“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hugh Hewitt & Rush Limbaugh

I enjoy listening to Hugh Hewitt. His radio show is intelligent and he draws from a broad spectrum that includes many thet he does not agree with. I agree with Hewitt much of the time, but not all. Rush Limbaugh is someone that is more of a used to be. There is rarely a surprise from Rush and he has become too much of a cult figure for my taste. He is the Paul McCartney of talk radio, a billionaire, someone I used to listen to, but of not much interest to me now.

Limbaugh and Hewitt are going all out against McCain and Huckabee. Does it really matter? I am not sure anymore. Talk to me.


  1. O.T. but Here's how not to deal with the IRS.

    It's harder to pin these talks show hosts down on who they are for, other than the republicans in general, than on who they are against. Romney doesn't seem to get beat up much, but I can't think of anyone who has really endorsed him either. Though I can't get Salt Lake City radio stations.

    Kucinich has finally dropped out on the democratic side. He did get talked up quit a bit on KGO, which didn't seem to raise his numbers much:)

    As a general rule, I find the lib stations pull more fibs than the conservative ones, but I'm sorta prejudiced.

  2. IRS lacks sense of humor.

    Snipes warned IRS agents: Back off or face 'increased collateral risk'


    OCALA - Less than two months after being indicted in 2006, actor Wesley Snipes sent a document to the Internal Revenue Service declaring he was a "nonresident alien" of the United States, refuting his Social Security number and warning that continued prosecution could lead to professional consequences for federal employees.

    IRS Frivolous Return Program senior technical advisor Shauna Henline read excerpts of the document into the record during Snipes' tax evasion trial on Thursday at prosecutors' direction.

    In the 600-page declaration signed by Snipes and sent Dec. 4, 2006, Snipes said he had "no ill intent or malice" and didn't want to evade any lawful requirement to pay taxes. But he went on to say the government had "no lawful authority to impose any kind of criminal sanctions."

    Snipes declare he had no taxable U.S. income, making the IRS Form 1040 "absolutely the wrong form for me to file." He also claimed taxes withheld were "stolen funds."

    He chastised the IRS and prosecutors saying their position toward him was "simply false, fraudulent and misrepresenting."

    The document also warned the government's "illegal collection action" would result in "significant personal liability" for those involved.

    "Warning - pursuit of such a high profile target will open the door for your increased collateral risk," Snipes wrote. "I certainly don't believe this is in your best interest and can be avoided."
    Snipes and codefendants Eddie Ray Kahn and Douglas Rosile are on trial in federal court in Ocala. Each is charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud and one count of aiding and abetting the making of a false and fraudulent claim as part of an alleged tax fraud scheme. Snipes also is charged with six counts of willfully failing to file federal income tax returns.

  3. I don't listen to them just because of being in Australia. But I would like to. I've always meant to get a web stream going so that I can. Maybe I should focus a little more on getting that going rather than hitting the beach. I do cruise their websites from time to time.

    My dad used to listen to alot of Rush.

  4. Limbaugh's a reformed junkie, he has that in common with McCains' wife. Wouldn't trust either of them to tell the truth. Listened to him fifteen years ago, stopped when I knew what he was going to say, before he said it. His script never changed

    Big John is often wrong, but he stands by his decisions. For better or worse. Often times his programs make things worse. He has more faith in DC buerocrats than he has in his constituents.

    Huckabee, who can tell. I disagree witn many of his fundamental beliefs, but he is entertaining.
    His tax reform would be dead on arrival, so there'd be no reform at all. His actions as governor in Arkansas no worse than Reagan's in California, in regards to taxes and spending

    Hugh Hewitt is another I do not listen to, but doug is a fan. So he may be entertaining.

    Mr Romney, a mega millionaire trying to buy the Oval Office. At least he wouldn't have to rent out the Lincoln bedroom for spending money. He wants to further socialize the economy, healthcare mandates, industrial revitalization, mega stimulous package.

    Rudy, the media whipping boy.
    The Republicans of Florida hold his hopes in their hands. Hope those mail in ballots were heavy for him, or he'll be toast.

    Ron Paul, most ideologically identifiable, with a snow balls chance in hell of winning, anything.

