“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama to win Cy Young Award


  1. Miller didn't stand on the front of the mound like that.
    ...but he bounced it!


    She don't like her eggs all runny
    She thinks crossin' her legs is funny
    She looks down her nose at money
    She gets it on like the Easter Bunny
    She's my baby I'm her honey
    I'm never gonna let her go

    He ain't got laid in a month of Sundays
    I caught him once and he was sniffin' my undies
    He ain't too sharp but he gets things done
    Drinks his beer like it's oxygen
    He's my baby
    And I'm his honey
    Never gonna let him go

    In spite of ourselves
    We'll end up a'sittin' on a rainbow
    Against all odds
    Honey, we're the big door prize
    We're gonna spite our noses
    Right off of our faces
    There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
    Dancin' in our eyes.

    She thinks all my jokes are corny
    Convict movies make her horny
    She likes ketchup on her scrambled eggs
    Swears like a sailor when shaves her legs
    She takes a lickin'
    And keeps on tickin'
    I'm never gonna let her go.

    He's got more balls than a big brass monkey
    He's a wacked out werido and a lovebug junkie
    Sly as a fox and crazy as a loon
    Payday comes and he's howlin' at the moon
    He's my baby I don't mean maybe
    Never gonna let him go

    In spite of ourselves
    We'll end up a'sittin' on a rainbow
    Against all odds
    Honey, we're the big door prize
    We're gonna spite our noses
    Right off of our faces
    There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
    Dancin' in our eyes.
    There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
    Dancin' in our eyes.

    (spoken) In spite of ourselves

    John Prine (duet with Iris DeMent)

  3. Driving his '50 Ford (in 1980) explaining how he came to write - Bruised Orange - John Prine 1980 (stereo)

  4. I just had a nice little Sunday mornging visit with Iris Dement.

    Thanks Doug and MLD.

  5. I love knowing the story behind the lyrics.

  6. US soldiers dying with jammed weapons

    ..."The soldiers said their weapons were meticulously cared for and routinely inspected by commanders. But still the weapons had breakdowns, especially when the rifles were on full automatic, which allows hundreds of bullets to be fired a minute.
    The platoon-sized unit of U.S. soldiers and about two dozen Afghan troops was shooting back with such intensity the barrels on their weapons turned white hot. The high rate of fire appears to have put a number of weapons out of commission, even though the guns are tested and built to operate in extreme conditions.
    Cpl. Jonathan Ayers and Spc. Chris McKaig were firing their M4s from a position the soldiers called the "Crow's Nest." The pair would pop up together from cover, fire half a dozen rounds and then drop back down.
    On one of these trips up, Ayers was killed instantly by an enemy round. McKaig soon had problems with his M4, which carries a 30-round magazine.
    "My weapon was overheating," McKaig said, according to Cubbison's report. "I had shot about 12 magazines by this point already and it had only been about a half hour or so into the fight. I couldn't charge my weapon and put another round in because it was too hot, so I got mad and threw my weapon down."
    The soldiers also had trouble with their M249 machine guns, a larger weapon than the M4 that can shoot up to 750 rounds per minute.
    Cpl. Jason Bogar fired approximately 600 rounds from his M-249 before the weapon overheated and jammed the weapon.
    Bogar was killed during the firefight, but no one saw how he died, according to the report.

  7. They fought like hell against overwhelming odds.

  8. Fucking toy plastic rifles.

    Goddamned Bob McNamara is still killing our guys.

    Don't worry, them homemade AK-47's never jammed. They just kept on shooting.

    We had M-14's that could tear a man's head off through a small tree, and wouldn't jam if you packed with mud, and baked'em in an oven. And, they brought us these pieces of .22 shit.

  9. But the Ammo is lighter, Rufus?
    Did they still have '14's when you were in 'Nam?
    That's what we had in Basic.
    (M-1 Carbines in AIT!
    makes an M-4 look like a cannon)

  10. I was 26 for 30 on the M-14 at 200 yards first time I picked one up at the range at Whidbey Island NAS, I got better, but it liked to kick my skinny little shoulder to shit.

