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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Charlottesville Police and Their Failed Democrat Political Leadership Fled the Scene

Charlottesville Police Called Off When Violence Began: “We’re Leaving, It’s Too Dangerous”

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Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was in attendance during yesterday’s deadly events in Charlottesville, VA, where he reported that the police were called off as soon as things started turning violent.

“But when the tear gas started to fly, thrown by protesters, the police themselves began to evacuate then. I asked the guy who was in charge, “Where you going?” He said, “We’re leaving. It’s too dangerous. They had a chance to nip this thing in the bud and they chose not to.People were throwing soda cans filled with cement…  

Of note, "Unite the right" held a rally which was legally organized with a permit from the city, as was their first amendment right to do so, and Antifa showed up with cement-filled cans and other weapons with plans to violently protest the event - creating a dangerous atmosphere which the police did nothing to control.

Stand Down
The ACLU confirmed that Charlottesville police were ordered to stand down, which allowed the KKK and Antifa to meet face to face with no interference.

Some have suggested that the violent atmosphere and lack of police presence was a factor in the decision and ability of 20 year old white supremacist James Alex Fields to drive his 2010 Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing 32 year old paralegal Heather Heyer and injuring dozens of others.

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  1. GOVERNOR OF COMMONWEALTH: Terry McAuliffe (D) (McAuliffe's response that law enforcement's handling of the violence was successful because there were no bullets fired and "zero property damage") McAuliffe is white.

    ATTORNEY GENERAL VIRGINIA: Mark Herring (D) Previously, he served in the Senate of Virginia since a 2006 special election. Herring is White.

    MAYOR: Michael Signer (D) is the mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia and an author, advocate, political theorist, and attorney. He is a Virginia Democratic activist and former candidate for lieutenant governor. Signer is white.

    VICE MAYOR - Wes Bellamy, (D) (Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy repeatedly calls Trump '45', refuses to call him president) Bellamy is black.

    CITY MANAGER: Maurice Jones (D) first served February, 2008 to April, 2010 as Assistant City Manager. Charged with leading the City’s community relations efforts, Maurice served as the primary staff contact on the City’s Dialogue on Race initiative; worked closely with Police Chief Timothy Longo to establish the Citizens Advisory Panel; managed the City’s Quality of Service and Efficiency Study; and worked with neighborhood associations and residents on variety of community issues. Jones is black.

    POLICE CHIEF: Chief Al S. Thomas Jr. (D) Currently chief of the Lexington Police Department, Charlottesville’s first black police chief.Thomas is black.

  2. August 16, 2017
    Are far left and far right equivalent?
    By John Dietrich

    ....There is no moral equivalency between left and right. Those on the left have repeatedly demonstrated that they are more violent than the right. The left is held to an entirely different standard. Black Lives Matter ("Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon") can be invited to the White House by President Obama. President Trump cannot even criticize them. Mayors often tell their police forces to "stand down." They give protesters "who wished to destroy space to do that as well." Genuinely conservative demonstrations do not usually end with burned out liquor stores. Leftist speakers do not fear being assaulted when they pay a visit to a college campus. The left controls the establishment media. It can therefore suppress or emphasize information that it believes will further its cause. Che Guevara, Mao, Joseph Stalin, and Pol Pot do not receive the attention they deserve....

    I think they aren't morally equivalent yet but may soon become nearly so.

    Thinking of these two sets of scum killing one another almost begins to please me no end.

    Almost to the point of making me begin thinking that the Police would have done best if they had just gone home and watched the baseball game. Or never showed up in the first place.

    Put them all in some huge football stadium, lock the doors, and come back in a couple of gather the dead into piles, and burn 'em.

    I want all of them gone, antifa/nazi/kkk alike.

  3. The Donald's poll ratings, nothing to write home about, have actually ticked up a bit in the last few days.

    They might skyrocket if he took the 'lock 'em all in a football stadium and then come back in a couple weeks and burn the corpses' approach.

