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Friday, January 11, 2008

Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach is Dead.

Sheriff: Missing Pregnant Marine Is Dead, Suspect at Large
Associated Press Writer

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — A pregnant 20-year-old Marine missing for nearly a month is dead, and investigators were a seeking fellow Marine she had accused of raping her, a sheriff said Friday.
Authorities had not recovered the body of Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, who was about eight months pregnant, but they believed she was buried in a shallow grave in a residential area of coastal Onslow County, Sheriff Ed Brown said. The suspect - 21-year-old Cpl. Marine Cesar Armando Lauren - is not in custody, he said.
"They don't know where he is," Brown said. "He's gone."


  1. This is one heartbreaking story but this is what happens when you have faggots setting public policy.

    I mean what the freak is this woman doing in the marines?

  2. Charles, I agree one hundred percent. A pointless capitulation to political correctness.

  3. Our country came close to ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, but dodged the bullet. It is still being introduced into Congress each year. In Idaho, we passed it, then sobered up, thought better of it, and rescinded the earlier passage.

  4. A well argued Article in Human Events endorsing Thompson. Alas, Fred is probably dead, victim of a laid back campaign style, the last best hope other than Romney.

  5. from the Ron Paul War Room--New Hampshire vote rigged--Rigged

  6. Now, now, bob.

    It's one thing to, as doug claimed, bus the folk in from out of State, to vote in the Primary.

    Another entirely to do it via electronic handiwork. That's not very old school, at all.
    Not how it's done in Cook County, anyway.

    I'm not sure what video mat was tryin' to get me to watch, but this one> "End game, the future of the Middle-East" is of the same vein, I'm sure. In a format we all can view.

    If not that then this one "Alex Jones' ENDGAME - Trailer' may have been what he had in mind.

  7. That video, elijah, how to reach out and touch somebody.

  8. And a Policeman is dead in Texas, shot by an illegal hired by an ever compassionate, one world liberal outlaw slaver.

    Schools now rank above only Mexico and Turkey in the World, real American kids deprived of an education forever, their offspring deprived of educated parents, the nation deprived of an educated workforce to compete in the global economy with highly educated Koreans et al.

    40,000 deprived of life on W's watch, hundreds of thousands more maimed and wounded.

    'Rat pretends it's no different than his WOP ancestors, but it's different in every way, from absolute numbers to their culture, including everything from desire and ability to suceed, to lack of desire to secede and rejoin the third world hell hole they came from.

  9. No, doug, I said that Bank of Americas did not want to lose it portion of the immigrant market to WalMart and the consumer bank system it is setting up across Mexico. That BoA was founded to serve the immigrant market, in the US. Those that were WOP, as the Mexicans are today.

    This in an attempt to duplicate the IBEC cultural modification program that was successful in post war Italy.

    The ENDGAMR movie that mat wrote of, that I'm watching, listening to now.
    The Bildergurg, my dad was a senior staffer at a oouple of these meetings, on Team Rockefeller.

    The history of the world, according to Alex Jones, just three degrees of seperation from what they in the public schools, in the United States.

  10. Gramp Rat, he was there, on Team Rockefeller, 1966-1971.

    Then we moved to the desert.
    I recall that when Nixon went to China, he got a call, they wanted him on that China Team, he stayed retired, at home. Told me that the Chinese would clean the clock of the US team, a difference in cultural time horizons inside their respective decision loops.

    Subsequent events seem to have proved him correct.


  12. Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, the League of Nations, the Rockefellers and the CFR, Fabian Socialists, Fascists.

    It's interesting that the movie opens with a quote from one of the more famous liberal fascists (socialists) in history; H.G. Wells.

    This whole thing is a gold mine of conspiracy theories.

    Fascinating story even if crazy...

  13. Oh yeah, there's also the Tri-Lateral commission..

  14. "A well argued Article in Human Events endorsing Thompson. Alas, Fred is probably dead, victim of a laid back campaign style, the last best hope other than Romney."

    And a changed Republican Party.

  15. 55 percent of Republicans have sex at least once a week, compared with just 43 percent of Democrats. -- 14 percent of Thompson supporters and 12 percent of Obama supporters claim to have sex "almost every day." 5 percent of Clinton and Giuliani supporters have sex that frequently.

    It's tiring, but somebody's got to keep the numbers up.

  16. Now we've got TWO cowpokes on the blog. Whit, I can't take it!

  17. Is My Team Plowing

    "Is my team plowing,
    That I was used to drive
    And hear the harness jingle
    When I was man alive?"

    Ay, the horses trample,
    The harness jingles now;
    No change though you lie under
    The land you used to plow.

    "Is football playing
    Along the river shore,
    With lads to chase the leather,
    Now I stand up no more?"

    Ay, the ball is flying,
    The lads play heart and soul;
    The goal stands up, the keeper
    Stands up to keep the goal.

    "Is my girl happy,
    That I thought hard to leave,
    And has she tired of weeping
    As she lies down at eve?"

    Ay, she lies down lightly,
    She lies not down to weep:
    Your girl is well contented.
    Be still, my lad, and sleep.

    "Is my friend hearty,
    Now I am thin and pine,
    And has he found to sleep in
    A better bed than mine?"

    Yes, lad, I lie easy,
    I lie as lads would choose;
    I cheer a dead man's sweetheart,
    Never ask me whose.

  18. Moscow 1972

    "The stakes were high for Brezhnev as well as Kissinger. This was the Soviet leader's first formal encounter with a top-level American and he was palpably on edge when they met on the morning of April 21. Throughout their conversation he was always doing someting--flicking ash from an ever-present cigarette, suddenly offering refreshments or interjecting a tangential anecdote. At times during the consecutive translation he would get up and walk around, occasionally even leaving the room without explanation. Once during their talks he returned carrying a toy cannon. When it failed to fire he seemed to ignore his guest until he could make it work, whereupon he strutted around in jubilation. Some of this restlessness was a tactical ploy to unsettle his interlocutor, but it was a far cry from the urbane sophistication of Zhou Enlai. In further contrast with Zhou, the Soviet leader spoke from notes. Kissinger reportd that Brezhnev was "very forceful, extremely nervous, highly unsubtle, quite intelligent but not in the class of the other leaders we have met.

    The first meeting, some five hours long, was largely devoted to Vietnam. Kissinger was encouraged by the relative mildness with which B. criticized recent American bombing. He also noted the Soviet leader's enthusiasm for the summit, especially B.'s comment that "certain forces in the world" would "gloat" to see the Chinese summit come off while the Soviet summit did not.

    Next day, Aprill 22, they had another five-hour session. K. outlined proposals he wished to submit if the N. Vietnamese agreed to a private meeting in Paris on May 2. Essentially he suggested a return to the status quo before March 30, an immediate exchange of long term prisoners and a serious effort to negotiate a settlement wihin a set period of time. B., transparently keen to get on to summit business, promised to submit these proposals to Hanoi. In his memoirs K. presented all this as a victory for his toughness. He did not mention the carrot he had also offered to Hanoi. The U.S., he told B., the previous day, had two principal objectives in Vietnam: "to bring about an honorable withdrawal of all our forces" and "to put a time interval between our withdrawal and the political process which would then start. We are prepared to let the real balance of forces in Vietnam determine the future of Vietnam...We are not committed to a permanent political involvement htere." In other words the Nixon administration would tolerate a united, communist Vietnam as long as this did not seem the direct result of American withdrawal."

    Six Meetings'--David Reynolds

  19. Well life must go on, deuce :)