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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bunny Wunny Jimmy Carter Goes After Dead Ted Kennedy

We have learned from a reliable source that any day now, we can expect Jimmy Carter to attack the late Shah of Iran for getting cancer and losing control of Iran and dying. The selfish act by the Shah caused Jimmy pain and grief and cost him to be denied his second term to the rascally rabbit and coincidentally dead Ronald Reagan.

Carter, the decisive, a peanut of a president, rabbit fighter and large thinker that he is will soon be going on a book tour. The gift that keeps on giving.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2010, 7:08 PM ET
Carter Criticizes Kennedy Over Health Care

By Mary Lu Carnevale WSJ

Former President Jimmy Carter sharply criticized the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, saying the Democratic icon, lionized for his career-long advocacy of health care for all Americans, actually delayed that goal by 30 years.

In an interview to be aired on CBS’s “60 Minutes, Carter tells reporter Leslie Stahl that “we would have had comprehensive health care now, had it not been for Ted Kennedy’s deliberately blocking the legislation that I proposed. It was his fault. Ted Kennedy killed the bill,” according to CBS.

He goes on to say Kennedy then challenged him in his 1980 re-election bid because, “He did not want to see me have a major success in that realm of life.”

Kennedy, one of the leading advocates for this year’s health care bill, died of a brain tumor before the sweeping overhaul was enacted in March. As he signed the bill, President Barack Obama honored Kennedy by wearing a blue “TedStrong” wristband. The new law, with a big price tag and requirement that most people must have insurance coverage, has now become an issue in the midterm elections.

Carter is getting ready to launch a new book, “White House Diary,” which is being released Monday by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. In an excerpt provided CBS, Carter writes: “Kennedy continuing his irresponsible and abusive attitude, immediately condemning our health plan. He couldn’t get five votes for his plan.”

Kennedy, too, had written about the clash with Carter – but saw it quite differently. In a July 18, 2009 article in Newsweek, Kennedy blamed Carter. “I tried to negotiate an agreement with President Carter but became frustrated when he decided that he’d rather take a piecemeal approach,” Kennedy wrote. “I ran against Carter, a sitting president from my own party, in large part because of this disagreement. Health reform became central to my 1980 presidential campaign: I argued then that the issue wasn’t just coverage but also out-of-control costs that would ultimately break both family and federal budgets, and increasingly burden the national economy.”


  1. He does benefit by being the last man standing.

  2. MONTERREY, Mexico -- A gunbattle between Mexican soldiers and suspected drug cartel members left 22 dead at ranch near the U.S. border, the Defense Department said Thursday.

    All the dead were suspected gang members, the department said in a statement. One soldier was injured.

    The military said the drug suspects provoked the gun battle Wednesday morning, opening fire on soldiers conducting reconnaissance patrols at a ranch on the outskirts of Ciudad Mier, a northeastern town about 18 miles south of the border with Texas.

  3. I'll take The Peanut over another Dead Kennedy.

    Only Ted could self-righteously rail about waterboarding after never having begged for forgiveness for the Terror and Death he inflicted on young Mary Jo.

  4. According to one blogger i read, Jhimmy "the dhimmi" Carter AT THE TIME, was considered quite charming and had a magnetic personality.

    The blogger was comparing the The Peanut to the The ONE.

  5. Finally a realistic assessment of MSU-Notre Dame Football.

    Spartans vs. Irish rarely disappoints tipsy masses

    Everyone else can hype up the big rivalries such as Michigan-Massachusetts and Ohio State-Ohio, but for unadulterated, tension-packed, beer-soaked madness, give me Michigan State-Notre Dame. And put it under the lights at Spartan Stadium. And tell both teams their early season credibility is at stake.

    But now, Michigan is 2-0 and ranked, and if Michigan State does the same thing to poor Notre Dame, it'll be 3-0 and possibly ranked, and no one will even mention its lame schedule and the hideous victory over Florida Atlantic.

    There's no reason to overstate the importance of this Michigan State-Notre Dame game, but I'll do it anyway.

    • Distributors of plastic Solo drinking cups are expected to reap untold profits in East Lansing this weekend. State police reported traffic on I-96 at a standstill Thursday, gridlocked by trucks transporting kegs to campus...

    Fooootballl! Yeah!. Burp.


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  7. Looky Looky Looky..

    Pope target of bad guys...

    Seeing how some blame the Pope for child abuse, being hitler youth, stealing torah.....

    You'd think the bad guys were Jews or molested altar boys?



    Pope visit: Five suspected Islamist terrorists arrested over assassination plot
    Police have arrested five suspected Islamist terrorists, working as street cleaners in London, over an alleged plan assassinate the Pope.

    And the last time the POPE was shot?

    Did a jew do it?


    Did an ex-altar boy do it?


    Last time the Pope got shot?

    Shot and critically wounded by Mehmet Ali Ağca, a trained sniper from Turkey, betcha he wasn't a buddist...

  8. Okay, you Mac owners when you open up the Internet you have a set of arrows at the top left corner so you can go back to the previous page after clicking on a link. Mine disappeared where did they go?

  9. Did a muzzie get convicted for molesting 28 children and sexually abusing 100 other children of both sexes over a period of over 30 years? No Father James Porter did.

