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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Israeli terrorism against Palestinian civilians continues - 120 dead, hundreds more maimed and burned, mostly woman and children





  1. Israel - prefers al-QeadaSat Jul 12, 08:21:00 AM EDT

    Just a the terrorists of the "Islamic State" are destroying Mosques and Churches in Iraq ...
    ISIS is leaving a path of destroyed churches, shrines and mosques in its wake as it storms across Syria and Iraq, and has even set its sights on ...

    The terrorists of the "Jewish State" are destroying Mosques in Gaza.
    JERUSALEM - The Israeli military said on Saturday that it had struck a mosque in central Gaza overnight ...

  2. Dealing with Hamas' rocket infrastructure will take weeks, if not months. Israel doesn't have the stamina required

    Two significant differences exist between a ground invasion of Gaza today, and the one during Operation Cast Lead in 2009. The first lies in Iron Dome, which gives the government a secure home front buffer, and prevents heavy losses. The second is that Hamas' rockets already cover two-thirds of Israel. Pushing back the launch squads into the depths of the densely built up areas of Gaza won’t take many Israelis out of the firing line. Dealing with Hamas' rocket infrastructure will take weeks, if not months.

    The government doesn't look like it has the stamina required for this. This complex reality is the cause of tensions between the military and political leaderships, surfacing after weeks of close coordination and a good atmosphere. Netanyahu's circle is starting to complain about IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, and the major-generals who aren't suggesting original solutions to the situation. Within the IDF, particularly in divisions on the ground, they don't entirely understand what the politicians want and why they aren't giving clearer orders.

    In the absence of decisive achievements, Hamas and Israel are waging an image battle. Their moves are the subject of constant media coverage, and, more than in the past, they are using information and photos from civilians, through smart phones and social media. It is clear that the IDF is trying very hard not to let Hamas win the media battle.

    1. The same Zionists that killed 252 Jewish refugees, in a false flag operation, would not hesitate to kill 3 teenagers as part of a propaganda campaign to start this new operation against the Palestinians.

      "We see, therefore, that war is not merely an act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means." - Carl von Clausewitz

      The Israeli propagated the war with their blockade of Gaza. The Zionist drew "First Blood"
      blockade, an act of war by which a belligerent prevents access to or departure from a defined part of the enemy's coasts.

      Abbas aides acknowledge that the president is fast losing relevance, but they say this is what Israel intended all along: hopeless negotiations followed by a fight that would elevate militant Palestinian elements at the expense of relative moderates. The timing, they say, is aimed at derailing a fragile Palestinian reconciliation deal that brought together the various factions, including Hamas, under Abbas’s leadership.

      “The objective of this war for Israel is political revenge against Mahmoud Abbas,” said Husam Zomlot, a top foreign policy official in Abbas’s secular Fatah party.
      “Israel wants to pull all of us into the military arena, because that’s where they have the advantage.”

    2. Jack HawkinsSat Jul 12, 09:17:00 AM EDT
      The same Zionists that killed 252 Jewish refugees, in a false flag operation, would not hesitate to kill 3 teenagers as part of a propaganda campaign to start this new operation against the Palestinians.

      Your claims show your insanity...

      You stand with terrorists.

      I stand with Israel.

  3. Something Important (that actually concerns Americans)

    Losing Sparta

    Sparta, Tennessee, that is.

    1. A related story ...
      A TED Talk on Income Inequality by Nick Hanauer
      Which is a video that TED did not want seen. Can't stop the signal, Ted.

      Or read the story ...
      Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators

      Nick Hanauer, he is one of the 1%, he knows where, how and by whome jobs are 'created'.

    2. David H. Petraeus ... on erasing borders, unifying with Mexico and Canada

      “The forces unleashed by these four revolutions with all three countries being as highly integrated as they are, with Canada and Mexico being our two top trading partners, I believe we can argue that after America comes North America,” - David H. Petraeus

      This is a copy of City University of New York (CUNY) Macaulay Honors College visiting adjunct professor David H. Petraeus' syllabus for the seminar he is currently teaching, "The Coming (North) American Decade(s)?"

      David H. Petraeus, the Republican's 'favorite' General. Until he said Mrs Clinton would make a good President.

    3. More Nick Hanauer

      radio interview - some interesting nuggets

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    5. A sense of foreboding has been slowly, but steadily settling over me for awhile, now. A feeling that we've passed the tipping point - that, this time, we are well, and truly, fucked.

    6. A feeling that our descent won't correct until, eventually, we find ourselves in "French Revolution" territory.

    7. And you are, as always, totally full of shit.

      EVERYONE IN AMERICA HAS TWO CARS (or, at least one)

      Never trust 'your feelings, Rufus.

      Your 'feelings' are just Budweiser inspired horseshit.

  4. Hamas has fired more than 10,000 rockets at the civilians of Israel and proclaimed that civilians are the target.

    War is hell.

    Don't start a war you are not able to win.

    Paybacks are a bitch. But if you fair, which you are not, you would be honest and show pictures of every gruesome murder of every Jew along side every picture of every palestinian that was killed in collateral damage.

    If the israel's were trying to rack up a body count? It would be in the tens of thousands in a few minutes.

    But honesty aint your strong suite.

    We all know if Hamas COULD murder more it would. And we ALL KNOW that Israel could murder many many many more and doesn't.

    That's a fact Jack.

    1. No Israelis have died as of yet in this current fight. No pictures are therefore to be had for posting.

    2. Ash, 3 murdered boys, one lady died of a heart attack. but Israel has spent billion on shelters and early warning systems and anti-missile shields.

      Attempted MURDER is a crime, shooting at civilians on purpose a war crime.

      Hamas's lack of success does not excuse their crimes. Using human shields to protect military assets? A war crime.

      Don't hand me the bullshit since hamas has not murdered enough you can't find photos of wounded and killed Israelis.

      In 10 years of Hamas's rule? There are PLENTY of photos of arabs and Jews murdered and injured by ied's, stabbings, kidnappings and murder.

      I posted the photo 2 days ago of a palestinian being dragged thru the streets by the Hamas.. (dead)

      As for your specious argument about "current"? Where do you draw the line?

      Israel did not release the photos of the corpses of the 3 MUTILATED MURDERED Israel BOYS, civilians, that were kidnapped and abused.

      Some nations and cultures use photos as shock value.

      The BBC recently (2 days ago) outed hamas's use of syrian war (and others as fakes)

      Graphic images are being shared on social media to show how people have been affected by the renewed tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

      Hamas has been firing rockets from Gaza into southern Israel, which has responded with airstrikes on Gaza. Several Palestinian militants have been killed and on Tuesday it was reported that at least 15 Palestinians had been injured.

      Over the past week the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used hundreds of thousands of times, often to distribute pictures claiming to show the effects the airstrikes.

      Some of the images are of the current situation in Gaza, but a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

  5. I guess if you are a Palestinian? And don't like to be shot back at? Stop shooting rockets.

    3:55 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in Beersheba.

    3:45 p.m. Report: Two of Hamas Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh's nephews killed by IAF strike on home that belonged to his sister.

    3:25 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in the western Negev.

    3:15 p.m. Rocket sirens heard in the western Negev.

    3:07 p.m. Rocket sirens heard in the Eshkol regional council.

    2:58 p.m. Rocket sirens heard in western Negev.

    2:54 p.m. Five Palestinians were killed in an Israeli strike in the Gaza Strip, Channel 10 reported on Saturday.

    2:32 p.m. Rocket sirens are heard in greater Ashkelon.

    2:30 p.m. Two Israelis were injured on Saturday when a Palestinian rocket slammed into a home in the Gaza frontier town of Netivot.

    The injuries are not considered serious, Channel 10 reported.

    2:01 p.m. Palestinians in Gaza launched rockets toward Ashkelon and the smaller communities near the border.

    1:58 p.m. Rocket sirens were activated a short time ago in Israeli towns close to the Gaza frontier.

    1:37 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in Beersheba, northern Negev towns, Dimona, and Yeruham.

    1:36 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in Ashkelon.

    1:10 p.m. Rocket sirens were heard moments ago in Kerem Shalom, near the border with Gaza.

