“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, July 27, 2014


BasNews, Mosul
A number of Mosul youths who have fled their city, have revealed that Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) has ordered them to take up arms and fight the Iraqi army or go to Syria and fight the Syrian regime.
A group of Mosul youths who fled Mosul which has been under the control of ISIS insurgents since last month, told BasNews that the militant group has ordered all Mosul youths to take up arms and join them in their operations against the Iraqi and Syrian regimes.
One of the youths, who didn’t want to be named, said that ISIS has informed all the shop owners and government offices that if they know any youths, they should tell them join ISIS and go to the frontlines.
“Once you join the group then they will send to Syria or to fight the Iraqi army,” said the youth.
Since June 10th, ISIS has controlled Mosul and a number ofSunni majority cities in Northern Iraq and has imposed strict rulings on the residents of the areas.



  1. Russia delivers combat aircraft to Iraq

    IRBIL, Iraq -- The Iraqi government Friday confirmed that Russia has begun delivery of attack helicopters and warplanes as part of an arms deal intended to bolster the foundering military effort to retake the nearly half of Iraq lost this year to Islamist militants.

    Mi-35 helicopter gunships and Su-25 fighter-bombers were hastily added in June to a multibillion-dollar arms deal that had been signed before militants from the Islamic State stormed through northern and central Iraq, eventually driving the crumbling Iraqi army to the gates of Baghdad. Efforts to retake territory, notably in Tikrit and Anbar province to the west of the capital, have been disastrous for the Iraqi army and its Shiite Muslim militia allies, something the government hopes effective air power might change.

    Despite reports last month that six Russian Su-25s had been hurriedly rushed to Iraq and that Iran had returned a similar number of the same aircraft that it had seized at the outset of the Persian Gulf War in 1991, there’s been little sign of their use on the battlefield _ likely because, analysts say, there are few trained ground crews, pilots and infrastructure to support the three-decade-old aircraft. An agreement to train Iraqi pilots to fly modern F-16s from the United States appears to have stalled over the security conditions around Iraq’s main airfield in Balad, north of Baghdad. The contractors who were to conduct the training were evacuated when Islamic State forces threatened the base.

    Matthew Henman, a military analyst for IHS Janes, the British military consultancy, said that the lack of maintenance on the Iranian and Russian jets first reportedly delivered in June, along with a lack of experienced pilots and ground crews, make it unlikely they “would get any kind of operational use out of those aircraft, if they got them off the ground.”

    The additional Russian deliveries announced Friday on Iraqi state television should change that. The refurbished Su-25s as well as advanced Mi-35 attack helicopters presumably will be in flyable condition, adding to the Iraqis’ odd air arsenal that includes helicopters, Cessnas equipped with Hellfire missiles, and improvised “barrel bombs” pushed from cargo planes. The latter are notoriously unguided weapons that have been accused of causing mass civilian casualties in Syria.

    But whether that ultimately will help the Iraqi government in Baghdad both push back the Islamic State fighters and win the confidence of Sunni Muslim Iraqis remains uncertain.

    Read more here:

  2. Fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) say they have overrun a large Syrian military base on the outskirts of the city of Raqqa.

    The Islamist fighters have released images of captured soldiers being beheaded after the battle for the base.

    The Syrian army did not confirm that the base had fallen, but said it was organising a counter-attack.

    Isis already controls much of Raqqa province, and recently seized a swathe of territory in neighbouring Iraq.

    The group, which has changed its name to Islamic State, describes the territory under its control in Iraq and Syria as a caliphate.

    The Raqqa base, manned by Division 17 of the Syrian army, is said to have been captured overnight after coming under siege from Isis fighters.

    According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group that monitors casualties in the conflict, the assault on the base began with two suicide car bomb attacks. Meanwhile, Syrian army helicopters attacked Isis positions around the base.

    Scores of Isis fighters and government soldiers were killed or hurt in the attack, the group said. The base is the largest of its kind in north-eastern Syria, and is said to be well-stocked with weapons and ammunition.

  3. Netanyahus’ assault on Gaza is a distraction from what is happening within ISIS.

    What is the plan when ISIS controls the states around Israel?

    1. Granted, the current Hamas - Israeli war was meant to be a distraction from events in Syria. The only role Netanyahu had was to defend Israel against Hamas. That was supposed to draw militant attention away from Assad and to the Gaza theater. It is not working.

      All signs point to an IS assault on Aleppo. Whatever may be the long term goals of IS with reference to Israel, it is not going to be distracted by events in Gaza. IS is a stone-cold killing machine that performs with remarkable discipline. Whoever is running the show seems intent on consolidating gains and striking Assad in his jugular. So focused is IS that Hezbollah, greatly wounded, cannot now pull out of Syria.

      There may be some rocket fire at the Golan and from Lebanon, but not enough to change the equation in favor of Syria. Win, lose, or draw, the bloodletting in Syria will weaken all the combatants, leaving Israel strategically unfazed.

    2. Israel Prefers al-Qeada

      Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told the Jerusalem Post

      The entire Israeli operation in Gaza was a ploy to dismantle the political unification of the Palestinians.
      It had nothing to do with Syria, it was started by Israel, for its own political interests.

      Bibi lied - People Died

      Israel founded by terrorists - Sustained by Terrorism

    3. Well Deuce, I DARE you to do a thread on this..

      Hamas has to keep those human shields in place! Gazans look like they are getting fed up with being human shields. The people of Gaza have repeatedly voted Hamas into power to govern them so what is there to do? If you really want to help the people in Gaza, then destroy Hamas. Maybe Hamas won’t do so well in the Gaza elections next time.

    4. You have a blog, two of them, actually.

      If you are really who you claim to be.

      To verify your claims, to authenticate them how about this ...

      I DOUBLE DARE "O"rdure to post a thread on the above subject on both.

      Get back to us when it is done.

  4. Well the truth?

    The Sunnis were at war with Israel in numerous wars and they lost them all.

    The New rise of ISIS will 1st be fighting the Shia.

    But you are correct, the caliphate is rising. Jordan will fall, Lebanon is toast.

    But Hamas's attack on Israel is an Iranian distraction. Remember, although I am sure you will not, that Hamas has been rocketing Israel for 10 years.

    The investment in concrete 900,000 tons and steel and billions of dollars is far from a nuisance. Hamas's plans were/are to murder Jews. Now maybe that's a distraction to you, but to the 1/2 million residents that have had to live under rocket attacks for 10 years? It's a game changer.

  5. Cairo (AFP) - Egypt's army said Sunday it has destroyed 13 more tunnels connecting the Sinai Peninsula to the Gaza Strip, taking to 1,639 the overall number it has laid waste to.

    Cairo has poured troops into the peninsula to counter a rising insurgency since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last year, and its security operation involves the destruction of these tunnels.

    The Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is the main power in Gaza, reportedly uses the tunnels to smuggle arms, food and money into the blockaded coastal enclave.

    “Parsing Obama's Phone Call With Netanyahu, Call for Immediate Ceasefire”

    “And then the kicker: ‘The President stressed the U.S. view that, ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza.’"

    …one more time for emphasis…

    “And then the kicker: ‘The President stressed the U.S. view that, ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza.’"

    The president has joined the EU Foreign Ministers in demanding the demilitarization of Gaza. Will he leave the job to Israel or has he another plan? Hmm…

    For those who have forgotten, Hamas is a terrorist organization according the US State Dept.

    1. .

      None have forgotten, though some may have forgotten (or choose to ignore) that all terrorist groups are of the same stripe.



    2. Israel founded by terrorists - Sustained by Terrorism

      Bibi lied - People Died

  7. Cairo also accuses of Hamas of being involved in militant attacks inside Egypt, which have multiplied since Morsi was toppled.

    Militant groups say their attacks are in retaliation for a police crackdown on Morsi's supporters. The crackdown has seen more than 1,400 people killed in street clashes.

    Wow more than in the gaza war...

  8. Turkey should consider carefully pushing Israel. The last air force which tried testing the IAF lost 89 Migs during an afternoon of shooting as I recall. Israel lost nothing.

    Perhaps Turkey will think more clearly if its navy is reduced and its air force “decimated”. Yea, I know all about NATO. The chance of NATO supporting Turkey in its big adventure is about zero. The EU (NATO) can’t even get inspectors into the Ukraine.

    Turkey will not be able to look to Egypt for support, insanely having burned its bridges. Syria is dying as is Hezbollah. Iraq is dead. It looks like Turkey will have to fight this one on its own. If Turkey is defeated, Kurdistan will be the price of peace.

    Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel are beginning to sing from the same page, finding themselves facing a common foe. There is no hurrry; this tacit alliance is more than happy to let the crazies spill rivers of blood.


    1. Normalization of Turkey-Israel relations a 'fantasy'

      Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said Turkey would reconsider its stance with Tel Aviv if Israeli government changes its mentality

    2. Relations between Turkey and Israel have been strained since Israeli commandos killed eight Turks along with a Turkish-American in May 2010 when they attacked an aid flotilla sailing in support of the Occupied Territories - which included the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara - while it was in international waters off Gaza.

      Arinc said late Friday in a televised interview: “Normalization is difficult at this point and even impossible.

      "If the Israeli government changes its mentality or something positive takes place regarding the Gaza Strip, Turkey would reconsider its stance on normalization with Tel Aviv.”

      Turkey has said that although Israel fulfilled two of the three conditions - an apology and compensation - which Turkey had set for the normalization of ties after the aid flotilla attack, it remained unwilling to fulfill the third condition of lifting its embargo on Gaza.

    New fighting breaks out in Gaza despite Obama’s appeal for a cease-fire

    When Hamas chose to engage the IDF around a UN school, it became responsible for the outcome. The IDF commander had only one responsibilty, protecting his command. Too bad. So sad.

    1. RT
      1 hour ago - Google+
      Israel has confirmed that it unintentionally hit a UN school in Gaza last week, but denies reports that anyone was killed in the incident, claiming the courtyard area was empty when the strike took place.

      Bibi Lied and People Died

    2. When the Palestinians USE UN locations to fire from?

      They are legit targets. PERIOD.

  10. The woes of a second term are nothing new, but for President Barack Obama they seem to have started sooner and struck harder than for his predecessors.


    The president's recent two-term predecessors — Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — also encountered political setbacks and international upheaval in the second half of their second terms.


    The legislative achievements often involved compromises that put the president at odds with members of Congress from his own party. Clinton signed a balanced-budget bill in 1997 that acceded to Republican demands to end deficit spending.

  11. Replies
    1. Hi Sam, on my way to Denver , nice to cu agin


  12. Let Sunnis Defeat Iraq’s Militants

    Rafe al-Essawi is a former finance minister and deputy prime minister of Iraq. Atheel al-Nujaifi is the governor of Nineveh, a northern Iraqi province.

    Now the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has burst onto the stage well organized and funded: In Falluja early this year, then Mosul last month, it seized territory, claiming to defend Sunnis against Mr. Maliki’s Iranian-backed government.

    The group’s ideology is a perversion of Islam and an affront to our culture. Yet the group gets local support. The Sunni tribes defeated Al Qaeda in Iraq, its predecessor, less than a decade ago. Today, they cooperate with ISIS (which now calls itself the Islamic State) — not as fanatics, but because they see it as the lesser of two evils, compared with Mr. Maliki.

    Meanwhile, the government murders Sunni detainees and bombs civilian areas. The killing of Sunnis by Iranian-backed Shiite militias and the presence of Iranian military advisers on the ground deepen suspicion that Iraq’s government serves Iran, not Iraqis. This pushes more Sunnis toward ISIS, increasing the threat it poses to Iraq’s people and neighbors.

