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Friday, October 09, 2009

You can't make this up: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Bong Committe Deliberations

Obama awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel committee praised Obama for efforts to "strengthen international diplomacy"
Obama is third sitting U.S. president, fourth overall to receive award

(CNN) -- President Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

Less than nine months into his presidency, Barack Obama has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

The first African-American to win the White House, Obama was praised by the Norweigan Nobel Committee for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

"Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future," the committee said. "His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population."

The committee also said Obama has "created a new climate in international politics."

The announcement came as a surprise -- Obama's name had not been mentioned among front-runners -- and the roomful of reporters in Oslo, Norway, gasped when he was named.

In his short time in office, Obama has acted on a wide range of issues from the economy to terrorism and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Obama also lobbied unsuccessfully to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago, Illinois. After returning from Denmark, Obama expressed no regret about his trip, saying it is "always a worthwhile endeavor to promote and boost the United States."

Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, last year's Peace Prize laureate, said it was clear the Nobel committee wanted to encourage Obama on the issues he has been discussing on the world stage.

"I see this as an important encouragement," Ahtisaari said.

The committee wanted to be "far more daring" than in recent times and make an impact on global politics, said Kristian Berg Harpviken, director of the International Peace Research Institute.

Wangari Muta Maathai, the Kenyan who won the 2004 Peace Prize, said Obama's win will help Africa move forward.

"I think it is extraordinary," she said. "It will be even greater inspiration for the world. He has shown how we can probably come together, work together in a cooperative way."

The award comes at a crucial time for Obama, who currently has administration officials dispatched on global peace missions.

Obama's envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, has returned to the region to advocate for peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. Mitchell met Thursday with Israeli President Shimon Peres. He plans to meet Friday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before talking with Palestinian leaders in the West Bank.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton starts a six-day trip to Europe and Russia on Friday. On the trip, the secretary will discuss the next steps on Iran and North Korea, and international efforts to have the two countries end their nuclear programs.

The centerpiece of the trip will be her visit to Moscow, where she will work toward an agreement to take the place of the Start II arms control pact, which expires December 5. She will also address the new bilateral presidential commission that is working on a broad range of issues, from arms control to health.

Obama became the third sitting president U.S. president to win the prestigious prize. Jimmy Carter was the fourth American leader to win, but he was long out of office when he was recognized in 2002.

This year's peace prize nominees included 172 people and 33 organizations, the highest number of nominations ever. The committee does not release the names of the nominees.

The Nobel recipient receives a prize of about $1.4 million.

"Far out."


  1. They've made a mockery of the Peace prize but at least their selections are surprising and entertaining.

    What a joke they have become.

    Unbelievable. It must have been a slow year for the competition.

  2. Ya beat me.
    I honestly thought I was looking at the Onion, not the Times when I focused on that.


    UnFreaking Believable.
    Arabfat, Peanut, and Hussein, esq.

    Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” the Nobel Committee said in Oslo.

  3. Check out this guy's 70. wws: description of BHO.
    Pretty close to my opinion.

  4. Not without cause is it known as the "Piss" Prize in some circles.

  5. Affirmative Action President Chauncey Gardiner became head of the law review the same way he attained the nobel prize:
    It was given to him.

    Likewise damned near everything else in his pathetic-ass life.
    Only God knows where this shit's gonna take us.
    ...or leave us.

  6. My advice to any man in uniform in Iraq or Afghanistan:

    Avoid enemy contact at all costs. Do not be the last to die.

  7. Obama should sieze the moment and turn it down.

  8. Really sad story linked on Drudge about Morale of the guys in Afghanistan.
    Reward the traitor,
    punish the patriots.

  9. 5. Dave:

    Let’s see. BHO was in office less than two weeks before the nominations for the Peace Prize closed.

    I am willing to bet he was nominated before even being elected.

    Yes, I am saying that there is a conspiracy afoot to force our surrender and that this whole Obama phenonomen was concocted for that purpose.

