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Monday, October 19, 2009

Barack Obama, Saviour of Russian Influence.

Obama made mistake scrapping missile defense
Chad Groening - OneNewsNow - 10/19/2009 6:00:00 AM

A retired Army officer and national defense strategist says it will be exceedingly difficult to get the Russians to go along with tougher sanctions against Iran, thanks to President Obama's giving away of a major bargaining chip.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (USA-Ret.), who spent much of his career working in military intelligence, is an expert on Russia. He says it is no secret that the U.S. is facing a challenge in trying to convince Russia that tougher sanctions are needed against Iran. Both Russia and China are veto-wielding members of the United Nations Security Council and have long defended Tehran by watering down resolutions, he laments.

Peters says Barack Obama made a huge mistake by scrapping U.S. plans to deploy interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar in the Czech Republic, without first getting the Russians to agree to impose tougher sanctions on Iran.

He complains that Obama blindsided the east Europeans, who are now furious and terrified at the move -- and the deal, he says, made no sense.

"The one thing Putin wanted was to prevent us from deploying these defensive missiles in Eastern Europe," says Peters. "We could have at least cut a deal and got something out of it -- but our president, for reasons only he can understand, simply gave it away before the negotiations. I have to say President Obama is starting to really alarm me."

Peters is the author of the new novel The War After Armageddon.


  1. Ralph Peters is wrong as often as he is right.

    The Polish adventure was no bargaining chip with Russia, over Iran. It was a direct challenge to the Russians in their own backyard.

    It was a bad policy proposition, from the start, to expand the US footprint eastward towards the Russian border.

  2. He's wrong much more often than he's right, in my opinion. However, in this case I think I agree with him. To a point.

    I didn't look at it as a "bargaining chip." I looked at it as "Missile Defense." It was "Strategic" in that it could cover missiles from Pakistan, as well as Iran. It wasn't floating around, thus, it couldn't be sunk. And, it was close to the launch sites, thus could protect a larger area of the U.S. than a boat floating around in, say, NY harbor.

    We should have "Kept" it.

  3. No missiles are coming at US from Pakistan, rufus.

    Nor will they be.

    That system was to provide local defense to Europe, from an Iranian threat. Expanding the threat group does not change the target area being defended. It has nothing to do with NYCity.

    I have read the Constitution many times, never did I see reference to the US defending the whirled from itself.

    "Misdirection" and others yelp about their tax dollars being spent by the Government, domestically, while cheering for every foreign adventure and deployment.

    The Standing Army should come home, about half or more of them discharged.

    If we need the bodies, reinstitute the draft, a three year term, $250 per month with room and board, in the barracks, for all.

  4. Maybe the Pubs could run on that for the next election.
    Sounds like a sure Weiner.

  5. The "hyphy-train," "Ghost riding the whip," and other urban pleasures

    Sideshow 'pandemonium' leaves 3 dead, 3 hurt

    Sideshows have been a ritual in Oakland and other Bay Area cities for at least five years but lately have escalated, residents say. Typically, cars weave and speed along thoroughfares, spinning doughnuts and screeching tires. Passengers often hang out the windows dancing.

    "Ghost riding the whip," a term popularized in a 2006 song by Bay Area rapper E-40, is a sideshow stunt in which a driver slows a car to about 10 mph, puts the transmission in neutral and jumps out of the car while it's moving with music blaring. The driver - and passengers - dance alongside the car or jump on the hood or roof, then, if lucky, return to the vehicle.

    Another stunt is a "hyphy-train," named after the hip-hop style that originated in Oakland. A hyphy-train is a line of cars weaving and speeding in unison. Witnesses said the Nissan from Saturday's crash was in a hyphy train, but the train continued after the crash.

    "It's like a conga line on wheels," said Candy Turk, who lives near the crash site. "It's like death on wheels."

    Oakland's sideshows draw young people from throughout the Bay Area, some of whom video the illegal action and post it on YouTube.

  6. rat lies again and says...

    "Misdirection" and others yelp about their tax dollars being spent by the Government, domestically, while cheering for every foreign adventure and deployment.

    Is this not a perfect example of misdirection?

    He says NOTHING... It's all smoke and no actual facts.. The only thing he does do specifically is call me a name...

