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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The F Bomb

F-Bombs Heard On NFL Game On CBS TV
Jaguars Fans Watching Texans-Colts Game During Delay Caught Snafu

A string of F-bombs by Texans safety Bernard Pollard to Colts receiver Reggie Wayne were heard on live TV.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It wasn't a play that caused heads to turn Sunday during an NFL game featuring Houston and Indianapolis, but what came out of one player's mouth.

Texans safety Bernard Pollard said the F-word to Colts receiver Reggie Wayne -- probably not something that's newsworthy, except for the fact that TV viewers heard it several times live
CBS Sports analysts didn't mention the microphone mistake. They went on with their regular broadcasts.

Many people in northeast Florida caught the snafu because the game was shown on CBS during the Jaguars game weather delay.
Dubose doesn't allow her 9-year-old son to say curse words, and she was upset he had to hear them on national TV.

"I guess maybe I expect them to keep in mind that these children do look up to them," NFL fan Angela Dubose said. "My son was absolutely watching, and you know as parents, we're left to kind of explain."

Jimmy Kelly is a huge football fan and expects some harsh words, but he and his football friends were still surprised.
"We just looked at each other, and I said, 'Yeah, that's exactly what he said,' and we just sort of laughed, but it was like, 'Wow!'" Kelly said.

It wasn't just the Colts-Texans game. Some watching the Jaguars-Broncos game said they could tell some explicit language was being used by looking at the lips of Denver head coach Josh McDaniels.

That's not the first time. Last year, the coach and the NFL Network took heat for airing a cursing-filled rant on live TV.
"They need to watch themselves because you never know when you're going to be on TV and what they're picking up and what you're saying," Kelly said.

"If they would remember that there are children and families getting together to watch these games, especially on a Sunday afternoon," Dubose said.


  1. We take kids out of the ghettos, pay them millions of dollars, worship them, wear their jerseys, watch them try to kill each other, and expect them to talk pastoral.

  2. Fucking Christine O'FuckingDonnel raised Five Hundred Fucking Thousand Dollars in ONE Fucking Day.

    $500,000.00 in One Fucking Day. Is that Fucking Great, or what?

    What a Fucking Deal.

    What a Great Fucking Country.

    Fucking Unbelievable

  3. When I taught preschool one of my students came to school and told us verbatim the episode where one of the main characters got shot on The Sopranos.

  4. Our football players curse like miners.

    And I hope they fuck over Nevada/Las Vegas this weekend.

    "I'm gonna rip you a new asshole, mofucker,etc"

    Fuck off, Rufus. You're s'possed to be a politician and speak flowery.

  5. After I showered this morning I decided to wear shorts which meant that I really should have shaved my legs. So after the fact, I was sitting on the side of the tub with my leg lathered up with soap and I hear, "Granny you in there?"

    "Yes, you can come in."

    My granddaughter procedes to come in and says, "You got shit all over your legs." I calmly explained to her that shit was a bad word and she shouldn't say it anymore. And then told her that it was soap on my legs.

    She ignored me and again said, "But you have shit on your legs." The second time my voice was a little louder but she still insisted, "Where did that shit come from."

    After the third time she got the message fell to the floor and pouted. She will never say that word again. I can almost guarantee it.

  6. 'n I've listened to what you say, Ash, and considered it carefully, 'n fuck you just the same.

  7. almost being the operative word

    You shouldn't bet any money on it, she's got a long life ahead.

  8. Wed Sep 15, 07:31:00 PM EDT

    was on an old rancher's business card in one of Ed Abby's books.

  9. I've listened to all you say, and have considered it well, and fuck you just the same.

    is the exact quote I think

    always did like that as a business card

  10. Here's an Ed Abby quote Rufus will like--

    “Society is like a stew. If you don't stir it up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top.”

  11. And one for me--

    “Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.”

  12. A layer of Scum floats to the Top.

    Yep, that's Ruffian philosophy, alright. :)

    Sure 'nuff

  13. Soap time for Melody's mouth--

    MeLoDy said...

