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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kudos to Hamas

You've got to hand it to the Palestinians. No one knows how to manipulate the media and public opinion like they do. Two days ago, they were in the world's headlines pleading that the Israelis were threatening the lives of babies in hospital neo-natal units.

They set the stage, they rehearsed their parts, they followed their script and now they have successfully pulled off their latest production.

Egypt starts controlling Gazan crowds

By OMAR SINAN and SARAH EL DEEB, Associated Press Writer 8 minutes ago

Egyptian officials began trying to control the masses of Palestinians flooding from the Gaza Strip Thursday, stopping some from moving deeper into Egypt but not attempting to reseal the breached border.

Helmeted riot officers with dogs used batons to beat the hoods of Egyptian cars and trucks offering rides to Palestinians seeking goods in towns out of walking range.

Dozens of Egyptian guards pushed their way through the crowds but did nothing to halt the thousands of Palestinians moving over the wreckage of a metal wall brought down by explosives a day earlier.

"We are trying to organize the flow — incoming and exiting — of all these people," a guard who did not provide his name told a reporter walking through the passage from Egypt to Gaza.

U.S. and Arab officials said Wednesday that Egypt had assured the United States it would soon reseal its border with the Gaza Strip. An Arab diplomat said Egypt told the U.S. it expected the Palestinians' exodus from Gaza to end by midday Thursday, but a senior U.S. official said Egypt has not been precise about when it will stop the flow.

The crush of people at the border appeared to increase at midday, with Gazans saying they feared the Egyptian authorities would soon close the crossing.

"Everyone is rushing into Egypt before they seal it off," said Mohammed Abu Amra, a Palestinian man walking with crutches. He slipped and fell as he passed into Egypt.

"I fell because everyone is pushing, everyone is rushing," he said, dusting off his pants.

"The Egyptians started doing good deeds by letting us in. For God's sake, why don't they keep allowing us to pass through?"

Israel, meanwhile, said it would not send emergency shipments of fuel on Thursday, as it had initially promised earlier in the week. The fuel is needed to run Gaza City's power plant, which had shut down after Israel imposed a complete closure on Gaza last week, in response to rocket attacks.

The Palestinian Energy Authority said the Gaza plant would have to shut down again by Sunday, unless shipments are renewed.

An Israeli defense official said the border breach "reduces pressure on us a little" to provide the basics in Gaza. When Israel initially imposed a complete blockade last week, tacitly backed by Egypt, international aid groups voiced concern about an impending humanitarian crisis.

Israel is still trying to get clarification from Egypt on if and when it plans to close the border, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

In downtown Rafah, Palestinians could be seen buying cows, camels and horses and leading them back through the passage into Gaza. Men loaded with electronics equipment struggled to step through the broken opening.

Egyptian drivers idled their pickup trucks just inside Egyptian territory, charging incoming Palestinians $3.60 for a ride into downtown Rafah and neighboring El Arish.

Others carted cement bags, motorcycles, generators, gasoline gerrycans and canned food toward Gaza to be unloaded and handed over the border.

Several Egyptian armored vehicles towed cars away from a lot on the Egyptian side of the border, attaching ropes to empty pickups and dragging them hundreds of yards away.

Egyptian police were also deployed on main shopping thoroughfares and in alleyways in Rafah, but they did not attempt to force Palestinians to leave the city.

The border breach has been a boon to Hamas, the militant group whose hold on Gaza was made more difficult by border closures. The closures, which were tightened after Hamas seized control of Gaza by force in June, have led to severe shortages of cement, cigarette and other basic goods.

Hamas has used the border breach — which was carefully planned, with militants weakening the metal wall with blow torches about a month ago — to push its demand for reopening the border passages, this time with Hamas involvement. Such an arrangement would in effect end the international sanctions against the Islamic militants.

Hamas government spokesman Taher Nunu suggested Thursday that Hamas would seek a role in a future on the Gaza-Egypt border.

"An open border like this has no logic," he said. "We are studying the mechanism of having an official crossing point."

It appears unlikely Egypt will acquiesce. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been under intense public pressure at home in recent days to alleviate the suffering of Gazans under blockade. However, Egypt would likely be reluctant to have an open border with a territory ruled by Islamic militants.