    Why the personal attacks?

    maybe because rat actually has nothing to add to the discussion and just like to see his name attached to posts on the blog...

  7. That the Russians were so adamantly opposed to missile defense should have given a small clue to its value to the US and its allies.

    While we are making a militia of the US Army, why not mothball 1/2 the USN and issue rubber dinghies? Bring back the Sopwith Camel and the dress scarf!

  8. WiO said:

    "maybe because rat actually has nothing to add to the discussion and just like to see his name attached to posts on the blog..."

    P. T. Barnum said:

    "Something terrible happens in the absence of promotion - nothing!"

    WiO, while you are not the first to make the observation, it does bear repeating.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. "While attracting surprisingly little attention, the Obama administration supported the effort of largely Muslim nations in the U.N. Human Rights Council to recognize exceptions to free speech for any "negative racial and religious stereotyping." The exception was made as part of a resolution supporting free speech that passed this month, but it is the exception, not the rule that worries civil libertarians. Though the resolution was passed unanimously, European and developing countries made it clear that they remain at odds on the issue of protecting religions from criticism. It is viewed as a transparent bid to appeal to the "Muslim street" and our Arab allies, with the administration seeking greater coexistence through the curtailment of objectionable speech. Though it has no direct enforcement (and is weaker than earlier versions), it is still viewed as a victory for those who sought to juxtapose and balance the rights of speech and religion.

    A 'misused' freedom?
    In the resolution, the administration aligned itself with Egypt, which has long been criticized for prosecuting artists, activists and journalists for insulting Islam. For example, Egypt recently banned a journal that published respected poet Helmi Salem merely because one of his poems compared God to a villager who feeds ducks and milks cows. The Egyptian ambassador to the U.N., Hisham Badr, wasted no time in heralding the new consensus with the U.S. that "freedom of expression has been sometimes misused" and showing that the "true nature of this right" must yield government limitations."

    And we have at least 3 more years of this pc bull.

    Forget the First Amendment. Can't we all just get along?

  11. There's YouTube of the military ghost ridin' in Iraq, and granbdma ghost ridin', but my favorite is the one where someone jacks his car when dude's ghost ridin'. Bust a gut laughing.

  12. I just read Doug's link to McChrystal's Long War. Well worth the read.

    One paragraph informs us that 240 Marines hope to "Secure" a rural area of approx. 2 sq. miles. Let's call it 100 Marines per sq. mile.

    Afghanistan is a country of 240,000 Sq. Miles. I guess that means we will need 24 Million Marines.

    We're going to need more Recruiters.

    I'm sure McChrystal is a "good" man. I'm sure he's convinced, himself, that he can "win" through sheer force of personality, and effort. But, he's a "well-meaning" fool. This is Vietnam on Steroids.

    I have been with those guys walking down those roads. I have talked to those villagers. I have been in this situation. It's "Unwinnable."

    If Obama is smart enough to call this nonsense off I will overlook all of his other faults, and vote for him in 2012. Maybe.

  13. Just to clarify...

    rat lies: "Misdirection" and others yelp about their tax dollars being spent by the Government, domestically, while cheering for every foreign adventure and deployment.

    I have LONG advocated the reduction of the US in Korea & Europe. reducing the USA's footprint in NATO (and it's expenses) I do not see why America has to keep the shipping lanes open for OPEC and have advocated that they in fact step up and protect themselves...

    Domestically I have been an advocate of small government and reduced welfare and spending limits coupled with the line item veto.. I am find 10's of thousands of earmarks to be total waste and I object to governmental spending to bail out the banks, take over the auto industry and fund acorn.

    I supported the reduction of economic AID (to zero) to Israel and I DO not support the additional aid we give to hamas, lebanon, the PA, Saudi Arabia & Jordan. I think that other AID given to those that are not supportive of the USA (in past times) should not get America's support.

  14. Jobs Jobs Jobs

    from article by Robert Samuelson:

    "Almost everyone agrees that the outlook is bleak. Since the recession's start in December 2007, about 8 million payroll jobs have disappeared. More will go. Employment is lower than a decade ago: the first time that's happened since the Great Depression. With the labor force expanding by more than 1 million new workers annually, economists Joseph Seneca and James Hughes of Rutgers estimate that even the job growth of the 1990s (2.4 million a year) wouldn't reduce today's 9.8 percent unemployment to 5 percent until 2017. Ugh."

