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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Video of Malaysian Passenger Plans shot down on Ukrainian Russian Border - Flight left Amsterdam with 295 on Board


  1. Civilian Jets are fair game in war, just ask the USA or Hamas/Palestinians

  2. Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, declared responsibility for bombing Israeli Ben Gurion international airport on Friday morning with four long-range M75 missiles.
    Air traffic at Ben Gurion Airport has witnessed confusion due to the escalating security situation, where several flights were delayed, Israeli media sources said.
    "Due to air force operations, Israel's civilian air corridor has been narrowed," the sources said. "There could be delays in takeoffs and landings."
    A plane belonging to LOT Polish Airlines was forced to land in Larnaca airport in Cyprus after receiving instructions from Ben Gurion Airport control tower to wait before landing at the airport due to rocket fire.
    In a seperate incident, Israeli sources confirmed that two Katyusha missiles were fired from southern Lebanon on Friday morning and hit Kiryat Shmona settlement northern occupied Palestine. (1948 border israel, not disputed lands)

    1. The 1970 Palestinian Hijackings of Three Jets to Jordan
      Jets Are Blown Up in the Jordanian Desert

      On Sept. 6, 1970, terrorists belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) almost simultaneously hijack three jetliners shortly after they take off from European airports on routes toward the United States. When hijackers on one plane are foiled, hijackers seize a fourth jet, divert it to Cairo, and blow it up. The two other hijacked planes are ordered to a desert air strip in Jordan known as Dawson Field.
      Three days later, PFLP hijackers seize another jet and divert it to the desert strip, which the hijackers call Revolution Field. Most of the 421 passengers and crew on board the three planes in Jordan are freed on Sept. 11, but hijackers hold on to 56 hostages, most of them Jewish and American men, and blow up the three jets on Sept. 12.

      The hijackings--part of 29 hijackings attempted or carried out by Palestinian factions between 1968 and 1977--trigger the Jordanian civil war, also known as Black September, as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the PFLP attempt to seize control of Jordan from King Hussein. Hussein's toppling fails, however, and the hostage crisis is resolved on Sept. 30 when the PFLP releases the last six hostages it held in exchange for the release of several Palestinian and Arab prisoners held in European and Israeli jails.

      The Hijackings: The Five Planes

      PFLP hijackers seized a total of five planes during their September 1970 operation. The planes were:

      Sept. 6: El Al Flight 219 from Amsterdam to New York, a Boeing 707 carrying 142 passengers and crew. It was Hijacked by Patrick Argüello, a Nicaraguan-American doctor, and Leila Khaled, a Palestinian. An Israeli air marshal and passengers on the plane subdue the hijackers, killing Argüello. The plane lands safely in London. British authorities release Khaled on Sept. 30 as part of a deal for the release of hostages held in Jordan.
      Sept. 6: Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight 741, en route from Frankfurt to New York, a Boeing 707 carrying 149 passengers and crew. Hijackers rename the plane Gaza One and order it to the Jordanian air strip. It is blown up on Sept. 12.
      Sept. 6: Swissair Flight 100 from Zurich to New York, a DC-8 with 155 passengers and crew. It is over France when hijackers seize it, rename it Haifa One, and order it to Dawson Field in Jordan. It is blown up on Sept. 12.
      Sept. 6: Pan American Flight 93, a 747 taking off from Amsterdam and carrying 173 passengers and crew, is ordered to fly to Beirut, even though the international airport there didn't have a runway for 747s. One more PFLP member, an explosives expert, boarded the plane in Beirut. The hijackers then ordered it flown to Cairo, where it lands at 4:23 a.m. and is blown up shortly afterward.
      "The hijackers told us the plane would be blown up, but they said it so politely and with such smiles that we couldn't take this too seriously," Cornelius Van Aalst, the flight's service supervisor, tells reporters in Cairo, after the ordeal. The hijackers were very friendly," according to Van Aalst, showing "exemplary manners" and helping to carry an injured woman in a blanket from the plane.

      Sept. 9: BOAC Flight 775 from Bombay to London, a VC-10, is seized while flying over Lebanon. (The British Overseas Airways Corporation is the forerunner to British Airways.) PFLP hijackers say they've seized the plane as ransom for the release of Leila Khaled, the foiled hijacker aboard the El Al plane. The BOAC plane carries 117 passengers and crew. It's allowed to land in Beirut, where it refuels, then flies to Dawson Field in Jordan to join the two other hijacked jets there.
      Why the Hijackings

    2. Why the Hijackings

      PFLP leader George Habash had planned the hijackings with Wadi Haddad, his lieutenant, in July 1970, when Jordan and Egypt agreed to a cease-fire with Israel that ended the War of Attrition that had stretched back to 1967. Habash, whose militants had been taking part in raids on Israel from the Sinai, Jordan and Lebanon, was opposed to the settlement. "If a settlement is made with Israel," Habash vowed, "we will turn the Middle East into a hell." He was true to his word.

      Habash was in North Korea (on his way home from Beijing), on a shopping trip for weapons, when the hijackings took place. That created confusion over what the hijackers were demanding, as they had no clear spokesman. At one point a hijacker on board the Pan Am flight said the PFLP wanted the release of Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian convicted assassin of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, and serving a life sentence at the California State Prison, Corcoran.

      The PFLP then submitted a formal list of demands that called for the release of Palestinian and Arab prisoners in European and Israeli jails. There were about 3,000 Palestinian and other Arab individuals in Israeli jails at the time. Over three weeks, hostages were released in trickles--and the hijackers' demands were met.

      On Sept. 30, Britain, Switzerland and West Germany agree to release seven Arab guerillas, including Leila Khaled, the El Al Flight 219 hijacker. Israel also releases two Algerians and 10 Libyans.

      The Jordanian Civil War

      PLO leader Yasser Arafat seized on the hijackings to go on the offensive in Jordan--against King Hussein, who nearly abdicated his throne. A Syrian military column was on its way toward Amman, the Jordanian capital, in support of the Palestinian assault. But with the backing of the United States' Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and even the Israeli military, which was ready to intervene on the king's behalf, Hussein mobilized his forces and turned them against Palestinians in a bloody three-week war. Hussein triumphed, severely weakening the hijackers' stance.

      A turning point in the battle--and the hostage crisis--was the Jordanian military's rescue of 16 British, Swiss and German hostages held captive near Amman.