Israel, which withdrew from Gaza in 2005 after 38 years of occupation, has expressed concern that militants and weapons might be entering Gaza to bolster rocket launchings toward Israel, and said responsibility for restoring order lies with Egypt.

The United States also expressed concern about the border breach. Hamas called on its bitter rival, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party, to help come up with new arrangements for Gaza's crossings.

Meanwhile, trucks and donkey carts pulled up to the Egyptian side, where goods were unloaded, carried across to the Gazan side and put in waiting trucks.

Gaza businessman Abu Omar Shurafa received a shipment of 100 tons of cement, seizing an opportunity to stock up before the border closes again.

"Everyone is exerting all efforts to stock the reserves for six to seven months. We have to find a way to continue living," he said.

Still, he was also hopeful that this could be the beginning of a new arrangement. "A solution has to be like this," he said, referring to the flow of goods from Egypt.

"We just want freedom," said Adel Tildani, who was bringing his mother-in-law from Egypt into Gaza to meet grandchildren she had never seen before. "I don't need to buy anything. Freedom is more important."

Hamdi al-Masri returned from Egypt to Gaza with several canisters of diesel fuel. He had walked more than six miles to reach an Egyptian town where fuel was not sold out.

Egyptian Ahmed Talaat, 23, crossed into Gaza to visit a sister he had not seen in six years. The town of Rafah was divided in two when Israel captured the Gaza Strip in the 1967 Middle East war, and crossing the border has become increasingly difficult over the years.

The opening of the border began before dawn Wednesday, when masked gunmen used 17 explosive charges to tear down the border wall — erected in 2001 by Israel when it controlled Gaza.

After news of the breach spread, people across Gaza boarded buses and piled into rickety pickup trucks heading for Egypt. It was a rare chance to escape Gaza's isolation.

By nightfall Wednesday, more than 1,000 Gazans had reached El-Arish, about 37 miles south of Rafah, walking the streets and shopping in stores that stayed open late.

Egyptian security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to talk to the media, said that Palestinians were not being allowed to travel further south than El-Arish.

Israeli tanks raided the northern Gaza Strip overnight and razed an area where militants launch rockets, the army said. Troops shot a Palestinian who fired an anti-tank missile at the forces, the army spokesman said. Israeli radio stations said the man was killed. Palestinian medics could not immediately reach the area to ascertain the man's condition.


  1. They broke out of their ghetto.

    Ahh ... the audacity, to not stay in the their cage.

    Who taunted the Palistinians?
    Were they drunk or just a bit high?

    That containment wall not built to standard. The taunters should have realized, they should have stayed inside the lines.

  2. Adm. William J. Fallon, commander of U.S. Central Command, issued a planning order, an internal instruction to lower-level commanders, to propose ideas for a long-term approach to helping Pakistan combat what has become an expanding, homegrown insurgency that threatens the stability of the government.

    Fallon's intent is to develop new approaches to help Pakistan, with a time horizon stretching to 2015, the official said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the order has not been made public.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


    "Hundreds of Palestinians shuttled back and forth from Rafah on Thursday as the town was transformed into a giant outdoor market. Egyptian and Palestinian merchants peddled food, fuel, cement, cigarettes and even Viagra."

    Ghetto Viagra.

  5. You win the metaphor prize this month, Rat.

    Fallon solicits suggestions on Pakistan. Is some version of mine in the running? Guess we'll see. If logic has any say, Petraeus goes to SHAPE in late summer to get movement on Afghanistan.

    The stars may align.

    Or, you know, we could keep treading water.

  6. 700,000 Palistinians have broken out of their "Warsaw".

    Quick get 'em back in the cage before they eat someone!

    They don't need no stinkin' fuel,
    nor perscription drugs, nor even food.

    The many must be punished for the crimes of a few!

    The Egyptians say they are limited, by treaty, to the number of troops they can deploy to the Sinai.

    Not nearly enough to control the border, with Gaza.

    Those Palistinians, coloring outside the lines. They just do not understand their position in the New World Order

  7. 700,000 Palistinians have broken out of their "Warsaw".

