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Sunday, October 18, 2009

More on Iranian Revolutionary Guard Decapitation

Pakistan Terror Group Blamed For Iran Bombing
2009-10-18 11:43am

Pakistan-based terrorist group Jundullah has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in southeast Iran that killed 29 people and wounding another 28, according to Iranian state media.

The group, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda, targeted a unity gathering between Sunni and Shia tribal leaders in the borderline Pishin region, near the city of Sarbaz.

Several top regional security officials such as provincial commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) including Brigadier Nour-Ali Shoushtari and Brigadier Rajab-Ali Mohammadzadeh were killed in the explosion.

State owned Iranian media Press TV said the explosion also claimed the lives of a group of tribal leaders and well known local figures of both the Shia and Sunni communities.

Press TV said the terror ring has carried out many bombings and other violent attacks in Iran.

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  1. Who knows who did it - plausible deniability

  2. targeted a unity gathering

    They are all together in death.

  3. Well, Elijah, I am sure that the Iranians believe they know exactly who is responsible.

    That'd be Satan or one of his proxies here on Earth.

    It has been said we are really putting the pressure on the Pakistani. Perhaps this is one of the results.

  4. Balochistan or Baluchistan (Balochi: بلوچستان )

    Below is a statement by Balochistan Peoples Party:

    In the aftermath of the presidential election 19 Baloch prisoners have been executed after short trials in closed-door court rooms without having access to defence lawyers.

    Three people were hanged on Sunday 31st of May [2009] three days after an explosion in Zahidan, the provincial capital of Balochistan, Iran. Their alleged charges were of planning the attack and carrying out the explosion in the “Hosseiniye” adjacent to “Amirulmumeneen Mosque”.

    We have already disclosed these unjust killings in a communiqué part of which is replicated here. The following is quoted from BBC’s Persian language service:

    “Iranian Official News Agency (IRNA) has quoted a judge, whose name has not been disclosed, saying that the executed were not involved directly in the explosion but they had been arrested two days before the explosion occurred. However, the accused were interrogated and trialled the night between the 30th and 31st of May, and were executed immediately after being charged for facilitating the explosion”.

    This rapid trial shows the unjust treatment of the Baloch people by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    After this announcement, IRNA quoted Ebrahim Hamidi, chief justice of Sistan and Balochistan: that 13 people were under trial charged for drug smuggling, hostage taking and rebellion against the government. It specifically mentioned Mr Abdul Hameed Rigi who has been tortured to confess to have committed different kinds of crimes ranging from having had contact with Western countries to manslaughter and hostage-taking. His confessions were shown on the state run TV. For the second it was annoyed that he would be trialled and executed.

    On 14th of July, 13 of them were hanged in the prison in Zahidan and the regime announced that Mr Abdul Hameed Rigi will also be executed later within some days.
    Twenty people were hanged in Rajai Prison in Karaj city on 2nd June 2009. According to Radio Balochi FM, three of them named Jamshed Khaleghdadi son of Gholam Mohammad, Najibullah Dardkashedeh Son of Mullah Safar and Khudabaksh Rigi were Baloch.

    According to “Hamoun” TV, local government TV station in Balochistan, two persons were hanged in central jail of Zahedan on 20th June. They were charged for drug smuggling and were trialled in closed court sessions without having access to defence lawyers. Furthermore, their names were not announced as it is usual in cases where the victims are political prisoners but have been trialled as criminals.

  5. On 18th of July Ebrahim Hamidi, Chief Justice cleric of Sistan and Balochistan announced that two people were under trial and would be executed on charges of being members of Jundullah. He further said that they will be executed together with Abdul Hameed Rigit.

    For the third time the regime has announced that Mr Abdul Hameed Rigi, either has been executed or will be executed. The Iranian government is playing with a man’s life and putting his family in constant disarray and agony. This act shows the unlimited desire of hatred of the Iranian government towards the Baloch people.

