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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Maliki's failings are not the reason why the Iraqi state is disintegrating. What destabilised Iraq from 2011 on was the revolt of the Sunni in Syria and the takeover of that revolt by jihadis, who were often sponsored by donors in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

Sunday 13 July 2014
Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped Isis take over the north of the country

A speech by an ex-MI6 boss hints that it has been the Saudi's plan all along

How far is Saudi Arabia complicit in the Isis takeover of much of northern Iraq, and is it stoking an escalating Sunni-Shia conflict across the Islamic world? Some time before 9/11, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, once the powerful Saudi ambassador in Washington and head of Saudi intelligence until a few months ago, had a revealing and ominous conversation with the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. Prince Bandar told him: "The time is not far off in the Middle East, Richard, when it will be literally 'God help the Shia'. More than a billion Sunnis have simply had enough of them.

The fatal moment predicted by Prince Bandar may now have come for many Shia, with Saudi Arabia playing an important role in bringing it about by supporting the anti-Shia jihad in Iraq and Syria. Since the capture of Mosul by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) on 10 June, Shia women and children have been killed in villages south of Kirkuk, and Shia air force cadets machine-gunned and buried in mass graves near Tikrit.
In Mosul, Shia shrines and mosques have been blown up, and in the nearby Shia Turkoman city of Tal Afar 4,000 houses have been taken over by Isis fighters as "spoils of war". Simply to be identified as Shia or a related sect, such as the Alawites, in Sunni rebel-held parts of Iraq and Syria today, has become as dangerous as being a Jew was in Nazi-controlled parts of Europe in 1940.
There is no doubt about the accuracy of the quote by Prince Bandar, secretary-general of the Saudi National Security Council from 2005 and head of General Intelligence between 2012 and 2014, the crucial two years when al-Qa'ida-type jihadis took over the Sunni-armed opposition in Iraq and Syria. Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute last week, Dearlove, who headed MI6 from 1999 to 2004, emphasised the significance of Prince Bandar's words, saying that they constituted "a chilling comment that I remember very well indeed".
He does not doubt that substantial and sustained funding from private donors in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to which the authorities may have turned a blind eye, has played a central role in the Isis surge into Sunni areas of Iraq. He said: "Such things simply do not happen spontaneously." This sounds realistic since the tribal and communal leadership in Sunni majority provinces is much beholden to Saudi and Gulf paymasters, and would be unlikely to cooperate with Isis without their consent.

Dearlove's explosive revelation about the prediction of a day of reckoning for the Shia by Prince Bandar, and the former head of MI6's view that Saudi Arabia is involved in the Isis-led Sunni rebellion, has attracted surprisingly little attention. Coverage of Dearlove's speech focused instead on his main theme that the threat from Isis to the West is being exaggerated because, unlike Bin Laden's al-Qa'ida, it is absorbed in a new conflict that "is essentially Muslim on Muslim". Unfortunately, Christians in areas captured by Isis are finding this is not true, as their churches are desecrated and they are forced to flee. A difference between al-Qa'ida and Isis is that the latter is much better organised; if it does attack Western targets the results are likely to be devastating.
The forecast by Prince Bandar, who was at the heart of Saudi security policy for more than three decades, that the 100 million Shia in the Middle East face disaster at the hands of the Sunni majority, will convince many Shia that they are the victims of a Saudi-led campaign to crush them. "The Shia in general are getting very frightened after what happened in northern Iraq," said an Iraqi commentator, who did not want his name published. Shia see the threat as not only military but stemming from the expanded influence over mainstream Sunni Islam of Wahhabism, the puritanical and intolerant version of Islam espoused by Saudi Arabia that condemns Shia and other Islamic sects as non-Muslim apostates and polytheists.

Dearlove says that he has no inside knowledge obtained since he retired as head of MI6 10 years ago to become Master of Pembroke College in Cambridge. But, drawing on past experience, he sees Saudi strategic thinking as being shaped by two deep-seated beliefs or attitudes. First, they are convinced that there "can be no legitimate or admissible challenge to the Islamic purity of their Wahhabi credentials as guardians of Islam's holiest shrines". But, perhaps more significantly given the deepening Sunni-Shia confrontation, the Saudi belief that they possess a monopoly of Islamic truth leads them to be "deeply attracted towards any militancy which can effectively challenge Shia-dom”.

Western governments traditionally play down the connection between Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabist faith, on the one hand, and jihadism, whether of the variety espoused by Osama bin Laden and al-Qa'ida or by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Isis. There is nothing conspiratorial or secret about these links: 15 out of 19 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, as was Bin Laden and most of the private donors who funded the operation.