    3. Ah yes…

      Hamas, the PLO, Islamic Jihad and all sorts of other alphabet soup initialed terror groups now claim the right to shoot civilians ON PURPOSE…

      And here at the Elephant Blog Bar? There are those that support Hamas and such…

  3. Flyin' through a "War Zone", that's risky business.

    Wonder if they have insurance?
    What gonna happen to their rates?

    Wonder who shot it down?
    Both sides have the same weaponry.

    Best to stay off those buses with wings.
    If you can't there in your own plane, it' better to stay home.
    Or drive.

    1. You told us you stay off public transportation because of your wanted status by the TSA.

      Now that they are setting up random TSA and Homeland checkpoints you must find it harder to smuggle pot and guns thru out the country...

    2. But someone of your special "cia" special forces/ranger ability must have access to multiple passports and ID. like you brag about on line...

    3. Post that reference, will you please?

    4. The time and the date would be sufficient, or you can post the quotes.

      Which ever.
      Since you can't do either.

      Carry On, "O"rdure, Carry On !

    5. My standard of evidence is the same as yours…

      Don't like it? Tuff nuggies….

    6. After all, we all KNOW as you said 2 threads ago, you have guns and KNOW how to use them..

      The big bad fudge packing gay cowboy from Arizona….

      A case of stolen valor….

    7. Enjoying the benefits of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States may seem strange to an Israeli, but ...

      Here in the US it is the norm, not an outlier position.

      You really are an ignorant NASI.

    8. You two post do illustrate the vacuousness of your thinking and your posts.

      You continue to make empty accusations and claims.
      The truth and "O"rdure never meet.

    9. You continue to make empty accusations and claims.
      The truth and JackShit never meet.

      Jack Hawkins, Farmer Rob, desert rat amongst other aliases….

      A fraud, can't remember where he served in Vietman, nor his outfit…

      Ollie North doesn't KNOW him…

      Just another case of a stolen valor…

      Despicable.. A traitor to the USA. Supports the Hamas and Iranians, both declared enemies of state….

    10. That's all you've got, NASI?

      You are raving.

    11. We got lots....

      Just as we BOTH know, you and I, who and what you really are...

      better go talk to your AZ FBI source again and find out if he was disciplined...

  4. We know the insurgents in Kiev used snipers to shoot the demonstrators, then tried to blame the Government for the shootings.
    Now that the insurgents ARE the Government in Kiev, wonder if they are trying the same false flag tactics, on a larger scale?

    1. We know the insurgents

      What no proof, evidence? No documents?

      mere allegations as usual from the fake "spec ops" Ranger from AZ

    2. Questions scare you, don't they "O"Rdure.

      You see questions as allegations and accusations.
      You have the mind set of a guilty NASI.

      Carry On, "O"rdure, Carry On !

    3. What was your outfit in Vietnam?

      You see questions as allegations and accusations.
      You have the mind set of a guilty traitor.

      Carry On, JackShit, Carry On !

    4. Vietnam?

      That was not my campaign.
      Go back and read the file, or tell your 'Coordinator" they need to improve the quality of the background data sets.

      Either the file is wrong, or you are to lazy to read it.

    5. Now you are claiming you were not in Vietnam..

      Your stories change as fast as the diapers for a baby...

      Not that you ever had the ability to be a father,

  5. Since the "cease fire" ended Hamas as tried to invade Israel with a 30 man commando unit targeting a civilian small village. Now the additional news (no they didn't stop firing rockets during the UN requested ceasefire)

    More than 50 rockets from the Gaza Strip have been fired at Israel since the five hour cease-fire expired at 3 p.m. Israel recognized its most quiet period since Operation Protective Edge began last week during the cease-fire, which was only interrupted once at noon by three mortar shells fired on the Eshkol Regional Council.

    I know it breaks your heart that no Jewish babies or kids were murdered again…

    But Hamas will KEEP trying…

    And Israel will keep killing them…

    If you seek the murder of Jewish kids? The IDF will find you and erase you from the planet…

    And you will get no apology….

    Sleep well while you can… Please tell all the jihadists you know…. The mossad will find you...

  6. An adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister wrote on Facebook that a Buk antiaircraft missile system shot down the plane over the village of Torez, about 25 miles east of the city of Donetsk and within territory held by pro-Russian separatist rebels.

    The plane was carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew members, Anton Herashenko, the Interior Ministry adviser, wrote on his Facebook page, without revealing how he knew the information. He blamed the rebels for the attack.

    The Plane was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.
    It was not due to land in the Ukraine, how is it the Interior Ministry of the Ukraine knew so much about the flight, it' crew and passenger list?

    1. It's all a conspiracy.

    2. JACK SHIT SAYS: It was not due to land in the Ukraine, how is it the Interior Ministry of the Ukraine knew so much about the flight, it' crew and passenger list?

      You see questions as allegations and accusations.
      You have the mind set of a guilty NAZI, The man behind the persona supports, Hamas and Iran, both declared enemies of the United States.

      Carry On, JackShit, Carry On !

    3. I stand with Israel.

      jackshit stands with Iran and Hamas, both declared enemies of state…..

    4. The Israeli NASI claims to stand with Israel.
      Why is there no surprise.

      heh, heh, heh.

      The rants, the raves, the false accusations, all part of the pattern.
      A pattern of deception that is closing in around our little "O"rdure.

      His lack of first hand knowledge of the US, his lack of understanding of the law, the culture and the way of life shines through. He can pretend to be the "O"riginal, he can pretend to be a US citizen, but the lies will out.

      ha, ha, ha.

    5. You are so funny and wrong, but you are the traitor to our nation, not I.

      I am as American as you, maybe more. I do not stand with sworn enemies of the United States, you do.

      I will stand with Israel, I will stand with the USA…

      You stand with Hamas, Iran and the genocide of the Jews.

      You are a traitor, not I

    6. We know that you are loyal to Israel, "O"rdure.
      That is no news, at all.

    7. One wonders why you keep repeating it.
      Who are you trying to convince of your loyalty to Israel, and why?

      Would not your time be better spent trying to convince others to join your cause?

      Oh, well...

    8. Nope, just pointing out that I stand with the USA and Israel.

      you stand with Iran and Hamas, both sworn enemies of the state...

      you sir are a traitor

  7. Wow, I just got home from the store. Can't take your eyes off of them for a minute. :)

  8. As to being a conspiracy, the shooting down of the Malaysian airplane over the Ukraine, of course it is a consriacy.

    All human effort is due to conspiracies. People working together, in thi cae to shoot down an airliner.
    The questions, and so far all there are ... is questions.

