“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christine O'Donnell and the Ruling Elite

The scorched earth policy against her has begun. Can she win? I believe that the contempt for the establishment that rules is broad and deep. The left will not attack her ideas, they will try and destroy her and the harder they attack, the more sympathy will come her way. There are enough people disgusted with the status quo. If they vote, they win. Will they?


  1. Her house was foreclosed?

    She couldn't get her degree until she paid her university bills.

    She has baggage.

    She has no real job experience.
    All this from the Republican establishment.

    The wailing and gnashing of teeth because she "can't win the general election" and will cause the Republicans to remain in the minority.

    If they can't get the message by now, they deserve to remain in the minority or even cease to exist as a party.

  2. Deuce said...
    I have thought about O'Donnell and yes I would vote for her and I'll tell you why. She would be better for the country than everyone on this list:

    Akaka, Daniel K.- (D - HI)
    Baucus, Max- (D - MT)
    Bayh, Evan- (D - IN)
    Bingaman, Jeff- (D - NM)
    Boxer, Barbara- (D - CA)
    Cantwell, Maria- (D - WA)
    Casey, Robert P., Jr.- (D - PA)
    Collins, Susan M.- (R - ME)
    Dodd, Christopher J.- (D - CT)
    Durbin, Richard- (D - IL)
    Feingold, Russell D.- (D - WI)
    Graham, Lindsey- (R - SC)
    Kerry, John F.- (D - MA)
    Landrieu, Mary L.- (D - LA)
    Lautenberg, Frank R.- (D - NJ)
    Leahy, Patrick J.- (D - VT)
    Levin, Carl- (D - MI)
    Reid, Harry- (D - NV)
    Schumer, Charles E.- (D - NY)
    Fri Sep 17, 06:54:00 PM EDT

    Ditto that!
    I'm tired of the same old crap.

    If O'Donnell is not satisfactory, she can be a one term wonder.

  3. I would include some other Republicans in the scat can list, starting with John McCain.

  4. The truth is obvious, fellas.

    It is you guys, along with Christine O'Donnell, Rand Paul, Sharon Angle in NV and Mrs Palin that are the RINOs.

    You guys are not "real" Republicans.

    "Maverick" McCain, the family Bush and the life long "New Deal" Democrat, Ronald Reagan, they are the "real" Republicans.

    Mr Rove, he is a "real" Republican, guiding the Party to national electoral victories and majorities in the Congress and the Executive. Joe Starbucks, he is a "real" Republican having won a seat in Congress from Florida.

    Folks that have run and won in elections in States with more than one seat in the House of Representatives, those are the guys and gals, fellas, that are the "real" Republicans.

    What claim of title do you guys have to the Republican Party?

    Worried about the goings on in Delaware, while in your home States, FL and PA, the Democrats routinely prevail or the Republicans are now deeply divided, after being raided upon from within by the right wing extremists.

    PA being further along that curve than FL, admittedly.

  5. Yeah, and you're a what?

  6. What is a right wing extremist? Someone who is against abortion?

  7. Rasmussen Reports that Rubio and Toomey are both in the lead, in FL and PA, that is where focus should be brought.

    Ms T will be upset, but Pat Toomey is strongly against abortion.

    Tallahassee, FL ( -- Two new polls in Florida show pro-life Senate candidate Marco Rubio leading his pro-abortion challengers, ...

    The pivot point issue of the election that still goes unspoken.

    But where there is uniform consistency of policy amongst the Tea Partiers.

    Certainly not amongst Republicans.

  8. No, whit, a right wing extremist is someone that is not a "real" Republican.

    One that cannot win the New York or California. The media centers.

    Myself, I'm a Librarian.
    I like to read.

  9. If you stand against abortion, than you must stand with the Muslims, not the Israeli.

    The Israeli government routinely subsidizes abortion, the Muslim find it an abomination and do not provide government funding for it, not anywhere I can discover.

    If abortion, the "Right to Life" is of importance to you, politically.

    Abortion defines the state of our "Western" civilization. Certainly defines the United States and its morality for the past 37 years.

    Which may be why we stand so closely to the Israeli.

  10. Both governments, US and Israeli, endorse abortion as public policy.

  11. We can discuss politics and abortion without bringing propaganda into the conversation. I'll give you the opportunity to delete your comments.

  12. We agree on the state of Western civilization. I think it stems from a growing secularization of society.

    Why do you think it is happening?

  13. Infanticide is the pivot point of civilization.

    For or against.

    The United States sides with those governments that allow routine practice the procedure and against those that find it deplorable.

    Demanding that those that deny the routine practice of the procedure "join" the "modern and civilized" whirled.

  14. Why?

    Not really sure why the Israeli government endorses and subsidizes abortion while their Rabbis denounce it.

    Nor why the US government embraces infanticide while the majority of the electorate is opposed to it.

    The Skull & Boner syndrome, writ large across the "Western Whirled" perhaps?

    Why are the Muslims, the last stalwarts of old school religion so thoroughly demonized?

  15. If she is smart enough she can use her tough times as a good reason for people to vote for her.

    When attacked she could start:

    " I am not one of the millionaires, a member of a country club like the elite who have crushed the spirit and vitality of this country.

    "If you think another millionaire in congress is going to help you , you should find someone else."

    "I know what it is like to be crushed in a foreclosure and have to watch the big banks have billions of dollars thrown at them when they got in trouble."

    "I know what it is like to lose a job, to be desperate. That very experience, an experience unknown by our rulers and masters, but shared by tens of millions of you. Those hard and difficult times and my experiences with them will come to good use when I make the tough decisions about how to help manage government."

    "My priority will to do everything to restore constitutional protection for all, not just the big banks and corporations. My priorities will be to help create American jobs, not laws and treaties that create jobs for China."

    "I am like far too many of you and I am not like the elite that have governed and brought us to where we are today."

    "I want to help in my small way to make this a better country for those that our rulers and masters in Washington forgot."

  16. Why have the "Christians and Jews" embraced abortion in their nations?

  17. Which comments do you not like, whit?

    Which are untrue?

    There is no propaganda there, merely a different perspective.

    One that you cannot reconcile yourself to.

  18. We agree on the state of Western civilization. I think it stems from a growing secularization of society.

    Why do you think it is happening?

  19. Deuce scores with his advise.

    That should be her rebuttal, on the personal economic issues that will bedevil her.

  20. Have you heard the guy who is running for New York governor?

    Have you heard about Chris Christie, Gov. of NJ, has taken away the free highway toll passes from the state workers?

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday vetoed actions by the Delaware River Port Authority that would have restored free bridge passage and train ride perks to employees of the bistate agency.

    Christie said resolutions passed by the agency's board on Wednesday "run directly contrary" to his demands for additional reform at the DRPA, which operates four Philadelphia-area toll bridges and the PATCO commuter rail line.