    - Rat

    Actually, that one might win for the year.

  8. Rat of the year award.

    Gaza as analogous to Warswaw Ghetto. Israeli as analogous to ???

    Rat knows all!

  9. "You win the metaphor prize this month, Rat."

    And the prize is? Trish gets to turn you from a Rat in to a Frog with one simple sentence?

  10. Sounds to me like the Palestinians are pushing the Egyptians into the sea.

  11. While at Rafah, 6 months supply all ready in stock. Where is the money coming from, who's supplied the credit, to be answered for at a later date.

  12. Israel becomes analogous to the US and its' Indiian Reservations before casinos.

    And any other Nation State that ghettoizes large populations as a matter of policy.
    Especially after a military conquest of the areas ghettoized.
    Then enforcing the ghettoization with miltary activities, economic deprivation and mass punishments.
    Both physical and economic.

    What other nations have behaved in that manner in recent history, British in South Africa, the Soviets in the Ukraine, the NAZI in Europe, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Mugumbe in Rhodesia.
    To name but a few.

    All have attempted to control "enemy" populations by ghettoization and deprivation.
    Some to greater degrees of human hardship than others.

    In the US, the indigs were almost exterminated as a race. Millions killed as matter policy over a eighty year period, from 1828 to 1908. Those not killed were displaced and ghettoized on Reservations. Their assets stolen. Those assets not directly stolen, mismanaged by the Federal Government, the benefits lost to the rightful reciprients.

    That you seem to desire to avoid that factual analogy, a matter of perspective.

  13. To compare gaza with the warsaw ghetto is specious if not down right insulting...

    Between 1941 and 1943, starvation, disease and deportations to concentration camps and extermination camps dropped the population of the ghetto from an estimated 450,000 to approximately 70,000. In 1943 the Warsaw Ghetto was the scene of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the first urban mass rebellion against the Nazi occupation of Europe.[1]

    now, now rat, I know you love comedy, but in this case your just asking stupid, or shall i say your acting like a palestinian?

    I love the stage play by those who seek to make the israelis into modern day nazis...

    but I got a newsflash for ya...

    our plan?

    Is to survive long enough for the sick, retarded nazi-like palios to swarm PAST us jews and infect the entire world, letting the true mass murdering peoples of the earth exterminate the arabs/islamists...

    So how is my plan going?

    Let us count the retarded murdering black rockers?

    Can ANYONE list one country in the world that does not have black rockers murdering?

    Can anyone in the entire world list a country where islamic retards are NOT causing problems?

    Now the fun begins... the islamic shitheads from gaza are now being joined with their mother! the moslem brotherhood of egypt, the birthplace of the fake national movement of the palestinians.

    I love the concept that every major islamic capital, town, school and hospital now are targets by their 0wn sons...

    look to iraq to see the pattern..

    look to the lovefest hamas had with fatah to see the pattern

    it's going to be "raining" men in many a arab/islamic town very soon....

    but dont insult us with bullshit warsaw ghetto references, just makes you look stupid at best and shithead at worst...

  14. Chances are, mat, that the Saudis have financed this. After getting the go ahead from Team43 during the latest series of talks.

    To take Israel's momoply of force of the table. Break their economic hold on Gaza.

    Deliver to Gaza defacto liberation from Israeli dominance. Which, in the long run could lead to a lessening of tensions, when Israel cannot be held responsible for the economic deprivations in Gaza.

    I realize that the Israeli like to blame the victim, in the Palistinian challenge, but as long as the Israeli hold the purse strings and control the borders, the deprivations to the Palistinians remain their responsibility and political liability.

    Now they will not be at fault for Hamas mismanagement of the economy.

    As the JPost reports
    The officials said the decision to open the crossing could eventually pave the way for Israel to completely cut off ties with the Gaza Strip and transfer responsibility to Egypt.

    "By opening up the border and allowing the Palestinians to cross in, Egypt proved that it can take care of the population there just as well as we can," an official said.

    Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the "Egyptians are deployed along the border between Gaza and Egypt," and "it is their responsibility to ensure that the border operates properly, in accordance with the signed agreements."

