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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Where Were the Cops?


  1. We lost the opening rounds of the culture wars. The schools, the media and the two controlling political parties are aligned in a winning effort to destroy traditional western and national values. History is being re-written and Independent thinking is increasingly not being tolerated.

    Social media monopolists are openly restraining free expression of opposition to their international indoctrination. There is no longer a lawful solution to reform. Elections no longer matter. Legislators have capitulated to the courts and an elite media manipulating an increasingly dumber and indoctrinated public detached from the shared values of previous generations. Competent, free-thinkers who hold libertarian and conservative values are at a critical point where the only likely outcome seems to be tyranny, collapse and rebirth through revolution.

    Frankly, I am at a point where I see no peaceful resolution to differences growing wider and deeper.

  2. The Left has become the Confederate Statues that they are destroying.


    By Cheryl K. Chumley

    A crowd of ignorant protesters pulled down a bronze Confederate statue that stood before a county government building in Durham, North Carolina — the angry national backlash to the Charlottesville brouhaha over the Robert E. Lee monument.

    This is not how civil societies operate. And yet this is what the left has brought, and now cheers.

    What’s next — burning books with offensive content?

    Burning books written by those who used to own slaves? At the very least, museums will have to go.

    The problem with revising history based on a standard of “feeling offensive” — as this anti-Confederate craze is rooted — is that someone, somewhere will always take offense at something.

    For instance, once upon a time in America, women couldn’t vote for the president of this country. Neither could non-property owners, for the most part, or Indians, in addition to blacks. That’s offensive. Shall we tear down American flags — destroy copies of the Constitution — in symbolic protest of the bondage and discrimination to which these so-deemed second-class members of society were subjected? Or should we just go for the big score and burn down the Rotunda of the National Archives Building, where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are stored?

    What’s more, women ought to feel particularly slighted by the fact that blacks were given the constitutional right to vote decades before they were. Just ask Susan B. Anthony, who was arrested a couple years after the 14th and 15th amendments were passed, all for the crime of trying to vote. Shall women, say, tear down the Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington, D.C., because it’s an offensive reminder of the failure of America to pass the 19th Amendment until 1920, roughly 50 years after blacks won their voting rights?



  4. {...}

    But then again, so is this, from The Washington Post: “With a strap tied around the neck of the [Confederate] statue, [N.C.] protesters spat, kicked and gestured at the mangled figure after its base was ripped from the granite block. The statue, which depicts a uniformed and armed Confederate soldier, stood atop an engraved pedestal that read, ‘In memory of ‘the boys who wore the gray.’ “

    Nice. So a crowd of radical socialist-minded protesters pulled down a monument which had stood since 1924 to honor the Americans who fought bravely in the Civil War. And this is what the left is cheering — a public show of thuggery and force that’s akin to the face-spitting of U.S. soldiers returning home from Vietnam?

    This revisionism of history, based on the feelings of a select few has to stop.

    “Charlottesville and racist monuments across the country are the result of centuries of white supremacy,” said one member of the Workers World Party Durham branch that participated in the illegal destruction of property protest, the Washington Post reported.

    Arrest them.

    But more importantly, oppose and shame them.

    Those who don’t know history are fated to relive it. If nothing else, Confederate monuments should stand as a reminder of America’s history and an opportunity for passersby to reflect.


    The media mob wasted no time in descending on Charlottesville, and the first order of business was to exploit the bigotry, tragedy and evil to make it the work of the Republicans, conservatives, and above all, Donald Trump.

    This has been a project years in the making. Shooting congressmen by a crazed Democratic liberal is reduced to a footnote in accounts of the shooting, and shoved down the memory hole to be forgotten in a day or so. But we can be sure the Charlottesville riot will be endlessly exploited over the next several days and weeks as the white folks’ equivalent of the radical Muslim massacres of Paris, Orlando and San Bernardino.

    The counterdemonstrators to a white nationalist rally showed up spoiling for a fight, but that does not excuse the rally organizers for what happened, including the assault by a particularly thuggish assassin driving a car into the crowd. They were finally denounced by the president as the “thugs” — the president’s word — they are.

    And it’s true that Mr. Trump, whose tweets are not always calibrated to a presidential standard, should have used language making it clear to the densest among us in his first reaction to the riot that he was not excluding the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis or white nationalists from his description of “evil.”

    He finally said explicitly what he had made clear enough on Saturday. He “includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazis and all extremist groups” in his remarks excoriating, denouncing, censuring, blaming, upbraiding, and knocking the evildoers. (Should we get a bigger thesaurus?)