  11. Wasn't sposed to be a question mark after Ammo.
    I was speaking for the dearly departed Mac.

  12. Yon talks about the Pedros having miniguns.
    What are those?
    He says they're good killers.

  13. M134 7.62mm Machine Gun (1962-1975). The M134 "minigun" (Air Force GAU-2B/A) is a high rate of fire machine gun that uses the Gatling principle. The firing rate is selectable at 2,000 spm or 4,000 spm. The M134 was used on...

    The M134 is also used on a wide variety of special operations aircraft. The M134 was classified Standard A (over 9,500 units were built). M134 7.62mm automatic gun M134 six-barrel 7.62mm "minigun"

  14. Damn thing only weighs 35 pounds!

  15. It was while I was there that they were going around replacing our rifles with those toy pieces of non-functioning shit.

  16. U.S. soldiers recount fierce Afghanistan battle on Facebook -

    Lt. Cason Shrode said that in less than two minutes, his team's generator was hit and they were out of power.

  17. Israeli Nobel Winners Omitted in British Media Report

    ( An article in a London-based news service about U.S. President Barack Obama’s winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize omitted the names of Israeli winners in its listing of “every peace prize winner ever” since the award’s inception in 1909.

    All of Israel's prize winners - Menachem Begin, Yizhak Rabin and Shimon Peres - were omitted from the report published in The Guardian, and also on its website.

    In the 1978 entry, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was listed -- but his co-awardee, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin's name is missing. The 1994 entry features the same error, with PLO terror chief Yasser Arafat being the only entry and the names of both then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres missing


    Don't judge the Guardian editors too harshly. It could it be they were just trying to promote peace.

    After all, the notion that Jews only incite the wrath of the envious by crowing about their accomplishments has been advanced here recently.

    Why not ignore them entirely?

  18. Now, LT, that's not right. If the Guardian did that, it's Shameful. I never said (and never would) that people shouldn't be given their just rewards, and recognition. That's just dishonest.

    There's a difference between someone giving my family its "due," and me constantly beating you over the head with "how great" my family is.

  19. In today's tolerant, multi-culti whirled, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation of why the Israeli names were omitted from the Guardian article. Nah, more likely some anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, earth-loving progressive bastard did it.

  20. Ease up on Rufus regarding the "finishing school" brouhaha he inadvertently started. He has said much worse in the past but in this case, I think there was an overreaction.

  21. Lest we become too self-censoring and PC.

  22. Nobody wants to hear what McCarthy is saying these days. Apparently, the only reason the wasps are angry is because the US has disturbed the nest. Convention "wisdom" is that if we would leave them alone, they won't bother us. In other words, we should go back to the pre-9/11 mentality of ignorance is bliss.

    And we never got to spend the post cold war peace dividend. That's not right.

  23. There's a difference between someone giving my family its "due," and me constantly beating you over the head with "how great" my family is.


    Don't you realize how much damage you do with that type of comment?

    Goddammit, everybody knows "Jews are Smart." Your problem isn't that your "brilliance" isn't recognized. Your problem is that "you're not smart enough to disarm the envy that is sure to come your way

    If only those damned Jews weren't so proud. I keep forgetting it's all the Jews fault. If they'd just shut up, we'd have peace in our time.


    Lest we become too self-censoring and PC.

    Let me see if I have this right. It's ok to bash proud Jews for the sake of free-wheeling discourse, but that same free-wheeling discourse is immune from criticism?

    I think I have it now. Let me know if I step out of line again. I sure as hell wouldn't want to offend Rufus.

  24. There's video of reporters gasping when BHO was announced as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Not even the libstream media can maintain the facade 24/7

  25. 'bout fainted when I accidentally read this, T:

    Shocking Op Ed from Friedman:

    - The Peace (Keepers) Prize -

    All that said, I hope Mr. Obama will take this instinct a step further when he travels to Oslo on Dec. 10 for the peace prize ceremony. Here is the speech I hope he will give:

    “Let me begin by thanking the Nobel committee for awarding me this prize, the highest award to which any statesman can aspire. As I said on the day it was announced, ‘I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize.’ Therefore, upon reflection, I cannot accept this award on my behalf at all.

