“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mac is Back. McCain Wins in South Carolina.

Short of a miracle, Rudy Giuliani is done. Florida will determine that. Huckabee has probably eclipsed and that leaves Mitt Romney, who picked up more delegates in Nevada than McCain did in South Carolina, to be the only candidate who can challenge McCain. The non dd214 wing of the Republican Cardinals detests McCain, but like an old Timex he takes a licking and ticks on. McCain disappointed many over immigration but the choices are narrowing.

We live in interesting times.


  1. The conservative wing of the AZ electorate, dd214ers included, worry about Big John.
    His rhetoric is alright, his actions are questionable. On both the big and the little issues. He always sides with the buerocrats, given the opportunity.
    His personal morality is even more questionable, a true believer that the Law does not apply equally to all the citizens of the Republic.

    Ahh well...
    Lots of votes are already cast in Florida.

    If elected, would he run for a second term, at 76 years old?
    Can he be elected at 71?

    The last of the "old school"

  2. Your right there DR, it is the last hurrah. There is no energy in the GOP. With the compressed schedule, it is hard to see how Obama can win over Clinton.

    I think Obama would beat McCain on the age and boomer issue. Hillary will make a race. Hillary/Obama would be tough to beat.

  3. Bummer. I was emotionally backing Thompson in S.C. He's out. But who the eventual nominee turns out to be still a big question. But surely looks like it won't be Thompson.

  4. I said that I didn't think Huckabee would carry a single southern state.

  5. That leaves McCain, Romney or Giuliani.

  6. Billary will roll right over Big John.

  7. Ron Paul did well in Nevada, considering he didn't get one Mormon vote.

    Giuliani might be the only guy that can beat her. I'm thinking she will have Obama on her ticket. Maybe Bloomberg will throw some of his money away and enter the race, to whose advantage I don't know.

  8. We've stepped up to the Bar many times before.
    Now is the time for the Bar to step up for Rudy.
    See you all in Florida!

  9. Maybe one of the Judges thrown under the Bus by the gang of 14 can donate a Ron Brown Special McCainPlane to the Campaign.
    ...all we got left is luck.
    Bad for John, I hope!

  10. Gentlemen. Salud! A round to the defeat of Billary!

  11. Billary w/Obama as the heir apparent, solidifies the Black vote after a divisive primary season.

    He'd be 54 and seasoned, ready to run, against Jeb.

    Romney could not even beat Teddy, up in Mass. Chances are he'd carry none of the Northeast Blue States.
    Not PA.

    Ohhh... because Florida moved the Primary date up, prior to Super Duper, the RNC cut the Florida delegate count in half. There is only 57 delegates going to be allocated to the winner.

  12. But Mac is ahead in Arnoldland, where an Uberliberal Green Weenie STILL has a 50% approval.
    The BRILLIANT GOP arranged for no independents crossing over.
    Maybe THAT will save the day for Rudy.

  13. Without vote tampering, I can't imagine Calif GOP voters bending over for Senior Senor McCain.

  14. McCain is plus 10 in CA.
    Can that be GOP only voters?
    173 Big Ones there.

  15. With Romney or Huck out, Rudy would win.
    Will rich Mitt Quit?

  16. Thompson had 9 percent:
    Maybe that will do it.

  17. So 5 guys (now 4) split the more conservative voters, and Mac wins with his loyal libs.

  18. (I'm thinking aloud at the Bar to avoid crying in my Beer.)

  19. Mac--33%
    Huck-30% *
    Fred-16% *
    Mitt-15% *


  20. CA is porportioned by Congressional district, not winner take all.

    How conservative are registered San Fransisco Republicans?

    It'll be interesting, Duncan Hunter may just take some Orange County & San Diego Districts.

    If Rudy is havin' mail in ballots submitted now, he'll have a running start. If not, McCain will win down there and become "unstoppable".

    It is his turn, after all.
    Just like Bob Dole deserved his turn.

    A GOP core value.

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  22. But without a two tier vote choice, who'd be the second choice of that 61% .
    Were they ALL voting against big John or was he their 2nd choice?

  23. If half of the 61% would have chosen Big John 2nd, he'd have had 60%+ support.

  24. Rudy's hope is that he can carry the liberal GOP States, CA, NY, NJ, PA, and have those carry him to the Convention.

    Rudy not much more conservative than any of the others. Not on the 2md Amendment, not on a lot of issues. More practical, but not more conservative.

  25. Don't count them eggs before they hatch!

  26. How conservative are registered San Fransisco Republicans?

    Not very, if my listening to KGO is any indication. To the left of the Austrian I'd have to say.