  6. {...}

    But whatever this president would say, his partisan critics and the media were waiting to pick it apart and find it wanting. He could never say it strong enough. Indeed, in the revised remarks distributed by the White House on Sunday an observant critic would note that he did not spell out “Ku Klux Klan,” perhaps in the hope that many people would not know what the initials KKK actually stand for. Even his adjective “evil” has 27 synonyms in one thesaurus. Why did he not use all of them? What kind of dog could miss that missing whistle?

    Martin Luther King’s dream of a day when a man will be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character, has been relegated to the dustbin of discarded ideals by a modern culture that demands that identity politics dice and slice Americans by race, ethnicity, region, gender (even sex) and religious faith. “Diversity” is all in allocating jobs, college admissions, even pay. Merit and performance on the job dare not speak its name.

    “A politics fixated on indelible differences will inevitably lead to resentments that extremists can exploit in ugly ways on the right and left,” observes The Wall Street Journal. “The extremists were on the right in Charlottesville, but there have been examples on the left in Berkeley, Oakland and numerous college campuses. When Democratic politicians can’t even say that ‘all lives matter’ without being denounced as bigots, American politics has a problem.”

    Bernie Sanders was the Democratic politician who learned that painful lesson when he thought he was making the uncontroversial point that all lives do, indeed, matter. Who could argue with that? He soon learned, and a day later apologized with a full grovel, and would have tugged a forelock if he still had one.

    That’s why this chaos threatens never to end for as long as the generations alive today survive. Calls for “unity” sound good and make those calling for “unity” feel good about themselves if not about anyone else. But extremists define “unity” to mean unity as when dissenters and naysayers are clubbed into bloody submission. We’ve been diced and sliced beyond unity and one day soon the Middle East, with its cultural and religious differences and a hundred reasons to fight and kill each other over arcane points of theology that outsiders cannot fathom, will have nothing on America, where the liberals and the left demand unanimous submission as the price of unity.

    Soon all the statuary of Robert E. Lee, recognized by history and his military peers as America’s greatest soldier, will have been pulled down to become but chips and chunks of litter across a broken land, replaced by sordid icons of a sordid culture. Still the politically pious will demand satisfaction, but satisfaction always just out of reach.

    The ultimate lesson of Charlottesville and all the assaults on decency from every “side” is that we are the inheritors of Lincoln’s exceptional nation who failed to preserve it. “A republic, sir,” Benjamin Franklin replied when a bystander in Philadelphia asked him what the Founding Fathers had bequeathed on that first Fourth of July. “If you can keep it.”

    • Wesley Pruden is editor in chief emeritus of The Times.


    We’ve been diced and sliced beyond unity and one day soon the Middle East, with its cultural and religious differences and a hundred reasons to fight and kill each other over arcane points of theology that outsiders cannot fathom, will have nothing on America, where the liberals and the left demand unanimous submission as the price of unity.

  8. Who was the first horses's ass that opined "diversity is our strength"?

    1. That is an excellent question.

      I don't have any idea but it wasn't current in my youth.

      We might turn to Quirk for an answer, as it is possible it began as an advertising slogan.

      Perhaps Quirk himself is the culprit ?

    2. Quirk, say true now, is 'diversity is our strength' one of yours ?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Our strength is our diversity.

      Let's get it right.

      It's important.

  9. My wife's family going back to Lincoln has always voted Republican. My wife is more Republican than I. I have voted for other parties in the past.

    For those 'born yesterday', like Ash perhaps, Lincoln was the man most responsible for freeing the slaves and keeping the Union together.

    A few miles from her place on the southern Ohio River is a famous escaped slave 'Underground Railway' station, helping escaped black from the south get to the north.

    It's impossible to call my wife a racist.

    Yet she thinks all this current craze of taking down old Confederate monuments is disgusting.

    It is an erasure of history in her view.

    When she sees a Confederate statue she is likely to actually know something about the particular figure, having read all about that time in our history. When she sees a Confederate statue she isn't thinking racism, but history.

    So, opinions differ. I can understand other points of view.

    Best to leave it up to a vote of the local folks, and not a mob.

    There is always another vote.

    People shouldn't be fighting over the issue.

  10. The 'antifa' and the 'Nazis' are the opposite sides of the same idiot counterfit worthless coin.

    There is zero value in either of the mobs.

  11. Laura Ingraham just said on Fox what I've struggled to say, but, as expected, more coherently.


    She reminded, for instance, that none other than FDR praised General Robert E. Lee as a great soldier, perhaps the best we've ever had given his lack of resources.