  15. Just in case anyone missed this must read:
    In Hawaii’s Health System, Lessons for Lawmakers

    But perhaps the most intriguing lesson from Hawaii has to do with costs. This is a state where regular milk sells for $8 a gallon, gasoline costs $3.60 a gallon and the median price of a home in 2008 was $624,000 — the second-highest in the nation. Despite this, Hawaii’s health insurance premiums are nearly tied with North Dakota for the lowest in the country, and Medicare costs per beneficiary are the nation’s lowest.

    Hawaii residents live longer than people in the rest of the country, recent surveys have shown, and the state’s health care system may be one reason. In one example, Hawaii has the nation’s highest incidence of breast cancer but the lowest death rate from the disease.

  16. Dayyum, Doug. You're on fire, today. Great video. I'm still thinking about the Hawaii health care article.

  17. I do suspect that the longevity might have something to do with all that Asian "blood," though.

  18. Hint to Amerika:
    It would benefit you to encourage Asian immigrants instead of the sainted "hispanics."
    Asians have the highest math scores in the SAT.
    "Hispanics," the lowest.
    Asians also don't have a lot of drug gangs.
    (maybe Vietnamese?)

  19. Re: rufus's 24,000,000 Marines

    All the plans contemplate addition and multiplication, while ignoring subtraction.

    If rufus's 240 Marines kill (subtract from the equation) the average 1.13 Taliban/sq mi and continue in that vein daily, not too far down the road the US can begin withdrawing (subtracting Marines) from theater.

    Furthermore, if the General's staff will watch very carefully as Pakistan presses the current operation, it will be discovered that Taliban-aQ targets of opportunity will be exposed. The General's staff should make sure that we help eliminate these elements without the Paks having to ask for air support...We should be good neighbors and lend a hand.

    Now, I do not think we will do anything of the sort; that would demand a martial spirit conspicuously absent from upper military/civilian staff since the end of WWII. And that is why the Muslims will continue with the theatrics for as long as it takes to wear down the West's will.

  20. Allen,
    Read somewhere today that we sold/gave some sophisticated imaging hardware for their F-16's, the better to keep track of the Taliban.
    Paki offensive is the first good news in years.

  21. By Air and Ground, Pakistani Soldiers Penetrate Militant Heartland

    The Americans have quietly provided the Pakistani Air Force with new imaging systems for the F-16s that the Pakistani military says will be crucial in South Waziristan, according to an American official who declined to be identified because he was not authorized to speak on the matter.

    The Pakistani Air Force had identified more than 100 targets for airstrikes in South Waziristan, many of which were hit in preliminary operations in the past week, the American official said.

  22. Poor bastards and their goats and kids gotta flee their homeland.
    Life often sucks.

  23. Doug, America is spelled with a "C."

  24. "A family from South Waziristan, heading for safety, arrived with their sheep on Sunday "
    Fuckin NYTimes does not know the difference between a sheep and a goat!

  25. Disregarding the technical aspects of it---whether it would actually work or not, or even do much good---it did seem to me it was a good bargaining chip.

    Why give a chip away and not even get a half or a quarter of a chip in return?

    While I doubt the Russians are really thinking of invading Poland it seems to me we could, should have gotten a little something out the deal.

    But, who knows, maybe the Russians are thinking of invading Poland, who knows what the Russians are thinking?

    If I were a Russian I wouldn't want to do it, seems like it would be a big headache.

    Still it was a chip tossed away with not even a small chip in return that I can see.

  26. 21. wws:

    Forget the monarchy, bring back Cromwell.
    He’s the only one with enough nerve to execute most of the current batch of Parlimentarians.


    Oliver Cromwell Addressing the Rump Parliament, April 1653.

  27. "Still it was a chip tossed away with not even a small chip in return that I can see."
    Remember all the Intel Deuce wrote about that the "missile" gangs could collect about Pootie's Military Activities by being stationed at their doorstep.