    Well it's an odd business. Still up in the air, until Super Tuesday, maybe not even then. I'd think Fred would get out, but, since it took him so long to get in, and forever to gear up, maybe the same slow process will work in reverse. If I was Fred I'd go home to that wife though.

  27. Which Romney would you consider more conservative than McCain, doug?
    The one running today, or the one that ran against Teddy Kennedy for the Senate?

    McCain is consistent, often wrong, but consistent. Romney is often wrong, but without core internal political values. Flip floppin' in the wind, like JFKerry. A typical Mass. politico.

    The most socially conservative candidate, that'd be Huckster, whom is not very old school conservative, politically.

    Thompson, he is old school conservative, South Carolina had to be his break out State, but it broke him.

  28. Count the eggs when they are laid, mat.

    Just do not count them as chickens, until they hatch.

    If you'd been egg farming for years, you'd have a good idea of fertility ratios, eggs to chickens.

  29. I like Fred because he doesn't want the job and has no vision for where he wants to lead the country.

    Fred can't win because he doesn't want the job and has no vision for where he wants to lead the country.

    There's my political life in a nutshell.
    Scott M. at Capt's

    A unique political perspective, and one I am sympathetic to.

  30. Re: Doug's link

    WTF is wrong with porn on the internet? And WTF is wrong with that Hugh Hewitt? I like my internet porn! Them nazi fsckers trying to take away my porn, WTF is wrong with them!?

  31. Every good egg farmer counts the chickens before they're hatched so as to estimate chicken feed needs and take advantage of feed sales as they hatch.

  32. He's your choice, mat.
    The conservative prosecutor that cleaned up New York. What do you think that was about, but shutting down the porn and controlling individual ownership of guns.

    I've got my guns and ammo and wouldn't give 'em up.
    Got all the video porn I need, already.

    Let 'em do their worse. The Dems in Congress won't let him shut down the porn, regardless.

  33. I thought that was what I said, bob. About the eggs.

  34. I want that fscker Giuliani to tell it straight, and tell them bible nazis that if they mess with my constitutional right to internet porn, I'd personally castrate them all.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Shameless voyeurism is safe in the hands of the democrats, your guns and your bank account definitely are not.

    Don't get in a tither Mat, you're in liberal Canada, where the speech police may get you, but the porn shops will still be open.

  37. Thought you resided in Canada, mat.

    Unless we allow Canada into the Union, you've got no Constitutional rights. You got whatever they have in Canada.

    Support the North American Union, if you want US Rights, such as they are becoming.

    All porn, no politics.

  38. You'll be able to bathe your mind in muck, but watch out if you want to talk rationally about threats looming in the future.

  39. I'm an egghead, Rat. Scrambled.

  40. Damn! I'm livid. This porn issue is make-or-break politics, as far as I'm concerned. Giuliani needs to be smarter than that.

  41. Everyone has their make or break issue, Mat, but most people concentrate on one that is in doubt. Your issue is not in doubt. Relax, woodja.

  42. :D

    So my internet porn is safe, for now. And how long before the bible nazis come after my internet porn?

  43. Sat 01.19 >>
    Expert in ancient manuscripts, Glenn Kimball will discuss new information on the history and origins of the Koran and ancient libraries.
    have a wet dream Mat:)

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  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. I'll betcha anything CA GOP voters throughout the state would defeat Macamnesty if it were one on one against Rudy.
    CA GOP sees what Illegal Free for all has done to a once great and beautiful state.

  47. Methinks Mat's a Porn Addict!

  48. Mat's one of them non-reproducing sex machines, ain't he?

  49. If I could do it over, I'd have less porn and more kids!

  50. Macamnesty should be the universal greating for the corrupt fuck throughout the land.

  51. Still Hope:
    Given that Mr. McCain’s candidacy was almost declared dead a few months ago, his comeback has been impressive. But so far he has benefited from a campaign calendar that could not have been better tailored to his political needs. His first two victories came in New Hampshire and South Carolina, where independents, who often seem more enthusiastic about Mr. McCain than members of his party do, are permitted to vote in the primaries.

    The terrain from here is markedly different, starting Jan. 29 in Florida, where the Republican primary is open only to Republicans.

    “He still has significant skepticism that he has to overcome in the Republican base,” said Gary L. Bauer, who sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 and is not endorsing anyone at this time. “The real test will be how well he can secure the Republican base as we head toward Super Tuesday.” Mr. Bauer added, “On balance, in most states, to get the nomination you’ve got to do very well among registered Republicans, and that is going to become increasingly important as other candidates drop out of the race.”