    12:56 p.m. Rocket sirens were activated moments ago in Ashkelon and the smaller towns and communities near the Gaza border.

    12:52 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in Ashkelon and Gaza frontier towns.

    12:13 p.m. Rocket sirens heard in Sdot Negev and Sha'ar Hanegev.

    12:00 p.m. Rocket intercepted by Iron Dome over Rehovot, while at least two rockets fell in open areas near the city.

    11:42 a.m. Palestinians fired a barrage of rockets at the western Negev, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and the Shfela region.

    11:35 a.m. Israel’s air force will continue to pound targets in the Gaza Strip over the course of at least the next 24 hours, the IDF Spokesperson said on Saturday.

    Brig.-Gen. Moti Almoz told Israel Radio on Saturday that there were still “many” targets in the Gaza Strip remaining. While air force sorties will continue, the army high command is simultaneously preparing for a ground incursion.

    Almoz told Israel Radio that Hamas is “growing increasingly frustrated over its inability to exact casualties among Israeli civilians.” He said that the army was diligently working to avoid civilian casualties among the Palestinian population in Gaza.

    11:30 a.m. Rocket sirens were heard in Ashkelon as well as nearly a dozen other smaller communities near the Gaza frontier.

    1. Those Israelis, spending billions and billions on rocket DEFENSE and shelters are so mean spirited that they do not allow themselves to die needlessly like the palestinians do...

      Not as many photo ops when people don't live on top of munition dumps and rocket launchers...

    2. The Zionists started the war ...
      The Zionists kill Jews to perpetuate the war.

      That is the truth of it, and no amount of ranting and raving will change that reality.
      The Zionists abandoned the "Rule of Law" in 1940 when they murdered 252 Jewish refugees and have been outside it, ever since.

    3. Thanks Jack, you stand with Hamas, a terror group, as designated by the UN, The EU, and America.

      I stand with Israel.

      You support the shelling of civilians, a war crime. I support the democratic, pluralistic nation/state of the Jewish people that has as a part of it's population arabs (20%), gays, christians, moslems and Jews

      You side with Hamas, a islamic Nazis group that actually has thrown Fatah members off of rooftops, had roving bands of vice police that have executed women on the spot for not having a male escort and has targeted a nuclear plant (UN has called it a nuclear terrorist crime)

      I stand with Israel. You stand with islamic nazis.

      I am good with that

  6. .

    Economists and reports get the 'dismal science' wrong all the time

    Economists overestimate their own prowess, official reports have major flaws, and much of the fuss is really just noise

    Do you think the economy is improving? If so, you are in the minority.

    Average Americans remain skeptical of economists' positive forecasts

    It's easy to view all of this as just a numbers game, which is why it's important to remember that there are real people behind these numbers. It's their actions – whether it be quitting a job because a better one is available or going out to look for a job after not having one for years – that affect the labor market. In their opinion, recovery is still a long way off and little of the economic news is positive. According to a recent CNN poll, 61% of them believe that economy won't recover until 2017. That pessimism is likely to affect how they approach the job market.


  7. Here’s a bit of wisdom that cannot be repeated often enough: Deliberately targeting civilians is a war crime. If you don’t believe me, ask U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who was adamant on this point last year, when Syria’s president Assad, aided by Hamas’ brethren Hezbollah, engaged in the very same tactics we now see coming out of Gaza, albeit with much more devastating results. And if that’s not enough, consider a regime that targets not only the enemy’s civilians but also its own: Appearing on TV the other day, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri waxed poetic about the merits of using men, women, and children as human shields, a heinous tactic that puts every civilian in Gaza in needless risk.

    The world has repeatedly—and rightly—asked that Israel take measures to protect the civilian population of Gaza. Israel chooses its targets very carefully, and, knowing that Hamas’ cowardly creeps would have likely stacked every strategic building with armfuls of kids, according to the instructions of its leaders, it takes extraordinary measures to provide ample warning before each strike. These include text messages and calls, leaflets dropped from above, and “knock on the roof” measures, or firing flares to signal an upcoming strike. As Will Saletan correctly noted in an article today in Slate, “The worst civilian death toll—seven, at the latest count—occurred in a strike on the Khan Yunis home of a terrorist commander. Hamas calls it a ‘massacre against women and children.’ But residents say the family got both a warning call and a knock on the roof. An Israeli security official says Israeli forces didn’t fire their missile until the family had left the house. The official didn’t understand why some members of the family, and apparently their neighbors, went back inside. The residents say they were trying to ‘form a human shield.’ ”

    Deuce your lies about Israel are very telling.

    You are supporting Hamas's war crimes of shelling CIVILIANS on purpose. And to slant and distort the truth? Shows a lack of soul, ethics and morals.

    1. The “Stern Gang,” among them Yitzhak Shamir, later Prime Minister of Israel, presented the Nazis with the
      “Fundamental Features of the Proposal of the National Military Organization in Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Concerning the Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe and the Participation of the NMO in the War on the Side of Germany.”

      Avraham Stern and his followers announced that
      “The NMO, which is well-acquainted with the goodwill of the German Reich government and its authorities towards Zionist activity inside Germany and towards Zionist emigration plans, is of the opinion that:

      1. Common interests could exist between the establishment of a new order in Europe in conformity with the German concept, and the true national aspirations of the Jewish people as they are embodied by the NMO.

      2. Cooperation between the new Germany and a renewed folkish-national Hebraium would be possible and,

      3. The establishment of the historic Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East.

      Proceeding from these considerations, the NMO in Palestine, under the condition the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Israeli freedom movement are recognized on the side of the German Reich, offers to actively take part in the war on Germany’s side.”

    2. The Zionists have a long history of killing civilians, to achieve their political goals.
      They will kill anyone, if it advances their "interests".

      On Nov. 25, 1940, a boat carrying Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe, the “Patra,” exploded and sank off the coast of Palestine killing 252 people.
      The Zionist “Haganah” [army] claimed the passengers blew up the ship, Masada style, to protest British refusal to let them land. Years later, the Haganah admitted that rather than let the passengers go to Mauritius, they blew up the vessel for its propaganda value.

      “Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the few in order to save the many,”
      Moshe Sharett, a former Israeli Prime Minister said at Patra memorial service in 1958. 252 people murdered by the people they trusted.

    3. Ignoring your false flag rants...

      You side with a terror group that is designated as such..

      I stand with Israel, a pluralistic democracy in a sea of fecal nations...

  8. .

    What we see in Israel right now is the new normal. Eventually, regardless of how this turns out, an uneasy and relative quiescence will be achieved and then a few years down the road it will all start all over again.

    The ME: Einstein's definition of insanity.


  9. .

    The 'Hell, we have to do SOMETHING' syndrome.

    Good money after bad, or in this case bad money after bad.

    The Obama administration’s decision to seek $500 million to train and fund elements of the Syrian opposition has been greeted with bipartisan support in Washington. The general consensus is that, if the administration had done this three years ago, the situation in Syria would not have turned into a sectarian civil war. But this conventional wisdom is wrong. The administration is caving in to the classic Washington desire to “do something” in the face of a terrible situation without any clear sense as to whether it would improve things or make matters worse.

    Today, according to James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, there are about 1,500 separate insurgent groups in Syria, with between 75,000 and 115,000 insurgents. In addition, there are 7,500 foreign fighters from neighboring countries. The strongest groups are all radical Islamist — the Islamic State, Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra.


  10. Israel Under Attack
    JUL 21, 2014, VOL. 19, NO. 42 • BY LEE SMITH
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    Last week, Hamas fired hundreds of rockets and missiles at targets throughout Israel, including the nuclear reactor at Dimona. Two of the three M-75 missiles targeting Dimona missed the mark entirely, but one had to be brought down by Iron Dome, Israel’s antimissile shield. The U.N. considers an attack on a nuclear reactor an act of nuclear terrorism, which in this case might have taken a catastrophic toll on Israel’s population—as well as the Palestinians.

    So there we have it...

    The hamas are NUCLEAR terrorists.

    They are TRYING to hit a nuke plant ON purpose...

    Would you show the photos of the potentially MILLION of victims (both arab and israeli) that would be effected?