    But Iraqis can change that. First, we need a new prime minister. The Shiite parties must nominate a replacement for Mr. Maliki; there are a number of capable candidates. Iraqi politicians also must agree on a new balance between central authority and regional autonomy. The formula should include arrangements satisfactory to Iraq’s Kurds, who already have considerable local power; increased decentralization for the rest of the country; and a new arrangement for managing and sharing the proceeds of Iraq’s natural resources, particularly oil. Any agreement must include amnesty for the tens of thousands of Sunnis detained without trial, the release from detention of the Sunni politician Ahmed al-Alwani, the end of the counterproductive de-Baathification program, and the repealing of the counterterrorism law, which has been used as a pretext to arrest Mr. Maliki’s Sunni rivals.
    Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main story
    Continue reading the main story

    In addition, Parliament must reverse Mr. Maliki’s politicization of the security forces and establish new local forces to safeguard the population in Sunni areas, modeled after the Kurdish pesh merga.
    Only Sunni forces, with local support, can defeat ISIS in the areas it has seized.

    The only armed forces permitted in Iraq would be those officially sanctioned by the government. ISIS would be banned as a terrorist group; so would Iranian-backed Shiite militias like Asaib al-Haq, Kataib Hezbollah and the Badr Corps.


  13. Seems this i what has allen's panties in a knot ...

    Second Turkish Gaza flotilla will have military escort, group says

    Kerry is negotiating with the Turks, perhaps this is one of the reasons they are now in the "Solution Loop".
    Would the US honor its Article 5 obligations under the NATO Treaty?

    It should, but that does not mean it would.

    For the purpose of Article 5, an armed attack on one or more of the Parties is deemed to include an armed attack:

    on the territory of any of the Parties in Europe or North America, on the Algerian Departments of France (2), on the territory of or on the Islands under the jurisdiction of any of the Parties in the North Atlantic area north of the Tropic of Cancer;

    on the forces, vessels, or aircraft of any of the Parties, when in or over these territories or any other area in Europe in which occupation forces of any of the Parties were stationed on the date when the Treaty entered into force or the Mediterranean Sea or the North Atlantic area north of the Tropic of Cancer.


  14. VA reform plans bottled up in Congress

    After discussions with committee staffs, the Congressional Budget Office did lower its cost estimate for the Senate bill (HR 3230) to $35 billion in direct spending over 10 years. But CBO cautioned this new estimate ignores any costs from higher usage of VA care after October 2017, even if triggered by the bill’s design. In an earlier cost estimate, CBO said VA health costs could spike by $50 billion a year if as many as two million veterans are enticed to drop current health plans to seek VA-paid care from local doctors.

    The VA’s new plan to address the wait-time crisis includes expanding VA medical staff by 10,000 personnel, including 1,500 physicians, over the next three years. That sounds like a lot, Gibson said, but it’s only a 3 percent hike to the Veterans Health Administration current staff of 300,000.

    VA’s audit of wait times at health facilities, he said, found that the “number-one cause for scheduling difficulties” was a shortage of doctors.

    “We have not historically managed to requirements. We have managed to a budget number” regardless of actual need. “And the veterans wound up being the shock absorbers in that process,” Gibson said.

    VA also wants more facility space to provide direct care, so VA is asking Congress to fund eight large medical facilities from VA’s construction backlog list, support leases for 77 more outpatient clinics, and cover minor construction and maintenance projects that would open even more space.

    Those projects combined would allow eight million more VA health appointments annually, Gibson said. The entire plan would cost $17.6 billion over three years. Gibson hinted it’s a better plan than some lawmakers seek.

    “I believe the greatest risk to veterans over the intermediate-to-long term is that additional resources are provided only to support increased purchase care in the community and not to materially remedy the historic shortfall in internal VA capacity. Such an outcome would leave VA even more poorly positioned to meet future demand,” Gibson said.

    More VA facilities and staff, however, are precisely what tea party conservatives in Congress vehemently oppose. And their view is said to be influencing debate among House-Senate conferees.

    Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., a tea party favorite who will retire from the Senate in December, told Gibson that what VA needs is competition from private-sector health-care providers and not more billions of dollars to spend.

    “If somebody were biting at your backside because they were providing better care, faster care, honest waiting lists, (VA leaders) would go, ‘Holy smoke! If we don’t get our act together (and) if we don’t see more patients during the day, we’re going to lose out,” Johanns said.

    Gibson countered that many veterans like and depend on VA care.

    “But at the end of the day,” Johanns interrupted, “these veterans fight for our freedoms. Why don’t they have the freedom to make their own choice about their health care? And maybe they say …’That hospital 20 minutes down the road is simply a better situation for me than the (VA) hospital that’s 250 miles from where I’m at, with a long waiting list.’”

  15. QuirkSun Jul 27, 11:32:00 PM EDT


    None have forgotten, though some may have forgotten (or choose to ignore) that all terrorist groups are of the same stripe.

    allenMon Jul 28, 12:28:00 AM EDT



    allen, Quirk has been endeavoring of late to equate some Jewish behavior leading up to Israel's independence with the behavior of IS, Hamas, etc etc.

    Quirk engages in an illogical and intellectual ignoring not just nuances but glaring differences. In Quirk's outlook people, situations, events are all pretty much the same. Thus, "all politicians are dicks". We have heard this mantra a thousand times before. But there are great differences between politicians, and he refuses to see it. Thus, "life sucks". It doesn't of course though some awful things do happen in life to all too many people in life. In Quirk's world all things seem to be grey, shading always to the darker side. He refuses to see historical context, differences between basic philisophical/politico outlooks, etc. Thus Islamic aggressiveness and terrorism of 1,400 years is easily equated in Quirk's with some Jewish behavior prior to their independence after escaping from the horros Europe.

    It is a despairing and numbing outlook, and one must feel a certain compassion for the old dude, and if you can help our friend Quirk, please do so.

    1. In other words bob is fine with using terrorist tactics if he thinks the cause is just.

    2. Ash, you are putting words in his mouth.

      And you are re-writing history without any explanation or context.

      When asked specific questions, in the past, on specific issues, you NEVER can answer those questions directly.

      Always seeking to discredit Israel, Jews, Zionism and Judaism. You have a pattern on disinformation and misdirection.

    3. You are full is shit WiO, an obvious propagandist. In Quirks list of incidents what, in your view, were not acts of terror? The only difference is they were done by your side so, you argue, they were the acts of freedom fighters.

    4. .

      Yesterday, rat, made a suggestion that the terrorism Israel complains about today has been excused by them in the past when it was them doing the terrorism in pursuit of their own nation. I agree. In support of that idea, I posted a wiki article on the King David Hotel bombing where 91 people were killed from various nationalities including Jews with some of the victims being from the streets outside the hotel and in neighboring buildings. The Israelis evidently were able to put aside any disgust they had at the brutal act as the ended up electing one of the chief architects of the attack, Begin, prime minister.

      In response, Mr. Obumble began making up silly excuses for Israeli terrorists.

      I in turn put up a couple posts to point out that his appeal to historical context was absurd.

      Those posts follow (continued below)


    5. .


      QuirkMon Jul 28, 12:29:00 AM EDT

      Selected Irgun, Haganah and Lehi attacks

      Main articles: List of Irgun attacks and Killings and massacres during the 1948 Palestine War

      June 30, 1924. According to Israeli journalists Shlomo Nakdimon and Shaul Mayzlish, Dutch Jew Jacob Israƫl de Haan was assassinated by Avraham Tehomi on the orders of Haganah leader Yitzhak Ben-Zvi[29] for his anti-Zionist political activities and contacts with Arab leaders.[30]
      1937–1939 The Irgun conducted a campaign of violence against Palestinian Arab civilians resulting in the deaths of at least 250.[citation needed]
      July 15, 1938* A bomb left in the vegetable market in Jerusalem by the Irgun injured 28[31]
      July 25, 1938* The Irgun threw a bomb into the melon market in Haifa resulting in 49 deaths[32]
      November 6, 1944 Lehi assassinated British minister Lord Moyne in Cairo, Egypt. The action was condemned by the Yishuv at the time, but the bodies of the assassins was brought home from Egypt in 1975 to a state funeral and burial on Mount Herzl.[citation needed]
      1944–1945 The killings of several suspected collaborators with the Haganah and the British mandate government during the Hunting Season.
      1946' Letter bombs sent to British officials, including foreign minister Ernst Bevin, by Lehi
      July 26, 1946 The bombing of British administrative headquarters at the King David Hotel, killing 91 people — 28 British, 41 Arab, 17 Jewish, and 5 others. Around 45 people were injured.
      1946 Railways and British military airfields were attacked several times.
      October 31, 1946 The bombing by the Irgun of the British Embassy in Rome. Nearly half the building was destroyed and 3 people were injured.[33]
      April 1947* An Irgun bomb placed at the Colonial Office in London failed to detonate.[34]
      July 25, 1947 The Sergeants affair: When death sentences were passed on two Irgun members, the Irgun kidnapped Sgt. Clifford Martin and Sgt. Mervyn Paice and threatened to kill them in retaliation if the sentences were carried out. When the threat was ignored, the hostages were killed. Afterwards, their bodies were taken to an orange grove and left hanging by the neck from trees. An improvised explosive device was set. This went off when one of the bodies was cut down, seriously wounding a British officer.[35]
      December 1947 – March 1948 Numerous attacks on Palestinian Arabs in the context of civil war after the vote of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine
      '1947 Letter bombs sent to the Truman White House by Lehi
      January 5–6, 1948 The Semiramis Hotel bombing, carried out by the Haganah (or, according to some sources, Irgun) resulted in the deaths of 24 to 26 people
      April 1948 The Deir Yassin massacre carried out by the Irgun and Lehi, killed between 107 and 120 Palestinian villagers,[36] the estimate generally accepted by scholars.[37][38]
      September 17, 1948 Lehi assassination of the United Nations mediator Folke Bernadotte, negotiator of the release of about 31,000 prisoners (including thousands of Jews from Nazi concentration camps during World War II),[39][40] whom Lehi accused of a pro-Arab stance during the cease-fire negotiations.

      This is hardly an all inclusive list. Read through it and tell me that the Jewish terrorists were any different than Hamas.

      continued below...


    6. .



      The Jewish paramilitary groups (or as Allen is wont to say let's not forget they were designated terrorists) were guilty of everything Hamas has been accused of over the past few weeks.

      Killing their own people
      Killing collaborators
      Booby trapping their victims
      Attacking not only the British and Palestinians but also other nationalities indiscriminately
      Deir Yassin massacre
      Placing a bomb at the Colonial Office in London
      Sending letter bombs to Truman's White House

      Oh wait. Hamas hasn't gotten around to the last two. Or for that matter, I don't think they have assassinated any ambassadors yet either.


      Despite the mewling whining of the perpetrators, there is nothing that justifies terrorists (or depending on which side you are on, freedom fighter) intentional murder of civilians or innocents. Those on either side of a conflict who would try to make excuses for them lack a moral core. They are enablers and IMO dicks.

      We hear constant arguments of there being no moral equivalency between the two sides in the current conflict. IMO, that argument is usually made by low information voters who lack (or ignore) what Obumble would call 'historical context'.

      The Hamas terrorists who intentionally bomb civilians are cretins. The same applies to anyone else who would do the same thing.



    7. .