    I think most people are getting quite sick of all this shit.

  4. August 17, 2017
    Something stinks about Charlottesville
    By Russ Vaughn

    Evidence is turning up from, of all places, the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as Breitbart and others, that this character, Jason Kessler, who organized the suspicious and supposed Alt-Right demonstration in Charlottesville, Va. that blew up in everyone's face, is a cunning lefty holdover from the Occupy Wall Street movement and a former Barack Obama supporter. I smell Soros money, sabotage, and Democrat dirty tricks here.

    I've been suspicious of the nature of the violence at this supposed Alt-Right demonstration since the news first began breaking. It is no secret that radical elements in the Democrat left have been routinely utilizing violence when it suits their purposes. We also know via secret tapings by Project Veritas that the Democratic Party has a semi-official director of dirty ops, Dick Creamer, who hires, trains, and emplaces professional disruptors to encounter, engage, and infiltrate conservative demonstrations to foment violence, assuring that the demonstrations then become the targets of negative media attention – naturally, against the conservative side. Creamer was caught on videotape boasting about his nefarious capabilities when he thought he was in friendly company.

    So here we now have another blown supposedly conservative demonstration, where violence erupts and people are killed, and guess who just happens to be a ringleader of the various ultra-right to Alt-Right organizations ranging from KKK and neo-Nazis to the kind of patriotic folks who might go to a Flag Day celebration! Um, that would be our vaporous political will o' the wisp, Jason Kessler, whose Occupy activities may well have put him in operational cahoots with high-level Democrat operatives. And owing to the leniency of Virginia open carry laws, too many of Jason's followers just had to parade their personal armories in all their camo combat gear, showing off their minuteman firepower. My first reaction at seeing those clowns strutting down the street like they were in Mosul was, like that of many of my fellow NRA members and military veterans, shaking my fist and yelling at the TV, "No! No! No, you idiots! No!" And that kind of award-winning stupidity makes me wonder if the head planner for the event, Jason, Kessler, didn't have that firepower demonstration all lined up and ready to go precisely to make those right-wing tools look just like the fools they were being, while scaring the bejeezus out of the lefties, blacks, and MSM twerps.

    There's still not enough evidence on the actual violence, other than the schizophrenic kid who ran over the woman, to make any kind of assessment as to who did what in the confrontations between the right-wing demonstrators and the surprisingly strong counter-demonstration. I have to wonder if this Kessler fellow, strong Barack Obama-supporter that he is, had a hand in making sure his Alt-Right marchers were clearly guaranteed to encounter a strong crowd of riled up counter-protesters as well. The reporting of Kessler's background, as well as that of Charlottesville mayor and Democrat activist Mike Signer and Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, has convinced me that Charlottesville was a Democratic Party black operation, planned, organized, and carried out to its successful conclusion, to make the media portray all these conservative whites as stupid, racist, and violent. I believe that it was done by this soulless young man, who succeeded in selling himself to the dumb-bunny right-wingers as one of them.

  5. Trump needs to go on offense.

    He needs to go into red counties of squishy Republicans.

    He needs to do it soon, very soon.

    He needs to defend American History, American Values and do it with the same speechwriter he used in Poland.

    The fun will begin.

    1. Go on offense eh? He just did in the lobby of Trump tower on Tuesday. How'd that work out for him?

  6. Replies
    1. Stay in Canada where you belong and are appreciated. We'll call you when we need your input.

  7. Trump fell on his sword this week by going off script in his recent news conference, which, by the way, was supposed to be about his infrastructure plan. He needs to pull himself off his sword and continue with his plans of infrastructure, job creation, etc. and this will go away. I personally could give a shit about 2 organized groups of extremist knuckleheads who clashed in the streets of Charlottesville.

    The LNM would rather hyperventilate over this than those who get killed daily in the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, DC, etc. I do believe McAuliffe saw this as a perfect storm opportunity to create a bigger issue than it should have been. He has gone silent by the way, sitting at his desk smiling like a mule eating briars.