    Your lack of acknowledging the targeting of civilians is a WAR CRIME. And hitting those and those launchers is not a crime. Under the Geneva Convention, Hamas is guilty of those deaths you posted. They alone are responsible.

    1. The Israeli have a long history of nuclear accidents, they should never have built that reactor, they were not, are not technologically qualified to handle the task at hand.
      To put a nuclear reactor in the middle of a combat zone, foolishly irresponsible.

      The first nuclear accident in Israel took place before the reactor was operational. In the years 1956-1957 scientists in the Weizmann Institute were preparing for the construction of the reactor and the production of a bomb. "Material which was supposed to seal the nuclear substance and protect it from leaking cracked and radioactive materials leaked. This was discovered late, and high reading of nuclear material was found in the laboratory and in the bodies of some of the workers. High radiation was also found in the homes of the young scientists, articles they touched and even their children's beds. This was reported by Maariv in 2006 after a period of censorship in these matters for nearly 50 years (a report by Chen Kotz-Bar).

    2. In the early 1990's a large fire broke out at the reactor's grounds and as a result it was again shut down for a long period of time. Again, nothing was released to the public.

      In 1994 following heavy rains in the Dimona area water from the reactor's drainage pools overflowed into the nearby Small Crater. The water was suspected as being contaminated by radiation. Yossi Sarid, then the Minister of Environmental Affairs. tried to investigate the incident with the aid of specialists and journalists from Israel and abroad. In front of the television cameras the minister admitted that his boss (Yitzhak Rabin, then Prime Minister) forbids the publication of the findings.

      Heavy rains were experienced in 2004 as well, and again contaminated water tanks overflowed into the Small Crater. Nothing had been learned.

      Over the last years the Israeli army has been providing the population residing in a 30-kilometer radius from the reactor (including the towns Dimona, Yeruham and Arad) with iodine pills (Potassium Iodide 130 mg.). These pills should be taken in case of a nuclear accident, and should prevent the body from absorbing contaminated iodine, by supplying the body with 'clean' iodine.

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    4. While there are Israeli that advocate attacking the Iranian nuclear facilities with high explosive 'Bunker Buster' munitions, which would be of much greater consequence than hitting the reactor in Dimona with 30 kg of high explosive. If the reactor in Dimona was struck with 30 kg of high explosive.

      There have been explosions at the reactor in Dimona, fortunately it did not cause a radiation leak.

      In 1982 a small explosion due to a hydrogen leak occurred. From the blast a nearby engineer was blown of his feet but was not injured and no radiation leaked.

    5. Let us "Get Real"

      Nuclear plants are built so robustly that they would seem to present a difficult target for terrorists. Their containment domes have walls three to six feet thick made of concrete reinforced with embedded steel bars and a half-inch steel liner. The reactor itself, tucked way down inside the dome, is protected by another thick slab of reinforced concrete.
      In one dramatic test years ago, a fighter jet was catapulted into a mock containing wall at nearly 500 miles per hour. The plane disintegrated into a pile of dust; the wall suffered a two-inch scratch.

    6. Let's get real, you side with hamas, a terror group.

      You excuse the attack on a nuclear reactor since hamas made it.

      You are a supporter of terrorists.

    7. So the truth is, a traitor to America, this Jack Hawkins, supports the attack on nuclear plants by hamas. What other material support does the real person behind the name provide other terror groups?

      Jack Hawkins, supports Hamas.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Wrong again, Israel boy, I do not support either side.

      I merely am a seeker of the truth.
      The truth is that the weapons that Hamas has CANNOT penetrate the containment dome.

      That is the truth and your rants, raves and comically false accusations will not change that.

      You should focus on reality and not upon the reporters, but then you'd lose, but then again, Israel is losing anyway.

      Losing on the ground, losing on the battlefield of ideas.
      Funny stuff, the Israeli Equestrian Team came to the US and announced that they had won, while losing.

      Now, in Gaza, the Palestinians are winning the war, while losing the battle.
      Thermopylae - 480BC ... Tet - 1968AD ... the names change, but the song remains the same.

    10. Ever since I discovered the reality of the US Liberty, I vowed eternal enmity towards the Israeli and their murderous regime.

      Anyone that supports such a regime, which like North Korea and Libya under Colonel Q, would attack the US Navy on the open sea deserves scorn.

      Colonel Q ha been deposed, North Korea is a basket case, all that is left is to dismantle the NASI regime in Israel.

    11. Jack HawkinsSat Jul 12, 12:48:00 PM EDT
      Ever since I discovered the reality of the US Liberty, I vowed eternal enmity towards the Israeli and their murderous regime.

      Jack HawkinsSat Jul 12, 12:43:00 PM EDT
      Wrong again, Israel boy, I do not support either side.

      Truth is you hate Israel and Jews.

      You support Hamas and terror.

      It's simple now you don't have the balls to be honest..

      Coward of the County...

  11. Who knows who lived in the two first-floor apartments above a home for eight disabled adults in a neighborhood of eastern Gaza.

    Perhaps, as a neighbour suggests, one of them was a militant with Islamic Jihad who lived there with his family. But the neighbour says he isn't sure. What is certain is that the occupant was absent in the early hours of Saturday morning when the two Israeli drones "knocked on his roof" – firing warning shots to encourage civilians to vacate the building prior to a strike.

    A few minutes later, an Israeli war plane fired a missile into the house. But it didn't detonate on the first floor. Instead, it smashed through to the ground floor where the explosion ripped through the room where five of the disabled residents were sleeping, killing two and injuring the others.

    A neighbour found one of the dead, who was missing initially, after he noticed flies buzzing around the place where she was buried. "A body! A body!" the man shouted. Gingerly he lifted the piece of concrete concealing a curly head of hair, face down in the debris.

    Atef Abed, a supervisor with the private charity that runs the home, recognised Suha Abu Saada, 47, as her body was dug out of the rubble, one of her legs missing. As small as a child, she had been thrown out of the room where she was sleeping by the blast and buried beneath a concrete wall.

    "That's Suha," Abed said as the body was carried past on a mattress covered in a blanket. "Ola Wishaa was 30. She was killed as well. And Ahmed was injured along with Mai and Sali. Luckily two of the other residents were away visiting their families."

    It seems a miracle that anyone could have survived a strike that exploded in the very centre of the room where a fin and part of the guidance system remained embedded in the concrete.

    A scorched bed stood to on side, damaged by the blast which blew out all the walls and left the palm trees in the garden as truncated stumps standing among the rubble.

  12. Stop Saying ‘If X fired Rockets at U.S.’: It’s Racist, & assumes we’re Colonial
    By Juan Cole | Jul. 11, 2014 |

    By Juan Cole
    Is anyone else disgusted by the propaganda trick of trying to get Americans to sympathize with Israel’s massive attack on the civilian habitations of Gaza by saying “if the US was subjected to rocket fire by X [usually Mexicans], what would it do?”

    This hope that Americans are racists and that their racism can be incited against the Palestinians is about the lowest rhetorical trick you could imagine.

    I’m old enough to remember the race riots in American cities of the late 1960s and early 1970s. I can remember a prominent pro-Israel columnist for the Washington Post, way back then, explicitly comparing Palestinians protesting their occupation by Israel to African-Americans protesting their economic marginalization. The writer’s hope was that white Americans would identify with Israelis and come to see Palestinians as “Black.” Or, let’s face it, as the N-word.

    Someone recently sent to my blog such a screed, saying, what if rockets from Quebec were slamming into Maine?
    The comparison is not only repulsive because the author hopes that Americans are Anglo-Saxons who don’t like French Canadians (or French anything). Notice no one says “What if the white people of Windsor, Ontario, were sending rockets across the Detroit River onto Detroit?” That would get the race dynamics that the analogy is aiming at all wrong.

    It is also insulting to the United States and its people. Because since the end of World War II, the United States gave up settler colonialism. Oh, it is frequently an imperial power, interfering in the fate of other countries and attempting to shape them in directions perceived to benefit Washington. But after the Philippines became independent, and despite the ambiguous status of Guam and Puerto Rico, the US is not a settler-colonial state.

