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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Meet the Democrats Who are Bringing You $100 Oil.

"Best Wishes for the Heating Oil Season"


  1. They're getting a lot of help,
    gotta admit.

    That this PKK thing has been allowed to fester for so long.

    Benefits most of our allies in the region.
    Most of our enemies, too.

    Not sure how it is securing the economic base oof the "Homefront", though. All this "War for Oil".

    Are the Turks going to drive to Kirkurk?

  2. The GOP solution is to drill, the Dem solution is conservation and alternative fuels. The US consumes 25% of the oil in the world, and has 3% of the world's oil reserves. So who's on the right track?

  3. Both, Ms T.
    You drill now, to bridge the gap to alternative sources.
    But they must be sources available today, which makes ethanol from non-feed stock ruffage the most viable. For an oil substitute.

    Have yet to hear the Dems backing new nuclear power generation projects, but they may be.

    In either case, or both, tremendous quantities of product will be required, best to do both approaches.

  4. That's what ticks me off. I don't hear much if anything from the new Dem congress about nuclear power.

  5. They're just accelerating the process. World Crude production peaked, permanently in 05'. All liquids peaked in 06'.

    And, demand is Exploding.

  6. A Primer

    Warning: the link takes you to the middle of the article for some reason. You have to scroll up a bit.

  7. I don't believe the Dem solution is conservation and alternative fuels as much it is tax, tax, tax...

  8. Yeah, you've got to realize that it's been Bush who's been pushing biofuels, and it is the Democratic committe that has the new bill bottled up.

  9. Just like it was the California Democrats that shot down Schwartzenegger's (sp?) Solar Bill because they didn't want him to get "Credit" for it.

  10. I'm darned glad I don't live in California. On the horizon, according to Dr Wattenberg, KGO, is some kind of monkeying around with diesel engines, for pollution and mileage, which, he says, just isn't worth it(all the while coal fired plants are being built out of state to feed electricity to the malls)and will sooner or later come to your state too. The engine manufacturers don't seem to mind though. Will get to build a whole new generation of diesel engines, while your still good engine is legislated out of existence.

  11. And don't light up a cigar in your pickup truck with a minor in the cab. You'll be pulled over.

  12. Just wait, the anti-nuclear crowd is setting up a nasty L-formation ambush.

  13. Then, There's THIS.

    It's all about the SCIENCE, boys and girls.

  14. She's just really priceless, isn't she? (Pelosi, that is)

    Marches with pedophiles (supports alternative lifestyles)

    Has all her money off-shore (thinks globally)

    Uses illegals to pick her grapes (Poor things)

    A liberal's dream

  15. Ash said...
    "I think free trade is good. I do not think the government should dictate what kind of products individuals should buy or not buy. I think it is impossible to seal America off from the rest of the world. The solution to the illegal immigration problem does not lie in a fence."

    I'm for Free Energy, Food, Travel, Sex, Booze, Space Travel, Universal Free Wireless Internet Service, Free College Degrees for all the people of the World, World Peace, Universal Peace, and much, much more, but since I know you are a busy man, or woman, I won't take your time to detail all the tedious specifics about how I will bring this about.

  16. Why does THIS Not Surprise Me?

    I'm telling you; It's not just the Democrats that are "terrified" at the prospect of "Success" in Iraq.

    That's right, Maliki, you POS; I'm looking at YOU. Prick.

  17. Gag,
    You left out her 3 dollar an hour tuna workers in the Pacific, getting a special exemption from the minimum wage she imposed on high school students and there employers here, illegal restaurant workers, her standing as one of the wealthiest advocates for the downtrodden in the House, and etc.

  18. Southern Calif. home sales plunge 30 pct in Sept...
    Reminds me, Rufus:
    My nephew, who lost his job in the New Century Fiasco, almost immediately got picked up as a VP at Goldman Sachs, who are moving into Real-Estate in the West! doubt to profit on the entrails of all less well endowed, Joe Kennedy Style!
    Not bad, for a kid with a HS diploma!
    (I'd give a million bucks for a candid camera peek of his interview, and now all his interviews for new-hires, since I know him only as a grade-schooler that used to visit us at the farm. ...if I had a million bucks.)

  19. Goldman, huh? Whew. Pretty fancy company, indeed.

  20. The missle accidently fired when someone accidently put their finger on the trigger. Happiness is a warm gun indeedy.

  21. Doug

    since those housing prices have plunged 30%, does that mean they are now only 300% over priced?

  22. from NPR--

    A Herr Schneider, from Germany, is starting 'The Funeral Channel' on tv, devoted only to issues dealing with the elderly and the dying, and death. Find a good rest home. Cremation, or burial, the advantages and disadvantages. An eternal flame for your crypt. That sort of thing. Funded soley by the obits column, where you pay to have your loved ones obit broadcast nationwide. You can set up your obit sort of like a YouTube Video if you like. He talked about a diamond, made out of somebodies ashes, a creative keepsake of remembrance.
    Surely, this is a sign of a society in 'terminal' decay?

    Herr Schneider had a wonderful, oily, soothing accent, though his English was a little slow.

    Here in our area the newspapers used to write the obit, now the relatives must do it themselves. Saves the hire for the guy at the obit page. Step forward in my view. Some are quite good. Lee L., farmer, for instance, who was always just one step ahead of the law, said in his obit, 'if they screwed me, I always screwed em' back!', and Lee did too. Most everybody is glad Lee is gone.

  23. It's still a Horse Race in Iowa, with furlongs to go.

  24. Gag,
    The trend so far is
    down, 10%, up 50%
    down, 15%, up 75%...
    and so on.

  25. I don't know, Bob; These Numbers from Iowa look pretty good for Romney.

  26. McCain closest to Clinton in the Nationals!

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