“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Isn't this lovely?


  1. Lost all your video links, is it me or you?

  2. Whit: Remember 55 mph on the interstate during the Carter years?

    In all fairness, it was Nixon did that after the Oil Embargo.

  3. Maybe T, but Carter embraced it along with the 78 degree thermostats.

  4. No problem with video from my end, anon.

  5. fee fie fo fum


    i smell the blood


    of an englishman


    fee fie fo fum

    FEE FIE FO FUM!!!!!!!!


  6. If enough korans are burnt they might finally give up the bullying on that score. It would wear them down. Either that or provoke a general conflict, which may be coming anyway.

  7. The White House eagerly tweeted a link to a New York Times hit piece on John Boehner that accused him of taking in loads of lobbyist cash. But not only has Nancy Pelosi taken in twice as much lobbyist cash in this election as Boehner, but Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have collected more in the last six months than Boehner has in six elections.

  8. Reid's getting a lot of his off the backs of the working girls.

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  10. e Israeli, maintaining their King Herod policies of murdering infant Jews, killed 192 of them, just today. Maintaining their pace of murdering 50,000 Jews each year.

    Killing 1.5 million of those Jewish babies, since 1949.

    Sacrificed on their bloody alter of modern civilization.

    Showing that the Aztecs knew nothing about how to industrialize death.

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  13. The largest recipient of US largess that has also murdered more Jews in the last year than all of the Muslims in the whirled, combined, since 1949, is Israel.

    It is 1.5 million Jews the Israeli have murdered since the founding of that colonial Europeon regime in northern Arabia.

    50,000 Jews that are slaughtered on their alter of modern "Western" civilization, each year.

    But I only mention it now, when I am written into the Story of "o".

    The Story of "o" controls the story line. While it denies the humanity of the sacrificial victims.

  14. At least the Aztecs admitted that their sacrifices were human.

    The Aztecs were better people for it, better than those that would deny the humanity of the victims of this modern infanticide.

    The industrialization of death.
    Cultural self-destruction.

  15. that colonial Europeon regime in northern Arabia.

    What non-sense.

    I'm going to the Casino. That makes more sense.

  16. That the Muslims want no part of the Israeli, US and Europeon version of "Western" civilization, more than understandable.

    They seem to reject wholesale infanticide as a method of economic advancement.

    Though they do have other issues, to be sure.

  17. While the country that has done more to stem the tide of radical Islam, is obviously Syria.

    Setting the example in Hama.

    Thoroughly denounced for it, too.
    By those representing "Western" civilization back in 1982.

  18. In 1907 Palestine was geographically part of northern Arabia.

    Geography has not changed.

    The governments have, the location of the land is still the same.

    Arabia stretches from the Gulf of Yemen to the mountains of Syria.

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  22. Come on, Rat. Enough with the Jewish abortions for Crissake. Jeez.

  23. WiO:But I am sure T shares Rat's view that abortion is immoral and should be outlawed, after all T and Rat share so much in common, as does Rufus...

    I'm not a neurotic, so I'll let that one go.

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  26. For you and your further historical edification, bob

    Arabia, c. 1900

    Part of Turkey in Asia
    Oman and Aden

    From the:
    10th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, published in 1902.

    Sorry that the contemporaneous historical record does not fit the current propaganda that you have bought into.

    The historical record is clear as to where ARABIA is situated.

    Damascus, Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina are all in ARABIA.

    That is the lay of the land, amigo.

  27. WiO:But T, really you were upset that Jewish women were banned at the retaining wall in jerusalem

    Upset, no, what are you talking about? I posted a link calling for women to be given the same privileges as men, particularly in light of the misogyny of the enemy of Judaism, Islam.

  28. I know abortion is murder.

    No doubt of it.
    Even if "Western" civilization disagrees.

    Matters not at all to me, that modern civilization denies the humanity of some, while elevating others.

    That we do not protect the defenseless, an indictment of our culture and civilization.

    The principle cause of our cultural decline, matter of fact.

    No doubt of that, at all.