The difference between al-Qa'ida and Isis can be overstated: when Bin Laden was killed by United States forces in 2011, al-Baghdadi released a statement eulogising him, and Isis pledged to launch 100 attacks in revenge for his death.
But there has always been a second theme to Saudi policy towards al-Qa'ida type jihadis, contradicting Prince Bandar's approach and seeing jihadis as a mortal threat to the Kingdom. Dearlove illustrates this attitude by relating how, soon after 9/11, he visited the Saudi capital Riyadh with Tony Blair.
He remembers the then head of Saudi General Intelligence "literally shouting at me across his office: '9/11 is a mere pinprick on the West. In the medium term, it is nothing more than a series of personal tragedies. What these terrorists want is to destroy the House of Saud and remake the Middle East.'" In the event, Saudi Arabia adopted both policies, encouraging the jihadis as a useful tool of Saudi anti-Shia influence abroad but suppressing them at home as a threat to the status quo. It is this dual policy that has fallen apart over the last year.
Saudi sympathy for anti-Shia "militancy" is identified in leaked US official documents. The then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in December 2009 in a cable released by Wikileaks that "Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qa'ida, the Taliban, LeT [Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan] and other terrorist groups." She said that, in so far as Saudi Arabia did act against al-Qa'ida, it was as a domestic threat and not because of its activities abroad. This policy may now be changing with the dismissal of Prince Bandar as head of intelligence this year. But the change is very recent, still ambivalent and may be too late: it was only last week that a Saudi prince said he would no longer fund a satellite television station notorious for its anti-Shia bias based in Egypt.
The problem for the Saudis is that their attempts since Bandar lost his job to create an anti-Maliki and anti-Assad Sunni constituency which is simultaneously against al-Qa'ida and its clones have failed.
By seeking to weaken Maliki and Assad in the interest of a more moderate Sunni faction, Saudi Arabia and its allies are in practice playing into the hands of Isis which is swiftly gaining full control of the Sunni opposition in Syria and Iraq. In Mosul, as happened previously in its Syrian capital Raqqa, potential critics and opponents are disarmed, forced to swear allegiance to the new caliphate and killed if they resist.
The West may have to pay a price for its alliance with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies, which have always found Sunni jihadism more attractive than democracy. A striking example of double standards by the western powers was the Saudi-backed suppression of peaceful democratic protests by the Shia majority in Bahrain in March 2011. Some 1,500 Saudi troops were sent across the causeway to the island kingdom as the demonstrations were ended with great brutality and Shia mosques and shrines were destroyed.
An alibi used by the US and Britain is that the Sunni al-Khalifa royal family in Bahrain is pursuing dialogue and reform. But this excuse looked thin last week as Bahrain expelled a top US diplomat, the assistant secretary of state for human rights Tom Malinowksi, for meeting leaders of the main Shia opposition party al-Wifaq. Mr Malinowski tweeted that the Bahrain government's action was "not about me but about undermining dialogue".

Western powers and their regional allies have largely escaped criticism for their role in reigniting the war in Iraq. Publicly and privately, they have blamed the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for persecuting and marginalising the Sunni minority, so provoking them into supporting the Isis-led revolt. There is much truth in this, but it is by no means the whole story. Maliki did enough to enrage the Sunni, partly because he wanted to frighten Shia voters into supporting him in the 30 April election by claiming to be the Shia community's protector against Sunni counter-revolution.
But for all his gargantuan mistakes, Maliki's failings are not the reason why the Iraqi state is disintegrating. What destabilised Iraq from 2011 on was the revolt of the Sunni in Syria and the takeover of that revolt by jihadis, who were often sponsored by donors in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. Again and again Iraqi politicians warned that by not seeking to close down the civil war in Syria, Western leaders were making it inevitable that the conflict in Iraq would restart. "I guess they just didn't believe us and were fixated on getting rid of [President Bashar al-] Assad," said an Iraqi leader in Baghdad last week.
Of course, US and British politicians and diplomats would argue that they were in no position to bring an end to the Syrian conflict. But this is misleading. By insisting that peace negotiations must be about the departure of Assad from power, something that was never going to happen since Assad held most of the cities in the country and his troops were advancing, the US and Britain made sure the war would continue.
The chief beneficiary is Isis which over the last two weeks has been mopping up the last opposition to its rule in eastern Syria. The Kurds in the north and the official al-Qa'ida representative, Jabhat al-Nusra, are faltering under the impact of Isis forces high in morale and using tanks and artillery captured from the Iraqi army. It is also, without the rest of the world taking notice, taking over many of the Syrian oil wells that it did not already control.

Saudi Arabia has created a Frankenstein's monster over which it is rapidly losing control. The same is true of its allies such as Turkey which has been a vital back-base for Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra by keeping the 510-mile-long Turkish-Syrian border open. As Kurdish-held border crossings fall to Isis, Turkey will find it has a new neighbour of extraordinary violence, and one deeply ungrateful for past favours from the Turkish intelligence service.
As for Saudi Arabia, it may come to regret its support for the Sunni revolts in Syria and Iraq as jihadi social media begins to speak of the House of Saud as its next target. It is the unnamed head of Saudi General Intelligence quoted by Dearlove after 9/11 who is turning out to have analysed the potential threat to Saudi Arabia correctly and not Prince Bandar, which may explain why the latter was sacked earlier this year.
Nor is this the only point on which Prince Bandar was dangerously mistaken. The rise of Isis is bad news for the Shia of Iraq but it is worse news for the Sunni whose leadership has been ceded to a pathologically bloodthirsty and intolerant movement, a sort of Islamic Khmer Rouge, which has no aim but war without end.
The Sunni caliphate rules a large, impoverished and isolated area from which people are fleeing. Several million Sunni in and around Baghdad are vulnerable to attack and 255 Sunni prisoners have already been massacred. In the long term, Isis cannot win, but its mix of fanaticism and good organisation makes it difficult to dislodge.

"God help the Shia," said Prince Bandar, but, partly thanks to him, the shattered Sunni communities of Iraq and Syria may need divine help even more than the Shia. 


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    Those are not 'dots', those are glaring blotches on the road map. Easily seen by those with eyes that see.

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  5. An audio recording purportedly from Naqshbandi leader Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri surfaced overnight, in which he hailed the militants' "historic victories" in recent weeks and reserved special praise for the Islamic State group.

    "Our great Iraqi people along with their brave forces have achieved a great victory through a tough and bloody struggle since more than 11 years," the man reported to be al-Douri said in the nearly 15-minute recording. The authenticity of the recording could not be immediately confirmed, though it sounded like previous recordings made of al-Douri.