    Happy birthday GF

    Mon Sep 13, 04:50:00 PM EDT
    Blogger MeLoDy said...

    Fuck, I can't even get that right.

    I meant GR

    Mon Sep 13, 04:51:00 PM EDT

    I was shocked, I tell ya.


  14. That was excellent, Sam.

  15. I personally fuck things up no matter what I try to do.

  16. Just fucking watched that fucking clip. That was fucking great. I was fucking laughing so fucking much.

  17. Yeah, I pretty much use fuck as part of my everyday communications.

  18. Any bets that this fucking President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his fucking political enemies are all Muslims along with the fucking al Qaeda operatives.

    Fucking Muslims, wanting to kill each other. Don't they know they are a fucking monolithic group?

    No fucking deviation from their fucking program allowed?

  19. WASHINGTON — Senior State Department and American military officials are deeply divided over the pace and scale of military aid to Yemen, which is emerging as a crucial testing ground for the Obama administration’s approach to countering the threat from Al Qaeda.

    As the terrorism network’s Yemen branch threatens new attacks on the United States, the United States Central Command has proposed supplying Yemen with $1.2 billion in military equipment and training over the next six years, a significant escalation on a front in the campaign against terrorism, which has largely been hidden from public view.

    The aid would include automatic weapons, coastal patrol boats, transport planes and helicopters, as well as tools and spare parts. Training could expand to allow American logistical advisers to accompany Yemeni troops in some noncombat roles.

    Opponents, though, fear American weapons could be used against political enemies of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and provoke a backlash that could further destabilize the volatile, impoverished country.

  20. Washington Post -

    Former Maryland governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. defeated Brian Murphy, a Republican primary challenger backed by Sarah Palin, ...

    Mrs Palin fell short in Maryland.
    Seems where there is any sizable population base the Tea Party does not dominate the electorate.

    She does okay where there are few folks that need to be reached, but in the big population centers, not as well.

  21. Opponents, though, fear American weapons could be used against political enemies of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and provoke a backlash that could further destabilize the volatile, impoverished country.

    I recall the food drops in Somalia around the time of Black Hawk Down which were intercepted by the local warlords and used as currency to bribe starving Somalians into submission.

    I'm sure they were just the radical fringe.

  22. COOL!!

    There is nothing like flagging the idiocy of the Catholic church for all to see on the top of the main page!!

    Here, a link to follow up on the idiocy.

    friggin' Catholics and their predilection for kids. You go Deuce - publicize it some more :)

    god forbid one should say the word "fuck" but, hey, bugger a few kids, no problem.

  23. Fuck the nap. It would interfere with my newly established circadian rhythms.

    I always get things fucking wrong, like a fucking moron. Even simple things, i's and e's and a's, for Christ's sake.

  24. I read something recently bob where they talked about problems sleeping being an indicator of other problems. From what I can tell you've been down that path. It seems Trish is just starting down it. I have sympathy for y'all and bad back too - been there. ouch!

  25. And I have the utmost sympathy for you, Ash.

    Confucius the wise riseth and sayeth:

    If one is willing to take a fucking bullet for one's wife, one should be willing to take a fucking bullet from one's wife.

  26. No. CL, chances are they were fucking WARLORDS.

    Just like there were in China, before Mao took charge.

    Where there were no Muslim Warlords. But there were Warlords, regardless.

    Warlords are not a invention of Islam.

    Genghis fucking Khan was a Warlord, he no Muslim, either.

    The Carthaginians were the enemy of Europeons before they were Islamic Libyans.

    They invaded and conquered Spain, before there was ever a Christian there.

    Geography and economics are the primary drivers, religion just a minor part of motivating the troops.

    Or the Muslim Brotherhood would not have been decimated in Hama, by the Syrian Army.

  27. William invaded and conquered England, he was no Muslim.
    He was a fucking WARLORD.

    History is rife with fucking WARLORDS.

    Somalia has had its' share, too.
    Did before there were Muslims there, Ameros to donuts.

  28. So warlords are random outliers, operating outside any definable sphere of influence.

    Got it.