    Who conspired to shoot it down, why did they conspire to shoot it down?

    Why did the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior tell the world about the passengers and crew before the Malaysians even confirmed it was down.

    How is it the Ministry of Interior knew what type of missile was used, in bringing it down, before there was even time to confirm a missile brought it down and it was not some other type of catastrophic failure?

    Inquiring minds would like to know if the Ukrainian Interior Ministry is clairvoyant or had some reason to have prior knowledge about this flight and the in-flight disaster.

    As the Russian spokesman said of the Ukrainians, in reference to one of the pair of Ukrainian SU-25s that went down yesterday ....

    "You don’t need to be an expert to understand, after looking at bios of [Ukraine’s] current military management, and especially the ‘anti-terrorist operation’, that these people do not have either military education or practical experience of organized planning and use of troops and weapons,”

    Did the Ukrainian Interior Ministry get 'ahead of the curve' and 'spill the beans'?

    1. in this case to shoot down an airliner.

    2. Since you're the blog's only real live "merc" (pardon me while I puke) maybe you could tell us how you used to shoot down civilian planes?

    3. There he goes, again.

      "O"rdure, get real or at least serious.

      Within the same thread you tell the world I have no experience, that I was not in Central America, then you say I am a mercenary.

      I wish you guys could make up your minds, so I would know which of you to ridicule.

    4. No Jackshit, I said you can't remember what unit you served in Vietnam and that Ollie North did not know who you were.

      Once again, "Traitor Jack" you change the subject, lie and distort...

      I have no doubt you served for a brief time before you became a hired killer. Not a very good one, but enough to be on the TSA watch list...

      But now? your just some old, bitter, wifeless, childless, arthritic fool that has no life...

      Except your pot dealing and gun running...

  9. The cello duo, known as "The Two Cellos" really rock...

    Check out this tune "Mombasa"

  10. I just had lunch at a tiny little Mexican restaurant in Korea town here in Toronto (gotta love the mix of cultures here!) I ended up at a little table with heavily accented guy who wanted to chat. He was from El Salvador and we got to talking about recent immigration happenings in the US because I noted a lot of the recent influx were from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and not primarily Mexico. He pointed out how the US 'owns' this mess due to their meddling in Central America (you remember those wars of recent past?) He told me of how the gangs, crime, and cartels down there are squeezing the necks of all the people. I remarked on the role of the illegal drug trade in all that as well.

    It is funny, not in a laughing way, that to many Americans it is primarily a simple thing - we are America, we need to control our borders, they are illegal -- kick 'em out and control the border.

    Ironically we've been paying attention to Gaza. The Israeli side are - they are bad people, they are in Gaza lobbing shit at us. Gotta do something.

    These issues are regional, they are cultural, borders are primarily abstract lines in the sand. The US owns the immigration problem. The Israelis own the Gaza problem.

    The bed has been made and folk gotta lie in it.

    1. The US has been in charge of Central America since General Butler was down there, in 1914.
      The Banana Wars and more.

      1954, the US used proxies to depose the government of Guatemala.
      The Panama Canal, the land was taken from Colombia, the US used proxies to sage a 'revolution', then had a Frenchman sign the Canal Treaty, for the Panamanians.

      It' all good, but it is all on US.

      Even Robert Peterson supports the Monroe Doctrine. We are seeing the results of its implementation, in Texas, now.

      "What your government did abroad yesterday, it does at home today."

    2. The Panama Canal, the land was taken from Colombia, the US used proxies to stage a 'revolution', then had a Frenchman sign the Canal Treaty, for the Panamanians

    3. Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power
      The Guatemala story is explained at 18:47. The Dulles brothers at work in 1954, manufacturing a "Red Scare" out of thin air.

    4. yeppers, US manipulations go back a long way.

  11. Patrick Martin writes for my local rag. He's got a lot of experience in the Middle East. He's been in Gaza that last little while. His descriptions are interesting:


    “Welcome back to hell,” Hasan Jabber, a local Palestinian reporter, said on Wednesday as he described his eight-kilometre daily commute from the Bureij refugee camp to downtown Gaza as “a white knuckle ride.”

    We had just sat down to talk when a massive boom shook my chair at the waterfront café of a modest hotel.

    About 300 metres to south, at the city’s fishing port, a shell had exploded and a ball of black smoke rose into the air. It wasn’t clear whether the shell had come from an Israeli ship offshore, a jet or a drone overhead.

    I remember thinking it’s a good thing no fishermen were allowed out at sea during the current conflict and the port was bound to be deserted.

    But because it was deserted of fishermen, it was a perfect place to play a game of soccer in the sand at the water’s edge. Four boys from the nearby Beach refugee camp – aged 9 to 11, all cousins – were killed by the blast.

    A number of badly injured children were brought to my hotel and cared for by staff until ambulances arrived. All were reported to have survived, including the young boy with a piece of shrapnel stuck in his chest.

    Such bombs and blasts are an everyday occurrence in Gaza and keep most people off the streets. On the drive in from the Israeli border on Wednesday, I commented to my interpreter – an earnest young woman named Jihad (what else?), dressed in hijab and full-length robe – how empty the streets were.

    “You should have seen them yesterday [Tuesday],” she said. “It was so nice to see some people out again and some of the shops open.”

    1. Tuesday, of course, was the day Israel observed a ceasefire for six hours and the blasts showered on Gaza were silenced. The attempt at a mutual truce failed, however, as Hamas kept on firing its rockets into Israel, one of which caused the first Israeli fatality of this war. And now the bombs are back with a vengeance.

      The first stop on my tour of Gaza City was at the site of another enormous blast earlier in the day – the home of Mahmoud Zahar, a surgeon and one of the more extreme leaders of Hamas.

      The Israeli Air Force apparently performed a surgical procedure of its own in the early morning hours, destroying much of the four-storey house with one missile that appeared to enter on the floor right above the front door. And it did so without seriously injuring, let alone killing, anyone.

      Dr. Zahar was not at home at the time, of course. Nor were any members of his family or staff. He’s somewhere deep underground in Gaza, possibly below a major hospital along with other Hamas leaders, safe from the bombs. His neighbours suffered only relatively minor damage to windows and doors, which were blown right out by the power of the blast.

      The fourth floor of the Zahar home appears largely intact, though it looks as if it’s being held up by a number of stilts, all that remains of some parts of the lower floors.