  29. Human rights groups and local politicians have long campaigned against it, saying the law encourages abuses by the security forces and adds to a sense of occupation in the highly militarised region.

    It gives Indian army and paramilitary troops sweeping powers to open fire, search houses, detain suspects and confiscate property, as well as protecting soldiers from prosecution.

    Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah has urged the federal government to withdraw the act, but has met with strong resistance from the Indian military.

    Kashmir Unrest

  30. That the Israeli have murdered 1.5 million Jews, beyond dispute.

    Right there with the Nazis in their attempt to "do the right thing".

    Paying tribute to the memory of King Herod, day in and day out. Continuing the "Slaughter of Innocents".

    50,000 time each year, industrializing death, to save some money

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  32. WiO: since of course you know that jewish women are HIGHER in status and that the privilege aint a "privilege" but rather an obligation

    They said something very similar exactly 90 years ago when women were asking for the right to vote, which would "lower" them in status from the lofty, pampered Edwardian Gibson Girls they were to "mere" man-like flappers, equal in status to men who already voted as an obligation.

    Yeah, that's the ticket.

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  35. WiO:Woman and men are not the same, so why make it out to be an issue of equality when it's an issue of extra DUTY...

    wearing tallit is an extra duty not a right to vote...

    Before 1978, blacks were not permitted to join the Aaronic Priesthood in the CoJCoLDS, so your argument would have run:

    "Blacks and whites are not the same, so why make it out to be an issue of equality when it's an issue of extra DUTY...

    Wearing Temple Garments is an extra duty not a right to vote..."

    Now I'm a Gentile and a female so I have no skin in your He Man Women Hater's Club Game, but that's all you have there, and there's no reason for it to be except a traditionalist "clique" mentality and there's certainly no divine mandate.

  36. I'd take a bullet for Sarah Palin, and a couple of others.

    Actually that's three others, when I count correctly.

  37. Make that four of the fairer sex.
    I wouldn't take a bullet for my cousin Sally.

  38. Dave the carpetbagger can do that.

  39. hheehheehardehar--you folks have the best ads down there, Sam. Sure beats this USA stuff.

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  41. What are you hiding now, Quirk, making a note like that to remind yourself to be discreet? Bank fraud, infidelity, price gouging, horoscope flimflam?


  42. Short term: consistent and forceful enforcement of non-Muslim law. Australian police have learned swiftly that if you go to search Muslim premises for drugs/ illegal weapons, etc, you take a large force and the dog squad and have the riot squad on call, so as to deter or squash the violent flash-mobs of Mohammedan males that rush to the scene of any attempt to enforce Infidel law upon a member of the Ummah.

    Beyond that, I see no way to save any country which has a large, aggressive and expanding Muslim presence, other than for that country – before the Muslims seize complete control of government and/ or the military – to put a complete stop to Muslim immigration (only exception being the offering of asylum to bona fide publicly-declared apostates such as Ms Taslima Nasreen or Ms Rifqa Bary; bona fides of such apostates to be very thoroughly checked and monitored, just as we did to defectors from Russia or China during the Cold War) and then to resolutely evict pretty much every last Muslim from their soil, starting by the sorts of measures the French have been proposing recently.

    Post script: I think Nicolai Sennels book ‘Among Criminal Muslims’ needs to be translated into Hindi as well as English. Sennels has made the fascinating observation that the one thing that Muslim criminals in Denmark genuinely seem to fear is…deportation. Not prison. Not any other punishment we non-Muslims could inflict on them. No: what they fear is being sent back into dar al Islam! Well, if that’s what they fear, that’s the punishment they should get, when they rape and rob and lynch and riot, when they commit or plot FGM or ‘honor’ murders or force-marriages or polygyny or massive welfare fraud, and especially when they attack policemen, schoolteachers, firefighters, and other representatives of the non-Muslim polity in which they (the Muslims) live.


  43. This from the 'Flim Flam' man.



  44. Another thread wasted on the same old Bravo Sierra.

    The video had nothing to do with the middle east.

    WiO, YOU started it this time.