    These executions are indications of the discriminating and, possibly a racism-like policy of Iranian government in Balochistan. We believe that Islamic Republic of Iran is committing serious crimes against the Baloch people that are equal to crimes against humanity. We therefore appeal to the international community and the human rights organizations to urge the government of Iran to:

    -Stop discrimination and racism-like treatment of the Baloch people,
    -Hold open trials with access to defense lawyers for prisoners.
    -Stop taking forced confessions under inhumane tortures. Notably, Mr Abdul Hameed Rigi has been shown on TV confessing to have committed crimes such as man slaughter, hostage taking, rebellion against the state and connections with western countries such as USA and the UK.
    -Free all political prisoners in Balochistan and else where in Iran.
    -Hold responsible the leaders of Islamic Republic for committing crimes against the Baloch which is also equal to crimes against humanity.
    -To investigate the crimes of the leaders of Islamic Republic in a The Hague International court.

  6. I'm thankful I live in the USA, where we are still able to have unity gatherings on the internet, and not blow one another up.


    In the Tribune today:

    "Overabundant Hatchery Fish May Be Diluting Gene Pool Of Wild Stocks"

    This has been an issue for a long time.

    The hatchery fish are wild stocks, captured and put in the hatcheries.

    One line of argument goes that so little time has passed that there really couldn't be any
    'genetic drift' between the two groups.

    There does seem to be a difference between the two groups, however.

    The hatchery fish seem to be a little smaller, not so feisty.

    This may just be the result of being raised in a hatchery, however.

    It's one of these fighting issues around here, the fish biologists fighting it out over who is right, who is wrong.

    There has been a really good run of steelhead this year.

    It may be that ocean conditions are the big factor.

    There is much speculation about this, and, it would seem, is another arrow in the back of the 'global warming' crowd.

  7. saying that the executed were not involved directly in the explosion but they had been arrested two days before the explosion occurred.

    heh, well, they don't seem to put much emphasis on the right of appeal over in those areas.

    Three people were hanged on Sunday 31st of May [2009] three days after an explosion

  8. I think we were still back at the Wretchard Club when I advocated promoting an insurrection in Iran by providing arms and cash to Baloch warlords, amongst others.

    Buddy, who seems to have made a brief appearance here, said that was a throw back to 1950 thinking and not likely to get far down the trail.

    This is the type of action I was hoping for, from the Six Stars over Afpakistan and our new President. If Mr Bush was still in the Oval Office we'd be reading accolades to his leadership.

  9. I think Rat may well be right about this.

    I don't know much about the ins and outs of it.

    My suggestion, years ago too, was to simply use the US Air Force and bomb them till they pipped, and said uncle.

    While we could still make them say uncle without a big blowup.

    We might have been able to do this with zero casualities.

    Now we have Obama as Commander in Chief, I can't see much happening from our side.

    Where do these girls on the TV get their o so very correct English accents?

    Man, they speak it better than the King himself.

  10. the one known as rat previously has been informing that the present administration would acquiesce on Iranian nukes

    today the narrative is that the administration is behind covert actions to decapitate Iranian military officers

    i am just happy that the iranians could not possibly view the U.S. as the world's oppressor with Obama at the helm

  11. Attorney Client Priviledge Invoked In Hawaii

    Christ, what a cover up.

    Is coverup one word or two, in the King's English?

  12. Our Republic is hanging by a thread.

  13. Any other legal advice rendered to our clients is privileged communication.

    Al-Doug, march on Honolulu, or where ever the state Capital is.

    Probably in Honolulu, but may be elsewhere for all I know.

  14. The statute uses the word “shall”.

    That is the mandatory language of the law.

    We are having a coup here in America.

  15. There is nothing that the US can do about the Iranian nuclear program, militarily.

    They will develop the full fuel cycle and, I think, try to export the electrical generation technology. Venezuela and Cuba come first to mind as prospective customers.

    There is nothing we can do to stop them short of going to war with Iran. That is something the US will not do. It will not blockade Iranian ports or perform any other act of war against Iranian interests, in public.