    I guess I am thinking about the 200 million dead last century from two world wars fighting totalitarian ideologies that are now redefined as nothing more than radical fringe.

  29. Indeed, it seems that the WARLORDS of Somalia raided into Egypt, in 1600 BCE

    dates to the 17th dynasty (c.1600-1550 BC). Newspaper articles reported that the inscription mentions “a huge attack from the south on Elkab and Egypt by the Kingdom of Kush and its allies from the land of Punt.”

    Punt was then, where Somalia is now. Same geographic locale, different name, similarly afflicted by WARLORDS.

  30. That those folk have been "redefined", now, does not change the fact that they had massive industrial might, then.

    Germany an industrial giant then, as now. The Soviets in a similar position, exemplified by the sheer numbers of T34s produced.

    Somalia does not have that capacity. No Islamic country does, today.

    The Europeons excelled in the industrialization of death, the Muslims are still far, far behind.

  31. The Muslims cannot build a competitive tank.

    None of them can.

    Its' a Europeon and American thing, industrializing death and selling the tools to whomever has the cash.

    Arms for oil.

    Or hostages, whatever the Muslims can trade for modern weapons they will. As the entirety of the Islamic whirled cannot produce a competitive killing machine, without "Western" assistance.

  32. The Iraqi and Iranians armed with AKs, as in "Kalashnikov", not Islamikovs.

  33. the Muslims are still far, far behind

    Fuckin right.

  34. There is no Islamic organization analogous to Krupp Arms.

  35. The Eurpeons slaughtered 200 million of each other during WWII
    The US keeping up the pace, killing 50 million of our own, since 1973

  36. Is it the Devil that made US do it?

  37. I thought it was the Marxists, the fascists, the socialists, and the imperialists.

    All those Devils in Disguise.

  38. That slaughtered 50 million Americans, since 1973?

    I know it was not socialists, communists, fascists or imperialists

    It was US, real Americans, that did that deed, to ourselves. Denying our own humanity for the past 37 years.

    No Muslim, Communist, Socialist, Fascist nor Imperialist can even hold a candle, to the United States.

    Stalin only managed to kill 20 million Ukrainians. Though he did get it done quicker. He was killing everyone, not just the unborn in their mother's wombs.

  39. What was that from the 70's?

    If men could get pregnant, abortion would be available on demand.

    Steinem I think.

  40. But the Muslims, not even a pimple on the ass of the Soviets, Germans or US.

    Not a threat worthy of the name.

    One cross border raid, in 200 years of border raids, back and forth.

    From the "Shores of Tripoli" to the skyline of NY City. We've raided each others ports, US on them many times, them on US, once.

    If the Islamists are to be considered a 'monolithic' group.

    Putting our panties in wad. Panicking our citizenry and leaders.

    Then we could not even chase down the perpetrators. With the most expensive military force in the entire whirled.
    Costly and ineffective.

    Little wonder the citizens of the US are pissed, they've been ripped off.

  41. 1973. CL, the year we absolved our humanity.

  42. The rigid absolutist position you bring to the beginning of life seems to find no analogous ground in the potential for transformation into an existential totalitarian threat within what is essentially a 7th century society facing an historical crossroad guided only by a very disturbing book of 'religious direction'. One is digital, the other analogue. A matter of intellectual convenience I suppose.

  43. But Muslim scholars in the West give little credence to the caliphate idyll.

    "The caliphate idea has some emotional attraction for most Muslims," says Shahram Akbarzadeh, senior lecturer in politics at Monash University. "But, at the same time, most Muslims are realistic and pragmatic.

    "They realise that a transnational entity has no chance of replacing nation-states."

    One Fucking Size Fits All Fucking Islamism

  44. Holy fucking shit.

    Let's all fucking face it, you mother fuckers.

    We are totally fucking fucked.

    Fuck me.


  45. Evidently this is Deuce's monthly 'catharsis' stream.

    For those interested, we have a special sound-proofed "scream therapy" room set up at Souls R Us headquarters.