      Neighbours, cleaning up their broken glass and stepping gingerly over the Zahar rubble in the middle of the street, wondered if the Israelis would be back again to finish the job.

      Because of the threat of Israeli bombardment – and because the Israelis have been sending out warning notices to some neighbourhoods of impending attacks – there are close to 20,000 Gazans who have sought refuge with relatives in safer districts or in United Nations schools.

      The Fakhoura School is one of them, offering temporary housing to about 1,200 people who arrived last week after receiving an Israeli warning. That works out to about 30 people in each of the school’s 40 classrooms – a pretty tight fit when you consider everyone has to find room to sleep there.

      Most of the people walked here or rode in donkey-pulled carts from Beit Lahia, a few kilometres to the north, and the only cooking equipment or bedding they have is what they brought with them.

      The smell of urine is heavy when you walk through the steel gates of the blue-and-white compound. The two- and three-storey buildings are set up around a central square, and lots of people must be ducking around the back of some of the buildings to relieve themselves. There are worse smells at the back of the biggest building where feces and bad food have been left, now covered in flies. Jihad, my interpreter, covers her nose and mouth the entire time we’re in the compound.

      The master of the school seems understandably overwrought. I’m ushered in to see him in his large chaotic office because no one is allowed inside the facility without his permission. When I ask how many people are being sheltered in the school, he tells me to speak to someone at the headquarters of the UN Relieve and Works Agency. Only they can answer such questions.

      The same went for every other question I asked, except one: Could I walk around the school and talk to the people? “Absolutely,” he said. “Feel free.”

      People complained about the lack of privacy – rooms are divided by hanging blankets and piles of desks – about the lack of mattresses and about the poor food they’re provided.

    2. On Tuesday, it was pita bread and lentils. Wednesday, it’s pita and a tin of tuna. Those families with money buy what they need from local grocers, but it’s clear there are many who don’t have the cash.

      When it came time to distribute the UNRWA food, a patrol of clean-cut Boy Scouts, around 16 years of age, marched into the compound dressed smartly in khaki shirts and purple neckerchiefs with the white fleur-de-lys Scout emblem. They were volunteers from Jabalia and organized themselves in front of the distribution doors so as to make sure people stayed in line and there was no pushing or shoving.

      To help people just like these, Israel announced Wednesday that it would facilitate a five-hour humanitarian truce on Thursday to allow people who fled their homes to return to them to pick up supplies. During these hours, Israel said it cease all operational activity in Gaza and hold its fire.

      Heading toward the exit, we were overwhelmed by the jet-like sound of two rockets being launched from somewhere near the school. Hamas, or some or militant group, clearly is hoping the Israelis won’t strike at the launchers, which are kept underground until the moment of firing, because they’re close to the school and so many refugees.

      As the Hamas-made missiles screamed off into the sky, leaving a white vapour trail, the kids all cheered. One older boy of maybe 12, shouted in Arabic “They’re R160s,” named for the late Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi who was assassinated by Israel in 2004. These are the big, long-range rockets usually reserved for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or the airport in between.

      The Girls Prep School in Gaza City is another makeshift UN centre for displaced Gazans. The people here have arrived only in the past two days and appear to have been more or less dumped in the place.

      There was no sense of order here – certainly no school master or UN officials to be seen – and certainly no neat Boy Scouts as there were at the Fakhoura School, another shelter I visited.

      Rather, the scene encountered on walking through the steel gates was one of young boys – aged 10 to 12 – fighting. Seriously fighting. And I noticed a number of young men walking about carrying wooden sticks.

      When I approached one of the older men to ask where he and other people came from, I barely got the words out of my mouth before I was swarmed by a large group, made up mostly of women and children.

      It happened often in Gaza on Wednesday that groups would gather around whenever my interpreter and I stopped to talk to people. They were often just curious and had little else to do.

    3. Some were simply annoying, repeatedly asking, “What’s your name?” – the only sentence in English they knew. Others wanted to hear word of “the situation” and when this journalist thought the conflict will be over.

      But the group at Girls Prep were different. They were menacing.

      It was clear they thought I was some kind of UN official who finally was going to talk to them or bring them some provisions; some held their hands to us, palms up, demanding money.

      Some 50 per cent of Gaza’s population is unemployed or unpaid; half of its 1.8 million people are on United Nations food aid.

      I would happily have gone off with some of the displaced Gazans at the Girls Prep School to inspect the facilities about which they complained, but as I began to suggest that, I found that some of the boys were trying to unzip my backpack slung over one shoulder, while others were reaching into my pockets.

      “It’s time to go,” I announced loudly and looked around for Jihad, my interpreter. She too was fending off a mob. I pushed my way toward her, and Mahmoud, our tall strong driver, came toward her from the other side. Together, and with great effort, we made our way through the steel gate to where our car was parked.

      Even there, kids jostled the car and reached through the open windows to try to grab things, until we rolled up the windows and drove off.

      The people of Gaza are becoming desperate."

  12. The President is very upset...Oh, my...

  13. In desperate times, Palestinians get five hours of rest Add to ...

    Patrick Martin

    You knew something was happening this morning in Gaza when you could hear birds sing. The whole Gaza Strip was bathing in the silence of a humanitarian ceasefire suggested by a United Nations representative and accepted by both Israel and Hamas.

    For five splendid hours on Thursday, the streets filled with people, many of whom had scarcely ventured outside their homes for 10 days, fearful of Israeli missiles and shells. But between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., there was no shelling to be heard and no rockets being launched against Israel, some of which are deafening when they take off.

    Besides the birds, you heard the sound of children playing and the honking of car horns as the streets filled with traffic.

    Vehicles were forced to come to a complete halt in front of many of the strip’s banks as massive lineups were formed for access to one or two bank machines.

    The banks were opened for the first time in almost two weeks, and the scene resembled what runs on banks in the 1920s looked like, as people withdrew as much as they could in case the banks don’t open again for a while.

    Even uniformed policemen were out and about. Since Israel considers any Palestinian with a gun and a uniform an enemy fighter, police have often been targeted by Israel in the past. This day they were free to roam and to direct traffic at some of the busier intersections.

    By 11 a.m., you could barely move in the central market area of Khan Yunis, a particularly religious Palestinian city about 18 kilometres south of Gaza.

    Women in black niqabs and abayas lugged large plastic bags full of food, while men in white sat on the walkway reading the Koran. “It’s a Ramadan obligation,” one explained.