    An exit poll in South Carolina offered evidence of the challenge Mr. McCain faces: 8 in 10 of the voters in the primary described themselves as Republicans, and just 3 in 10 of them voted for Mr. McCain. The finding suggests what Mr. McCain’s rivals were saying Saturday night: that he might not have won without the help of voters outside his party.
    -NY Times

  52. 8 in 10 of the voters in the primary described themselves as Republicans, and just 3 in 10 of them voted for Mr. McCain.

  53. Hey Homey, we can't all be Jebus.

  54. Doug's counting the sheep before they're laid.

  55. Hey, how come every country where the US intervened has ended up as a drug supplier to the US market? With Vietnam in the 70's, it was heroin. With South America in the 80's, it was cocaine. With Afghanistan it's heroin again. And now Iraq?

  56. So who's up for a shoot-up? Trish?

  57. Sure, shes a librarian, she's up for everything!

  58. Rudy in Practice would be more conservative than Mac, cause he ain't gonna change the gun laws, probly will appoint good judges, and will be better at law enforcement.
    Rudy ain't Jebus by a long shot, Mat, but New York was a down in the dumps shithole, good for gettin murdered and shootin up and not much else:
    Look at it now, hasn't seen the bubble pop yet, and it's a lot better place to live.
    Cleaning out the Detritus and the crime was all part of that, ya know.

  59. The illusionist

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Rudy the Ruby Giuliani makes the virtual world real, the detritus world he makes disappear.

  62. Leaving Jews out of Nevada’s Caucuses

    Observant Jews in Nevada face a peculiar dilemma this year--do they vote in the caucus or go to synagogue?
    The caucus, which is scheduled on January 19th by both parties, conflicts with the Jewish day of rest known as Shabbat.

    Hadar Susskind explains what this might mean for one of the country's fastest-growing Jewish populations.

  63. Listening to Oldies Radio, this came up:
    Escape From Plural Marriage

    At 18, Carolyn Jessop was forced to become the fourth wife of a man nearly three times her age.
    Jessop was born into The Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints (FLDS), a polygamist sect made infamous by the tyrannical leadership of Warren Jeffs.

    The group broke away from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly called the Mormon Church.
    In 2003, at 35 years old, Jessop fled the sect with her eight children and only $20 in her pocket.

    She wrote of her almost unbelievable life and flight to freedom in a new book, called simply, Escape.

    Editor's Note: The broadcast of our story referred to Jessop’s husband as 58 years old at the time of their marriage.
    He was in fact 50 years old.
    Carolyn Jessop, author of Escape

  64. Was like listening to a Woman from Mars.
    Beat your Babies, Men!

  65. Audio:
    Escape From Plural Marriage

    At 18, Carolyn Jessop was forced to become the fourth wife of a man nearly three times her age.

  66. Thought you resided in Canada, mat.

    Unless we allow Canada into the Union, you've got no Constitutional rights. You got whatever they have in Canada.

    - Rat

    This is not the first time mat has demonstrated confusion in matters of legal sovereignty and (his own) citizenship. There is the re-curring, inexplicable "we," replacing the "you" preferred when the subject at hand is Lady Liberty's unsavory profession or conspiracies afoot in Foggy Bottom and Langley to rid the world of uppity Zionists.

    One is never quite sure where mat's allegiance lies - only because mat himself does not know. Making his deep, dark interest in questions of loyalty among those with whom he is not remotely acquainted, perhaps a matter of unconscious projection.

  67. At one time mat was, I believe, in the process of settling down in Michigan. Or so someone at Belmont wished him well in this regard.

  68. We are the World, mat a citizen.

    A Tri-lateralist at heart.

    The question of why each US war and colonial possession becomes a larger cog in the drug trade ...

    It goes to the Russell & Company heritage of our ruling, free trading elites.

    Call this elite and its' associated appendeges by whatever name best suits the situation, but to deny its' existence in the face of realities, leaves open to being blindsided.

  69. "We are the World, mat a citizen."

    One would do well to ask mat.

  70. Though even with (what should have been) the more straightforward case of allen, there was never a clear answer in this regard.

  71. Trish,

    What is it that you want to know?

  72. Your nationality.

    Your current residency.

    Your previous residencies.

    Your place of birth.

    Your immigrant status.

