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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Birds of a Feather








  1. By Ivan Moreno - Associated Press - Thursday, August 17, 2017

    MILWAUKEE (AP) — The mayor in traditionally liberal Madison, Wisconsin, has ordered the removal of a cemetery’s monuments to Confederate soldiers, saying the Civil War was “a defense of the deplorable practice of slavery” and “an act of insurrection and treason.”

    One of them, a plaque called “Confederate Rest” that lauds the Confederate soldiers buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery as “valiant,” was taken down Wednesday. The other, a large stone monument that lists the names of the soldiers, will require heavy machinery to be removed, Mayor Paul Soglin told The Associated Press on Thursday.

    “We will reinstall a proper marker with their names but one that does not speak of the Civil War as an act of heroics by the Confederate insurrection,” Soglin said.

    His decision to have the monuments taken down comes as cities nationwide are removing Confederacy-related ones following last weekend’s deadly confrontations at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    Soglin said he agrees with other mayors around the country who are “speaking out and taking action.”

    “We are acknowledging there is a difference between remembrance of history and reverence of it,” he said.

  2. .

    Orwell: 1984

    It was written about by George Orwell in his dystopian novel “1984,” a quote from which is making the rounds this week.

    In it, one of Orwell’s characters warns of how “every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered.”

    “And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute,” adds Orwell’s character. “History has stopped.”


  3. .

    On the other hand...

    Robert E. Lee

    On a number of occasions Lee rejected the idea of Confederate statues and memorials. He felt they were likely to continue the animus between north and south, that they would be a financial burden on Southerners many of whom were barely getting by, and he thought they would simply delay the reconciliation process.

    He rejected the idea of statues and war memorials including those saluting him and Stonewall Jackson. A few years after the war when the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association invited Lee to come up to the historic site "for the purpose of marking upon the ground by enduring memorials of granite the positions and movements of the armies on the field," he didn't explicitly reject the invite because he lost that battle, but framed his reason for not attending more broadly: "I think it wiser, moreover, not to keep open the sores of war but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife, to commit to oblivion the feelings engendered."
    Horn also points out that Lee didn't want to be buried in his Confederate uniform either, so no former Confederate soldiers wore their uniforms and no flags were present during his 1870 funeral procession.

    Lee thought instead of putting a lot of time and money into memorializing the Confederate Generals, "All I think that can now be done, is to aid our noble & generous women in their efforts to protect the graves & mark the last resting places of those who have fallen, & wait for better times," as he wrote in 1866.


    1. Well see there.

      I think it was Lee too who spent a lot of his remaining time trying to get schools built around the country, though it may have been another of the famous Southern Generals.

    2. .

      I haven't read the biographies of the various generals in the war since I was a teenager so I'm not that knowledgeable about the man; however, most of what I remember reading about Lee was pretty positive both as a general and as a man.


  4. .

    Woman hit with felony charges for toppling Confederate statue

    A woman who took part in the toppling of a Confederate statue in Durham, NC, has been arrested and slapped with felony charges, cops said Tuesday.

    Takiya Thompson, 22, has been charged with disorderly conduct by injury to a statue, damage to real property, participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500 — and inciting others to riot where there is property damage in excess of $1,500, according to the Durham County Sheriff’s Office.

    The last two offenses are Class H and Class F felonies, carrying a sentence of up to 25 months and 41 months behind bars, respectively.

    Deputies took Thompson, a member of the far-left Workers World Party and a student at N.C. Central University, into custody Tuesday shortly after she appeared at a press conference with other protesters.

    “The people decided to take matters into our own hands and remove the statue,” Thompson told reporters. “We are tired of waiting on politicians who could have voted to remove the white supremacist statues years ago, but they failed to act. So we acted.”

    Investigators said Thompson confessed to climbing the monument and aiding in its removal after being identified through cellphone video.

    Authorities have been using the footage, which was captured by cops, to identify all of those responsible and bring them to justice.

    “The Sheriff’s Office is executing search warrants and additional arrests are expected,” officials said in a press release.
    Speaking to local TV station WNCN, Durham County Sheriff Michael D. Andrews added: “No one is getting away with this...”

    We will see. Admittedly, the chances of getting a conviction are better in Durham than in New York or San Francisco.


  5. Miracles happen department -

    It turns out Mr. Ash is something of a swarthy,tanned, saturnine young fellow, and has been called, affectionately, nigatato.

    BobThu Aug 17, 11:24:00 PM EDT
    Heh :)


    Heh heh

    With that one, Ash, you have won a small warm place in my heart, at last !!

    The Black Potato, nigatato, nigatater etc it shall be then !

  6. Why does the Universe exist ?

    For the delight and play of The Great Mother.

    Why does She like such play and delight ?

    You'll have to ask Her, and She ain't tellin'.

    But she comes up with some pretty good ones, our nigatator for instance.

    1. Ex-ist: to stand out from, as from a background.

      Great Mom is background.

      The foreground is Her playpen.

      Prove me wrong.

  7. I think this current craze of iconoclasm in the USA simply makes some of these folks feel like they are better than others and allows them to put this self regard on public display, proving to themselves they are better than others.

    What they really wish to do is put up statues of themselves.

    I hope it will blow over.

    I also hope moslem terrorism will blow over but, given the historical records, it will not.

    Therefore we should save ourselves from Europe's difficulties in this regard and


    Ask yourselves, dear readers, if any are out there, do you really want to leave your children and grandchildren having to deal with this crap ?

  8. Fox is reporting the Spanish Police have shot five muzz carrying bomb belts to death in some smaller Spanish town outside of Barcelona somewhere.

    Great that the Spanish Police helped them along to their desired destination before they detonated themselves to it themselves.

    1. Gamgril, Gambril (?) - some little town on the Med. coast.

      Think of it....the beautiful Med. coast....and all these muzz can think to do is spread death.

    2. All that beauty, and human life, young and old, and all they think of is spreading death.

    3. Cambrils is the correct name of the place.

    4. Several killed in Spain anti-terror operation after Barcelona attack
      By Travis Fedschun, Nicole Darrah Published August 17, 2017 Fox News

      Police in Spain announced early Friday they killed five people in a suspected second terror attack in Cambrils, hours after a van rammed into a crowd about 70 miles away in Barcelona, killing at least 13 people.

      State-run broadcaster RTVE reported the suspects attempted to carry out a similar attack to the one in Barcelona, by driving a vehicle into pedestrians. It said seven people were injured -- two seriously -- by the suspects.

      Authorities said the suspects were wearing bomb belts.

      Abraham Jr. ® @torrea40
      Intense gunfire can be heard in the city of #Cambrils as an anti-terrorist operation continues near the city centre.
      5:01 PM - Aug 17, 2017
      12 12 Replies 142 142 Retweets 92 92 likes
      Twitter Ads info and privacy
      The regional police force said it's working to determine if the suspects in Cambrils were linked to the Barcelona attack, as well as to a Wednesday night gas explosion in Alcanar, which left one person dead.


      Meantime, authorities were on the hunt for the van driver that killed at least 13 people and injured more than 100. It was not immediately clear how the suspects killed in Cambrils may have been connected to the Barcelona attack.

      At least two people have been arrested as suspects in the Barcelona incident, according to the regional president of Catalonia. One of the suspects is a Spanish national from Melilla, and the other is a Moroccan citizen who lived in Spain legally.

      ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack on Thursday through its propaganda arm, according to SITE Intel Group.

      "The perpetrators of the attack in #Barcelona are Islamic state soldiers and carried out the operation on command of [ISIS' leader] of targeting coalition countries," the ISIS release stated.

      A senior police official said the van attack is connected to a gas explosion inside a house in the town of Alcanar Wednesday, in which one person was killed and seven were injured.....

  9. America's 2nd Civil War

    Pat Buchanan: 'Like ISIS ... the new barbarism has come to America'

    “They had found a leader, Robert E. Lee – and what a leader! … No military leader since Napoleon has aroused such enthusiastic devotion among troops as did Lee when he reviewed them on his horse Traveller.”

    So wrote Samuel Eliot Morison in his magisterial “The Oxford History of the American People” in 1965.

    First in his class at West Point, hero of the Mexican War, Lee was the man to whom President Lincoln turned to lead his army. But when Virginia seceded, Lee would not lift up his sword against his own people and chose to defend his home state rather than wage war upon her.

    This veneration of Lee, wrote Richard Weaver, “appears in the saying attributed to a Confederate soldier, ‘The rest of us may have … descended from monkeys, but it took a God to make Marse Robert.'”

    Growing up after World War II, this was accepted history.

    Yet, on the militant left today, the name Lee evokes raw hatred and howls of “racist and traitor.” A clamor has arisen to have all statues of him and all Confederate soldiers and statesmen pulled down from their pedestals and put in museums or tossed onto trash piles.

    What has changed since 1965?

    It is not history. There have been no great new discoveries about Lee.

    What has changed is America herself. She is not the same country. We have passed through a great social, cultural and moral revolution that has left us irretrievably divided on separate shores.

    And the politicians are in panic.


    1. {...}

      Two years ago, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe called the giant statues of Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson on Richmond’s Monument Avenue “parts of our heritage.” After Charlottesville, New York-born-and-bred McAuliffe, entertaining higher ambitions, went full scalawag, demanding the statues be pulled down as “flashpoints for hatred, division and violence.”