    The fugitive al-Douri is the highest-ranking member of Saddam's toppled government to escape the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and elude security forces. He was the "king of clubs" in the deck of playing cards issued by the U.S. to help troops identify the most-wanted members of Saddam's regime.

    In the recording, the man believed to be al-Douri said the "liberation" of Ninevah and Salahuddin provinces, which the militants overran last month, and the ongoing fighting in Anbar, Diyala and Taamim provinces as well as the outskirts of Baghdad marked a "historic and great turning point in the nation's march of jihad to achieve its freedom and unity and to build prosperous future for coming generations."

    He praised the tribal leaders and other militant groups who have taken part in the fighting, but especially "the heroes and the knights of al-Qaida and the Islamic State, to whom I send a special salutation full of appreciation and love."

    The man purported to be al-Douri rejected Iraq's political process, calling it "dirty" and "a conspiracy" to serve the interests of the regional Shiite power, Iran.

    "On that basis, all those who have their hands contaminated with this dirty process must abandon it and its supporters, repent and to join the revolutionaries," he said.

    Iran has maintained close ties with successive Shiite-led governments in Iraq since the ouster of Saddam Hussein, a Sunni who oppressed the Shiites.

  6. Looks like Rick Perry is running for the Presidency and he is channeling Ronald Reagan in the process.

    The Week Magazine
    Written by Jon Terbush

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) says Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) "seems curiously blind" to the threat posed by ISIS militants - and what's more, he claims Reagan would agree.

  7. BTW, these are the same Saudis that own The American Petroleum Institute.

    Just thought you might like to know.

  8. Thanks, Deuce, for presenting a thought provoking, balanced article.

    On 9/11, I posited that the killing of a couple thousand Saudi "princes" would save the world much woe. Since, the world has suffered much woe, but the oil has flowed. A barrel of oil is worth how much human life?

    1. Given Prince Bandar's assessment of the Shia, Iran's push for nuclear capability takes on a different rationale. The insane motives of the contestants ensures there will be no "winners". Tens of millions may die based on the hatreds originating in ancient fables.

    2. Pravda presents George Galloway? Wow.

      How much cash did George get paid by sadd from the oil for food program?

  9. Robert Gates on How Israel & Saudi Arabia Pressure US into Wars of Choice

    and from RT ...

    Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Salman bin-Sultan and two other officers are said to have paid a “secret visit” to Israel, where they “met Israeli security leaders”, according to confidential sources of the Palestinian news agency, al-Manar and Israeli radio.

    "The Saudi delegation," the sources said, "met Israeli security leaders and Bin-Sultan visited one of the military Israeli bases accompanied by a senior member of the Israeli staff board."

    Salman is the brother of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence head, Prince Bandar bin-Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

    Which meshes with ...

    In broad daylight, a Saudi-Israeli alliance

    The alliance between the apartheid state of Israel and the absolutist monarchy of the Saudi royal dictatorship is no longer merely tacit.
    In a friendly interview with former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg last month, Prince al-Waleed bin Talal was blunt.

    He criticised the Obama administration for its promise of (only very mild) easing of sanctions against Iran: "Iran is a huge threat ... especially against the Sunnis. The threat is from Persia, not from Israel".

    This is the same man who boasts to the western press about Jordan, Palestine and Yemen being "under our hegemony," with the rule of his chequebook. Put aside that hypocrisy, as well as the open sectarian agitation for the moment and note how brazen this alliance now is.

    The Israeli and and Saudi regimes find themselves in the same trench across the region.

    1. Cannot be for one of the terrorist states and against the other, they are now joined at the hip.

      With the Saudi and the Israeli both bemoaning the reality that the US is not going to attack Iran, overtly.

    2. “There’s no confidence in the Obama administration doing the right thing with Iran,” he told me, with a directness that would make Benjamin Netanyahu blush. “We’re really concerned -- Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East countries -- about this.”

      So says Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia.
      The terrorist states have lost confidence in their ability to force the US into wars of choice.
      Good on Obama, for that.

  10. .

    Saudi Arabia remains one of the US' worst enemies.

    Their primary goal is to achieve regional and eventually worldwide hegemony. They attempt to advance their ambitions militarily and by assuming the role of prime religious authority in the Muslim world. Militarily they expand their influence either through direct support of sympathetic regimes as in Bahrain or indirectly through support of proxy militant or terrorist groups as in Syria and Iraq and some would say the US. Their historic claim to religious authority rests on their possession of key Muslim holy sites and on their active proselytizing.

    The Saudis are a theocratic monarchy. They use religion to control their own people and the proselytizing of their religion of hate as a weapon against the world. In SA, apostasy is punishable by death. Bibles and other religious symbols are prohibited. Public practice of any religion but Islam is illegal.

    They edit the Quran to reflect Wahhabiism, their radical form of Islam and flood the world with free copies of the books. Many are distributed through the madrases that they set up for the same purpose.

    In 2006, Freedom House said,

    The Saudi Ministry of Education Islamic studies textbooks ... continue to promote an ideology of hatred that teaches bigotry and deplores tolerance. These texts continue to instruct students to hold a dualistic worldview in which there exist two incompatible realms – one consisting of true believers in Islam ... and the other the unbelievers – realms that can never coexist in peace. Students are being taught that Christians and Jews and other Muslims are "enemies" of the true believer... The textbooks condemn and denigrate Shiite and Sufi Muslims' beliefs and practices as heretical and call them "polytheists", command Muslims to hate Christians, Jews, polytheists and other "non-believers", and teach that the Crusades never ended, and identify Western social service providers,centers for academic studies, and campaigns for women's rights as part of the modern phase of the Crusades.