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  13. August 15, 2017
    Mueller Raids Manafort's Home – Because He Has Nothing
    By Jay Valentine

    When Robert Mueller took the gig with the Department of Justice to lead the silent coup against the Trump administration, things looked great. 100% or close to it of the media was reporting different levels and incidents of “Russian collusion.”

    Attorney general Jeff Sessions, a close Trump confidant, had recused himself. The deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein, quickly buckled under media pressure to name a special counsel where no crime had been found and only an FBI counterintelligence investigation was taking place. No criminal investigation of the President, said the FBI director. Mueller had the chance to overturn an epic election mistake by uninformed American deplorables and be the darling of the swamp for a generation. How could he say no?

    That was then, this is now.

    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men have not found Russian collusion with Trump. Even Mueller likely knows it, because he is now investigating everything but Russian collusion. You do not expand an investigation’s scope because you have found a deep vein of criminality tied to prima facie Russian collusion -- if you did, you would be going deep into that vein.

    Every week, more evidence comes out that the Democratic party computers were not hacked -- something vital to the concept of the Russians stealing those emails and giving to them to WikiLeaks. The fundamental requirement that the Russians stole Democratic emails might have been overturned if the FBI looked at the servers -- which they chose not to do. Who among us would be able to tell the FBI that we do not choose to give them our servers for an investigation? Which is what the DNC did, asserting that their own forensic group would make a finding.

    Then the mysterious Seth Rich events play out. Seldom has the character so close to the event in question been so protected by family, media, police, and the FBI from showing possible ties to the critical initiating event.

    Who was Seth Rich? He was the young man who appears to have downloaded the Democratic party emails and given them to WikiLeaks. When he was murdered, the police avoided any deep, comprehensive investigation.

    A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Seymour Hersh, commented in a recorded interview about clear evidence he saw from the FBI that Seth Rich was indeed the person who downloaded the emails -- not the Ruskies.

    Rich’s family threatened to sue anyone who even hints that they are going to get to the bottom of what happened.

    Sean Hannity and Fox get shut down through threats of lawsuits and the organized Left’s movement to intimidate Hannity sponsors. Hannity has gone silent on any comments regarding Seth Rich. Why?

    1. Then, on a quiet morning, a progressive magazine publishes a story that appears to tie it all together. The Nation delivers a very comprehensive, well-researched, and certainly nonpartisan study noting that top computer security people from previous administrations, all beyond reproach, used computer forensics to determine that the Democratic party computers were not hacked -- someone downloaded the emails to a thumb drive. Someone inside -- not likely a Russian.

      They discover email metadata regarding the quantity and speed of the sinister download. Conclusion: no server in the country and certainly none outside the country could have downloaded so much information so fast. It is a physical impossibility. However, any thumb drive would meet this speed/data download requirement. And thumb drives require fingers -- and thus an insider did it.

      These forensic experts have shown, using physics, not opinions, that the Democratic party was not hacked; that someone inside downloaded the files and thus there was no Russian interference in this matter.

      Scores of threads have been appearing that converge the stories that the Democratic party emails were downloaded by an insider (not Russians) and that Seth Rich was probably the insider. These threads are getting thicker by the day.

      So back to our friend Bob Mueller.

      The “Russians stole the emails” narrative is coming apart, removing any underlying support for collusion. Most dangerously, the foundation of the story -- a hack of the Democratic party computers -- is not going to hold up, because, as The Nation notes, physics do not lie. Oops, no initiating event.

      What’s an inside-the-Beltway swamp creature to do in this situation?

      Trump isn’t likely to fire him -- which would have been a very good way out -- a martyr for truth when there was no crime. The promise of becoming the modern-day Archibald Cox, a dazzling ornament at any cocktail party and a prize on any law firm masthead, is sliding out of reach.

      The swamp creatures have faced this problem before and they found a clever solution. They went after Dick Cheney but, nothing there. So they created a crime with his chief of staff -- Scooter Libby. They got Scooter on a made-up crime when they knew who actually did the deed -- and never went there. “There” was the Colin Powell pal Richard Armitage, another swamp dweller.

      So where to look for a crime? Where to find a technical violation? Where to find that piece of paperwork that was not properly filed?

      Let’s dig into the 30-year portfolio of the man who represented the worst of the worst -- Ferdinand Marcos, Jonas Savimbi, and Viktor Yanukovych, the deposed president of Ukraine.

      That’s Paul Manafort, but unfortunately for Mueller, he is cooperating openly with the Congressional Russia investigation.

      The swamp is not going to let witness cooperation become an obstacle.