    But deniable proxies, through multiple cut outs, that is well with in the range of Team Obamamerica. It was within the range of Jack Abramoff and allen's Guru, so have no doubt that the "boys" from Chi-town can play that game, too.

    At an even greater scale on a much larger stage.

    You fellas consistently under estimate Obama. Have since he first burst on the scene. Myself, I was sure that the Clintons would toast his ass, but he beat the masters at their own game.

    Whipped on McCain like he was a powder puff girl.

    The idea that Abracadbra and the carpet layers will out play US, is still a reach. Depending upon what game you think they are playing.

    It is all about the monitoring regime, now.
    Not the nuclear cycle.

    That's why we're getting tough. It's last stand time.

  16. On July 27, 2009 the DoH disclosed the conclusions of the Attorney General’s opinion. The DoH cannot make secret law. The controlling statutes, case law and OIP opinion letters make it quite clear that the Attorney General opinion rendered to the head of the DoH pertaining to her infamous July 27, 2009 press release must be made available to the public.

    I am currently drafting an appeal to the OIP as well as the judiciary. According to the UIPA statute at 92F-15(f), judicial review will be expedited.

    Leo C. Donofrio, Citizen Attorney

    Donofrio is a good lawyer.

    What will become of this I haven't a clue, but I am thinking our current unca sam is bocoming an enemy, sad to say.

  17. There is nothing that the US can do about the Iranian nuclear program, militarily.

    Dang it, we could have bombed them to the stone age, and made them pip, when we had the chance.

    I don't even know how to keep up on this game any longer.

    I don't think anyone else knows, and the whole damned thing is out of anyones control.

  18. Their hardliners die, Rastinjohnny and his cronies apply some more internal pressure.

    An acceptable compromise leading to an adequate monitoring regime is the "best" case scenario, given the position that we are in after almost 30 years of Islamic Revolution in Iran.

    Kill off the hardliners, compromise is more likely.

  19. Desert Rat says we're getting tough, but he forgot we're dealing with a Nobel Peace Prize recipient:

    Obama: 'Victory' Not Necessarily Goal in Afghanistan

  20. It has always been "out of control" bob.

    That's part of the myth, that Persia was ever controlled by the "West".

    How authoritarian should the Shah have become, with US backing, to control the radical Abrahamics?

    Even with US backing how long could he have held out against popular democratic pressures, which became dominated by the radicals.

    Especially when the French were harboring them in Paris.

  21. "Victory" may not be the Goal.
    Depending upon what victory is, in Afghanistan.

    Define it and we can find a scenario to achieve it, or not.

    He is lowering the objective, which is a "good thing". Because the McCrystal "Plan" for "Victory" is a trap full of tar babies.

  22. Why believe that Obama is telling the truth, ever, if you believe he lies to gain advantage.

    Why would he not act true to form, with the Peace Prize providers?

  23. I find it hard to believe that any US government employee, especially in today's CIA, would take the risk of an assasination using suicide bombers. It is far more likely this is a result of the student demonstrations of the past summer..

  24. Obama isn't "telling the truth":

    Tony Stark Says:

    October 16, 2009 at 2:52 AM
    Leo, a skeptic of your efforts to force the DoH to reveal how they came to the conclusion that Obama was an NBC speculated in a different blog that the DoH under pressure from your attempts to pry the truth out of them will just withdraw the statement and apologize for misleading people into thinking that it meant more that they intended. Can such a mea culpa from the DoH really put a stop to the investigation, or was this just another decepticon trying to plant the idea into people’s minds that this line of investigation will lead to nowhere?

    [ed. i dont know. but if they withdraw the statement that would be a huge PR victory in itself. I dont think they will withdraw it.

    from Natural Born Citizen.

    Obama isn't "telling the truth."

    We have a coup going on here in America.

  25. The light at the end of the socialist tunnel is a "Civilian National Security Corps" red-shirt muzzle flash

  26. This could be far removed from the untrustworthy at the CIA, deuce.

    I certainly would not task them this type of mission. If it were me in the Oval Office. Not when I had access to other, more private and removed resources available to act in my behalf.