      Who hates the statues, Terry? Who’s going to cause the violence? Answer: The Democratic left whom Terry must now appease.

      McAuliffe is echoed by Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, the Democratic candidate in November to succeed McAuliffe. GOP nominee Ed Gillespie wants Monument Avenue left alone.

      Like the reporting you see here? Sign up for free news alerts from, America’s independent news network.

      The election is the place to decide this, but the left will not wait.

      In Durham, North Carolina, our Taliban smashed the statue of a Confederate soldier. Near the entrance of Duke University Chapel, a statue of Lee has been defaced, the nose broken off.

      Wednesday at dawn, Baltimore carried out a cultural cleansing by taking down statues of Lee and Maryland Chief Justice Roger Taney who wrote the Dred Scott decision and opposed Lincoln’s suspension of the right of habeas corpus.

      Like ISIS, which smashed the storied ruins of Palmyra, and the al-Qaida rebels who ravaged the fabled Saharan city of Timbuktu, the new barbarism has come to America. This is going to become a blazing issue, not only between but within the parties.

      For there are 10 Confederates in Statuary Hall in the Capitol, among them Lee, Georgia’s Alexander Stephens, vice president to Jefferson Davis, and Davis himself. The Black Caucus wants them gone.

      Mount Rushmore-sized carvings of Lee, Jackson and Davis are on Stone Mountain, Georgia. Are they to be blasted off?

      There are countless universities, colleges and high schools like Washington & Lee named for Confederate statesmen and soldiers. Across the Potomac from D.C. are Jefferson Davis Highway and Leesburg Pike to Leesburg itself, 25 miles north. Are all highways, streets, towns and counties named for Confederates to be renamed? What about Fort Bragg?

      On every Civil War battlefield, there are monuments to the Southern fallen. Gettysburg has hundreds of memorials, statues and markers. But if, as the left insists we accept, the Confederates were traitors trying to tear America apart to preserve an evil system, upon what ground do Democrats stand to resist the radical left’s demands?

      What do we do with those battlefields where Confederates were victorious: Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville?

      “Where does this all end?” President Trump asked.

      It doesn’t. Not until America’s histories and biographies are burned and new texts written to Nazify Lee, Jackson, Davis and all the rest, will a newly indoctrinated generation of Americans accede to this demand to tear down and destroy what their fathers cherished.

      And once all the Confederates are gone, one must begin with the explorers, and then the slave owners like Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Madison, who seceded from slave-free Britain. White supremacists all.

      Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay of Kentucky and John Calhoun must swiftly follow.

      Then there are all those segregationists. From 1865 to 1965, virtually all of the great Southern senators were white supremacists.

      In the first half of the 20th century, Woodrow Wilson and FDR carried all 11 states of a rigidly segregationist South all six times they ran, and FDR rewarded Dixie by putting a Klansman on the Supreme Court.

      While easy for Republicans to wash their hands of such odious elements as Nazis in Charlottesville, will they take up the defense of the monuments and statues that have defined our history, or capitulate to the icon-smashers?

      In this Second American Civil War, whose side are you on?

      FUCKIN A

    2. In the first half of the 20th century, Woodrow Wilson and FDR carried all 11 states of a rigidly segregationist South all six times they ran, and FDR rewarded Dixie by putting a Klansman on the Supreme Court.

      FDR should be burned in effigy, the Nazi !!

      He must be erased from history !!

  10. And I'm sick of the lies. Shall we take down any monuments to blacks because their ancestors practiced slavery?


    * Like most of the rest of the world, slavery was well-established in West Africa way before any whites came there to buy them

    * It varied in different areas of Africa but was practiced base on caste, tribe, lineage slavery, military slavery, and labor slavery

    * It was just the way things were

    * Long-distance trading was an occupational specialty that West and West-Central Africans held in high regard

    * The Atlantic hinterland of black Africa contained a grid of trade routes dotted with commercial settlements

    * These formed a network that permitted traders to travel widely among communities and employ local associates as their aids and agents

    * They were all black and all in on it - It was good business

    * Trans-Saharan trading included a number of commodities, including slaves

    * Europeans traded desirable commodities to African merchants (blacks) in exchange for slaves

    * The rich black elite charged taxes and tolls - African elites were amenable to the enterprise and practice

    * The majority of black people, who were sold by black people, were prisoners of war, outsiders, and in the culture of black Africa and most of the World were forename to be traded

    * Africans did no identify on racial or national lines - They were not selling “their own,” There was no “African” or “Black” identity in Africa during the slave trade - slaves were a commodity

    There are the facts. That is the way it was everywhere.

    Do we now ban the truth?

    1. The first slaves in the USA, excepting those held by some the Native Americans as the result of intertribal warfare, were whites, so I have read.

      Felons, murderers, advertising men convicted in England....sold off as slaves for the cost incentives.

      A lot were Irish.

      Granted the numbers weren't great.

  11. Several historians have spotlighted consistent examples in the public record of Wilson's overtly racist policies and political appointments, such as segregationists he placed in his cabinet.[274][275][276][277][278] According to scholars, Wilson believed that slavery was wrong on economic labor grounds, rather than for moral reasons.


    While president of Princeton University, Wilson had discouraged blacks from applying for admission, preferring to keep the peace among white students and alumni.[282] Wilson's History of the American People (1901) dismissed lynchings committed by the Ku Klux Klan of the late 1860s as a lawless reaction to a lawless period.


    Wilson's War Department drafted hundreds of thousands of blacks into the army, giving them equal pay with whites, but in accord with military policy from the Civil War through the Second World War, kept them in all-black units with white officers, and kept the great majority out of combat.[284] When a delegation of blacks protested the discriminatory actions, Wilson told them "segregation is not a humiliation but a benefit, and ought to be so regarded by you gentlemen."

  12. I am in favor of creating monuments and statues to the poets and writers.

    There are some, but not a lot. There should be more.

    There is a bust of Hemingway near his home in Ketchum, for instance.

    1. There is a statue of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer in Hannibal, Missouri.

      Quite high up, I climbed my aging hulk up there and had my wife photograph my friends and I.

      Here it is, courtesy of Roadside America:

    2. I would like to see more busts of Marilyn Monroe.

    3. If anyone should try to tear that down they are going to have to deal with me.

      It should include, though, the Nigger Jim. I have always been displeased by that lack.

    4. Sam, I read today about a Marilyn Monroe sex robot.


      Maybe that's your ticket to satisfaction !

    5. She will always be #1 in sexpots, in my view.

    6. Sex Robots - sounds a little dangerous with oral sex should a malfunction occur.

    7. Not that you're dissatisfied, didn't mean to imply that.

    8. Didn't take it that way. :)

  13. You can never satisfy the Left. Let them clip your nails and they will eventually have your arm.

    Fuck em. Trump has the balls to call them out, but to the testosterone challenged in the GOP, they would rather play the flute.


    A war crimes court Thursday said a Malian ex-jihadist caused 2.7 million euros in damages when he destroyed Timbuktu's fabled shrines in 2012.

    The International Criminal Court ordered victims be paid "individual, collective and symbolic" reparations, ICC judge Raul Pangalangan said.

    But the judges at the Hague-based tribunal recognised that Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi was penniless, saying it was up to the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) -- set up to implement the judge's decisions -- to decide how the outstanding amount will have to be paid.


  15. VIDEO: CNN says ISIS/Barcelona jihad slaughter may be “copycat” of Charlottesville
    By Pamela Geller - on August 17, 2017


    CNN sees no connection between the numerous Islamic vehicular jihad attacks in Nice, Berlin, London, Jerusalem, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Ohio State, etc. by Muslims shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ or the Islamic exhortations by Islamic leaders to use vehicles to engage in warfare and kill in the streets of Western cities. But they have no problem tying the well coordinated, well planned jihad attack in Barcelona today to spontaneous insanity in a violent melee between two fascist groups in Charlottesville.

    Yes, that makes sense. How can CNN make a connection to something they insist does not exist – jihad?

    These people are nuts.

    'These people are nuts'


    1. two fascist groups in Charlottesville

      Also correct.

  16. Did the Police and State Patrol Stand Down In Charlottesville ? If so, why ? On whose orders ?

    Offerings from today's American Thinker (my personal antidote to Newsweek):

    Charlottesville and Its Aftermath: What if It Was a Setup?
    Patricia McCarthy
    So were the events of Saturday the result of a despicable plan to further undermine President Trump? Or is this a wild conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But the pieces fit. More

    The Democrats Wanted Charlottesville
    William L. Gensert
    Democrats wanted the riots in Charlottesville. The blood spilled is on their hands. More

    America's Racial History in Context
    E.W. Jackson
    Wanting statues and monuments of the Founding Fathers pulled down is the sentiment of those trapped in stupidity and ingratitude. More

    This Is Really Rich
    Richard F. Miniter
    It doesn't get more ludicrous than this: a Muslim lecturing Americans about slavery. More -

    :) this one is ripe

    Division in America: Don't Blame Donald Trump
    Elise Cooper
    Instead, put the blame where it belongs. More

  17. The muzz that rented the van, still on the loose I think, rented at least two others vans as well, location of these vans as yet unknown.