    I know that conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen gross even before being properly discounted. But this time, I cannot debunk myself and that is the first time that has ever happened to me.

    I’ll welcome anybody who can prove me wrong, because I hope that I am but fear that I am not.

    Looks too much like a large-scale and multi-national replay of the Knights of the Golden Circle.

    Come on gang, won’t somebody please show me that I am wrong?

  10. With American forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama’s name had not figured in speculation about the winner until minutes before the prize was announced here.

    Even then, the Zimbabwean politician, Morgan Tsvangirai, had been rumored as the favorite, and surprised reporters attending a news conference to announce the prize pressed the committee’s chairman, Thorbjorn Jagland, to explain the reasons Mr. Obama had prevailed over other candidates who included human rights activists in China and Afghanistan.

    Specifically, one reporter asked whether Mr. Obama might become mired in a war in Afghanistan as Lyndon B. Johnson had been ensnared in Vietnam.

    But Mr. Jagland said the committee wanted to enhance Mr. Obama’s diplomatic efforts so far rather than anticipate events in the future.

    As to whether the prize was given too early in Mr. Obama’s presidency, Mr. Jagland, a former prime minister of Norway, replied: “We are not awarding the prize for what may happen in the future but for what he has done in the previous year. We would hope this will enhance what he is trying to do.”

  11. We kill 100 Taliban and Taliban supporters for every American killed, but they can take the casualties and we cannot, and for one simple reason: no one has satisfactorily explained why we should be there taking casualties in the first place. Certainly not a single American life is worth trying to bring a stone age culture into the 21st century, particularly when that stone age culture is happy where they are. And so President Obama is in a dilemma. He spent years undermining the war in Iraq while saying we should be in Afghanistan, the good war, and now he’s there and finds it is not so good after all. But then he never did think it was a good war, it was just a stick with which to beat George Bush.
    Obama claims that it was Bush

    Who bogged us down in Hindu Kush

    Not understanding that it’s just a game

    Between the Paki ISI

    And all the other little fry

    Who cares when you’ve got Georgie Bush to blame

    Obama says we should have been

    Engaged in a war we could win

    Instead of messing up in old Iraq

    A war Obama says was wrong

    And claims he was right all along

    To go after bin Laden and his claque

    So now he wants to put our guys

    Into a place where most supplies

    Must come by road and if its cut what then?

    And yes we know the Taliban

    Still rule the roads and so they can

    Decide not just the where but also when

    To close the road through Pakistan

    To all our guys in far Afghan

    And then we’ll say in closin’ au revoir

    To Obie’s foolish thought that he

    Could talk his way to victory

    Just hope it’s not a Chosin reservoir

    Verse-afire » afghanistan

  12. President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize…for what

    For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world’s leading spokesman. The Committee endorses Obama’s appeal that “Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges.”

    President Obama has literally received the award for doing nothing other than bantering about “Hope and Change,” lol.

  13. Well, what is interesting is that you fellas bemoan the fact that Obama could not have done anything to justify getting the award, but then blame him for the economic conditions that he inherited, too.

    I have no problem with the Swedes that represent the legacy of the inventor of dyn-O-mite bestowing Mr Nobel's largess on a US citizen.

    For little or no cause

    The same cannot be said for the economic conditions that befell US after 60 years of Federal Socialist policies. In that regard Mr Obama does not stand alone or even out in the crowd.

    He's just one of the fellas, out for a ride on the roller coaster. Happens that he is in the lead car, but he is not steering the train.

  14. Come on, doug, tou propose that Mr Lester Crown is part of a conspiracy?

    One that would work to the detriment of the "real" interests of the United States?

    What kind of an anti-Semetic rouge are you?
    To even suggest such a thing of Mr Obama's financier.

    Why do you hate the Joos so much?

  15. Ignoring rat today....

    Obama winning the "Peace Prize"?

    It's an Alice in Wonderland world...

