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Monday, October 08, 2007

Pro Lifers Determined to Stop Giuliani

Will trading Hillary for Rudy make more or less of these?

This much is obvious, some Evangelical Christians are going to attempt to stop Rudy. There is no sense in arguing with them that every Democratic candidate is just fine with teaching five and six year olds that two daddies are just the same as a mommy and daddy. There is no sense in pointing out that the Supreme Court justices picked by Hillary Clinton will be around for a very long time, way past any memory of Rudy who?

Some think Fred Thompson is the man. Fred Thompson cannot carry one north eastern state. The Republicans without the Evangelical right will lose Florida and Ohio. That means it will be Hillary. So it goes with single issue politics. And by the way, will there be less abortions over the next twenty years with a Supreme Court packed by Hillary Clinton and a Democratic Congress? That would be a miracle. Plan accordingly.


  1. Go ahead, Dobson, run Ralph Reed or somebody like that. Then say hello to 1992 redux and another Clinton to get in with 42% of the popular vote. That giant sucking sound is your Bush tax cuts.

  2. And a little off topic but I can't help but quote this letter to the editor--

    The War Is On

    Moscow's New St. Andrews College(NSA) was just featured in The New York Times Magazine(Sept 30) in an article written by Molly Worthen.

    I am pleased that Worthen was able to get NSA's founder, Pastor Doug Wilson to come clean on his relationship with R.J. Rushdoony, the founder of Christian Reconstructionism.

    Both Wilson and Rushdoony are post-millenialists, which means that Christians must first set up godly governments before Christ will come. There will be no quick Rapture; rather, there will be a long war against unbelievers.

    Central to the Reconstructed Christian state is the strick administration of Old Testament law. Four years after the fact, Wilson conveniently announced that he was mis-quoted about allowing banishment for homosexuals rather than their execution. Worthen has Wilson on the record again with this exact same interpretation of Old Testament law.

    Worthen also reminded me of a book, "The Principles of War: A Handbook on Strategic Evangelism" written by Jim Wilson, the good Pastor's father. Worthen also noted NSA coffee mugs have the Latin motto, which translates as, "For the faithful, wars shall never cease."

    In a debate that I had with Wilson in January, I tried to get him to clarify his position on "covenantal" lying, which allows the use of deception to advance the Gospel. Wilson responded that this was permissible only if he and his congregations were in fact at war.

    We now have more than enough evidence that the war is on, and we now know the real reason for Wilson's evasiveness and deceit during these past four years.

    NICK GIER (who is a philosophy prof at u of i--who is a little nuts himself sometimes too)

    I have heard but can't certify that Wilson was in Idaho Hospital North, a loony bin, for a few months long ago, before he started preachin' and started NSA.

    On the other hand, NSA folk are very conservative financially, got some money, and many votes, and so will vote for the Greater Moscow Alliance, of which I am a member, in Novermber, and help out the city, as our city council is San Francisco nuts, at this time.

    What's a po' honest swede to do?

    If we could just get Wilson and his group locked in an arena with the Taliban, after the November elections of course, many of our problems would be solved.

  3. Who gave you permission to run my Picture?
    I got Copyrights, ya know!
    The Angel, Ms Davis:

    "Davis read voraciously. By her junior year, at 14, she applied to and was accepted by an American Friends Service Committee program that placed Black students from the South in integrated schools in the North. She chose to attend the Elizabeth Irwin High School in Greenwich Village, New York City; a small private school favored by the radical community. There, Davis became acquainted with socialism and communism and was recruited by the communist youth group, Advance. She also met children of the leaders of the Communist Party, including her lifelong friend, Bettina Aptheker."

  4. I'd make a joke about how to pronounce NICK GIER, but Angela may get me assasinated to, to go along with that Dead White Honkey Judge.
    Power to the People!

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    This controversial video of CIA "enhanced interrogation techniques" surfaced today.

  6. There are already valid pro-life conservative candidates running, they are just not getting anywhere very fast. Too bad the the Christian groups don't act like the unions do for the democrats. They could throw their collective weight behind one candidate, or let their local organizations choose a candidate for themselves (as the SEIU is doing in the democratic primaries this time around).

    Many of the Christian Groups like Focus on the Family are probably holding back because the true conservative candidates (like Brownback) are flagging, and no one wants to jump on a sinking ship. Better to be coy and threaten to finance a candidate of your own and run a scorched earth campaign, it keeps everyone's attention on you.

    My guess is there will be some posturing, then everyone will come back into line once the national election. The last time conservatives ran their own candidates, things did not turn out so well for them (c.f. the 1990s, as Teresita mentioned).

    A President's biggest role in impacting social issues is via the courts, and even if Giuliani remains the frontrunner, he has committed to nominating conservative (read: pro-life) judges to the bench.

    That's good enough for me, and most republicans would be willing to live with that, too.

    We still have a LOOOONG way to go before we we get to test my Giuliani theory, though. Primaries ought to be interesting, and I can't wait to see Thompson's debate debut.

    Heroes is on tonight at 9 P.M.!!!!

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  11. Podiatry Class in Franco's Spain

  12. Thanks Wiki:

    Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (June 14,[1] 1928 – October 9, 1967), commonly known as Che Guevara, El Che or just Che was an Argentine-born Marxist revolutionary, political figure, and leader of Cuban and internationalist guerrillas.

    As a young man studying medicine, Guevara travelled roughrough[›] throughout South America, bringing him into direct contact with the impoverished conditions in which many people lived. His experiences and observations during these trips led him to the conclusion that the region's socio-economic inequalities could only be remedied by socialism through revolution, prompting him to intensify his study of Marxism and travel to Guatemala to learn about the reforms being implemented there by President Jacobo Arbenz Guzm├ín.

    While in Mexico in 1956, Guevara joined Fidel Castro's revolutionary 26th of July Movement, which seized power from the regime of the dictator[2] General Fulgencio Batista in Cuba in 1959. In the months after the success of the revolution, Guevara was assigned the role of "supreme prosecutor", overseeing the trials and executions of hundreds of suspected war criminals from the previous regime.[3] After serving in various important posts in the new government and writing a number of articles and books on the theory and practice of guerrilla warfare, Guevara left Cuba in 1965 with the intention of fomenting revolutions first in Congo-Kinshasa, and then in Bolivia, where he was captured in a military operation supported by the CIA and the U.S. Army Special Forces.[4] Guevara was summarily executed by the Bolivian Army in the town of La Higuera near Vallegrande on October 9, 1967.[5]