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Monday, October 12, 2009

US, Saudi link in missing Iranian nuclear scientist?


  1. Iranian defections have been occurring with regularity...

    There is a large Farsi population both WITHIN America and Israel, it would not surprise me if there were MANY more secret sites that BOTH the USA and Israel knows about but is being kept quiet...

    Let's remember that Israel took out an Iranian, North Korean & Syria plutonium reactor (now almost 2 years ago) and it has now surfaced that there are at least 4 other sites in Syria that "suspected" as well (for which assad has refused comment....

    Iran is hugh and large % of it's population is neither old nor attached to the mullahs...

    Let's all remember, aside from Israel, Iranians were the only other people in the middle east that mourned the 9/11 attacks...

    Iran JUST cut consumer gasoline usage by 60% as of last week and that border that they used to put fighters and weapons INTO Iraq also put pro-western people INTO Iran...

    Shit's about to hit the fan...

    mark my words...

  2. WiO, the policy of our Commander and Sheik is to kill babies and grandmas, but protect Mullahs. Israel is all on their own. They better fly through Saudi Arabia rather than Iraq, or Obama might shoot down the Israeli strike package.

    Bobal I'm jealous you saw Aimee Mann and I dinnit. I drove through Coeur d' Alaine and Missoula on my way out. Smelterville is really cleaned up, when we went through in 1976 there was a river full of lead we went swimming in unawares, and that's why I have this ::twitch:: to this day.

  3. Teresita said...
    WiO, the policy of our Commander and Sheik is to kill babies and grandmas, but protect Mullahs. Israel is all on their own. They better fly through Saudi Arabia rather than Iraq, or Obama might shoot down the Israeli strike package.

    yep that's our voting "present" potus for you...

    In the end I am not sure if Israel will attack, cyber attack, emp attack, funnel weapons to groups within iran (kurds, arabs etc) to take out the mullahs...

    but the clock is running out and and do not see any action from America other than sitting on our hands...

    It's not the 1st time America has punted...

    Sadly i feel BHO is guiding America down to a new low in American power across the globe...

    This is by no means permanent nor is BHO going to be able to completely destroy America's soul, but he will do decades of damage...

  4. WiO the lesson for Republicans is: Don't put RINOs in the Oval Office, it takes four years of wandering in the wilderness under someone like Peanut or Hussein to clean them out of there.

  5. Polanski "depressed" in jail. Evidently, being the rapee is not as much fun. Big Bubba doesn't even give Roman 'ludes.

  6. Viktor,

    You are entitled to your opinion.

  7. These are facts. They are not opinions. Make of them what you will. Facts remain facts despite either the motives of the giver or the recipients.

    Jews comprise about 0.25% of the world's population and about 2% of the US.

    Of the world's citizens, 20% of Nobel Prizes in chemistry have gone to Jews. 28% of Americans winning in Chemistry have been Jewish.

    Of Nobel Prizes in economics, 42% of the world total and 56% of the American total have gone to Jews.

    In physics, 26% of the world and 37% of the American totals have gone to Jews.

    Looking at physiology and medicine, the numbers are 28% and 41% respectively.

    (The disparities are mind-boggling, and under any other circumstance would be considered miraculous.)

    When the Kyoto Prize is considered, 33% of all recipients for work in advanced technology and 23% of recipients in basic sciences have been Jews.

    To repeat, about 0.25% of the world's population is Jewish.

  8. Just to set the record straight:

    In other words, if the U.S. manufacturing sector had been counted as a separate country, it would have been tied with Germany as the world's fourth largest economy, behind the U.S. (non-manufacturing), Japan, and China, and ahead of the entire economies of France, U.K., Italy and Russia

    Story, links to data, etc

  9. That is pretty dang amazing, Allen. Of course, the Nobel committee knows no shame, and is willing to give out "Special Olympics" type awards for "trying" now.