    In August, the DRPA board took away the free rides that most employees had received. But on Wednesday, the board reversed itself, citing employee discontent and labor contract obligations.

    Christie's veto nullified that action.

    "Authority employees, commissioners, officers and retirees should not receive free bridge passage or PATCO rides simply by virtue of their employment at the authority, when these perks are not available to the toll-paying public," Christie wrote.

  21. Go ahead and take down that comment, Whit; surely we can have one thread without that nonsense.

    As for O'Donnell: Damned right I'd vote for her. A good-looking young gal against a bald-headed old marxist? Where's the choice?

    Wasn't born rich? Had to struggle? Been out working for worthwhile causes? Whoop de doo.

    When the pricks like Rove, and the Krautwhiner get through whining, and snivelling (or when people quit listening to them,) the electorate will realize that the choice is between someone who will vote No on "Marxism" and someone who IS A Marxist.

    I think she'll win.

  22. The sub-plot here, or maybe it's the Main plot, is a death-match between the Elite Republican Establishment, and Sarah Palin.

    Right now Sarah Palin is kicking their scrawny, little snivelling asses.

  23. No, I think I'll leave them up. Let everyone see who started it.

  24. Someone wrote her a pretty good speech. And she did a pretty good job with it, considering that it was a first run-through.

    Best line: "There's more of Us than there is of Them."

  25. She is a quick learner. She has only six weeks. The slime merchants on MSNBC and that pig-eyed creep, Joe Scarborough, in particular is already going after her.

    She should make the commercial, talk about her bad times, show clips of Scarborough, Rove and Krauthammer going at her. Tell them she is glad to have these people against her. She is not one of them.

  26. Why not just end it before it "gets started."

    Sorry, Rat, but Every damned thread can't devolve down to the same thing. It just takes All the fun out of the blog.

  27. People should be able to identify with Christine O'Donnell. She's the everyday, struggling, garden variety American girl. Warts and all.

    The folk are tired of the pompous, preening self-serving hypocrites in DC.

  28. I do think that the secularism that you speak of is a form of religion, too.

    One that our nation was founded upon.

    The guiding principles of that have been lost, to a way of thinking that places individual empowerment above the needs of the society, as a whole.

    There is no longer a theme of individual sacrifice, for the greater good of all, in our society.

    The Nathan Hale story has been abandoned.

    While the State grows ever more powerful as the society grows more complex.

    It would be difficult to maintain the personal rights envisioned by the Founders for an agrarian society in our industrial one.

    The themes endorsed by both Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt have held sway. Now they are considered to "conservative" by many. As was Mr Reagan's "New Deal" politics.

    Rhetoric supplanting substance.

  29. Man I would like to go toe-to-toe with Scarborough. I know I could take his sorry ass down in a debate. I'm not sure if I could still knock him out. It may cause me a heart attack, but damn it would almost be worth it.

  30. Rove, and Krauthammer have acted abominably. They wasted valuable, critical time trashing a Republican Candidate that had already won the Primary.

    This really is a "Civil War" (although, not so "Civil") inside the Republican Party. Many members on both side would rather be in the minority than have the other side be ascendant.

    I think this is a "Good" thing. I just hope the "Anarchists" win.

  31. What is the single issue that unites those Tea Partiers, rufus?

    It is abortion, like it or not.

    It is Mrs Palin's greatest ace in the hole. Her core issue.

    The issue that she has personally had God speak to her about.

    It defines our time.

  32. I got tired of Scarborough when he whined and whined about the response to Katrina.

  33. Enough of the abortion talk. We agree or we agree to disagree. Enough. Points have been made and points have been taken. Enough.

  34. Abortion is what exemplifies the true lack of validity in conflating Israel and Judaism.

    It invalidates the claim that the United States is a Christian Nation.

    It is at least as important as Growth Energy.

  35. I don't know if it is, or not, Rat. And, I don't care. I just enjoy the "Disruption." I'm scared shitless of All politicians. I love to see them "in a mess." I Love the thought of a bunch of Tea Partiers descending on the House and Senate. I shudder every time I read the statistics on Retention of Incumbents.

    The Russians haven't scared me since I was 12 years old. The Muzzies never scared me. But, an entrenched politician can give a hillbilly the "cold sweats."

  36. Than we should not talk about the Tea Party, Deuce.

    The two are joined at the hip.

    It is the issue that drives it. It is the issue that Mrs Palin holds dearest.
    The one issue upon which their candidates all agree. And where they have split from the establishment of the GOP.

    Rubio and Crist best exemplifying that.
    Specter and Toomey, as well.

    Sept. 13 - Today, circa 2:30 pm, Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) will speak on the floor regarding legislation he will introduce codifying federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.... “I believe medical research should be pursued with all possible haste to cure the diseases and maladies affecting Americans. This is the time to seize the scientific opportunities that lie before us and to ensure that all avenues of research toward cures – including stem cell research – remain open for investigation.”

    It should not be ignored, just because it does not fit your current "Islam is Evil" meme.

  37. I do think that the secularism that you speak of is a form of religion, too.

    One that our nation was founded upon.

    Since you like to read:
    Go read this for a day or so.

  38. The issue that has split the Republican Establishment from their electoral base, is abortion.

    That cannot be ignored.

  39. It is bald and transparent Jew-bating and serves no purpose and no interest. It is meant to provoke and it usually works. You post enough things that are interesting. Try and control yourself.

    Serve your own interests and participate to protect your place and platform on this blog and don't be the ones who is responsible for the plank that will be used to board it up.

  40. Personally, Rat, I seem to see more signs about Taxes than anything else when I see Tea Party Rallies. But, if you're right, I don't care. You just can't hijack every thread with that subject.

  41. If you really want to know what the Founders thought, whit, it is right here

    I do not need others to interpret their writings for me. They did a good enough job of it, themselves.

    No where in them is Christ mentioned. Though morality and religion both are.
    Not an oversight, on Mr Madison's part, that.

  42. Each thread I bring it up in, Deuce, is either about politics or religion.

    Abortion is cornerstone to both.

  43. Taxes, Obamacare, some immigration. Mostly indignation over an out of touch DC elite including all three branches of government.

    Abortion has remained in the background.

  44. I did not discuss it in your last Cost Rica thread. Stayed on the topic of body hair and hygiene, in that one.

  45. I mean, we could be spending an enjoyable Saturday morning conjecturing on Christine O's sex life. Now, that I wouldn't mind spending a few hours on.

    Murkowski announced a write-in campaign last night. Who encouraged that? The same ones that encourage Crist to go Independent? Who are "they?" The same Republicans that just can't quit picking at Angle, and, now, O'Donnell? Who Are they?