    The reason Israel is taking rocket fire from Gaza is that is is an Occupying Power over Gaza and won’t let the Palestinians of that territory have the rights that accrue to citizens of a state. The Israeli military decides the fate of 4.3 million Palestinians, who are denied basic popular sovereignty. Israel has Gaza non-combatant civilians under economic blockade, preventing people from exporting most of what they make. It has destroyed the airport and won’t let the Mediterranean port function. It has deliberately made 56% of the population food insecure, i.e. a couple of paychecks away from going hungry.

    The United States isn’t behaving this way toward Quebec, or toward Mexico nowadays, whatever happened in the 19th century before we had the United Nations Charter and an attempt a crafting international law.
    It is insulting to Americans for Israel chauvinists to imply that we are just like them, that we also gleefully have a jackboot on the necks of brown peoples beyond our borders, and that we would respond with the same disregard for non-combatant life as the Israeli air force if a few mostly harmless rockets fell on our side of the border. I don’t think we’d bomb the bejesus out of Montreal over some 8th grade chemistry experiments.

    When you see that trope, know that you are not just being played. You are being assumed to be a racist and an international outlaw. It isn’t a nice comparison.

    1. Israel is not a colony. It has liberated some of it's lands. Now the arab world It controls/occupies 899/900th of the middle east after ethnically cleansing the Jews that lived there 2000 years longer than the arabs have..

      Gaza is not "occupied" not one Jew lives there.

      What is racist is the idea that murdering jewish civilians on purpose is ok for a land dispute.

  13. “Our neo-Nazi groups enjoy the support of numerous nationalist or even racist legislators, as well as rabbis who give them what is in my view pseudo-religious justification,” he wrote.

    This week, leading Israeli journalist Chemi Shalev took that warning further.

    Under the headline “Berlin 1933, Jerusalem 2014: when racist thugs are on the prowl”, Shalev wrote in Haaretz newspaper that as the son of parents who lost their families in World War II he needed no convincing that the Holocaust was a crime unique in its evil.

    “But I am a Jew … and when I saw the videos and pictures of gangs of right-wing Jewish racists running through the streets of Jerusalem chanting ‘Death to the Arabs’, hunting for random Arabs, picking them out by their appearance or by their accents, chasing them in broad daylight, drooling like hysterical beasts and then beating them up before the police could arrive, the historical association was automatic,” he wrote.

    Shalev observed that the public racism was not the outpouring of anger over the recent murder of three Israeli teenagers.

    Rather, Shalev wrote, it was “growing by the day, encompassing ever-larger segments of Israeli society, nurtured in a public envir­onment of resentment, insularity and victimhood, fostered and fed by politicians and pundits — some cynical, some sincere — who have grown weary of democracy and its foibles and who long for an Israel, not to put too fine a point on it, of one state, one nation and, somewhere down the line, one leader.”

    While the brutality of burning a boy alive shocked people, for anyone who lives in Israel and views the society objectively the climate of hatred is obvious.

    While many diaspora Jewish communities, including Australia’s, are often fed a pro-settlement line by some of their leaders that all is well with the occupation, those open to the reality who live here see the opposite.

    Leading Palestinian writer Raja Shehadeh addressed this issue in this week’s edition of New Yorker magazine.

    Shehadeh wrote that the rac­ism that led to the death of Mohamed “implicates those outside lobbyists and contributors to settlement enterprises who have worked to advance this illegal ­occupation.”

    One only needs to go to a Beitar Jerusalem soccer game to see the appalling racism of some Israelis.


    1. One only needs to go to a Beitar Jerusalem soccer game to see the appalling racism of some Israelis.

      Soccer violence is a WORLD wide issue. To point out that ONLY Israel has issue is specious

      Toilet Bowl Kills Fan at World Cup Host City in Brazil

      Brazilian soccer is investigating another act of fan violence less than 40 days before the start of the World Cup that left a man dead after he was hit by a toilet bowl hurled by rival supporters.

      Soccer's Deadliest Fans: The Troubled World of Brazil's 'Organizadas'
      With the World Cup fast approaching, Brazil is attempting to curtail its controversial soccer fan clubs. But who is really to blame for the violence surrounding the beautiful game?

      Read more:

      RIO DE JANEIRO -- The news of a second decapitation this year in Brazil has raised questions about whether such heinous crimes may deter foreign visitors considering a trip for next summer's FIFA World Cup.

      João Rodrigo Silva Santos, a former Brazilian professional soccer player, was kidnapped and brutally decapitated this week in the city's West Zone. His wife, Geísa Silva, an officer in one of Rio's Police Pacification Units (UPP), found his head in a backpack left on their front door step in the early hours of the morning.

      Less than four months ago, details of another gruesome decapitation made international headlines. In the rural interior of Brazil's northeastern region, a referee at an amateur soccer game was decapitated by angry spectators after he stabbed a player who refused to leave the field. The player died on the way to the hospital

      Football hooliganism refers to unruly, violent, and destructive behaviour by overzealous supporters of football clubs, including brawling, vandalism and intimidation.[1]

      Football hooliganism normally involves conflict between gangs, often known as football firms (the term derives from the British slang for a criminal gang), formed for the specific purpose of intimidating and physically attacking supporters of other teams. Certain clubs have long-standing rivalries with other clubs (usually, but not always, geographically close) and hooliganism associated with matches between them (sometimes called local derbies), is likely to be more severe.

      Conflict may take place before, during or after matches. Participants often select locations away from stadia to avoid arrest by the police, but conflict can also erupt spontaneously inside the stadium or in the surrounding streets. In such cases, shop windows may be smashed, rubbish bins set on fire,[2][3] and police cars may be overturned. In extreme cases, hooligans, police, and bystanders have been killed, and body-armoured riot police have intervened with tear gas, police dogs, armoured vehicles and water cannons.[4]

    2. Wikipedia lists the major nations with soccer club violence.
      9 Europe
      9.1 Belgium
      9.2 Bosnia and Herzegovina
      9.3 Bulgaria
      9.4 Croatia
      9.5 Denmark
      9.6 France
      9.7 Germany
      9.8 Greece
      9.9 Hungary
      9.10 Italy
      9.11 Netherlands
      9.12 Norway
      9.13 Poland
      9.14 Portugal
      9.15 Russia
      9.16 Serbia
      9.17 Sweden
      9.18 Spain
      9.19 Switzerland
      9.20 United Kingdom
      10 Latin America
      10.1 Argentina
      10.2 Brazil
      10.3 El Salvador
      11 North America
      11.1 Mexico
      11.2 United States and Canada
      12 Asia
      12.1 Azerbaijan
      12.2 Bangladesh
      12.3 China
      12.4 India
      12.5 Indonesia
      12.6 Jordan
      12.7 Israel
      12.8 North Korea
      12.9 Qatar
      12.10 Syria
      12.11 Turkey
      13 Africa
      13.1 Democratic Republic of the Congo
      13.2 Egypt
      13.3 Gambia
      13.4 Ghana
      13.5 Côte d'Ivoire
      13.6 Kenya
      13.7 Libya
      13.8 Mali
      13.9 Mauritius
      13.10 Mozambique
      13.11 South Africa
      13.12 Zimbabwe
      14 Oceania
      14.1 Australia

    3. So much for Israeli "Superiority"

      What did desert rat call it ...

      The "Equivalency Doctrine"?

      The Israeli now wants to be compared to the people of Zimbabwet and North Korea.

      That is just so Righteous!


    4. The Israeli now wants to be compared to the people of Zimbabwe and North Korea.

      That is just so Righteous!

    5. You stand with Hamas, you support the murder of Jews.

      I do not.

      I do not support the targeting of civilians by anyone.

      You on the other hand? Support terrorists.

  14. By Larry Derfner |Published August 13, 2013
    Israeli racism and American Jewish hypocrisy

    On the U.S. Jewish establishment’s double standard regarding what gentiles can say about Jews and what Israeli Jews can say about Arabs and blacks.

    The Anti-Defamation League and the rest of the American Jewish establishment owe Jesse Jackson an apology. They put the man through the wringer, they made him apologize in every possible forum for his “Hymie” and “Hymietown” remarks back in 1984. Yet look at the kinds of things Israeli leaders – senior government ministers, chief rabbis – get away with without ever having to apologize, without ever being punished in the slightest.