  28. It was a direct challenge to the Russians in their own backyard.

    That's a good chip.

    Why not cash it in for something useful?

  29. If you give all your chips away you are out of chips.

  30. It's only "Obama's" nation for awhile, Doug. It's been mine (and, yours) for a long time. And, it will continue to be in the future.

    You're my "Bud," Bud; but, I can't get onto Rat, and Mat if I don't get onto you.

  31. If Obama is eligible to be President then so are the sons of Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if they impregnate an American woman who gives birth on US soil. The very notion is obscene. Such a person might be a US citizen under current policy, but their citizenship is not natural born and they cannot be President and Commander In Chief of the US armed forces.
    Leo C. Donofrio, Citizen Attorney

    If Obama were a Natural Born Citizen, perhaps he wouldn't be giving chips away.

  32. It's only "Obama's" nation for awhile, Doug. It's been mine (and, yours) for a long time.

    You guys are natural born citizens, undisputed. If asked respectfully by some of your compatriots to display your bona fides, I'm sure you'd do so. Particularily i you were asking to be Commander-In-Chief. And were asking for votes of your fellow citizens.

  33. I'm hoping Donofrio is able to make a large chink in the armour over there in Hawaii, and the whole thing blows sky high.

    Have you seen anything in the papers over there in Hawaii about this issue, al-Doug?

    Probably a stupid question, the papers there being MSM too.

  34. I'm also thinking Donofrio's life might be in danger.

    But this thought makes me a kind of 'conspiracy nut' and I don't want to go there.

    Yet, I keep having the thought.

    If Donofrio's life is ended one of these days in some accident or other, the thought is going to get really strong.

  35. heh, just trying to get someone to bite on the natural born citizen issue this morning, not getting any bites.

    Need to change flies, maybe go back to a Royal Coachman, or one of the other old standbys.

  36. They may well have traded it for something useful, like agreement upon:

    The Monitoring Regime agreed to in regard Iran's nuclear program.

    You fellas are still WAY behind the curve.

    It's reading like the BC circa 2003.
    Most everyone was behind the curve, then, too.

  37. Great post! I really like your blog - keep up the great work!!

    ps... Link Exchange?

  38. There was a really good steelhead run this year, which brings up the question, why so good, and now?

    This steelhead run was a good one, some speculation is about a change in the conditions out in the Pacific Ocean.

    Idaho Fish and Game upped the take to five a day, for awhile. This is unheard of.

    It's true that the steelhead runs will never come back strong while the Snake River dams are still there.

    We could take the dams out, this would make a big difference to the fish, and replace the lost energy with some nuke plants.

    Taking the dams out appeals to the local naturalists, replacing them with nuke plants not so much.

    But they are wavering on this now, no one really wanting to go back to the days of living in teepees and wooden shacks, like we all did before Washington Water Power.

  39. The Monitoring Regime agreed to in regard Iran's nuclear program.

    Rat, do you really put any faith in that?

  40. Well, Rat, you could very well be right about that.

  41. I just got on the fish topic cause I was thinking about nobody biting on the natural born citizen fly, and got over into one of my favorite topics.

    The fishing has been heavy this year, I've never seen anything like it, in a long long time.

    Something odd has gone on, there has been a big change in conditions somewhere.

  42. I put zero faith in a monitoring regime.

  43. 'soon Israel will cease to exist, a world without America is possible'

    or something like that

    I put no faith at all in a monitoring regime, whatever that might be

    an agreement on really really tough sanctions might have meant something, or an agreement that the Russians cease and desist helping the Iranians build their plants, but a monitoring regime is just bad breath.

  44. It is so obvious what the Iranians are doing, they are building nuclear weapons. Or, trying to get them somehow.

    I think Rat said sometime earlier, can't remember the quote, that they might have them now.

    Maybe they do.

    I think we are looking at a nuclear armed Iran, a sad outcome, contributing to the confusion of our sad world.

  45. Anon,

    Re: "the confusion of our sad world"

    The conflagration that became WWI started with some small arms fire on a backstreet in an obscure little city of a nondescript little province.