      He refuses to see historical context, differences between basic philisophical/politico outlooks, etc.

      Dead is dead you dumb hick. Try explaining to the victims how grateful they should be that they were murdered because it was all for a good clause.

      You sit in Idaho pecking away at the keyboard in between trips to the john and visits to the casino spouting off about cultural differences and moral superiority and ignore the actual horror of a kid being torn apart by shrapnel and left in the street to bleed out. You pass it off as some philosophical exercise. Frankly, Bob, you are just full of shit.


    8. Bob's nonsensical hypocritical postings truly boggle the mind if one reads them and give them any serious consideration. I peruse them, primarily, for entertainment when time permits..

  16. July 28, 2014
    Children died building terror tunnels for Hamas

    Children have died at the hands of Hamas as they are used to help build terror tunnels, but the world’s media avert their eyes.

    Breitbart reports on an article published two years ago that confirms that Hamas has been using children to help build terror tunnels. So far (through 2011) at least 160 children have died in the tunnels. It is reasonable to assume that in the past two years since the article was published many more have died.

    Hamas killed hundreds of children in the construction of its extensive tunnel network, built partly to carry out attacks on children across the Gaza border in Israel. That report--confirmed by Hamas itself--emerged in 2012, not from the Israeli government, but the sympathetic Journal of Palestine Studies, in an article that otherwise celebrated the secret tunnel system as a symbol of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli "siege" of the Gaza Strip. (snip)

    Hamas is not only using child labor, but likely child slavery, in building its terror tunnel network. While the world worries obsessively over the child casualties of Israeli attacks on Hamas targets in Gaza, it has ignored Hamas's deliberate killing of hundreds of Palestinian children, over the objections of the local populace.

    The knowledge that Hamas used children to dig tunnels for smuggling and terror up to 25 meters below ground changes the moral calculation of the war significantly. Not only does Hamas show extreme indifference to the lives of Palestinian children by using them as human shields, placing rockets in UN schools and the like, but it actively destroys those lives by sending Palestinian children to die underground in 19th century conditions.

    Those defending the Palestinian resistance to Israel--and, equally, those demanding a ceasefire that would leave the Hamas tunnel network in place--are effectively defending a slaveholding regime more odious in moral terms than any the world has seen since the child soldiers of Joseph Kony's brutal Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, or the forced labor camps of the Nazis in the Second World War, who set children to work for the war effort.

    There are no limits to the ways innocent lives are devalued and abused in the jihadist pursuit of the destruction of Israel, the Jewish people, and all infidels.


    2. The Zionists MURDERED, by their own hand 252 Jewish refugees who had the misfortune of being on board the "Patra" when the bombs planted by the Zionists went off.

      Israel - Founded by Terrorists and Sustained by Terrorism

  17. July 28, 2014
    The Case for an Independent Kurdistan
    By Russ Read

    The state of Iraq as we once knew it is in shambles. ISIS continues to occupy vast swaths of Iraq, sectarian conflicts are on the rise, and the Maliki government cowers in Baghdad while the barbarians batter the gates. In response, the U.S. has sent a few hundred military advisors in an attempt to bolster the Iraqi military's morale, so far with little success. Elsewhere in the region, Israel and the Palestinians are in the midst of another conflict, Syria is still in a bloody civil war (with ISIS involved), and the Iranian nuclear talks have been extended with no real promise of a deal in the works. Simply put, the Middle East as a whole is extremely volatile.

    That is, except for Kurdistan.

    The Kurds of northern Iraq are sitting pretty. They have not only successfully defended themselves from the ISIS threat, but they have taken control of the key city of Kirkuk, as well as some crucial oil fields. According to Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Kurdistan has taken in over 220,000 refugees fleeing Syria, and over two million others fleeing ISIS. In addition, what is left of the small Chaldean Christian minority of Iraq has been given protection by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Recently, the Kurds even helped some monks expelled from Iraq by ISIS.

    Ironically enough, it appears Kurdistan, which is technically not sovereign, is perhaps the most stable state in their neighborhood, apart from Israel, of course. Just as importantly, they are a regional leader and symbol of democracy and human rights in this volatile region.

    1. If there ever was a time for the U.S. to recognize an officially independent Kurdistan, it is now.

      Unfortunately, it appears that most world leaders are more concerned with trying to return to the status quo of a “united” Iraq as opposed to looking for new solutions to the problems of the ongoing civil war. But like it or not, Kurdistan has become a de facto independent state and has, for all intents and purposes, already separated itself from Iraq. Apart from the efforts made by the KRG and the Peshmerga (the Kurdish military) in response to the ISIS threat, the members of the Kurdish delegation to the Iraqi parliament have long been at odds with their Iraqi counterparts, as they are unwilling to subordinate their legitimate concerns to the desires of the corrupt Iraqi government. Even if ISIS was successfully suppressed, it is highly unlikely that the Kurds would retreat from Kirkuk and resume their role as an autonomous region of Iraq, nor should they be expected to.

      The West, in particular, is missing out on establishing a major strategic ally in the Middle East by not exploring the idea of a fully independent Kurdistan. First and foremost, Kurdistan is a remarkably stable example of democracy in a region fraught with conflict. Second, the KRG supported the U.S. during the Iraqi invasion and has prevented any American deaths on Kurdish soil ever since. In fact, they, and the Kurdish population, are consistently pro-U.S. Third, economically speaking, the Kurds have extensive oil reserves and are eager to explore foreign investment in several markets. Fourth, in contrast to the rest of the Middle East -- barring Israel -- the Kurds put a special emphasis on encouraging women to participate in the political sphere. In fact, women actively serve side by side with their male counterparts in the Peshmerga, engaging in the same rigorous training as their male counterparts. Fifth, strategically speaking, Kurdistan lies in a crucial area between Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. A bastion of stability in this area of the world would undoubtedly prove useful to the West, and the world as a whole, in regard to international relations and future diplomatic efforts. Sixth, Kurdish independence has already been recognized by their regional neighbors, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Lastly, it should be noted that the Kurds have proven they are ready for independence. The KRG has acted as a more than responsible leader in an area on the brink of total chaos. They have gained the respect of their peers and have defended not only their own people, but also those of different races, nationalities, and religions.

      Iraq needs a strong neighbor to help it rebuild after the ashes of the ISIS incursion have been cleared, and Kurdistan is poised to be just that. The U.S., Israel, and the West all need an ally that can serve as a viable example of successful Middle Eastern democracy. Put simply, a fully independent Kurdistan is good for the Kurds, good for the Middle East, and good for the world as a whole.

      Russ Read is a Legislative Associate at the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET)sh

  18. Holy Smokes, I think I just saw a short clip on Fox and Friends of Quirk driving the WeinerMobile in New York City !;_ylt=A0SO8yldQdZTUi0ApvlXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0bmpxMXA4BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDI0NF8x?_adv_prop=image&fr=moz35&va=wienermobile

    An American icon, it first hit the road in 1936.

    It is the most sought after job in all of the USA, WeinerMobile Driver, and it looks as if Quirk, who certainly has the mustard, is in the running !

    Let us hope and pray he doesn't drink and drive as he has a wont to do.

  19. Hamas has to keep those human shields in place! Gazans look like they are getting fed up with being human shields. The people of Gaza have repeatedly voted Hamas into power to govern them so what is there to do? If you really want to help the people in Gaza, then destroy Hamas. Maybe Hamas won’t do so well in the Gaza elections next time.

    Do a thread on this Deuce, I dare you.


    1. The Zionists MURDERED, by their own hand 252 Jewish refugees who had the misfortune of being on board the "Patra" when the bombs planted by the Zionists went off.

      Israel - Founded by Terrorists and Sustained by Terrorism

  20. You have a blog. Do your own threads,

    1. "O"rdure has a blog, two of them, actually.

      If "O"rdure is really who he claims to be.

      To verify his claims, to authenticate them how about this ...

      A DOUBLE DOG DARE "O"rdure to post a thread on the following link, on both.

      Get back to us "O"rdure when it is done.


  21. July 28, 2014
    A Tunnel Too Far
    By Joel Levine

    War is either the arm of political strategy or an existential moment. For modern national states, armed conflict is a late if not last resort. As a nation, the U.S., and its body politic, have a perspective rooted in its history and related cultural and religious roots. We presume that all conflicts should be rationalized, and that compromise is good and pragmatic. As a result, we see others through our lens.

    As we are again in the Gaza, we misunderstand the driving forces by thinking in this way. This creates a false premise that there is no absolute “right,” and that the absence of fighting is, no matter the cost, advantageous.

    To understand the paradox of our current thinking, reflect on our actions during the Second World War. To fight successfully, we developed a self-serving moral ground. The war comprised ”good” versus implacable “evil,” which legitimized victory at all costs. We affirmed the dictum that wars truly end only with an enemy’s complete destruction or surrender. Nighttime bombardments of cities from high altitude, purposeful targeting of Dresden, and the firebombing of Tokyo were not perceived as ambiguous or repugnant actions. We were preserving our “way of life” and confronting an adversary that would do the same and more, if it could, to us.

    At its heart and soul, Israel confronts a reality that we choose to deny. Be it the charter of the PLA, the doctrine of Hamas, or the tripwire to the recent Kerry negotiations, the central challenge is to the right of Israel to exist and to be the homeland of the Jewish people.

    It does not take much reading of primary sources to see that Israel is regarded, in whole or in part, as illegitimate. This is tacitly acknowledged during academic debates but rebutted by an argument that Israel is and will remain a fact on the ground and that, thus, the words are simply rhetorical.

    History turns, however, on the proximate event. The shooting of the archduke, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the World Trade Towers shifted the fulcrum. We used these events, each in its own time and context, as direction-finders, pointing to a path made clear and seemingly inevitable.

    1. For Israel, I propose three recent events that will serve the same purpose. First was the celebration in song by the killers of the Israeli teenagers moments after their murder. Second was the targeting of population centers by longer-range and heavier-payload rockets. Third, and perhaps most telling, was the attempted infiltration by Hamas of Israel proper, via tunnels, towards a kibbutz with the intent of slaughter. These were neither tactical nor strategic events. They are existential and, in a telling way, biblical.

      Christian nations, defined as those whose values and belief systems favor peaceful and tolerant outcomes, assume that others, even of a different ethic, want the same things. The United States will try to find a satisfying middle ground with anyone willing to talk long enough. Iran now, North Korea later…no matter, for talking is always better than fighting.

      Hamas, until now, has benefited from our lack of underlying moral symmetry with Israel. We have encouraged Israel to act as if a middle ground can be compromised with a fatal disease. Until these three small events, this was prudent, but it may be prudent no longer.

      The IDF is sent into battle with a reminder that it is sword of Israel. It is an agent less of the State than of the people. At some point, the harsh reality of its history is finally accepted. “Death to the Jews” fills the air in many capitals, East and West. Until this moment, this was taken as the background noise. But “Death to the Jews” is now its own reality. Israel is perilously close to the IDF code: Israel cannot afford to lose one war and cannot fight on its own soil.

      The words of outgoing President Shimon Peres that the fighting will stop at the moment the rocketing stops are prescient. Hamas has miscalculated what would bring Israel to negotiations or move it away from compromise. Yahweh can be a very vengeful God, and the modern state of Israel may prove a bit less modern than others imagine it to be.

      Faced with clear risk to Jews for simply being Jews and aware that even more radicalized jihadist groups wait in the wings, Israel may choose to show that it too can be as merciless as was our Army Air Corp over Germany or the Enola Gay over Hiroshima.