    “But I will accept it on behalf of the most important peacekeepers in the world for the last century — the men and women of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

    “I will accept this award on behalf of the American soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, to liberate Europe from the grip of Nazi fascism. I will accept this award on behalf of the American soldiers and sailors who fought on the high seas and forlorn islands in the Pacific to free East Asia from Japanese tyranny in the Second World War.

    “I will accept this award on behalf of the American airmen who in June 1948 broke the Soviet blockade of Berlin with an airlift of food and fuel so that West Berliners could continue to live free. I will accept this award on behalf of the tens of thousands of American soldiers who protected Europe from Communist dictatorship throughout the 50 years of the cold war.

    ...he goes on

  26. Dennis Miller had a pilot on that wrote the book
    "Flying Drunk"
    about his recovery and redemption.

    One of Miller's hilarious regular callers, and also a pilot contributed this:

    "If you're flying drunk, and it seems like the room is spinning,
    it is!

  27. Damn Doug, I guess this is what happens after Bush Derangement Syndrome fades.

  28. Christ! Hit by a school bus, wiping the car out.

    Wife mucked with the computer, wiping that out. All my letters, addresses, every last thing.

    I'm ready for the apocalypse.

    Glad to see T on board.

    Have big news about a Taoist interpretion of "The Old Man and the Sea" she might be interested in.

    Help me if you can.

    bob, can't seem to sign in other than anon.

  29. If so, you should thank your lucky UFO that you weren't killed in your old clunker when it met it's hereafter in the form of a school bus!

    Now I'm straining my "brain" to come up with some positive spin about that computer...

  30. Good news is the wolves are dying by the dozens, out this way.

    T, I bet you never picked up on that Manlicker reference in "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" did ye?

    Manlicher rifle.



    Rip van Winkle had a hen pecking wife too, in American literature.

    She died of a stroke or something.

    Neither Rip nor Francis really wanted to work.

    Both henpecked.

    I didn't either, till I went to a Hemingway talk at the U of I, where is published, just found out, the world famous Hemingway Review.

  31. Fucking school bus nearly wiped us out.

    Brakes failed on the Lewiston hill.

    The nice old drive didn't even get a faulty equipment ticket.

    Christ, life ain't fair.

  32. It's called "back up" Bob:
    You can buy an external drive for 60 bucks.
    Put it in your car for safekeeping, in case the house burns.
    Oh, I forgot about the car!

  33. Well, I've got an Aveo to drive around.

  34. Aveo:
    Macho Drive
    Can picture Mcqueen in SF.
    ...or a queen.

  35. Bob, sorry to hear about that. Tell us more when you can.

    Don' worry, Whit. I won't.

    Don' you worry, either, LT. You won't "offend" me. If you think my "misstep" on "finishing school" was some sort of endorsement of "final solution," you're just not giving me the benefit of the doubt. Your Privilege.

    I've never trashed the Jewish People; I've only said I didn't want my tax dollars going for settlements in the West Bank. They're a silly "sop" to the ultra-religious fanatics, and their only useful purpose is to "muddy up" the water.

    If you want to keep this going I think I'll just let you do it without me. It's an irritating topic, and, with all the Important things happening in the world, seems a needless distraction.

  36. al-Anon's got a stickiness to it.

  37. Damn, I'm a shy guy. The gal, at the Hemingway talk, asked for questions after her presentation, which was mostly about boy girl stuff in 'A Farewell to Arms"

    She entirely missed the best part of that book, where Hem gets blown up, which really happened in his life, and, he also showed great heroism trying to rescue another man, and, 'my soul, or something, came out of my body like you take a fine silk handkerchief out of you pocket, and wave it around a little, and then it was back in. And I knew it was all wrong to think you just died."

    Not a perfect quote, but damned close.

    This affected him all his life, but the NDE folks say he didn't have a deep experience.

    Thus he never really got a grip on it.

    Look it up, I know what I say.

    He expressed it beautifully.