    Grocer Mohammed abu Fawzy seemed a happy man. “I’ve been open the past 10 days but had no customers,” he said. “But today …” he started to say, as he pointed to the long lineup forming to his check-out counter.

    “No I’m not really happy,” he said. “This war is terrible and five hours is nothing compared to the women and children killed.”

    He looked at me with a penetrating gaze, wondering if I had a point of view. “The West thinks we are all terrorists,” he finally stated. “But we’re not. We just want our rights as a people, as a country.”

    1. To most Gazans, whatever their politics, this is a familiar refrain. They’re hoping that ceasefire talks now quietly underway in Cairo will end the conflict and give them some relief from the siege-like conditions imposed by Israel – and lately by Egypt – that restrict their movement and their trade outside the territory.

      But for five glorious hours, even the stiffly conservative folks of Khan Yunis enjoyed themselves.

      Salim al Dayuk and his daughter Amira, 12, were busy making small (eight-centimetre) pancakes that go into a Ramadan sweet called katayef. Folded over and stuffed with ground nuts, spice and sugar, they’re a favourite of the Muslim holy month.

      “We’ve hardly sold anything this Ramadan,” Mr. al Dayuk said. “It’s been a sombre month.”

      “It’s wonderful that the rockets from both sides have stopped,” he said. “My children have been very frightened.”

      Not long after the five hours were up, however, some major rockets – probably Iranian-made Fajr-5s or home-made R-160s – were once again roaring toward Israel. And Israel was returning fire, first from ships shelling from offshore, then from the air.

      One of those attacks has just claimed the lives of three children in the East of Gaza City as they were killed unintentionally by an Israeli jet trying to warn a household of people to evacuate their house quickly as it was about to be bombed.

      The so-called “knock on the door” warning is given by firing a small rocket on the roof of a house. This time, however, the three children happened to be playing on the roof when the knock came. The incident comes a day after an Israeli shell accidentally killed four kids on the beach in Gaza.

    2. actually the hamas never stopped firing rockets. 55 during the cease fire..

      As for the 4 kids on the beach?

      No proof it wasn't the palestinians own mortars

      after all the hamas's rockets land in gaza more than 10% of the time.

    IDF starts Gaza ground invasion

    If Mr. Obama warned off Mr. Netanyahu, it apparently did not work. The US has about $1 billion worth of military assets prepositioned in Israel...Hmm...

    1. Four months worth of aid, peanut dough.

    2. Then why do you bitch like a some fool about the amount of aid Israel gets if 1 billion dollars is peanut dough?

      Cant have it both ways Traitor......

      Now go and salute your Iranian masters.... You are on the wrong side of history, again.

  15. Ground Invasion underway.

    Turning into a downright interesting day.

  16. "Prior to the commencement of the ground invasion, the IDF launched a massive wave of combined air and artillery strikes on Thursday night."

    IDF starts Gaza ground invasion

    1. Now it's time to use those new Israeli gizmos...

      From the new infrared X-ray machine that troops can use against a building to "see" inside, to the micro drones...


  17. If you handed the guy his head on a platter, he would still be trying to mouth platitudes. :-) When he is buried, a sound proof coffin will be needed lest he disturb the neighbors with his mindless chatter.

    1. Poor dittohead, he just cannot handle a response.
      He has this real developed sense of self-centeredness.

      A self-centered life will have a tendency to confuse its selfish desire with God's will.
      -  Santanu Mishra

  18. Three days or four, how long will it last?

    Or will the Israeli take the ground and hold it?

    ha, ha, ha.

    1. No matter, just keep erasing your butt buddies from the planet, one by one, and keep destroying those logistics that Iran spent so much to smuggle into the strip...

      brings a warm and fuzzy feeling to watch the 2ndary explosions of a tunnel filled with suicide bombers going off....

    20 missiles found in UN-run school in Gaza
    UNRWA apologizes to Israel, condemns a ‘flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises’ and promises investigation; Israel calls on UN to ‘act strongly’

    1. It's not going to matter before too long.

    2. Keep repeating the mantra, dittohead.


    4. With every day that the "War" continues, the Existential Threat to Israel increases.

    5. Every day the war continues Hamas members are killed....

      Every day the war continues, additional nations are calling to put orders in to Israel for Iron Dome purchases....

    6. UNRWA apologizes to Israel, condemns a ‘flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises’ and promises investigation; Israel calls on UN to ‘act strongly’

      Most of the Gaza strip's UNRWA employees are Hamas members (or family members) soon the world will tire of funding out and out terrorists that proudly proclaim their targets are civilians, airplanes and the nuke plant...

      Not a good ROI on the Euro and Arab dollar investments...

      Couple that with a few billion in destroyed "investments" again.... it's just a pissing contest...

  20. Interesting that it was 18 years ago, today, that Flight 800 had an in-flight catastrophic failure and crashed.

    ... the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) initiated a parallel criminal investigation.
    Sixteen months later, the FBI announced that no evidence had been found of a criminal act and closed its active investigation.

    Interesting that less than 12 hours after the Malaysian Flight 17 crashed, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine not only knew why it crashed, but the model of the missile they report took it down.

    Those Ukrainians are psychics.

    Big jump in number of millennials living with parents reported

    "A record 57 million Americans, or 18.1% of the population, lived in multigenerational arrangements in 2012, according to the Pew Research Center. That's more than double the 28 million people who lived in such households in 1980, the center said."

    Egyptians increasingly critical of Hamas
    Blame Palestinian militant group for violence in Israel, Gaza Strip


    1. “Everybody here in Cairo and in many Arab cities knows that Hamas is behind this wave of violence in order to earn some sympathy,”

      Well, da ...
      It is part of the Hamas strategy, and Israel is playing right into it.
      The rockets have no military value, they are propaganda tools.

      Like the bomb the Zionist place on the "Patra" and killed 252 Jewish refugees with.
      Hamas though, does not have to fly a false flag and claim the people of Gaza committed suicide, for the cause.

      They are letting the Israeli kill them.
      It works out so much better that way.

      It is the honest way to garner sympathy.

    2. Yep some military expert you turned out to be... hiding in the back woods...

      all scared the TSA will nab ya...


    Hamas: Israel's ground offensive 'foolish', will have 'dreadful consequences'

    Now, isn't that sweet of them. Who knew they cared so much? Thanks, guys! We'll watch our step; you do the same.

