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Monday, August 14, 2017

The only people dumber than the Neanderthals and Brass Knuckle Draggers are the insufferably tedious referees known as the Stupid Media

Charlottesville riots show media manage to make situation worse 


Eight years after it was proved — even more convincingly than the moon landing — that a black man can get elected president of the United States of America, we still have slow learners stuck in the past.

It’s the “Obliterate History Neanderthals” versus the “I’m White and I’m Proud Brass Knuckle Draggers.” Truly, dumb and dumber — and not always in that order.

The only people dumber than the Neanderthals and Brass Knuckle Draggers are the insufferably tedious referees known as the Stupid Media who shape the country as a barking mad carnival, whipping up hysteria for every armed showdown.

Now an accused Knuckle Dragger and confirmed cat owner, James Alex Fields, has entered the haunted American lexicon of having three names: Lee Harvey Oswald. James Earl Ray. Son of Sam — whatever.

James Alex Fields stands accused of ramming his beloved muscle car into a crowded street during a showdown between the two sides excessively hyped by the Stupid Media.

Now was this a planned attack aimed at maximizing the elimination of as many Neanderthals as possible? Or was it Brass Knuckle Dragger road rage sparked by somebody kicking or throwing something at his muscle car?

My experience with drivers of Dodge Chargers is that they are prone to road rage. And high rates of speed. Who knows, maybe it was a pre-conceived, carefully thought out attack aimed at maximum annihilation of Neanderthals. But the “I’m White and I’m Proud Brass Knuckle Draggers” aren’t known for being particularly sharp. But then again, neither are the “Obliterate History Neanderthals” and their self-styled “antifa” moniker.

The real question is why the Stupid Media gives these loudmouth malcontents so much free airtime.

The Neanderthals have worked so hard in President Obama’s “postracial” America to expand the meaning of “racism” so as to include so many stupid and innocuous things that it is hard to keep track of what exactly is “racist” anymore.

You’re a cop? Racist. A black cop? A racist racist. You’re white? Lord, help you.
After the mayhem Saturday, the Stupid Media descended upon the mother of James Alex Fields and cornered her in her garage for one of the most bizarre — though strangely illuminating — press conferences in Stupid Media history.
“I just knew he was going to a rally,” she explained. “I mean, I try to stay out of his political views.”

Stupid Media tells her it was a Brass Knuckle Dragger rally.

“I thought it had something to do with Trump,” she replied, hesitantly. “Trump’s not a white supremacist.”

Trying to be helpful, the mother of James Alex Fields then offers: “I just know there was — he did mention it was ‘Albright.’”

“Alt-right,” a member of the Stupid Media corrects her, though it is not clear that the Stupid Media was present when James Alex Fields told his mother about the “Albright rally” he was attending.

She confirms for the Stupid Media: “Albright.” Stupid Media strikes back again: “No, alt-right. It’s like alternative right.”

Again, not clear if Stupid Media was present when James Alex Fields discussed his plans to attend this Albright conference.

Who knew Madeleine Albright was a “white nationalist”?

Anyway, as the gaggle of Stupid Media buzzards poked their bald heads in her open garage, the mother of James Alex Fields was clearly confused by everything she was learning about her “white nationalist” son.

“He had an African-American friend, so — ” her voice trailed off, hoping the assembled Stupid Media would get the point.

Well, she stuck the landing with “African-American,” then immediately walked into an airplane propeller by excusing her son on the virtue that he had a black friend. Every enlightened person knows there is nothing more racist than notifying others that you have a black friend.

But what exactly is this so-called “alt-right” the Stupid Media keeps talking about? Best I can gather, it’s racists who are not totally racist. Or not as racist as “white nationalists.” Or, maybe, it’s racists who like black people. Or maybe it is just people who voted for Donald Trump. Who knew Mr. Obama’s “postracial” America would be so damned confusing?

In her defense, the mother of James Alex Fields did not appear exactly proud of her offspring’s behavior, even before Saturday’s madness.

“I don’t really get too involved,” she explained. “I moved him out to his own apartment.”

Good news here is that there is life after grown children living in your basement. Bad news is you may still be paying for them.