  10. And obviously not discriminated against, allen.

  11. Any theories on why Jews are so smart and so accomplished?

  12. What is the source for those stats allen?

  13. Jewish folk have a long history of highly valuing education and achievement 2164th.

  14. Any theories on why Jews are so smart and so accomplished?

    Good question with conflicting answers. Ashkenazi Jews have received perhaps the most attention, although the subject continues to be controversial.

    The 2005 study Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence[1] by Gregory Cochran, Jason Hardy, and Henry Harpending at the University of Utah noted that European Jews were forbidden to work in many of the common jobs of the Middle Ages from 800 to 1700 CE, such as agriculture, and subsequently worked in high proportion in professions such as finance and trade, some of which were forbidden to non-Jews by the church. Those who performed better are known to have raised more children to adulthood, according to Cochran et al., passing on their genes in greater proportion than those who performed less successfully.

    More at Ashkenazi intelligence.

    I'm sure others can discuss this more knowledgeably.


    OT, but too good to pass up, as this is another nail in the coffin of Rufus & Co's peak oil hysteria

    a couple hundred years from now, someone will still be preaching peak oil hysteria, although we will probably/hopefully have found an alternative to fossil fuels by then. or maybe not, maybe we will just have found a way to leverage the energy in them in some exponential way just as Moore's Law leverages the power of transistors. neither history nor the future are linear. black swans may be upside as well as downside in nature, but they are a part of nature.

  16. Did I ever say anything about Peak "Nat Gas," jwillie?

    BTW, does your car run on nat gas?

  17. 2164th said...
    Any theories on why Jews are so smart and so accomplished?


    the culture is focused to thinking & ethics


    people of the "book"

    reasons for that...

    it's easy 3000 years of literacy...

  18. Now on the flip side of allens stats...

    When we create pain the asses? we create pain in asses...

    From Al Goldstein, Ron Jeremy from howard stern and lenny bruce from madeoff to helmsly....

    From Saul/Paul to Jerry Springer...

    Please spare us the additional listings...

    but that extra Jewish gene for achieving ALSO sometimes is a pain in the ass...

  19. "2164th said...
    Any theories on why Jews are so smart and so accomplished?"

    Others have already commented on the cultural factors that are involved. However, I think there are probable a number of other factors that play a part. One of these could very well be opportunity.

    You will note that there are other areas of disproportionality in the Nobel awards. One of them involves the nationality of awards recipients. I'm not sure what percentage of the world population the US represents but the fact is that the US has received about 75% of the Nobel prizes a large percentage of which went to Jews.

    On the other hand, I think you'll find that the number of prizes that have been awarded to Jews in Isreal is very small. Now is this because of political considerations. Hard to buy that if in fact the numbers that Allen has posted are correct. Why the difference then?

    I would specualate that it is because of the university system and the research facilities available in the US; that is, the tools and the environment required for the work that gets awards.

    Then the question becomes "How big a factor is this?" But a bigger question is "Who really gives a flying f**k?" This meme has been dragged out through the last four blog streams. At this point, after three or four days of this, does anyone here other than the blog's Jew lobby and the rat really give a damn?

  20. It makes ME feel better, knowing that my tax dollars are going to such intelligent, rich, and enlightened folks. Bein poor don't hurt nearly so much.

  21. If Jews are so smart why'd they vote for Brother Barack Ashir Hussein Faisal ibn al-Obama 2:1, maybe 3:1 ?

  22. Allen

    I never said that I doubted your statistics. In fact, good on the recipients of those many awards.

    And I am not angry that you are an unrepentant braggard, although you are.

    I am angry with you because you said this:

    "Every time I see the numbers I am NOT filled with pride; rather, I am in awe of the Eternal and a revelatory plan set in motion long, long ago."

    There is only one way to interpret this, Allen. You think that Jews are superior to everyone else. Not just superior, mind you, because they have a culture of excellence and hard work but because it is God's will.

    And the rest of us, Allen? The inescapable conclusion is that we are not favored by God.

    Allen, you have what my Jewish friends called "chutzpah": defined as someone having an unmitigated effrontery or impudence.