    Billary and Obama,
    neither the hoped for change.

  5. A new scam could be coming to your email inbox that looks like it comes from the Internal Revenue Service, but don't let it fool you.

    Two people in Texoma have already received the scam email. It says it’s from the IRS and that they owe you money.

    All they need is some information, but just because it looks real, that doesn't mean it is.

    Email Scam

  6. Snipes should have stayed in Africa.

    He's to high profile to just pay the fines and fees. They'll make him the compliance poster boy, for sure.

    Especially with that stupid document filed. Should have just built an indi studio in South Africa. It worked for Roman Polanski but he just raped a 13 year old, didn't try to mess with the IRS.

  7. Didn't know you were in Australia, Sam. Have always wanted to go there and see what it is like. Lot a vacant beaches I've heard. Can I ask, what part are you hanging out in? Always wanted to see Alice Springs(?) out in the middle there, and drive around the whole continent.

  8. I lived in Perth for 13 years and just moved to Adelaide last month because of a new job. The beaches here are awesome. Depending where you're at in the country the sand is different color. Either dark (granite) or brilliant white (limestone). Water is crystal clear and clean. There is alot of wide open space here. About the same size as the US but with 21 million people... Think about that one...

    I've never been to Alice Springs but my dad and youngest brother have. They both climbed the rock. My dad has driven around the perimeter of the whole country twice. My youngest brother had done it once. I have not done it yet. After driving around it twice, seeing many different things, and Tasmania, my dad said his favorite spot was Dunsborough. A little town about 3 1/2 hours south of Perth.

    Myself, I've been to Cairns, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Dove the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. Cairns was gorgeous. That's the goal. I can see myself living there easily.

    You should visit the country sometime.

  9. Got me thinking there so I googled.

    US population was 20 million in 1845.

  10. I, personally, think that John McCain is a petty, mean, demogogic, vindictive, arrogant, stubborn, half bat-shit crazy Democrat in Republican clothing. Did I mention I'm not too impressed with his mental acuity?

    And, no; I don't listen to Rush, or Hugh.

  11. Australia has about the number of people as we have illegal aliens, can think of it that way. When I was in Hawaii I went out once with a girl from Australia who had never seen snow, which seemed odd to me.

    Does that mean you don't like McCain, Rufus?:) Micahael Savage, the talk show host from San Francisco, takes Rat's view more or less, that there isn't a dime's difference between them. I think that's wrong though I get the point. Savage hasn't endorsed anyone but thinks Hillary or Obama or Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary is doomed, and I hope he is right.

  12. Funny, I was just talking with a work colleague here about that very same thing this morning. He was saying if they keep inflicting damage on each other it just plays into republican hands.

    Oh please let it be so.

    You get alot of that here, Bob. People who have never seen snow. It is odd.

  13. He said tonight, “Senator Clinton wants to raise the white flag and surrender in Iraq…We will not surrender, my friends. The strategy is succeeding.

    We’re not going to have for the first time a major candidate in history declare surrender. That’s not gonna happen on my watch.

    It’s not going to happen. And that’s going to be a big issue in this debate.

    Focus on Electability

  14. Well, rufus, he is a conservative Democrat in Republican clothing.
    Scoring over 85 on some conservative rating system that is often touted on the news programs.
    100 being "pure".

    Mr Reagan wouldn't have scored much higher than 90.

    But, yes, I'd have to agree, he is most of the things you mentioned.

    In the local primary poll he scores the highest @ 41%, he'll carry AZ on super duper Tuesday.

    Rudy et al in the single digits.

    Mr Romney a RINO from Massachusetts,
    mandates instead of taxes, roses that smell the same, despite the name.
    For abortion rights before he was against them.
    For civil unions before he was against them.
    For a National Industrial Policy
    For a bigger stimulous package

    A proto-socialist in a suit and tie.

  15. These guys do not have Korean names, maybe they are related to doug?

    HONOLULU (Associated Press) -- A grand jury indicted two former golf club employees on theft and animal cruelty charges after police said they butchered and ate a patron's pet dog.


    The club fired the workers and investigators later told Manuma the two men butchered and ate his pet.