    A couple of weeks ago the economy minister, Naftali Bennett, the fresh new face of right-wing Orthodox Judaism, was saying in a cabinet meeting how he didn’t like these releases of Palestinian prisoners. “If you catch terrorists, you simply have to kill them,” he was quoted in Yedioth Ahronoth as saying. The head of the National Security Council, Yaakov Amidor, told Bennett, “Listen, that’s not legal.” Bennett replied: “I have killed lots of Arabs in my life – and there is no problem with that.”

    The media, the left and the Arabs made a big deal out of it, nobody else. Bennett defended what he said, and so did countless talkbackers and Facebookers.

    Two days later the newly-elected Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel, David Lau, was seen on a video telling an audience of yeshiva boys that they shouldn’t watch Euroleague basketball games in public; it was bad for their image. “What difference does it make,” Lau said, “if the kushim who get paid in Tel Aviv beat the kushim who get paid in Greece?” Kushim, especially when used in a dismissive context like Lau did, is a well-understood derogatory term for blacks.

    Again, the media, the left, some Ethiopian Jews and presumably some African refugees were outraged, but Lau defended his words, blaming the media, saying “they made a big deal out of a joke.” Who else defended his remarks about “kushim”? Bennett: “The media are pouncing on him for a joking, insignificant remark.”

    So really – what was so bad about “Hymies” and “Hymietown”? Or the thousand other anti-Semitic or even just possibly anti-Semitic remarks that the ADL and other American Jewish organizations have “pounced on” since then? Israeli public figures say the same kind of garbage, the difference is that they never, ever pay a price for it, in fact they usually manage to play the victim and get away with it, and at worst will be obliged to offer some backhanded apology.

    1. wow how amazing...

      meanwhile it's LEGAL to cut the head off a Jew in most of the islamic world and you focus on this?

      is that the best you can come up with?

  15. “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
    ― Elie Wiesel

    1. Wiesel believes that the memory of the Holocaust is the only chance of saving the world from another disaster. He defines the modern anti-Semite, first and foremost, as anti-Israel. "It's very difficult to separate between the two," he says.

      "There are anti-Semites who are only anti-Israel," he explains. "Once I thought that anti-Semitism had ended; today it is clear to be that it will probably never end. It might weaken sometimes, but it will continue existing, because in different countries there is no shame in being an anti-Semite. We must remember that anti-Semitism led to Auschwitz. Without anti-Semitism there would have been no Auschwitz."

      ― Elie Wiesel

    2. It was inevitable: Jerusalem once again is at the center of political debates and international storms. New and old tensions surface at a disturbing pace. Seventeen times destroyed and seventeen times rebuilt, it is still in the middle of diplomatic confrontations that could lead to armed conflict. Neither Athens nor Rome has aroused that many passions.
      For me, the Jew that I am, Jerusalem is above politics. It is mentioned more than six hundred times in Scripture—and not a single time in the Koran. Its presence in Jewish history is overwhelming. There is no more moving prayer in Jewish history than the one expressing our yearning to return to Jerusalem. To many theologians, it IS Jewish history, to many poets, a source of inspiration. It belongs to the Jewish people and is much more than a city, it is what binds one Jew to another in a way that remains hard to explain. When a Jew visits Jerusalem for the first time, it is not the first time; it is a homecoming. The first song I heard was my mother’s lullaby about and for Jerusalem. Its sadness and its joy are part of our collective memory.
      Since King David took Jerusalem as his capital, Jews have dwelled inside its walls with only two interruptions; when Roman invaders forbade them access to the city and again, when under Jordanian occupation, Jews, regardless of nationality, were refused entry into the old Jewish quarter to meditate and pray at the Wall, the last vestige of Solomon’s temple. It is important to remember: had Jordan not joined Egypt and Syria in the war against Israel, the old city of Jerusalem would still be Arab. Clearly, while Jews were ready to die for Jerusalem they would not kill for Jerusalem.
      Today, for the first time in history, Jews, Christians and Muslims all may freely worship at their shrines. And, contrary to certain media reports, Jews, Christians and Muslims ARE allowed to build their homes anywhere in the city. The anguish over Jerusalem is not about real estate but about memory.
      What is the solution? Pressure will not produce a solution. Is there a solution? There must be, there will be. Why tackle the most complex and sensitive problem prematurely? Why not first take steps which will allow the Israeli and Palestinian communities to find ways to live together in an atmosphere of security. Why not leave the most difficult, the most sensitive issue, for such a time?
      Jerusalem must remain the world’s Jewish spiritual capital, not a symbol of anguish and bitterness, but a symbol of trust and hope. As the Hasidic master Rebbe Nahman of Bratslav said, “Everything in this world has a heart; the heart itself has its own heart.
      Jerusalem is the heart of our heart, the soul of our soul.”
      - Elie Wiesel

  16. ...but they are just words:

    ... I caution your readers not to be fooled by the mystical charm of Elie Wiesel, who is the icon of what Norman Finkelstein (in his book by the same title) calls The Holocaust Industry. Far from being a great humanitarian, Wiesel, as Noam Chomsky contends, is simply "a terrible fraud."

    Wiesel is often quoted as saying that "the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference." He has devoted his life to carefully crafting articles and speeches about oppression, genocide, and man's inhumanity to man. Yet when asked about the oppression and dehumanization of Palestinians by Israel, he "abstains" and dismisses the subject claiming "I cannot say bad things about Jews," or "Such comparisons are unworthy."

    His eloquent, unwavering support of Zionism has caused him to condemn Palestinians, who are the victims of the colonial expansionism epitomized by the illegal settlement of over 420,000 Jews in the occupied territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. He degrades Palestinians with racist remarks, such as claiming they use their children as shields for adults throwing stones and worse.

    In a 2001 editorial Wiesel dehumanized Palestinians and Muslims far more than his usual "indifference." He argued that only Jews should have sovereignty in Jerusalem because the name Jerusalem appears more than 600 times in the Bible while it does not appear at all in the Koran. If this is not convincing enough, Wiesel will tell you that Jerusalem is the most holy city for Jews while it is only the third holiest city for Muslims, and therefore Israel should exclusively control it as an eternal part of the Jewish state. Of course, as a loyal Zionist, Wiesel is never troubled by the fact that over half of the people within the borders controlled by Israel are not Jews, so that it is impossible to have “the Jewish state” and a democracy at the same time.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Norman Finkelstein, a Jew by birth but not ideology or religious conviction, has said that as Israel distances itself from 'liberal' principles and as American Jewry sees this, the diaspora will distance itself from supporting the NASI ruling Israel.

      Since he 'knows' that community, I take him at his word.
      If the Christian "Right' knew that the NASI Zionists were celebrating the burning of the New Testament, well, the political support they provide to the NASI would evaporate.

      So there is the mission, education, enlightenment, the truth to be told.

      Day by day, brick by brick, taking down the edifice of lies the Zionist propagandists have built.

    3. Day by day, you show you support terrorists.

      I stand with israel, I am a Zionist.

      The right of Jews to self determination in their historic lands.

      They have just as much right to be a nation as America or more.

    4. Exactly, you are an Israel, that is where you stand.
      With those that murder Jews, for propaganda purposes.

      The truth is coming out, piece by piece, day by day, your true colors are exposed.

    5. You are a terrorist supporter.

      i support Israel

      Please make sure if you send cash to Hamas you are careful as it is a crime. But you are a criminal, so you know that.

    6. You support the murderers of Jewish refugees.

      There is no denying history.

    7. Israel was founded on terrorism it is sustained by terrorism
      Anyone that supports Israel supports terrorism, institutionalize terrorism.
      State terrorism.

      You are pitiful.
      But then, again, you are an Israeli, you are a Zionist, you are a NASI.
      Being pitiful just goes with that occupied territory

    8. Simply put, you hate Israel, Jews and Judaism, I do not, I stand with Israel.

      Embrace it Jack.Rat, you are an anti-semite in the worst way.

      I am ok with your hatred. We have been hated by far more lethal and worse than you.

    9. you quote elie, I quote him, then you seek to dismiss him when I post his love of Zion.


  17. The obvious universal lesson is that than people in general are full of shit and the centrifugal force of situational ethics is overwhelming.