    Total deniability if it were Saudi operatives who took the action and paid the bonuses to the families of the bombers.

  27. Just as the past Head of Saudi Intel promised, right here at the EB just a couple of posts ago.

  28. The pieces of the puzzle and the "dots" are all there, right here at the EB, but the partisan, religious or racial biases blind many to the reality of what is happening.

  29. The folks that were protesting the election, deuce, were not suicidal radicals but rational educated urbanites, for the most part, as was reported and observed on video.

  30. As we know the actual bomber is often just as much a victim of the conspiracy as the targets themselves are.

    The use of imbeciles and the not so bright as bombardiers is legendary, often reported upon right here at the EB.

    Who would be so cold blooded as to do that, but the Sauds or their proxies inside Iran?

    Using techniques that they have used with success, before.

  31. I can certainly see Rahm Emanuel making a secure call to which ever Saudi Prince has the portfolio.

  32. It is also an indication of how we have come to embrace the Wahabbists in their struggle against the Shia of Iran.

    Despite the horrors of 9-11-01.

  33. Another indication that it was the Sauds carrying the water, right in the thread

    The group, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda, ...

    Which is influenced and infiltrated by Saudi Intel.

  34. The Persians have been a Major Player on the world's stage for 5,000 years.

    Seventy-five Million People. Great mathematicians, and architects. Astronomers. Builders. A Crazy, Aggressive Religion, divided into two sects - one only slightly more deranged, on any given day, than the other.

    In posession of an extremely valuable, but depleting resource.

    Boring, it ain't gonna be.

  35. While it is also a show of good faith and seriousness to Bibi.

  36. Boring, it ain't gonna be.

    I feel sorry for the Persian women.

    Persian women can be o so beautiful.

    A beautiful, truly beautiful, set of women like this shouldn't have to put with such crap from some crazy men.

  37. Amen brother Bobal, amen and amen

  38. Who do you think drove the Persian men Crazy, Bob?

  39. Damn, those are nice lookers.

    They could drive even me crazy.

    And, I think, usually, of myself as sane.

    I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said

    "I've taken the day off work. The Voices said, clean your guns and check your ammo."

    O, Lord.

  40. Of course there is also the possibility that it was merely the Jundallah doing it on their own. After all, the Sistan-Baluchistan Province has been a pain in Abdinabobjob's side for some time. So much so that he put the Revolutionary Guard in charge of the province in April.

    Since then the Baluchi tribes there have complained of persecution. With many of their leaders being arrested, tried, and convicted in in non-public trials.

  41. Could be, but the coincidence is unlikely. Even if it is though, the Persian Princes will not believe it was not US.

    They discount the locals abilities to act alone, prejudices being what they are.

  42. Just as many believe that Hamas and HB would be as nothing, if not for Iranian support.

    Maybe Seemore Hirsh was right, after all.

  43. xThe mysterious explosion which knocked Hizballah's military telecommunications network out of commission Saturday night, Oct. 17, had evolved by Sunday morning into three Israeli wiretapping devices buried in the hills of Houla in South Lebanon which were discovered and blown up.
    DEBKAfile's military sources report that Hizballah and the Lebanese army had got together in the interim on their story, indicating deepening cooperation between them. The story was fabricated to cover up the extent of the damage to Hizballah's military telecommunications network and pay Israel back for exposing the 300 illegal weapons cached in the South Lebanon and housing thousands of different types of missiles - in gross breach of UN Security Council resolution 1701.
    The Lebanese army and the UN peacekeeping force were entrusted with keeping Hizballah in line.
    UNFIL spokesperson Yasmina Bouziane did not confirm the Hizballah-Lebanese army's account - only that peacekeepers were at the scene. They have not finished investigating an explosion five days ago which destroyed one of the forbidden weapons caches that were hidden behind the villa of Hizballah leader Saeed Nasser.
    Our military sources add that Hizballah can no longer deny that a mysterious hand is at work destroying its weapons depots and the logistical infrastructure it has installed in South Lebanon. They believe this hand belongs to the IDF's special operations units. Reluctant to admit the damage to their system, the Shiite terrorist group's chiefs tried to keep its destruction dark. But word soon spread across the country and so Hizballah decided to put out word that the explosion was caused by IDF wiretapping devices buried in the Houla area which Israel had blown up by remote control.
    A Lebanese military spokesman said Sunday night that Israeli unmanned aircraft detonated one device Saturday night and a second Sunday morning, while the third was defused by the Lebanese army during the day.
    Not everyone in Lebanon bought the story: Some Lebanese media quoted Lebanese officers as attributing the explosion to a "breach" in the Hizballah's telecommunications network in south Lebanon. Two cables of 50 meters were exposed - one for wiretapping, the other for broadcasting, they reported.
    To keep the UN peacekeepers guessing, they were not called until all three devices had been blown to bits and were impossible to identify.