Desperate to fetch some good from the awkward situation with hungry buzzards staring into her garage, she offers: “I’m watching his cat.”

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  1. Just what is the difference between a white racist and a black racist?

    Can a white racist be a self-hating white? It seems as if they can. Can someone be so consumed with racial awareness that they are racists to the core? Does being black inoculate you from being a racist?

    I do not see a spit of difference.

    1. Did you notice there wasn't any looting in Charlottesville? I wonder why?

  2. I think the most beautiful women in the world are Hindus.

    Does that make me a racist ?



    1. (They like jewelry too.

      I like jewelry on women.

      But not on men.)


    Good long article about Mattis, McMaster and Kelly.

    Tillerson is mentioned too.

    It seems adults are in charge.

    1. Unless -

      August 14, 2017
      Warning from ex-CIA and FBI counterterrorism analyst: ‘the government is going to kill’ President Donald Trump
      By Thomas Lifson

      The signs are all around us that the subversion and worse is afoot among those who feel that the federal government belongs to them, not to the voters of the Republic. You might even say that think of it as “our thing.”

      Right out in plain sight, we were warned last week in the words of someone who worked for Robert Mueller when he was head of the FBI. It was on CNN, so few people saw it, and as CNN habitu├ęs, they may not have considered it disturbing. Nonetheless, host Jake Tapper was sufficiently alarmed to clarify whether this was a metaphor.

      It was not.

      Ian Schwartz of Real Clear Politics summaries the exchange (video embedded below)

      CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd, who worked for the CIA and the FBI when Robert Mueller was the director, on Thursday told host Jake Tapper that "the government is going to kill" President Donald Trump "because he doesn't support them."

      Phil Mudd, CNN Counterterrrorism analyst

      "Let me give you one bottom line as a former government official," Mudd began. "The government is going to kill this guy."

      "[Trump] defends Vladimir Putin, their State Department, and CIA officers are coming home. And at Langley and in Foggy Bottom (State Dept headquarters), CIA and State they're saying, this is how you defend us? We saw the same thing in his transgender comments. What is the military saying to him on transgender? Show us the policy. You know what that means inside government, ain't going to happen. What did the Department of Justice say on Paul Manafort? You can say what you want, a judge told us we cause to search his home early in the morning because we don't trust the guy who was your campaign manager," he said.

      "The government is going to kill this guy because he doesn't support them," Mudd declared.

      Jake Tapper attempted to clear up Mudd's comments, "obviously, when you're talking about killing you're using that as a metaphor."

      "What I'm saying is government -- people talk about the deep state -- when you disrespect government officials who've done 30 years, they're going to say, 'Really? You send Vladimir Putin sends U.S. officers home and you support him before us?" Mudd replied.

      Hat tip: Michael Savage

    2. Meanwhile, a Venezuelan 'lawmaker' has put a hit out on US Senator Marco Rubio.

    3. Venezuelan lawmaker may have ordered assassination of Sen. Marco Rubio

      JOHN SEXTON Aug 13, 2017 5:01 PM

    4. Issued by some guy called The Pablo Escobar of Venezuela.

      The Veneuzuelan 'government' is now nothing but thugs and drug dealers and killers.

  4. Here is The Tea Party's site:

  5. White Supremacists Were Not The Only Thugs Tearing Up Charlottesville

    The conflict between anti-fascists and fascists has been simmering for decades as they’ve been firing shots at each other and gathering recruits.

    D.C. McAllister By D.C. McAllister
    AUGUST 14, 2017

    The violence in Charlottesville reveals not who we are as Americans, but who we might become if we allow radicalism and totalitarianism to become normalized. In America today, that possibility is most likely to come, not from the radical Right, but from the Left.

  6. Makes sense to me -


    Bolton: China is our last diplomatic hope for North Korea


    OPINION | Bolton: China is our last diplomatic hope for North Korea
    © Getty Images

    Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice acknowledged last week that America’s policies regarding North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program over the last three administrations had failed. She said, rightly, “You can call it a failure. I accept that characterization of the efforts of the United States over the last two decades.”