    The statement said Israel expected "the Egyptians to solve the problem."

    All on the path to Peace.

  15. If the residents of Warsaw had revolted sooner, not walked meekly to the trains, they may have broken the German machine.

    Fighting from 1941 and not waiting for ...

    I read Mila 18 decades ago, that was the lesson I drew from the story. The Palistinians may have read it, too.
    Acted accordingly, no peace for the occupiers, not a minute of it.

    That you accept the Israeli sectarian occupation of portions of the Levant does not mean the occupied do, or ever will.

    Best to cut all ties between the two City-States, that is where the US road map will take them. That's the "Plan".
    Turn Gaza over to Eygpt and then cut ALL the strings.

  16. Maybe Iceland, WiO, but I'm not certain about it. Maybe Greenland, though I think it's really a territory of Denmark.

  17. Economic hardships & mass punishment on militarily conquered and occupied lands.
    All done before the Israel abandoned the military occupation of Gaza.
    Now it will soon abandon the economic occupation, as well.

    Razing Rafah:
    Mass Home Demolitions in the Gaza Strip

    These houses should have been demolished and evacuated a long time ago … Three hundred meters of the Strip along the two sides of the border must be evacuated … Three hundred meters, no matter how many houses, period.
    —Major-General Yom-Tov Samiya, former head of IDF Southern Command

    I built homes for Israelis for 13 years. I never thought the day would come when they’d destroy my house. … They destroyed the future. How can I start all over now?
    — Isbah al-Tayour, Rafah resident, former construction worker in Israel

    ... the Israeli military has demolished over 2,500 Palestinian houses in the occupied Gaza Strip.
    Nearly two-thirds of these homes were in Rafah, a densely populated refugee camp and city at the southern end of the Gaza Strip on the border with Egypt. Sixteen thousand people — more than ten percent of Rafah’s population — have lost their homes, most of them refugees, many of whom were dispossessed for a second or third time.

  18. If the residents of Warsaw had revolted sooner, not walked meekly to the trains, they may have broken the German machine.

    The Russians themselves had a hell of a time breaking the German war machine, and aided by British and American bombing waves into Germany proper.

  19. If I were the Israeli, I'd cut the juice to Gaza, after the first rocket.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. DR: Israel becomes analogous to the US and its' Indiian Reservations before casinos.

    did the indians have rockets and murder kids on a daily basis? did the indians take pride in teaching their kids how to be suicide bombers?

    dr: And any other Nation State that ghettoizes large populations as a matter of policy.
    Especially after a military conquest of the areas ghettoized.

    do you even KNOW what a ghetto is?

    Ghettos dont have an armed army, with stocked missiles, Ghettos are not given BILLIONS of dollars with quality foods, schools and medicine all supplied by the world, Ghettos are not in any way shape or form GAZA.

    Ghettos did not have greenhouses to grow food in...

    ghettos did not have internet cafes, tv stations and seats in the UN...

    your point is crap...

    dr: Then enforcing the ghettoization with miltary activities, economic deprivation and mass punishments.
    Both physical and economic.

    Again, nice try but you fail to grasp one small tiny detail... gaza was egyptian for the better part of 600 years.... and the border is with them...

    the ONLY reason and incursions or pressure was applied was in response to attacks.

    Israel is the Ghetto, surrounded by 300 million blood thirsty vampires in 649.9/650th of all the land...

    but you want to play the game of the fake peoples "palestine"

    such a narrow view, almost like wearing blinders on a horse.

  22. Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Nicoland, Cuba, Chile, Ecquador, Bolivia, Honduras, South Africa?, Rhodesia, Tibet, Vietnam.

    That's a few, could think of more if it was worth following up on.

    If individual Cities or regions in the world with homogeniuos populations of over six million were to be considered "countries" why there'd be even more.

  23. "..Israeli hold the purse strings and control the borders.."

    Of its own border. As any self-respecting country should.


    As to who are the indigenous Israeli, well, you obviously have your own artistic take on that history.