    Rocket siren blares in the Golan Heights

    Come on Hezbollah! Don't disappoint me now. "I'm floatin' on the Latani River..."

    1. The NASI are going to fight a "Two Front War"?

      Callin' up all the Reserves, that'll go over like a lead balloon.
      Burn up that stockpiled ammo in no time, too.

      Stay the Course !

    2. Jack, sorry to disappoint you but Israel is capable of fighting a 4 front war. They just have to lower their standards to what the USA does.

      The big story? Iran is getting desperate, that's why they are shooting their wad as we speak...

      I will toast the demise of your buddies as they are dispatched with extreme prejudice....

      Stay the course.

      The United States stands with Israel.

      I stand with Israel, you stand with Iran and Hamas. I am a patriot, you are a traitor...

    3. If need be, Israel can field an army of about 625,000 within 48-72 hours. Because of short interior lines of communication, troops can be shifted readily from area to area. With every dust-up come the usual taunts, but taunts do not win wars. The IDF has not lost a war, although some major victories have been pissed away by politicians currying favor with DC.

      The only thing the IDF has to fear is its own duplicitous politicians.

    4. There you go, mount 'em all up!

      Ride hard.

      Even when Hamas is gone, if the Israeli can cut the mustard ...

      The BDS Movement in Europe and the US will be invigorated.
      The Existential Threat more potent than ever.

      ha, ha, ha

    Six Britons dead in Malaysia Airlines plane crash

    Among the dead are 6 Brits, 23 Americans, and 80 children.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I got to love this --

    "All human effort is due to conspiracies. People working together, in this case to shoot down an airliner.
    The questions, and so far all there are ... is questions."

    There is the mind of a conspiracy fanatic.

    Normal minds might say 'people working together is co-operation'.

    Or 'people working together is normally thought of as co-operation'.

    But not our Jack "Hamasass Rat" Hawkins.

    His outlook is that -


    No wonder his wife left him as soon as she left the hospital after "dropping the kid".

    He's crazy. And she knew it.

  29. What!? No wailing, gnashing of teeth, and finger pointing at those responsible for the atomization of eighty (80) children. I thought that was what we were about. Perhaps one of those children will be a Muslim or Palestinian. That will bring the comments to a boil, you may be sure. Now, if only Israel can be tied in - Oh, Happy Day!

    1. That's pretty sick allen your constant attempts to justify killing kids.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. oh, oh, the Nigerians killed kids, oh, oh, 80 kids killed in the Ukraine shoot down, oh, oh, three Israeli teens murdered,

      Palestinian kids killed - bah, their own fault.

      You go dude! ditto it up. You have a moral compass seriously out of whack.

    4. He's a dittohead alright.

      They get to express themselves, Ash

      Good to Go !

      It took the US sixteen months to investigate a downed aircraft.
      These boys can get 'er done in six hours.

      The specialists in False Flag operations, lay the blame before the aircraft hit the ground.
      Identified the weapon before it is known if a weapon was used.

      Knew how many people were on the flight before the Malaysians announced it.
      The had the manifest, to a flight going over their country at over 40,000 feet.


    5. They had the manifest, to a flight going over their country at over 40,000 feet.

    6. .

      Where did you get the info on the eighty children?

      Watching CNN a short while ago they said the US hasn't yet released information on how many Americans if any were on the plane. There was nothing mentioned about how many children were on the plane. While watching FOX, I saw nothing on it. While there seems to be conviction that the plane was shot down and much speculation that it was either Russia or the separatists, no one seems willing to specifically accuse them without further proof, that is, of course, except for the Ukraine.

      The Telegraph website that was put up previously had a running commentary that listed various body nationalities all of which were at odds with each other.

      I have no doubt every country that was involved had copies of the official manifest and passenger list hours ago.

      I can still wait till we get the official info.


    7. The Ukrainians made the announcement, Q.
      Before the fires were out on the ground.

      They had the numbers of passengers and crew.
      Doubt there were any Ukrainians on board.

      They announced what type of missile took it down, before it was known that a missile took it down.
      Witnesses on the ground are unreliable.
      There were many witnesses to a missile striking Flight 800, they were all wrong.

      The Ukrainian Interior Ministry got ahead of the curve. As the Russian said, they are not very experienced.
      Excitable, to early out of the blocks.

      "You don’t need to be an expert to understand, after looking at bios of [Ukraine’s] current military management, and especially the ‘anti-terrorist operation’, that these people do not have either military education or practical experience of organized planning and use of troops and weapons,”

    8. .

      While there seems to be conviction that the plane was shot down and much speculation that it was either Russia or the separatists, no one seems willing to specifically accuse them without further proof, that is, of course, except for the Ukraine.

      s/b ...of course, except for the Ukraine and John McCain.


      Of course, this time he could be right.

      The blind squirrel and all of that.


    9. .

      FOX finally reported the State Department said the manifest said that there were 23 Americans on board. Also, that 17 are confirmed dead. I guess they are waiting to identify the others.


  30. WiO,

    A two front war would be a change of pace for Israel.
    1948 Arab-Israeli War
    Six Day War

    1. Been a long time ...

      The boys are all old and fat, now.
      The new kids, not like the old kids.

      Puff up that chest.

      “All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.”
      ― George Orwell

  31. Let's look at a more recent piece of history.
    A One Front War that did not go so well, for the IDF.

    2006 - Lebanon - 34 days of Infamy.

    Through military action, the Olmert government sought to destroy Hizbullah’s military capabilities and convince the Lebanese government and people to disarm the organization and abandon their support for it. Israeli military planners initially believed that they could quickly achieve Olmert’s stated objectives through an air and sea campaign, backed by limited ground forces.
    Yet, as the 2006 Lebanon War unfolded over 34 days, Israel’s plans for a quick and decisive victory fell apart.

    1. Israel’s military strategy and planning rested on three assumptions. The first assumption was that a heavy-handed military operation could both destroy Hizbullah’s military wing and erode popular support for the organization. Military force, although appropriate for degrading Hizbullah’s military power—at least in the short-term—risked undermining the second goal by increasing popular support for the organization. Hizbullah’s popularity originated from its history of fighting Israel and providing reconstruction aid and social services to its communities. Bombarding Hizbullah targets that are often deeply embedded in civilian neighborhoods worked in favor of Hizbullah’s political strategy

    2. Israel’s second assumption was that it could quickly defeat Hizbullah with limited costs and commitments.[16] The Israeli military had the means to destroy or seriously degrade Hizbullah’s military capabilities, when given the necessary time and political support to do so; and three times in the past, Israel’s small disciplined military, withstood the combined power of nearly the entire Arab world. If Israel could successfully wage a multi-front war against multiple well-equipped armies, logically, the same force could handily defeat a group of militants. However, Hizbullah, in 2006, was a different kind of enemy. ...
      Israel did not anticipate the strengths and capabilities of this so-called “hybrid” threat; consequently, it went to war overly confident that it could vanquish its enemy, who, as it discovered, was far more tenacious and capable than anticipated.