    1. Is that why you support Hamas's murder of Israelis? Their trying to bomb a nuke plant? Their lobing thousands of rockets at civilians?

  18. .

    And then you have the Israeli side, in this case, arguing against all moral equivalency arguments.

    To bring about real peace, drop the false narrative of moral equivalency and focus on the real culprits

    Reading this article side-by-side with the Juan Cole article above gives you a sense as to why the situation in Israel proper and in the occupied territories has become and will remain a continuous loop of violence. The struggle has been a part of daily life for every person that lives there from the day they were born.

    I guess it's not really the new normal. It's the old normal and the future normal.

    Dreams that 'deterrence' will make difference are just that, dreams.


    1. Then Israel needs to destroy the gaza strip and salt the earth.

    2. Won't do it.
      They had their chance and passed on it.

      The Israel are terrorists, cowards at heart.
      Like all the other Semites.

    3. You don't even make sense...

      Getting confused? Take your meds.

      You support Hamas. I stand with Israel.

    4. You are an Israeli that supports the Zionist NASI terrorists that are in power in Israel.

      Nothing to be confused about.

      A bunch of racists, Jewish Arab Semites, have hijacked a religion and a country, and you, a Semitic Arab NASI stand with them.
      Nothing confusing about that, at all.

      If you were to get Ash to comment, he would tell you I proposed removing the Palestinians from Gaza, almost a decade ago.
      The Israeli should have done it in '67, but they are cowards, which is why they prefer to sustain themselves in power using terrorism. Rather than finding a solution to their challenges.

      Whoever conquers a free town and does not demolish it commits a great error and may expect to be ruined himself. - Niccolo Machiavelli

      The Zionist NASI are half-steppers, always have been.
      They are cowards that do not compare to the men that conquered the Americas, much as they, and you, would like to compare themselves to US.

      They are merely Semitic terrorists.

    5. The challenge you have "O"" is that since you are not the "O"rignal, you have no institutional memory.
      You only have a thin briefin file, no first hand knowledge of who is who and what is what.

      It shows, time and again.
      You are easy meat for the grinder, a foolish fellow who thinks he is genetically 'superior'.
      You have been misled, your myths are just that, myths. Suitable to scare children, but which leave adults chuckling.

      Ask Ash for a thorough briefing, if you are polite he may oblige.

    6. There goes Wizo hating away and urging genocide. Typical!

    7. You call Israel a nazi state.

      I call you a support of Hamas and a hater of Israel and the Jews.

      Own it asshole, you are what you are..

      an anti-semite.

      Not that that means anything anymore.

      But remember we both know what a low life piece of shit you are. The ONLY difference today?

      We can and will defend ourselves and our right to live.

      your type? Don't scare us. We can SHOOT back at your type and we will when attacked.

      So jack rat, remember,we aint your daddy's victim jews anymore, we will kill those that seek to kill us and will will not apologize no matter how many of your friends die trying to kill us.


    8. Jack HawkinsSat Jul 12, 03:24:00 PM EDT
      The challenge you have "O"" is that since you are not the "O"rignal, you have no institutional memory.
      You only have a thin briefin file, no first hand knowledge of who is who and what is what.

      Jack Rat you are delusional.

      I am been here since the beginning, from Belmont Club to here.

      It's you that has no grasp on reality.

      You are just and insane jew hating worthless nothing of a human. Bitter and lonely. Narcissistic beyond belief who craves attention. Since you can't keep a family together, you live on your outpost, away from humanity, and wrap yourself in hatred and bile.

      Go fuck yourself...

      But remember, no matter your death threats, your stalking, your bullshit, we KNOW who you are and you aint worth spit.

    9. If there were death threats made, they should be documented and reported to the authorities.
      Get on that project. Do it now, don't let the sun go down without a full report.

  19. So, if the Median Income of all American families started dropping 14 years, ago,

    and is now $5,000.00 / year less (in Real dollars) than it was in 1999,

    how can you possibly look them in the eye, and tell them that they are not trapped in the "mother of all recessions?"

    1. Bill Clinton signed the China MFN Trade Deal 14 years ago.

      Causation? I think, at least to some extent.

      Enough that I sure as hell don't want "another" president Clinton.

  20. So far in Netanyahu’s war, at least 127 people have been killed by Israeli air strikes thus far, according to Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Kidra, while more than 920 have been wounded. The posted videos show the facts beyond the statistics.

    1. So far Hamas has launched over 2000 rockets aimed at the civilians of Israel, Isarael has located and destroyed thousands of rockets hidden under mosques in homes and in tunnels.

      Hamas has told it's people not to evacuate when israel warn them to leave.

      tonight? a glimmer of hope..

      7:15 p.m. The IDF confirms that rockets from Gaza struck the West Bank cities of Hebron and Bethlehem.

      Hamas's rockets are now hitting palestinians in the west bank..

    2. Hamas has also said it's aim is to murder every jew and every jew is a legit target. It also has tried to hit Dimona, Israel's nuclear reactor, a war crime of major class...

      The responsibility for every palestinian death, legally, is Hamas's . Under the geneva convention hiding and using homes, schools and houses to hide war weapons and to shoot rockets from same is a war crime and it's the responsibility of the party if any collateral damage (dead people) occurs.

      Again, simply stated?

      The dead palestinians? Are the responsibility of Hamas.

      they can stop the war in an instant by stopping their rocket barrages on Israeli cities.

      Of course kidnapping, murder and dismembering Israelis is also a cause for war.

      If you don't like what is happening?

      tell hamas to stop

    3. So far in Netanyahu’s war, at least 127 people have been killed by Israeli air strikes thus far, according to Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Kidra, while more than 920 have been wounded. The posted videos show the facts beyond the statistics.

      So far in Assad's war over 180 thousand arabs, including thousands of palestinians are dead, 500 thousand are wounded and 7-9 MILLIOn are truly homeless.

      But to deuce?

      Those deaths, injuries and refugee status doesn't matter since Israel didn't cause it.

    4. I can't wait for the palestinians to hit the dome of the rock...

      that will be funnier than shit.

    5. Hamas announces more attacks on Tel Aviv...

      I guess they are winning...

  21. United Nations: Most Gaza Casualties Were Warned by IDF to Leave Targeted Buildings in Advance

    A new United Nations document says that in most cases where Palestinians have been killed or injured during Israel’s ongoing Gaza campaign, the Israeli army alerted civilians ahead of time who were occupying buildings, that they planned to bomb in Gaza, to leave the premises.

    “At least 35 residential buildings were reportedly targeted and destroyed, resulting in the majority of the civilian casualties recorded so far, including an attack on 8 July in Khan Younis that killed seven civilians, including three children, and injured another 25,” according to the Occupied Palestinian Territory: Hostilities in Gaza and Israel Situation Report. “In most cases, prior to the attacks, residents have been warned to leave, either via phone calls by the Israel military or by the firing of warning missiles.”

    The document was released by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) at 15:00 on July, 9, 2014.

    Hamas, however, has officially urged residents to ignore the Israeli warnings to evacuate prior to Air Force air strikes, and, instead, called on them to serve as human shields.

    The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Interior and National Security said in a statement released on Wednesday, that “(sic) the ministry calling all our people not to deal or pay attention to the psychological warfare carried out by the occupation through rumors that broadcast across his media and delivering publications and communications on the phones of citizens, and the lack of response for each of these means, which aims to weaken the domestic front in light of great steadfastness of our people to face the aggression.”

    1. wow even the UN says the palestinians were warned to leave...

  22. Another israeli failure...

    Several rockets from the Gaza Strip were fired toward the greater Tel Aviv area on Friday morning. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted three projectiles.

    Air raid sirens sounded in Tel Aviv and surrounding cities in central Israel warning of the attack.

    No injuries or damage were immediately reported.

    Hamas claimed that it had attempted to target Ben-Gurion Airport in the strike.

    Dare those Jews, how dare they avoid deaths...

    1. If and when Hamas actually hits an aircraft, an apartment buiding and kills several hundred people, just what do you think Israel will do?

  23. America got caught spying on German...


    Life sentence? Nope just got thrown out.