    Those who hate Trump will always hate him, no matter what. When he stumbles, they are like sharks with blood in the water.

    This latest issue will pass, and by Sept 1, it will not even be a discussion topic, except for those who think tearing down a statue of a dead general will solve their self imposed low self esteem.

    As I mentioned earlier, normal people, those who work and contribute to society in a positive way, do not have time for such foolishness. Except for a few taking heads, nobody with any sense gives a shit. IMO.

    1. .

      He needs to pull himself off his sword and continue with his plans of infrastructure, job creation, etc. and this will go away.

      I disagree. Not with the overall tone of the post but with any optimism shown that it will happen.

      We have seen 7 months of Trump and there is no indication that he will change.

      On Charlottesville, Trump's first tweet was late in coming but it carried a positive message that most could appreciate. (I suspect it was written by staff)

      Then, he put out a second tweet that reflected his own thoughts. And, on this issue, much of the country doesn't agree with what he thinks.

      So, he put out a third statement, on script, obviously written by some of his more politically astute staff, and read directly from teleprompters. It didn't satisfy everyone but it was good enough to let this deal slowly fade away.

      Then during the speech on infrastructure he received a question about his response to Charlottesville, and went free flow, stream of consciousness, unscripted, and provided his real thoughts on the subject.

      How many times have we seen Trump do this same thing? He is his own worst enemy.

      A couple days ago he was talking about cracking down on the Chinese demands for technology transfer from companies wanting access to their markets. This is a big deal and Trump is right to point it out. There is the infrastructure issue which most agree is needed. There is a lot of other things he could have talked about. Instead he opened the whole Charlottesville can of worms again.

      This morning, even after being abandoned on the subject by business leaders, by many GOP legislators, by news people at FOX, he still refused to let the subject drop. This morning he began again tweeting on the subject.

      Some blame the nasty old media for printing about what the President of the United State has to say. That's naïve. Even conservative media is going to report on what he says. It's their job.

      I don't see Trump changing regardless of what people tell him. He is too volatile. You can only keep him in check for so long before he breaks out.

      People are learning how to trigger these responses from Trump. Putin calls him weak, the media continues to bring up any subject where he is receiving criticism. It's like Pavlov's dog. Trump can't help himself.


    2. Quirk, I wasn't stating Trump will soon stop being Trump. In fact I hope he doesn't. I was referring to this specific issue. And thanks for giving us the play by play of what happened, just in case we missed some of it. I'll give your other ambiguous statements the attention they deserve. Thanks again.

    3. .

      No problem at all, Mome. Any time.


    4. Don't rely on him for details on permits for Emancipation Park!

    5. People are learning how to trigger these responses from Trump.

      Quirk The Astute

      The Donald does seem to have some buttons that are pushable.

      Push the button, out comes the response slip a little later.

      I can imagine he's a tough person to be around for any length of time.

      Hope Melania has learned his buttons, and can keep him on her lease.

    6. .

      Are you still whining about permits, Doug?

      What is it you want to know? Maybe, I can explain it to you again.


    7. "Explanations" devoid of facts.

    8. .

      Typical, Doug.

      If you have a specific question, Doug, ask it. Your passive aggressive bullshit is truly annoying.


    9. Leave Doug alone.

      I like it when he pushes your button.

      You get all annoyed and bent out of shape.

      I find it entertaining.

    10. .

      Of course you do, dipshit.

      You guys are the Bobbsey Twins after all.


    11. .

      The Bobbsey Twins, Flossie and Freddie. Of course, everyone knows which of you is Flossie.


    12. Aaaaa- HA !

      I pushed Quirk's 'dipshit button' !

      ho Ho HO

    13. It's possible you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome D, Quirk.

      You are always running your intake hatch. Perhaps.....

      Here, check this out -

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    14. All your scatalogical language may be giving a clue.