    The Saudi royal family is not a friend of the U.S.


    1. But they are business partners of Rupert Murdock and George Bush, both Sr and Jr.
      They funded the Pakistani nuclear program and have been allied with the US since FDR met with them in Egypt.

      So while I agree that the Saudi are not a friend of the US, they are well within a mutual "Zone of Influence"
      For better or worse. Mostly worse, from my perspective.

      Which is why the US should be growing switchgrass and sweet sorghum on much of the fallow land in the United States and building distilleries to process it into fuel for the 300 million vehicles that require liquid fuel to operate.

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  13. Jack HawkinsSun Jul 13, 10:56:00 AM EDT

    But they are business partners of Rupert Murdock and George Bush, both Sr and Jr.
    They funded the Pakistani nuclear program and have been allied with the US since FDR met with them in Egypt.

    So while I agree that the Saudi are not a friend of the US, they are well within a mutual "Zone of Influence"
    For better or worse. Mostly worse, from my perspective.

    Which is why the US should be growing switchgrass and sweet sorghum on much of the fallow land in the United States and building distilleries to process it into fuel for the 300 million vehicles that require liquid fuel to operate.

    Speaking of which,

    The joint venture of POET-DSM is in the final stages of construction with the cellulosic ethanol plant Project Liberty, collocated with an existing corn ethanol plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa. “We hope to run biomass into the plant around the end of the month and start up within the course of July,” said Steve Hartig, general manager of POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels.

    Hartig discussed the value of the cellulosic ethanol plant by breaking it down into economic, energy security and environmental sustainability benefits. A single plant brings a $200 million plus investment, 45 full time jobs, hundreds of construction jobs and over $2 million into the community per year before add-on effects. A single plant replaces about 1 million barrels of imported oil per year, and will reduce over 210,000 tons of CO2 per year or “bring 40,000 cars off the road,” Hartig said. POET-DSM is planning to do onsite manufacturing of enzymes, which will start up after the main plant is running. According to Hartig, producing locally avoids having to concentrate and ship it, and allows them to use local ingredients from the site. “We really think onsite manufacturing of enzymes is the best solution for the long term to keep low costs,” he said.

    DuPont’s commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol facility in Nevada, Iowa, now enables licensing worldwide. The options under the global license include a technology package, equipment supply, technical support, biocatalyst supply, feedstock supply consulting and co-product energy solutions. According to Hill, DuPont will be the world’s largest plant for cellulosic ethanol.

    DuPont has already started commissioning some of the utility systems, and will finish commissioning in . . .

    1. Great news!
      Each of those distilleries free US from one days worth of imports from the Wahhabi.

      Betcha that the 45 jobs full time jobs mentioned does not factor the ag workers or truck drivers producing and transporting the bio-mass. So the impact will, most likely, be even greater than projected.

      @$ 200 million per processing plant - we need 350 more of them. Or in simple terms $700,000,000,000.
      Less than the it cost to provide the "Iraqi Freedom"
      The Congressional Research Service has put the Operation Iraqi Freedom pricetag at $806 billion

    2. If there were 350 ethanol distilleries in the US then, rest assured, the Wahhabi would
      "Envy our freedom"

    3. That price will come down, also. That's the "Prototype" price. There's nothing inherent in those refineries that calls for more than 20 or 25% more than that (at scale.)

      The DOE estimates that we have about a Billion Tons of Biomass laying around, ready to be used, on any given year. That's 80 Billion Gallons of fuel, waiting to be taken.

    Russia threatens Ukraine after shell crosses border
    Ukraine jets pound rebels after deadly missile attack
    Islamist militia attacks rivals at main Libya airport
    Pakistani jets, artillery kill 18 in anti-militant offensive
    Nigeria police warn of suicide attacks on capital
    Exclusive: Jordan reluctant to host U.S.-led Syria rebel training – officials


    1. That is who is running the government in Kiev, that i whose rockets crossed into Russia.
      allen hit the nail right on the head, again.

      Petro Poroshenko - Tries to pass himself off a a Christian, but ...
      "Forbes lists Petro Poroshenko as the 130th richest Jew in the world, with $1.6b. The President of Ukraine Poroshenko was born Waltzman. Poroshenko is his mother’s name, she was also a Jew."

      Which is in conflict with hi political ambitions, so ...
      Cnaan Lipshiz of the Forward offers this as of May 23:

      According to the popular Russian television channel Russia-1, Poroshenko’s father was a Jew named Alexei Valtsman from the Odessa region who in 1956 took on the last name of his wife, Yevgenya Poroshenko.

      Poroshenko’s media team did not reply to JTA requests for comment, but they are not indifferent about the subject.

      Last year, Poroshenko’s spokeswoman asked Forbes Israel to remove her boss’ name from a list of the world’s richest Jews, a magazine source confirmed. Moshe Azman, a chief rabbi of Ukraine, said he asked Poroshenko directly about the rumors. “He told me he wasn’t Jewish,” Azman said.

      Guess it goes back to that age old question ...
      "What is a Jew?" religion, tribe or race.
      Can a person quit Judaism, or is a life time sentence, delivered upon a person at birth, kinda like "Original Sin"?

    2. Forbes has been a reliable "Go to" source for over thirty years that I have been reading it.

  15. A very pro-Israel, Teresita is commenting up a storm at the Belmont Club, today. Funny, she doen't look Jewish. :-)

    Were she to post there some of the nonsense she has posted here, she would be eaten alive in minutes. If nothing else, the girl is adaptable, albeit a complete fraud.

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    3. When you have control of the Main Stream Media, in the US, anything is possible, False Flag Bob.
      ABC, CBS, NBC all are in their pocket.