    An Oahu grand jury indicted Saturnino Palting, 58, and Nelson Domingo, 43, both of Kalihi, on Tuesday. The felony charges are punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

  16. Conservative democrats/RINO's/a taxing Huckster/a socializing mormon/a republican praising, Reagan channeling Obama...

    It's all becoming a little too blurry.

  17. Saturnino, at 58, is too old for that sort of thing. He ought to grow up now. Stick with mahi/mahi and pineapple.

  18. Romney's a Mormon in Republican clothing.

    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

    Pronounced: sah-toor-NEE-no (Spanish, Italian) [key]

    Spanish, Italian and Portuguese form of SATURNINUS
    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: Ancient Roman

    Derived from the name of the Roman god Saturnus (see SATURN). This was the name of several early saints.

    Catholic Saints named to honor a Pagan God.
    Interesting. Something I didn't know before

  20. What's This? Segregation by sex comes to Mexican buses. A muslim fatwa? No, Mexican men can't keep their hands to themselves, it seems.

  21. RCP National Average 01/11 - 01/22
    McCain 26.9
    Huckabee 19.7
    Romney 16.7
    Giuliani 12.6
    Paul 4.6

    McCain +7.2

  22. More than just Mexico, bob

    Women-only buses or subways have been rolling for years in India, Brazil, Japan and other countries. Mexico City finally took the action as part of a growing responsiveness to complaints about discrimination against women, Montiel said.

  23. Rat takes another beating. Isn't there anyone around who will stand up for a rat?:)

    Families of fire fighters killed that day rallied in Orlando alongside a 16-foot inflatable rat and urged voters not to back him.

  24. That NYT report still sticks in my mind. McCain to be serenaded by Joe Lieberman. Almost seems like the game is fixed.

  25. Interesting debate. Romney tried to build up Guilliani, hoping he might drain a few votes off of McCain. McCain threw a softball to Huckabee, hoping he will siphon a few points off Mitt.

    McCain, the sorry amnesty-loving son of a bitch, I think, might have won the debate. Romney should have won a darker suit, and, did look like he had constipation all night long.

    Giulliani looked okay, also. I doubt if any minds were changed.

  26. Israel Debates Cutting Off Gaza Highly to be recommended, but the Egyptians, being sensible, don't want anything to do with the Palestinians either, or, at least, don't want to part with any pocket change.

  27. "I am glad that Israel did not participate in this circus," said Itzhak Levanon, Israel's ambassador to the U.N. office in Geneva.

    "I hope that in the future special sessions will only be called for matters which need to be discussed seriously, and to find solutions," Levanon told The Associated Press.

    The resolution is the third to explicitly condemn Israel - and the 10th to address Israeli actions in the region in some form - since the council was created two years ago.

    Israel Condemnation

  28. Good Lord; Romney even beat RON (even batshit-crazier than McCain) PAUL in the text message poll.

    That ain't EVER been done before.

    I guess I was so afraid that McCain would do well that I didn't even notice Romney was having a really good night.

  29. Giuliani, who has clashed with McCain over establishing a national catastrophic insurance fund for hurricanes and other natural disasters, directed his question at Romney while mentioning McCain.

    "We're going to have to work together to create a program that gets people in high-risk areas insured," Romney said.

    McCain, who has opposed the approach favored by Giuliani, said the problem can be addressed regionally.

    Insurance Fund

  30. For Sam, to keep his spirits up. Republicans Should Hope To Run Against Billary, The Hated

    What time is it down under, anyway? Be a different day, right? And it's summertime, no? Always wanted to see that Southern Cross.

  31. Romney had a quick reply when asked how he would run against the team of Clinton and her husband, the former president.

    "I frankly can't wait because the idea of Bill Clinton back in the White House with nothing to do is something I can't imagine," he said.

  32. I wonder, if, long after the Clintons are dead and gone, people will, once in a while, see Bill Clinton's ghost drifting around the White House?

  33. Totally off topic but interesting. Fellow at BC, in a discussion of the collapse of N. Korea, says--

    Alaska Paul said...
    I was reading in East Asia Intel this evening that China would make the Norks a Chinese satellite rather than let it reunify under South Korea. Besides, the Chinese need Nork mines and the materials they produce.

    1/24/2008 10:18:00 PM

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