    I knock Hem, but I love the guy.

    If you are going to blow your brains out, though, at the end of your life, do it outside, not in the house.

    While I don't blame him for doing it, he should have done it gracefully, as he preached all his life.

    Somebody has to clean it up.

    I love Hem. I can get you all the Hemingway Review issues you want, I'd mail them to you.

    Bill Green at Bookpeople has a trove, I find out, I can get them for you from him, if you are interested.

  38. "We can send tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan. But we can’t win there.
    A week after 9/11, we knew that. How tragic that we’ll need the next 9/11 to know it again.
    From my McCarthy link.
    I don't get that.
    Does anyone else?

  39. Bobal, there you are, I missed you, went on a seven day trip to Rushmore, Yellowstone, Custer's last stand, Thermopolis, Idaho, etc, etc, best vacation of my life, I'm blogging it.

  40. Even gay activist Andrew Sullivan says: BO's speech to gays "was highfalutin bullshit"

  41. Put them seat belts on, and buy a car with air bags, is all I can say.

  42. Aveo:
    Macho Drive
    Can picture Mcqueen in SF.
    ...or a queen.

    heh, you should see me in this!

    Man, do I look tough.

  43. The airbag in Obama's presidential limo is redundant.

  44. Some equate those bags with shotgun cartridges.
    Be a shame if they accidentally left the shot in.

  45. rufus:
    If you think my "misstep" on "finishing school" was some sort of endorsement of "final solution," you're just not giving me the benefit of the doubt.

    I thought it was just bad wording,,, never took it as what it sounded like...

    Rufus: I've never trashed the Jewish People; I've only said I didn't want my tax dollars going for settlements in the West Bank. They're a silly "sop" to the ultra-religious fanatics, and their only useful purpose is to "muddy up" the water.

    I dont want any USA money to go to "settlements" in the west bank either... I just want it to BE legal for jews to own land in their historic homeland of 3000 years... I find it funny how the world can excuse the ethnic cleansing of 650,000 jews from the rest of the middle east , provide billions to those very same peoples who have declared war on the USA in 1783 and deem it to be a bad thing that Jews actually have the balls to resettle their own land...

    As for mudding up the water, 20 % of israel is made up of arabs... maybe they should be expelled from israel and be forced to live with their brother arabs...

    yea that's the ticket...

    no jews allowed in the west bank? fine, no arabs in israel and while were at it?

    no arabs should not be allowed to live in europe or the americas

  46. The objection is not that the Europeon Isreali are living on the West Bank, it is that the Isreali have quotas for the number of Palis allowed to live there, too.

    As well as in the rest of Isreal. That is the objection, the basis of their Jim Crow sectarian society.

    It is a policy which they can certainly have and maintain, it is a stain on the prestige of the United States that we support them while they do.

  47. For example, the electronics giant Siemens, which ran a plant inside the Auschwitz extermination camp, admitted that it also employed forced laborers who produced the electricity for the camp. A decade ago it created a compensation fund.

    Dresdner Bank, the country's second largest, admitted that it helped to build Auschwitz and granted loans to the Nazi regime. In the 1990s car manufacturers Volkswagen and Daimler-Chrysler transferred large sums to compensate the forced laborers they had employed.

    The German media corporation Bertelsmann also paid into a compensation fund and admitted that it had employed dozens of Jewish forced laborers in its printing plants.

    Centennial Bash

  48. Potatos Freeze Their Balls Off


    Rat, I'd think you'd give it up after a while. The Jews have been cleansed from practically every muzzy country. Talk about that for awhile.

    Why don't you concentrate on that for awhile?

    Just for a change.

    Lordy, it was good to be gone for awhile.

  49. Idaho is slaying the dragons all over the football field this year!

    Only lost to U of Washington, and we played a hell of a good game losing.

    We are post season bowl bound!

    I have four Vandals living in one of my rentals, all good guys.

    If you don't believe in the resurrection of the dead, this should give you pause.

    Man, they have played really solid football.

    We are now 5-1 I think it is.

    Just wiped the ass of San Jose State.