  46. It stays in the background because of fear. Because of the thinking that dominates the media.

    Abortion is the issue that defines the scope of Federal expansion.
    That one that defines the Establishment.

    The others are window dressing.

  47. Please, just read this.

    It's not an interpretation. It's their own words.

  48. Sarah Palin gave a speech to the largest crowd to ever attend the IOWA Reagan Day event last night.


  49. Whit, he's baiting you right into it. Whe Wio isn't around to be baited you fall in head over heels.

  50. It is the primary policy issue that the Federals have expropriated from the States.
    The most important one of the policy points that the Federals have taken upon themselves. The nine "High Priests in Black"

    It best exemplifies the problem of the Establishment moving where the majority of the electorate do not want to go.

    Where they have removed an issue from politics by decree.

    And you want to let them continue that. Mrs Palin does not. Sharon Angles does not. Christine O'Donnell does not, Mario Rubio does not. The fellow in New York runnng for Governor, does not.

    Their position a clear and at the forefront of their campaigns. Mrs Palin mentions it, consistently.

    Beats that drum.

  51. Rat, for God's sake; the man has asked only one thing, that we give this particular topic a rest for awhile. You're a grown man, not a child with no self-discipline. Give it a rest, please.

  52. I asked this at the end of the last thread:

    Why is the Macondo well being sealed?

    It was producing 35k-60k gallons per day. Is it actually being shut down for good?

  53. The integrity of that particular hole is shot, Whit. They will, for sure, drill several wells into that field. Probably sooner than later.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. or should that be 35k-65k barrels per day?

    I haven't seen an explanation of what "sealing" or "killing" actually means.

    It seems to mean that the well will be sealed and taken out of commission. Unless there is some sort of structural problem with the well, that doesn't make sense.

  56. Mrs Palin, in Iowa, just last night:

    At 46:25 she brings up how important protecting innocent life is. How that is part of the core principles she endorses.

    The subject that she closes here speech with.

  57. The well was a blowout. They cannot risk drilling there again until they are 100% sure they know why, maybe 150%.

  58. Abortion is actually a loser for Palin.

    Most people think her too extreme.

    The early rat never talked about it, until he figured out he might use it against the Jews.

    All I've got to say.

    Except--Go O'Donnell.

  59. I watched Palin's speech. She needs a "voice" coach, bad. Really, really bad. It wasn't one of her better speeches.

  60. In normal conversation/interviews her voice is fine. It's when she gives speeches her voice gets shrill, and totally out of control. I hope she figures that out, and doesn't go all pig-headed on it.

  61. The way this year is going it looks like if O'Donnell is within four or five in the last poll she'll win.

    Delaware had Twice as Many Voters in the Republican Primary as is normal. This is looking like one hell of a wave.

  62. Even I agree she needs a voice coach Rufus. One's voice is probably hard to change though, I'd think. Would be easier to change one's mannerisms I'd think. I like the way she takes the g off of ing though. We all do that out here. She grew up with that. They do it in Alaska too I guess. I wish she'd get some bodyguards, after seeing that guy follow her around in the airport video.

  63. She's back about 10 points now, I read.

  64. Christine O'Donnell has raised $1.76 MILLION since Wednesday(?)

    That's gettin' it, brother.

  65. quite telling how rat is allowed to defy everyone and not get the boot.

  66. If we listen to Mrs Palin, last night in Iowa, she quotes and paraphrases Thomas Paine, extensively.

    Mr Paine, she refers to as one of the "Founders". I have always liked Mr Paine, he being a superb propagandist.
    A spinner extraordinaire.

    He became notorious because of The Age of Reason (1793–94), his book advocating deism, promoting reason and freethinking, and arguing against institutionalized religion and Christian doctrines.

    He also wrote the pamphlet Agrarian Justice (1795), discussing the origins of property, and introduced the concept of a guaranteed minimum income.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. In the United States there is controversy over whether the Founding Fathers were Christians, deists, or something in between. Particularly heated is the debate over the beliefs of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.

    Benjamin Franklin wrote in his autobiography, "Some books against Deism fell into my hands; they were said to be the substance of sermons preached at Boyle's lectures. It happened that they wrought an effect on me quite contrary to what was intended by them; for the arguments of the Deists, which were quoted to be refuted, appeared to me much stronger than the refutations; in short, I soon became a thorough Deist. ...

    For his part, Thomas Jefferson is perhaps one of the Founding Fathers with the most outspoken of Deist tendencies, though he more often referred to himself as a Unitarian. In particular, his treatment of the Biblical gospels which he titled The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, but which subsequently became more commonly known as the Jefferson Bible, exhibits a strong deist tendency of stripping away all supernatural and dogmatic references from the Christ story.

  69. Also from Wikipedia:

    Paine was also deeply involved in the early stages of the French Revolution. He wrote the Rights of Man (1791), in part a defence of the French Revolution[5] against its critics, in particular the British statesman Edmund Burke. Despite not speaking French, he was elected to the French National Convention in 1792. The Girondists regarded him as an ally, so, the Montagnards, especially Robespierre, regarded him as an enemy. In December of 1793, he was arrested and imprisoned in Paris, then released in 1794.

  70. Deism is a religious and philosophical belief that a supreme being created the universe, and that this (and religious truth in general) can be determined using reason and observation of the natural world alone, without the need for either faith or organized religion.
    Many Deists reject the notion that God intervenes in human affairs, for example through miracles and revelations. These views contrast with the dependence on revelations, miracles, and faith found in many Jewish, Christian, Islamic and other theistic teachings.
    Deism became prominent in the 17th and 18th centuries during the Age of Enlightenment, especially in what is now the United Kingdom, France, United States and Ireland, mostly among those raised as Christians who found they could not believe in either a triune God, the divinity of Jesus, miracles, or the inerrancy of scriptures, but who did believe in one God.

    From our friends a wiki ...

    Religion without Christ as the Son of God. That is not Christianity, but the true religious foundation of the United States.

  71. Quite the "pot-stirrer" our Mr. Paine.

  72. A modern definition has been created and provided by the World Union of Deists (WUD) that provides a modern understanding of deism:

    Deism is the recognition of a universal creative force greater than that demonstrated by mankind, supported by personal observation of laws and designs in nature and the universe, perpetuated and validated by the innate ability of human reason coupled with the rejection of claims made by individuals and organized religions of having received special divine revelation.

    Because deism asserts God without accepting claims of divine revelation, it appeals to people from both ends of the religious spectrum. Antony Flew, for example, is a convert from atheism, and Raymond Fontaine was a Roman Catholic priest for over 20 years.

  73. A "pot stirrer", rufus, that is embraced fully by the leader of the Tea Party movement.

    Who quoted and paraphrased him, extensively, just last night.