    15. 'Always looking out for you'

    16. .

      Before pushing buttons you need to be able to read the manual; and face it Flossie, you are an English major.


    17. I try to be helpful, and what do I get ?


      I am finished.

  8. If the nation is going into the business of taking down statues of military and politicians with links to racism, the West Virginians best get busy taking down all their monuments to Robert Byrd, Democratic Senator, now deceased, and once a Grand Wizard or some such in the KKK.

    Hillary once said Bob Byrd was her "friend and mentor".

    See Hillary praising Robert Byrd in the video here:

    1. "a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility"

      Those are normal characteristics of all KKK Grand Wizards.

      ho ho ho

    2. Nice dresser too, in the white sheet and pointy cap, was Grand Wizard Bob Byrd.

      Hard to pick him out in a KKK crowd, though.

    3. Picture of Democratic Senator Bob Byrd in uniform here:

      Can you pick him out ?

  9. Just one result from Trump's attempt to go on offence:

    "Behind CEOs’ Trump rift, 48 hours of calls and calculation

    Even before President Donald Trump began speaking at Trump Tower on Tuesday afternoon, America’s most prominent CEOs knew they had a problem.

    In the days following the racially charged violence in Virginia, where white supremacists marched with swastikas and a young woman was run down by an alleged Nazi sympathizer, alarmed executives began reaching out to Stephen Schwarzman, the billionaire leader of the Blackstone Group LP and a key figure in President Donald Trump’s business brain trust.

    What followed was a frantic 48 hours of high-level debate and cold calculation among some of the nation’s most prominent CEOs – from Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase & Co. to Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo Inc. – that ended abruptly Wednesday with a remarkable rebuke to the president.

    Schwarzman, one of the administration’s business ambassadors, listened over the phone this week as one CEO after another expressed dismay over Trump’s response to the deadly events in Charlottesville – and then over his full-throated attack on a prominent black executive, Kenneth Frazier of Merck & Co., who, unlike many CEOs, had refused to remain silent.

    A conference call on Wednesday morning cemented the decision: The CEOs would disband a White House forum that Trump, the first CEO president, assembled to showcase his supposed rapport with big business.


    1. but doug will tell us how it's all just left wing media bias.

  10. Bannon

    Bannon said he might consider a deal in which China got North Korea to freeze its nuclear buildup with verifiable inspections and the United States removed its troops from the peninsula, but such a deal seemed remote. Given that China is not likely to do much more on North Korea, and that the logic of mutually assured destruction was its own source of restraint, Bannon saw no reason not to proceed with tough trade sanctions against China.

    Contrary to Trump’s threat of fire and fury, Bannon said: “There’s no military solution [to North Korea’s nuclear threats], forget it. Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.” Bannon went on to describe his battle inside the administration to take a harder line on China trade, and not to fall into a trap of wishful thinking in which complaints against China’s trade practices now had to take a backseat to the hope that China, as honest broker, would help restrain Kim.

    “To me,” Bannon said, “the economic war with China is everything. And we have to be maniacally focused on that. If we continue to lose it, we're five years away, I think, ten years at the most, of hitting an inflection point from which we'll never be able to recover.”

    Bannon’s plan of attack includes: a complaint under Section 301 of the 1974 Trade Act against Chinese coercion of technology transfers from American corporations doing business there, and follow-up complaints against steel and aluminum dumping. “We’re going to run the tables on these guys. We’ve come to the conclusion that they’re in an economic war and they’re crushing us.”

    1. South Korea Pres has said USA isn't going on the attack without their permission first, which is unlikely to be granted.

      Unless, of course, N. Korea launches something at us. Then I'm certain The Donald would reply, and the radiation levels would rise slightly around the world for awhile.

    2. For their part the Japs seem itching to arm up.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I was in Barcelona once, as a yoot. I still recall the water of the Med. was an incredibly beautiful turquoise light blue there, never seen anything like it before.

      Also recall Las Ramblas.