    3. Israel’s third assumption during the lead-up to the 2006 Lebanon War was that its military was ready for war with Hizbullah. On the eve of the conflict, Israeli Army personnel had little to no training or experience fighting an enemy as disciplined and capable as Hizbullah. After the 2000 withdrawal from Lebanon, the IDF focused on combating undisciplined, low-tech Palestinian militant groups.

      These militants, unlike Hizbullah, generally operate in small, lightly armed squads (about a dozen men) and lack formal military training. A typical Israeli Army unit could easily outgun and outmaneuver most Palestinian militants. Hizbullah fighters, on the other hand, are well equipped and trained in modern infantry and guerilla tactics. By focusing their attention on Palestinian militants, Israeli soldiers became increasingly unprepared for combat against larger more disciplined enemies.


    4. The learning curve is abandoned, by he IDF

      Bombarding Hizbullah targets that are often deeply embedded in civilian neighborhoods worked in favor of Hizbullah’s political strategy

      But it is not like that, the NASI tell us, in Gaza.


  32. Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true.

  33. AshThu Jul 17, 06:22:00 PM EDT
    That's pretty sick allen your constant attempts to justify killing kids.


    You are a hypocrite and a Jew-hater, but not a particularly gifted one. No one on this site has anything to say when African children are brutalized, for example. The silence could be because these children are black and black children aren’t worth much at the EB. Thousands of Christian children have been kidnapped and/or murdered by your Islamic cousins in Nigeria. Neither you nor this blog have been incensed by this abomination. However, let one Palestinian child be killed by Israel (Jews) for being in the wrong place during a war started by Hamas and you get your panties in a twist tight enough to cause a clitoridectomy. You and others like you lay coiled, waiting for that golden moment when you can strike out against Jews and get away with it by using children as pretext.

    I guarantee that I am the only swinging dick on this site to have prayed for those dead children and adults in the Ukraine. Go fuck yourself, you Jew-hating, Muslim bastard.

    1. The NASI trots out the ever famous ...
      ... You hate .... meme.

      What a crock of shit.

      The only haters here, are the NASI.
      Cheering on the murder of the civilians in Gaza.

    2. However, let one Palestinian child be killed by Israel (Jews) for being in the wrong place during a war started by Hamas and you get your panties in a twist tight enough to cause a clitoridectomy. You and others like you lay coiled, waiting for that golden moment when you can strike out against Jews and get away with it by using children as pretext.

      Nonsense, the children are not in the “wrong place”. The children have been herded into a confined area by their herders, the Israeli armed forces, doing the bidding of the current Israeli government. You support the government and position that they have taken regarding the establishment of the occupied territories. You can wrap yourself in an Israeli flag that happens to have the iconic symbol of Judaism, but you cannot claim that anyone that pierces that cloak is doing so because you are a Jew. They, and I, criticize because it is wrong, not wrong because it is Jewish. It is wrong because it is wrong.

    3. Confined area? Have you ever walked the Gaza Strip? The area was warned of incoming attacks and the PARENTS choose not to leave for other areas of the Strip deemed "safe"

      Hamas owns it.

      If fact, there is ZERO evidence that the mortar was fired by Israel.

      over 10% of all mortars and missiles shot by the Palestinians HIT Palestinian territory..

      They have hit their own power lines 2 times, (cutting 20% of their power), they have hit Hebron and Bethlehem....

      It's a proven fact that the rockets and mortars that the palestinians shoot are not well aimed....

      Let's see the actual bomb fragments.... then we can access blame.

  34. I was talking to a colleague. He told me that there are twitter comments and chatter about preparations by “Ukrainian Separatists” on taking down some more Ukrainian flights using Russian supplied anti-aircraft SAM missile systems. The civilian aircraft was high enough to be hit but not identifiable as to the type of craft. He believes that the Russians supplied the crews who were ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the Russian special forces.

    Some of the youtube videos were being taken in expectation of a hit. This is a Russian supplied weapon system and crew.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Every Ukrainian weapon is "Russian Supplied", Deuce.

      Their SU-25s are Russian, their anti-aircraft SAMs are Russian, their tanks are Russian, their trucks are Russian.
      The Western Ukrainians have all the same equipment as do the Russians and the Separatists.

      YouTube videos, as evidence ?

      Come on, I've seen Transformers, I've seen Tom Hanks fight Germans.
      Saw John Wayne take on the Japanese. On Iwo Jima, no less.

      YouTube videos ...

      The "Proof" is in the timeline of the data sets being made public, and by who made them public.

    3. You are overthinking it. The ground crew was locked, loaded and looking for a target. That aircraft moved into their sights. They did not believe a civilian flight would be there at that time and that altitude and they unloaded on it.

    4. Deuce ☂Thu Jul 17, 08:00:00 PM EDT
      You are overthinking it. The ground crew was locked, loaded and looking for a target. That aircraft moved into their sights. They did not believe a civilian flight would be there at that time and that altitude and they unloaded on it.

      Whereas Hamas shoots at Ben Gurion Airport HOPING to hit a civilian airliner.. You remember Hamas, the folks you support and apologize for hourly?

  35. Judging by your reaction Allen I hit a nerve, truth. Killing kids is particularly abhorrent especially when done on purpose and when it could be avoided. You have, in on numerous occasions over the years pointed out how hateful and problematic Palestinian 'kids' can be. You are now stooping to WiO's level and regularly trotting out the equivalency arguments. Simply because one does not make a list on thus blog condemning boko haram dies not mean one supports them but you know that. Instead you seethe with hate. Your moral compass has gone awry. Take what satisfaction you can with this recent ground operation but I hope the increased death toll helps right your compass.

  36. I must disagree with allen on one thing:

    "No one on this site has anything to say when African children are brutalized, for example. The silence could be because these children are black and black children aren’t worth much at the EB."