  73. US


    US, Belgium, Germany



  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Your nationality. AMERICAN

    Your current residency. Settler of the Great State of Ohio

    Your previous residencies. Phila, PA Dallas, TX, Pittsburgh, PA

    Your place of birth. AMERICAN HOSPITAL IN Phila

    Your immigrant status. CITZEN, BORN and Fuckin Bred


  76. nationality: Israeli

    current residency: Canada

    previous residencies: Israel

    place of birth: Lithuania

    immigrant status: N/A

  77. For a moment it seemed to me Trish was trying to figure out whether she's lady. I advised to give her a moment. (@01:20:00PM).

  78. 3-d?

    I'm not sure I follow you.

  79. Now that we have that settled, I can attend to the day's festivities.

  80. Trish,

    What was it that wasn't clear to you before?

  81. 2d art: oils, watercolors...
    3d art: sculpture

  82. WiO,

    When I sculpt, it's mostly with wood. Though, I did some work using bronze metal.

  83. A little global warming would make for a few more caught passes there in Green Bay this afternoon.

  84. ummm, Mats, your claim of Immigration status being N/A doesn't make much sense. If you are an Israeli residing in Canada there must be some status to your immigration: ranging from landed immigrant to illegal immigrant.

  85. Ash,

    I'm a full Canadian citizen.

  86. Man, an ENTIRE DAY of freaking Honeydos!
    (course I got about a 3 year backlog, so it's a mere token effort from the "outside")

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Then, unless you happen to be visiting the US, you have no Constitutional Rights, mat.

    So you should not complain of losing what you never had to begin with. Unless, of course, the US imperial republic, extends rights and freedoms throughout the World. To citizen and noncitizen alike.
    Just by being a "Shining City on a Hill".

    Then the influence we wield could be a benefit to you and yours, no matter their physical location.
    Or you could always just watch Chinese porn, or Canadian.

    Caring little about what the US allows, or not. Or what our politicians say or do.

    Seems the Uncle Earls will not be playing to the most jovial of crowds.

  89. He always starts squinting when he watches too much chinese porn.
    Yet another bother.
    A hardcore issue.

  90. Victor Davis Hanson]

    Ever since I wrote a favorable column about John McCain, I have been swamped with furious e-mail from outraged conservatives, alleging this and that, and going through in systematic fashion the usual litany-McCain-Feingold, illegal immigration, tax cuts, global warming, etc. McCain seems to anger many conservatives as much as, or more than, Hillary.

    Collating this anger, and comparing it to the anti-McCain NRO Corner postings the last two weeks — all in the context of McCain winning a conservative state last night, and leading in many of the polls in Florida — reminds me of the train wreck facing the Republican party of whether they might want a 1964 washout or to maintain the White House. I think a growing consensus is that McCain, and perhaps Giuliani, alone have an outside shot of edging out Clinton and / or Obama.

    Then he goes into positives in the campaign for Mac.
    All the NRO Guys I've read so far seem less sophisticated than the NY Times analysis which included that SO FAR IT'S DEMS AND INDIES THAT HAVE PUT HIM OVER THE TOP.

    But with jumpy dumb-fucks like NRO giving up the ship early, it'll become self-fulfilling just like the MSM wants it to.

  91. Florida wouldn't even be close if it was one on one, but these damn ego-freaks still think they have a chance, all evidence to the contrary.
    If just one of them dropped out, Rudy would win.

  92. dRat,

    I thought my tone and copious smilies would give me away, but apparently not. Anyway, I was kidding. Though every joke has some truth to it. :D

  93. I notice you don't deny squinting, tho!

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. Doug,

    Like Kidman, I have my eyes shut wide. :)

  96. Speaking of the kid, man, he paid us a visit, that being the cause of my rude exit.

  97. Did you guys change the background or something on the home page?

  98. This comment has been removed by the author.

  99. CA Indies that would have voted for McCain:

    Medea Bern, once a registered Republican, is one of a growing number of California voters who shun party membership and declare themselves independent. In the upcoming presidential election, that makes her the kind of voter all the candidates would like to reach.
    She might be inclined to vote for Republican Sen. John McCain, but instead finds herself weighing a choice between Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    Eyvine Perkett, 81, one of the independent voters surveyed in the Times Poll, said he might have been interested in McCain had he been able to vote for him. For now he supports Clinton but might switch to Obama as he learns more about him.
    Independent voter Laurie Keig in San Diego County, who also was surveyed in the Times Poll, has voted for candidates of both parties in the past but this time plans to vote for Clinton.
    "Since George Bush became president, I can't ever see voting Republican again," she said.
    Ridpath said he would probably vote in the Democratic primary but hadn't settled on a candidate.
    "I am so sick of the Republican Party and so disgusted with the things they have done over the past eight years that I am ready for a change," he said.