      That i the plain reality of the situation. That control is used for political manipulation and influence.
      Mrs Clinton and her family, recieved over $10 million USD from the cabal.Mr Obama was bought off for a measly $3 million, early in hi career.

      You may not want to admit it, but who gives a shit about False Flag Bob, a fella who is either stumped by Google's sign-in, or who is a total fraud and identity thief.

    4. And they can be beaten, False Flag Bob. But not by quitter and whiners. Not by those that relish and revel in the defeat of their home town football team. The cabal that is attempting to hijack the US can be beaten, but not by those that refuse to acknowledge the reality of who the enemy is.

      “The split in America, rather than simply economic, is between those who embrace reason, who function in the real world of cause and effect, and those who, numbed by isolation and despair, now seek meaning in a mythical world of intuition, a world that is no longer reality-based, a world of magic.” ― Chris Hedges,


    5. “The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.”

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    Israel's Iron Dome Is a 'Total Failure' at Its Most Important Job, Experts Say

  20. PJ Media does not allow anonymous users to stalk and harrass contributors. If Deuce operated the EB in a similar way I'd come back.

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    1. So is your name Robert Peterson or Bob Oreille?

  23. test

    Fuck it, I give up.

    I am not good at this stuff.

  24. Maliki's failing has a lot to do with the current mess, regardless of the opinions of Mr Cockburn.

    1. Robert Peterson, why change your moniker to Bob Oreille?
      Think we'll stay with Robert Peterson.

  25. Bingo !!!!

    Now let us see if we can all be polite the rest of the day.

    I begin by asking Miss T politely to rejoin our loving family circle.

  26. Miss T, really, I don't see that you have been stalked.

    I feel I have been stalked by desert rat aka Jack Hawkins.

    But it is a new day dawning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why would you say such a thing, Robert Peterson?

  27. Maliki got rid of most of the Sunni Army folks.

    Then he basically stole the wealth, distributing it to his pals.

    This pissed everybody off.

    I don't agree with Mr Cockburn.

    And if I had a name like that, I'd change it.

  28. Yes, let's shake, and be friends.

    Teresita, Bob Oreille,

    meet MENAC!

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  30. The Palestinians want to be put under "UN Protection".


    This might be a good move on their part, considering the President we currently have, but will do zero to solve the problem in the long run.

    The problem in the long run can only be solved when they give up their hateful book.

    1. .

      ...we will do zero to solve the problem...

      Not 'our' problem.


  31. 1400 hundred years of history should teach us that much.

  32. Can they ever give it up?

    Maybe. Joe Campbell thought the ecological crisis might do the trick. If international trade doesn't.

    He was in his relaxed death bed optimism phase then, however.

  33. O History !!!

    Vietnam’s Overdue Alliance With America

    By TUONG LAIJULY 11, 2014

    Credit Oliver Munday
    Continue reading the main story Share This Page


    HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — OURS is a small country. We Vietnamese cannot and must not entrust our future to anyone, but we urgently need strategic allies at a moment in history when our priority is to defeat our present-day enemy: China.

    China’s move in May, to place an offshore oil rig on the Vietnamese continental shelf, and its arrogant statements in June, at an Asian security summit meeting known as the Shangri-La Dialogue, exposed China’s sea piracy to the world. These developments should alarm anyone in Vietnam who still clings to the myth of brotherly love between our nation and China.

    We cannot fight Chinese encroachment alone. Political isolation in a globalized world is tantamount to committing political suicide for Vietnam. And the key ally for Vietnam today is the United States — an alliance that the Vietnamese liberation hero Ho Chi Minh ironically always wanted.

    Quirk, Bob, and Miss T had it right.

    The Vietnamese speak Vietnamese only because they have fought the Chinese all these centuries........

    Going back to a thousand years ago or more.......

    A people will fight for its culture........

    1. " at a moment in history when our priority is to defeat our present-day enemy: China"

      "defeat" ?

      Not a chance in hell, but they can keep their independence.

      They have shown, time and again, they will fight for that.

  34. Of course, the supreme court ruled, just the other day, that the Two Classes of Americans are:

    1) Those that really, really believe in Jeebus,

    2) and, everyone else.

    1. Naw, the Supreme Court ruled that we still have some religious freedom in our country.

      So, you don't believe in Jeebus. Nobody cares on way or the other what your beliefs may be.

      I would note that the term Jeebus in very insensitive to many millions of your fellow citizens.

      But this is, as proclaimed by me, Slander Free Sunday !!


      You go your way, whatever that is, and the Jeebers, and others get to go their way.

    2. You are totally at freedom to go back to this, if you so choose -

      I notice the numbers four and seven, which are talked about at length by Carl Jung.

  35. >>>>The number seven also represents the height of purity and sacredness, a difficult level to attain. In olden times it was believed that only the owl and cougar had attained this level and thus have always had a special meaning to the Cherokee. The pine, cedar, spruce, holly and laurel also attained this level and play a very important role in Cherokee ceremonies. Cedar is the most sacred of all, and the distinguishing colors of red and white set it off from all others. The wood from the tree is considered very sacred, and in ancient days it was used to carry the honored dead.<<<<<

    I like it.

    Not a thing wrong with this way of thought.

    1. By Jeebers !!!!


      bejeebers -

    2. faggot: branch or twig, or bundle of these

  36. Blow me, idiot.

    The supreme court ruled that if you really, really believe in jeebus, you don't have to abide by the law of the land, as passed by congress, signed by the president, and affirmed constitutional by the supreme ct., itself.