      And I still winch when I recall getting one of those little desert sand flies or whatever they are called that they have in the area under my shirt.

      My Lord, they skittle across your chest or up you arm in a nonosecond leaving an incredible hurtful stinging trail of bites or tracks that you will remember the rest of your life.

      Back in those days there was no muzzie terrorism in Europe. Rather I recall the Darth Vader Gang or whatever the name was - Bader something ? - gang of commies in West Germany that were out to immediately change the world to paradise by robbing banks and blowing shit up and shooting people.

  12. 13 dead, 50 wounded in the latest count of the Barcelona offering to Allah.

    1. British Prime Minister May has just said "England stands with Spain".

      Well at least that is settled then.

    2. Meanwhile Merkel is admitting more muzz into Germany.

      I'd say Germany is standing with the muzz terrorists.

      What other conclusion can one draw ?

  13. Dead End ?

    Hmmmm: “Major Staff Shakeup” In Mueller Probe

    ED MORRISSEYPosted at 12:01 pm on August 17, 2017

    The addition of Peter Strzok to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian interference in the election caused enough of a stir for CNN to note it a month ago. Strzok had overseen the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s infamous secret e-mail system, and had a reputation for excellence in his law-enforcement and counterintelligence work. Mueller reportedly brought in Strzok to run the investigatory side of his operation.

    Less than five weeks later, ABC News reports that Strzok’s out, and no one’s quite sure why or what it means for Mueller’s investigation:

    One of the FBI’s top investigators, tapped by special counsel Robert Mueller just weeks ago to help lead the probe of Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election, has left Mueller’s team, sources tell ABC News.

    The recent departure of FBI veteran Peter Strzok is the first known hitch in a secretive probe that by all public accounts is charging full-steam ahead. Just last week, news surfaced that Mueller’s team had executed a search warrant at the Virginia home of Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. And the week before that ABC News confirmed Mueller is now using a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., to collect documents and other evidence.
    Why leave now? Perhaps more pressing and acute investigations required Strzok’s talents and deep experience. Or … maybe not:

    It’s unclear why Strzok stepped away from Mueller’s team of nearly two dozen lawyers, investigators and administrative staff. Strzok, who has spent much of his law enforcement career working counterintelligence cases and has been unanimously praised by government officials who spoke with ABC News, is now working for the FBI’s human resources division.

    Human resources? Granted, that’s necessary and needed work, but is it necessary to assign a top counterintelligence investigator to those tasks? Unless working HR legal issues was a childhood/law-school dream for Strzok, this looks like a demotion, and not just an issue with the probe itself. At least from appearances, Strzok must have gotten someone very angry with him. Given the nature of the probe, one would have to assume that this decision involved not just Mueller, but also recently confirmed FBI Director Christopher Wray and deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. It seems unlikely that a move of this nature didn’t get approved or perhaps even demanded at the highest levels.

    So far, other than the ABC News report, those in the know have remained tight-lipped about the departure. There is also no indication that Mueller’s investigative phase of the probe has wrapped up either, and even if that was the case, it seems unlikely that Strzok would have taken an assignment in HR rather than a more high-profile position based on his earlier experience. Assuming the probe hasn’t ended, this looks like a setback for Mueller, and it may be that the investigation isn’t proceeding to his liking.

    1. Assuming the probe hasn’t ended, this looks like a setback for Mueller, and it may be that the investigation isn’t proceeding to his liking.

      Ash will be crushed.

  14. They really mowed them down in Barcelona. The toll is rising. Over 80 said wounded now, something like 13 dead with another 15 or so critical.

    1. Meanwhile MSNBC is still cathected to Confederate statues, with a short break occasionally to check Barcelona.

  15. Lucidly tearing Henry apart -

    What Kissinger Gets Wrong About Korea
    By Joseph Bosco
    August 17, 2017

  16. Inspector Jacques Clouseau

    A doctor from a neighboring office heard the commotion and rushed to assist. She and the NP struggled to restrain Currie, who continued to stab at Katie. Even with Katie’s two heroic female co-workers fighting him, Currie was hell-bent on continuing his assault as Katie lay smoldering on the floor. Currie was finally restrained by a Non-Commissioned Officer who was also among the first to respond to the commotion.