  18. More on Wolf Bullshitzer -

    CNN: Wolf Blitzer speculates Barcelona is “copycat” of Charlottesville


    Of course Wolf Blitzer immediately reaches for this, because he doesn’t believe that there are Islamic jihadis at all. It doesn’t fit his network’s narrative. And vehicular jihad? Wolf has never heard of such a thing.

    “Wolf Blitzer Speculates Barcelona Attack May Be ‘Copycat’ Of Charlottesville [VIDEO],” by Anders Hagstrom, Daily Caller, August 17, 2017:

    CNN host Wolf Blitzer speculated on air Thursday the terror attack in Barcelona might be a “copycat” of the Charlottesville attack.

    “There will be questions about copycats. Questions, if what happened in Barcelona, was at all, at all, a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia,” Blitzer said. “Even though they may be different characters and different political ambitions, they use the same killing device. A vehicle going at high speed a group, a large group, of pedestrians.”…

    One of the first instances occurred Jerusalem in 2015 when a Palestinian man drove his car straight into a crowded bus stop. In Nice, France in 2016, a Islamic terrorist drove a truck through a crowded boardwalk during Bastille Day celebrations, killing nearly 100 people.

    In December 2016, Another Islamic radical drove a truck through a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12. ISIS has encouraged using speeding vehicles to commit acts of terror since as early as 2015, and inspired at least three major attacks in the last half of 2016….

  19. Aha !

    I was just considering asking the Bar if anyone knew why so many of the muzz assholes wear fake suicide vests.

    Someone on Fox has just answered my question.

    He - didn't catch his name - was saying that the phone intercepts of many of these people show them talking as to how many feel they have lived sinful lives before seeing the 'light' - read Darkness - and feel the only way they can be rid of their sins is by dying in jihad, as their Devil's Notebook the Koran teaches.

    Hence the fake suicide vests are an investment in drawing gunfire from the cops.

    The only thing I could come up with was the idea that, not having explosives, perhaps they wore them to intimidate possible hostages.

    This makes some odd sense, from their point of view, I guess.

    It's noon in Spain and The King of Spain is making a public appearance and moving among his people....

    1. Getting shot is a simpler procedure than the hard work of actually changing one's behavior.

      But not nearly so creative.....

  20. Gautama would remain completely unmoved by the destruction of a statue of himself.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Ash, I googled nigatato and all variations of the word and nothing pops up. Perhaps you should go get that looked at. :-)

    1. :)

      I roughly translate it as Black Potato, or Swarthy Tator, something along those lines, if that helps.

      I now think of Ash as something of a tan tiger of the bedrooms and golf courses.....

      As an Idahoovian I know something about potatoes, and there aren't any black ones, far as I know.

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  23. I wonder if Finland is worried about any "symbols of hate" about right now.

    1. Knife rampage in Finland; 'Several injured'...
      'Allahu Akbar'....DRUDGE

      One would have reason to doubt it.

  24. Well I'll be damned -

    Seattle’s Mayor: Lenin Statue Needs To Come Down

    “In the last few days, Seattleites have expressed concerns and frustration over symbols of hate, racism and violence that exist in our city. Not only do these kinds of symbols represent historic injustices, their existence causes pain among those who themselves or whose family members have been impacted by these atrocities. We should remove all these symbols, no matter what political affiliation may have been assigned to them in the decades since they were erected. This includes both Confederate memorials and statues idolizing the founder of the authoritarian Soviet regime. Both are on private property, but I believe the Confederate memorial at Lake View Cemetery and the Lenin statue in Fremont should be removed. We should never forget our history, but we also should not idolize figures who have committed violent atrocities and sought to divide us based on who we are or where we came from.”


  25. Of those here at the Bar, only nigatato fully qualifies, though Q is sometimes right on the zone lines -


    How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria Bubble
    Posted August 17th, 2017 @ 12:36pm

    History is full of examples of Mass Hysterias. They happen fairly often. The cool thing about mass hysterias is that you don’t know when you are in one. But sometimes the people who are not experiencing the mass hysteria can recognize when others are experiencing one, if they know what to look for.

    I’ll teach you what to look for.


    A mass hysteria happens when the public gets a wrong idea about something that has strong emotional content and it triggers cognitive dissonance that is often supported by confirmation bias. In other words, people spontaneously hallucinate a whole new (and usually crazy-sounding) reality and believe they see plenty of evidence for it. The Salem Witch Trials are the best-known example of mass hysteria. The McMartin Pre-School case and the Tulip Bulb hysteria are others. The dotcom bubble probably qualifies. We might soon learn that the Russian Collusion story was mass hysteria in hindsight. The curious lack of solid evidence for Russian collusion is a red flag. But we’ll see how that plays out.

    The most visible Mass Hysteria of the moment involves the idea that the United States intentionally elected a racist President. If that statement just triggered you, it might mean you are in the Mass Hysteria bubble. The cool part is that you can’t fact-check my claim you are hallucinating if you are actually hallucinating. But you can read my description of the signs of mass hysteria and see if you check off the boxes.

    If you’re in the mass hysteria, recognizing you have all the symptoms of hysteria won’t help you be aware you are in it. That’s not how hallucinations work. Instead, your hallucination will automatically rewrite itself to expel any new data that conflicts with its illusions.

    But if you are not experiencing mass hysteria, you might be totally confused by the actions of the people who are. They appear to be irrational, but in ways that are hard to define. You can’t tell if they are stupid, unscrupulous, ignorant, mentally ill, emotionally unstable or what. It just looks frickin’ crazy.

    The reason you can’t easily identify what-the-hell is going on in the country right now is that a powerful mass hysteria is in play. If you see the signs after I point them out, you’re probably not in the hysteria bubble. If you read this and do NOT see the signs, it probably means you’re trapped inside the mass hysteria bubble.

    Here are some signs of mass hysteria. This is my own take on it, but I welcome you to fact-check it with experts on mass hysteria.

    1. The trigger event for cognitive dissonance

    On November 8th of 2016....

    1. .


      Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

      This pathology is especially serious and endemic among specific population, most noticeably, Swedes, English majors, and faux farmers.



  26. 1 person killed, 1 injured after knife attack in Wuppertal, Germany, police op underway – reports

  27. Do you think they are concerned about a statue of a dead general? Well, maybe they are, since it's Germany.

  28. Replies

    1. Bannon fought the Swamp, and the Swamp won...

      For now.

    2. Maybe, maybe not. Trump has his own little swamp going, and General Kelly was brought in to drain it. IMO. Perhaps now Bannon will have time to get those gin blossoms worked on.......and get a hair cut.

  29. It's pretty bad when Bannon represents the voice of reason within the administration. Now we've got Trump and his generals.

    1. What's wrong Ash. You hate the US military too?


    2. The Generals are ALL swampers. Life time bureaucrats in the DC Machine.

      The Treasury is full of Goldman Sucks people. Cohen and Mnuchin, swampers for sure
      Kushner is still a NY Democrat, as Mr Trump was, prior to 2010

      Mr Trump has abandoned the base, he is now nothing but a populist figurehead of status que administration.

      So sad.

    3. To a hammer every problem looks like a nail.

  30. Former Naval PersonFri Aug 18, 02:40:00 PM EDT

    Who is in charge of the clattering train?
    The axles creak and the couplings strain,
    and the pace is hot and the points are near,
    and sleep hath deadened the driver's ear,
    and the signals flash through the night in vain,
    for death is in charge of the clattering train

  31. Disaster Hits The White House

    Members of presidential arts commission resign to protest Trump’s comments

    The commission was established by President Ronald Reagan in 1982. It is among the dozens of mostly ceremonial White House commissions that advise the president on issues ranging from business matters to education policy and physical fitness.

    Members of the commission are Obama-era holdovers, including the actor Kal Penn, a longtime Barack Obama supporter and former White House staffer; director George C. Wolfe; painter and photographer Chuck Close; Jill Udall, the former head of cultural affairs for New Mexico and the wife of Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.); and entertainment executive Fred Goldring, who helped produce the “Yes We Can” video with musician in support of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.


  32. This way of thinking contributed to the notion that white slave masters were burdened by the duty to “civilize” black people, and Lee argues that whites, not blacks, suffered the greatest evils of slavery.

    Did Robert E. Lee Oppose Slavery?

    “I think it, however, a greater evil to the white than to the black race,” Lee wrote in his letter. “And while my feelings are strongly interested in behalf of the latter, my sympathies are stronger for the former.”

    Although Lee ruminates on the welfare of black slaves, it was ultimately the interests of white slaveholders that took precedence in his view of abolition. Lee criticized abolitionists for their interference in Southern affairs, and argued that “if he means well to the slave, he must not create angry feelings in the master.”

    To argue that he was against slavery because he abstractly called it a “moral and political evil” ignores the fact that he not only believed the institution should continue but practiced it himself. In reality, the views espoused by Lee were much the same as those perpetuated by pro-slavery apologists of his time.

    “He very much thought right down the line – the pro-slavery line,” Historian Elizabeth Brown Pryor, who studied Lee’s personal collection of letters, explained in a talk on the matter.

    1. Robert E Lee was a terrorist.
      A man that violated his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.
      A man that tried to destroy the Constitution and the United States.