  74. $1.7 Million.

    That is a huge number, and you know it didn't come from "K-Street."

    Them young, pretty gals can raise that money. At least, they always could from me. :)

    $1.7 Mil to run ads about Coons the Marxist - how he took a county with a surplus, and raised taxes and spending, raised taxes, and spending, raised taxes and spending until the county was in deficit.

    $1.7 Million Dollars to cover the state with billboards of a smiling, pretty young gal.

    In a month she'll be within 5, and de jig, it will be Up.

  75. Thomas Paine is a "Hero," of mine, Rat. An anonymous blogger who influenced a Nation, and the History of the World.

    Uh, make that "Two" Nations, I guess.

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. The "Founder" that Mrs Palin is referencing, quoting and paraphrasing, not a Christian or Jew. Certainly no Muslim.

    But certainly an "Enlightened" individual. As responsible for the success of the Revolution against England as any other of the Founders.

    He and Mr Jefferson providing the intellectual fodder necessary for moving the people to action against the status que.

    True then, true today.

  78. "Common Sense" was an important piece of work.

    He woulda been a "Tea Partier," I'd say.

    :) Maybe he "Was" a Tea Partier, come to think of it.

  79. I've always been fascinated by the "Rabble," as represented by SAM Adams.

    THEY were the "Energy," and it was They that did the Fighting.

    It was They that got sick of having one out of four sets of feet in Boston wearing British Army boots. It was They that Threw the Rocks, and started the SHOOTING at Concord.

    Them speechifiers gave speeches, and wrote letters; it was the rabble that grabbed the rifles, and started blasting.

    Of course, the fact that their leader, Sam Adams, didn't want to pay the rather small import tax on his wares wasn't important. :)

  80. Anonymous said...
    quite telling how rat is allowed to defy everyone and not get the boot.

    Sat Sep 18, 10:55:00 AM EDT

    Nothing quite telling at all. You cannot boot anyone using blogger. You have the power to persuade or the power to tediously delete individual comments.

  81. And, also, Rat has been a Strong, and Important Contributor to this blog. That he's gotten a little "carried away" as of late with a certain subject doesn't negate that very important fact.

    Perhaps, That subject has gotten a little tedious, but this blog has always prided itself on not being an "echo chamber" for Any point of view.

  82. I move along a path, sometimes referred to in the past a form of "pretzel logic", but there is a path and there is logic to it.

    Sometimes it's used to present a point, or to refute the misconceptions held by others.

    The pathway to persuasion.

    Others are free to present other views. Often they do.

    More often they fail to present logical or factual arguments, and resort to name calling or threats of censorship.

    But go through the posts, while they are often repetitive, there is persuasive reason for that. None of the points made are non-factual, most are incontrovertible.

    That they make some uncomfortable, that they defy the common view in the echo chamber and do so by exposing the soft under belly of a reality others would choose to ignore, the point of it.

  83. You would have a hard time finding a blog, anywhere on the intertubes, with a more diverse, and interesting set of commenters. And, although, I cringe to use the word, a more "intellectual" comment section.

  84. I got news for ya, Bubbas; Ol Rufus is crude, and not always real sharp, but he ain't drawn to a collection of dummies.

  85. The current point, Islam is not as great an existential threat to US as we are ourselves.

    A point made by bob, initially.

    That we are on a path to cultural suicide. My point being we do not need the assistance of Muslims to continue on that path.

    The threat that some profess Islam to be, minor by comparison to the threat we are to ourselves.

    Exemplified by the 50 million of US that we have slaughtered, ourselves.

    No one else has come close to the damage we have wrought upon ourselves.

  86. The fact that Mrs Palin, just last night, chose to paraphrase and quote one of the least Christian of our "Founders", just goes to core eternal truths of the founding of our Republic.

    I certainly did not know that she had, at the start of the thread. But that she did, another incontrovertible truth.

  87. Dr Robert Hirsch is a "Heavy Hitter." He says we're on the "plateau," now, and that Decline (Mess) Starts in 2 to 5 Years.

    This is the first time he's been specific about the date. So, now we have the U.S. Military, the U.K., The German Military all saying the same thing. Ya think, maybe, we should, at least, "listen?"

  88. Thank you Rufus. We always have encouraged free thing and not fretting about someone cutting across the grain. So it shall be.

    Rat can be a real pain in the ass but he has been more right more often and on many issues way ahead of the curve. I agree with many things he says and vigorously take issue with others. This obsession with abortion and Israel is disruptive because it is mostly irrelevant to the issues being discussed.

  89. The Tea Party is about a whole lot more than abortion, Rat. If you'll notice, most of the signs have to do with TAXES. And Socialism.

    Great Sign:

    I Wasn't Born a Socialist; I Won't Die a Socialist.

    People have been having "anti-abortion" rallies for years. They normally draw a few hundred to a few thousand. The Tea Party Rallies are drawing Tens of Thousands, to Hundreds of Thousands.

    You can't get That Many people in the Street (at least, white middle class people) unless you get next to their pocketbook.

  90. And, Rat, we understand that the abortion thing is just an attempt to back-door into an Israel argument.

    I know your next comment will be a denial, but we're not going to believe you. :)

  91. And still it goes on.

    The current point, Islam is not as great an existential threat to US as we are ourselves.

    A point made by bob, initially.

    That we are on a path to cultural suicide. My point being we do not need the assistance of Muslims to continue on that path.

    The threat that some profess Islam to be, minor by comparison to the threat we are to ourselves.

    Exemplified by the 50 million of US that we have slaughtered, ourselves.

    No one else has come close to the damage we have wrought upon ourselves.

    A concise, well-written statement of a position. What more needs to be said? As I stated before, my position on the abortion issue is very similar to that of rat. (Of course, without the punctus puncti assumption of it when defining. or should I say redefining, what constitutes civilization.)

    However, we have heard this argument many times before since he has latched onto it to explain everything from political discourse in this country to the the basis of the Mideast conflict to religion and the clash of civilizations.

    It becomes a simple talking point to, as the physicists say, "explain everything."

    And why are we assaulted by it constantly when everyone on the board knows his position as perfectly stated above.

    But go through the posts, while they are often repetitive, there is persuasive reason for that.


    And what is that reason?

    The pathway to persuasion.

    If you say so rat.

    Merely, my opinion, but I see you as one of two things.

    One, self-delusional, if you really think that your constant googling and repetition of this meme is going to change any minds on the blog, i.e. "persaude" someone to your views. I suspect you are too smart for this.

    Or two, narcissistic, you just like to stir the pot and hear yourself talk. Nothing wrong with either in and of themselves. Anyone that posts on a blog has to be at least a little narcissistic. And, let's face it, I should be the last to complain about it.