      We taught the world a lesson about what a mighty nation will do when its way of life is thought threatened. Israel has had ample reason to avoid this moment. Now, faced with that moment, it is likely to show that the two words that underpin the State and thus the people, “never again,” have meaning.

  22. Our Strategic Albatross

    The United States as a great Power is facing a large number of challenges in the Muslim world, and Israel’s Gaza campaign is endangering both American diplomacy there and the very security of the US. Given the series of setbacks for the US in the Middle East, in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Egypt, Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu could scarcely have chosen a worst time to kill hundreds of Palestinian civilians in the full light of world media.

    The ability of an al-Qaeda offshoot, the so-called “Islamic State,” to take substantial territory in Syria and northern Iraq has alarmed Washington. The US embassy in Baghdad is in as much danger as the capital itself from IS violence. IS recruiting, and the radicalization of Muslim youth, is given enormous help by the scenes of Israeli munitions killing Palestinian civilians.

    As security deteriorates to unprecedented lows in Libya, the US has had to pull its ambassador and her staff from Tripoli. Fundamentalist radicals in Benghazi and elsewhere, already suspicious of the US, are seeing blood because of America’s statements in support of the Israeli military campaign. The radicals already despise the US, but one doesn’t want to give them recruitment tools among the general population, most of which had been grateful for the help with overthrowing Gaddafi.

    Even long-term allies of the US in the region are disturbed by the Israeli campaign. Turkey is a member of NATO, which the US is actually pledged to defend from attack. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has been scathing about the Israeli attack on Gaza, calling it a “genocide.” There is even a possibility that Turkey will send another Mavi Marmara-style aid ship to Gaza, this time flanked by Turkish destroyers. For the US, few dilemmas are more foreboding than a military conflict between its two most important Middle East allies.

    Many Egyptians, both civilian and military, blame the US for having supported the Muslim Brotherhood in 2012-2013. In fact, the US was simply dealing with the government then in power. Egyptian anchors speak darkly of a plot by the US to impose fundamentalist rule and to partition Egypt. Many Egyptians deeply dislike Hamas, but virtually the entire population of Egypt wants to see the Israeli attacks on Gaza stop. To have high US officials defend it is distasteful to them.

    There have been big pro-Gaza demonstrations in Afghanistan, where the US is trying to draw down its troops. But as the US contingent there shrinks, it because more vulnerable to attack. The Taliban are making a comeback, and public anger over Gaza helps Taliban recruiting and esprit de corps.

    1. Good thing that Obama dressed down Netanyahu. He will get more US killed than Israelis.

      In many parts of the Middle East, Israel’s war on Gaza’s non-combatants could easily provoke an anti-American reaction. In some places, including Iraq and Afghanistan, it could result in American troop deaths. Even in countries allied to the US, the public anger over American backing for Israel is palpable.

      The Obama administration has long hoped that a regularized political Islam that participates in democratic elections could take strength away from al-Qaeda and its satellites. If Muslims can achieve dignity and prosperity toward elections, they might not, Washington seems to reason, turn to terrorism and join Ayman al-Zawahiri. Hamas participated in the 2006 elections and has a strong civil wing, and so Obama and Kerry do not share Netanyahu’s hopes of eradicating it. A Pentagon figure recently said that if Hamas were eradicated, something worse (the Islamic State?) would take its place.

      Secretary of State John Kerry turned to Qatar and Turkey for advice on how to tamp down the violence. They are backers of Hamas and through them Kerry could unofficially engage with Hamas and its demands. The peace proposal he showed the Israelis on Friday evening was a non-starter for Israeli hawks on the cabinet, since it was fair to the Palestinians.

      The Israeli cabinet, in contrast, was outraged that Kerry would bring them what was essentially a Hamas plan.

      On Sunday, Obama called Netanyahu and twisted his arm to cease the attack on Gaza, given the high casualty rates among non-combatants and the consequent deteriorating security climate for American interests in the Middle East. Then the UN security council voted for a ceasefire, which couldn’t have happened without US collusion.

      Around 9:30 pm Gaza time on Sunday, Israel stopped its shelling of Gaza. Whether the ceasefire will hold has yet to be seen. But unless there is a political deal and an end to the blockade of Gaza, one can be assured that the war will begin again sometime soon.

  23. Today, the USA has nearly zero influence in the Middle East.

    Obama has seen to that.

    1. Our lack of influence in the ME is the result of our own stupidity and The Conga Line dancing to Aipac’s flute instead of looking after the interests of the US, the country that pays them instead of the country that plays them for the fools they are.

    2. The USA has influence with Israel in particular but it choses nit to wield it going with a few words occasionally whilst sending loads of treasure and blood (I.e Iraq)

    3. The FAA bans commercial flights for 1 day and Israel responds. Imagine a more comprehensive set of goals and sanctions...

  24. We can’t detach ourselves from Israel fast enough. Everything they start turns to shit except for them.

    1. On the contrary, we should recognize Kurdistan and back Israel.

      On the basis of human rights, rights of women, democracy, the rule of law, and human decency.

      Those things we for which we should stand.

    2. All well and good except for the slight embarrassment of a million and a half people in an outdoor prison camp and a lawless government practicing apartheid. No thanks. We solved our own civil rights programs.Why are we supporting an Alabama on the Med?

    3. Non sense.

      You know Israel is not an apartheid state. Arabs sit in the Knesset.

      You know what the problem is in Gaza. It is Hamas and the Hamas Charter.

      But, we both repeat ourselves.


    4. I know no such thing.

      Name another civil society that has cordoned off one and a half million people in an outdoor armed and restricted camp.Name it. Spare your usual divesrion and name the country.

      Name the country that drives indigenous people off the land to settle new arrivals from other countries in walled off communities. Name it.

    5. Israel is an international pariah. Whatever moral authority it had, has been squandered. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    6. I don't know about the chickens coming home. You may outraged deuce but the USA has a long history of enabling Israel and I'm not convinced that much will change. Here's to hoping though.

    7. Gaza is the Palestinians own responsibility.

      It was not a "prison" when Israel left it.

      It left an intact, thriving place, with international business contracts and greenhouses, infrastructure and sewage and water treatment, roads and schools.

      What happened to it?

      Blame Hamas.

      No one else.

      But that will not stop you and your moral allies, the Iranians from saying something else.

      But your mentors/friends, the Iranians are getting more and more honest...

      Just this week? A high ranking Iranian General called for the execution of all Israelis..


      Losing his cool, just like you

    8. "O"rdure has a blog, two of them, actually.

      If "O"rdure is really who he claims to be.

      To verify his claims, to authenticate them how about this ...

      A DOUBLE DOG DARE "O"rdure to post a thread on the following link, on both.

      Get back to us "O"rdure when it is done.


  25. article from:

    Israel’s Gaza Campaign Endangers US Security: Why Obama & Kerry are Furious
    By Juan Cole | Jul. 28, 2014 |

    By Juan Cole

    1. The conflicts in Syria and Gaza are having a a devastating impact on the lives of children.

      The BBC's Lyse Doucet who has been following the lives of six Syrian children, and who has just returned from reporting in Gaza, reflects on how war will shape the futures of young people there for decades to come.

      "When you see it on TV, it's not like it is in real life."

      Twelve-year-old Syed leans into a narrow concrete wall, staring at its rough grey surface as if his eyes could drill a hole to help him escape from his life.

      "When we sat in the ambulance together, I thought he was going to live so I felt a bit better."

      But by the time they reached the hospital, his little brother Mohammad was dead. Three of his cousins were also killed that fateful day on 16 July, as they played near Gaza's port when Israel shelled the area twice, in quick succession.

      I'm a child in age and appearance. But in terms of morals and humanity, I'm not”

      Israel insists it doesn’t intentionally target civilians, but Gaza is a sliver of a space, a densely populated and now dangerous place, where children have nowhere to hide.

      Hamas and other armed groups deny they use civilians as human shields, but we've also seen rockets being fired from inside buildings and from open fields.

    2. Hamas has to keep those human shields in place! Gazans look like they are getting fed up with being human shields. The people of Gaza have repeatedly voted Hamas into power to govern them so what is there to do? If you really want to help the people in Gaza, then destroy Hamas. Maybe Hamas won’t do so well in the Gaza elections next time.

  26. Friends turned enemies

    Wars of our time are brutal battles that take the fight straight into streets and schools, leaving little in their wake.

    Children are dying in growing numbers and childhood itself is being destroyed. Last week in Gaza, the United Nations noted with alarm that a child was dying every hour.

    Before Gaza took over the headlines, it was the children of Syria who pricked the world's conscience.

    In a punishing war now in its fourth year, even the youngest of Syrians are in the snipers' sights. Even infants have been tortured.

    Millions of children live with hunger and fear, many suffering in areas under siege.

  27. Syed

    Syed lost his little brother and three cousins in an Israeli air strike on a beach near Gaza's port

    Surrounded by destruction, these children play in a flooded bomb crater in the Syrian city of Aleppo
    With every trip to Syria, I began to realise that children were not just little people with heartbreaking tears or infectious smiles. They are on the frontlines, able to tell their own compelling stories about the complex and consequential wars of our time.

    Over the past six months, I and director-cameraman Robin Barnwell followed the lives of six Syrian children. Their stories sketch a political and social map of their nation and provide a troubling glimpse into its future.

    "I'm only a child in age and appearance," Ezadine, 9, says matter-of-factly. "But in terms of morals and humanity, I'm not. In the past, a 12-year-old was considered young, but not now. Now, at 12 years, you must go for jihad."

    Ezadine looks like any nine-year-old - a kid with an impish smile who saunters about the schoolyard, listening to music on his headphones.

    But he's a refugee in a camp in southern Turkey in a world steeped in the Free Syrian Army, including a teenage brother who's already joined the fight across the border.

    Hundreds of miles away in Damascus, 14-year-old Jalal's world is rooted in steadfast support for President Bashar al-Assad, including a father and uncles who fight in a neighbourhood defence unit.

    Jalal regrets that "the crisis changed us. Now children understand and talk about politics. We're all ready to die for our country."

    Both Jalal and Ezadine peer across a deep divide and see former friends, now on the other side, as "brainwashed."

  28. Mariam

    Mariam, aged nine: "I don't see why I had to lose my leg because Bashar al-Assad wants to stay in power."
    And children see their own plight with searing clarity.

    "I don't see why I had to lose my leg because Bashar al-Assad wants to stay in power," remarks nine-year-old Mariam with a pretty blue dress and a steeliness beyond her years.

    She remembers everything about the day a Syrian warplane headed straight for her house in a village outside the city of Homs.

    "We had a big window. I looked through it and saw it coming towards us. It dropped the barrel and was gone. "

    To this day she can't sit in a living room. And she's not able to play with other children in a playground in southern Turkey.

    'I hate the future'
    For the youngest, it is often about the building blocks of their world, even about bread and books.

    Eight-year-old Baraa, whose family fled the besieged Old Quarter of Homs, speaks with shame that "instead of learning to read and write, I learnt about all types of weapons. I now know the names of bullets, tracers and rubber bullets."

    And when we meet 13-year-old Kifah in the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, on the edge of Damascus, he tells us life is "normal".

  29. Kifah

    Hunger is a daily reality for 13-year-old Kifah who lives in a camp on the outskirts of Damascus
    But his teenage resolve to present a brave face crumbles when we ask what he was able to eat. Kifah collapses in a flood of tears, admitting "there was no bread".