      His opinion on slavery, irrelevant.

    2. Lee is irrelevant. He died along time ago. What IS relevant and sadness for you is Trump is the POTUS. I suggest you get over it until his term is up, he gets beat, or resigns. For now he is the POTUS. I doubt he gives a shit what you or anyone else thinks, Rat.

    3. Wrong agin, MOME.

      I could care less if Mr Trump is President, or not.
      He is irrelevent at this point.
      He has emascullated himself and is destroying the conservative movement in the US.

      He flew a false flag throughout the campaign, and now, he is accomplishing NOTHING that was promised.
      He fails to take responsibility for his own actions, especially with regards to replacing ObamaCare. He promise much, delivered nothing

      He could not even table a reasonable proposal.
      Let alone get it voted upon.

    4. Humorous response as usual, Rat. Thanks.

    5. Republican Congressional Stalwarts have fought valiantly for Conservatism but Trump has sabotaged their heroic efforts.

  33. Racists 100%, Antifa and Virginia Pols, Zero

    ...arithmetic by Mitt Romney

    The potential consequences are severe in the extreme. Accordingly, the president must take remedial action in the extreme. He should address the American people, acknowledge that he was wrong, apologize. State forcefully and unequivocally that racists are 100% to blame for the murder and violence in Charlottesville.

    Testify that there is no conceivable comparison or moral equivalency between the Nazis--who brutally murdered millions of Jews and who hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their lives to defeat--and the counter-protestors who were outraged to see fools parading the Nazi flag, Nazi armband and Nazi salute.

    And once and for all, he must definitively repudiate the support of David Duke and his ilk and call for every American to banish racists and haters from any and every association.
    This is a defining moment for President Trump.

    But much more than that, it is a moment that will define America in the hearts of our children. They are watching, our soldiers are watching, the world is watching. Mr. President, act now for the good of the country.

    1. Mitt's a great Mormon. Wears Celestial Underwear.

      The Mormons used not so long ago, pre-1978, certainly in Mitt's lifetime, did not admit blacks fully to the church.

      I wonder how strenuously young Mitt, if at all, opposed such earlier policies ?

      I don't know the answer to this question.

      Black people and Mormonism

    2. I recall, dimly, when the great change occurred:

      In 1978, the First Presidency and the Twelve, led by Spencer W. Kimball, declared they had received a revelation instructing them to reverse the racial restriction policy

      No human reason seems to have been involved here.

      It done come direct from the Lord.

      I take this as an admission by these assholes that they couldn't think for themselves.

      What was happening of course was that they were adjusting themselves to the majority opinion of outside civil society, as they have done in the matter of multiple wives, getting along by going along.

      They do have an unspoken to the world doctrine that when Mormonism reigns supreme this adjusting themselves to the majority opinion of outside civil society will cease.

    3. Mitt's Recollection Of His Feelings When The Great Change Occurred

      Mitt wept when church ended discrimination
      By MIKE ALLEN 12/16/2007 09:48 AM EST Updated 12/17/2007 08:33 AM EST

      Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today that he wept with relief when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormon church, announced a 1978 revelation that the priesthood would no longer be denied to persons of African descent.

      Romney’s eyes appeared to fill with tears as he discussed the emotional subject during a high-stakes appearance that he handled with no major blunders.

      Story Continued Below

      Watch video of Romney on "Meet the Press," courtesy of BreitbartTV.

      “I was anxious to see a change in my church,” said the Republican presidential candidate, appearing for the full hour just two weeks ahead of the crucial Iowa caucuses.

      “I can remember when I heard about the change being made. I was driving home from — I think it was law school, but I was driving home — going through the Fresh Pond rotary in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I heard it on the radio and I pulled over and literally wept.

      “Even to this day, it’s emotional,” Romney went on.

      “And so it’s very deep and fundamental in my life and my most core beliefs that all people are children of God. My faith has always told me that. My faith has also always told me that in the eyes of God, every individual was merited the fullest degree of happiness in the hereafter and I had no question that African Americans and blacks generally would have every right and every benefit in the hereafter that anyone else had and that God is no respecter of persons.”

      Moderator Tim Russert asked if “it was wrong for your faith to exclude them for as long as it did.”

      “I told you exactly where I stand,” Romney said. “My view is that there’s no discrimination in the eyes of God. And I could not have been more pleased than to see the change that occurred.”

      Who knows if this is a 'political recollection' or not ?

      I certainly don't.

      Not knowing, we should give him the benefit of the doubt and accept his statement.

      He does have an adopted black child in his family.


  34. Bannon, backed by billionaire, prepares to go to war

    Steve Bannon's next moves will be all about the billionaire Mercer family. I'm told Bannon, who visited New York this week, met with Bob Mercer and together they will be a well-funded force on the outside.

    Bannon has felt liberated since it became clear he was being pushed out, according to friends. He's told associates he has a "killing machine" in Breitbart News, and it's possible he returns to lead their editorial operation.

    A source familiar with Breitbart's operations told me they would go "thermonuclear" against "globalists" that Bannon and his friends believe are ruining the Trump administration, and by extension, America.

    Watch for Breitbart's Washington Editor Matt Boyle to be a central figure in this war — which has already begun — against White House officials like HR McMaster, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn, and Jared and Ivanka.

  35. Huma Turns to Modeling....DRUDGE

    One might think that Hillary might give her some of her ill gotten gains, but I guess not.

    I doubt modeling will turn out well for Huma. Maybe she's going to be in the management, or the advertising department.

    Oscar de la Renta Has a New Creative Team, a New Look, and a Growing New Base, Including Zoe Kravitz, Huma Abedin, and Nicky Hilton

    Huma is not mentioned prominently in the article. In fact my cursory look failed to see her name at all.

    I wonder what the hell is going here ?

  36. I’m A Target Of Hatred, And I’ll Still Defend It As Free Speech

    Kat Timpf Posted at 5:00 pm on August 18, 2017

    ....It was not an outrageous or even uncommon view, and yet I was hit with a combination of lunacy, hatred, and abuse. People wrongly accused me of having called all Trump supporters Nazis, of loving Antifa (see this column I wrote about the Berkeley violence, in which I called them fascists), and, of course, of being a socialist, libturd Commie. I received an e-mail that detailed an act of sexual violence that its author believed should be committed against me, and I even had one person defend the historical actions of the Nazis by saying that they had just been trying to better the culture by cleansing it of disgusting Polish Catholics like me.

    It’s been tough to see, but here’s the thing: I would never in a million years suggest that any of this speech should be anything but completely protected under the First Amendment. Yes, even the straight-up modern-day Nazi who suggested that the world would be a better place had my ancestors been wiped out. And anyone who values the freedom that we enjoy in this country should feel the same way....

    Oh come on Kat, if you were so hated you wouldn't be holding your own, actually flourishing, on Fox, where ratings are all.

    Besides, I love ya !

    1. Look at it this way, Kat. We're all hated by the moslems, so we are all in it together.

      And the number of Nazi/KKK scum in the USA is really quite small.

      We all have more to worry about from the fascist antifa scum.

      Best to you....


    2. Look in the mirror and you will see a fascist Nazi/KKK piece of shit, Robert.
      You are the best example we have of white supremacist hatred at the Elephant Bar.

      I have your quotes, locked and loaded.

      Want to see 'em?

    3. Fuck off Dead Beat Dad, self confessed war criminal and world class anti-semite.

      Everyone here knows you need psychological help and has urged you to get it.



    BY ELAINE C. KAMARCK ON 8/17/17 AT 9:04 AM

    Assuming the Democrats retake the House.

    President Pence would be a solid replacement.

    I'm glad 'Mad Dog' and 'T Rex' are in the Administration.

    Both seem sane and sensible to me.

    Which may not be the answer to N. Korea/Iran problem, though.

    Who in hell can know what to do for sure ?

    Bush/Clinton/Obama didn't make progress.

  38. At this stage Trump has two choices.

    He can resign.

    He can leave the Republican Party and stay.

  39. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said Friday he has stepped down as a special adviser to President Trump on regulatory reform.

    He said in a letter to Trump that he was stepping down with the president's "blessing" and "because I did not want partisan bickering about my role to in any way cloud your administration."

    Icahn has been criticized by Democrats who said his advisory role created a conflict of interest because he had not taken a formal government job and was still running his businesses.

    In March, Icahn told CNNMoney that the those allegations were "absurd" and "completely ridiculous." He added, "I don't talk to Donald that often."

  40. If Trump cannot keep his top advisors, how can he govern?

    A weak board of directors characterizes virtually all corporate collapses.

    Trump has failed to organize a coherent and disciplined board of directors.

    I am at a loss to see how Trump puts this back together. He has not shown a steady hand and doubt is coming from all directions.

    An organized retreat and regrouping is not defeat. A collapse in the line and a breaking of ranks almost always precedes a defeat.

    In every war zone that I've been in, there has been a reality and then there has been the public perception of why the war was being fought.

    In every crisis, the issues have been far more complex than the public has been allowed to know.