    THAT is why I am angry with you.

    Is this the game you really want to play?

  23. When the Big O re-joined the UN's Human Rights Council it was bad enough. Now that he has the Peace Prize he'll probably be signing us up for the ICC.

  24. Allen can have his opinion about the Jews being the Chosen People, and I won't get angry with him. I myself happen to opine that the Jews were the foreshadow, or "anti-type" of the Church, and the Israel of God now subsists in the Roman Catholic Church, and I hope Allen doesn't get angry with me for having that view.

  25. Sanremo (IM) il 12 10 2009


    Vorrei ringraziare pubblicamente la Giuria Del Premio Nobel2009 per aver premiato con la gentilezza e la disponibilita'che gli ha sempre conraddistinti nel vero rispetto del senso del Premio Nobel di Alfred Nobel grande Uomo che per riparare ad un errore offri la possibilita' con tale premio desiderandolo a sua voltadi permettere alle persone di riparare con tale premio.
    Il Premio Nobel per la Pace e' stato affidato al Presidente degli Stati Uniti barack obama che con tale premio aveva l'occasione sperata per scusarsi con me lola marini pediamic lbm e per aver impropriamente usato i miei concetti spacciandoli per suoi facendomi credere con gesti ddi ogni tipo e specie di porre rimedio ad un comportamento disgustoso nei miei confronti,
    la mia casa e' invasa da microfoni e telecamere che fanno capo al Presidente barack obama.
    Inizialmente questa storia era cominciata per caso , pensando che io fossi un delinquente cosi' mi fecero spiare ivi compreso nella mia mia stanza da letto e bagno appurato pero' che non ero un delinquente continuarono selvaggiamente a spiarmi sottraendomi di fatto tutto il mio lavoro pensando che sottraendolo avesse avuto lo stesso valore ma al momento propizio quando la Giuria del Grandissimo Premio Nobel ne ha dato l'oppportunita' il Presidente barack obama non l'ha voluta cogliere pensando che io Piccola Negra che sono (e fiera di esserlo ) non avrei avuto il coraggio di ribellarmi allo schiavismo senza precedenti e senza possibilita' di difesa a me inflitto dal Presidente barack obama.
    Ora, io chiedo Giustizia perche' con questo atteggiamento si stanno scatenando delle cose irreversibili da cui mi voglio totalmente dissociare e chiedo,che gentilmente possiate tradurre questa lettera e farla girare nei blog e soprattutto di girarla alle autorita' competenti degli Stati Uniti e di altri paesi .
    geazie infinite

    Questa e' a tutti gli effetti una Pubblica Denuncia

    Lorenza Beatrice Marini
    Lola Marini
    Pediamic lbm

  26. Viktor,

    Thankfully, you did not say "some of my best friends".

    As I said, you are entitled to your opinion. If anger gets your gears going, well, I'm glad I could help.

  27. Democrat Congressman Dennis Moore, (D-KS) referred to his Republic challenger (a Marine Veteran who lost his leg to an IED in Iraq) as "white trash."

    Meanwhile the elite high priest of the know-it-all Party, Al Gore, killed the microphone of a reporter who was asking about the nine errors in his book.

  28. At this point, after three or four days of this, does anyone here other than the blog's Jew lobby and the rat really give a damn?

    Your sentiments are understandable, Quirk. I sometimes feel the same, although it appears the conflicts and controversy are unavoidable. I'm coming to the conclusion that it's all for the better to air the differences, because I gain a clearer insight into both causation and motives as the debate winds on. That's to say nothing about the fragile balance in the ME and across the globe that's the present result of these undercurrents.

    Bear with it friend, or take the advice I've offered before.

    Scroll on, like your life depended on it.

    Sometimes the last word in an argument is best heard over your shoulder, although As* disagrees.

  29. True enough LT. However, when you start to see the same post re-posted, in my opinion, most of what's going to be said has been said.

    And it's not like we're talking about war and peace, healthcare, or global warming.

    What we are talking about is interesting (up to a point) trivia.