      Raid his house, knock on his bedroom door on a sleepy morning, scare the heck out of him and his family, and show him the swamp means business. The drama alone makes the story interesting.

      So if Mueller cannot get Trump, and if there was probably never a crime because some internal Democratic operative -- likely Seth Rich -- just downloaded the files, well, there’s the Scooter Libby fallback.

      If Mueller had anything, his team would perform the honorable leftist action and properly leak it to the Washington Post and New York Times. Instead, he raids the home of a cooperating witness with the full force and intimidation value of the United States Government.

      This is what Mueller does when he has nothing better to leak and nowhere else to go.

  14. :)

    Kim's got the gout.

    That is excruciating, though Indomethacin is a miracle drug for the condition.

    Too much booze and food for Fatso.

    Hoping they don't have access to it in North Korea.

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      Doctors believe the strong medicine he is receiving for his crippling condition may be driving him out of his mind.

      Just what the world needs - a madman and satanic asshole driven crazy by the gout.


      But, he deserves it.

  15. I hope they remove and destroy every confederate statue and memorial on the face of the earth. It will end racism once and for all. Just about like removing the Ten Commandments from government buildings ending Judaism and Christianity. Yep, let's get it done. Let's appease the magpies. While we are at it, let's erase history completely. tear down all the memorials in DC as I am sure they are offending someone.

    Tear down the VN memorial, Washington and Lincoln memorial. Destroy the Iwo Jima memorial. Gut the Smithsonian of anything that smells offensive. Blow up the Arizona memorial at Pearl. Let's get it done.

    1. When will they sand blast Stone Mt in Atlanta? Confederate Generals one and all.

      Let's get it done.

    2. The Alamo needs to go. Let's get it done.

  16. The only thing they understand is a cocked gun to their head.

  17. .

    :BobTue Aug 15, 08:49:00 AM EDT
    Quirk, say true now, is 'diversity is our strength' one of yours ?

    No. It wouldn't be the first thing that would likely pop into my head. More likely, something about our constitution and the evolution of our laws I would think.

    That said, IMO to argue diversity is a problem is absurd and self-serving. Our history argues against it. We have had some measure of diversity since the beginning. In colonial days, Germans were scorned and mocked by the same people now heaping abuse on Muslims. Since then, every immigrant group has gone through their turn in the barrel.

    The same applies to the 'media'. The media sucks when it doesn't present the story you want to hear. That's the bottom line for some. They believe the NYT and the WaPo 'are' the media. In fact, the WaPo is only somewhere around 10th in circulation in this country. There are plenty of conservative sources for info as we have seen here but they don't fit with the big whine meme.

    I put up an article the other day on a large PEW research study addressing how people get their news. One point it made, was that normal people, the people who have to work 8 or more hours a day, who have kids to take care of and soccer games to attend, get most of their news from local news stations. Now, admittedly, these are not same tired old white guys who sit around here daily with nothing else to do but read their favorite rags, blogs, and YouTube channels, and watch FOX and CNN 24/7.

    Anyone who watches local television news will verify that you rarely get more than the basics of any national or international news there. Besides, there is 'diversity' there too. As an example, one of the largest communications groups in the country, the conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group, due to deregulation under Trump's FCC, will soon have purchased another group that will give it local station access into 7 out of 10 American homes. And the group continues to expand.

    The fact is anyone can find someone or something to blame when things don't go the way they want them too. But in the end, you have to take responsibility for your own actions.

    Doing away from these statues in the South is in my opinion stupid, stupid for all the reasons mentioned over that past few days. It is pushed by PC nuts who when they run out of things to be incensed about will have to invent more just to keep them feeling alive and motivated. That said, moving statues had nothing to do with the events in Charlotte over the weekend. Those boys didn't come to Charlotte with their long guns and batons, their storm trooper helmets and their shields, their torches and Nazi flags, to protect a statue of Robert E. Lee. Half of them probably didn't know who he was. They came looking for a confrontation, something to give them some relevance. The same applied to a large portion of those on the other side. They also were looking for the same thing. They could have held their 'demonstration' in a separate part of the city but they didn't. The results with the exception of the nut in the car were predictable.

    You have two extremes in this country, nut jobs on the right and left, who denounce the system as being 'unfair' and stacked against them. Even in cases where they might be right, their solutions are unacceptable to most people in this country. These groups exist on the margins. Coming from them, the claims of 'the American people want' amounts to wishful thinking on their part.


    1. I was surprised to find yesterday that our local rag, to which we no longer subscribe, but which I seem to find a way to read occasionally, not longer carries the wheat, barley, pea, lentil, etc etc prices.