    Former Vice President Al Gore said much the same. They should know. They served under President Bill Clinton, who started things rolling downhill with the Agreed Framework of 1994. This misbegotten deal provided Pyongyang 500,000 tons of heavy fuel oil annually and two light-water nuclear reactors in exchange for the North’s promise to abandon its nuclear-weapons efforts.

    Pyongyang violated its promise before the ink was dry. In 1999, former Secretary of State James Baker denounced Clinton’s approach as “a policy of appeasement.” Baker’s characterization also applies to much of the subsequent U.S. diplomacy. North Korea has always been willing to promise to abandon its nuclear ambitions to get tangible economic benefits. It just never gets around to honoring its commitments.

    After 25 years of failure, we need not tarry long (or at all) on more diplomacy with Pyongyang. Fred Ikle once characterized the North as capable of “boundless mendacity.” He was being charitable. Talking to North Korea is worse than a mere waste of time. Negotiations legitimize the dictatorship, affording it more time to enhance its nuclear and ballistic-missile capabilities.

    Today, only one diplomatic option remains, and it does not involve talking to Pyongyang. Instead, President Trump should urge President Xi Jinping that reunifying the Korean Peninsula is in China’s national interest. This is a hard argument to make, requiring reversal of decades of Chinese policy. It should have been broached years ago, but it is still doable. There is now growing awareness in China that maintaining the two Koreas, especially given the current nuclear crisis, does not benefit China long-term.

    Historically, the Korean Peninsula’s 1945 partition was always intended to be temporary. Kim Il-Sung’s 1950 invasion of South Korea and three years of ultimately inconclusive war resulted in hardening the bifurcation into its current manifestation. Beijing has backed the status quo, believing that North Korea provided a buffer between Chinese territory and U.S. military forces.

    1. Maintaining its satellite, however, has been expensive and risky. China has long supplied more than 90 percent of the North’s energy needs, and vast quantities of food and other assistance to sustain Pyongyang’s gulag. China has also expended enormous political and diplomatic energy, costing it precious international credibility, to protect the North’s erratic regime.

      Initially, China saw the North’s nuclear and ballistic-missile programs as a problem for America, Japan and South Korea rather than itself. That notion has disappeared, however, under the harsh prospect that today’s nuclear crisis will be merely the first of many with North Korea. Moreover, Japan is now increasingly likely to seek its own nuclear capability, a nightmare for China in some respects more troubling than America.

      Confronted by this new, deeply threatening reality, Beijing’s views on Korean reunification are ripe for change. China has never applied its uniquely strong economic leverage on Pyongyang because it feared so doing could cause catastrophic collapse of the North’s regime. That would in turn produce two unacceptable consequences: massive Korean refugee flows across the border into China, and American and South Korean troops crossing the DMZ and quickly reaching the Yalu and Tumen Rivers.

      The answer to China’s fear of uncontrolled collapse is a jointly managed effort to dismantle North Korea’s government, effectively allowing the swift takeover of the North by the South. China can start by quietly bribing the Kim regime’s top military and civilian officials, offering political asylum and a safe exile for them and their families in China, while simultaneously cutting off energy and other supplies to the North. Seoul can also offer inducements to key North Korean leaders, reminding them what life could be like in a post-Kim world.

      Simultaneously, massive information efforts should be launched throughout the North to spread word quickly on what is happening. The population may lack cell phones and the Internet, but they are far more aware of the outside world than conventional stereotypes. The end of North Korea, and hence the end of its nuclear threat, would be inevitable. The process will undoubtedly be dangerous and somewhat chaotic, but far less so than a completely uncontrolled collapse. And whatever the risks, they pale before the risks of nuclear conflict emanating from the erratic Kim regime.

      Washington can offer Beijing two assurances to assuage its concerns. First, we would work closely with China to prevent massive refugee flows either into China or South Korea. Our common interests here are clear. Second, as the North begins to collapse, allied forces would necessarily cross the DMZ to locate and secure Pyongyang’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons stockpiles and to maintain civil order.