    There's a new and troubling "normal" for children living in war.

    "Are the children frightened?" I ask Amer Oda, who heads an extended family living in a cavernous shell of a building in the Gazan neighbourhood of Zeitoun.

    Children of every age huddle on the stairs behind him or sit cross-legged on a bare concrete floor.

    There's a regular thud of Israeli artillery or tank fire just down the street, and the loud whoosh of rockets being fired into Israel.

    Amer Oda ignored Israeli warnings to take his 45-member family out of this area, asking, as every Gazan does, "Where can I go?"

    "This has become normal life for them," he says as he pulls up four-year-old Dima, with round brown eyes and an angelic grin. "This is all they know."

    Palestinian children are seen behind a sheet covering a makeshift tent in Gaza City (27 July 2014)
    Every Gazan child aged six and over has experienced three or more wars
    Dima has lived through two Gazan wars, and every Gazan, aged six and over, has been through three or more.

    Children often speak with a wisdom beyond their years but they still have the yearnings of the young.

    In Gaza, three children from one family were killed by Israel's warning strike known as a "knock on the roof". They were playing with pigeons on that roof, as children do.

    When I first reported on the deaths of the four children on beach, I was told by eyewitnesses that they had been scavenging for metal at the port to help support their families. Their fathers are fishermen who aren't allowed to take their boats out to sea.

    I asked Ramiz Bakr, father of Mohammad and Syed, what the children had been doing that fateful day.

    "Oh they were gathering pieces of metal for a game," he explained, as he received condolences at a mourning tent a few streets from the beach. "It's just a little game they play about Arabs versus Israelis."

    In wars of our time, the games children play can be the game changers of their future.

    "I hate the future so much," says 11-year-old Daad of Syria who dresses in pink and has dark nightmares. "We might live, or we might die."

  30. We will all pay plenty for the bills that the Israelis run up with our credit cards, financially and morally.

    1. yawn.

      Obama's America just released 2 + billion to Iran, which is promising to restock and rebuild Hamas in Gaza weapons..

      America and you are on the wrong side of history.

    2. A Republican Senate this fall, and a Republican President in 2016, and things will look much better.

    3. What Israel has just done to civilians , families and children in Gaza demonstrates a society that is callous to human decency, totally self indulgent, criminal and unforgivable. The only thing that saves war criminal proceedings against Israeli politicians and the IDF, as were brought against the Serbs, is the corrupt forces in the US government.

    4. You can repeat that line all you want but many here are not buying it.

      The response always is: human shields, children worked to death building tunnels, missiles from Iran, the Hamas Charter, which is a call to genocide, etc ----

      I call for a truce on the argument.

    5. Two Israelis and a racist form Idaho, that does not constitute many.
      But it may constitute many, in the emptiness of your head.

      The losers always are usually the first to call for a truce.
      And end to hostilities.

  31. Women !


    posted at 3:31 pm on July 27, 2014 by Noah Rothman

    Polls which ask voters for their thoughts on how the last election should have shaped up a year or two years after the fact are pretty much meaningless. The latest CNN/ORC survey which asks voters that question is no exception to that rule. Nevertheless, with just 100 days remaining before the midterm elections, this question is an instructive measurement of voter satisfaction with the president.

    If voters had it to do all over again, 53 percent would support Mitt Romney over the 44 percent who would continue to back Barack Obama. The president’s remaining coalition is what you would expect it to be; voters aged 18 – 34, Northeasterners, Democrats, self-identified liberals and moderates, urban and minority voters.

    Where the president suffers the most in this survey is among women. CNN/ORC found that women voters backed Romney over Obama by 52 to 45 percent. That is almost identical to the margins among male voters (54/43 percent) and dramatic reversal from 2012 when the nationwide exit polls showed women backed Obama by double digits (55/44 percent).

  32. out for most of the rest of the day

    My cease fire initiative......


  33. AshMon Jul 28, 10:27:00 AM EDT
    I don't know about the chickens coming home. You may outraged deuce but the USA has a long history of enabling Israel and I'm not convinced that much will change. Here's to hoping though.

    I hope things change Ash, I look forward to tens of thousands rioting and looting in your new adopted home town.

    It will be funnier as hell to watch the response...

    1. No riots here as of yet and I doubt the would start if pressure were to be applied to Israel.

    2. Not to worry, just honor killings and selected moslem violence... It's coming.

      Muslim Violence In Canada

      By Licia Corbella, Calgary Sun

      In the news business, it’s called “burying the lead” and means you missed the most important or interesting part of a story … then led with something less significant.

      On Feb. 13, the CBC published, and aired the results of an Environics poll, which on their website was billed as “Glad to be Canadian, Muslims say.”

      Apparently “more than 80% of Canada’s roughly 700,000 Muslims are broadly satisfied with their lives here.”

      That’s a nice and cuddly kind of story, but hardly surprising. I’ve been to Afghanistan—where many of Canada’s latest Muslim population comes from—and even the upper-middle class in Afghanistan live in difficult conditions.

      Wa-a-a-a-y down in the online CBC story about this poll is the news that when “asked about the arrests last summer of the 18 Muslim men and boys who were allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in southern Ontario, 73% of Muslim respondents said these attacks were not at all justified.”

      That portion of the poll ended there. No more details. Why?

      The Environics website made no mention about this portion of the poll either. However, on CBC’s The National television program on the same day, this part of the poll was fleshed-out and the results are alarming.

      Fully 12% of “Muslim-Canadians” polled by Environics said the alleged terrorist plot—that included kidnapping and BEHEADING the prime minister (Stephen Harper) and BLOWING up Parliament and the CBC…….WAS JUSTIFIED.

      Predictably, the C.B.C. managed to find a talking head—in this case, York University sociology professor Haideh Moghissi—who dismissed this disturbing revelation. “It’s really negligible that 12 percent feel that the attacks would be justified,” said Moghissi. “I don’t think it even warrants attention.”

      Hadith Oliyankara Juma Masjid

      Clearly, other news agencies and those who put the poll results on the CBC website agree with Moghissi. But just how “negligible” is 12% of 700,000 people!

      If Moghissi knew arithmetic like she knows denial, she’d know if this poll is accurate….. 84,000 Canadian Muslims think it’s justifiable to BEHEAD our democratically-elected Prime Minister and blow up the very symbol and centre of our democracy!

      Is it just me…or does this not strike anyone else as the opposite of “negligible?” Isn’t this significant news?

      Ash, you may have to flee to another nation again... Which one is next? Iran?

  34. Deuce ☂Mon Jul 28, 10:22:00 AM EDT
    What Israel has just done to civilians , families and children in Gaza demonstrates a society that is callous to human decency, totally self indulgent, criminal and unforgivable. The only thing that saves war criminal proceedings against Israeli politicians and the IDF, as were brought against the Serbs, is the corrupt forces in the US government.



    Not to worry, the palestinianization of protests is coming to a hood near you soon.

    You will live to see the de-evolvement of society soon.

    1. Better head back to bed, dittohead

      Yawning is a mostly involuntary process and is usually triggered by sleepiness or fatigue. It is a very natural response to being tired.

    2. Wow, you are up early!! Run out of dope and ammo?

  35. Israeli spokesmen have their work cut out explaining how they have killed more than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them civilians, compared with just three civilians killed in Israel by Hamas rocket and mortar fire. But on television and radio and in newspapers, Israeli government spokesmen such as Mark Regev appear slicker and less aggressive than their predecessors, who were often visibly indifferent to how many Palestinians were killed.

    There is a reason for this enhancement of the PR skills of Israeli spokesmen. Going by what they say, the playbook they are using is a professional, well-researched and confidential study on how to influence the media and public opinion in America and Europe. Written by the expert Republican pollster and political strategist Dr Frank Luntz, the study was commissioned five years ago by a group called The Israel Project, with offices in the US and Israel, for use by those "who are on the front lines of fighting the media war for Israel".

    Every one of the 112 pages in the booklet is marked "not for distribution or publication" and it is easy to see why. The Luntz report, officially entitled "The Israel project's 2009 Global Language Dictionary, was leaked almost immediately to Newsweek Online, but its true importance has seldom been appreciated. It should be required reading for everybody, especially journalists, interested in any aspect of Israeli policy because of its "dos and don'ts" for Israeli spokesmen.

    These are highly illuminating about the gap between what Israeli officials and politicians really believe, and what they say, the latter shaped in minute detail by polling to determine what Americans want to hear. Certainly, no journalist interviewing an Israeli spokesman should do so without reading this preview of many of the themes and phrases employed by Mr Regev and his colleagues.

    1. most of them civilians?


      I doubt it..

      More like the Jenin massacre once again..

      I bet with the truth comes out? 1/2 to 2/3 of those killed were intact Hamas terrorists.

    2. How many of the 13 Palestinian children the Israeli have killed, on average, each and every month of the 21st century were not civilians?

      The running total is over 1,600, and we are not even 40% through the first decade of that century.

    3. Israeli spokespersons should just do trophy photos of every dead Hamas terrorist then we could get an accurate count. But then? They'd give to much intel to the Hamas.

      As it stands now Hamas doesn't KNOW which of it's troops are dead, captured or SURRENDERED.

      It has been rumored that there are over 500 Hamas now being held in a POW camp in the Negev.

      Cell phones, contacts, IP addresses, INTEL...

      Even the cease fires that Hamas refuses to stop shelling is a intel bonanza for Israel.

      Updating the target list.

      Egypt CONTINUES to destroy hundreds of palesitnian tunnels choking off their brother arabs in the only "friendly" border gaza has...

      Meanwhile, thousands more a DAY are being murdered in Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Liberia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, Mali, Morocco, and now the streets of Paris and Germany.


    The booklet is full of meaty advice about how they should shape their answers for different audiences. For example, the study says that "Americans agree that Israel 'has a right to defensible borders'. But it does you no good to define exactly what those borders should be. Avoid talking about borders in terms of pre- or post-1967, because it only serves to remind Americans of Israel's military history. Particularly on the left this does you harm. For instance, support for Israel's right to defensible borders drops from a heady 89 per cent to under 60 per cent when you talk about it in terms of 1967."

    Israel-Gaza conflict: At least two killed in West Bank protests against Israel's military offensive in Gaza

    How about the right of return for Palestinian refugees who were expelled or fled in 1948 and in the following years, and who are not allowed to go back to their homes? Here Dr Luntz has subtle advice for spokesmen, saying that "the right of return is a tough issue for Israelis to communicate effectively because much of Israeli language sounds like the 'separate but equal' words of the 1950s segregationists and the 1980s advocates of Apartheid. The fact is, Americans don’t like, don't believe and don't accept the concept of 'separate but equal'."

    1. How about the right of return for Jewish refugees who were expelled or fled in 1948 and in the following years, and who are not allowed to go back to their homes?

      Well that's a no brainer, they'd be treated like ISIS treats christians in Iraq or executed

    2. The borders?

      What borders?

      Show me borders of Syria, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Arabia, Qatar or any arab nation (or pakistan) that goes back 100 years.