      Honestly I don't see how these small newspaper manage to hang on any longer.

      And they want $1.00 for maybe 12 pages of basically nothing.

  18. Predominantly Black Dallas Group Forms To Protect Confederate Monuments
    August 14, 2017 9:52 PM By Jeff Paul
    Filed Under: African-Americans, Annie Gimbel, Charlottesville, Confederate, Philip Kingston

    DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The debate about Confederate statues in Dallas intensified on Monday as a group made up of predominantly African Americans called for the monuments to remain standing.

    Several cities across America have now begun to remove or talk about removing Confederate markers shortly after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned deadly.

    Former city council member Sandra Crenshaw thinks removing the statues won’t help.

    “I’m not intimidated by Robert E. Lee’s statue. I’m not intimidated by it. It doesn’t scare me,” said Crenshaw. “We don’t want America to think that all African Americans are supportive of this.”


    Crenshaw, along with some Buffalo Solider historians and Sons of Confederate Veterans are coming together to help protect the Confederate markers from toppling over in Dallas.

    They feel the monuments, like the Freedman’s Cemetery, tell an important story and help heal racial wounds.

    “Some people think that by taking a statue down, that’s going to erase racism,” said Crenshaw. “Misguided.”

    City council member Philip Kingston disagrees.

    “What we don’t do is leave up a monument that celebrates the very idea that some of us are not equal to the others,” said Kingston.

    He has now proposed a resolution that states the monuments should not be on public land and wants to create a task force to help decide the future of the statues.

    “These monuments distort history, they don’t teach history,” said Kingtson.

    Crenshaw said the protests and efforts to remove the monuments take away from real change and progression.

    “I’m very, very saddened by those people, particularly the African Americans, who are leading this agenda. There is a democratic process,” said Crenshaw.

    Mayor Mike Rawlings released a statement on Monday calling the events in Charlottesville horrifying and the white supremacists behind the events as “pure evil.”

    He did not comment specifically on the monuments but has set a press conference for Tuesday at noon where he could further discuss the matter.

  19. Tear them all down. Solve the racial problem in the US today. Tearing them down will do it.

    1. Electing a black President solved the racial problem in the US. This will do it too.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Since I think the whole discussion borders on the absurd.....

      Here are two possible theoretical solutions:

      1) Kill all the white people


      2) Kill all the black people

      Neither of these options is in any way acceptable to me.

      I think 99.9998% of Americans would agree with me.

      The best action then is for everyone to strive to treat everyone else with dignity, grace and human kindness.

    3. unless its a black kid wearing a hoodie then b00bie doesn't mind a little violence.

    4. Well, Ash, any kid with a hoodie with a gun robbing anyone, which often happens, deserves to be resisted if one feels one is in danger of death, or great bodily harm.

      My continuing hope is that you, dear Ash, suffer an extremely frightening, non lethal, not very harmful mugging to wipe that perpetual snotty little sneer off you shit silly face.

    5. Ash, go live in parts of Chicago for a month, walk the streets alone at night, then come back, if you are able, and tell us all about your experiences.

      I am not recommending that you do so, though.

    6. If fact, being a compassionate soul, I'd probably try to talk you out of it.

      Not that it would take much talking, as it's the last thing you'd do.

      The best I can probably hope for is some frightening Canadian muzzie mugging.

  21. heh, Brazilian Condom Ad:


  22. .

    There is no left wing media bias.

    There is no left wing university bias.

    There is no left wing Hollywood bias.



    1. The Elephant bar isn't a White supremacist site

      The Elephant bar isn't a extreme right wing site

      The Elephant bar has no bias


  23. .

    Even the president seems to have more self-awareness than some here...



    1. Keep saying there's no bias, maybe it will make it so.

  24. .

    Judge Shopping?

    DOJ Seeking Records on 1.3 Million Visitors to Anti-Trump Website, Sparking Privacy Concerns

    The DOJ's warrant was issued by a Superior Court judge in D.C. rather than a federal court.

    The web-hosting site is challenging the warrant on the grounds of privacy concerns and government overreach given the amount of personal detail they are demanding and the amount of people they want it on.

    There will be a hearing on the warrant this Friday.

    I suspect the warrant will be shot down during the appeal process.



  26. Trump was masterful on his press meeting.

    Takeaway, Since Jefferson and Washington were slave owners. Are they next be obliterated from US history?

    1. Don't cities have a right to decide what they want to have in their parks?

  27. The US Civil War II is in the early stages but it has begun.