      These forces would ultimately reach China’s border, but we can commit to Beijing that Washington will not station troops there for a sustained period. Instead, we would pledge to base virtually all U.S. military assets near Pusan at the Peninsula’s southern tip, to be available for rapid deployment around Asia. They would not constitute a watch on the Yalu.

      The alternative to this last available diplomatic play is military force. The imperative of protecting innocent American civilians from the long-term threat of North Korea’s nuclear capability dictates that we should be willing to strike those capabilities pre-emptively. But before that, who will argue against this one last realistic diplomatic effort?

      John R. Bolton served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and undersecretary of state for arms control and international security affairs at the U.S. Department of State under President George W. Bush.

    2. .

      Turn in tomorrow, children, for another thrilling story from Fairy Tales from John.


    3. "Maintaining its satellite, however, has been expensive and risky. China has long supplied..."

  7. What about my skunk question in the previous thread?

  8. My Heart Brakes

    According to TMZ, the unidentified rider never applied the breaks during a chase through the city streets, and her bike went airborne and crashed through the glass of a ground-floor studio inside Shaw Tower.

    “We are deeply saddened by the accident that occurred on the set of ‘Deadpool 2’ this morning,” 20th Century Fox said in a statement. “Our hearts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of our crew member during this difficult time.”

    1. This news comes a mere day after TMZ released footage of superstar Tom Cruise badly injuring himself during a stunt gone wrong on the London set of Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 6.

      Cruise and crew dumber than shit:

      He slammed into the wall, then did it AGAIN, apparently neglecting to shorten the cable.

      ...relying on his Scientology Superpowers to propel him across space.

      ie. This shows him slamming into the wall TWICE!

    2. Any nation or organization that supports such a nitwit as Tom Cruise is sorely lacking in some vital capacity of proper discernment.

  9. A Russia – North Korea Connection On ICBM Development Emerges
    JAZZ SHAWPosted at 2:31 pm on August 14, 2017

    As if the North Korean nuke situation wasn’t already bad enough.

    One of the frequently debated questions about North Korea’s missile program is exactly how they seemed to advance so far, so fast. They’ve had low altitude, conventional rockets for a long time, of course, but putting an ICBM up to the edge of space and bringing it back down again to deliver a tactical weapon on target half way around the world is another matter entirely. We previously looked at the known connections between North Korea and Iran, who seem to be sharing technological advances in some fashion. But Iran really wasn’t that advanced either, at least until recently.

    Now another theory has emerged and it seems to have some credible substance to it. The Daily Beast has a summary of a New York Times report quoting a named source from the International Institute for Strategic Studies. They seem convinced that these latest rocket engines most likely came from a factory which dates back to the former Soviet Union.

    North Korea’s rapid missile-program improvements can likely be traced back to a black-market factory that used to produce the Soviet Union’s most deadly weaponry, according to a new report and classified assessments by U.S. intel agencies. It is not believed that North Korea could have made such big leaps forward in their nuclear-weapons program without outside help. The former Soviet factory is just over the Russian border in Ukraine. “It’s likely that these engines came from Ukraine—probably illicitly,” Michael Elleman of the International Institute for Strategic Studies told The New York Times. “The big question is how many they have and whether the Ukrainians are helping them now. I’m very worried.”

    More from Elleman at the Times, who describes how the destitute nature of the region where the factory is located might have led to their taking on new customers in Pyongyang.

    But since Ukraine’s pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was removed from power in 2014, the state-owned factory, known as Yuzhmash, has fallen on hard times. The Russians canceled upgrades of their nuclear fleet. The factory is underused, awash in unpaid bills and low morale. Experts believe it is the most likely source of the engines that in July powered the two ICBM tests, which were the first to suggest that North Korea has the range, if not necessarily the accuracy or warhead technology, to threaten American cities.
    Rather than reaching a point where nobody is helping North Korea (the ideal situation, where sanctions might actually produce results), we now have to wonder just how many people are helping Kim reach his goals and stay afloat. We already know that China is still engaged with ostensibly legal textile trading with North Korea, no doubt helping to fund their R&D. But it’s never been suggested that they’re sharing advanced weapons technology with them. But what does Russia have to gain, aside from stirring up some trouble for the west?