  24. I do not "want" that game, wi"o". The United States of America plays that game.

    Its' elected and Constitutional government has so decided that point of policy. I support and defend that constitution and the government so sanctioned.

    When the Federals begin to state that the Gaza, the West Bank and Israel are one Nation, then I will support that Policy. Democracy across the whole of the land.

    That it would cause the demise of Israel as a sectarian State, admitted to by Mr Olmert. Such a Policy is not in the interests of the US, but if you insist.

    Than all the "Palistinians" will become Israelis. Or as is happening today, the responsibility for the welfare of the people of Gaza, shifted to Egypt.

    You should be celebrating the end of the ghettoization of Gaza, instead of denying the reality of it.

  25. "Chances are, mat, that the Saudis have financed this."

    The US and the Europeans walk hand in hand with the Sauds. And Hell will be coming to them all.

  26. ghetto
    n., pl. -tos or -toes.
    A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background, often because of discrimination.

    Fits Gaza to a "T"

  27. Half my family was in Warsaw at the time, actually.

    Now if only I could cook up some righteousness and indignation (wouldn't even need to dissemble)...


    Nope, tank's empty.

  28. The Israelis are with them too.
    That's the whole point of Mr Bush's week long travel.

    This is not occurring in a vacume. It is by design, which the Israelis are part of.

    The French auto factory soon to be built in Jordan, with Israeli Grants.

    Ain't Peace grand!

  29. Is the IDF rolling?

    Not at all.
    The IDF is hunkered down on their own border with Gaza. Which they can now lock down, without the outrage from the rest of the world.

    They'll continue their selective strikes against known targets.
    Giving their position of economic dominance of Gaza to the Eygptians.

    Part of the maturing Sharon Plan

  30. On the Road Map to Peace,
    by the end of Team43's tenure.

    Gotta break a few eggs to make Mr Olmerts' omelette

  31. "..same race, religion, or social background"

    Wtf are you on?

  32. The Russians themselves had a hell of a time breaking the German war machine, and aided by British and American bombing waves into Germany proper.

    Thu Jan 24, 01:44:00 PM EST

    So how many Germans could have been excused from fighting the Russians, to clear Warsaw?

    As for the Polish folk themselves, better to die on your feet than on your knees. Because die they were going to do, all that matter was the how.

    Mila 18 is an interesting read. Leon Uris a reasonable writer.

    The "Jewish establishment" of Warsaw helped to expedite the NAZI goals. The residents of Warsaw walked to the trains, when they could have fought, with sticks & stones & homemade bombs. IEDs. Just like the Palistinians have been doing.

  33. The Palistinians in Gaza are not of the same race, religion, or social background?

    Definition of Ghetto

  34. Sometimes reality sucks
    don't it, mat?

  35. "The Palistinians in Gaza are not of the same race, religion, or social background?"

    No. They are not. This is a hostile population with claims to Israeli land and genocidal plans for the Israeli population. If it was up to me, there would be none of them alive while they continue with such ambitions.

  36. Well, that could be a plan, mat.
    But then, you are not in charge.

    Mr Olmert is.
    He and Mr Peres.

    wi"o" said the were all "Black Rockers"
    Referencing skin color, religion and musical preferences, all in one phrase.

    Same reference he uses for our 650,000 indig mussulmen troops in Iraq.
    Our allies in the "War on Terror".

  37. The Israelis have been saddled with Gaza for too long now. It's time for the Eqyptians to do what they should have all along, but they don't want to and they certainly don't want any "stinkin" Palestinians moving into Egypt.

    No, the best thing for the Israelis to do is let "unidentified militants" return repay every Pali rocket with 10. Use the same tactics as the Palis. Whatever they do, do back. Throw their lies back in their faces. "We can't control these people." and "Don't punish all Jews for the actions of a few" or how about, "We are surrounded by brutal thuggish neighbors."

    It's time to Israel to turn the propaganda tables on their neighbors. They should play more "David" and less "Goliath."

    Same goes for the US. We have got to play smarter on the information and disinformation front. We're letting the bad guys get away with way too much bravo sierra which we can't counter by offering nonstop Brittany Spears, Christina and Fergie on Radio America.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. That's what we are seeing, whit, Gaza being transfered to the Egyptians. May cost US another $ billion or so a year, but heck, we're spending so much for so little, anyway.

