“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, October 22, 2007

Upside Down


The word "Taqiyya" literally means: "Concealing, precaution, guarding.” It is employed in disguising one's beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralising any criticism of Islam or Muslims.

Falsehoods told to prevent the denigration of Islam, to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of Islam are sanctioned in the Qur'an and Sunna, including lying under oath in testimony before a court, deceiving by making distorted statements to the media such as the claim that Islam is a “religion of peace”. A Muslim is even permitted to deny or denounce his faith if, in so doing, he protects or furthers the interests of Islam, so long as he remains faithful to Islam in his heart. Islam Watch.

Steve Emerson was on Glenn Beck's show last week discussing a recent "kumbaya, we are all Allah's children" letter signed by over 100 Muslim clerics and delivered to the Pope. Emerson said that the letter is a load of rubbish. Many of the signers have ties to radical organizations and some have issued fatwas calling for "death to the infidels." The letter, he said, is more evidence of Muslim deception. He also said that "things are worse than ever" in regard to the political correctness of our institutions such as the FBI. That is discouraging news.

When we ask "Where are the moderate voices of Islam," we should also ask where are the western leaders who will demand the truth and not accept the lies and deception of groups like CAIR or the Muslim American Society (formerly known as the Muslim Brotherhood). And when we find a moderate Muslim like Bhutto or Musharraf, we must work with them. She may have baggage but Benazir Bhutto is a moderate Muslim willing to speak out against radicalism and at a much greater risk than the rest of us face. Unlike the western politicians who refuse to confront or publically acknowledge the motives of organizations like CAIR or the MAS, when Cal Thomas asked Bhutto about Islamic radicals active in in the west, she answered:
"They are infiltrating (the United States and England). What I am hearing is that they now want to buy people off (and) plant people in intelligence and the military." Bhutto described the radicalization of Islam, which she said is virtually unchallenged in the Islamic world: "When I was a young girl, my Islamic teachers said everybody can have their own religion. Now they say you cannot (even) talk to others about their religion. You used to be able to marry anyone who is from the Abrahamic tradition - people of the Book - but (Muslims) are now taught you can't marry anyone (who doesn't have your) interpretation (of Islam)."
Radical Islam is unchallenged in the Islamic world and having a good go of it with the rest of us. Its hard to tell who the biggest deceivers are: radical Muslims or ourselves.
Speaking of radicals, Jimmy Carter was interviewed on the BBC last week and called Dick Cheney, a "militant" and repeated the smear that Cheney was a draft dodger who had never served in the military. Is there a nastier, more "holier than thou" person than Jimmy Carter? Carter had to know that the use of "militant" would imply "terrorist." I have to believe that history will judge Carter as not only one of the worst Presidents in US history, but also as one of the worst, if not "the worst" of former Presidents.
According to Andrew Liveris, the Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical Company, the high cost of oil is going to put another nail in the coffin of American manufacturing which finances 70 per cent of all business research and development. He says that the lack of a comprehensive energy policy has resulted in an energy crisis which is much worse than the high cost of fuel for our cars.
The real energy crisis we face today is much graver because it has ballooned into a manufacturing crisis. It is now undermining the very things that have made this country so great for so long — its economic prowess, its education system, its strong history of innovation and invention, and, last but certainly not least, its basic national-security and influence in the world.
Race Relations

Can't we all just get along?

Another old man has incurred the wrath of the left. DNA pioneer, Dr James Watson, a formerly respected 79 year old scientist, says that blacks have a different kind of intelligence and the world either ballistically denounces his statements or like the EB goes silent.

A high-ranking black Police union official calls for more ethnic profiling in the UK. He says the black and Asian communities are calling for it as a way to do something about the runaway "knife crime" which is taking a heavy toll on their children. The story has been largely ignored in the US. It's not hard to figure out why.

Jena, Louisiana. Apparently, it is more hateful to hang a noose than to beat a person unconscious for hanging a noose. The assailants are seen as defenders of the black race while the victim got what he deserved. It looks like we are seeing a backlash against high incarceration rates for black males.

Clarence Thomas was on Hugh Hewitt's show for 2 hours last week talking about his biography which is currently a best seller. Raised first by a single mother and then his grand parents in South Carolina. Educated at Holy Cross and Yale Law, he's a clear thinker whose unforgivable sin is being conservative while black. Thomas pointed out that upholding the constituiton is more imperative than achieving a desired outcome. Black activists seem to hold the view that the constitution is relevant only when it supports their positions.


  1. Thomas Sowell--What Is Intelligence By the way, some of the brightest people I've known have been absolutely the worst bastards.
    Whatever the entrance exam to heaven may be, in the Scriptures it is not a SAT score.

    Have sent your taqiyya reference along to the Palouse Peace group--the type that don't yet realize that a man can smile and smile, and have murder in his heart.