    3. Israel - Founded by Terrorists and Sustained by Terrorism

      Details and circumstances of Palestinian children killed by Israeli occupation forces, in November 2002
      31 October to 2 December 2002

      December 2:
      Jenin: Mutaz Odeh, 18, died of a gunshot wound to the heart when Israeli occupation forces opened fire on a group of civilians who were stoning Israeli tanks and armored vehicles. 21 others injured, two seriously. (PCHR, LAW)

      November 30:
      Gaza City: Hatem al-Ajla, 16, shot dead by Israeli occupation forces, with gunshot wounds to the back, according to hospital sources. (AFP)

      November 28:
      Hebron: Abbas al-Atrash, 3, was in his house, when he was killed by bullets fired by Israeli occupation forces. Doctors said that he was hit by a bullet in the abdomen as he stood at the window. The occupation army claimed the toddler was killed by shrapnel from an explosive device thrown at its forces. No occupation forces were injured by the alleged bomb. (Agencies)

      November 25:
      Nablus: Jihad Al-Faqih, 8, was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces with a bullet to the heart. The killing occurred as many Palestinians decided to ignore the permanent curfew imposed on the city and go to school or work. Some unarmed Palestinians confronted the occupation forces who were in tanks and armored vehicles, and some people stoned them. The occupation forces opened fire on the civilians, killing Jihad, who was not among the stone throwers. 13 others were injured by the soldiers, including 7 other children and two women. (LAW, Agencies)

      November 22:
      Jenin: Muhammad Bilalweh, 12, was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces with a bullet to the left eye. The occupation forces opened fire on a group of children who began stoning them after an Israeli armored bulldozer had demolished a building that was home to six families. Earlier the army had entered the camp in force, firing indiscriminately. Three other children suffered serious injuries from gunshots and shrapnel. (LAW, Agencies)

    4. November 19:
      Tulkarm: Ehab Alam al-Zalqa, 16, was shot and killed by a member of an Israeli death squad disguised as a Palestinian. The killing occurred when the death squad, who had been spotted by civilians, was stoned. After killing Alam, the death squad caught and executed on the spot the person they were hunting after confirming his identity. Two other civilians were killed by the death squad, and ten others, including five children injured. (PCHR, LAW)

      November 20:
      Tulkarm: Amr al-Qudsi, 14, was shot dead by an Israeli soldier with a gunshot to the back. Following an earlier incident, in which an Israeli death squad killed four people in the town, a group of children gathered and stoned an Israeli jeep. The jeep stopped, a soldier got out, took aim at Amr, and killed him. (LAW, Agencies)

      November 16:
      Jenin Refugee Camp: Ibrahim al-Sadi, 17, was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces. Israel surrounded a number of houses in the center of the refugee camp, including the house of Sheikh Bassam Ragheb al-Sa’di, wanted by Israel for alleged activities in Islamic Jihad. Israeli soldiers noticed al-Sadi’s son Ibrahim, 17, passing near a house with a gun in his hands. Immediately, they fired at him without warning. He was killed by a live bullet in the chest. According to eyewitnesses, the son passed by the area accidentally and he did not fire at the Israeli soldiers, rather he was trying to get away from them. Ibrahim’s brother, Abdulkarim, had been killed by Israeli occupation forces on September 5. (PCHR)

      November 15:
      Nablus: Imran al-Shila, 15, was killed by a bullet to the chest by Israeli occupation forces who opened fire on a group of children who threw stones at them in the Old City. (LAW)

      November 14:
      Nablus: Jalal Awijan, 17, was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest, when Israeli occupation forces in tanks and armored vehicles opened fire on a group of school children. (LAW)

      November 13:
      Rafah, Gaza: Hamed Asad Hassan al-Masri, 2, was killed by a live bullet to the chest. That evening, Israeli occupation forces began shelling Block J in Rafah refugee camp, forcing the little boy’s family to flee their home. As they left the house, Hamed was hit by a bullet fired by the occupation firces. His mother, Asmaa, 31, was critically injured by live ammunition and shrapnel to the abdomen, pelvis and limbs. (PCHR)

      November 11:
      Rafah, Gaza: Nafez Mishal, 2, was shot by Israeli occupation forces who opened fire on civilian homes in the Tel al Sultan neighborhood of the refugee camp. He died two hours later of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Nafez had been sitting on his father’s lap playing with a balloon, when the balloon escaped. The toddler got up to run after it and was then cut down by a volley of bullets from an occupation army watch tower. The occupation army claimed it was “returning fire,” although all witnesses said that the soldiers had, as they often do, opened fire without provocation. Two other children, aged 9 and 14 were injured in the same incident (The Independent, PCHR)

      November 11:
      Rafah, Gaza: Muhammad Rifat Abu al-Naja, 9, died of wounds he sustained the previous month. Abu al-Naja was seriously wounded when Israeli forces at the Egyptian border, south of Rafah, shelled Palestinian houses in Block O in Rafah refugee camp on 17 October 2002. Six Palestinian civilians, including 3 children and 2 women, were killed in that incident, and more than 40 others, including Abu al-Naja, were wounded. (PCHR)

      November 5:
      Rafah, Gaza: Adham Ibrahim Hamdan, 16, shot by live bullets in the head and Eyad Nafez Abu Taha, 17, shot by a live bullet in the head. The two boys were killed by Israeli occupation forces who had invaded Block L of Rafah refugee camp, demolished three houses, and fired indiscriminately at civilians. 12 Palestinian civilians, including 4 children under the age of 18, were wounded. (PCHR)

    5. They were all angels… I am sure…

      I love the descriptions of the "bullets" LIVE bullets….


  37. Name another civil society that has cordoned off one and a half million people in an outdoor armed and restricted camp.Name it. Spare your usual divesrion and name the country.

    NAZI Germany, in occupied Poland.

    The three Israeli teens that were kidnapped and murdered ...

    Israeli Police: Hamas Did Not Kidnap and Kill the Three Israeli Teens

    1. Russia. China, USA, Japan, Burma, Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, England, France, Spain, Germany

  38. 7 tortured of 34 victims
    SNHR Syria - Casualties report
    23 July 2014

    17 children of 43 victims
    SNHR Syria - casualties report
    22 July 2014

    8 children of 20 victims
    SNHR Syria - casualties report
    21 July 2014

    64 victims
    SNHR Syria - casualties report
    20 July, 2014

    4 women of 36 victims
    SNHR Syria - casualties report
    19 July 2014

    10 children 35 victims
    SNHR Syria - casualties report
    18 July 2014

    Yep and that's JUST 6 days... and ONE place

  39. QuirkSun Jul 27, 11:32:00 PM EDT


    None have forgotten, though some may have forgotten (or choose to ignore) that all terrorist groups are of the same stripe.

    allenMon Jul 28, 12:28:00 AM EDT



    1. .


      Bob OreilleMon Jul 28, 07:29:00 AM EDT

      and the linked replies.


  40. Nigeria: Death Toll Rises to 35 in Shiites Sect, Soldiers Clash

    KADUNA - At least 35 members of Sheikh Ibrahim El-zakzaky-led Islamist Movement of Nigeria, the Shiites, were feared killed, Saturday, when the sect clashed with soldiers in Zaria, Kaduna State.

    The Shiites were on a procession to celebrate Quds Day and protest against Israeli forces operations in Gaza.

    Eyewitnesses said there was an exchange of fire between soldiers and members of the Sect from Friday afternoon, till the early hours of Saturday, resulting in the death of at least 35 sect members and the arrest of many others.

    Sources said, three out of the 35 persons killed, were the sons of Sheik El-Zakzaky.

  41. Australian killed in Yemen: family demands answers on Islamic convert Chris Havard's death in US drone strike

    The parents of an Australian man killed in a US drone strike in Yemen are calling on the Federal Government to give them a full account of how their son died and what proof they have of his alleged links to Al Qaeda.

    Christopher Havard was killed when a car he was travelling in was hit by a missile fired from a US drone last November.



  42. One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years

    Israel - Founded by Terrorist and Sustained by Terrorism

    The Boko Haram still has a lot to learn form the Zionist Terrorists of Israel.


    2. One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years!

      According to Jack, Jews kill 80 Jewish kids a day by abortion, so what is the big deal about ONE lousy Palestinian kid every 3 days?

      Come on Jack, get with the program, or at least your own standards you tell us about

    3. How the Zionists choose to abuse themselves, that's up to them.

      We can disdain them, because of it.
      Indeed it is another reason to cut the subsidies to them.

      The abortion issue does illustrate that Israel i Sustained by Terrorism
      In the case referenced by "O"rdure, ...
      Terrorism Against the yet Unborn Jews of Israel

    4. It had been mentioned that the campaign was going to move away from the issue of Zionists killing unborn Jews ....

      And move to Apartheid in Israel and the political oppression that is the stock and trade of the NASI Zionists.
      That "O"rdure would long for the days when the discussion centered on the issue of state funded abortions, in Israel.

      Now he does.

    5. LOL Hardly Jack, just pointing out YOUR hypocrisy…

      Not a hard thing to do….

      You bash Israel for all reasons, even those that are diametrically opposite..


      Just a creepy old shriveled, lonely old POS you are….


  43. Now this is old, 36 months old.. but it's a goody..

    Since the 1989 overthrow of the Sudanese government by a military coup led by current President Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese government has regularly deployed troops, tanks, and local militias against its own citizenry. During the second phase of the Sudanese Civil War, Sudanese government forces bombed civilians in the Nuba Mountains and forcibly cleared civilian areas to facilitate oil exploration. The government also empowered local militias to attack civilian supporters of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) across the country. The combination of combat tactics and conflict-induced famine led to the death of an estimated 2 million Sudanese during the 22-year long Civil War

    So by jack's calculation, that's 192 killings a DAY in the 21st century...

    1. So by jack's calculation, that's 192 killings a DAY in the 21st century…

      My bad….

      that's 576 every 3 days...

  44. Now this was a war...

    Russia style that is...

    Civilian casualties[edit]
    The Chechen separatist sources in 2003 cited figures of some 250,000 civilians, and up to 50,000 Russian servicemen, killed during the 1994-2003 period. The rebel side also acknowledged about 5,000 separatist combatants killed as of 1999-2004, mostly in the initial phases of the war.

    In November 2004, the chairman of Chechnya's pro-Moscow State Council, Taus Djabrailov, said over 200,000 people have been killed in the Chechen Republic since 1994, including over 20,000 children.[19] In August 2005, Djabrailov gave a conflicting figure of 160,000 killed, mostly Russians.[20]

    In June 2005, Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, a deputy prime minister in the Kremlin-controlled Chechen administration, said about 300,000 people have been killed during two wars in Chechnya over the past decade; he also said that more than 200,000 people have gone missing. Every resident of Chechnya has scores of relatives who have been killed or gone missing, he said.[21]

    In September 2006, Anatoly Kulikov, deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma committee on security said that In the 12 years of our Russian antiterrorist war in the Chechen Republic, aggregate losses among the federal forces, illegal armed groups and civilians are estimated at about 45,000 people.[22]

    In November 2006, self-exiled separatist leader Akhmed Zakayev said that "Putin has already killed more than 250,000 innocent Chechens".[23]

    1. How many died in the Gaza war? Fighters and civilians? 1,100?

    2. Only 1100 or so and they were Palestinian to boot.

      oh, shit, forgot the 43 Israelis - just a rounding error in your world WiO? Just Israeli kids - grist for your mill?

    3. Jewish deaths don't count…

      We deserve it...

    4. So if that's true Jack, why be surprised that we don't track your sorry ass down and drag you back to the Negev?


  45. Median Wealth Is Down by 20 Percent Since 1984

    Monday, 28 July 2014 05:04

    A NYT article reported on a study from Russell Sage reporting that median household wealth 36 percent lower in 2013 than 2003. While this is disturbing, an even more striking finding from the study is that median wealth is down by around 20 percent from 1984.