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  31. This song is for Bobal and his Lewiston hill:

    CW McCall "...just make one mistake and its the Pearly Gates for those 85 crates of USDA approved cluckers..."

  32. viktor, I think you are on the right track regarding allen. He, like all fundamentalists, believe that their self professed superiority is derived from being the chosen one.

  33. I'll tell y'all what *you* missed.

    Three words: Latina butt implants.

    It's a trend we can only hope and pray does not further, um, spread.

  34. Remember those Hippity-Hop bouncy toys from childhood? Yeah. Now imagine having one of those for an ass. (You absolutely need the Jessica Rabbit tit job just to keep from falling down all the time - and as far as I can tell, it IS a package deal.)

    Now put that Hippity-Hop ass on top of a pair of four inch heels and air-brushed jeans.

    God almighty. I can't remember when I've laughed so hard.

  35. U.S. President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize last week. Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, established the prize, which was to be awarded to the person who has accomplished “the most or the best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the promotion of peace congresses.”


    Prize recipients frequently have proved startling. For example, the first U.S. president to receive the prize was Theodore Roosevelt, who received it in 1906 for helping negotiate peace between Japan and Russia.


    Let’s begin by being careful with the term European. Eastern Europeans and Russians — all Europeans — do not think very highly of him.

    Nobel Geopolitics

  36. In a speech opening the winter session of parliament on Monday, the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, described a United Nations report that found evidence of possible war crimes by both Israel and Hamas in last winter’s Gaza war as “distorted,” and said that Israel acted in self-defense.

    His remarks came after the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, in a sharp reversal, said in a speech on Sunday that he had instructed his ambassador in Geneva to try to muster an extraordinary session of the United Nations Human Rights Council for a vote endorsing the report.

    Mr. Abbas had come under harsh criticism at home and in the Arab world for an earlier decision, under American and Israeli pressure, to defer the vote by six months. The Security Council is expected to debate the contentious report on Tuesday, with Palestinian support.

    Report Distorted

  37. Conga appropriate:

  38. He added that he thought he saw his fiancee breathing. 'Hang in there, honey, hang in there,' he said, before collapsing into more sobbing and hanging up.

    Tabbutt and Dinsmore, a retired grandmother, enjoyed travelling together, according to her son-in-law, Scott Sposato.

    'They loved each other. It was quite apparent,' he told the Orlando Sentinel.

    Mistaken for Robber

  39. A Chinese court has sentenced six people to death for murder and other crimes during ethnic riots in Xinjiang region in July, state media have said.


    Tayirejan Abulimit was given the lesser punishment of life imprisonment because he admitted to charges of murder and robbery and helped the police capture Alim Metyusup.


    Hundreds of people were detained after the violence and, according to Xinhua, 21 people have been charged.

    China Rioters

  40. Sam

    Heart of Glass: haven't heard that one for a while.

    Here's one for you
    She Bangs

  41. Sam, you are hereby forgiven for every thoroughly regrettable 70's song you ever posted.

  42. That's actually the video version we saw one early morning in Armenia, viktor. On a retro music channel - which God invented to remind us of good songs we'd completely forgotten since our days of wild, panicked flailing in Algebra for Idiots.

  43. pfft...

    Rick Martin. No thanks, Vik. That guy's gay.

    Thanks, Trish. But I do like my classic rock, also.

  44. Trish



    Armenia? Is that where you are now?
    And if you are, what is the time there?

  45. Sam

    Ricky Martin, gay? I'm shocked.


    That's pretty strong language for you, Sam.

    Sorry to upset you.

    As penance, I will only have one whiskey before bed.

  46. No, we're back. And the time zone's the same.

    But I was referring to Armenia, Colombia.

    S'kay, Sam. Blondie is your redeeming feature. : )

  47. The best path to peace may not be the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops. And since the troops here now are not able to provide enough security for the Afghans to rebuild their country, it is possible more troops may be needed.

    Code Pink

    via M. Simon, Power and Control