  24. Yep those Israeli terrorists at it again...

    Northern Gazans are being removed from northern Gaza and other areas from which rockets are being fired senior army source says;

    Warning the folks to get out...

    Now that a heck of a Nazi army for ya...

    The IDF has begun evacuating residents of northern Gaza, and other areas in the coastal enclave from which heavy and long-range rockets are being fired at Israel, ahead of a stepped-up campaign of air raids that will target Hamas leaders hiding under large residential buildings, a senior army source warned Saturday night.

    "We are moving to a more significant case. Since the leaders are hiding under homes and using human shields, we are initiating the evacuation of civilians in Gaza before stepping up attacks. Until now, we've tried to use minimal force to lower civilian casualties. That explains how, even though we have hit 1300 targets, the civilian casualty rate is so low," the source said.

    think of it...

    130 dead and Israel has stuck 1300 targets...

    wow, that's a Nazi army for you...


    1. Residents of Gaza in areas that the IDF will soon strike will receive information, either via telephone or other means, informing them that terrorist elements are operating in their area, and that they must leave for their own safety.

      "I am confident most will leave," the source said. "Then, there will be much more significant attacks." Some Hamas leaders are hiding under Gaza hospitals, the source stated.

    2. another israeli failure

      8:45 p.m. Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Ashdod.

      hamas keeps committing war crimes and the good news?

      Israel keep making Hamas lethality impotent. Of course thousands and thousands of attempted murders is still a crime. And Hamas's leadership will pay.

    3. The IDF confirms that two Hamas rockets hit inside Palestinian Authority controlled cities.

      One Hamas rocket hit in Bethlehem, the other in Hebron.

      Hebron is a Hamas stronghold in Judea.

      No reports yet if Abbas will file a complaint with the UN.

  25. Our Diviner Rufus, has, up above, been in touch with 'his feelings'.

    He has now predicted the coming of a 'revolution' to America, even mentioning the French.

    He is, as usual, drunk as a skunk on Saturday.

    1. That is the trouble with old Ruf.

      Always 'in touch with his feelings'.

      And never a thought to go with it.

  26. I see the Jews are killing some Palestinians.

    This has been going on for 50 years or more.

    Ever since Martha Gellhorn wrote about how the Palestinians eat hate, breath it, love hate.

    I expect it to continue.

  27. What did the Paleolithics do this time?

    Launch some rockets from Gaza?

    Just a hunch.

    Kidnap some kids, and kill them, perhaps?


  29. First they called it the "Yinon Plan" then it became "Clean Break"
    The song remains the same

    Former al-Qaeda Commander: ISIS Works for the CIA
    Jihadist groups part of "Clean Break" plan to balkanize Middle East

    Nabil Na’eem, the founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and former top al-Qaeda commander, told the Beirut-based pan-Arab TV station al-Maydeen all current al-Qaeda affiliates, including ISIS, work for the CIA.

    “What I want to tell you, the efforts of all Islamic countries, Sunni and Shiites, must combine to eradicate these groups because these groups are the claws of colonialism in the region,” Na’eem said.

    Na’eem said ISIS, now IS or the Islamic State, is part of the neocon and Israeli “Clean Break” plan to balkanize the Arab and Muslim Middle East.

    1. Give me a break.

      And how does George W. Bush fit into this scheme?

      He was trying to keep Iraq together.

      O wait I get's all got to do with that Lester Crown fellow.

      He's got the Jews in his pocket.

      How old is Lester now, by the way?

      He must be getting up there.

      Is there a Lester Jr. we can count on the continue to pull all the strings behind the stage in coming decades?

      At any rate, I like the idea.......and it seems to be working in parts of the Middle East right now.

  30. While not exhaustive:

    2. a stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person.
    1770–80; < French; Franco-Provençal creitin, crestin human being, literally, Christian (hence one who is human despite deformities)

    2. offensive a person considered to be extremely stupid
    [C18: from French crétin, from Swiss French crestin, from Latin Chrīstiānus Christian , alluding to the humanity of such people, despite their handicaps]

    1779, from Fr. Alpine dialect crestin, "a dwarfed and deformed idiot" of a type formerly found in families in the Alpine lands, a condition caused by a congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones, from V.L. *christianus "a Christian," a generic term for "anyone," but often with a sense of "poor fellow."

    The English language has no shortage of cruel names for people, and one of them is cretin, which is what you’d call someone who is very, very dumb in the head.
    Back before cretin meant “a stupid person,” it was a medical term for a physical deformity that came from a specific disease. Surprisingly, the root of cretin is the Swiss French word crestin, which means “Christian.” It seems that people back then wanted to remind themselves that even though cretins look unusual, they’re still humans who deserve kindness. Knowing this makes it hard to use cretin in a mean way, but there are plenty more rude words you could use.

    cretin (Oxford)
    Originlate 18th century: from French crétin, from Swiss French crestin 'Christian' (from Latin Christianus), here used to mean 'human being', apparently as a reminder that, though deformed, cretins were human and not beasts.

    1. cretin (n.) Look up cretin at
      1779, from French crétin (18c.), from Alpine dialect crestin, "a dwarfed and deformed idiot" of a type formerly found in families in the Alpine lands, a condition caused by a congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones, from Vulgar Latin *christianus "a Christian," a generic term for "anyone," but often with a sense of "poor fellow." Related: Cretinism (1801).
      Online Etymology Dictionary

      “…By far the most likely derivation is from ‘Christianus’, from which the word ‘Cretin’ has evolved via ‘Crestin’. Salvioni states that 50 years earlier at Lake Maggiore the word ‘Christian’ was used to designate a cretin. The relationship with the word Chrétien is therefore at hand…”
      John Dennison M.Sc., B.A., Charles Oxnard MBChB, Ph.D., D.Sc., Peter Obendorf B.Sc (Hons), Ph.D., M.Litt.
      “Etymology of the Word ‘Cretin’”

      “The Online Etymology Dictionary suggests that the word ‘cretin” originates from the Latin vulgate and was once literally the word “Christian”:
      from V.L. *christianus “a Christian,”
      Or Wikipedia:
      From “chretien,” French for “Christian” or “Christlike,” because those affected were so mentally handicapped that they were considered incapable of sinning.”
      “The Cretin”

      “There is no more insulting term than ‘cretin’. Yet in the Eighteenth Century, it had a specific meaning – a sufferer from iodine deficiency, and the stunted growth, deformity and brain damage that accompanied it. More to the point, far from being an insult, ‘cretin’ was an appeal to the public’s conscience.

      Peasants farming the poor soils of the Alpine valleys were prone to iodine deficiency. Good-hearted people, trying to spare sufferers from abuse and humiliation, derived ‘cretin’ from the French Alpine dialect word for Christian. They wanted to remind others that the afflicted were fellow believers, equally worthy of respect and God’s love.”
      “Spastics, cretins and the political correctness of the right”

      “Scalia — a practicing Catholic who has served on the Supreme Court for nearly 30 years — gave a talk entitled “Not to the wise: Christian as Cretin.”
      Yale Daily News
      “SCOTUS Justice Scalia discusses faith, law”

    2. Let us all chip in and buy some iodine pills for desert rat and Swamp Rat.

    3. The iodine challenged rat brothers.

      Quirk, can you help out a little too?

    4. Please send your donations to:

      Iodine Challenged Rat Brothers
      c/o Quirk
      Box 0000000000000000010
      Detroit, Michigan

      Cash only please

    5. Some of your money will go to the Rat Brothers Iodine Emergency Fund.

      The rest will be kept by Quirk for handling and processing.

  31. The dust-up in Gaza would be unremarked in the Muslim world were Jews not involved. Compare to Syria and Iraq.

    1. I am still following the goings on in Nigeria.

      I think Lester Crown is behind it all.

      He's got it in for the Nigerian Christians, does old Lester.

    2. No Allen! It us because the Israelis enjoy overwhelming military superiority and they do not occupy the moral high ground.

    3. They hold the moral high ground.

      It is the Palestinians who have said "push the Jews into the Sea".

      What is so hard to understand about this, Ash?

      Good Grief.

      And you are a product of the Canadian Education System.


    4. Bob, you are truly a dolt. Israelis, WiO for example, have said much worse, and done much worse. They still have overwhelming military superiority and do not occupy the moral high ground regardless of varying folks statements.