    Did a muzzie get convicted for tying up and molesting two boys in a church rectory? No, Rev. Stephen Kiesle did.

    Did a muzzie agree to pay out 60 million US to settle 45 lawsuits while still facing 450 other cases? No, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles did for 22 of its priests.

    and on, and on, and on....

  10. And again you people make me work for my answers.

  11. Ash said...
    Did a muzzie get convicted for molesting 28 children and sexually abusing 100 other children of both sexes over a period of over 30 years? No Father James Porter did.

    Did a muzzie get convicted for tying up and molesting two boys in a church rectory? No, Rev. Stephen Kiesle did.

    Did a muzzie agree to pay out 60 million US to settle 45 lawsuits while still facing 450 other cases? No, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles did for 22 of its priests.

    and on, and on, and on....

    Ash is correct.. Muzzies dont get convicted of child rape, they get promoted...

    Just look at Arafat...

    and on and on...

    Moslems need not worry, child raping is a national sport, not just the select few Imams...

  12. Mel, in case you didn't find out how by now.

    At the top of the Safari screen click Viewthe click Customise Toolbar

    You'll see the arrrows, drag them to the task bar at the top of the screen.

  13. Tea Party’s already won

    What debuted in nationwide protests on April 15, 2009, has taken less than 18 months to become the current driving force in American politics. The Tea Party insurgency will not only cost Democrats dozens of seats in Congress, and likely their majority — it will define the coming GOP presidential nominating process, determine the direction of the GOP for years to come and threaten any remaining plans Obama has for sweeping reforms of education, energy policy or our immigration system.


    Obama won’t get his infrastructure plan through the Congress, and he knows it. Next year, when he is running for reelection, tax and budget reform will be the only issues he could realistically work on with a GOP majority or a razor-thin Democratic majority. In other words, the Tea Party agenda.

    The Tea Party candidates themselves — like O’Donnell, whom Karl Rove called “nutty,” — matter little. Only a few will actually get elected this fall. Yet the Tea Party has won without them. There are no tea leaves left to read. Democrats have been spooked and Republicans threatened, cajoled or cleansed.
    The results are already in.

  14. Doug, don't you there is a chance that the Tea Party candidates will appeal to the hard right while the right of center folk will break Dem or not vote leaving the Dem in power?

  15. That is the progressive wet dream Ash.

    Dream on.


  16. are you going to vote for a tea part candidate Quirk? Would you go out and vote for someone in your district like Odonell or whatever her name is? Or would you just stay home?

  17. I have thought about O'Donnell and yes I would vote for her and I'll tell you why. She would be better for the country than everyone on this list:

    Akaka, Daniel K.- (D - HI)
    Baucus, Max- (D - MT)
    Bayh, Evan- (D - IN)
    Bingaman, Jeff- (D - NM)
    Boxer, Barbara- (D - CA)
    Cantwell, Maria- (D - WA)
    Casey, Robert P., Jr.- (D - PA)
    Collins, Susan M.- (R - ME)
    Dodd, Christopher J.- (D - CT)
    Durbin, Richard- (D - IL)
    Feingold, Russell D.- (D - WI)
    Graham, Lindsey- (R - SC)
    Kerry, John F.- (D - MA)
    Landrieu, Mary L.- (D - LA)
    Lautenberg, Frank R.- (D - NJ)
    Leahy, Patrick J.- (D - VT)
    Levin, Carl- (D - MI)
    Reid, Harry- (D - NV)
    Schumer, Charles E.- (D - NY)

  18. I would not vote for O'Connell. At this point, she is a non-entity who has learned the phrase "no new taxes" and is riding a wave. However, if she were elected she would get the perks, power, and influence that come with the job. If everything reported about her character and intelligence is correct, she would soon be sitting at the top of Deuce's list with the other pricks.

    However, my vote is irrelevant in this election. I always vote, but in the last two national elections, for key national posts, I didn't vote for Dem or GOP but for a third party.

    However, I am the rare intelligent and discriminating voter.

    I also am not unemployed, sitting around seething because of the lack of jobs and my perception that the game is stacked against me and the other little guys. As Rufus has said, most of the country is just pissed.

    Besides you always have to look at the bright side. O'Donnell's win helps guarantee the GOP will have a tough time winning the Senate (a good thing in my view as long as they do get the House).

    Likewise, I would hate to see someone of Angle's stripe win in Nevada. The upside, Harry Reid would be out (not a minor upside).

    The Tea Party won't have enough winners this year to make a big difference. The difference they do bring will be in shaking up the neocons and the deadwood at the top of the GOP. McConneell, Boehner et all will be faced with a reality check.

    However, none of this means anything to the theory the progressives have been putting out all year that the Tea Party was going to hurt the GOP electoral chances.


  19. Please explain why you would not vote for Ms Angle.

  20. You have to understand, Doug, Quirk's
    an artist who can't think.

    Like Ezra Pound, or someone.

    He would vote for Obama over Palin, and does horoscopes.

    A man like that doesn't give real reasons. He has his own, and keeps them to himself. Once a democrat, always a democrat.

    He's a little crazy, it's why I like him.

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