    The only problem that arises is when the constant repetition of a particular point becomes boring to the majority of the blog.


  92. There wasn't one anti-abortion sign at the one Tea Party rally I attended, one of the first. It was all taxes, throw the corruptocrats out, that kind of thing. If I'd had any sense I'd have taken a second sigh that said


    SSS = Shoot, Shovel, Shut-Up for those that don't know.

    It's coming to that here, in fact, has already arrived.

  93. And nothing, not God, is greater to one than one's self is

    Walt Whitman, Stanza 48, Song of Myself

    Our national bard was something of a narcissist too. And Hemingway, well.....

    Sentiments echoed in Ed Abby, by the way, and in almost the same words, and on and every blog in America.

    Signed, bobthegreatest


    Screw you Bob.


  95. Course Walt did tone it down a bit by inserting that to one in there.

  96. We have about two years worth of elk left in the Lolo, Quirk, then it's over.

    If they get in the Selkirks the mountain caribou are finished.

    They're already in the Wallowas, having crossed the Snake.

    Screw you too.

    You can have 'em in Detroit.

  97. Go back and check Bob.

    Elk were disappearing in Idaho long before the wolves were reintroduced and protected.

    You want to blame Detroit, blame the hunters who go there for sport. Four guys from my barbershop used to go there to hunt.

    And while your at it maybe a little blame for the Idaho Fish and Game Department for poor management. Probably looking out more for making a buck than for keeping up the Elk population.


  98. heh, it just hit me, the title--

    Song of Myself

  99. And while your at it maybe a little blame for the Idaho Fish and Game Department for poor management.

    You are certainly right about that, as I've pointed out many a time.

    As for the rest, you don't know what you are talking about. Ever hear of the Great Fire of 1910? The elk exploded after that, all the brush for feed growing up. Then tapered off with the coming of the bigger trees. Clear cutting, then its demise had something to do too. Other factors. Stick with urban issues, you will do better.

    And stay away from alfalfa farming.

  100. especially, alfalfa farming.

  101. Let him go grow some garbanzo. :-)

  102. And we had wolves here anyway. The Idaho Fish and Game put out a study saying we had maybe 5 or 6 wolves in Idaho, back in the early days.

    I had to laugh, cause if that was the case, I'd personally seen or heard every last one of them. Unlikely, cause at the time I was living mostly in Latah and Kootenai counties, a sliver of all Idaho.

    Idaho Fish and Game---more pickup trucks than employees.

    They ruined the fisheries in Lake Coeur d'Alene, and went on to do the same thing to Lake Pend Oreille, too.

    Got it just backwards, with the mysis shrimp. kokanee down mysis up, mysis up kokanee down. Then throw in the coho, to wipe out the kokanee. Whole thing collapses.

  103. Maybe we should all start our posts....This unprofitable sinner thinks, perhaps mistakenly, that...

    Put a little humility in things, like some of the old Catholic men used to do. There was some guy that actually started his letters that way.

  104. Five or six wolves. Golly.

    And I didn't hear anything about wolves in your previous post.

    We could use some more around here.

    Every year, 800,000 yahoos head north to decimate the deer herd (and other things). Every year, we end up with more white tails around here.

    Every year, twice a year, I have fawns prancing through my backyard irritating the dog and leaving their droppings on my lawn.

    The deer are as bad as Canadian Geese.


  105. Congress isn't about to tackle "taxes" before the election. After the scalping, I think Congress will come back and pass an extension of All the Bush Tax Cuts, and I think Obama will Veto it.

    Whether the veto gets overridden I don't have a clue.

  106. After the scalping, I think Congress will come back and pass an extension of All the Bush Tax Cuts, and I think Obama will Veto it.

    I disagree.

    It will be a lame duck Congress with a Democratic majority. I suspect they will play to populist opinion. The majority of Americans support the Dem position of saving the current taxes on those earning $250,000 or less while letting the Bush cuts for the wealthy expire.

    It would be a no lose for the Dems. If they can't pull it off due to GOP intransigence, they have a built in talking point for 2012, "The GOP held up the tax relief for the working guy in order to protect the rich."

    I suspect the current GOP position is more negotiating point than firm position as indicated by
    Boehner's faux pas on the subject.

    We shall see.

    The GOP holding this up right now is pure politics.


  107. At that range I'd recommend 12 ga. slug with home-made silencer. Double barrel, or over-under, not an autoloader.

    Or, a .223 (with silencer.) :)

  108. The reason I believe that, Q, is that we can't come anywhere near where we have to get w/o going back to the pre-Bush tax levels. I figure the "lame-duckers" won't give a shit, and the "still alive" will figure the timing (as far away from the next election as possible) is as good as it's going to get.

  109. You could be right Ruf.

    I just figure everyone on the Dem side will be pissed after the election and this might be their last chance to stick it to the GOP (and possibly score some points with the embittered middle class prior to 2012).

    Remember it's only a couple years to 2012 and there is no guarantee we will be in a much better place by then.

    It won't be long before we see how it plays out.


  110. A note on committment and renewal.

    It's Oktoberfest season again.


  111. whit said...

    "Why is the Macondo well being sealed?

    It was producing 35k-60k gallons per day.

    I've been curious about that since they first got a good seal on top:
    Hook up the pipe!
    Was gonna ask Buddy, but lately he comes and goes like yours truly.

    Elephant Energy Tsar Rufus still hits the Drum from time to time:

    Has anyone else brought it up with an answer, Ruf?

  112. No, it sure won't, Q; and, although I hypothesized the scenario, I wouldn't bet a plugged nickel on it.

    Right now, I wouldn't bet that "fat meat is greasy."

  113. Think how long it would take one of those little stripper wells with the hobbby horse on top to produce one day's worth from the Big Mac!

    ...they used to line the beaches north of LA in the bad old days when we foolishly believed it was a good idea to produce our own energy.

  114. home-made silencer

    Always wanted one, Ruf, tried to make one once, didn't do so well. Do you have a good set of instructions?

    From today's Tribune--

    Grangeville, Idaho AP--The response to the Idaho County Commissioner's disaster declaration Thursday asking the state to take immediate action against wolves in the county was almost instantaneous.

    The news that the commission had passed a declaration asking Governor Butch Otter to allow wolves that are preying on wildlife and livestock be shot on sight was posted on the Lewiston Tribune website about 3 pm ...

    "This thing, I think we've lit a fire," Commissioner Brandt said Friday afternoon.....

    Step in the right direction, but you're not getting them out of Lolo without poison, like in olden times.

    Poison in the winter, when the bears are sleepin', not in the summertime.

    Lace those carcasii with poison, that's the ticket back from the brink.

