“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toxic Islam in Kashmir: The Real Face of Islam

This is the real face of Islam and the majority of Americans and Europeans know it:

Srinagar, Kashmir - Police fired on mobs in the capital of India-administered Kashmir Saturday, as thousands of protesters took to the streets after offering Eid prayers.

Violent protests have rocked the Muslim-majority region since June. At least 70 people have died, mostly shot by police trying to disperse stone-throwing mobs.

This is the lie and denial of reality by Barrack Hussein Obama and our doctrinaire liberal rulers and masters. Everyone with any commonsense knows it is a lie and nonsense. Islam is not going to change.

Europe opinion is changing and the US gets it. Islam is incompatible with Western Modernity and the wishful thinkers that continue to ignore that reality will at some time be forced to get it. In the mean time we have to deal with the consequences of their fantasy.

Strict curfew in Indian Kashmir after bloodshed
By Izhar Wani (AFP)

SRINAGAR, India — Thousands of heavily-armed police enforced a curfew across Indian Kashmir on Tuesday after the bloodiest day of a summer of unrest left 17 people dead in the disputed region.
Three more civilians died in hospital overnight after police on Monday shot dead 13 separatist protesters, who defied curfews and torched a Christian school and other buildings in violence stoked by the desecration of the Koran.

One policeman was also killed, and scores of people were injured.

Officials said two people were wounded on Tuesday in fresh police firing after a small number of residents defied curfew orders to protest in the northern district of Baramulla.

Furious protests have erupted almost daily in Muslim-majority Kashmir since a 17-year old student was killed by a police teargas shell in the main town of Srinagar on June 11.

The death unleashed a wave of public anger, with security forces firing live rounds to control violent demonstrations by stone-pelting anti-India protesters.

Clashes over the past three months have left 87 civilians dead, mostly killed by the security forces.
Some of Monday's worst rioting was reported in Tangmarg village, 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Srinagar, where a crowd chanted anti-US and pro-Islam slogans before burning down a missionary school.

The school was empty at the time and no one was injured in the fire, but at least six civilians were killed when security forces opened fire on the crowd after they set government buildings ablaze, police said.
Top state police official Kuldeep Khoda told reporters in Srinagar on Monday that steps had been taken to protect other church-run schools.

Khoda and other local officials blamed Iran's state-run Press TV for fanning simmering tension in Kashmir with a report on a group of Christians who tore pages from the Koran in a demonstration outside the White House on Saturday.

Local authorities later banned the station from broadcasting on cable channels in Kashmir, where there was already anger at a previous plan by a Florida pastor to burn the Koran.

A police statement in Srinagar on Tuesday said that most of the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley had been put under curfew "to maintain peace".

Riot police and paramilitary forces were patrolling the deserted streets of Srinagar. Neighbourhoods and road intersections had been sealed with barbed wire, and police shouted at residents to stay indoors.

Flights to and from Srinagar were suspended due to security concerns and curfew restrictions, airport officials said.
Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan but claimed in full by both. Since 1989, an anti-India insurgency has raged in the part ruled by New Delhi, claiming an estimated 47,000 lives.

A majority of Kashmiris favour independence for the region, according to polls.

In New Delhi, senior ministers met late Monday to discuss steps to defuse the tension, but decided against heeding calls from some in the government to partially lift a 20-year-old emergency law that is despised by many in Kashmir.

The cabinet said it was "deeply distressed" by the unrest, but offered no new initiatives besides an all-party meeting for later in the week to discuss solutions to the violence.

The US ambassador to India, Timothy J. Roemer, said he was "dismayed" at the latest violence and repeated President Barack Obama's condemnation of the Koran-ripping.

The Vatican said it deplored the "senseless violence".

Hardline Kashmiri separatist Syed Ali Geelani, who has orchestrated recent anti-India demonstrations, called for calm and for Christians to be protected.


  1. And this post is not all about Israel.

    If as argued, Muslims have a right to live anywhere and build their mosques and practice their religion, then Christians and Jews have the same rights and should be able to do so in any Muslim country.

    That is not the case.

    It has been argued here that four million European and Russian Jews have no business living in Israel, yet over a period of twenty years, tens of millions of Muslims have emigrated into Christian Europe and Christian United States and have been allowed every possible freedom.

    That freedom and welcome has been abused, not by Christians and Jews but by Muslims.

    There is no moral equivalence between Islam and Judaism/Christianity. There is moral superiority and that superiority is not with Islam.

    Judaism and modern Christianity are religions that promote goodness and humanity. They are forces that encourage improvement of humanity and the benefits of a life well lived.

    Islam can make no such claim backed by practice. Islam has no moral authority. It is abhorrent to Western culture and thinking.

  2. W h e r e are our women?

    In a nation of 150 million women or so you'd think there would be a million that would get out and march against islam's mistreatment of women.

    I asked my wife this very question, why don't you get out and raise some hell, you who have got the most to lose? Her answer was basically most think it probably wouldn't do any good. What does this mean?

    Least it would raise some awareness. It would have to come from the Melody's, Miss T's, Trish's, and the Cleaning Lady's of the world, middle class women.

    A plea--get off the duff and do something.

    You have no idea how many men you'd have with you to protest the mistreatment of women around the world by islam.

  3. Excellent Bob,

    It is a civil rights issue: The abuse of woman and the infringement of their basic human rights.

  4. If a Christmas crèche in a public place is abhorrent to the eyes of a liberal, the scene of a humble young woman with her new born child, a scene so frightening to the public, that federal wizards in black robes ban them, why is the indignity of the burka permitted?