    The Sauds may step up, too. Like they did in Pakistan, with Charlie Wilson's War.

    The Hamas man in Damascus said that he'd approve Fatah manning the border checkpoints. The withdrawal of Israeli dominance in Gaza a major factor in favor of reconciliation and reunification within Palistine.

    As is the US Plan.

    Harder for Hamas to justifiy attacks against Israel if Israel is fully withdrawn, not just militarily, out of the area.

    The object is to stop the rockets, not defeat Hamas. So said both Mr Bush and Mr Olmert. Success is judged by the cessation of violence.

    Putting a power sharing arrangement between Fatah, Hamas & Egypt, in Gaza, a step in that direction. As long as the Gaza was cut off from the world, the Israeli were to blame.

    That is the reality of the information war, because there is a lot of truth in that storyline.

    Two States, amigos, that is the Plan, that is the destination of the Road Map. The US has no permanent enemies or friends, only interests. It is in the interest of the US government to have Peace in place by 20JAN09.

    It is the stated Goal of US policies.
    Come hell or high water.
    Brought to you by the same guys that brought US the Iraq policy of reconciliation and moderation.
    Sharia Law in Basra.

  40. Trish:
    I am eagerly awaiting more dispatches from South America.

  41. desert rat said...
    n., pl. -tos or -toes.
    A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background, often because of discrimination.

    Fits Gaza to a "T"

    only to someone who doesnt have a fuckin clue about what the word Ghetto means

    The Venetian Ghetto was the area of Venice in which Jewish people were compelled to live under the Venetian Republic. It is from its name, in the Venetian language, that the word "ghetto", used in many languages, is derived.

    Venetian Ghetto was instituted in 1516 to contain them. Surrounded by canals, the area was only linked to the rest of the city by two bridges, which were closed from midnight until dawn and during certain Christian festivals, when all Jews were required to stay in the Ghetto.
    Despite the restrictions on movement and terribly cramped conditions, the Jewish population grew, and in 1541, the quarter was enlarged to cover the neighbouring Ghetto Vecchio, and in 1633, the Ghetto Nuovissimo (Newest Ghetto) was also added.

    The term Ghetto, HISTORICALLY referred to JEWISH areas of imprisonment...

    From Venice to Warsaw, to the Jewish Ghettos all over Europe this is the definition that defined it for centuries, jewish areas of confinement.

    Jewish Areas of Confinement is the definition...

    The bullshit "pop" definition that calls gaza a "ghetto" is like calling DR a "native" of AZ...

    Now do others STEAL, BORROW & Change the meaning to suit their own agendas?

    Yep, nothing new there... Many words that deal with the Jewish people have been stolen, changed and flipped to now be somehow used as a weapon against the Jewish people

    from the word messiah to the word ghetto

    ghetto doesnt mean gaza

    ghetto means, to the original people who's usage it applied to, who still exist, an area to confine JEWS by the greater non-jewish to control the jewish presence in a town or place...

    this now can be applied to ISRAEL being boycotted, locked off, who's population was DRIVEN to live in it's "finite" borders, who borders are .1/650th of the middle east...

    the arabs control 649.9/650th of the middle east, they have 21 1/2 nations INCLUDING the Palestiniansm they have ethnically cleansed the middle east of 900,000 jews and their offspring, forcing them to die or move into israel

    so no, gaza certainly is not a ghetto, more like a cage of wild rabid beasts the arabs keep at the gate to the ghetto (israel) to terrorize the jewish people, the only thing that makes israel NOT a ghetto, is that for the 1st time in 2000 year we can actually fight back...

  42. Harlem & Watts were called ghettos in my youth.

    You're so jewish centric as to be comical.

  43. Harlem & Watts were called ghettos in my youth.

    You're so jewish centric as to be comical

    yep. so they were...

    and yet, harlem and watts are not gaza either...

    no armed militias, no billions in international aid, no seat at the UN...


    your usage of calling gaza a palestinian WARSAW still doesnt hold my jewish balls...

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