    John le Carre

    1. Holy shit Batman! Deuce is abandoning his man. Did they fail to pay a bill?


  41. The Latest: Paul Ryan tweets ‘white supremacy is repulsive’

    Doug: ‘white supremacy is super duper, double bad repulsive’

  42. It is better than OK. European culture is white culture and it is superior in every meaningful category. Human beings vote with their feet. No one on the planet is fleeing to Africa. The whites have left in droves because Africa is a hideous disaster. Why are all those boats loaded check to jowl with black Africans going to White Europe.

    Who flees to Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, the entire continent of Africa, Afghanistan, Syria or any other brown or black country?

    You fled to a white culture country. How is that working out for you or would you prefer Congo?

  43. Paul Ryan is good looking smooth talking weasel.

  44. What an ashinine comment. Blacks in the worst hoods in the worst cities in the USA are not fleeing anywhere and if they did it would not be to any black or brown country. Why is that?

    Obama's choice was Martha's Vineyard. I haven't heard about him setting up camp in Kenya or Ghana. He hasn't moved to Singapore. Last I checked.

  45. AS to abandoning Trump. I am an analyst and a strategist. I called Trump's win on this blog two days before the election and gave 18 reasons why he is would win. My choice was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I chose Trump because I would rather move to the Congo than vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Trump is not doing very well. He does not understand the use of authority and power. He is afraid to get tough and lets his emotions overrule
    and cloud rational judgement. That is a weakness. No one can rule politicians without the use of fear. The only people that fear Trump are drama queen snowflakes.

    Trump is getting short of time and his presidency is close to falling apart. He has the right staff but does not listen to them. He is more of a developer than an operator. Trump promised to use less military force and that does not appear to be the case. He talks big and acts small. He is too thin skinned to be effective. Instead he allows his enemies to distract and divert him.

    Trump is a bull. A president should be a matador, graceful with a very sharp blade hidden in his cape.


  47. Contradicting statements by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia State Police say they did not find caches of weapons stashed around Charlottesville in advance of last Saturday's deadly white nationalist rally.

    In an interview Monday on the Pod Save the People podcast, hosted by Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson, McAuliffe claimed the white nationalists who streamed into Charlottesville that weekend hid weapons throughout the town.

    "They had battering rams and we had picked up different weapons that they had stashed around the city," McAuliffe told Mckesson.

    McAuliffe's comments were picked up by other news outlets and spread through social media. But Corinne Geller, a spokesperson for the Virginia State Police, says that no such stashes were found.

    "The governor was referring to the briefing provided him in advance of Saturday's rally and the extra security measures being taken by local and state police," Geller tells Reason. "As a safety precaution in advance of August 12, such searches were conducted in and around Emancipation and McIntire Parks. No weapons were located as a result of those searches."

    The Virginia State Police also disputed McAuliffe's claims that Virginia State Police were underequipped to deal with the heavily armed militia members at Saturday's rally.

    "The governor was referencing the weapons and tactical gear the members of various groups attending the rally had on their persons," Geller says. "I can assure you that the Virginia State Police personnel were equipped with more-than-adequate specialized tactical and protective gear for the purpose of fulfilling their duties to serve and protect those in attendance of the August 12 event in Charlottesville."

    McAuliffe claimed in an interview with The New York Times that law enforcement arrived to find a line of militia members who "had better equipment than our State Police had." In longer comments that were later edited out of the Times' story, McAuliffe said that up to 80 percent of the rally attendees were carrying semi-automatic weapons. "You saw the militia walking down the street, you would have thought they were an army," he said.

    Virginia police have come under criticism for failing to quell violence at the rally, which left one counterprotester dead and more than 30 injured.

  48. REASON

    Typically, the president of a party that controls the White House and both chambers of Congress is the leader of any major legislative push. But with Donald Trump, the opposite is true. Rather than guiding the legislative process, he is its chief impediment.

    To understand just how difficult Trump's antics have made it for Republicans to pursue policy reforms, consider the interview that Bloomberg News conducted with Rep. Kevin Brady on Wednesday. Brady is the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and a leading figure in the GOP's push to overhaul the tax code, the next major item on the party's legislative agenda. The interview was timed to coincide the 31st anniversary of the last time Congress agreed to pursue tax reform legislation. Brady was there to talk about taxes.

    He ended up talking about Nazis.

    "I strongly condemn the white supremacists, the KKK, the neo-Nazis and the violence and hatred they bring to this," Brady said in the interview. That's not exactly the pullquote you want to come out of an interview on tax policy.

    Brady, of course, had to make this statement in the midst of an interview ostensibly about tax reform because it had proven so difficult for President Donald Trump to make a similar condemnation following a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that turned deadly over the weekend. A woman protesting the rally was killed when a car, allegedly driven by a man with white supremacist sympathies, plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters at speed.

    The chaos surrounding Trump's presidency has ground the legislative process to a halt, and made traditional governance all but impossible. And in the process it has revealed the emptiness at the core of the president, whose only real focus is and always has been crude self-promotion.


    1. {...}

      Trump's initial reaction, to weakly blame violence "on many sides," generated enough pushback, including from fellow Republicans, that he gave a brief statement on Monday specifically denouncing white supremacist groups — a follow-up that he reportedly resisted staff pressure to deliver. But in an angry press conference on Tuesday, Trump doubled down on his initial position, declaring that there was "blame on both sides."

      Tuesday's press conference was itself a prime example of the way that Trump's belligerence, inexperience, and combative demeanor have combined to make any sort of discussion virtually impossible. The event was supposed to be a no-questions affair about streamlining the infrastructure permitting process, but Trump, reportedly against the wishes of his staff, decided to take questions instead, making it clear, in the process, that Monday's clean-up statement was delivered grudgingly.

      This is not a problem that is being forced on the president. It is a problem that is a direct result of his own choices. It is Trump's fault, and Trump's alone.

      The fallout from the Tuesday press conference didn't just interrupt Kevin Brady's plan to tout tax reform. It also led to the breakup of Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum, a group of high-profile corporate executives that had been formed to provide the new president with guidance on policy. Following Trump's response to the events in Charlottesville, several CEOs stepped down. Others plotted a harsh response to Trump. Finally, the entire council was disbanded. Plans for another planned council of CEOs, intended to focus on infrastructure, were scrapped yesterday.

      This is the way it has been with Trump since the beginning. During the campaign, his total inability to discuss policy, and his penchant for odious remarks, meant that Republicans ran a primary and then a general election campaign almost entirely divorced from substantive discussion of policy issues.

      He gleefully touted Trump-branded products like Trump Steaks that didn't actually exist, and chewed through hours of live television airtime, but rarely if ever discussed policy on its merits, preferring to engage in endless presidential flame wars instead. The only "issue" that ever held his attention was Trump himself. That hasn't changed. And it has had consequences.

      After taking office this year, Trump repeatedly stepped on Republican efforts to pass health care legislation. He urged wary GOP lawmakers to pass the bill, but could not defend or explain it. On the contrary, he called it "mean." He ramped up tensions with holdout legislators, and in general made the process more difficult whenever he got involved. The process ended when a trio of Senators voted not to proceed, one of whom was John McCain, who Trump derided on the campaign trail as "not a war hero."

      It's instructive to compare Trump administration's near-silence on the specific merits of GOP health care legislation — the president never made a strong case for the plan — with its quick and full-throated response this week. A few hours after Trump's press conference outburst, the White House sent out a sheet of talking points, beginning with the words "the president is entirely correct."



    2. {...}

      More than half way through the first year of his presidency, Trump has achieved no major legislative victories, even with his own party controlling both chambers of Congress. The rest of his agenda has stalled as well, because Trump has nearly every moment proven an impediment and a distraction. Even Trump's executive orders on immigration have been held up in court in part because of the president's tweets. At no point has Trump demonstrated that he has the focus or attention span to pursue conventional policy goals.

      Indeed, the founder of the Journal of American Greatness, perhaps the most prominent publication dedicated to advancing and exploring Trump's specific policy agenda, came out strongly against the president this week, arguing that the president's "actions are jeopardizing any prospect of enacting an agenda that might restore the promise of American life." Even those in favor of something like a Trump agenda are realizing that Trump himself is not a vehicle by which to accomplish it.

      At this point, it is probably a mistake to think of Trump as having a traditional policy or governing agenda at all. Instead, he is demonstrating his true interests every day with his belligerent tweets and inflammatory statements and obsessive self-aggrandizement. Trump's true agenda? You're witnessing it.

    3. Yep, the GOP would have fulfilled all their campaign promises if not for Trump.

      Lying Weasels.

  49. And Yet President Trump, in His Classically Inartful Way, Was Absolutely Right
    August 18, 2017, 12:05 am

    Watch him say what he said, not what others said he said.

    I just did something fascinating. I just watched the President’s entire 14-minute impromptu news conference at Trump Tower on Monday that sparked all the latest barrage of anti-Trump screeds from the left media that will criticize him every day, no matter what he does, augmented by the “Never Trump” Republicans and neo-conservatives who will not rest until they can re-conquer the political party they lost because of three terms of two failed Bush presidencies, followed by the two failed Presidential candidacies of Sen. John McCain and of Gov. Mitt Romney.