  100. For Rat and others boosting the FAIR Tax--

    from The Federalist #21--second to last paragraph--seems Hamilton was on your team--

    "It is a signal advantage of taxes on articles of consumption, that they contain in their own nature a security against excess. They prescribe their own limit; which cannot be exceeded without defeating the end proposed,--that is, an extension of the revenue. When applied to this object, the saying is as just as it is witty, that, 'in political arithmetic, two and two do not always make four,' If duties are too high, they lessen the consumption; the collection is eluded; and the product to the treasury is not so great as when they are confined within proper and moderate bounds. This forms a complete barrier against any material oppression of the citizens by taxes of this class, and is itself a natural limitation of the power of imposing them."

    But Hamilton may not have foreseen the great enthusiasm of our congress to collect monies.

  101. Mat, what is the status of the pornography law in Israel? One portion of the population seems quite straight laced.

  102. The third time is a charm. New York's field goal kicker missed two right towards the end of the game, that would have put them over the top, and finally scored in the over time period. Would have been a hard task to renegotiate that contract next year otherwise. Man, did the coach stare daggers at him, after that second miss. All's well that ends well.

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  104. Bolton hopping mad--

    Bolton: US intelligence has become politicized

    The 2007 US National Intelligence Estimate, as well as the skewed reporting around it, is a sign of the "illegitimate politicization" of the American intelligence establishment, according to former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

    Bolton at a book-signing in Tel Aviv.
    Photo: Sivan Farag
    The document reportedly said Iran stopped its nuclear weapons production program in 2003.

    While "Iran's nuclear program is continuing and expanding," Bolton told The Jerusalem Post at a book-signing in a Tel Aviv Steimatzky on Sunday, "the NIE has had a devastating impact on our global efforts to try and constrain Iran."

    "I know the people who wrote this intelligence estimate," Bolton continued. "They are not from our intelligence community. They're from our State Department. It was a highly politicized document written by people who had a very clear policy objective."

    4th Russian fuel shipment reaches Iran

    The former ambassador decried the lack of separation between "intelligence and policy."

    "Generating intelligence should be separated from policy-makers, but it should also be separated from intelligence analysts who impose their own policy views on the intelligence they generate," insisted Bolton, who is in the country to attend the Herzliya Conference this week.

    Furthermore, said Bolton, the NIE "doesn't say what you probably think it says. Once you get past the first sentence or two, it doesn't come out that different from the 2005 NIE. All of the attention was focused on the one finding that [Iran halted the weapons-building] aspect of the weapons program, even though later they say that they only have 'moderate confidence' that this suspension has continued. That's a polite way of saying they don't have a clue what the situation is."

    The document also defines the weapons program as "actual weaponization, that is, fabrication - only a tiny sliver of the total activity required for a country to have a nuclear weapons program. It still remains entirely within Iran's discretion when and under what circumstances it proceeds to a nuclear weapons capability."

    The release of such a politicized report by those responsible for American intelligence analysis was possible, Bolton believes, because "there is still no effective supervision over the intelligence community. It's been a problem for a long time. The [newly-established] director of national intelligence position didn't solve it. So it remains and will be a significant challenge for the next president to get under control."

    Bolton calls the NIE "a quasi-coup by the intelligence services," which was "intended to have a political and policy effect. I think that's illegitimate [for] the bureaucracy [to have done]. In our system, constitutional legitimacy flows from the president, who was elected, through his officials. It's not like a European system, where the foreign policy establishment really does develop foreign policy. Too much policy is developed by the bureaucracy independent of political control. It's a longstanding cultural problem, and it will take a long time to fix it."

  105. Bob, nobody in Israel is straight laced. We all fsck like there's no tomorrow. :) From personal experience, I can tell you that by grade 5, there wasn't a single virgin left at my school. Regards any laws, laws are used for decoration. Israel is no different.

  106. "I know the people who wrote this intelligence estimate," Bolton continued. "They are not from our intelligence community. They're from our State Department..."

    Bolton is (to borrow a colorful phrase that merits wider use) yodeling out his ass. They no more wrote it than Tom Friedman's copy editors at the NYT write his homely globalist schlock.

    A "quasi-coup" for a document that's "not that different from the 2005 NIE"? Something doesn't quite match up there, drama queen. But it makes for titillating, uh, copy among the hacks and assclowns of cartoon journalism.

    OTOH: Bwahahahahahahahaha...


  108. What was it that wasn't clear to you before?

    Sun Jan 20, 01:34:00 PM EST

    Whether or not you're a "full-fledged" Canadian, meine kleine Marionette.

    Indeed you are.