    1. As the report indicates, it’s possible that this wasn’t a sanctioned deal with the Moscow seal of approval on it. After the collapse of the Soviet Union there were broad concerns that the bankrupt military and security force people left behind might start selling nukes on the open market for extra cash. (This was the subject of countless techno spy thriller novels and films.) To this day I’m not sure we’ve 100% nailed down the location of all of the former USSR’s warheads, but that scenario makes it all the more likely that somebody might have been putting some ICBM engines on the black market. You’d think it would be tough to move something like that without our knowing about it, but anything is possible I suppose.

      The worst case scenario is that Putin is actually directly involved and has decided to help Kim Jong-un become a permanent member of the nuclear weapons club. Would he really do that? It’s tough to see what the benefit to Russia would be and it could always come back to bite them in the end. Either way, we may at least have solved the mystery for how the timeline for Kim getting a functioning ICBM shrunk so quickly. Anyway, I have to agree with Elleman on the other point. If Russia is directly involved, we should all be worried.

  10. Bob's brilliant Indians.

    1. Demon drink brought them to an early end of this just one of many lives.


    1. Hey!

      ...I typed in "bill clinton yarmulke"

      ...he wore one when Hillary showed up in her baby bumb blue tent outfit that Deuce liked so much.

    2. Bill looks like an idiot.

      He has it right on the top of his head, while everyone else on earth knows it's supposed to be back a ways.

    3. Or at least most people I've seen wear it back a bit.

    4. Ben Shapiro's hardly shows up.

      If he was Bill he'd wear a white one.

  12. Trump's Fault

    TMZ has obtained 911 records from a police agency in Kentucky from 2010 and 2011, when Fields was 13 and 14 years old.

    In one incident, a friend of Fields' wheelchair-bound mom called 911, saying the boy was threatening his mother, spit in her face and stood behind her with a 12-inch knife. The mother wanted her son taken away and he was arrested and then detained as a juvenile.

    In another incident the mother called 911, saying she told her son to stop playing video games and he exploded in anger, smacking her in the head and putting his hand over her mouth. She locked herself in the bathroom and called 911, telling the dispatcher he was on meds to control his anger.

    In yet another incident, the mom called 911, saying Fields was being threatening toward her and she was scared.

    Fields mowed down 20 people Saturday at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, killing 1.

  13. No one wants to be killed by a sea gull

    It's all fun and games until someone slams into a building, as Tom Cruise appears to have learned Sunday in London.

    The movie star, known for doing his own stunts, was attempting to jump from one building to another while filming "Mission: Impossible 6." In a couple of videos obtained by TMZ, Cruise misses the mark at least twice, and comes up limping hard.

    In what appears to be the more painful miss, the cabled-up 55-year-old runs off one roof, comes up short and slams into the target building. He then clambers up onto the second roof, favors his right leg as he limps awkwardly toward crew members, limps gingerly around on the roof and gives a wave to crew before he's hauled back to the starting point by people TMZ describes as members of the "MI: 6" safety team.

    (call in Brian Moran, Virginia’s secretary of public safety:

    From our plan, to insure the safety of our citizens and property, it went extremely well.’’)

    Another video, shot from the ground, showed a different attempt in which Cruise misses the second roof, hits the side of the target building and is immediately hauled back to the first building.

    The extent of Cruise's injury was unknown Monday morning.

    Director Christopher McQuarrie (who also helmed "Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation," which saw the actor hanging off of an Airbus A400), told The Times in 2015, "Tom is very bold, but he's acutely aware what any single injury would do to the production. Besides, no one wants to be killed by a sea gull."

  14. It was a simple question:

    Do you have skunks on the farm in Idehoe?

    1. Yes.

      They are cute little critters.

      Occasionally one gets hit by a car or truck on the highway and puts up a hell of smell for a couple days.

      When we were in Lewiston, the wife was downstairs, quietly reading, but the screen door was open a little.

      Skunk-o strolls in, walks around a bit, checked out the dog food, and slowly exited, my wife remaining frozen during the visit.

      I like 'em.

    2. Skunk-o exhibited the unconcerned behavior of Royalty.


    3. I forgot how cute they are.

      Overcome by the smell, perhaps.