    Having read hundreds of posts concerning war between Israel and Iran, almost all miss the probability of "the unforeseen". Such a war will not remain within the boundaries of Ms. T's amusing little map of some days ago. It will spread and engulf the world. The world we have known and hoped to convey will cease to exist. For those who think that they will "sit it out", not a chance.

    For those who bet, bet on this: In a world where most life is extinguished, cockroaches and Jews will survive. The roaches have genetics to thank; we have a promise.

  46. I'm scared, thankfully I think there is life after death for us all.

    I think death is an awakening, but I also think there is a stern judgement.

    The Princess Asleep is awakened at death, but it is to something she never dreamed of.

  47. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "I'm also thinking Donofrio's life might be in danger.

    But this thought makes me a kind of 'conspiracy nut' and I don't want to go there."

    LOL, you don't want to go there. Bobal, you've 'been there' and beyond for a long time now!

  48. Ash bites.

    Ash, what is the meainig of 'natural born citizen' to you?

  49. Anon,

    The smug haven't the good sense to be terrified; and won’t until that moment so well done in “Lost Ark” when their little fascist heads explode.

    There is an interesting scriptural parallel. Prior to Noah's commission to build the ark, human beings were referred to as "men". Once judgment was passed, the text refers to human beings as "meat". The text points out that men had lost the ability to behave like men...There was no "there", there; and like so much sewage, they were flushed.

  50. Just what is the meaning of it, Ash?

    Given the way our Constitution was created, the historical circumstances of the time, the philosphical understandings of the time as regards politics, which is thought about our common living together, just what do you think the phrase 'natural born citizen' means in this context.

    It is a legal question, but really more than a legal question. It is getting to the heart of our living together.

  51. Prior to Noah's commission to build the ark, human beings were referred to as "men". Once judgment was passed, the text refers to human beings as "meat".

    I hadn't realized that. I"m not a Biblical scholar, though often I wish I were.

    If I had my life to do over again, I would make some different choices.

    I'd put more effort into getting into the deeper meanings and language of these older stories.

  52. Anon,

    As Noah built the ark, the name used for G-d was feminine, connoting mercy. Once Noah stepped forward to enter the ark, the name of G-d became masculine, indicating stern judgment.

  53. "The smug haven't the good sense to be so much sewage, they were flushed.

    Man, you must be a big hit at cocktail parties.

  54. I'm just wondering here, but I would think that might indicate a process, reflected in literature, of growing up, morally?

  55. I'm not a formal member any longer of the Official Board of Directors of The Elephant Bar, but I wouldn't recommend Quirk as a member of that group.

  56. Ah gee, Bob. Keep it up and your liable to hurt my feelings.

  57. When you actually come to the point in your life when you are able to have hurt feelings, then you will have feelings that should be given due consideration.

  58. Quirk,

    As the matter of fact, I am.

    Your contribution to the discussion was priceless and, may I say, illustrative. Thanks!

  59. Only at intelligent cocktail parties, Allen, not at drunken bashes.

    There is a real difference.

  60. "Your contribution to the discussion was priceless and, may I say, illustrative. Thanks!

    No problem, Allen.

    One assumes you do not consider yourself "smug" and therefore by extension are "terrified".

    Hell of a way to live.

    Those parties must be a riot.

  61. Quirk,

    I have been reliably told that I am "insufferable", assuming a former spouse can be reliable. The same was often said of Churchill, albeit not by a former spouse. Chamberlain may have said as much, for whatever his opinion is now worth.

    Now, if you or anyone else can say something that would indicate factual error, you will have my undivided attention and you might even garner my respect.

    I have found clever folk, generally, to be both insufferable and vacuous. Intellectual snipping is easy, pitched battle not so much.

  62. Bobal: I'm not a formal member any longer of the Official Board of Directors of The Elephant Bar, but I wouldn't recommend Quirk as a member of that group.

    Second. And I wish someone would second my nomination of MLD someday, she said she wanted in.

    Q. If Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi were on a sinking ship who would be saved?

    A. America!

  63. Oh golly, I didn't mean to second Bobal for NOT recommending Quirk! Never mind.

  64. Allen, you are a constant source of amusement.

    First, you compare yourself to Churchill and then you challenge me to a "pitched battle" over a quibble.