    Not the reportage about the conference, but the entire 14 minutes unedited, uninterrupted. I found myself agreeing with his every word. I did not find his tone or demeanor “unpresidential” in the least. He sharply and explicitly condemned the Nazis and White Supremacists unequivocally. He also condemned the extreme leftists who premeditatedly came armed with weapons to smash up a demonstration that, rightly or wrongly, had been granted a legal permit. (I personally wish that ACLU liberals were not so proactive in advancing the right of Nazis to get permits to rally at public venues, but the demonstration had a permit. Meanwhile, the Antifa Alt-Left thugs came with flame-throwers, bats, and shields, and they came to fight.) All the while, the police did nothing for much too long. Chaos and violence ensued.

    The media get exercised when President Trump does not parrot their scripts, but they never minded that Barack Obama would not call out leftist rioters and violent leftist organizations by name. As inner cities would burn, with innocents watching their life savings go aflame as mobs would burn down their inner-city stores in cities from Baltimore to Ferguson, the Obama Administration avoided planting blame or naming hate groups. When a Jihadist murdered Americans serving our nation faithfully at Fort Hood, Obama attributed the murders to “workplace violence.” Obama never could articulate the term “Radical Islamist terrorist,” as though he were Lou Costello fearing what would happen to him if he said “Niagara Falls.” When Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot by her own former supporter, a mentally ill clinger who had backed the Democrat, the media blamed the violence on Republicans like Sarah Palin. When Rep. Steve Scalise was shot, and others were wounded, by a Bernie Sanders supporter who had set out to kill Republicans, the media avoided pinning blame on a left ideology and overheated rhetoric of leftist hate. But when the President of the United States rightly excoriated law-breakers and thugs on all sides of a street conflagration, he came in for a torrent of media abuse, forcing even level-headed bystanders to take cover.

    1. In archaeology, the Rosetta Stone was an historic find that enabled scholars to decipher ancient writing. For me, the Rosetta Stone in defining Donald Trump’s attitudes towards minorities is the meme that dogged him throughout the Republican presidential primaries, and through the presidential general election, alleging that Trump is an anti-Semite, a Jew-hater. I would listen to CNN panelists call him an anti-Semite, read articles in the New York Times and Washington Post calling him an anti-Semite, listen to spokespeople for certain national Jewish organizations that now are in the pocket of the Democrats and hear them call him an anti-Semite. They blamed him and White Supremacists with whom he supposedly sympathizes for a spate of anonymous phone calls threatening violence at Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) around the country.

      That was my Rosetta Stone. Donald Trump an anti-Semite? Really? His daughter Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew. She observes the Sabbath on Friday night and Saturday, maintains a kosher home, apparently does not even take phone calls on the Jewish Sabbath. Does the President want to put her into a gas chamber? His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is Ivanka’s husband and an Orthodox Jew. Some fathers-in-law hate their sons-in-law, but President Trump deeply values Jared Kushner, has him in his inner circle, adores the guy. Does Trump want to put him into a concentration camp? The Kushners have two children. Does Donald Trump want to have those Jewish grandchildren of his put into ovens? Indeed, other of President Trump’s children are married to Jewish people. Moreover, the President is an incredible friend of Israel. He has stopped the endless calls by the Obama-Kerry-Clinton Administration for Israel to retreat to borders that former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban called “Auschwitz borders.” This is an anti-Semite?

      If Donald Trump is an anti-Semite, please find more anti-Semites like him, as many as are willing to seek public office, and I will vote for all of them, and so will 90 percent of all American Orthodox Jews, one of the strongest pro-Trump conservative voting demographics in the United States. Orthodox Jews, the fastest-growing community of American Jews whom the Pew Survey now forecasts will comprise a majority of New York’s Jews in a few decades, the community who observe Judaism’s kosher laws and Sabbath practices and traditions as set forth in the Torah and Talmud, are now among America’s most solid Republican conservative constituencies.

    2. So that is my Trump Rosetta Stone. That is the archeological discovery that makes clear how false and defamatory are all the media canards accusing this good, though deeply egotistically flawed, man of unfairness based on social group. Through all his public life, until he became the Republican conservative political leader, he had no meaningful problem with any minority group. No one accused him of racism through scores of years in public life under the microscope to which he willingly subjected himself, even yearned for. Comedians loved him. Talk show hosts loved him. NBC gave him a national weekly television platform for years and years. He was under constant scrutiny, and race identification never was part of his mindset, and no one ever suggested otherwise.

      (And, oh yeah, by the way: The spate of threatening telephone calls to Jewish Community Centers around the country? None were perpetrated by White Supremacists or Nazi-wannabes. Rather, the perpetrators ultimately were revealed to be a mentally ill African American who somehow thought that telephoning a threat to a JCC would get his former girlfriend in trouble, and an even more deranged Israeli Jewish millennial who used some computer technology to call in his anti-JCC threats from the Middle East.)

      But, wait: Didn’t President Trump say that some of the Caucasians at the Charlottesville protest rallies were fine people? What about that?

      Unlike many Northeast liberals, I have traveled America’s deep South with some intensity, the states of the Confederacy. As an Orthodox Jew with a Brooklyn accent, easily spotted because I wear my yarmulka as my religious convictions require, I traveled throughout the region with some awareness that I stood out as a Jew. Wherever I went, I met many wonderful people. I would talk with people at length about their lives, their hopes, their dreams. I also walked the streets. At the time, I was startled to see so many monuments of Dixie, the Confederacy, the Civil War. I remember wondering about the initials “CSA,” evident on monuments everywhere in the South, which I soon learned was the acronym for “Confederate States of America.” I came to learn, first-hand, that there are many fine, high quality, decent people in the South who truly recoil from the haters on the Right, who truly despise the bigots of today and are ashamed of the bigotry of the past, but who sincerely honor the memories of fallen war heroes of the South. They peacefully protest removing statues of Confederacy heroes like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson because they see them as having been true military heroes and patriots who gave their everything to protect Virginia in particular, and the South in general, from being overrun by invading armies that threatened critical aspects of their way of agrarian life. Consider, as one example, the devastation and horror that General Sherman and his army wreaked upon the South, burning and looting Atlanta and burning and looting other Southern cities along their march. Lee and Jackson were not politicians, pushing for a social agenda. Rather, they were men who felt duty-bound to serve their patrimony. Gen. Jackson actually lost his life a result of a terrible incident of friendly fire at Chancellorsville. And Gen. Lee, who had been offered by President Lincoln the opportunity to lead the Union armies, felt obliged to defend his native Virginia; as a result, his wealth and property were confiscated, as the North converted his mansion and land into Arlington National Cemetery.

    3. There is no easy answer for the statue issue. I have seen that issue for years and years, long before it became the Issue du Jour. In my travels for several months through the South and at the great Civil War battlefields, I saw the monuments everywhere: in main throughfares along Monument Row in Richmond, at the State Capitol in Nashville, at street corners. At the South Carolina state capitol in Columbia, they have preserved the broken walking stick attached to the monument of George Washington, so as never to forget how Sherman’s men ransacked the state and even desecrated the monument of Washington. Similarly, they have refused to repair Union cannonball damage to the building, preferring instead to cover gaping holes with metal patches that starkly remind visitors of the attack that happened there. I have seen the aesthetic beauty and passion that went into sculpting those monuments, and I have read the inscriptions that breathe not a word about slavery nor the social injustices of the Confederacy but of brave young boys, who never owned a slave — the vast majority of Southerners never owned slaves — but who gave their lives for their communities, for their honor, in some cases even for their women.

      As a Jew hailing from the North, whose persecuted East European ancestors did not even arrive in this country from Russia and Poland until a quarter century after the Civil War, I also perceived that those monuments constitute a horrible daily insult and vile dishonor to African Americans and, frankly, an incomprehensible curiosity for a country that had defeated the Confederacy and had reunited. What indeed were all those monuments to the losing side doing all over the place? I came to a sense that perhaps those monuments should be moved to Civil War museums, to the great preserved battlefields at Antietam/Sharpsburg, Chancellorsville, Bull Run/Manassas, Fredericksburg, The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Shiloh, Lookout Mountain, Cold Harbor, Vicksburg, and Petersburg. (Gettysburg already has its full complement.) Perhaps move them to cemeteries where Confederates lie buried.

      But I do believe, as President Trump tried to say in his way, that many of those at the demonstrations indeed were decent people motivated solely by wanting peacefully to preserve the heroes of their history, oblivious to the ramifications — that, sadly, their history includes much that is shameful, even if Lee solely was motivated by a soldier’s rules of honor and service, as taught at West Point; even if Jackson was motivated solely by that same code of a soldier’s honor and service, amplified by a religious believer’s sense that he had a duty to country.

      President Trump sadly is correct. George Washington owned slaves. So did Thomas Jefferson at Monticello and James Madison at Montpelier. So did many who signed the Declaration of Independence. Shall we take down the Washington Monument? Shall we rename the nation’s capital and the state where the liberal Democrats of Seattle govern? Should we tear down the Jefferson Memorial? Is there now yet another reason to change the name of the Washington Redskins!

      And, while at it: How about encouraging some violent street-fighting in Manhattan, tearing down the Peter Stuyvesant statue in Manhattan and renaming that eponymous public school? He was the most vicious anti-Semite of pre-independence America.