      When they're not squirtin, they even smell kinda cute.

      Ask your wife if she remembers getting a whiff.


    1. That tracks exactly with the reliability of news in general at HP.

  16. Kim Jong Dung is reported to have gone 'underground' leaving his two body doubles 'above ground'.

    This is said to indicate an imminent missile or nuke test, perhaps missiles shot near Guam.

    1. Quirk, what are the boys at Ye Olde Detroit Mafia Barber Shoppe advising The Donald do ?

    2. .

      Fly over to Guam to observe.


    3. Them boys gots a deathly sense of humor, as expected.

  17. “This information is not based on any grounds, provocative by its content, and most likely provoked by Russian secret services to cover their own crimes,” Oleksandr Turchynov, the secretary of the Ukrainian national security and defence council, said in a statement.

    Other US experts have questioned whether the evidence is strong enough to prove where the technology used in the North Korean ICBMs came from.

    Xu Tianran, a researcher on North Korea and missiles in Beijing, said it was very likely that the North Korean rocket engines were based on the Soviet designs, but argued the available pictures were too blurry to say for sure it was a RD-250. As for the modification, Xu said: “I would bet it is produced locally.”

  18. Google's Diversity Controversy Mocked in Street Art Near Office

    In some posters, Apple's tagline "Think Different" is alongside Google's logo with the text "Not So Much." In other posters, it's alleged that thinking different gets you hired at Apple but fired at Google.

    "It seems since after the election of Trump not only has the left lost their minds," Sabo tells The Hollywood Reporter, "they've all decided to throw all their chips on the table by oppressing anyone who either voted for Trump, supports Trump, is right of center, or simply doesn't see things their way."

  19. The European Union on Monday called for a peaceful solution to the tensions over North Korea’s missile and nuclear program but urged Pyongyang to “refrain from further provocative action.” China’s new import ban expands an existing suspension of North Korean coal imports, announced in February and due to last the rest of this year.

    Signs of resilience in North Korea’s economy suggest that it will be able to endure the new UN sanctions, said Anbound Consulting, an independent economics think tank in Beijing.

    “The effectiveness of the sanctions policy shouldn’t be over-estimated,” Anbound said in a report dated Sunday. “North Korea will still persist with its policy of nuclear-weapons and ballistic-missile development after making some tactical adjustments.”

  20. Kim has disappeared? Maybe he smoked the wrong cigar.

  21. From the Washington Post of all places -

    WaPo: Emails Show Trump Campaign Officials Rejecting Opportunities To Meet With Russia In 2016
    ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 8:01 pm on August 14, 2017

    This may be the most pro-Trump Russiagate story ever to appear in a major paper. Turns out a low-level Trump foreign policy advisor named George Papadopoulos tried to set up meetings between the campaign and Russian officials starting last March, before Trump had even clinched the nomination. Annnnnnd … some of the campaign’s major players, including Paul Manafort, just weren’t interested. Not only weren’t they interested, they were mindful of proper protocol: At least one advisor noted that meetings with a foreign state would raise Logan Act questions while another mentioned that U.S. allies should be notified before any Russia meetings happened.

    WaPo does its best to shoehorn this news into the collusion narrative, noting that this proves the Russian government was eager early on to make contact with Team Trump, but the resulting disinterest within the campaign is so helpful to the president politically that you end up suspecting this was leaked to WaPo by the White House itself. Or by sources friendly to Trump.

    Papadopoulos, a campaign volunteer with scant foreign policy experience, persisted. Between March and September, the self-described energy consultant sent at least a half-dozen requests for Trump, as he turned from primary candidate to party nominee, or for members of his team to meet with Russian officials. Among those to express concern about the effort was then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who rejected in May 2016 a proposal from Papadopoulos for Trump to do so…

    1. On March 24, [Sam] Clovis, the campaign co-chairman who also served on the foreign policy team, reacted to one proposed Russia meeting by writing, “We thought we probably should not go forward with any meeting with the Russians until we have had occasion to sit with our NATO allies.”