    This is noteworthy because this cannot be explained as largely the result of the collapse of house prices that triggered the Great Recession. This indicates that we have gone thirty years, during which time output per worker has more than doubled, but real wealth has actually fallen for the typical family. It is also important to realize that the drop in wealth reported in the study understates the true drop since a typical household in 1984 would have been able to count on a defined benefit pension. This is not true at present, so the effective drop in wealth is even larger than reported by the study. (Defined benefit pensions are not included in its measure of wealth.)

    We're so f'n screwed

    1. On the "bright" side:

      Later today, the Obama administration will release its annual report on when it expects the Medicare Trust Fund to run out of money. This is known, more formally, as the Medicare Trustees Report — and it will likely lead to a moderate amount of hand-wringing about Medicare's ultimate demise.

      There is exactly one chart you need to see to understand that hand-wringing is pretty much unnecessary. Reports of Medicare's death have been, as Mark Twain would put it, greatly exaggerated.

      For decades now, the Trustees have published predictions on when Medicare would run out of money if nothing else in the world changed. And in every case, lots of things in the world changed — and Medicare never found itself short on funds. The Congressional Research Service tallied up the old projections in a 2009 report, which I used to create the table below.

      What you'll see here is that this report has . . . .

      Very Informative graph

      same as the old bullshit

  46. AshMon Jul 28, 10:49:00 AM EDT
    No riots here as of yet and I doubt the would start if pressure were to be applied to Israel.

    So islamic rage is because of Israel, no other reason?


    1. As I have listed, the death toll, including fighters, is about 1,000 in Gaza.

      At the same time, tens of thousands are killed with ZERO out cry.

      Why the double standard?

      Because it's JEWS doing the killing. Right or wrong, the 1000 dead aint genocide, it may be sad, it might be a tragedy but it aint historic nor unprecedented.

      Arab violence kills millions and million of men, women and kids and has not stopped ever, from the day Islam was born, people were enslaved and or murdered…

      The only new story? Is those that have lived under the sword of sharia FINALLY are fighting back..

    2. and you keep bringing the death toll down - good ole propaganda.

      There is an outcry about the death toll in Syria. Are you suggesting the USA should go there and do something about it? And, if your answer is yes, then, to avoid the dreaded double standard you so decry, the USA should do something about the Israeli killing, right?

      I think one reason folk here don't go on and on about the death toll in the Syrian civil war is that they feel there is little the should do about it. That there are a bunch of parties, none of which deserve backing and of equal power, duking it out. In the Israeli Palestinian conflict Israel has, and has had for many years now, overwhelming Military and civilian power and it appears they are shooting fish in a barrel. Fish whom they have penned up in the barrel for many a year now and that sparks the outrage.

      Then there are folk like Bob who have no problem with outrages like that when perpetrated by, in his view, a superior culture.

    3. Ash, I aint bringing down the death toll, I inflated it to start, but call it what you want... Regardless of those actually killed by Hamas friendly fire, Hamas murdering collaborators or those who are terrorists.. Call it 2 thousand for all I care...

      As compared to the other situations in the world there is no outcry, there is silence.

      As for doing something about Syria? We lost that opportunity 2 years ago.

      As for your applying a fish in a barrel metaphor? Bullshit.

      If that was the case you'd have 100,000 dead palestinians not 1-2 thousand.

    4. Israel is killing them at will. They could kill 100k if they wanted. So far, they've chosen fewer. They have overwhelming military superiority. It isn't a 'fair fight'.

    5. ash, I hope, with all sincerity, you get robbed and/or violently assaulted and when the cops come and shoot and kill the perp you complain about how it aint a fair fight..

    6. I think you will find the cops have all sorts of protocols governing when and how they use force. You don't find them killing whole families to get at 1 perp.

    7. Great line, but bullshit.

      Good luck ash, I hope when the rockets start dropping you remember me, laughing at you

  47. Seven more Palestinian children added the to Israe's tote board.

    They are surely feeling satisfied, justified and proud.

    Just as their cousins were when fighting for Hitler.

    In some twenty cases, soldiers of Jewish descent were decorated with the Ritterkreuz, one of the highest awards of merit in the German army.

    1. Blasts rock major hospital, street in Gaza; at least 7 children killed
      Los Angeles Times
      17 minutes ago

      Blasts rock major hospital, street in Gaza; at least 7 children killed

    2. 7? Well heck, us Israelis killed at least 56 of our own just yesterday!

      Get with the Jack Hawkins "israelis murder millions" headlines…

      After all you told us all how genocidal Jews were and how we are nazis!

      What the FUCK? ONLY 7?

      Come on Jack, tell us a good headline, like 623,000 palestinians killed in thermonuclear attack on gaza city…

      Now that would be a headline worthy of the title "Nazi Jews of israel"….


      Hell more blacks in Chicago kill each other in a weekend than that...

    3. Next thing you know jack will be telling us of how many "palestinians" wet their beds… If they only had beds...

    4. Jack Hawkins is pissed, the IDF beat his civilian kill count for one day….

      So Sorry Killer...

    5. The Israeli Zionist Terror Masters will not allow the Palestinians to import beds.
      Anther item on the tote board.

      Thanks for that update, "O"rdure.

    6. Wow, if that is the case why do we so many mattresses in the "war photos"…

      Did Allah beam them in? On a laser beam?

  48. Debunking Israel's 11 Main Myths About Gaza, Hamas and War Crimes

    You've got to hand it to Israeli spinners like Mark Regev. They are masters of PR. In fact, as the Independent's Patrick Cockburn revealed over the weekend, "the playbook they are using is a professional, well-researched and confidential study on how to influence the media and public opinion in America and Europe".
    1) The Gaza Strip isn't occupied by Israel
    2) Israel wants a ceasefire but Hamas doesn't
    3) Israel, unlike Hamas, doesn't deliberately target civilians

    4) Only Hamas is guilty of war crimes, not Israel
    5) Hamas use the civilians of Gaza as 'human shields'
    6) This current Gaza conflict began with Hamas rocket fire on 30 June 2014
    7) Hamas has never stopped firing rockets into Israel
    8) Hamas provoked Israel by kidnapping and killing three Israeli teenagers
    9) Hamas rule, not Israel's blockade, is to blame for the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip
    10) The Israeli government, unlike Hamas, wants a two-state solution
    11) All serious analysts agree it was Hamas, and not Israel, that started this current conflict

    1. 1) The Gaza Strip isn't occupied by Israel

      Boston Globe: "Israeli-imposed buffer zones.. now absorb nearly 14 percent of Gaza's total land and at least 48 percent of total arable land. Similarly, the sea buffer zone covers 85 percent of the maritime area promised to Palestinians in the Oslo Accords, reducing 20 nautical miles to three." Human Rights Watch: "Israel also continues to control the population registry for residents of the Gaza Strip, years after it withdrew its ground forces and settlements there." B'Tselem, 2013: "Israel continues to maintain exclusive control of Gaza's airspace and the territorial waters, just as it has since it occupied the Gaza Strip in 1967."

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. 2) Israel wants a ceasefire but Hamas doesn't

      Al Jazeera: "Meshaal said Hamas wants the 'aggression to stop tomorrow, today, or even this minute. But [Israel must] lift the blockade with guarantees and not as a promise for future negotiations'. He added 'we will not shut the door in the face of any humanitarian ceasefire backed by a real aid programme'." Jerusalem Post: "One day after an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire accepted by Israel, but rejected by Hamas, fell through, the terrorist organization proposed a 10-year end to hostilities in return for its conditions being met by Israel, Channel 2 reported Wednesday.. Hamas's conditions were the release of re-arrested Palestinian prisoners who were let go in the Schalit deal, the opening of Gaza-Israel border crossings in order to allow citizens and goods to pass through, and international supervision of the Gazan seaport in place of the current Israeli blockade." BBC: "Israel's security cabinet has rejected a week-long Gaza ceasefire proposal put forward by US Secretary of State John Kerry 'as it stands'.

    4. 3) Israel, unlike Hamas, doesn't deliberately target civilians

      The Guardian: "It was there that the second [Israeli] shell hit the beach, those firing apparently adjusting their fire to target the fleeing survivors. As it exploded, journalists standing by the terrace wall shouted: 'They are only children.'" UN high commissioner for human rights Navi Pillay: "A number of incidents, along with the high number of civilian deaths, belies the [Israeli] claim that all necessary precautions are being taken to protect civilian lives." United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, 2009: "The tactics used by the Israeli armed forces in the Gaza offensive are consistent with previous practices, most recently during the Lebanon war in 2006. A concept known as the Dahiya doctrine emerged then, involving the application of disproportionate force and the causing of great damage and destruction to civilian property and infrastructure, and suffering to civilian populations. The Mission concludes from a review of the facts on the ground that it.. appears to have been precisely what was put into practice."

    5. 4) Only Hamas is guilty of war crimes, not Israel

      Human Rights Watch: "Israeli forces may also have knowingly or recklessly attacked people who were clearly civilians, such as young boys, and civilian structures, including a hospital - laws-of-war violations that are indicative of war crimes." Amnesty International: "Deliberately attacking a civilian home is a war crime, and the overwhelming scale of destruction of civilian homes, in some cases with entire families inside them, points to a distressing pattern of repeated violations of the laws of war."

    6. 5) Hamas use the civilians of Gaza as 'human shields'

      Jeremy Bowen, BBC Middle East editor: "I saw no evidence during my week in Gaza of Israel's accusation that Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields." The Guardian: "In the past week, the Guardian has seen large numbers of people fleeing different neighbourhoods.. and no evidence that Hamas had compelled them to stay." The Independent: "Some Gazans have admitted that they were afraid of criticizing Hamas, but none have said they had been forced by the organisation to stay in places of danger and become unwilling human-shields." Reuters, 2013: "A United Nations human rights body accused Israeli forces on Thursday of mistreating Palestinian children, including by torturing those in custody and using others as human shields."

    7. 6) This current Gaza conflict began with Hamas rocket fire on 30 June 2014

      Times of Israel: "Hamas operatives were behind a large volley of rockets which slammed into Israel Monday morning, the first time in years the Islamist group has directly challenged the Jewish state, according to Israeli defense officials.. The security sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, assessed that Hamas had probably launched the barrage in revenge for an Israeli airstrike several hours earlier which killed one person and injured three more.. Hamas hasn't fired rockets into Israel since Operation Pillar of Defense ended in November 2012." The Nation: "During ten days of Operation Brother's Keeper in the West Bank [before the start of the Gaza conflict], Israel arrested approximately 800 Palestinians without charge or trial, killed nine civilians and raided nearly 1,300 residential, commercial and public buildings. Its military operation targeted Hamas members released during the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange in 2011."

    8. 7) Hamas has never stopped firing rockets into Israel

      Jewish Daily Forward: "Hamas hadn't fired a single rocket since [2012 Gaza conflict], and had largely suppressed fire by smaller jihadi groups. Rocket firings, averaging 240 per month in 2007, dropped to five per month in 2013." International Crisis Group: "Fewer rockets were fired from Gaza in 2013 than in any year since 2001, and nearly all those that were fired between the November 2012 ceasefire and the current crisis were launched by groups other than Hamas; the Israeli security establishment testified to the aggressive anti-rocket efforts made by the new police force Hamas established specifically for that purpose.. As Israel (and Egypt) rolled back the 2012 understandings - some of which were implemented spottily at best - so too did Hamas roll back its anti rocket efforts."

    9. 8) Hamas provoked Israel by kidnapping and killing three Israeli teenagers

      Jewish Daily Forward: "The [Israeli] government had known almost from the beginning that the boys were dead. It maintained the fiction that it hoped to find them alive as a pretext to dismantle Hamas' West Bank operations.. Nor was that the only fib. It was clear from the beginning that the kidnappers weren't acting on orders from Hamas leadership in Gaza or Damascus. Hamas' Hebron branch -- more a crime family than a clandestine organization -- had a history of acting without the leaders' knowledge, sometimes against their interests." BBC correspondent Jon Donnison: "Israeli police MickeyRosenfeld tells me men who killed 3 Israeli teens def lone cell, hamas affiliated but not operating under leadership.. Seems to contradict the line from Netanyahu government."

    10. 9) Hamas rule, not Israel's blockade, is to blame for the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip

      US State Department cable: "Israeli officials have confirmed to Embassy officials on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis.. Israeli officials have confirmed.. on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse without quite pushing it over the edge." The Guardian: "The Israeli military made precise calculations of Gaza's daily calorie needs to avoid malnutrition during a blockade imposed on the Palestinian territory between 2007 and mid-2010, according to files the defence ministry released on Wednesday under a court order.. The Israeli advocacy group Gisha.. waged a long court battle to release the document. Its members say Israel calculated the calorie needs for Gaza's population so as to restrict the quantity of food it allowed in."

    11. 10) The Israeli government, unlike Hamas, wants a two-state solution

      Times of Israel: "[Netanyahu] made explicitly clear that he could never, ever, countenance a fully sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank.. Amid the current conflict, he elaborated, 'I think the Israeli people understand now what I always say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan.'"

    12. wow... Jack is now reading the Huff post..

      I guess I should waste a half hour of my life posting the PRO Israel Hoff post pieces..


      Just watching Jack DANCE like a puppet on a string is enough...

      From those "execution stories" from 2002 to the above?

      Enough to know he wasted his ever diminishing time on this planet playing with himself...

      Too dumb to know when he's being played...

      Now that's entertainment...

      LOL What a loser...

    13. 11) All serious analysts agree it was Hamas, and not Israel, that started this current conflict

      Nathan Thrall, senior Mid East analyst at the International Crisis Group, writing in the New York Times: "The current escalation in Gaza is a direct result of the choice by Israel and the West to obstruct the implementation of the April 2014 Palestinian reconciliation agreement." Henry Siegman, former national director, American Jewish Congress, writing for Politico: "Israel's assault on Gaza.. was not triggered by Hamas' rockets directed at Israel but by Israel's determination to bring down the Palestinian unity government that was formed in early June, even though that government was committed to honoring all of the conditions imposed by the international community for recognition of its legitimacy."

    14. In the end the only thing that matters?

      Is that Hamas gets a serious ass kicking.

      It's billion in rockets and billion in tunnels are destroyed.

      It's supporters have pain. From Qatar to Iran, to the very enablers of Hamas and it's supporters rue the day they allowed Hamas to lead them into suicide.

  49. "O"rdure wants to speak of fictional characters, like Jack Hawkins, and ignore the real issues

    It is plainly evident why he would want to discus fictions, rather than realities.
    There are eleven points for him to refute, but he wants to talk about Jack Hawkins.

    If the law is on your side, pound on the law;
    if the facts are on your side, pound on the facts;
    if neither is on your side, pound on the table."

    "O"rdure is beyond pounding the table ...
    He is pounding sand!

    1. like a puppet on string..

      the person behind the persona dances...


    2. But he dances to his own tune, "O"rdure.
      While you dance to Jack's.

      That is the truth, and nothing your fraudulent ass can say will change that.
      No one on this side is claiming to be anything that they are not.

      While the Zionists live in an edifice of lies.
      An edifice that is being steadily dismantled.

      As noted above.

      Israel's 11 Main Myths About Gaza, Hamas and War Crimes Have Been Dismantled

      Not able to refute any challenge to the Zionist lies, "O"rdure searches his mental data base for line of Jack Hawkins's that he can purloin.

      "O"rdure not being much for "O"riginal thinking he sticks to plagiarizing the work of his intellectual superiors.

      Stay the Course, "O"rdure, Stay the Course !

    3. Jack has an excuse for everything..

      the Sargent Schultz of the Blog...

    4. Put hat in Bold type, will you please, "O"rdure.

      Oh, and be sure to let us know when the thread is posted on both of "Your" blogs
      You know the content, it is the one you care so much about

      Let us all know when you are ready for inspection, private.

    5. But feel free, "O"rdure to attempt to refute the Eleven Points of Myth Busting Israeli Lies, here and now.

      Love to see some serious commentary fro you.

      Not that anyone thinks you can produce it, but it would be lovely to witness your intellectual growth.
      I am sure that Eleanor would appreciate it.

    6. SERIOUS?

      This coming from a troll that calls Israeli's Nazis?

      Go fuck yourself loser.

  50. Lake Odessa, Michigan continues to have the cheapest fuel in the country, with E85 at $2.29 / gal.

    Carbon Green Bioenergy

    US fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry

    This is excellent news.

    1. :)

      As an American, I say I don't much like dog face either.


      Wow, desert rat Jack Hamasass is really passing the gas today.

      Glad I was gone. Pewie, it really stinks in here.

      Come on ratass Hamasass, cork it would ya?

    2. Pewie, pewie, peeeUwee!, as my good Aunt would say.

    3. It is good to see we agree on this Allen. Hopefully it will lead to more, and meaningful, pressure applied by the US on Israel.

    4. Ash,

      America has lost a significant amount of influence on all the allies America has.

      Because? OBAMA and his punishment of allies and his toe sucking of our enemies.

  52. IDF: Rockets misfired by Palestinian militants hit Gaza hospital, park...........drudge

    1. If they said it I'm sure you'll believe it.

    2. Well, Ash, to my mind they have more credibility than Hamas. One of the problems in Islam is they are given free rein to lie.

      Especially to dirty nasty little unbelievers like you.

    3. Ash, a full 13% of Hamas's rockets and mortars have landed INSIDE the Gaza Strip.

      Don't want the truth? Fine.

      But we will see how many "civilians" are actually killed with this is all over and if it's like most "palestinian" reported slaughter? The number will tumble.

      Propaganda at it's finest.

      Now I don't doubt there have been hundreds of civilians killed.

      But I LOVE the way the number minimizes Fighters, Collaborators (executed by Hamas) and duplicate names.

      But in the end, Hamas uses it's people to protect its missiles and Israel uses it's missiles to protect it's people.

      You side with Hamas, I stand with Israel.

      You side with those willing to shoot thousands of rockets AT civilians, who kidnap and murder civilians on PURPOSE...

      I stand with Israel

  53. Why does the word 'simpleton' always come to my mind when I think of Ash, I sometimes ask myself.

    1. .

      Perhaps he induces in you a need for sad self-reflection.


  54. This is arguably the most unexpected piece of news in the new Medicare Trustees report: the government's hospital insurance program might be spending less money to cover more beneficiaries than it did a year ago.

    Medicare's hospital insurance program — known to wonks as Medicare Part A — spent $266.8 billion covering 50.3 million people in 2012. In 2013, the the same program spent $266.2 billion to cover 51.9 million people. These figures come from Table II B.1 in the 2012 and 2013 reports.

    Medicare's hospital insurance program is . . . . . . . . . .


  55. Hardeharhar........

    I see the rat has taken up reading The Huffington Post.


  56. I expect a real truce to take hold once Hamas is out of missiles.

    "A moderate muslim is one that's out of ammo."

    Henry Kissinger

  57. One must admire Rufus.

    He doesn't care about Gaza, and by God, doesn't comment on it.

  58. Ash, why do you have such difficulty reading the Hamas Charter and comprehending the plain sense of it ?

    It is a declaration of intent.

    It expresses their reason for being.

    It is a call to perpetual war.

    It is a call to genocide.

    It quotes the Koran from 1,400 year ago.

    Why do you have such trouble 'getting it'?

    1. There is no possibility of Israel living side by side at peace with Hamas. It will always be the same as long as the likes of Hamas is in the saddle.

    2. Maybe I'm too hard on poor Ash. After all, Deuce doesn't 'get it' either.

    3. I have little regard for Hamas but their existence is, in part, a response to Israel's actions over the years. Both populations are becoming increasingly radicalized. The Israelis have more power to effect change for the better yet they have most often only pursued their interests at the expense of the Palestinians.

    4. So your point is the Israeli's have to go back to their European roots, aye?

    5. P.s. It should be obvious, Bob, but there is more to the Palestinians than Hamas. Sadly you can't see the forest, just a tree.

    6. Kind of a sad situation, that the Zionists just can't get along with anyone in the world.
      Maybe it is genetic, but I would prefer to think it was just cultural.

      They rain their children to hate, and so that is what they grew into, hateful NASI.
      Sad reality, really, that the Babylonians were able to hijack Judaism.

    7. They train their children to hate, and so that is what they grew into, hateful NASI.

    8. Jack, don't pass gas in public. It's unseemly. Additionally, your noise makes no sense.

      That is bullshit, Ash. The arabs of Palestine attacked the Jews from the git go. They lost. Israel so far has won its defensive wars, only '73 being not a clear win.

      By winning Israel got involved in Gaza. Now they have turned it over to the locals, and the missiles start flying.

      The Israelis have no power to change the mind set of those in Hamas.

    9. Bib, your understanding of the history is deeply flawed. Obviously you did not even read that one article you promised Quirk you would. You are a sad opinionated old man!

    10. Bibbles, you are a young fool.

      Russia has now violated the 1987 test treaty with the USA.

      Obamie is writing a letter to Pooty concerning this between rounds of golf.

      Obama is hoping the American people will think he's tough, and rally around.

      In truth, he has totally checked out.

      Out relationship with the Russians has been 'reset' alright, but not in the way Hillary anticipated.

      Pooty is sneering and laughing at us.

      Pooty is not a fisherman.

      Pooty is a thug.

    11. It is in their book, Robert Peterson

      Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

      That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful.

      That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.

      A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

      That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful.

      That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.

      A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonored.

      This is SERIOUS Scholarship and discussion?

      Maybe for a glue sniffing psychopath... But not for normal humans.

    14. This explains how a devout Orthodox Jew and head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman, can rationalize being a man of prayer and piety and yet energetically promote homosexuality and immorality among the "goyim."

      According to the Zohar's reasoning, causing "travail" among the Gentiles such as Communism, wars, financial panic, media corruption of society, breakup of families, abortion, pornography, and homosexuality is necessary to bring about a great good.

      The Talmud and Zohar teach that this period of "birth pangs" among the Gentiles will eventually recede as humanity is ushered into a new age of Judaic enlightenment-in which belief in one true God and observance of His laws will prevail over the "confusion" of Christian "polytheism."

      Rev. Ted Pike

  59. Ash, I can't recall promising Q I would read some article. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing he would ask me to do.

    What was it about? Perhaps I did read it.

  60. Fuck off idiot. Maybe I should be more considerate of someone with a mental disability...

    ... Naw.

    fuck off goof!

    1. :):)


      Why Noble Ash, you just had temper tantrum !!

      Q would more likely say, "Bobbo, I'd ask you to read an article but I know you wouldn't understand it, so I won't."

      Q can put it back up if he truly wants me to read it. Seriously, perhaps I already did.

      I doubt he will do so.

      Why Ash, I am so proud of you !

      You actually showed a little spunk for once !!