    Your whole stream of doom and gloom projections started with a statement concerning the probability of the "unforeseen" occurring in a war between Israel and Iran. While I don't personally agree that the confrontation would expand to "engulf the world" I would admit that you offer a legitimate argument. And while I might disagree with that argument I wouldn't denigrate your views.

    However, where I do strongly disagree with you is in your response, i.e. to be "terrified". Life is too short to be walking around being terrified.

  65. Teresita, et tu beaute.

  66. Quirk, sorry about that, its Monday and I need more beaute rest.

  67. Quirk,

    ...never challenged you to anything; life is too short...You flatter yourself...By the way, the US and Israel will not be using atomic and/or nuclear "bombs" against Iran, if it comes to that...This explains why I would not challenge you to debate.

    The whole "life is too short" meme has been most often heard from the mouths of gentlemen going through the change or cougars going through the change. Both are usually attempting to legitimize the unconscionable.

    As to my gloom and doom, you live in your world and I'll live in mine. I promise not to disturb you unless you pull another one of your backdoor comments on/about Israel while criticizing others. Just try “scrolling”.

  68. That's ok T.

    In the words of Groucho Marx, I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member anyway.


  69. I always said that, too. It kind of pissed me off that no one ever "put me to the test," though.

    I would never "endorse" someone who's smarter than I am. Sorry, Q.

    If it's any consolation, I didn't endorse any of those other folks, either.


  70. Well, gosh Allen. I guess I have to apologize.

    Since your post was addressed to me I assumed the comments were to.

    "The whole "life is too short" meme has been most often heard from the mouths of gentlemen going through the change or cougars going through the change. Both are usually attempting to legitimize the unconscionable.

    Sorry again, Allen. Just a little too Jewish intellectual for me.

  71. Deuce, have you ever figured out what "net neutrality" is?

  72. Anyone who reads this blog will notice that we do not look for or particularly value consensus. In fact, we prefer intelligent and reasoned bomb throwers.

    The best threads leave a little blood trail to the WC. There in no argument that goes unchallenged, no pomposity that goes un-pricked, no ego spared and I have great respect for all of you. Even Ash.

  73. Rufus, no, but it does have a distinct whiff of duplicity.

  74. I'm probably certain that if I understood it, I would not like it.

  75. Well, I think I heard that we're going to "get it." Pretty soon, maybe.

  76. Quirk,

    Not to worry. Chicken soup won't help, but it can't hurt.

  77. The rules of the bar prevent me from nominating anyone or taking anyone off the board. Removal requires unanimous approval. (Slim chance of that ever happening) Anyone can remove them self or reinstate them self.

    However if I could vote, I would welcome Quirk and am sure Allen would second the entry.

    (Allen thrives on intelligent sparring.)

  78. Oh, go ahead, then. I'll turn my eyes, and grimace.

  79. Oh, sure, now you're going to claim that was a "Second."


  80. Quirk,

    Re: "Jewish intellectual"

    I thought that subject was SOOOOO passé, Dear Girl!?

    Why it seems like only yesterday that you and several others declared the day at the EB Judenfrei.

    Your supercilious disdain for things "Jewish" apparently is aroused only when the "Big Noses" are winning (like Nobel prizes in intellectually challenging fields).

  81. Second. And I wish someone would second my nomination of MLD someday, she said she wanted in.


    I didn't know that!

    I second, and third and fourth.

    If I can.

    MLD is seconded, thirded and fourthed, if I got a vote remaing.

    If I don't, deuce, can I get a place back on the board?

  82. MLD, she knows sex like the back of her hand.

    I, actually, know MLD, from my imagination, she is 128 pounds with light brown hair, a birth mark right over her left nipple, and a little scar just over her right ankle.

    I know this from my imagination.

    I want her on the board, and will be willing to go on the board myself again, if I have to, to nominate her, if someone will nominate me.

    Miss T, how about you?

  83. You fellas are still WAY behind the curve.
    "It's reading like the BC circa 2003."
    How could you expect them to be up to date?
    That was 6 years ago.

  84. Ash is right (for once) you are WAY out and beyond, Bob.
    Leave some of that shit you're smokin on the bar, I'm comin in.

  85. The Rules of Being on the Board Here are a Little Like Being in some Rabbit Hole, with some feller named 2 Being in the Place Of Alice.

