supplies and staff are needed to treat victims of shooting, burning, beating, slashing and trampling," said Sara Cameron, the agency's communication officer in Kenya.

    The country on Sunday sought to heal its divisions at mass prayer services in churches across the nation, while local television broadcast programmes under the theme "Pray for peace," featuring sermons and images of national pride such as file pictures of Kenyan athletes' successes and the work of villagers.

    US Seeks to Mediate

  143. The CIA says this about Kenya:

    Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, Muslim 10%, indigenous beliefs 10%, other 2%
    note: a large majority of Kenyans are Christian, but estimates for the percentage of the population that adheres to Islam or indigenous beliefs vary widely

  144. "I can't believe it. We're refugees in our own land," "
    It's the progressive way:
    8 more years of Bush and we'd be done.

  145. Hey, there swing worshippers.

  146. Thus, according to the Qur’an, colour, creed or caste, does not distinguish a person from the other in Islam and that all people are born equal. In their curtain of silence on the Darfur crisis, Khartoum religious clerics are more than prepared to pass fatwa on the legitimacy for the Islamic State of Sudan to deal with the outlaws, the Darfur rebel movements.

    While the Khartoum Muslims were protesting over the presence of the UN peacekeeping forces in Darfur for the protection of civilians, they turned a blind eye toward the troops being deployed in central and southern areas of the country based on the Naivasha, Kenya, Peace Agreement signed between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) on January 9, 2005, best known as Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

    Moreover, the Islamic and the Arab world’s response to the Darfur crisis has been non-existent. Their failure is certainly tragic.

    National Congress Party

  147. Sam,
    Sun Jan 06, 11:34:00 PM EST

    What if Ash takes that as an offer?

  148. Just kidding, of course, Ash!

  149. I know. I thought about that right after I posted.

  150. But Iraqi leaders must move quickly, since Americans are still dying in Iraq. At the moment, however, there's no reason to expect serious political progress at the national level in Iraq.

    So the only policy that makes sense is to begin withdrawal of troops.

    Sad to say, none of the Democratic candidates came close to saying anything like that.

    Can't Handle the Truth

  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. Takin' on Mr Flake, a GOP incumbent. Looks like Mr Pearce is Mormon, a requirement if he's to unseat Mr Flake, who is without a doubt. From Snowflake, AZ, a town named not for the weather, but the namesfo the founding families, Snow and Flake.

    Not my District, I still have Mr Shadegg, for the foreseeable future.

  153. Doggone these scientists, they are always coming up with some new theory. Don't they know anything for sure? Skeeters Killed the Dinosauers, Scientists Say Just when I was used to the idea the meteor impact did them in.

  154. Russell PeaRce is married to LuAnne Upchurch and they live in Mesa, Arizona. They have 5 children and 9 grandchildren with two more on the way.
    Them Mormons didn't forget to Procreate like the rest of us.

  155. Ain't that the truth! Brings to mind my friend Emory, from high school, who died going to the whore house, crashed the car they did on the rocks of the Clearwater. Poor ol' Emory was the seventh I think it was, of 9 or 10. Lord, did his mother look tired, sometimes.

  156. Mitt's wife popped out more than a few and she still looks healthy, even with her health problem.
    ...course she's rich.

  157. (I posted that on Wretchard's No-Go Thread)

  158. Arnie's Devastating Dissection (6 min)
    (Check out Bill and Chelsea's faces when Hill starts blabbing.)
    At the Hour and a Half Mark, she's talking about an abscessed tooth, and people are filing out.
    The Clinton twilight
    After Hillary Clinton's stinging defeat in Iowa, talkshow host Arnie Arnesen sees a wounded campaign in New Hampshire and wonders if Hillary can recover

  159. Shpigelman, Plotkin, Pajcin, and the retired Croatian underwear seamstress.
    Ex-Goldman Sachs analyst jailed for insider dealing
    How a ballroom buff, an exotic dancer, an underwear maker and an amateur film maker spun a $7m insider dealing ring

    A former Goldman Sachs analyst has been sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison after leading one of the biggest ever insider trading rings that siphoned off nearly $7 million by using illegal tips on upcoming mergers.

    Eugene Plotkin, a former associate in the fixed-income research division, and fellow Goldman analyst, David Pajcin, made millions of dollars from trading on tips leaked by three sources: an ex-Merrill Lynch analyst, a grand juror and by stealing advance copies of BusinessWeek from the magazine's manufacturing plant.

    Mr Plotkin pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and eight counts of insider trading. The 28-year old was ordered to serve four years and nine months by a New York judge, pay a fine of $10,000 and forfeit up to $6.7 million, the amount of the scam's illegal profits.