    1. Nonsense, dear Rufus.

      They followed the --

      Religious Freedom Restoration Act

      >>>>>The bill was introduced by Howard McKeon of California and Dean Gallo of New Jersey on March 11, 1993.[1] The bill was passed by a unanimous U.S. House and a near unanimous U.S. Senate with three dissenting votes[2] and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.<<<<<<

      Unanimous vote in the House and 97 to 3 in the Senate.

      that was passed by Congress, and signed by the President.

    2. That is the law, duly passed by Congress and signed by the President, that the Supreme Court mostly relied upon in its recent ruling.

      They also relied upon the accepted understanding of the Constitution of the United States of America.

  37. It is bills like this that allow you to bury your honored dead in cedar coffins if you wish to do so.

    And that allow Christians and others who object to killing children in the womb to opt out of the process the best they can.

    1. In Islamic lands, where there is no freedom of religion, you might not be able to bury your honored dead in cedar coffins.

      I have no way of knowing for certain right now.

      It might be against Sharia, for all I know.

      At any rate, it is likely the question would not arise, because you all be dead, along with the Christians and the Jews.

  38. It must have taken years of practice to get that fucking stupid.

    1. Read the case.

      I put the whole case up a few days ago.

      You are simply wrong and don't wish to admit it.

    2. Did you even know that your people have a cherished tradition about cedar wood?

      That tradition is protected by the Act of Congress mentioned above.

    3. You are brand new to the EB Bob Oreille. You did nothing here a few days ago.
      Do not take credit for things you have not done, that is a bad way to start.

    4. .

      Rat, don't you ever get tire of playing the fool?


    5. Rat is a figment of your imaginationSun Jul 13, 07:17:00 PM EDT


  39. I like it.

    Cedar is a great wood.

    My neighbor planted some out by the farm, where it is mostly scrub pine trees that are native.

    She is Filipino and used to be a County Commissioner.

    1. Did you know that you're a stone fucking moron?

    2. I simply don't know how one fucks a stone, Rufus.

      It doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me.

      And I certainly have never done it.

    3. .

      Finally, some well reasoned assertions by the Oracle of Idaho. Likely, he is on his meds today thus proving that when he is calm he can offer us a modicum of sense.

      Too bad Ash isn't around to see this.


    4. You call that making sense??? You would think that his inability to cope with the simple process of logging in would inspire some humility but, alas, nope. He is so unaware, yet still offers strong opinions that are self contradictory, it offers some comic relief.


    The numbers four and seven in Carl Jung.

    The author warns that the immediately above is only for 'the attentive reader'.

    Also -

    And hundreds of others.....

  41. The Cherokee were in the old world wide tradition.

    What else could they be?

    They were and are noble humans. They must explain things to themselves in some manner......

    The Hindus the same.......etcetcetc

    One is very unlikely to learn from science knowledge that will help one find one's place in the world.

    That is what myth is affirm life.

    And the Cherokee did it as well as any other group.

    1. Bob, quit it. You're just babbling about something of which you know squat. That dumbass website is there to try to make money. The Cherokee didn't care squat about "numberology," and they kicked the "preachers" out a long time before the Europeans showed up on the shore.

      Like every other culture they made up stories for the children, but the adults were much too busy trying to stay alive, and unscalped, to spend any time believing such nonsense.

    2. Wrong.

      The truth is you don't know anything about your own culture.

      But I quit for now.

  42. If I were to mention now some of Ruf's severe errors in his analysis of alternative energy, he would blow a gasket, and I don't want to be responsible for his burial in a cedar casket.

    So I quit for now.

    Besides my steak is almost done.

  43. Ah the peace loving palestinian people have launched numerous rockets from apartments, schools, hospitals and of course, private homes.

    11:00 p.m. A projectile was fired from Syria into Israel's Golan Heights on Sunday evening. No injuries were reported. The IDF responded with precision artillery fire at Syrian army positions.

    IDF sources said they identified accurate strikes. Security officials say they believe the projectile was fired at Israel deliberately. "The IDF views the Syrian regime as responsible for what is done in its territory," the military said.

    10:50 p.m. A Gazan missile hit an open area outside of a kibbutz in the Sdot Hanegev Regional Council, Israel Police reported Sunday night. There were no reports of injuries or damages as a result of the rocket.

    10:00 p.m. Rocket from Gaza strikes in open area in the Eshkol Regional Council, directly outside a community. There were no reports of damage or injuries.

    9:30 p.m. Two Gazan rockets hit open areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. There were no injuries or damage reported.

    8:15 p.m. 20 rockets from Gaza launched toward Israel. Rocket alert sirens were sounded Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Rocket alert sirens were also sounded in Yavne, Gan Yavne, Modi'in, Ariel, Kiryat Malahi, the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, Ashdod, and the Eshkol Regional Council.

    Two rockets were intercepted over Gan Yavne, one rocket was intercepted over Ashkelon and another rocket landed in an open area in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council.

    7:33 p.m. The soldier who was moderately injured by a mortar shell in Eshkol over the weekend has undergone a drastic improvement in his condition after several surgeries, Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba announced Sunday. He has regained consciousness and is breathing independently.

    7:26 p.m. Rockets fall in the Sdot Negev Regional Council and in Netivot.

    Not so innocent as Deuce and the world would like you to believe...

    1. a new flavor has been also discovered...

      Syria's Army decided to shoot a rocket as well...

    2. .

      A high-ranking US official says 75,000 to 115,000 militants, organized in 1500 groups, are fighting the Syrian government.

      According to James Clapper, director of the US National Intelligence, up to 26000 militants share extremist ideologies and are the most brutal.