    Bask in it, these halcyon days only come twice in a lifetime around here.

    We take on the University of Hawaii, not sure of the date, we're looking for revenge.

    We play 'em here, I think.

    Doom in the Dome for Hawaii.

    (you'd be posting too, if you had sat through all the losing years I have)

    Go Vandals!

  50. Hawaii is doomed in the refurbished Dome, next Saturday!

    Take note, al-Doug!

  51. Here was a good team.

    Kellerman and Owens, a great back court pair. Hobson I loved to watch.

    Met Owens once, he had a beauty of a wife. I wish all these guys well, I hope they all have prospered.

  52. Welcome back, Bob.

    Too bad about the computer. If your hard disk wasn't physically destroyed, there are ways of retrieving the files if you think it's worth it.

    Was it the Nissan that you loved that got totaled? That sucks to lose a nice car.

    Did you get to DC for the big rally? I think I saw you in the crowd. John Deere cap, right?

    Fresno State Bulldogs beat the Rainbow Warriors last night in the islands, 42-17. Your Vandals should continue their streak next week.

    You can send your email address to when you get organized.

    MLD has missed you. This will make her day.

  53. heh, we got as far as Missoula, then had to come back for apartment reaasons, then some days later got clobbered by the school bus.

    I was just lighting up a smoke, talking with my wife, sitting dead still at the light before you go over the Clearwater River, and WHAM@! really hard, shoved us into the intersection, then, to drive the point home, WHAM again, as the bus kept on rolling.

    Nice old guy as a driver, jeez, he says, the brakes didn't work, as indeed they didn't, getting smoking hot coming down the Lewiston Hill.

    The copper didn't even give a ticket for faulty equipment, which I thought was a little odd.

    If I'd have rolled into someone, and claimed, well hell, the brakes got hot, ain't my fault, I think I'd have been ticketed. Damn these good old boy networks!

    Life ain't fair.

    I'd post a photo of the car, but the wife wiped everything off the computer, trying to fix it up for me.

    Never let your wife near your computer, or the Idaho Fish and Game Department near your home fishbowl.

    So my daughter and I are conspiring how to wife-proof the computer.

    heh, these insurance guys were sure nice, but right under all the faux concern was trying to get us to admit we hadn't been physically harmed, which we hadn't. I played with them for a couple of days, however.

    But we weren't harmed.

    Bus, zero damage, Nissan, really took it in the ass.

    Since I have this Avero, or whatever it is, I will write up a report. Actually, I kind of like it, got a good radio. Can get Art Bell really well.

    Here is the web page of Aimee Mann, whose concert the daughter and I just recently went to in C d'Alene, at the Kroc Center. She was pretty darn good, I have to say.

    You are never too old for good music, but I had to stand up during the whole thing, cause the ass next to me was one of these waving hands, shouting out folks, a little likkered up too.

    So I went to back and listened from there.

    Daughter and I also went to a Hemingway lecture at the U of I recently. I didn't know we publishedd the Hemingway Review here, but I got a dozen issues after the lecture from Bill Green, Bookpeoples, guy I've known for a long time.

    "Ah hell yes, we got this stuff for years, where have your been?"

    Out on the farm, says i

    I cqn get you any Hem stuff you might need.

    Five bucks a copy, minus 20%, plus shipping.

    I've missed MLD too. Can't keep from thinking of her, csn't keep her out of my mind.

    It's why I'm back, really.

    Sure not to argue with Rat, that's for certain.

    I want her on the Board of Directors.

    And her address and phone number.

    There is some pretty good stuff in the Hemingway Review. The old man and the sea as a Taoist, for instance.

    I'd never thought of it that way.

    This thesis denies the Christian interpretation, and the pagan interpretion as well.

    Go with the flow......

  54. Once again, rat shows his ignorance...

    desert rat said...
    The objection is not that the Europeon Isreali are living on the West Bank, it is that the Isreali have quotas for the number of Palis allowed to live there, too.