    You can't even shoot 'em from a helicopter in the Lolo, too many trees to hide under. (maybe a C-47 Gunship or whatever they are would work)

  115. As best I can figure it out, Doug:

    Once it "blew" like that, and messed up the plumbing, that well was a goner. It could never be brought up to "producing" status.

    Not to worry, though; they'll be drilling another one right next to it as soon as the headlines die down. That's a pretty good little puddle of oil down there. They're not going to allow it to go unused.

  116. It's not the signs, fellas.

    While abortion is not the motivating issue for most of the Tea Party people, it is for Mrs Palin, it is for Christine O'Donnell, it is for Sharon Angle and it is for Carl Paladino.

    Abortion is pertinent if you are trying to convince anyone with a brain that the US and the rest of the "West" are "Morally Superior" to those that do not practice industrial infanticide.

    Abortion is a pertinent issue in the argument that the US is to be considered a "Christian Nation".

    The fact that no one carries signs, no one goes to the rallies and no one really cares, all the more telling as to the state of the culture and civilization.

    Thank you all for the confirmation and vindication, again.

  117. If you tapped the end of the barrel and screwed in a plug, that baby would remain silent forever.

    ...after a single bang, of course.

  118. Quirk said...

    "I would hate to see someone of Angle's stripe win in Nevada."

    Doug asked why,

    bob said...

    "You have to understand, Doug, Quirk's
    an artist who can't think.

    Like Ezra Pound, or someone.

    He would vote for Obama over Palin, and does horoscopes.

    A man like that doesn't give real reasons. He has his own, and keeps them to himself. Once a democrat, always a democrat.

    He's a little crazy, it's why I like him

    I have doubts about that representing what you would say, Quirk, so I'll ask again:

    What don't you like about Angle?

  119. Bob, all I know about silencers was in Godfather II when the guido wrapped a towel around his pistol, and caught it on fire. I understand they're not too hard to make, though. Instructions on the internet, and all that. :)

  120. September 18, 2010
    DoJ investigates itself
    Clarice Feldman
    Reviewing the Department's handling of the Black Panther case and the news that the IG is looking into the work of the Civil Rights Division, Jennifer Rubin, writing in the Weekly Standard concludes:

    [D]espite the Obama team's best efforts to stonewall and the mainstream media's indifference to an abuse of power in a Democratic administration, the notion that the New Black Panther party case is "no big deal" is crumbling. We know that a high ranking political appointee presented misleading testimony under oath and that multiple witnesses would testify to the Obama administration's hostility to the equal enforcement of our civil rights laws. Now an internal investigation is exploring those issues. In a Republican administration that would be front-page news.

    Clarice Feldman

    Posted by: NicholasK
    Sep 18, 02:30 PM
    Besides repealing SoetoroCare. The new congress should hold public hearings for Holder's actions: 1. for dropping the BPanther case and informing the attorneys to not prosecute non-Caucasians, 2. for suing the State of Arizona for protecting its borders, and 3. insisting the [9/11-]terrorists have trials which are reserved for US Citizens, and then kick the bum out.

  121. It's what I love about the "Bar." Q's a RINO-loving, Elitist, that's anti-Obamacare, and a Peak-oil denier,

    while I am a Tea Party/Anarchist who favors O'care, and is a big supporter of ethanol, wind, and solar.

    Bob, on the other hand is, undoubtably, the sanest of the three in as much as he's pro-tits, and alfalfa, and, as far as I can tell, not "anti" much of anything except wolves, and, from time to time, Rat.

  122. Rufus said...

    "It's when she gives speeches her voice gets shrill, and totally out of control. "

    Like Hillary's.

    When I first turned on Ingraham, both the wife and the kid refused to listen because of the voice.

    When she isn't trying to sound like the schoolyard bully, her voice is fine.

    Weird all the people in that line of business that are willing to follow all kinds of rules, but refuse to work on something more important:


  123. Rufus, one guy I knew put a potato on the end of a .22 rifle, that seems to work pretty good :)

    I'll check out the internet, wasn't meaning to get you crosswise with the FBI.

    You can actually get the real thing in Montana pretty easily.

    I've thought it'd be nice to have for shooting deer off the wife's back porch in Ohio during tea if we ever get back there. The tomato farmer says he can get me a special all year permit.

    I just got to find someone to gut 'em out, a job I hate.

    Yours, the Great White Hunter

  124. Got up a half hour ago.

    Amazing what a change of location can do for one's sleep.

    Read the thread from top to bottom.

    You can carry on this insane conversation amongst yourselves. Or yourself.

    I have a birthday party to go to.

    There will be beer.

    It's the small things.

  125. Warning: Contains Unauthenticated Content.

    No Shit?

  126. To put a silencer on a 12 gauge seems that you would have to go to Midas would you site it?

    ...besides Bob, Q is right, there could not possible be that many wolves or that few elk as a result of the wolf. Pennsylvania has more hunters than there are people in Idaho. They shoot at least 350,000 a year and that includes only those tagged. the probably kill another 350,000 that don't get tagged or bagged.

    Another 200,000 probably end up as road kill, and still they keep coming back.

    There is something wrong with your fucking elks. Quit blaming the wolf.

  127. One good nights sleep makes you pretty feisty. What will the beer add?

  128. I've got them out around my farm, Deuce.

    People always want to blame the victim.


  129. Sight it?

    What is this? The fucking Mensa Society?

    Ingineers R Us?

  130. Maybe those Idaho elk don't much care for elk pussy. Did you ever consider that?

    Maybe your Idaho elks are light in their hooves?

  131. There is something wrong with your fucking elks. Quit blaming the wolf.

    Dumb Ass Comment of the Week material?


  132. Maybe those Idaho elk don't much care for elk pussy. Did you ever consider that?

    Admittedly, I hadn't considered that possibility.

    I'll call the Idaho Fish and Game Department Monday and ask.

    They might back you up.

  133. Trish's novel: Four Years In A Bar.

    Lucky me, it's already written.

  134. Well it's getting to be Idaho Vandals pre-game time later.

  135. Cut a "sighting channel" in the potatoe fer crissakes.

    Shoot from the hip.

    If it's that close just hit it over the haid with the scattergun.

  136. Say, "here, fawny, fawny," and feed it poison buckshot.

  137. Maybe those Idaho elk don't much care for elk pussy.

    Sounds like Bob might, though. :)

  138. Idaho game doesn't start till 7:30 pm paper says. Says Idaho is favored.

  139. Not elk pussy, let that be clear.

  140. The Snug and Evil.

    "What will the beer add?"

    Honestly? Positively nothing. I do think it amusing that there WILL be beer.

    It's my niece and nephew's party.

  141. I just wanted to prove Rufus wrong about intelligent comment at the bar.

  142. Speaking of shotguns, check out my new avatar.

  143. of course there will be beer, it is Pennsylvania for Christ's sake.