      “Somewhere in the neighborhood of between 20,000 and maybe up to a top range of 26,000 we regard as extremists,” he told the US Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. “And they are disproportionately influential because they are among the most effective fighters on the battlefield.”

      The US official stated that there are 75000 foreign militants from 50 countries operating in Syria and noted that many of them are al-Qaeda militants who’ve flocked to the Arab country from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

      One would think the Syrian government would have more things on thri plate right now than attacking Israel. And of course, we know Clapper is prone to lying; however, if we divide his claim by 100, it still leaves 15 militant groups fighting in Syria against the government. Yet the Israeli's assume it was the Syrian army that attacked them. I guess in the same way that Obama is able to determine who the 'moderate' opposition is there.

      Never let a good crisis go to waste.


    3. Quirk, Israel can see, with exact trajectory where the rocket came from and can fire right back at the exact location.

      Deterrence is the issue. Any rocket fire, on any border will be responded to at once.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. "Yet the Israeli's assume it was the Syrian army that attacked them."

      ...nonsense...The Israelis hold the Syrian government responsiblie for happens in Syria. I know that is hard for Dr. Detroit to digest, but that is how adults view the world.

  44. The Leviathan reservoir likely contains 16 percent more natural gas than previously estimated, the basin's stakeholders reported to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Sunday.

    A recent assessment conducted by international oil and gas consulting firm Netherland, Sewell and Associates, Inc. (NSAI) indicated that rather than containing 535 billion cubic meters of gas, the reservoir probably contains about 621 b. cu. m. of contingent resources. In addition, the evaluation showed a remarkable increase in the presence of natural gas liquid condensate in the reservoir – 39.4 million barrels rather than the previous estimate of 34.1 million barrels.

    "We received today excellent tidings for the Israeli energy sector, which will ensure us energy independence for decades to come, and an expansion of export options, with all the accompanying economic and geopolitical benefits," said Gideon Tadmor, chairman of Delek Drilling and CEO of Avner Oil Exploration, two of the companies involved in the reservoir's development.

    Leviathan, located about 130 kilometers west of Haifa, is expected to come online in 2017, and the reservoir's stakeholders are reviewing export options for the basin. In June 2013, the Israeli government settled on an export cap of 40%, and the developers have already entered into some local export agreements with Palestinian and Jordanian firms for this reservoir and the neighboring Tamar basin. The 282-b. cu. m. Tamar reservoir has been online since March 2013.

    Houston-based Noble Energy owns 39.66 percent in Leviathan, while Delek Drilling and Avner Oil Exploration – subsidiaries of the Delek Group – each own 22.67% and Ratio Oil Exploration holds 15%.

    "The dramatic increase in gas reserves in Leviathan grants us a great maneuvering area for various export options, and strengthens Israel's stance as a leading player in the international energy map, with gas reserves of about 1,000 b. cu. m.," said Yossi Abu, CEO of Delek Drilling.

    The NSAI report showed that best estimates of the reservoir's contingent resources were now 621 b. cu. m. of gas, while low estimates were 469 b. cu. m. and high estimates were 751 b. cu. m. This increase is due to the expansion and deepening of the database for the Leviathan natural gas field, which includes updated processing and analysis of three-dimensional seismic surveys, as well as laboratory analyses on various rocks and fluids from the reservoir, the partners said.


  45. "we are not anti-Semites, we are just ant-zionist"...

    PARIS (AP) -- Pro-Palestinian protesters tried to force their way into a Paris synagogue Sunday with bats and chairs, then fought with security officers who blocked their way, according to police and a witness.

    Recent violence in Gaza has raised emotions in France, home to Western Europe's largest Muslim population and largest Jewish community. Sunday's unrest by a few dozen troublemakers came at the end of sizable protest in the French capital demanding an end to Israeli strikes on Gaza and accusing Western leaders of not doing enough to stop them.

    Prime Minister Manuel Valls said two Paris synagogues had been targeted by unspecified violence that he called "inadmissible." In a statement, he said, "France will never tolerate using violent words or acts to import the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on our soil."

    A police spokeswoman said the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue in eastern Paris was targeted during a service, and worshippers were blocked inside while police pushed protesters back. The spokeswoman said all those inside left safely by Sunday evening.

    Aline Le Bail-Kremer watched the incident unfold from her window across the street. She said protesters came from two directions and converged on the synagogue, grabbing chairs from sidewalk cafes and wielding bats as they tried to push past security guards.

    Kill the jews...


  46. “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles.” Argentina folds

    1. You are talking soccer, while I thought it was a reference to the approximately $100 billion dollars it is defaulting on.

      Priorities seem askew in the New World Order ...

  47. July 13, 2014
    Many Egyptians openly hope that Hamas is destroyed
    By Thomas Lifson

    There are a few good things coming out if the current turmoil in the Middle East. One of them is that at last sensible voices are being heard, here and there, in reaction to the crazies and haters that doomed Arabs for so many decades, distracting them from the urgent task of improving their own lives with the obsession over Jews occupying a small sliver of land in the territory they conquered centuries ago, taking it away from the Jews and Christians who had preceded them.

    Egypt, which tasted and rejected Moslem Brotherhood rule, lives very close to the margin of starvation, sustained only by vast financial aid from Saudi Arabia. In Egypt, ruled by an anti-MB military regime under General Sisi, we are seeing prominent voices supporting the destruction of Hamas, uncluding the deputy editor of Al Ahram, the influential daily newspaper.



      Well, of course.

      If one disagrees with the Government gang one is now a racist.

      The Tea Party folk are all racists, and subversives.

      When really, they are just tired of paying taxes and seeing the money mostly wasted.

