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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Iron Mike Tyson. He Almost Made It.

Iron Mike Tyson KO'd his first 19 opponents, 12 before the end of the first round, but this is now.

Here is how it used to be:


  1. Well he could sure still KO me in the first round.

  2. Tyson is said to have squandered nearly $300 million in ring earnings through lavish spending and bad advice.

    We wasn't though the best of money managers, or a good judge of character, in men or women.

  3. I always liked Tyson. I guess I recognized some of the guys I grew up with.

  4. He always seemed right on the edge of really losing control.

    The greatest one swing fight I ever saw was when when old Art Clanton decked old whatshisname(can't remember the guy's name, didn't really ever know him) outside of Moscow Realty, about 30 years ago. It didn't take much to bring him down. Knowing Art, deceased, I know he didn't cheat the guy, as was being claimed.

  5. There was Lester "The Molester'.

    There was 'The Fighting Carpenter'.(white)

    There was that Cuban fighter who waas truly great, would hold his punches, then wham, deck the man in about three strokes.(mulatto) He may have fought in the Olympics.

    There was Bud Parett(name ?) who got caught in the robes and beaten to death,(it went on and on before the ref stepped in to stop it) on the Pabst Blue Ribbon Friday Night Fights. Died the next day of brain hemorrage.

    There was a big tall more or less latino of no fame, who I watched in Vegas, he took a couple hits, and seemed to take forever to hit the floor, and when he did his head seemed to bounce. He had to be carried out.

  6. Archie Moore

    Total Fights 221* (1 No Decision)
    Won 194*
    Lost 26*
    Draw 8*
    Knockouts 145* (* Varied figures)

  7. Robinson held the world welterweight title from 1946 to 1951, and won the world
    middleweight title in the latter year. He retired in 1952, only to come back two
    and a half years later and regain the middleweight title in 1955.
    He then became the first boxer in history to win a divisional world championship five times, a feat he accomplished by defeatingCarmen Basilio in 1958
    to regain the middleweight championship. Robinson was named "fighter of the
    year" twice: first for his performances in 1942, then nine years and over 90
    fights later, for his efforts in 1951.

    He engaged in several multi-fight rivalries with other Hall of Fame fighters such as
    Jake LaMotta,
    Carmen Basilio,
    Gene Fullmer, and
    Carl 'Bobo' Olson.
    Robinson engaged in 200 pro bouts, and his professional career lasted nearly 26
    years. Robinson was named the greatest fighter of the 20th century by the
    Associated Press,
    and the greatest boxer in history by in 2007.
    The Ring magazine rated him the best pound for pound boxer of all-time in 1997, and its "Fighter of the Decade" for the 1950s.
    Muhammad Ali, who repeatedly called himself " The Greatest" throughout his career, ranked Robinson as the greatest pound for pound boxer of all time. Other Hall of Fame boxers such as Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Leonard have said the same.

  8. The punch caught Johansson's chin and he hit the canvas with a thud, out cold before he landed flat on his back

    The was Ingemar Johansson,
    The Man With The Glass Jaw

    Can Israel Make It? Pretty good long article in MacCleans.

  9. Didn't mean to forget Ali, the Greatest. I loved to watch him fight. Five or six of us came down to Lewiston to watch the Liston fight, cause we couldn't get it on tv in Moscow. Just knocked politely on some woman's door and asked, and she let us in, just in time.

  10. It all comes flooding back...the missing the bell, the phantom punch...

    By the third round, Ali was ahead on points and had opened a cut under Liston's eye. Liston regained some ground in the fourth, as Ali was blinded by a substance in his eyes. It is unconfirmed whether this was something used to close Liston's cuts, or deliberately applied to Liston's gloves for a nefarious purpose; however, Bert Sugar (author, boxing historian and insider) has recalled at least two other Liston fights in which a similar situation occurred, suggesting the possibility that the Liston corner deliberately attempted to cheat.

    Whatever the case, Liston came into the fourth round aggressively looking to put away the challenger. As Ali struggled to recover his vision, he sought to escape Liston's offensive. He was able to keep out of range until his sweat and tears rinsed the substance from his eyes, responding with a flurry of combinations near the end of the fifth round. By the sixth, he was looking for a finish and dominated Liston. Then, Liston shocked the boxing world when he failed to answer the bell for the seventh round, later claiming a shoulder injury as the reason. Muhammad Ali had indeed "Shook up the world!" just as he had promised.

    In the rematch, which was held in May 1965 in relatively-remote Lewiston, Maine, Ali won by knockout in the first round as a result of what came to be called the "phantom punch." Many believe that Liston, possibly as a result of threats from Nation of Islam extremists, or in an attempt to "throw" the fight to pay off debts, just wanted to call it a day and waited to be counted out (see Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston). Others, however, discount both scenarios and insist that it was a quick, chopping Ali punch to the side of the head that legitimately felled Liston.