  144. Not bad, I always did want to see that hat from the front.

  145. As the election draws closer, Trish seems to be becoming more, and more, Pro-Beer. :)

  146. ah hell, that Whit's new avatar, not Deuce's.The doc did say these prostate shrinkers would take my edge off, if I ever had one.

    Caution: Will Cause Drowsiness-- Don't Drive or Use Heavy Machinery While On This Drug--Alcohol May Intensify The Effect

    is what is says.

  147. Here's family portrait of Deuce

    One of the few times you will see his hat from the front.

  148. bob, you need to show that to those ideeho elks.

  149. Uncle Doofus haulin shine.

  150. Chris Christie gets it -- and he didn't need the Tea Party to inspire him.
    Christie has been shaking up New Jersey since Day One, and now he's done it again -- proposing an unprecedented tightening of pension and health-care benefits for public employees, in order to shore up a system that's teetering at the edge of bankruptcy.
    He wants to raise the normal retirement age for teachers and most state and municipal workers to 65, requiring 30 years service for early retirement instead of 25. Police would have to work 30 years for full retirement, but could retire early with reduced benefits.

    He also wants public employees to:
    * Contribute 8.5 percent of their salaries toward their pensions.
    * Start paying 30 percent of the cost of their health premiums.
    * Accept the rollback of a 9 percent raise in pension benefits granted in 2001 -- an increase he admits was put into place by Republicans, who "shouldn't have done it in the first place."
    Naturally, this has the public-sector unions -- and their Democratic legislative allies -- screaming bloody murder.
    But, as the governor notes, "this isn't about promises made and kept. This is about special interests squeezing benefits out of the government and taxpayers [that] we can no longer afford to pay."
    Indeed, adds Christie, "we can't shelter one special group of people -- public-sector unions -- from the ravages of this recession and have that shelter paid for by the very people who are getting hurt by the recession the most: the people in the private sector."

    Damned straight.

    Read more: Post

  151. Doug asked why,...

    Doug, you need to show up here more frequently then there would be no need for your question. (Also, we miss your rapier liked observations and there is also not that much more time to get posts in for the Bosco nominations. More importantly, you force me into a redundancy which I just now criticized.)

    Admittedly, much of what Bob said is true.

    Additionally, I would feel real queasy voting for a women who says her primary reason for running is not because she wants the job (ambition), because it is her civic duty (patriotism), or because she wants to counter Harry Reid’s policies (ideology), but because it is a calling from god (religiosity). Good heavens haven’t we got enough of these nut jobs already.

    This lady, running for public office, hasn’t the common sense to watch her language. Talking about sympathy for those thinking about using ‘second amendment remedies’ in dealing with Congress and in the same interview talking about how Harry Reid ‘needs to be taken out’ is reckless use of the English language no matter what her “true” meaning of it was. We already get enough of this BS from our elected leaders.

    She has proposed privatizing Social Security and Medicare, both of which I oppose. But those are merely ideological differences on policy. I would not be affected by changes in the plans anyway. It is possible I could even be convinced to her position if reasonable arguments were presented.

    However, note some of her other (past?) positions. She advocated a return to prohibition. She argued for a ridiculous theory that abortion contributes to breast cancer. She argues that a marriage should be defined as the union of a man and woman. Perfectly reasonable, I am of the same opinion. However, in arguing that she argued that there should be no two income households with both parents working.

    The last you might call nitpicking; however, it points to what I believe is here insensitivity.

    She is running for Senator in the state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation. We have what 30 million people either unemployed or under-employed, five people for every job, people put out of work by the misdeeds of the banks and the government, current job creation at about a third of what is needed to even keep up with population growth, and she states that those on unemployment are “spoiled”. Kinda like Rand Paul telling them to “quit their bellyaching and get back to work.” Her attitude of “Let them eat cake” was highlighted here recently in discussing another lady of privilege who doesn’t have to worry about where her next meal comes from either.


  152. I call all that, Q, and raise you with

    "This War is Lost"

    said while troops were in the field.

  153. Observe how tenderly he caresses her rib cage. This is an elk of much experience, he has a slow hoof, so to speak, and doesn't get in in a big silly huff and rush.

  154. As bad as it might be, who would you hold your nose and vote for, Hariri Reid or Sharon Angle?


  155. Chris Christie gets it -- and he didn't need the Tea Party to inspire him...


    As a matter of fact, he came out shamelessly supporting Mike Castle in the run up to the election.


  156. Angle is, indubitably, a dingbat, and would surely be a "one-termer;" but if she gets Harry Reid out of the Senate it would have to be an improvement - at least in the "long term."

  157. I call all that, Q, and raise you with

    "This War is Lost"

    said while troops were in the field.

    As usual Rufus, you dumb shit, you miss the point.

    Of course Reid needs to be taken out. My contempt is for the Tea Party and the voters in Nevada who chose this twit to run against him.

    You lack nuance Ruf.


  158. It's hard to understand Chris Christie's Mike Castle endorsement.

  159. Same goes for Whit.

    (And probably Doug, and don't forget Bob. Well Bob probably has the nuance part down pat but still he is a dumbshit).


  160. Well, Q, the primary is over. Please tell me, O' Enlightened One, how in the fuck do you propose "unringing" That bell?

    It's Angle, or Reid, dipshit. Pick one.

    Harry "That CO2 is Making Us Sick" Reid, you say?

    Okey, Dokey. Enjoy.

    But, there ain't no "Door 3," dumfuck.

  161. I see "Soylent Green" is on TCM.


  162. And, by the way, you nuance-loving fuckhead, the "Establishment" Republicans picked the last howsoever many Reid opponents.

    How the fuck great did They do?

  163. Harry is deep deep with those Casino owners, some of 'em 'pubs' and he gets money from the working ladies.

    I'll take Angle any day. Besides, she's never said the 'proletariat' smell.

  164. You know me Ruf, I just a 100% positive guy.

    When I was working they sent me for the Dale Carnegie Course. I am always looking for the positive.

    One positive, I don't have to vote in Nevada.

    Secondly, no matter what happens, there will be a positive.

    I find them both equally objectionable but for different reason.

    If she wins, Reid is out (positive). If he wins, she never sees the light of day (equally positive).


  165. I can smell Detroit from my window.

  166. How the fuck great did They do?

    Irrelevant at this point. Prior to Angle being nominated, Reid was sucking his last breath. It was Angle's nomination that made the race even close.


  167. I agree with the criticism about the Castle support. I doubt Christie would offer it today. Something has changed. Something has profoundly changed.

  168. Reid's approval ratings were what 20% in Nevada. An unemployed accountant could have beat him handily.

    Instead, the Tea Party selected Angle. She is the best thing that could have happened to Reid.