      Sarah Palin is a racist and subversive, even though she is married to an Eskinmo, Innut perhaps.

    2. Sarah Palin is merely a quitter, aloser, a person that accepted a public trust, only to abandon it at the firt opportunity she had to obtain a higher paying position.

      Sarah Palin, nothing more than a scab on the body politic.

  48. Sarah Palin was run out of office because she could not pay the defense costs of all the complaints filed against her by Democratic 'operatives'.

    This is a failure of Alaskan law, and should be remedied.

    But already know this.

    You yourself are the real loser, but you are not a quitter.

    24 hours a day you are working on your one and only job.....passing gas on the internet.

    Are you in prison?

    You were never in Central Amerca.


    1. By the way, I posted an article the other day about how smelling farts might actually be good for your health, rat.

      With all the gas you pass you should be in remarkable health.

    2. Sarah Palin, Robert Peterson, is merely a scab on the body politic.
      She could have held her ground, fought for what was right, but she was a quitter.
      A mediocre person of low repute, not worthy of the trust that was given her by the people of Alaska.

      “Anyone in any walk of life who is content with mediocrity is untrue to himself and to American tradition.”
      ― George S. Patton Jr.

    3. You were never even in the Army, desert rat.

    4. To resign in the midst of a fight, that is deserting the post in the face of the enemy.
      Nothing is more despicable.

      To call Sarah Palin a scab on the body politic, that is being generous.

    5. Who cares about desert rat, but you, Robert Peterson?

    6. You are a scab on the internet, at home, to your daughter, to your former 'wife' all those around you.

      But you are not a quitter........24 hours a day you pass gas on the internet.

      This little backwater of a blog would be light years ahead without you.

      All you do is slander other people, other religions, and you have nothing to show for yourself.

      You are a loser, but not a quitter.

      You continue to be an ass day after day after day.

    7. It is notabout me, Robert P, it i about public figures, countrie, religion.
      I do not qualify under any of those categories.

      Sarah Palin the scab on the body politic, the quitter, the woman with a Basketball Jones, she volunteered for the spot light and the adoration that comes with it. Her choice.

      You seem fixated on this desert rat character. Enjoy your psychosis.

      “It's all you think about, all you talk about,
      and all you want us to talk about.
      What in the world would we call something like that?
      Oh, yeah!
      An obsession!”

      ― Maggie Stiefvater,

  49. desert rat wasn't even in the Army.

    They wouldn't have taken him in the first place.

    1. He has tried to get away from his past by calling himself Jack Hawkins.

    2. Poor John, he is such a shitter.

    3. Rat is a figment of your imaginationSun Jul 13, 08:09:00 PM EDT

      What past would that be?

    4. The one you claim did not happen?
      If that is true, what is there to get away from?

      The past you had made prior claim had happened, but could never document.
      What is there to get away from?

      You are so confused, unable to find a sustainable storyline.
      Unable to focus, it must be part of the psychosis.

      One day the desert rat is a mercenary, a professional killer, the next he becomes a person with no military experience at all.

    5. A full time Professional Asshole, according to desert rat's own testimony.

      We all agree with that assessment.

  50. You are boring, Jack desert rat Hawkins.

    1. You keep responding to a figment of your imagination, to a fiction, so the writing is first rate.
      Your own responses give lie to your words.


  51. "I have forgotten my military unit. I have fallen down somewhere in Central America and need help! Hello! Hello!"

    1. (Admittedly, it would be hard to "fall up".)

    2. From where he's at, isn't the only way left up?

      Or is there no bottom to it, like in a very bad dream?

      I'd think he'd get tired of himself sometime.

  52. Deuce could have had a pretty good blog going here again if he hadn't made the fatal mistake of accepting desert rat.

    Everyone left before because they couldn't stand him, and now here we are again.

    1. The only one here, from 2008 is ...
      No one.

      bobal is gone, "O"riginal is gone, whit is gone, desert rat is gone, 2164th is gone, trish is gone, gag reflex is gone.

      Wonder what happened to bobal, he was a fool, but long gone, now.

      If desert rat is still here, in the shadows, he is the only one of the bunch, that is.

    2. If he came back, why, he'd be the senior man, the last one standing.
      No one else from 2008 and "Cast Lead" is left at the Bar.

    3. Many are gone specifally because of YOU.


      Gag too, I think.

      Why don't you go, and leave us alone to have some decent sane talk among ourselves.

      out for now and if I'm lucky forever

    4. trish got divorced
      Gag got married

      bobal, he died.
      "O"riginal, who knows?

      whit, only 2164th could tell us.

      If you can document your claims, why, Robert Peterson, that be a first.
      Wouldn't it?

    5. But then today is your first day at the Bar.

    6. Allen, myself and bob are all original cast members.

      Even you Herr Rodent are original....

      You are just to dense and paranoid to see it.

    7. I'll take the jack rat over boobie any day. Bob, your ignorance is irritating.

    8. Your ignorance is irritating, Ash Ashlikins.

      Who could really choose between jack rat and Ash?

      It would be like choosing between zero and nothing.

      One a product of the Canadian Education System and the other of the no education at all system.


    9. At least Rufus knows Something, and has a good heart.

      Though he's drunk all the time.

    10. Trish loather you desert rat.

      Gag laughed at you.

      Whit couldn't stand you.

    11. Trish loathed you.

  53. What an asshole you are desert rat.

  54. Deuce was an original member.

    Though it was really Squishy that got the place off to a rip roaring start.

    His three of four posts had no meaning at all, and he admitted it.

  55. The best ski area in the Untied States -

    All you assholes are missing the meaning of life.

    Ski bumming is where it's at.