    (Special deals for the ladies and the Rosicrucian Brotherhood)


  46. Saudi Arms Sale: Which War in View?

    The sheer size of the proposed $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia makes it worth critical reflection. The types of weapon systems in the Saudi shopping list are even more eye-catching. News outlets report that the sale is to be understood as a means of bolstering Saudi defenses and security confidence in the face of the threat from Iran. But the weapon systems in question don’t support that theory.

    Which War Are the Saudi's Preparing For?


  47. How much for a Rosie for a couple of days?

  48. Ah, fuck it.

    I mean, fuck the whole deal, man.

  49. I know I'm gonna need it.

  50. How much just for a fucking couple days. I fucking need it.

    Fuckin' scream room, probably another ripoff.

    How the fuck are you, Sam?

  51. Where's fucking elijah?

    Sure looks like war is fucking coming.

  52. I mean really, how the fuck are you?

  53. I'm doing just fucking great, Bob.

    Although I gotta tell ya, I'm sure fucking getting tired of winter down here.

    How the fuck are you?

  54. You got no fucking winter down there.
    I'm OK. In minor fucking bind, but it ain't nothing to talk about.

    You keep well, don't get into any fucking shit.

    I'm going to bed, tell
    Quirk he lost a possible customer.

    What shitty service. Can't even get a reply about the price. nite

  55. According to Comcast Sports, the Detroit Lions are no longer the worst team in the NFL.

    They are now only the 7th worst team in the NFL.

    After 40 years of frustration we feel pretty good.

    (Michigan beats ND 28-24 and moves into top 25 in NCAA)


  56. How much for a Rosie for a couple of days?

    Sorry, Bob.

    I was away thinking deep thoughts and didn't see you question.

    As you know we are all pretty embarrassed having you in the brotherhood. Therefore rather than acknowledge you by giving you a public quote, I will have one of my people get back to you.

    Two days?

    Sounds like a little more than "a minor fucking bind".

    Just saying.



    Transatlantic Trends 2010 found that President Obama is still viewed more positively in Europe than the United States, and continues to be more popular than President George W. Bush had ever been in the 11 EU countries included in the survey. While 78% of Europeans approved of his handling of international policies in general (a slight drop from 83% in 2009), fewer than half of Europeans responded positively when asked specifically about his handling of Afghanistan and Iran. Unlike Europeans, Americans have similar or higher approval rates for many of his specific policies. The majority of Americans approved of his policies toward Russia (61%), climate change (56%), Afghanistan (54%), and Iran (52%). However, American approval for his handling the Middle East dips below the halfway mark (48%).

    Transatlantic Trends 2010 Survey


  58. Mideast Peace Talks

    The real danger between these two star-crossed inhabitants of the same Holy Land is not failure to negotiate; it’s the failure of the negotiations. Flashpoints in the Holy Land tend to burst after they sit down at the negotiating table, give their speeches, fail to agree, and watch the process collapse. That is when the explosions begin. That is when Palestinian terrorism reignites in Israel. People tend to resort to violence when their hopes and expectations are dashed formally and frontally, not when they are merely hoping.

    During the last couple of years, while negotiations have been decidedly on the backburner, Israel has been almost entirely free from terrorist attacks emanating from the Palestinian West Bank. Palestinian and Israeli security forces now work together to keep the peace in many West Bank cities, and Palestinian leaders even acknowledge this publicly. There’s also intelligence cooperation between the two sides. All of that could go up in smoke if these talks fail. Indeed, terrorists are likely to shed Israeli and perhaps even Palestinian blood in order to make the talks fail. So, staging a big, formal negotiating session at the seductive and languid Red Sea port of Sharm el-Sheikh is a very risky enterprise…unless Hillary knows something we don’t.

    Here’s what the formidable secretary told reporters on Wednesday: "They [the Palestinians and Israelis] are getting down to business and they have begun to grapple with the core issues that can only be resolved through face-to-face negotiations." For good measure, she added, "I believe they are serious about reaching an agreement that results in two states living side by side in peace and security."

    Is Hillary In or Out After the Election?


  59. Hillary will hang on for a couple more years then Jon Kyl will be your new SoS.