    Israel has no quotas as to how many "palestinians" live in palestinian controlled areas... in fact HUNDREDS of new palestinian villages are in place in the west bank SINCE 1967, it was Israel that created hundreds of roads and schools (and universities) in the west bank FOR the palios...

    rat continues:
    As well as in the rest of Isreal. That is the objection, the basis of their Jim Crow sectarian society.

    Rat has not a clue about Israel, so much that he cant even spell I S R A E L

    Arabs in Israel own land, businesses, serve in the Kenesset (Congress), there are Judges on the Israel Supreme Court that are Arab but none of this can change the opinion of someone who refuses to learn, nor i would gather someone who never actually has been there...

    someone once said..

    opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, some stink...

    rat your opinions stink like a unwashed asshole....

  55. I think the issue is simple. The Jewish people have been kicked around in a way that no people shoud be.

    Therefore, and historically, they have a right to their own part of our watery, three fours of which is water, is not this amazing?, sea world, gained through battle and suffering, and an old old claim.

    It is past argument that they are the most productive in the area.

    They are the most productive people in the area, the most vibrant.

    Support the Jewish people.

    I like people that do something.

    And not beat up on their wives.

    Which of course is a style of life our friends the muzzies would never admit to.

    Support the Jewish people.

    They are like us, or as we should be.

    If you don't support the Jewish people, then what are you, a supporter of the muzzies?

    Because the choice is clear.

  56. Somehow I never can remember 'Rat's "reason" for why he pays no attention to the A-rabs excluding Jews, Christians, and whoever else their racist selves decide to exclude.
    Nonsense must be hard to remember.

  57. Oliver Casesar went missing, a beatiful cat, really wonderful fur, just a few days after he got his balls cut off, like they demand in The Price Is Right, and the wife was really worried, cause she raised little kitty, sending him out into the big world very tenderly, and I'm attached to him too. Ole as I call him didn't come back one night. O the mournfull faces round the house. Called my daughter with the news, she was devastated. We went searching around the neighborhood, then finally went to the pound, there he was, meowing like crazy. 20 bucks American to free him. He had wandered into an animal trap, baited with food. We thought it was the City of Lewiston done it. Then, Mrs Rodgers next door, a good old Catholic gal, had a guy over mowing the lawn, and his little dog went missing. They followed the sounds of his barking, and found him in an animal trap in the neighbor to the north's back yard.

    Everybody is pissed off, a big too doo in our neighborhood here.

    Why did Ole end up in the pound? What's going on here? Everyone is torqued. Mrs Rodgers even is pissed.

    Someone should call for a neighborhood meeting!

    The fires of revolt are simmering.

    Mr Badass of the animal trap has isolated himself.

    Nobody likes him anymore.

    We don't even know why he has done it, setting out an animal trap. Doesn't this amount to some kind of animal kidnapping? Maybe he was trapping skunks, I don't know.

    We got lots of those around here. Skunks. And bad ass neighbors.

  58. What do you think of when the term 'personality' comes up, in one sentence?

    Daughter needs six replies. For her psyche course.


    Of course, my reply was blabbing on about the philosophy of the Great East, that a human being is a tripartite being, constructed of a body, psyche, and spirit, much forgotten, and that a 'personality' is the resultant construct of a body and psyche interacting with an environement, but that if we sit under the bo tree, we might get somewheres.

    We might get to being, consciousness, bliss, for instance.

    Tat tvam asi.

    We are all going to get there, the saying is true, the divine compassion is matched only by the divine patience.

    Help my daughter out. What is your definition of 'personality'?

  59. Personality is that which we are not.

  60. neti, neti, not that, not that...

    we are being, consciousness, bliss

  61. For Mat

    Love those lines, my silly wife might actually buy one.

  62. We Are Losing Our Republic

    You are on your own, there is no law, really no republic anymore.

    Do as you wish.

    The social contract is no more.

  63. Discussion of the Shroud of Turin Tonight on Coast to Coast

    Max Frei got some pollen off of it, dating back to Jerusalem, which makes even me wonder.

  64. Idaho v San Jose

    It's doom in the Dome for those fellers from the beach in Hawaii, next week.

    There is more to life than poi.