  86. You don't have to be nominated, Bob. Deuce said you can reinstate yourself at any time.

  87. Doug, Donofrio has some great points, I don't know he will be able to stick the points in anywhere that will have an affect, but, I notice whoever this Ashass is, he didn't answer my questions.

  88. Boise State is Number 4.
    There, I said it, now we don't have to hear Bob, the conspiracy Nutjob, crow about it.
    Yeah, well Shane Victorino is from Maui, and hit ANOTHER playoff homer yesterday!

  89. EFFECT, Bob, EFFECT.
    Damn, your the friggin Englush Major.

  90. rufus said...
    You don't have to be nominated, Bob. Deuce said you can reinstate yourself at any time.

    OK, if them's the rules today, I re instate myself, and restate, I want MLD, nominating MLD to the Board.

    I also nominate Trish, or re nominate Trish, while I have the chance and ask for a second for that. I know she has turned this down before, maybe she will weaken.

  91. Are these tactics in Rules for Radicals?

    The White House is calling on other news organizations to isolate and alienate Fox News as it sends out top advisers to rail against the cable channel as a Republican Party mouthpiece.

    Top political strategists question the decision by the Obama administration to escalate its offensive against Fox News. And as of Monday, the four other major television networks had not given any indication that they intend to sever their ties with Fox News.

    the rest

  92. Dammit al-Doug, Hemingway made all sorts of mistakes. I know this from the Hemingway Review, published here, which I can get you for five bucks a copy, minus 20% plus tax.

    And he was a great writer.

    Which is the verb and which is the noun.

    What is a verb and a noun.

    Just speak English, damn you!

    O go ahead, have it your way.

  93. Anybody ever notice how "Bob" sucks up to all the womenfolk around here?

  94. Blathering idiot suffers meltdown:

    PM Warms of climate change catastrophe. Only 50 days left to save the world

  95. Breakdowns seem to be quite the thing these days (as we at the EB can certainly attest).

  96. There is some mutual petting going on, al-Doug, if you look under the sheets.

    Intellectual stroking, which almost always leads to much more.

    It's called go along, get along, and,

    they love me deeply.

    I know how to play this deal.

    I haven't been married for THIRTY YEARS without learning how to avoid a divorce, and all the costs associated with that.

    Papa was a divorce lawyer, after all.

  97. Without shipping, for the Hem Review, I forgot to mention that.

    Which, out your way, would be about the cost of the whole dang thing, al-Doug.

  98. If I understand todays rules aright, I think MLD now has the needed two votes.

    I call for a general vote.

    Or, a mandate by 2, from heaven above.

  99. I'd think not, whit. They have not personalized the attack. It is not Mr Murdock that is being demonized, but the perspective from which the stories are told.

    Does not fit the formatted Rules.

  100. But is she a natural born citizen?

    This actually doesn't make any difference to me in this case.

  101. This was where she asked to get on the list. I hope she was talking about the same list I'm talking about!

    Blogger MLD said...

    I'm sure he can handle it. It's the other's I worry about.

    And how come, I'm not on that list, yet?

    Wed Oct 14, 09:50:00 PM EDT

    Blogger Teresita said...

    I nominate MLD for the "list" and she better not get her silver cluster before I get mine back.

  102. Bob, it's your well lit imagination that attracts me to you. You're sweet.

    And you're right, I am a natural.

  103. Natural like Dolly Parton natural? What? Bobal needs that information.

  104. Oh, yeah, Whit. Rule #12. Isolate, target, .. ...... yada, yada. whatever.

    But, it's definitely Alinski.

  105. Idaho v Boise State, 2009

    It's November 14, down there in Boise, Doug.

    I think we will lose that one, if we should come out the winner, I think it would be a miracle.

    Miracles happen, you never know.

    We are playing good football.

  106. C'mon deuce, we got a nomination in process.

    Without some action soon from headquarters, we may start a revolutionary march on the Bar.

  107. New EB theme...touching

    Yes, we can just get along. Oh happy day!...proving that Chemistry makes the world a better place.

  108. Boy oh boy, clap trap that confirms my scenario is close to the reality.

    It's all about the monitoring of the Iranians, now.