    Except for yours truly, Bob the Racist, who made it his job to report on Nigeria through his "Focus on Nigeria" series for weeks.

    Odd thing for a racist to do.

    1. Not a word out of Quirk, Rufus, Deuce, Rat the Crapper or most of the others, though.


    2. Forgot to include Ash.

      Did you read any of my "Focus on Nigeria" series, Noble Ash?

    3. Or where you asleep in your self constructed Ivory Tower of Slumber?


    4. There is no western country that has herded one and a half million people into a stockaded prison camp.

      Israel, a non-western country, with western pretenses, has. Israel objects that the one and a half million are not saying, ‘thank you boss.” Apartheid is a corruption and Israel has been so corrupted by the system it has created, that it is reduced to justifying its corruption by saying others are worse. Awful.

    5. Yes, you did. And allen too, IIRC.

      "Not a word out of Quirk, Rufus, Deuce, Rat the Crapper >>>>or most of the others<<<<, though."

      Miss T may have, as well.

    6. Ash said: You are now stooping to WiO's level and regularly trotting out the equivalency arguments.

      Well gee wiz there ash...

      There is no equivalency between Hamas and Israel.

      Hamas (and The PLO/PA/Fatah/Islamic Jihad) TARGET civilians... Israel might kills Palestinian kids by accident.

      No equivalency there...

      Sorry, but if it helps?

      i hope you get to experience the joy of fleeing to a bomb shelter with 15 seconds notice, several times a day...

    7. Not at all, Robert Peterson.
      The racist in you was lashing out at the Muslims, not acting out of compassion for the victims of the violence.
      And not once was there mention of the counter violence perpetrated upon the hapless Muslims in the revenge attacks.

      Your reports were totally one sided, racist in tone and texture.

    8. Deuce ☂Thu Jul 17, 07:55:00 PM EDT
      There is no western country that has herded one and a half million people into a stockaded prison camp.

      despite your assertions, Gaza aint a stockaded prison camp, unless stockaded prison camps have high rises, markets, 10,000 rockets, missiles, hospitals, villas, swimming pools, restaurants, 5 star hotels, hundreds of million dollar homes...

      your propaganda is ludicrous.

    9. Deuce Says: Apartheid is a corruption and Israel has been so corrupted by the system it has created

      You are the guy who cries wolf...

      The situation in Gaza is Hamas's own creation. They had a choice, they could have spent the billions they have received by the EU, UN and arab nations to build a society. They choose to build a fortified munitions dump committed to murdering Jews.

      They have made their bed and now will have to sleep in it...

      Meanwhile, Egypt says the same as I...

      Hamas is killing the palestinian people for nothing but politics

    10. Two Jews, one monomythicist, and a Wiccan - the only non - racists here - ;)

  37. Cool Fox news is reporting from Gaza City...

    Dont bitch if you get shoot...

  38. You want a "word" out of Rufus, you old racist asshole?

    Hell, I'll give you Two:

    Blow Me.

    1. :O not.

      You older than I hypocrite and fool !@!

      By the way, I've been worried about your blood pressure.

      Try Chlorthalidone, with Simvastatin......gets your blood pressure right down, and your cholesterol too.

      Practice Preventative Medicine

    2. My BP runs about 130 over 70, and I take atorvastatin and niacin, along with aspirin.

  39. A phone call between rebels where they are heard to say ‘holy s***’ when they realised their error was intercepted by Ukraine’s security services, according to a Ukrainian newspaper.
    Militants nicknamed ‘Major’ and ‘Greek’ were recorded speaking as ‘Major’ inspected the crash site and found only ‘civilian items’.
    Also on the line were Igor Bezler, who authorities says is a Russian military intelligence officer and leading commander of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, and a colonel in the main intelligence department of the general headquarters of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, Vasili Geranin.
    The unverified transcript was posted online by the Kiev Post newspaper:
    Igor Bezler: 'We have just shot down a plane. Group Minera. It fell down beyond Yenakievo (Donetsk Oblast).
    Vasili Geranin:'Pilots. Where are the pilots?'
    IB:'Gone to search for and photograph the plane. Its smoking.'
    VG: 'How many minutes ago?'
    IB: 'About 30 minutes ago.'
    The next part of the conversation took place about 40 minutes later, it was reported.
    Major: 'These are Chernukhin folks who shot down the plane. From the Chernukhin check point. Those cossacks who are based in Chernukhino.'
    Greek: Yes, Major.
    Major: 'The plane fell apart in the air. In the area of Petropavlovskaya mine. We have found the first 200 (code word for dead person). A Civilian.'
    Greek: 'Well, what do you have there?
    Major: 'In short, it was 100 per cent a passenger (civilian) aircraft.'
    Greek: 'Are many people there?'
    Major: 'Holy s***. The debris fell right into the yards (of homes).'
    Greek: 'What kind of aircraft?'
    Major: 'I haven’t ascertained this. I haven’t been to the main site. I am only surveying the scene where the first bodies fell. There are the remains of internal brackets, seats and bodies.'
    Greek: 'Is there anything left of the weapon?'
    Major: 'Absolutely nothing. Civilian items, medicinal stuff, towels, toilet paper.'
    Greek: 'Are there documents?'
    Major: 'Yes, of one Indonesian student. From a university in Thompson.'

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    1. "Never give anti-aircraft weapons to melancholy fools."

      W.H. Auden, slightly altered.

    2. Cell phones and YouTube, no one could false flag those.
      Not possible ?

      Ever watch Sidney Lumet's Fail Safe?
      They were not in a real B52, they had "Call signs" and recorded messages.
      That was what 1964 ...

      No way the Ukrainians could match that in 2014, let's get serious.
      That is not 'evidence' that is just smoke and mirrors, not evidence.

    US Warns Israel to be 'More Careful' About Civilian Casualties

    …this from the country responsible for fucking up Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan…

  41. It's true. It's hard to make a case that we're one iota better than them.

    1. Thinking about Iraq, mostly.

    2. People are "dodgy," at best. Add in a liberal dose of religion, nationalism, and whatnot, and they're All pretty suspect.

    3. There we go, the "Equivalency Standard" is back to the forefront.

      The Israeli, now admitting they are no better than anyone else.
      Worse, they murdered US sailors on the high seas, then tried to blame the sailors.

    4. How the mighty are eating shit sandwiches.
      "Hey, we're no worse than Boko Haram!" - "O"rdure

      heh, heh ,heh..