    5. Ash do the big bad Israelis enjoy overwhelming military superiority over Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah, Syria, Palestinians, ISIS, Qatar & Al queda?

      Your looking at this from your safe little cushy bubble.

      I hope ash, you and where you live will come to learn what Israelis live with on a daily basis.

      Remember you have only 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter several times a day...

      fucking hypocrite.

    6. And bob, all your babble last night about Myth and truth show just how much you don't understand and the hypocrisy of your states beliefs. You basically support the radical Islamic position. I'd lay it out for you but you lack the ability and desire to actually entertain something that doesn't already mesh with your rigid belief system makes it not worth it.

    7. Ash, the arab israeli conflict is simple.

      arabs hold 899/900th of the land
      israel has 1/900th.

      agree or disagree

      The arab world has ethnically cleansed all jews (except for a tiny number) from their homes and stole their property, numbering 850 thousand folks and of course, you must count the additional 4 million Jews who are as well refugees..

      The arabs fled or were cleansed from the lands of Israel 1/900th and yet today are 1.2 MILLIOn of the state of israel making up 20% of the citizens of Israel.

      agree or disagree?

      There are MORE arabs living inside israel today than existed in the entire area (from the river to the sea) in 1948.

      agree or disagree?

      The Palestinians have been offered a state 5 times since 1948 and have turned down statehood each time.

      agree or disagree.

      Start there ash "i live in a bubble" canandian

    8. Your 'facts' are ambiguous. For example 1/900th if the land. What 'land' does this refer, the world? It doesn't really matter though because we are no toddlers learning to share but rather nation states and people trying to co-exist.

    9. bullshit.

      the arab world

      go thru the list

      agree or disagree make a counter point, don't be a bitch

    10. Ok. The Arabs, ethnically cleanse, yet so do you as evidenced by history (Irgun circa 1948) and the modern request that Israel be a Jewish state.

    11. Re the "Arab world" - so? Is there some quota system where nation states are to be doled by race? Ethnicity? Religion? Should blacks in the USA get their own country based on their percentage of population? Obviously not! So too your toddler sharing argument.

    12. I'll take your word for it on the number of Arabs from river to sea. So?

      with respect to turning down the "offers" of statehood, well that is their right to turn down offers they believe to be insufficient. I would to if offered a state where the majority of aquifers were placed in Israeli territory.

    13. How about we slice it off at original mandate of 1948? Israel says no. How about 1967? Israel says no. Shit, really? Who woulda thunk?



    "He's got my vote."

    Old Rufus


    1. By the way, we had an Old Chief Joseph and a younger Chief Joseph out this way.

      As far as anyone knows, neither had much truck with democracy.

      They certainly didn't practice it.

      That is why they were called 'Chief'.

      The role seems to have been handed down from father to son, like the old Kings and Queens of England used to do.

      Then thousands of mostly white, but not all white, by any means, some black, farmers came from the East, in wagons with horses, with democracy and property rights on their minds, and that was that. About 160 years ago or so.

    2. They didn't practice the Rule of Law, either.

      They had never thought of it.

      Very noble looking folk, though the women seemed to be getting the worst of it, what with their camus bulb digging sticks.

      That was back breaking work, and no pay, other than the bulbs.

      At any rate, they all seem to be driving Ford and Chevy 4x4 pickups trucks now, and enjoying themselves.

      Such are the working of history, that our Ruf thinks he knows all about.

      They have lawyers too.


  33. Ah.... Lebanon, controlled by Iran/Hezbollah just attacked Israel again... 2nd time in 2 days..

    1. will Deuce condemn the attack?

      don't hold your breathe...

    2. I won't.

      I donna wanna die yet.

      But I wish to ask:

      Whatever happened to the Christians in Lebanon.

      I go back to the days of Danny Thomas.

    3. Anybody here old enough to have heard about Danny Thomas?

      Anybody here old enough to have heard about the Christians in Lebanon.


  34. Ash is a product of the Canadian Education System.


  35. Rocket are raining down into Israel.

    If rockets were raining down into Boise, Idaho, and I was Commander in Chief......I know what the hell I would do......I would use all the means at my command to stop it.

    1. Now, bob, apply the same fought process from the Palestinian POV. What do you come up with?

  36. Rockets, meaning more than one

  37. I hope the Palestinians hit the Dome of the Rock too.

    That would be funnier than shit.


    Never allow yourself to get seduced by an Arabic girlfriend.

    For God's Sake, there are a billion Hindus out there.

  38. Why would I condemn the Palestinians from protecting themselves from Netanyahu’s thugs that started this?

    1. So kidnapping Israelis is cool with you?

      Shooting rockets from gaza since the israels LEFT is cool with you?

      OK, you support hamas.

      I support Israel.

      BTW, your side is losing. AGAIN

      and btw, think of the number of your buddies DYING in Syria and yet? You are silent...


    Where are the Christians of Lebanon today?

    I remember Lebanon when it was somewhat fairly ruled by both Christians and Moslems.

    1. A kind of condominium agreement.

      In a better, happier time.

      Ash, you remember those days?

    2. Your memory is faulty bob. Too which period in history do you refer?

  40. Deuce. tell us.

    Does Israel have any right to exist?

    Should they just give up and accept citizenship under palestinian rule?

    Should they just commit suicide? Would that please you?

    What right does Israel have to defend it's self? None?

    You defend the right of Fatah and Hamas to shoot rockets into Israel at civilians. Interesting.

    So you support Hamas's right to murder jews at will?


    1. He has his point, Deuce.

      I really don't know what started 'the last round'.

      A kidnapping or something.

      Something about "After The Storm' to put it in my Hemingway language.

      But I have read my Martha Gellhorn.

      And I think she is right.

      It was just the same 60 years ago.

      They live hate, they eat it the Palestinian Arabs.

      And I don't want to see the Israelis pushed into the Sea, not after what Europe did to them.

      Not that I or any of mine had anything to do with that. We did not.

      I side with Israel, and they live in a tough tough neighborhood.

      And I like Netanyahu a lot.

      And I hope India and Israel cozy up.

      That would make a good relationship.

      I support the Jews.

    2. And the Hindus, who have a lot, o so much, to say.

      It was our writer Thoreau who first discovered this for us.

      For those of us who like to read.

  41. "IT WASN'T ABOUT anything, something about making punch, and then we started fighting and I slipped and he had me down kneeling on my chest and choking me with both hands like he was trying to kill me and all the time I was trying to get the knife out of my pocket to cut him loose."

    After The Storm

    Ernest Hemingway

    I side with the Jews, because they are the better people, more noble, and not into killing everyone around them.

    They did not do 9-11.

    They are not killing Christians in Nigeria.

    They did not wipe out Christians and others all across the Middle East.

    Nor do they call The United States of America the Great Satan.

    Nor do they wish to impose through force Sharia on others.

    They are a democracy.

    A Jewish democracy to be sure.

    What else can they be?

    Sweden is a Swedish democracy.

    They are good people, and I love 'em.

    You don't like Philly? Go live in Israel.

    You might like it.

  42. I think you are absurd, Deuce, and making a great fool out of yourself.

    Which is sad to see.

    There's a billion Hindus out there.

    A sad country, India.

    But making lots of progress.

    And they have some truly lovely people, that don't hate as a matter of their literature.

    Their literature is not hateful, like that of the Moslems.

  43. BobSat Jul 12, 05:35:00 PM EDT
    Quirk, can you help out a little too?

    He has, proving that once a cretin, always a cretin. :-)

  44. The ranting and raving is comical.

    Raining munitions ...

    The ratio is 100 to 1, in favor of the Israel thunder storm breaking over Gaza.
    The "War" was started by the Israeli, who took Gaza militarily and then instigated the blockade of of the civilian population.

    Day by day the Palestinians are winning the propaganda war. It is satisfying to watch that.
    The Zionist murderers, the people who killed Jews merely for their propaganda purposes will receive the justice they deserve. They are folks that believe the sins of the fathers pass to the sons and daughters of the guilty and so it shall.

    heh, heh, heh.

    The demographics will prevail, they always do, here, there, everywhere.