    Not the full fuel cycle.

  109. I read that piece, Allen, gosh, we just wait a few weeks and we'll learn that Obama had a plan all along to make Iran behave.....sheeyeah right!

  110. Bob, I think you'll be the only one marching, but if it makes you feel any better, I'll stand by your side.

  111. read that piece, Allen, gosh, we just wait a few weeks and we'll learn that Obama had a plan all along to make Iran behave.....sheeyeah right!

    There isn't a chance in hell, now, with Obama.

    We had a chance with Bush. At that time we could have 'spent' a few courageous American boys in some really tough bombing, the opportunity has passed now.

    Now a lot of us are thinking, we don't even have an American President.

    We are leaderless, or worse.

  112. Deuce will come through, you have a lot of support, I think, actually, unanimous.

    Who is going to vote against you?

    The idea of you being by my side on a march though is one that stirs me up so much I got to go down to Albertson's, and buy a pack of KOOL 100s.


    I'm betting, 2 will come through.

    You will be on the board.

  113. Bob/Anon & MLD,

    What? What, already?

    Since when did Idaho become a hotbed of the revolutionary dialectic (Does anyone/has anyone ever understood "dialectic"? As a youngster, "diarrheic" came to mind.)

    May we expect a Reign of Terror (ennui or no)?

  114. Back at Recruit Training Center Orlando, two folks marching, they better be doing double time.

  115. I'm trying to find some clean socks, so's I can go down to Albertson's and buy a pack KOOLs. Leave me alone.

    Hegel, and diarhetic, or however it is spelled, I can't stand.

    Fishing, Hegel never did that, I can tell.

  116. Well, Ms T, just remember that you read it here, first.

  117. Quirk, he is a board member, now.

    Best as I can recall the rules.

  118. DR, actually I was referred to it by Twitter at lunch time today.

  119. ah, found some absolutely clean socks.

    Got to KOOL down.

    The women around this bar are hot.

  120. The deed is done. Long live the deed.

  121. Of course no good deed goes unpunished.

  122. Thanks for pinning that silver cluster back on Deuce!

  123. Allen, we get it but this is what makes, Bob, stand out from the rest of you or at least some of you. He can let his guard down and have a little fun while, excepting those who really don't fit in.

    That's the chemistry that makes the world a better place.

  124. teresita said:

    "Of course no good deed goes unpunished."

    Yes, that's right ;-D))

    Also, "T", be careful what you wish for.

  125. MLD,

    I have no idea what you just got. May you and Bob live happily ever after (with the blessing of Mrs. Bob, of course).

  126. Ahhh, but I talked about it, last night.

  127. "Your supercilious disdain for things "Jewish" apparently is aroused only when the "Big Noses" are winning (like Nobel prizes in intellectually challenging fields)"

    Again, you misjudge me. I've got nothing against the Jews, Israel, or Yiddish. As a matter of fact, I agree with much of what you and your compadre have to say. Likewise, in your recent absence (by the way, I've now come to consider the Sabbath a day of rest also) the blog had what was to my mind an interesting conversation on religion in which the god of Isreal played a central part.
    However, one of the best parts of the conversation was that it was fresh.

    What I have complained about is redundancy, a good thing if your an astronaut but in the words of that great philosopher, Rat, somewhat tiresome on the blog.

    How many times do we have to see the same posts indicating that Israel ocuupies only 1/650th of all middle east land, or from the other side, that Israel is squatting on land they stole from the Palistinians and then to see these posts quickly devolve into ad hominem attacks before it is assumed that we actually get it?

    You mentioned the Nobel Prize stream. In my opinion, it was interesting trivia and worth some conversation. However, when you carried it a couple of streams forward, and cut and pasted the info from your original post it kind of reminded me of the "Comments" section on articles at the WaPo or NYT. You know the ones where they get 600 or a l000 comments and you have people there who believe their posts are so insightful, nay perfect, that they have to re-post them every few pages to assure that everyone sees them.

    Regardless, its obvious that my snarky remarks are having little effect anyway. Therefore, I vow I will no longer dwell on the "redundant Jew" meme in the future. Instead, I will take your advice and merely scroll on by.