“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hamas is not the problem or the solution - The Right Wing Republican Party and the US government is the problem - Noam Chomsky



  1. OOps. Had the comments turned off by mistake. Read nothing into it.

  2. The problem is the acceptance of Islamic Nazis as a legitimate government in the world.

    1. The region is fully composed of NAZI & NASI, six of one, half dozen of the other.
      Two sides of the same coin, all in the same space, the size of Maricopa County, in Arizona.

      The is no room for two states or two people, they re all Semites, get used to it.

      They should both depose the authoritative regimes and apply the principles of democratic republicanism.
      Equal rights for all, equality under the law, no preferential treatment for any creed or ethnicity.

      Not going to happen, the NASI will not allow it.


    2. The is no room for two states or two peoples, they are all Semites, get used to it.

    3. .

      King David Hotel Bombing


      91 people killed, of various nationalities including Jews, a number of them on the street and in adjoining buildings.

      46 injured

      Quite a success. One of the biggest terror attacks of the 20th century, quoted in numerous books on terror. Many have suggested that it set the template for many of the terror attacks of the '80s.


    4. We got rid of the British through violence too. India went the more peaceful route. The attack was on the British Headquarters.

      It was a response to Operation Agatha.

    5. God Bless the English for giving so much of the world the English language.

      We can talk, and curse, at one another !

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      Good lord, Obumble. Will you excuse everything even terrorism. You are way gone.

      Operation Agatha (Saturday, June 29, 1946) sometimes called Black Sabbath or Black Saturday because it began on the Jewish sabbath, was a police and military operation conducted by the British authorities in Mandatory Palestine. Soldiers and police searched for arms and made arrests in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and Haifa, and in several dozen settlements; the Jewish Agency was raided.

      The officially given purpose of the operation was to end "the state of anarchy" then existing in Palestine. Other objectives included obtaining documentary proof of Jewish Agency approval of sabotage operations by the Palmach and of an alliance between the Haganah and the more violent Lehi (Stern Gang) and Irgun, to destroy the Haganah's military power, to boost army morale and to prevent a coup d'etat being mounted by the Lehi and Irgun.[1]...

      The officially given purpose of the operation was to end "the state of anarchy" then existing in Palestine. Other objectives included obtaining documentary proof of Jewish Agency approval of sabotage operations by the Palmach and of an alliance between the Haganah and the more violent Lehi (Stern Gang) and Irgun, to destroy the Haganah's military power, to boost army morale and to prevent a coup d'etat being mounted by the Lehi and Irgun.[1]...

      It was a tense time. June 16, 1946 saw the "Night of the Bridges", when the Palmach blew up eight road and rail bridges linking Palestine to neighbouring countries. On June 17, the Lehi attacked railway workshops in Haifa. Shortly afterwards, the Irgun kidnapped six British officers. One officer subsequently escaped and two were released. The Irgun announced that the remaining officers would be released only in exchange for the commutation of death sentences for two Irgun members.[2]...

      Explain to me where the Irgun was any different from Hamas.

      You talk about the Palestinians voting in Hamas. The Israelis made Begin Prime Minister.


    7. .

      Selected Irgun, Haganah and Lehi attacks

      Main articles: List of Irgun attacks and Killings and massacres during the 1948 Palestine War