    Several of the people who were immediately on the scene of the attack in the hospital reported that they could hear Katie screaming, “I told you you this would happen!"

    When a fireman commented that the smell might indicate that Katie had been chemically burned, Currie himself shouted out, “It's gasoline, you idiot!"

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. .

    NYC to review ‘all symbols of hate’ on city property: de Blasio

    The same thing is happening all over the country by each of the groups that constitute the Alt-Left. Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Charlottesville was a catalyst.

    The president continues to fan the flames.

    The Alt-Left is making its move while it can.


    1. You are correct, Q.
      I wonder how Barcelona defines a symbol of hate about right now? I doubt it's a statue of some dead guy.

    2. The reality of it all is that no one gives a shit what I, a middle aged white guy, considers to be a symbol of hate or much less, what offends me.

    3. Better yet, little ole me spends about 30 seconds a month thinking about either.

  18. The Alt-Left best get its ass in high gear -

    Chomsky: Antifa Is A ‘Major Gift To The Right’

    JOHN SEXTONPosted at 3:21 pm on August 17, 2017

    Poll: Strong Majority Opposes Removing Confederate Monuments

    ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 4:01 pm on August 17, 2017

  19. Living the high life: The secretive Korowai tribe who live above the forest in treehouses… and didn't know other people existed until the 1970s

    The Korowai people live high above the forest floor in West Papua in Indonesia in an incredibly remote area
    It is estimated the Korowai population is around 3,000 people with some tribes now living in regular villages
    The Korowai are hunter-gatherers and are known to be excellent fishermen with their improvised weapons
    Anthropologists believe claims of cannibalism might be exaggerated to support the tourism industry

    By Darren Boyle for MailOnline
    PUBLISHED: 12:07 BST, 17 August 2017 | UPDATED: 13:05 BST, 17 August 2017

    It's thought that until 1970, the mysterious Korowai tribe of south eastern Papua, Indonesian New Guinea, were unaware of the existence of any other people on earth.

    Living as remotely as they do - perched up in the canopy of the least explored jungles in the world - it's quite plausible.

    The tribe are known for their distinctive treehouses that tower over the jungle on spindly stilts, originally designed to avoid attacks from rival clans intent on capturing people for slavery or even cannibalism.....

    Read more:

    Nifty tree houses, inexpensive clothing....

    Great pics.

  20. "White Nationalist"

    There is a label Bob, Doug, and Deuce can wear proudly.

    1. Speaking of low self esteem, hey Ash, next time you come to the states, eating our good food, playing our good golf courses and stiffing all the people waiting on you, pull down a statue while you are here, it will make you feel better.

    2. Hey, I'm born and bred American so I guess I can claim all that good stuff as mine. I tend to tip on the high side myself. Must be my low self esteem seeking validation through the fawning attention of the waitv staff.

      As to what statues and monuments the locals choose to display I have always been somewhat interested in checking out the various artifacts I stumble upon as I travel. I've never felt the urge to tear them down.

    3. I gave enjoyed playing on many fine US golf courses. There are many I wish I coukd play as well. I am saddened by the troubles golf in general is encountering. I am surprised Trumps investments in an industry in such decline have proven profitable. His personality is giving golf a bad name these days. So sad.

    4. I think you have serious issues.

    5. Low self esteem being one of the least.

    6. Oh. my.

      Please enlighten me so I may address these serious issues.

    7. Is it my starchy character? My Brown skin? I have been called a "nigatato" in the past. Maybe that is the source of the serious issues to which you allude?

    8. Heh :)


      Heh heh

      With that one, Ash, you have won a small warm place in my heart, at last !!