    No burka would exist without the threat and demands of some paranoid controlling sociopathic sexually twisted man. No society would demand or tolerate a law that the color of one's skin must be totally covered in public, yet we allow Islam to do that to woman.

  5. What sewer dwellers would ritually kill and disfigure their own daughters, sisters, wives and mothers, because their fragile sexual "honor" was challenged?

    Give me an "I"

  6. What scum would carve the clitoris off a baby girl?

    Give me a "S"

  7. What tortured freak would fit a retarded woman with a bomb to kill her and other innocents?

    Give me an "L"

  8. What death loving religion would place approval on ritual slaughter of innocents because their shit vision of their god demands it?

    Give me an "A"

  9. What mislabeled neurosis disguised as a religion needs not to be coddled but rejected by civilized society?

    Give me an "M"

  10. Let's see if everyone can act like adults on this thread. The last one was reduced to the usual BS.

  11. Most Muslims are carnal, like most Christians. The interesting thing to me is that when Muslims get serious about their book, all hell breaks loose which is what happens when Christians fall away from theirs.

  12. It seems to be that the Obama administration fears "stoking the unrest." in the Muslim whirled. They are quick to take pains to dismiss and condemn the acts of someone or some small group who either threatens or allegedly burns a Koran.

    Are they that afraid?

  13. The first post Deuce, is totally "off base".

    The question is not about Islam and how they behave. It is not about Europeon countries and what they do or do not do.

    It is about the United States and who we are and what we should be. We have always stood above the whirled, and we should continue to do so.

    The blotches upon our history, upon our national honor have come when we judged people as part of a group, not as individuals.

    Let the socialists, fascists and communists judge folks as part of a social grouping, and let US judge people as individuals.

    The United States should not fall to the lowest common denominator.

    Then we will rise above the petty problems to further greatness, the others will remain mired in the muck.

  14. Worry about the 50 million US citizens that have been murdered under the banner of "choice" and "privacy rights".

    There is the existential threat to our way of life. It does not emanate from Mecca, but Washington DC.

    A fact so obvious that it has to be ignored. You fellas a flailing about, looking abroad, when the challenge is here at home.

    No one has killed as many of US as we have.

    We have met the enemy and he is us.

  15. Good reason not to live in Iran, Ms T.

    Nor even visit there.
    It is not a good place to go for a walk.

    Hiker’s Family Asks That Bail Be Reduced

  16. As for Kashmir, there are two sides to that coin. There is another group of religious extremists involved there as well.

    radical Hindus stoking the flames of hate

  17. Hidden in the health care bill your representatives passed without reading: Starting in 2013, not only will you pay the closing costs and real estate fee when you sell your house but now you will pay a 3.8% Sales Tax.

  18. While the US led sanctions effort is beginning to take its' toll, in Iran.
    Better late than never, the US has, after more than a decade of ineffectiveness, put some teeth into the effort.

    TEHRAN, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Veteran Iranian politician Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani criticised President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday for failing to counter the impact of sanctions -- the latest sign of division within Iran's ruling elite.

    Rafsanjani, head of a powerful clerical body, said the Islamic Republic was under unprecedented global pressure and said the government was wrong to dismiss the sanctions as no threat to the economy.

    "Gentlemen, you should be vigilant and careful. Do not downplay the sanctions ... people should not be tricked," Rafsanjani told the Assembly of Experts, a body that can dismiss or appoint Iran's Supreme Leader but which has not exerted that power so far.

  19. From an Islamist point of view, the news from Europe looks good. The Times of London, relying on a police report, recently observed that the Deobandis, a fundamentalist sect, now run nearly half of the 1,350 mosques in Britain and train the vast majority of the Muslim clerics who get their training in the country. The man who might become the sect’s spiritual leader in Britain, Riyadh ul Haq, believes that friendship with a Christian or a Jew makes “a mockery of Allah’s religion.” At least no one could accuse him of a shallow multiculturalism.

    All this suggests that Islam is fast becoming the Marxism of our times.

  20. The Guardian of the UK puts the number at 1 million, in its' headline, the Christian Science Monitor cuts that number by half.

    Christian Science Monitor-

    Cuba announced Monday that 500000 government jobs will be cut by next year and that more private enterprise will be tolerated. The changes go farther than economic opening of the 1990s.

  21. There is a Planned Parenthood abortion mill at 434 West 33rd Street just blocks from Ground Zero:

    There, amigos, is the real disrespect to the memory of the fallen towers, at:
    535 W 34th Street. Ground Zero.

    Where is the outrage?

  22. I propose a ban on abortion as a topic at the Elephant Bar.

  23. I second that.

    Rat, what is it with all the "abortion all the time" stuff? It's a "thread-killer."

    Aren't there fundamentalist republican sites that specialize in that?

  24. Cuba has announced plans to lay off one million government workers:

    “Those laid off will be encouraged to become self-employed or join new private enterprises, on which some of the current restrictions will be eased.”

    Individual governments in Europe, and the European Union itself, have slashed budgets:

    (BRUSSELS) - European governments slashed nearly four billion euros from the EU's 2011 budget on Thursday, stripping back ambitions for the bloc to become a "global player" and cutting core farm payments.

    Meanwhile Barack Obama gallops in precisely the opposite direction:

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in the last year the federal government added 86,000 permanent (non-Census) jobs to the rolls. And high-paying jobs at that: The number of federal salaries over $100,000 per year has increased by nearly 50% since the beginning of the recession. Today, the average federal worker earns 77% more than the average private-sector worker, according to a USA Today analysis of data from the federal Office of Personnel Management.

  25. I agree. There is no point to an argument where no change is ever going come. Next post: