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Monday, October 26, 2009

Kill the big banks once and for all?

What good are mega-banks? Who are they good for and could they even exist without overt or virtual government guarantees? Most of them have been used for chop-shops of American industry and issuing financial instruments of mass destruction that no one seems to understand and if they do, they do not seem to be able to explain them to anyone that does not comprehend the financial divining behind them.

If capitalists want to gamble with equity, that is their business , but federally chartered banks, using credit backed by government guarantees have no reason to exist. Gradually withdraw the guarantees and let the bankasaurs sink into the extinction pit.


Wall Street firms should not be called banks, US official says
Head of government insurer says legal constraints on using the word 'bank' needed to dispel confusion

Andrew Clark Guardian

One of America's top financial regulators has suggested that Wall Street institutions should be banned from calling themselves "banks" in an effort to clear a fog of confusion about the word in both political and consumer circles.

Sheila Bair, chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), suggested that only commercial deposit-taking institutions, where customers' cash is safeguarded by a guarantee, should be permitted to describe themselves as banks.

"Everything gets called a bank these days," Bair told the annual conference of the American Bankers Association. "Wall Street firms, mortgage firms ... Maybe there should be some legal constraints on who should call themselves banks – maybe only FDIC insured institutions should have that label."

Such a definition would exclude the likes of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, which do not take consumer deposits but often describe themselves as investment banks. It would also leave out thousands of "mortgage banks" that typically act as go-betweens linking consumer and secondary financial markets.

An annual gathering of banking chief executives, held in Chicago this year, has been greeted with protests organised by unions furious at irresponsible lending, home foreclosures and bailouts.

Several hundred demonstrators wielding placards with slogans such as "stop robber barons" and "hold banks accountable" rallied outside the Sheraton hotel, where the financial bosses were gathering. Amid tight security, activists tried to get into an opening drinks reception on Sunday evening but were kept back by police. Protests were also staged at the Chicago office of Goldman Sachs. The American Bankers Association includes JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup. But it argues that the majority of its members are community banks which should not be blamed for the ills of Wall Street.

"The financial crisis is unfortunately often referred to as a banking crisis," said Edward Yingling, chief executive of the association, adding high-profile failures such as AIG, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were not banks.

More than 100 smaller banks have been seized by regulators in the US this year, with the FDIC stepping in to safeguard customers' deposits. Many industry regulators argue that large institutions, too, should be allowed to fail rather than being bailed out by the government.

Bair said the concept of banks becoming "too big to fail" had become a moral hazard following aid to keep firms such as Citigroup and Bank of America afloat, and that the government ought to develop a way of winding down unviable firms in a sensible manner. He added that there was a growing political consensus between Republicans and Democrats on this.


  1. If we had any kind of legal system half of those sonofabitches (I'm including a whole swath of politicians) would be in jail right now.

  2. Kill 'em, small banks are best.

    Small is best in many things.

  3. Not quite the all seeing eye, but close---

    Shrimp From Mars

  4. Eric Hoffer wrote in 1968 that what happens to Israel eventually happens to all of us.

    Hear, O Israel

    Here's the way Joseph Campbell interprets, for himself at least, the double triangle--

    When we are one place in our lives and want to be in another place, there's an obstacle to be overcome, a threshold to be passed. The six-pointed star, which in Judaism is the Star of David, is a symbol that appears in India as the sign of Chakra IV.

    (Symbol of Star of David here)

    In the double triangle, the up-ward-pointed triangle--you might use the word "aspiration" for that--is symbolic of the movement principle. The downward-pointed triangle is inertia, and it represents what the obstacle would be. The down-ward-pointing triangle can be experienced either as an impediment or as the door that is opened. When you recognize its psychological significance and effect a mental transformation, then you see the obstacle as an opening.

    So you can experience the down-ward-pointed triangle in two ways: one, as an obstacle; and the other as the means by which you are going to make the ascent. So, everything in your life that seems to be obstructive can be transformed by your recognizing that it is the means for your transition.

  5. FP: Why the hatred of the Jew?

    Solway: As I write in the book, hatred of the Jew is the perpetual vestige of Western resentment and vexation against its own civilizing imperative. This too was Winston Churchill’s understanding of Jew-hatred, which he described as Western civilization’s revolt against its own central values as manifested in art, science and political and religious institutions. It is no exaggeration to say that the Jew is the test case of a civilization—a test we appear to have failed.

    from the article

  6. Got Perfect Credit? You Could Be Charged For It!

    Bank Of America, Citigroup First To Try Out Idea, Which Will Undoubtedly Alienate Many Who Follow The Rules.

    Loraine Mullen-Kress carries a Bank of America credit card and religiously pays off her balance.

    "Flawless credit," she boasted.

    Yet now, her good credit habits could cost her. Earlier this month Bank of America started notifying customers like Mullen-Kress that they will be charged a new annual fee of $29 to $99.

    "There is a big segment of their population that they will have never made money on, which is people who pay their bills on time every month," said Ben Woolsey, Director of Consumer Research at

    Bank of America said in a statement: "At this point we're testing the fee on a very small number of accounts and haven't made any final decisions." Citigroup is also trying out an annual fee with some card holders, and analysts expect more banks to follow their lead.

  7. Hoffman Leading?

    The blogosphere is abuzz over a new poll showing Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman leading Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Dede Scozzafava in the race to replace Congressman John McHugh (R), who resigned to become Obama's Secretary of the Army. The Club for Growth-sponsored poll by Basswood Research shows Hoffman with 31%, Owens with 27%, and Scozzafava at 20%.
    On the other hand, there's been a dearth of polling in the district, accompanied by a surge of activity. The last polling was conducted by Research 2000 (October 19-20) for the liberal website DailyKos. It showed Hoffman at 23%, Owens at 35%, and Scozzafava at 30%. Polling conducted a week earlier by New York based Siena showed a similar Owens lead.
    Since those polls were conducted, Scozzafava has endured a spate of bad publicity. In particular, her use of the police to stop an aggressive reporter has received widespread attention in the district.

  8. Silencing Voices for School Choice

    Attorney General Eric Holder tries to kill a TV ad supporting D.C. school vouchers.

  9. "Do as I say,
    not as MY Children do.

  10. The bank charges the store up to 5% every time a card is used. They make money on Every transaction.

  11. Be careful. The Club for Growth polls consistently have Hoffman in way better shape than any of the other polls. I, also, would like to see Hoffman win, but the CFG is just as crooked as any of the other assholes up there.

  12. Yeah, but the other poll was done for the DailyKos!
    ...naturally, 'Rat touted that!

  13. Yeah, I just don't want to see you get your itty-bitty heart broke. Odds are pretty big against him.

    But, Dammit, I'd love to see it, too.

  14. I see why saving big banks are important, however, I'm not sure its the government's role to step in so much as the plan proposes.

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    給自己一次機會 跨出第一步 若自覺不適合這行 就盡早打消夢幻的念頭 趕緊找其他出路 不是嗎??

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  27. 2020.04.30中央流行疫情指揮中心8日公布一本土確診個案(案379),其實是台北知名酒店工作酒店公關,這名女公關任職的酒店其實來頭不小,背後經營的大股東是知名酒店大亨,在台北市擁有3家高級酒店,主要酒店S服務的都是中高階的商務客,甚至是政商名流,據悉,這位酒店大亨大有來頭,過去曾是竹聯幫前「天堂」堂主,但受到這波疫情衝擊,業績也有明顯下滑。台北市知名酒店上班女公關確診,引起八大行業酒店業者和經紀公司震撼!確診的為中山區酒店,是台北市排名前3大的禮服酒店,而這家酒店的幕後老闆,曾是主竹聯幫創堂堂主。據傳10年前,這位酒店大亨的身價就已超過5億。這些年他以「加盟」方式,讓信任的大哥接手經營,他收取加盟金,雖說景氣不佳,很多酒店歇業,但他的「酒店王國」,反而經營的更加有聲有色。業者透露,這家中山區的酒店,是高檔的商務型禮服酒店,每天酒店PT上班的小姐都超過百人,客人來消費坐定包廂後,就有10名小姐站一排讓客人挑選,這些酒店打工小姐年齡為18歲到23歲。小姐檯費每小時2000元,會有啤酒招待,洋酒則另計,客人數多時則會招待洋酒;至於少爺小費,固定只收一次1000元,由於女店內公關們年輕貌美,所以這家禮服店,雖然身處台北酒店一級戰區,業績仍是長紅。這名酒店大亨在台北市擁有3間高級酒店,另外2間就在大安區,由於緊鄰捷運站,地理位置相當便利,專門接待政商名流。為了讓小姐專心在店內上班,酒店大亨還創立「保母制度」,讓旗下小姐的生活和經濟等都有專人服務,甚至可以幫忙打官司,所以他旗下連鎖酒店的小姐流動率,是北部業界最低,這也是這位大亨累績財富的重要因素。最近有業者傳言,女公關確診的酒店,自1月起,因為感受到疫情會日益嚴重,為了守住生意,讓小姐、少爺有錢可賺,已經要求小姐、少爺等人從外面進入店內前,必須配合量體溫,酒店在打烊後也會消毒防疫,可是仍無法避免有店內員工確診的情況發生,如今生意沒辦法做,酒店業者宛如骨牌效應跟著自主歇業,疫情結束前衝擊的業績恐怕很可觀。

  28. 2020.05.06新冠肺炎疫情肆虐,由於先前有台北某知名酒店工作酒店女公關酒店S確診,因此指揮中心下令全台酒店上班暫時停業,連帶造成許多小姐生計出現困難。不過也正因為如此,大家開始討論八大行業酒店內秘辛、玩法、價位等等,一些不為人知的事情,浮上檯面;一名酒店小姐就分享,曾遇到狐臭味超重的客人。根據【酒店PT】鍵盤大檸檬網站真人真事,一名酒店打工酒店小姐因為經濟困難到酒店上班,卻遇上「超級狐仙」客人,對方味道濃醇不香,期間不斷手舉高、腋下對著她;回家洗澡完,她發現身上仍有客人的狐臭味,因此再次坐檯時,請求對方不要再點她檯了,結果男客居然犯賤,每回來都點她。隨著酒店停業,想必該位小姐暫時不會再被男客的狐臭味侵犯了。回顧先前本刊記者調查,台北市合法登記的酒吧及視聽歌唱等特種行業約30家,以每家平均40個包廂(桌數),單店每日營收60萬元至240萬元為計,停業一個月,損失最高飆破20億元,若計入不合法的地下酒店,損失將逾30億元。而有業者為了求生存,因此轉為「地下化」,更有酒店女公關轉戰應召市場,宜蘭甚至出現付1500元就能獲得全套服務亂象。目前台灣疫情逐漸趨緩,對於酒店何時解禁,中央流行疫情指揮中心指揮官陳時中表示,解禁沒有時間表,但只要大家願意好好配合,那開放的時間就越快。

  29. 台中市一家酒店經紀傳播公司的趙姓經紀人,因市場競爭激烈竟下猛藥,遊說4名未成年少女當傳播妹,其中兩人只有13歲,並媒介到俗稱「三百暢飲」的KTV酒店坐檯陪酒,直到其中一名被通報失蹤人口的13歲少女被警方尋獲,全案因此曝光,連同酒店經紀趙男也被揪出送辦,案經法官審理後,判坦承犯行的趙男4個月徒刑,得易科罰金。台中市特種行業酒店經紀競爭激烈,十多年前有業者打出喝酒收人頭費300元、無限暢飲噱頭,三百暢飲酒店就此打響名號,一時間如雨後春筍般興起,尤其是該類型酒店更以敢玩敢脫吸引酒客著稱,這些年來也形成一套完整的情色文化,且衍生出不少「膾炙人口」的色情術語。根據判決指出,台中市一家酒店經紀傳播公司的趙姓及陳姓經紀人,為迎合部分酒客喜歡「幼齒」的心態,明知該4名未成年少女其中2人年僅13歲,另2人分別為15歲、17歲,仍於2020年6月間,安排她們前往台中市一家俗稱「三百暢飲酒店」的KTV坐檯陪酒。期間因其中一名13歲少女逃家失聯,被家人通報為失蹤協尋人口,直到警方找到她雖撤銷協尋,卻意外得知她這段時間都在坐檯陪酒,且還有其他相同遭遇的少女報請檢方指揮偵辦,經前往酒店及宿舍搜索救出另3名少女,並將趙男、陳男、KTV廖姓負責人及李姓會計等4人帶回偵訊後送辦。而全案也經檢方依違反《兒童及少年性剝削防制條例》意圖營利而媒介使少年坐檯陪酒罪起訴,而趙男對犯行坦承不諱,法官審理後依意圖營利而媒介使少年坐檯陪酒罪判他4個月徒刑,得易科罰金12萬元,另沒收不法所得,全案可上訴,另3名被告則另案審理。

  30. 酒店應徵國際娛樂影音⬇️酒店經紀推薦梁小尊