  11. Sugar Ray Robinson loses title Carmen Basilio
    Think I watched Carmen more than any other fighter.
    Same old Chicago:
    For his next fight, in 1956, Basilio lost the title in Chicago to Johnny Saxton by a decision in 15. It has always been commented that the reason why Saxton got the nod that night was that he supposedly had ties with Chicago's underworld, which, according to the suggestion, might have paid off the fight's judges to give Saxton the fight. This has been an unverified rumor of which many magazines, Ring Magazine included, have talked about in the past. In an immediate rematch, which was boxed in Syracuse, Basilio regained the crown with a nine round knockout, and then, in a rubber match, Basilio kept the belt, by a knockout in two.
    Basilio was interviewed for an HBO documentary on Sugar Ray Robinson called "The Dark Side Of A Champion". He mentioned that although he respected Robinson's talents in the ring, he did not like him at all as a person. He called him a "son of a bitch" and said he was the most arrogant, unpleasant person that you would ever want to meet.

  12. Amazing he could go 15 rounds against such a superior boxer.
    All Heart.

  13. Still around:
    Carmine Basilio was born on April 2, 1927 in Canastota, New York and later changed his first name to Carmen. He's never really explained why but it was as Carmen that he entered the boxing world after receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Marines. He was the son of an onion farmer and he suffered through that trade in characteristic silence as a boy. But his father's profession and his respect for it and him and the hard working class people who toiled for minimum wages left a significant imprint on his spirit and "The Onion Farmer" became his boxing nickname.

  14. Bobo Olson
    Olson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Portuguese mother and a Swedish father, hence his other nickname "The Hawaiian Swede". Like many boxers, Olson decided to take up the sport after getting into fights on the streets. Olson received training from boxers who were stationed in Hawaii during World War II, it was also during this period that he picked up his two trademark tattoos.[citation needed]

    Using a fake identity card Olson obtained a boxing licence at the age of 16. He had won his first three contests, two by knockout, before his true age was discovered. During 1945 Olson ran off to San Francisco in order to continue his boxing career. By the time he was 18 he had amassed a record of 13 successive wins (10 by KO).
    Even at this stage his power and huge reserves of stamina were clear, as was his rather average skill.

  15. Sugar Ray Robinson got robbed by the Carmen Basilio
    decision. Basillio fought a great fight but Robinson was the standing champ and I doubt that decision would be made today.

  16. The heavyweight fights get the draw but the middleweights are fun to watch. Basilio could take a punch. Who was the Canadian fighter who could take a hammering and keep answering the bell?

  17. George Chuvalo, an amazing ability to take a punch and hammer back.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Bobo Olson, my ass, you got to be making all that shit up. Besides, why isn't it the Swedish Hawaiian? Rather than the Hawaiian Swede?

    Bobo Olson my ass.

    I can see phony when it punches me in the face.

    If there's a wiki entry, you put it there.

    al-boboolson, sheesh

  20. In 1987 he was a Union Elevator Operator in Lancaster, California

    That sounds more like it.

  21. Using a fake identity card Olson obtained a boxing licence at the age of 16.

    Using a fake wiki entry Olson became an internet boxer in 2008.

    If you'd made the dude a surfer I might have swallowed it. They didn't even have boxing in Hawaii.

  22. Bobo the fighting surfer I might have gone for.

  23. After Donnelly's death, his corpse
    reportedly was exhumed for medical study.
    His right arm eventually was retrieved and
    placed on view in a number of pubs across
    the country as a symbol of Ireland's pride,
    most recently at the Hideout Pub, County
    Kildare, which displayed the icon for some
    50 years.

    The Fighting Irishmen

    This I can believe, most of it.

  24. There's a moral to the story here, America. You is fat.

  25. The show I saw, re:AIDs, indicated that the French doctors used the infected SIV monkeys in developing a vaccine for humans, which then spread the ailment.

    Whether that is accurate, or not, ?

  26. Metuselah: There's a moral to the story here, America. You is fat.

    There's a lot of cholesterol in a diet of human ears.

  27. Can't believe you didn't watch Bobo fight, al-Bobobob.
    Portagee/Swede, hybrid vigor.
    (as if portagee's need anymore vigor)

  28. Though I've always rooted for Tyson to do the right thing (if only his trainer hadn't died...), I'm a big Joe Frazier fan.

  29. There's a lot of cholesterol in a diet of human ears.

    Is it really true, as the rumor goes, that he said before the fight. "I'm going to have him for dinner?"

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