    4. The Donald has a great big ego, only slightly smaller than that of Hillary.

    5. The Donald

      1) Loves his daughters and has not abandoned them and has always supported them

      2) Is not anti-Semitic - Loves his Jewish son-in-law and his Jewish grandchildren

      3) Is not guilty of committing any war crimes - in fact so far he has backed us out of the Syrian mess

    6. 4) None of his wives is known to have fled from him in fear

  50. NASA’s Ambitious Plan To Save Earth From A Supervolcano

    Nasa estimates that if a 35% increase in heat transfer could be achieved from its magma chamber, Yellowstone would no longer pose a threat. The only question is how?

    One possibility is to simply increase the amount of water in the supervolcano. But from a practical perspective, it would likely be impossible to convince politicians to sanction such an initiative.

    “Building a big aqueduct uphill into a mountainous region would be both costly and difficult, and people don’t want their water spent that way,” Wilcox says. “People are desperate for water all over the world and so a major infrastructure project, where the only way the water is used is to cool down a supervolcano, would be very controversial.”

    1. An asteroid about 3 miles wide missed the earth in something of a cosmic close call just recently.

      It seems due to return around the year 2500 or so.

      Gentlemen, our situation seems somewhat in doubt.

      We must do what we can for ourselves, though we may also hope that the Rough Old Mother who brought us here will escort us hence.

      And we must not forget that each of us is going to go through the change called death whether such change comes to all of us all at once, or not.

      Cheers !

    2. Ah !

      My daughter has just called to say she has succeeded, finally !!, in procuring, from a friend, a pair of eclipse watching eye glasses. There has been a great run on them as The Event has neared.

      I was becoming frantic, and was reduced to thinking of buying a pair of welding goggles for her in the morning as a last resort.

    3. Now I must turn to the weather report to see if we here will be cloudy, or clear. We are quite close to the 100% area.

      In eastern Oregon, in the 100% area, mobs of people have already started to overwhelm a two lane blacktop to that area in anticipation of The Event, scheduled for app. 10am this coming Monday morning.

    4. Much of this traffic consists, inevitably, of drugged out freaks from the Portland, Oregon area.

      Happily, they will soon return to the joys of perverse Portland, being totally unequipped to support themselves for long in an arid and drug free area.

    5. I shall try to remember to report on the numbers of these drugged out freaks from the urban jungle who, under the influence, feel themselves immune to the rays of the sun, and fail to wear protective eye glasses, the number of overdoses, the number unable to repair their broken down cars, the number gone lost and missing and the general environmental damage done to the delicate arid areas by their presence.

    6. Surely some revelations of spiritual depth shall manifest, visions of gods, sudden comprehensions of deeper meanings, new feelings of Oneness, new understandings of the interlocked workings of nature, severe overdoses, numbers of unexpected passings of The Threshold, ambulance calls, unwanted pregnancies incurred by sexual promiscuities, easily remedied by on demand abortions at tax payer expense in Portland's abortion mills, open air public sexual and homosexual unions, Gonorrhoea, the clap, genital herpes, AIDS, Chlamydia, HPV, Hepstitis, crabs/pubic lice, Trichomoniasis vaginalis, HIV, Syphilis, Genital Scabies, mutations of all of the above.....

  51. Two Former Wasserman Schultz Muslim IT Aides Indicted For Conspiracy Against U.S.
    By Pamela Geller - on August 18, 2017


    Maybe, just maybe, we will get to the bottom of this massive treasonous Muslim spy scandal. But as the scandal widens and worsens, the media goes to extraordinary lengths not to cover it.

    “Five Capitol Hill technology aides said that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.” (more here)

    VIDEO: Democrat Muslim IT Spy Ring Sent Sensitive Intel to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD
    Rep Steve King: Democrat Muslim IT spy ring is “an enormous act of treason, a lot of people complicit” had access to “all the communication of the Foreign Affairs Committee”
    Wasserman Schultz’s IT Muslim Spy Arrested By FBI Enroute to Pakistan After 300K Wire
    Wasserman Schultz’s Muslim IT SPY Arrested Fleeing the Country After Smashed Hard Drives Seized
    FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home
    Democrat Muslim IT Spy Scandal Spreads to Pelosi and Clinton
    U.S. Attorney Overseeing Imran Awan’s Investigation Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Brother
    White House Calls for ‘Thorough Investigation’ of Imran Awan, the Dems’ Muslim IT Spy Ring
    House Dem IT Suspects Wanted Untraceable Payments — and Sure Enough, Millions Disappeared
    House IT Aides Fear Suspects in Data Breach are Blackmailing Members
    House Conservatives Demand Investigation of MUSLIM SPY RING Who Stole Classified Info from Democratic Members on House Intel, Foreign Affairs Committee Servers/Networks

    Blackmail? Wasserman Schultz planned to pay Muslim IT spy even while he lived in Pakistan
    Wasserman Schultz Says Laptop She Sought To Keep From Police Was Muslim IT Staffer Awan’s, Not Hers
    “Two Former Wasserman Schultz IT Aides Indicted For Conspiracy Against U.S.,” by Luke Rosiak, Daily Caller, August 17, 2017:

    A federal grand jury Thursday indicted two former information technology (IT) aides of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz — Pakistani-born Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi — on four counts of conspiracy in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

    1. The FBI arrested Awan at Dulles International Airport July 24 as he was preparing to board a flight to Pakistan. When his wife Alvi left the U.S. for Pakistan in March, federal authorities found more than $12,000 in cash hidden in a suitcase. She had withdrawn the couple’s three children from local schools and does not intend to return to the U.S., according to the FBI.

      “Defendants AWAN and ALVI did unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly conspire, combine, confederate, and agree with each other to commit offenses against the United States,” including bank fraud, false statements, and unlawful monetary transactions, the indictment said.

      An arraignment date has not yet been set, and a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s question about when Hina Alvi would become a fugitive if she does not return to the U.S. voluntarily, or whether officials would seek to extradite her from Pakistan.

      In addition to lying on multiple mortgage disclosures, as an affidavit alleged at the time of Imran’s arrest, the indictment claims Hina lied by claiming medical hardship in order to withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from a retirement program.

      The Awans, three of their relatives and a close friend are the targets of an FBI and U.S. Capitol Police criminal investigation into allegations they committed congressional cybersecurity violations and large-scale theft of congressional property in a scheme that may have begun more than a decade ago.

      The crew worked as shared IT aides for dozens of House Democrats, including many who were members of the intelligence, foreign affairs and homeland security committees. Most of the Democrats fired them when the Capitol Police investigation became public in February, and their access to the congressional IT system was terminated.

    2. However, Wasserman Schultz kept Alvi on her payroll until March and Awan until the day after his arrest. Authorities arrested Awan on the bank fraud charges in order to take his passport and prevent his leaving the U.S. as the investigation into their Capitol Hill activities continues.

      Awan retained Chris Gowen, a longtime aide to former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to represent him shortly after his arrest. Gowen has claimed in media interviews that Alvi left the country with the children only because of lost jobs and the high cost of living in the nation’s capitol. Gowen told the Associated Press that the family lives “in squalor” in Pakistan.

      Gowen also told The New York Times that the Awans wired series of large sums of U.S. dollars to Pakistan as part of a long-time plan to buy property there. The couple had a combined income of $360,000 a year and owned four properties in the Washington, D.C. area, public records show.

      In January, Imran — while impersonating his wife, according to the FBI — wired $283,000 from the Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union.

      “The wire transfer specialist asked AWAN for the reason for the wire transfer, and AWAN stated that it was for ‘funeral arrangements,’” the arrest indictment said. “The wire transfer specialist questioned whether ‘funeral arrangements’ was a sufficient reason for such a large transfer. AWAN then changed his reason to ‘purchasing property.’ The wire transfer specialist then initiated the $283,000 wire from the United States to two individuals in Faisalabad, Pakistan.”

      Even after Awan’s arrest in July, it is possible more money flowed to Pakistan. On Aug. 3, he sold a home for $617,000, according to public records. Gowen declined to say if the proceeds were wired to Pakistan.

      Politico reported that the Awan couple has a “friendly personal relationship” with Wasserman Schultz, who is a Florida Democrat, and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). They are also reportedly close to another Democrat, Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York.

      Wasserman Schultz resigned from the DNC in July 2016 when Wikileaks released hacked committee emails. She has defended keeping Awan on her payroll even after she was aware he was suspected of, as she described it, “data transfer violations.” She claimed she had “racial and ethnic profiling concerns” and “would do it [keep Awan] again.”

      In addition to allegations of fraud and the criminal investigation, other family members have been accused of fraud and worse by Muslim acquaintances and relatives in civil court.

      Awan is currently involved in a civil case against his stepmother, Samina Gilani. Awan wanted his stepmother to sign a power of attorney document giving him access to money in Pakistan that was stored in his recently-deceased father’s name. Their stepmother has become homeless while the children — with a combined income of hundreds of thousands per year — are fighting her over a $50,000 life insurance policy.

      She claims that Awan used his IT skills to wiretap her and his government connections to intimidate her. Gilani also said Awan told her he had the power to have people kidnapped.

      Imran Awan’s brothers Jamal and Abid also were on the House payroll at chief-of-staff level salaries, and Jamal filed a death certificate for his father that falsely said he was divorced. Abid changed the beneficiary of their father’s life insurance policy from the wife to himself after his death, Gilani’s lawyer said….