  16. How can there be an evil conspiracy if the conspirators are faultless?

  17. He did not inherit anything. He bought it at an auction.

    Saturday Night Life, last week did a skit on Obama not accomplishing any of his goals as yet, not someone else's goals. His goals. His promises.

    I find it amusing except that it is an obvious attempt to lobby an already massive ego.

    What does a Nobel Peace Laureat do in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, with a newly resurgent Russia?

    It is obvious and has been for some time that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will end badly for those that fought it, those that paid for it, and the terrible opportunity costs shifted to the next generation.

    Maybe this will encourage Obama to take a clear stand instead of the weak choice of the middle road, but acceptt it for what it is, a brazen solicitation of a sitting inexperienced US President.

  18. How to you tell a young soldier or marine that his life is a worthy swap for the political ambitions of an American politician?

  19. The Nobel elitists are just that, Europeon elitists.
    The pinnacle of hypocrisy, the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Regardless of that.

    It was doug's post of a grand conspiracy, to elect Obama and degrade the US.

    It would have to entangle his financier, no?

    Or are only the Saudi conspirators to be named, the other members of the cabal, ignored.

    That is political and religious correctness, run amok.
    We should be shining the light of day on the POWER behind Obama, not the fella he spent an hour listening to, on Sunday mornings.

    But that would be upsetting to the friends of Lester Crown and the "Thunder".

  20. Jeez, what a morning. First, my little dumplin goes out and buys a big bag of weak-ass "house blend" coffee, and now, this.

    Weirdest freakin' thing, yet.

  21. As the point was made by Lineman, just a day or two ago. Bibi is winning the war of wills, despite the Obama rhetoric.

    So, if one were to judge by performance, not rhetoric, the Isreali are still expanding their occupation on Palistinian lands, while Obama is given an award, for trying to find a "new way forward".

    Looks like t-ball award standards, to me, every player gets a trophy. And we call it "good".

  22. Well, deuce, there were no other serious bidders.

  23. The Joe the Plumber aspects of the Republican campaign prove that point. They were making it up as they went along.

    While Team Obamamerica had a plan and worked it. Seriously worked it, like they were serious people.
    Keeping their eye on the prize.

    Not so Team GOP.

  24. Fletcher Christian, is a weirdo @ BC, but he left this little comment:

    "If the USA had not helped the cause of Arab nationalism and jihad in order to walk all over the UK and France, fifty years ago, and if after that the USA had not been utterly incompetent in its policy in the Middle East, and if after THAT the right target had been attacked in response to 9/11 – then there wouldn’t be a problem, would there? You’d already own the Arab oil. Or the Europeans would. People who want to kill us would not.

    “Spoiled brat with a gun” covers it."
    What the Hell did we think we were doin back then?

    Seems like that and the Mujahedine Fiasco accounts for most of the problems we now face, strategically.

  25. "Making it up as they went along," is exactly right, Rat. They had tried to play the Democrats' Populist, "home ownership for everyone" game, and, much to their amazement, Wall St. had fucked them.

    Their Gods had been shown to have clay feet. They were (are) confused, and lost. Beliefs shaken to the core.

    Obama, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was doing. Communism for the country he hated. It was "no contest."

  26. "They" being Mr. Bush, who Rufus defended far longer than most here.

  27. rat misstates:

    the Isreali are still expanding their occupation on Palistinian lands


    Israel (interesting that it's ONLY Israel that rat misspells, but has no problem spelling any other nation on the planet..) Sits on the land it sits on...

    it hasnt EXPANDED the land holdings for over a decade..

    In fact it HAS withdrawn from Israeli held lands several times..

    If you look at the amount of land Israel has given up for peace it is staggering..

    Sinai Southern Lebanon, Gaza, 79% of the west bank and offered to share Jerusalem and give lands to offset any "palestinian" land it has acquired in defensive wars...

    Expanding the contents of "settlements" within the borders of said settlements is all that is going on...

    Until America gives back all it's land stolen from the Native Americans, China out of Tibet, Russia out of Georgia, England out of the Faulkins, Arabs out of the Berbers, Kurds and Jewish Lands of the middle east you dont have much moral autherity to say shit about JEWS building homes in historic Jewish lands surrounding Jerusalem...

    And rat, you are an occupier too... like or not..

  28. Palestine is Jordan...

    embrace the truth...

  29. I sure did, Doug. I was as "shocked" as anyone.

    To believe in "Capitalism" you have to believe that the "Banks" will make rational decisions. When I realized that the "Rating Agencies" had been colluding with the banks to "package" sub-prime loans, and sell them as AAA, I almost went into a Coma.

    The nature of the Republican Party is such that they were unable to go into a room, recognize the problem, dissect the problem, and come out with a Cogent, Unified Policy. Instead, they came stumbling out of the "room," words slurred, bumping into the furniture, and mumbline incoherently.

    And, cousin Dubya, instead of giving the Bankers a good cussing, and promising "bloody heads in the basket," slipped away to Midland.

    I can't believe "Someone" didn't slip into the Oval Office, and say, "Mr President, they're packaging up the worst loans, imaginable, and selling them all over the world as AAA. This is going to end up in the worst mess in history."

    Quite honestly, I'm Still in Shock.

  30. I commented on a previous thread that most all financial problems (foreclosures, weakness of the dollar, price of gasoline) are interrelated. These Charts Show All the Things that Peaked in July, 08.

    Some of them may surprise you.

  31. Some have yet to know enough to be shocked.
    Btw, Rufus, someone @ BC said total employment was down 900,000 last month!

    "Jobs Lost" otoh down about 300k
    Know what he was refering to?

  32. Yeah, Doug; when you quit "looking for" a job, they take you off of the "official" count of "workers."

    Six hundred and some odd thousand gave up "looking." They are no longer included in the "official statistics."

    So, approx 300,000 people lost their jobs, and another 600,000 of already unemployed gave up, and went fishing.

  33. What will happen on the back side is that when the economy starts to pick up those people will "come back in" to the workforce, and start looking for jobs.

    That means that, even as employers start hiring, the unemployment figure will continue to rise.

    The best number to look at is "total employed." Of course, that can be affected by the baby boomers starting to retire, or, on the other hand, Mexicans starting to flood back across the border.

    When it comes to the "dismal science" two hands aren't nearly enough.

  34. 81. Engineer:

    I understand that Obama is now considered the likely winner of both the Heisman Trophy and the Hobey Baker award. No one in the history of man has accomplished this feat. Obama will attend the Heisman ceremony on the same weekend that he will pick up his plaque for winning the American League batting title and the Cy Young award. He will wear his green blazer from Augusta and will provide refreshments at the Heisman ceremony by turning the water in the pitchers into wine.

    Meanwhile, a white house spokesman has denied rumors that Obama will run in the Kentucky Derby although he is considered a legitimate threat to win the triple crown.

    Roy Jones Jr. in an interview in Ring magazine has indicated that talks are underway for a title fight with Obana next spring at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

    Oscar …
    Tony …
    Country Music Hall of Fame …

  35. "When it comes to the "dismal science" two hands aren't nearly enough."

  36. The Nobel Peace Prize isn's an award. It's a political statement. Good heavens, Al Gore was awarded the peace prize for "An Inconvenient Truth." You can't take it seriously.

    (Of course, at $1.4 million a pop I wouldn't mind "winning" it myself.)

  37. They, also, I believe, made reference to his . . . on "Global Warming."

    Big Troubles in River City, kids.

  38. The McChrsytal Plan: Surge 40,000 more US troops from a weary Army to renew the failing effort to apply our counter-productive counterinsurgency theory -- which attempts to cure cancer with herbal tea.
    McChrystal's a mighty tactician and a fierce operator. But, elevated to strategic command, he couldn't think beyond the Army's minimum-violence/maximum-aid counterinsurgency doctrine -- which just doesn't work. His solution to failure? Try harder. Send more troops. He's a hero out of his depth.

    McChrystal is performing superbly in the lethal counter-terror mission at the heart of the "AfPak" crisis (the term "AfPak" acknowledges the relative non-existence of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan). He's terrorizing al Qaeda in Pakistan's wild northwest.

    But he's floundering in Afghanistan itself, where he's trapped himself in other men's bad ideas. We promoted a superb field officer above his competence level when we tried to turn this warrior into a strategist.
    Ralph Peters, NY Post

  39. Also, exports of "cars to Canada."

  40. IEA raises oil demand forecast for 2010 to 86.1 Million Barrels/Day.

    That will put us right on the edge.

  41. Viktor,

    I am not ignoring your earlier query. It is important to do no harm in answering, however. This medium does not lend itself readily to the task.

    Without being trite, the definitive text, Genesis, was written by those far more capable than me. According to the Author, Abraham and his descendants have an eternal role to play in the ongoing, gradual revelation of the Almighty to a somewhat reluctant world.

  42. Allen:

    A little history:

    You said:

    Of the world's citizens, 20% of Nobel Prizes in chemistry have gone to Jews. 28% of Americans winning in Chemistry have been Jewish.

    Of Nobel Prizes in economics, 42% of the world total and 56% of the American total have gone to Jews.

    In physics, 26% of the world and 37% of the American totals have gone to Jews.

    Looking at physiology and medicine, the numbers are 28% and 41% respectively.

    When the Kyoto Prize is considered, 33% of all recipients for work in advanced technology and 23% of recipients in basic sciences have been Jews.

    To repeat, about 0.25% of the world's population is Jewish.

    Linear responded:

    Shame on you, Allen.
    Have you no modesty?

    Later you said to Rufus:

    My point was not to brag. Try to imagine a world without the contributions of those people. That world would be far less hospitable than the one we now enjoy. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that such a world would be uncivilized as we have come to understand that.

    Additionally, I happen to think that Jews have the mission of making the world better, Madoff notwithstanding. This comports with an ancient promise made to Abraham. In short (and with much injury to the premise), Jews act as instruments of the Divine will in order to help make known the Divine will.

    I think you are correct in finding envy the cause of some significant amount of anti-Jewish bigotry.

    Even later you said:

    Every time I see the numbers I am NOT filled with pride; rather, I am in awe of the Eternal and a revelatory plan set in motion long, long ago.

    Today you say:

    Without being trite, the definitive text, Genesis, was written by those far more capable than me. According to the Author, Abraham and his descendants have an eternal role to play in the ongoing, gradual revelation of the Almighty to a somewhat reluctant world.

    I say that your response today basically repeats what you said to Rufus earlier. It answers nothing. So let's get to the heart of the matter.

    Your response to charges of shameless immodesty boil down to:

    "Hey, I'm not the one saying that Jews are so smart and successful as to border on the miraculous and that Jews are going to inform the rest of the benighted world of the glories of God and the path to civilization. No, it is not me! God said it!

    "Hey, don't shoot the messenger. Sheesh!

    "Anybody who disagrees with the assessment that Jews are brilliant and God's chosen messengers is dissing God and is an anti-Jewish bigot to boot."

    Allen, your comments from a few days ago are some of the most flagrant examples of cultural narcissism I have ever read.

    Your unrestrained braggadocio and dismissal of any criticism about Jews not only hurts your personal reputation but hurts the reputation of Jewish culture, generally.

  43. There's a big "write-in" vote building for Obama for the Heisman.

  44. Face the facts Man of "misdirection, all of the Levant is Jordan. Isreal, Palistine and Lebanon. Syria should be, too.

    Then they'd have a country worthy of the Levant.