      In the same email chain, [Charles] Kubic, the retired admiral, reminded others about legal restrictions on meetings with certain Russian officials, adding, “Just want to make sure that no one on the team outruns their headlights and embarrasses the campaign.”

      On May 4, the day after Trump won the Indiana primary and all but clinched the nomination, Papadopoulos circulated a message from someone at the Russian International Affairs Council that the Russian foreign ministry was interested in hosting the new presumptive nominee in Moscow:

      Clovis responded to the Timofeev invitation by noting: “There are legal issues we need to mitigate, meeting with foreign officials as a private citizen.”…

      Manafort reacted coolly, forwarding the email to his associate Rick Gates, with a note: “We need someone to communicate that DT is not doing these trips.”

      If you’re desperate to salvage a collusion storyline out of that, you could argue that Manafort simply recognized that a Trump visit to Russia would have been piss-poor optics in the middle of a campaign, especially given Trump’s conspicuous neutrality towards Putin when asked about him in the past. The Russian foreign ministry obviously saw a huge propaganda coup in the making if it could convince Trump to accept the invite and do a grip-and-grin photo op with Putin in Moscow. Manafort knew how that would play back in the U.S. and wisely said, uh, nope. Either way, though, there’s nothing in the WaPo story to suggest that Manafort, Clovis, or anyone else was working an independent channel to the Kremlin and was uninterested in Papadopoulos’s alternative channel for that reason. Unless the emails were very selectively leaked by a pro-Trump source to create a false impression of disinterest, this is a solid boost to Trump’s claim that he never colluded.

      One obvious complicating factor, though. Donald Jr, Manafort, and Jared Kushner did meet with someone whom Don Jr thought was acting on behalf of the Russian government when they sat down with lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya last June — after most of the key Papadopoulos emails had been sent. The emails aren’t conclusive proof that no one in the campaign was interested in chatting with Russian officials because, er, they did in fact chat with Russian officials, or someone whom they thought was a Russian official. This story would have made a big impression if that meeting was still a secret, as it would point firmly towards the idea that Team Trump just wasn’t game for collusion. As it is, it’s a piece of the puzzle. If they weren’t interested in talking to Russia in May, why were they interested in June? Were they still interested in July, August, September, and October?

  22. Now Kim blinks -

    North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat

    Kim Jong Un warns he could change his mind if the U.S. persists in ‘extremely dangerous reckless actions’

    South Koreans watch a television displaying news broadcasts reporting on North Korea at a station in Seoul on Aug. 10. PHOTO: HEON-KYUN/EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY
    By Jonathan Cheng
    Aug. 14, 2017 6:50 p.m. ET

    SEOUL—North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has decided not to launch a threatened missile attack on Guam, Pyongyang’s state media reported on Tuesday, but warned that he could change his mind “if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions.”....

    1. Breaking: Kim Jong-un Just Backed Down!

      August 14, 2017 Tea Party ConservativeBreaking News, Guam, Kim Jong Un, North Korea, Politics

      Kim Jong-un just blinked.

      The insane North Korean dictator announced he’s now going into a “wait and see” mode before he launches any attacks on Guam.

      Perhaps “fire and fury” and “locked and loaded” worked after all.

      So when will all the liberals and traitor republicans apologize for saying President Trump’s “tough talk” was poor strategy?


      From Reuters

      North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un received a report from his army on its plans to strike the area around Guam and said he will watch the actions of the United States for a while longer before making a decision, the North’s official news agency said on Tuesday.

      Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can reach her on Facebook here.

      Click this link for the original source of this article.
      Author: Amy Moreno


  24. SPY satellites have observed North Korea moving a missile into position for a possible launch, with the US saying its forces are on high alert.

    Officials have told US media that spy satellites have observed DPRK mobile missile launcher movement, indicating an intermediate-ballistic missile may be being prepared.


    Pyongyang’s state media has this morning reported President Kim Jong-un as “praising” his Strategic Force for drawing up a “careful” plan for a “power demonstration” to “envelop” Guam in fire.


    Mattis told reporters in Washington this morning the situation could escalate to war “very quickly”.

    He said it could be assessed “within moments” if a missile fired from North Korea was on track to hit Guam.