      June 30, 1924. According to Israeli journalists Shlomo Nakdimon and Shaul Mayzlish, Dutch Jew Jacob Israƫl de Haan was assassinated by Avraham Tehomi on the orders of Haganah leader Yitzhak Ben-Zvi[29] for his anti-Zionist political activities and contacts with Arab leaders.[30]
      1937–1939 The Irgun conducted a campaign of violence against Palestinian Arab civilians resulting in the deaths of at least 250.[citation needed]
      July 15, 1938* A bomb left in the vegetable market in Jerusalem by the Irgun injured 28[31]
      July 25, 1938* The Irgun threw a bomb into the melon market in Haifa resulting in 49 deaths[32]
      November 6, 1944 Lehi assassinated British minister Lord Moyne in Cairo, Egypt. The action was condemned by the Yishuv at the time, but the bodies of the assassins was brought home from Egypt in 1975 to a state funeral and burial on Mount Herzl.[citation needed]
      1944–1945 The killings of several suspected collaborators with the Haganah and the British mandate government during the Hunting Season.
      1946' Letter bombs sent to British officials, including foreign minister Ernst Bevin, by Lehi
      July 26, 1946 The bombing of British administrative headquarters at the King David Hotel, killing 91 people — 28 British, 41 Arab, 17 Jewish, and 5 others. Around 45 people were injured.
      1946 Railways and British military airfields were attacked several times.
      October 31, 1946 The bombing by the Irgun of the British Embassy in Rome. Nearly half the building was destroyed and 3 people were injured.[33]
      April 1947* An Irgun bomb placed at the Colonial Office in London failed to detonate.[34]
      July 25, 1947 The Sergeants affair: When death sentences were passed on two Irgun members, the Irgun kidnapped Sgt. Clifford Martin and Sgt. Mervyn Paice and threatened to kill them in retaliation if the sentences were carried out. When the threat was ignored, the hostages were killed. Afterwards, their bodies were taken to an orange grove and left hanging by the neck from trees. An improvised explosive device was set. This went off when one of the bodies was cut down, seriously wounding a British officer.[35]
      December 1947 – March 1948 Numerous attacks on Palestinian Arabs in the context of civil war after the vote of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine
      '1947 Letter bombs sent to the Truman White House by Lehi
      January 5–6, 1948 The Semiramis Hotel bombing, carried out by the Haganah (or, according to some sources, Irgun) resulted in the deaths of 24 to 26 people
      April 1948 The Deir Yassin massacre carried out by the Irgun and Lehi, killed between 107 and 120 Palestinian villagers,[36] the estimate generally accepted by scholars.[37][38]
      September 17, 1948 Lehi assassination of the United Nations mediator Folke Bernadotte, negotiator of the release of about 31,000 prisoners (including thousands of Jews from Nazi concentration camps during World War II),[39][40] whom Lehi accused of a pro-Arab stance during the cease-fire negotiations.

      This is hardly an all inclusive list. Read through it and tell me that the Jewish terrorists were any different than Hamas.


    8. .

      The Jewish paramilitary groups (or as Allen is wont to say let's not forget they were designated terrorists) were guilty of everything Hamas has been accused of over the past few weeks.

      Killing their own people
      Killing collaborators
      Booby trapping their victims
      Attacking not only the British and Palestinians but also other nationalities indiscriminately
      Deir Yassin massacre
      Placing a bomb at the Colonial Office in London
      Sending letter bombs to Truman's White House

      Oh wait. Hamas hasn't gotten around to the last two. Or for that matter, I don't think they have assassinated any ambassadors yet either.


    9. I suppose one could take it to the absurd and say the British were using the Hotel guests as human shields.


      What were the British doing there in the first place?

      I had never heard about letter bombs to Truman. That really is shabby.

      You make a point. But it lacks historical context. They were finished with Europe, and POLAND.

      They wanted to go home.

      It's all the fault of your ancestors.


    10. Churchill made a wonderful point about Poland. At the time Poland was being or about to be dismembered by the Nazis and the Russians, they made a move to the south and tried to gobble up some little territory there.

      In Poland, there is still anti-semitism to this day even though there are no Jew there.

    11. .

      But it lacks historical context.

      Lord, Bob, every time you open your mouth you say something that's nutz.

      Historical context? Look at that partial list I put up.

      They were finished with Europe, and POLAND.

      The Zionists were killing their own people, the Jews, in the '20s because they weren't towing the Zionist line.

      All you do is make excuses.


      You are always quoting Churchill on the Jews. Trying looking up some of his quotes about the Jews and Israel from after the war.

      Anti-Semitism in Poland?

      How in the world does that affect me? The world is a shit place and a lot of shit goes down. You would be better served if you looked at it realistically.


  3. The Hamas Charter is a declaration of war.

    In good Islamic fashion it quotes the Koran.

    And they try to back their rhetoric up with action as best they can.

    I call all this significant.

    A blockade around such people seems a minimum.

  4. I didn't really read the headline.

    The Republican Party is at fault.

    That means it's all my fault.


    1. But wait, how can this be?

      Was it not President Truman the Haberdasher of the Democratic Party who was President when the USA along with many other nations recognized Israel and welcomed it into the Community of Nations?

      Something is amiss here in blaming it all on the Republicans.