  45. The Europeons, especially the Brits, had no right to give any of it to Eastern Europeon refugees.

    Especially not in 1948.

    They were giving away something they never held title to.

    Truth be known.

  46. desert rat said...
    Face the facts Man of "misdirection, all of the Levant is Jordan. Isreal, Palistine and Lebanon. Syria should be, too.

    Face the fact ratboy..

    Israel, which sits on 1/650th of the middle east, out produces (without oil) more than the 649/650th that your suicide bombing heros live on...

    ratboy, really...

    Israel had been a nation longer than the USA by 3 times, 1800 years before America was even dreamed of....

    Israel has no need for anymore land than it currently sits on, it graciously has ceded Israel historic lands for peace and all it has gotten was rockets...

    no the problem is the arabs...

    they must be returned to arabia...

  47. Isreal was created by France and England, as a military outpost, in 1948.

    This position as a military outpost was described before Isreal's creation and proven by the Suez adventure that doug referenced, earlier.

    That's the truth of the matter. There is no legitimate 1,800 year claim to that land by the Eastern Europeon refugees.

    That argument is farcical on the merits.

  48. desert rat said...
    Isreal was created by France and England, as a military outpost, in 1948.
    This position as a military outpost was described before Isreal's creation and proven by the Suez adventure that doug referenced, earlier.
    That's the truth of the matter. There is no legitimate 1,800 year claim to that land by the Eastern Europeon refugees.
    That argument is farcical on the merits.

    Rat your knowledge of the History of the modern state of Israel is what is a joke...

    Your knowledge of the Historic State of Israel is lacking as well..

    Your concept of facts comes from what ever comic box you are wiping your ass with at the moment...

    You are a true jack ass..

    and thus your displeasure anything Israel pleases me..

    Get used to it rat...

    Jews have been in Jerusalem for 3000 years...

    This is a fact regardless of whether you or your palestinian buds want to embrace it or not...

  49. WIO & Rat

    These squabbles are tedious.

    Who gives a shit whether the Jews have been in Jerusalem for 3000 years of if Israel was created by France and England, as a military outpost, in 1948.

    Point of fact: Israel exists.

    To argue that Israel should not exist because it stole lands from the Palestinians has about as much currency as saying that the United States should not exist because it stole lands from the Indians.

    Whatever the wrongs that may have been done in the formation of the original countries, the moral issues have become moot.

    Let no one read too much into my rebuke of Allen. And let me repeat something I said to Allen a couple of weeks ago: Israel exists and has the right to exist. Israel's enemies are my enemies.

    Those who think that I would side with the people who danced with joy in the streets at the 9/11 attack on the U.S., are very mistaken.

    The only legitimate issue is a foreign policy issue: Is it in the vital interests of the U.S. to support Israel militarily? My position is that it should. I will advance that argument on my own site at another date. But people of good will can disagree and when I advance my arguments I encourage debate.

  50. Rat does not believe the current state of Israel should exist..

    I do...

  51. Well, you won't get much "debate" from me, Viktor, because I agree with everything you wrote. I just get cranky when it goes on, and on. And, the "settlement" deal gets under my skin, some (okay, sometimes, a Lot.)

  52. Rufus

    Some Israelis seem to be their own worst enemies. But that goes for Americans, too.

    But the fact that Democrats are a bunch of c*cks*ckers does not mean that America itself is tainted, in theory or fact.

    Same for Israel. But, Rufus, it must be admitted, some of them are hard to like.

  53. On the other hand, sometimes I ain't such a plu-perfect prize, my damned self.

    Good night, all.

  54. So why did we side with Nasser when he stole the canal from the Brits and Frogs?

  55. Friends don't let friends conga. Ha ha! That's a good one.

    In truth, friends don't let friends do the macarena. The conga is sacred ritual, baby.

    Heading out to Coffee Country (Armenia, to be precise) for the long weekend, with no greater ambition than to sit by the pool, drink beer and play cards. Maybe a little rafting if we can be so bothered.

    Next weekend it's the coast.

    I believe this is called short-timing it. And amen to the fellow who developed the concept.

    Ralph Peters is a douche.

    I heard THAT, Brother.

  56. Doug said:

    "So why did we side with Nasser when he stole the canal from the Brits and Frogs?"

    OK, I give up. Why did we do it?

  57. If I'm not mistaken, it's because the US was bent on making the colonial powers dismantle their empires - backing Nassar was part of that.

    In hindsight, it was a bad move.

  58. Ike, who everyone liked, was not going to let the Frenchies and the Brits act like NAZIs in Africa.. Using military might to take what theu wanted from the natives.

    Isreal was theft enough, for the US to allow. The last piece of Europeon expansion we'd permit.

    In as much as Mr Truman felt sorry for those Eastern Europeons that wanted to leave Europe for shores of the eastern Med.

  59. Swedish journalist claims Obama Nobel jackpot

    While the decision to award US President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize has been received by widespread surprise, one Swedish journalist is toasting the Norwegians after winning 50,000 kronor ($7,177) betting on the outcome.

    "As soon as I saw the artists, a penny dropped," Lindholm told the Resumé newspaper.

    The line up, which includes a slew of Obama favourites, and is set to be hosted by close ally Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, was all that Lindholm needed to write up an article for the paper predicting the US president to emerge as the winner.

    The enterprising hack decided to back up his hunch with hard cash and wagered 1,000 kronor on the Nobel committee plumping for Obama, despite the fact that when nominations closed for the prestigious prize the former Illinois senator had only been in office for a number of weeks.

    Barack Obama's status as a rank outsider, with names such as Bill Clinton, Afghanistan's Ghazi din Muhammad and Colombian freedom fighter Piedad Córdoba tipped for the prize, was reflected in the odds of 50-1 given to Lindholm.

    "50,000 kronor. A pretty good commission," Lindholm said to the newspaper.

    While Lindholm enjoys the fruits of his labour, the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee chairperson Thorbjørn Jagland was left to explain the surprise choice.

  60. Just got back from 7 days and 6 nights to Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, Bobal country in general.

  61. Yeah, but Bobal won't be appearing on Rushmore along with al-Dougal.

  62. Ain't Yellowstone Grand?
    My favorite family vacation when we were kids.
    (Got there via Santa Fe RR, or Southern Pacific, plus a bus)
    Beats Amtrack.

  63. Allen: According to the Author, Abraham and his descendants have an eternal role to play in the ongoing, gradual revelation of the Almighty to a somewhat reluctant world.

    What often gets overlooked is that the Arabs trace themselves back to Abraham too, through Ishmael. Now whether this is true or not, it makes for a good story.

  64. Doug, this was my best vacation ever, but yesterday I drove from Rexburg, Idaho, only two hours from Yellowstone's west entrance, all the way home to Seattle, in fourteen hours, stopped only for lunch in Boise, and that beat me down. My Momma went with me and I didn't let her drive.

  65. You should have dropped mom off for a vacation w/Uncle al-Bob.

  66. desert rat said...
    Ike, who everyone liked, was not going to let the Frenchies and the Brits act like NAZIs in Africa.. Using military might to take what theu wanted from the natives.

    Isreal was theft enough, for the US to allow. The last piece of Europeon expansion we'd permit.

    In as much as Mr Truman felt sorry for those Eastern Europeons that wanted to leave Europe for shores of the eastern Med.

    Rat, do us all a favor?

    shut the hell up about what you know NOTHING about...

  67. Apparently Ike got the UK to reverse course in the Suez crisis by threatening to sell UK bonds, which would devalue the pound sterling. Now China can invade Taiwan with impugnity, and if Obama whines about it, China can threaten to sell US bonds, which would devalue the dollar.

  68. Neville Chamberlain has been awarded a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize for trying to avert WWII by appeasing Hitler.