  44. I would also bet that at the headwaters of the Baluchi's golden chain you'll find a Saudi Prince.

  45. So, the Iranian network is being stressed along it's length and breadth.

    Not likely to be part of the post election discontent in Iran or be happening concurrently across the region by happenstance.

  46. Could be, but the coincidence is unlikely.

    I don't know enough about Iran to defend my position beyond what I've said. (One of the disadvantages of the US not having an embassy there.)

    However, by applying the principle of Ocamm's Razor, I have to opt for my idea only because of its simplicity. Your explanation is much more colorful but it also rests on a lot of assumptions.

  47. That would be occam's razor.

  48. Yours rests upon the assumption that the Baluchi can or do operate independently from the rest of the Wahabbist jihadi network, which I find doubtful. In the extreme.

    Regardless, there are a whole series of perceptions to take into account, as to the prospective consequences of these regional moves against the Mullahs.

  49. FUCK IT!


    Yes, i want to back out, until I have a real talk with my wife.

    She will be making the decision here.

    I think they are just asking for too much.

    They keep asking for fees, and of course, there is no real purpose to these fees, when one considers that we are paying their salaries from our property taxes.

    The wife will have the last say on this

    It's just a steal.

    I think when she gets back from her visit with her friend, she is going to put the nix on this.

    They have got us giving five acres to a park, when the first ten acres has me building a major road,

    We have vacant parks all over Moscow.

    I have gotten zero positive impact on my own delevopment from the City or the neighbors..

    I think the whole area should go R-4, for student housing.

    The whole thing seems like a mess to me.

    So, back out.

    Back in the old days, the city tried to help us do some development.

    It is not that way anymore.

    I want to back out.

    It doesn't make financial sense, in these days.

    The wife is going to nix it, we will just keep growing alfalfa.

    The City is just asking for too much.

    They want park, fees unending, and I have no certainty that I will even get a positive ruling.

    At this time, back out.


    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Susan R. Wilson
    To: 'Robert Peterson'
    Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 7:54 PM
    Subject: RE: stop it


    I just want to confirm; are you directing me to withdraw both of your applications from the City? I will try calling you first thing in the morning and will also get a hold of the City. . .


  50. Well, that is how a 'community investment deal' gets nixed.

    The old alfalfa farmer feels he can't support it, so it is nixed.

    He goes back to alfalfa.

    Maybe they can come up with some stimulous money. That might change the equation.

    But this isn't Chicago.

    I'm glad I am out of it.

  51. Count your blessings, Bob. If the fees issue was the slap to the jaw that brought you to your senses, that's good. My hunch is the fees would be an insignificant part of your losses in total, if you continue in today's market.

    Why not just tell your wife, on her arrival, that you've done some serious thinking, made up your mind, and the deal's off. Take the burden off her shoulders. She'll thank you for it, and count her own blessings, among them that she married such a strong and decisive man.

    Then you can take her on a nice vacation. Visit Las Vegas. She'll worship you, and encourage you to buy yourself that nice F-150.

  52. Christ, Linear, have you ever seen such good things

    as those Persian eyes?


  53. Night Linear,

    Have a good day tomorrow.