  2. Black activists seem to hold the view that the constitution is relevant only when it supports their positions.

    Of course white conservatives believe the constitution is always relevant. That's why Chris Dodd had to put a hold on a bill that would have let Verizon, et al. legally off the hook for permitting wiretaps, without a warrant, before 9-11.

  3. Well, let's start at the beginning.
    Islam is a Religion of Peace, the Government of the US so states, clearly.
    To advocate otherwise works against US foreign policy which by many blogger standards makes one unpatriotic.

    Mr Carter, he builds houses, for low income people, reasonably well. That's about all though.

    Mr Bush needs another $49 Billion USD to maintain the high oil prices, basicly caused by the US continued military presence in Iraq.
    Almost $750 Billion USD spent on removing Saddam, so far. Wouldn't know by US actions that the guy is long dead.
    Plus the increased revenue to our enemies in the Middle East Region. The hidden tribute paid to the Sauds, the Iranians and, of course, Mr Putin and his Caspian allies. Heavily credited to Team 43's decisions and actions in the Middle East.
    The continued rattling of those US sabres, keeping oil north of $90 per barrel.

    Little wonder that corporate R&D will be suffering.
    Better Federalize that, too.

    Gentic differences in black folk, beyond sickle cell?
    Who did what to whom and why crack is more illegal than powdered cocaine, not really germane.
    Most of the folks in jail, crammed into overcrowded facilities and tents, are there for drug offenses, which should not be criminalized in the first place.

    Most folk only think the Constitution matters, when it supports their beliefs, rejecting it when it calls upon US to recongnize the legitimacy and "Rights" of US citizens practicing the Religion of Peace.

  4. First of all; ISLAM IS SHIT.

    That's spelled; S.H.I.T. - SHIT!

    Secondly, Mr. Pope hasn't answered the letter (or, has he?), so, depending on the answer; it will make Mr. Pope the WHORE OF BABYLON or a Christian. Only GOD knows which!

    Thirdly; the infiltration of America by Muslims is by design; namely G. W. Bush's.

    - Forget Jimma; he's been an anti-American so long it's not worth mentioning!

    The REAl energy crisis is in the Senate and House - they can't pass any good energy legislation - like drilling up Harry Reid's ASS!

    - Race relations? Who the HELL cares! treat me right and I'll treat you right. Otherwise; EAT SHIT AND DIE!

    Hold on! I'm just getting started! ...

  5. Watson has also advocated aborting those with Tay-Sachs Disease, a mostly Jewish infirmity, and aborting gays. So far he has let the Swedes off the hook, but since we are subject to the northern disease, we may be next.

  6. The "Reason" the US has not been hit again, the Sauds are getting their tribute payments.

    Their proxies just keeping up appearances, while working on disrupting whatever is left of Pakistan's secular society.

  7. "They is more muslims than they is jews."--Billy Carter, Plains, Georgia, beer in hand.

  8. From Chris Dodd's website:
    Today Senator Dodd will send a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid informing him that he will be placing a hold on FISA legislation that includes amnesty for telecommunications companies who enabled the President's assault on the Constitution by providing personal information on their customers without judicial authorization.

    First of all, Dodd is not a white conservative. Secondly, his own website says nothing about wiretapp. Third. His BS Presidential campaign grandstanding is delaying the implementation of a FISA compromise.

  9. The Libya Controversy
    In September 1978 Billy made a highly publicized trip to Libya with a group of Georgia legislators and businessmen eager to make deals. Several months later, he hosted a delegation of Libyans in Atlanta, as they looked for a place to locate a permanent trade mission. When asked why he was involved, Billy said, "The only thing I can say is there is a hell of a lot more Arabians than there is Jews." He also argued that the "Jewish media [tore] up the Arab countries full-time," and defended Libya against charges of state-sponsored terrorism by saying that a "heap of governments support terrorists and [Libya] at least admitted it."

    I had the quote a little off, but then I'm a little off.

  10. We're all a little off, Bobal, esp. Whit, but Numbers have nothing to do wid it!

  11. "a heap of govmints support terrorists, and Libya at least admitted it." :) Insightful.

  12. Thanks, Tiger, to be in good company...

  13. What's the line from the movie?


  14. "First of all; ISLAM IS SHIT."

    And I absolutely think that our first order of duty ought to be yell it from the mountaintop. Loud and proud, tiger.

    You go first. So long as I get to deploy you.

  15. Where would you like to go, assclown?

  16. Why! With you, Trish, of course!

  17. Are you ready?

    Pack your crap and let's go!

  18. You gonna bring Muhammed along?

  19. "Why! With you, Trish, of course!"

    Oh I'm sure that you'd much rather be with the USMC.

    Give 'em a try, why don't you.

  20. They're coming along too!

    In fact, they're already there!

    GOD Bless 'em!

  21. God blesses the USMC every day, sweetheart.

  22. You wanna sell pizza in Sicily, you pay the Pizzo

  23. Sounds like the Drug bidness in Afghanistan doesn't it, Bobal?

    I wonder if D.C. gets a cut?