  52. - DRAMATIC VIDEO: Barcelona “smirking” JIHADI wearing suicide vest is SHOT DEAD as
    he taunted cops in shock footage :

    - Manhunt: Two people SHOT by “ASIAN” near busy Toronto Mall :

    - Chief Rabbi of Barcelona confirms JIHAD terror has doomed Jewish community there,
    urges leaving :

    - MULTIPLE KNIFE JIHAD in Finland: Devout Muslim knifemen screaming “Allahu akbar”
    randomly stab people in city of Turku :

    - UK: MP tells the truth on Muslim rape gangs — then is forced to resign for telling
    the truth :

  53. Tina Fey's Response to Charlottesville


  54. August 19, 2017
    Charlottesville Is Not about the Forces of Good vs. the Forces of Evil

    By Abraham H. Miller

    If President Trump called out each right-wing bigot that invaded Charlottesville, it would not be enough. Some obsessive Trump antagonist standing behind the arc of Klieg lights while holding a microphone would find that somehow, somewhere, he had left out something.

    If there is anything we can agree on, say liberal pundits, it is that fascism is evil, and Trump should have rushed to condemn them after the vehicular assault on demonstrators.

    James Fields, the alleged perpetrator of the vehicular assault in Charleston, is identified as a white nationalist but belonged to no group. Moreover, he seems to be mentally ill.

    The Army discharged Fields after a few months in a manner that bespeaks mental problems -- but let’s not raise that issue. It will prevent us from feeling sanctimonious about condemning the right.

    We most certainly would not want to put Fields in the same category as Major Nidal Hassan, He committed that act of workplace violence at Fort Hood, slaughtering fellow soldiers while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

    When former attorney general Eric Holder jumped into the discussion of the Charlottesville vehicular killing, calling it terrorism, he was summarily mocked for his contrasting depiction of Hassan as merely a perpetrator of workplace violence. The hypocrisy was palpable.

    Of course, nearly everyone wants Trump to condemn only the right. Far be it for us to examine the politics of the left.

    If we think of fascism as a system of authoritarian rule, the suppression of basic liberties, a belief system organized around hatred for the “other” and the inevitability and glory of war (or violence) as a solution to political problems, there were a lot of candidates for the label in the streets of Charlottesville. Some of them were most definitely from the left.

    If we can all agree that fascists should be condemned, let’s not stop with the neo-Nazis and white nationalists, let’s demand that the President condemn all the fascists.

    The American Jewish Committee has called on President Trump to condemn the far-right groups in Charlottesville. Let us disabuse them of the idea that only the far right is anti-Semitic. One thing nearly every one of the major groups in the street shared is their antipathy toward Jews.

    Yet the AJC depicted the events in Charleston as a conflict between the voices of hate and those who chose to stop hate in its tracks. We wonder if the AJC bothers to read the news or just dreams up this material. Since when are Black Lives Matter and Antifa concerned about stopping hate, especially hatred against Jews?

    1. While progressive Jews were being warriors for social justice and the causes of others, the far left and their Muslim allies were building intersectionality, whose very foundation is anti-Semitism. Intersectionality singles out the world’s only Jewish state as a source of oppression and the denial of human rights. Not only is the characterization mindless, but every Muslim state busy stoning gays and female rape victims is given a pass.

      That’s why Jews and Jewish symbols were bluewashed from Chicago’s Dyke March and Jews were found to be of insufficient virtue to participate in the city’s Slut Walk.

      Jews should have seen the signs. They were much earlier ostracized from Occupy Wall Street.

      Black Lives Matter has embraced every anti-Semitic trope found in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement against Israel. BLM’s anti-Semitic founding document could have been penned by Hamas.

      BLM’s offshoot the Dreamer Defenders received the Potemkin Village tour of Jerusalem and came back spewing every asinine accusation about Israeli apartheid and oppression. It’s a wonder their tour guide provided by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (the people who created airline hijacking) did not show them pictures of Israelis drawing blood from Palestinian children to make matzos.

      The Antifa thrives on violence and wreaks havoc wherever it gathers. Violence is its calling card, raising the question of whether the high on violence is as much a motivation for protesting as are the political issues. Sheryl Gay Stolberg, who covered Charlottesville for the New York Times, spontaneously tweeted about Antifa’s violence and hate. Subsequently, she corrected her tweet. It obviously departed from the acceptable leftist narrative.

      The chaos in Charlottesville is about two groups of fascists taunting each other in the public square and fighting it out.

      Whether one is a greater threat to civilization than the other is a question for debate, but let us not indulge the silly fantasy of Charlottesville being a conflict between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

      President Trump was correct in condemning all the violence in Charlottesville, and no matter what he did, there are those who would ineluctably find fault with his words.


    Departed White House strategist speaks to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.
    Aug 18, 2017 | By Peter J. Boyer

    With the departure from the White House of strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who helped shape the so-called nationalist-populist program embraced by Donald Trump in his unlikely path to election, a new phase of the Trump presidency begins. Given Trump’s nature, what comes next will hardly be conventional, but it may well be less willfully disruptive—which, to Bannon, had been the point of winning the White House.

    “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” Bannon said Friday, shortly after confirming his departure. “We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

    Bannon says that he will return to the helm of Breitbart, the rambunctious right-wing media enterprise he ran until joining the Trump campaign as chief executive last August. At the time, the campaign was at its nadir, and Trump was trailing Hillary Clinton in the polls by double digits.

    Although his influence with the president waxed and waned, Bannon’s standing in the Trump circle was always precarious. Among the senior advisers competing with Bannon in trying to shape Trump’s agenda, and his tone, were the president’s daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared. Bannon pointedly voiced criticism of those in the president’s sphere whom he considered to be globalists, or liberals (or both), and the president himself plainly bristled over the early attention that Bannon got from the press (including a Time magazine cover, which is said to have particularly irked Trump).

    Bannon says that his departure was voluntary, and that he’d planned it to coincide with the one-year anniversary of his joining the Trump campaign as chief executive, on August 14, 2016.

    “On August 7th , I talked to [Chief of Staff John] Kelly and to the President, and I told them that my resignation would be effective the following Monday, on the 14th,” he said. “I’d always planned on spending one year. General Kelly has brought in a great new system, but I said it would be best. I want to get back to Breitbart.”

    Bannon says that with the tumult in Charlottesville last weekend, and the political fallout since, Trump, Kelly, and he agreed to delay Bannon’s departure, but that he and Kelly agreed late this week that now was the time for Bannon to leave.

    Bannon may have resigned, but it was clear from the time that Kelly became chief of staff that Bannon’s remaining time in the West Wing was going to be short. Kelly undertook a study of the West Wing’s operating system, and let it be known that he kept hearing about Bannon as a disruptive force and a source of leaks aimed at undermining his rivals. One of those, with whom Kelly is deeply in sympathy, is National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, who clashed forcefully with Bannon over such policies as strategy for the war in Afghanistan.

    It is plainly Bannon’s view that his departure is not a defeat for him personally, but for the ideology he’d urged upon the president, as reflected in Trump’s provocative inaugural address—in which he spoke of self-dealing Washington politicians, and their policies that led to the shuttered factories and broken lives of what he called “American carnage.” Bannon co-authored that speech (and privately complained that it had been toned down by West Wing moderates like Ivanka and Jared).


  56. So that leaves two Republicans: Conway and the young guy.

    Ivanka an Jared win.


    She approved interview requests, often tapped out tweets he dictated and remained at his side as he barnstormed the country.

    Hicks followed her parents, Paul and Caye Hicks, public relations professionals, into the business. After graduating in 2010 from Southern Methodist University with a degree in English, she moved to New York and worked with Hiltzik Strategies, which has also worked for Hillary Clinton - as did her father. Paul Hicks used to do communications for the NFL, and is now managing partner at a firm in Washington. In 2014, Hicks joined the Trump Organization to help promote Ivanka's merchandise. A year later, Trump brought her onto the campaign.

    She attracted considerable media attention on her own, but largely eschewed face-to-face interactions with reporters, and almost never joined them for off-the-record socializing. Her interactions were almost always limited to the phone and email.

    Don't look for Hicks to try to curb Trump's tweeting, as others have urged him to do.

    "You can own the news cycle with one tweet and I think that speaks to both the power of his presence and personality, but also his message, and his ability to captivate," she said in a brief video for Forbes magazine's "30 Under 30" series. Hicks is not on Twitter.

    1. Hard to tell the mother from the daughter. (Hopes sister, I think.)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Mom on the left:

    4. Quite a family:

    5. Ugly sister is an EMT:

  58. Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal was adamant Friday that she isn’t resigning over a Facebook post calling for President Donald Trump’s assassination. Chappelle-Nadal, a University City Democrat, has faced calls by Missouri’s top Democrats and Republicans demanding she resign from the legislature over a comment she posted on her personal Facebook Thursday:

    “I hope Trump is assassinated.”

    (Photos in this video are from the Associated Press) Monty Davis The Kansas City Star

    1. I think all of us would have had a quick visit from the FBI, followed by an arrest.

    2. ...but she's black, female, and Democrat.

      White Privilege indeed.

    3. She's also refusing to apologize.