  169. If I could just understand nuance a little better I'd probably realize that it doesn't matter if you elect a rutabaga this year.

    The legislatin is done for awhile. For the next two years 535 Public Employees are going to show up occasionally, and pick up their checks.

    What does matter is, this is a perfect opportunity to scare a bunch of would be dictators shitless. Approx 435 Congressassholes, and 18 Senators are going to be dripping down both legs the evening of Nov 2nd. There'll be more white faces in DC on Nov 3rd than in an All-Star Geisha telethon.

    A Scared Shitless Politician is a "Good" Politician. If we gotta send a few dingbats up there it's gotta be well worth it.

  170. The Tea partiers are amateurs. Remember who the professional Republican Apparatchiks picked to run against Barack Obama?

  171. The Republican Party was Deader'n Kelsy's Nuts on Nov 5, 2008. That it has risen from the Dead is, almost entirely, to the Credit of the Tea Partiers.

    When everyone else was home, quaffing their antidepressents, watching the shopping channel, and cursing their declined credit cards the Tea Partiers were hitting the streets, and the town halls raising hell.

    If they want to send a few wingnuts to Washington I'll just fill up with E85, and head my ass down to Sam's Club for a couple of Industrial-Size boxes of Popcorn, and order a few dozen kegs of Bud Light. It oughta make a Great Show.

  172. The winner of the most Republican Primaries, Deuce.

    First in New Hampshire, then in Florida, Texas, California, etc., etc., and in North Carolina to seal the deal, as I recall.

    There is a whole lot more "green" on that map than blue or gold.

    Let us not try revisist history, now.

  173. Carrie Dann writes: A gathering of social conservatives selected Indiana Republican Mike Pence on Saturday as their top choice for the 2012 presidential ticket.

    Pence, whose speech to the group Friday urged unabashed discussion of social issues as well as fiscal concerns in the run up to the 2010 and 2012 elections, won 24 percent of the vote in the presidential preference straw poll held at this year's Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

    "Those who would have us ignore the battle being fought over life, marriage and religious liberty have forgotten the lessons of history," Pence said in his address at the gathering Friday. "America's darkest moments have come when economic arguments trumped moral principles."

    Pence received about 12 percent of the vote in last year's straw poll, coming in just behind former vice presidential nominee and Tea Party darling Sarah Palin.

    Palin, who did not speak at the event this year, came in a distant fifth in this year's poll.

  174. A Scared Shitless Politician is a "Good" Politician. If we gotta send a few dingbats up there it's gotta be well worth it.

    Finally, a rational comment.

    No more of this BS about how she is better than the alternative. I have argued about missed opportunities in putting a better class of candidates forward, but there is no denying the value of shaking things up in D.C.

    There won't be enough of the whack-jobs there to make much difference in the actual voting considering the number of other whack-jobs that are already there. However, their presence will change some attitudes and shake things up.

    It's a start.

    I said months ago that this election would not substantially change things in D.C. That the most we could hope for was gridlock to stop the hemorrhaging.
    That it would take at least a couple more elections before the deadwood running both parties were either dead or voted out of office.

    This election is merely a start.


  175. True, Rat, but the two "key" primaries were NH, and Fla, and the Republican Establishment "pulled out all stops" (with the help of Fox News) to secure those two states for McCain.

    I remember when McDoofus went from something like 12% to 14% in NH Fox News ran it all day long, every day, for what seemed like a week. Every time someone put up a McCain poster in New Hampshire it seemed like Fox News was there interviewing him, and talking about the "resurgent maverick."

  176. The two-term senator announced her candidacy at a rally in downtown Anchorage Friday evening, saying she was staying in the race against fellow Republican Joe Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams.

    "Today my friends, my campaign for Alaska's future begins," Ms. Murkowski told supporters. "I announce today I will be a write-in candidate for the United States Senate seat I now hold. The easier route would be to accept the results," she said. "I listened to Alaskans who said, 'Lisa, please give us that choice. We cannot accept the extremist views of Joe Miller.'"

  177. All my posts are "rashunal," Q. It's just that sometimes you miss the Newance.

  178. Lisa Murkowski is a dick.

  179. Christine O'Donnell: "I Dabbled Into Witchcraft" @ 54 seconds into the video, she is a self admitted witch.

    She told that to Bill Maher, 11 years ago.

  180. Well, rufus, we have, @ FOX News an immigrant owner and a radical Muslim as the premier investor.

    They both represent the Republican view, then and now.

    At least Maverick never admitted to being a witch. I was hoping she had said "bitch", but no the content and context was clear.

  181. Christine O'Donnell:

    I dabbled into witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things. I'm not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar and I didn't know it. I mean, there was a little blood there and stuff like that.

    We went to a movie and then had a little picnic on a satanic altar.

  182. O'Donnell made 22 appearances on "Politically Incorrect" and Maher says he intends to release a new clip of her from the program every week until she agrees to come on his show. "It's like a hostage crisis," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports, via Bob Schieffer, that O'Donnell has pulled out of a scheduled appearance this Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation," perhaps due to the sheer number of her controversial remarks that have been unearthed since she shocked the political world with her upset primary win in Delaware.

    UPDATE: O'Donnell has canceled her appearance on Fox News this Sunday, she tells AP in an email.

  183. All my posts are "rashunal," Q. It's just that sometimes you miss the Newance.

    Perhaps you are right Ruf.

    I have always been a defender of the general principles purportedly espoused by the Tea Party. Defended them on this blog as a matter of fact.

    (Though I have bemoaned some of their candidates recently. The two positions are not mutually exclusive but it is a bit nuanced for some.)

    Correct me if I am wrong though but I seem to recall you were not all that receptive to the Tea Party earlier this year, at least until they started pulling out some victories.


  184. Remember, Q, "Consistency is the hob-goblin of small minds."

  185. Or, something like that. :)

  186. In those 22 appearances on "Politically Incorrect" an inquiring mind would have to believe that she made at least 22 really stupid remarks for a Senatorial candidate to campaign around.

  187. Enough of this talk about politics.

    On to important things.

    This is Pirate Weekend at the Renaissance Festival here in Holly, MI. The kids are going over tomarrow.

    I may slide over for a little grog myself if the back isn't acting up too much.

    I had planned on entering the jousting tourney this year, but with the back...well...

    Anyway, time to walk the dog and try to loosen up.


  188. A pretty girl will just say, "Aw, I wuz only 21 at the time." Or somesuch. No one cares.

    Did you see the picture? She looked like she was sixteen. She's got $1.7 Million to get her pretty little face on TV every day, Every where, telling about how Coons "the bearded marxist" ran his county into the ground.

    $1.7 Million

    Pretty gal

    Bald-headed Marxist

    I make it 7 to 5 on the Gal.