  24. A weird day in DallasThe government fails again to get a conviction. 60 days of trial and 19 days of deliberation ends bizarrely in a misstrial. They say they have another go at the Holy Land Foundation and the defendants feel as if they've won.

  25. The government "failed in Chicago, it failed in Florida, it failed in Texas," said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, one of dozens of Muslim groups named as unindicted co-conspirators. "The reason it failed is the government does not have the facts; it has fear."

    ...sounds like this CAIR SOB has the gov nailed!

  26. "To advocate otherwise works against US foreign policy which by many blogger standards makes one unpatriotic."

    No, it just makes one stupid. There IS a difference.

    But I would expect one so steeped in the finer points of "indig" relations to know that.

  27. The prosecution's key witness was a lawyer for the Israeli domestic security agency Shin Bet who testified under a false name. He said Palestinian charities that got Holy Land money were controlled by Hamas.

    Neal, the juror, said he found the Shin Bet officer's testimony unconvincing — that he would expect an Israeli official to condemn an ally of Palestinians.

  28. Rat:
    That is exactly what I would have clipped out. The 33 year art dealer didn't believe the prosecution or the Shit Bet officer.

  29. But, 'Neal' wouldn't expect radicals to raise money for radicals?!?

    ... PC Kills!

  30. Exactly, trish.

    Steeped, as in green tea?

    I just figure the other fellows are about as bright as our fellows.

    Our saving grace is depth, we can make a lot of errors, and continue on.

    That US jurors won't believe anonymous testimony from foreign agents in a US Court, that's confirmation of some insight into "indig" thinking, I guess.

  31. I recall a long discussion with mat about that very subject.
    He was sure that the jurors would understand why the Israeli remained anonymous. I was sure that US jurors would reject anonymous testimony.

    They did.

    Some indig insight

  32. See ya guys!

    It's past my bedtime; and the Tigress is calling.

  33. You wanna sell pizza in Sicily, you pay the Pizzo

    You wanna sell pizza in Washington State, you pay the Business & Occupation Tax. The only difference between it and the Pizzo, is the Pizzo is a bargain.

  34. Washington State doesn't break-a you leg, they take-a you home.

  35. Off topic, I'm never entirely sure around this place when someone's going to hand over a drink or throw a chair.

  36. You no-a hand the drink, I throw-a the chair.

    Give Peace A Chance

  37. "By the way, some of the brightest people I've known have been absolutely the worst bastards."

    Heinrich Marx to son, Karl:

    "From time to time, my heart revels in the thoughts of you and your future. An yet, from time to time, I cannot escape the sad, suspicious, fearful thoughts that strike like lightning: does your heart match your head and your talents? Does it have room for the earthly but gentler feelings that are such an essential consolation to the sensitive being in this vale of sorrows?..."


  38. Situational awareness, cutler.

    That's what we excercise around here. Tuning up for the big show

  39. IAATS

    Illegal Alien Activities Tracking System

  40. Mat is a patriot.

    He's just not our patriot.

    I'm fine with that.

  41. I do not have a problem with mat, he's honest and forthright, from his perspective.

    Wants what he thinks is best for his folk, no problem with that.

    That what is good for his folk is not directly related to what is good for my folk, always has to be kept in mind.

  42. ETATS

    Extra-Terrestial Alien Tracking System :)

  43. Here is an interesting example of racial discrimination, but upside down from what is often thought of as the usual state of affairs. No one race is innocent, no one race owns all the blame.

  44. "I just figure the other fellows are about as bright as our fellows."

    Never underestimate home field advantage. So sayeth Sun Tzu.

    "Our saving grace is depth, we can make a lot of errors, and continue on."

    Just promise us a fucking nap.

  45. Trevanian used to write wonderful satires of the incompetence of the thinly-disguised "CII". The problem with the CIA is the same one Microsoft and Airbus and Congress has right now, bureaucratic inertia and entropy. All organizations, empires, religions, etc., have a wonderful period of creativity and growth, then rot sets in. The solution is to disband the CIA and start all over from scratch with General Petraus' people, for instance.
    10/20/2007 07:35:00 PM

    My goodness.

    We have an enormous amount of faith in "Petraeus' people," don't we?

  46. BCer:

    "...that smoking hole in New York City represents the norm, not the exception, of the Company's track record against terror. The failure of the CIA to provide anything approaching credible data on Iraq's (or anyone else's, for that matter)WMD capabilities OR intentions..."

    You DO NOT WANT to be hanging out with people like that, T.

    Unless what you want is to shovel nonsense for points.

  47. Trish:"We have an enormous amount of faith in "Petraeus' people," don't we?...You DO NOT WANT to be hanging out with people like that, T. Unless what you want is to shovel nonsense for points."

    I was looking at my posts from a year ago about how our strategy is to just drive around Iraq and get blown up, and I could not bring those points forward because there has been a change for the better in Iraq, and Petraus is doing it. I don't know what you mean by the shovel part.