    The case first came to light in August 2005 when regulators became suspicious of the options trading profits of a 63-year old retired Croatian underwear seamstress, who turned out to be the aunt of Mr Pajcin. Her account was frozen and Mr Pajcin , who also siphoned money through his exotic dancer girlfriend, was arrested. He has since pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

    The Manhattan court heard on Thursday how Mr Plotkin introduced accomplice Mr Pajcin, to his college friend and ex-Merrill analyst Stanislav Shpigelman at a Russian sauna in lower Manhattan in 2004.

    The pair persuaded Mr Shpigelman to give them tip offs of upcoming mega mergers including Procter & Gamble's acquisition of Gilette and Adidas' deal to buy rival Reebok, in return for a cut of the profits.

  160. More Rosey News for the Brits:
    UK living standards outstrip US
    Always the rosiest just before the fall, which the pound and real-estate are preparing to do in earnest.

  161. OECD Factbook Performance in mathematics
    Anyone know why Britain is missing, apparently throughout these studies?

    Haven't had much luck trying to find comparisions of British vs US Schools

    British and US Educational Systems Compared (1902!)

  162. Voting for a Smile
    Listening to Hillary and Obama evokes the famous scene in the classic “The Night of the Hunter,” when Robert Mitchum, whose fingers are tattooed with “LOVE” on his right hand and “HATE” on his left, has a wrestling match with his hands to see which emotion triumphs.

    In the movie, love does, but it’s a close call.
    The Hillary forces at the Plymouth Church caucus in Des Moines weren’t averse to bribes.
    They were passing out See’s chocolates to Richardson supporters.

    And they weren’t averse to threats. “My wife told me I’d have to join them or I’d be sleeping on the couch tonight,” said Ed Truslow, a compact 68-year-old manufacturing representative. He was still wearing his Chris Dodd sticker when he lumbered over to his wife’s side. A Clinton organizer slapped a Hillary sticker over the offending Dodd sticker, and with a frantic cheeriness told him: “Hillary now, right? God bless!”

    They weren’t averse to bending the rules. When they realized that they might not have enough people to get even one Hillary delegate, they sneaked out of their assigned room to Red-Rover their neighbors over, before they’d been officially counted themselves.

    It was understandable that Hillary’s “Golden Girls” acolytes would freak out when they saw the throngs of young Obama hopemongers swarming the caucuses. As one Dodd supporter said, looking for her little Dodd corner, “I’m lost in the Obamas.”

    A caucusgoer drily noted that it did not seem the most propitious harbinger for Hillary that the fateful evening began with a threat to withhold connubial bliss.
    By the time she got to New Hampshire, Hillary was reduced to urging voters not to buy into “false hopes.”

    At a hangar in Nashua, with chatty Bill and chatless Chelsea, Hillary tried to purloin more of the Obama message. Besides saying the word “change” as often as possible, she said she was particularly reaching out to young people to help them “reclaim the future.” She claimed that she disliked the red state, blue state terminology — “We are one country,” she said, echoing Obama — even as she added that she should be the nominee because she’s the best one “to withstand the Republican attack machine.”

    What she doesn’t mention is that she knows how to fight off the Republican attack machine because she and her husband were so adept at revving it up.

  163. Ghosts That Haunt Pakistan

  164. But there was a lot of immigration, into Pakistan, during the 1980's. It certainly did not help them, on the road to economic advancement, if Mr Burns is to be believed.

    It seems it is not the number of immigrants, but the culture of the country they are moving to, that really counts.

    Those pesky Brits, and 1947/48. Leaving their colonies and mandates to the locals and perpetual conflict. Like they had a Plan or something.

    Partition in 1947 was accompanied by widespread killing by Hindu and Muslim militants, and more than 10 million people migrated across the new frontiers. For Pakistan, much the smaller of the two new nations, survival as an independent state became the prevailing concern, empowering the generals. Three wars with India further entrenched military power. And in 1958, after a decade in which the army worked behind the scenes to unseat weak civilian leaders, Gen. Ayub Khan, Pakistan�s first military ruler, declared martial law.

    10 million refugees and three wars, the disputed geography still a flashpoint.

    Google the phrase "Israel partition" and the stories that are listed tell the tale of planning, aggression, sectarian and ethnic cleansing, all prior to the founding of Israel and the Arab Armies entering the fray.

    Those pesky Brits, nothing but conflict in their wake.

    Now Kenya must be added to their list of accomplishments, along with Rhodesia.