“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Rotten Fruit of Secular Society

  • a clockwork (mechanical, artificial, robotic) human being (orange - similar to orang-utan, a hairy ape-like creature), and
  • the Cockney phrase from East London, "as queer as a clockwork orange" - indicating something bizarre internally, but appearing natural, human, and normal on the surface


British man jailed for urinating on disabled woman as she lay dying in street

The Associated Press

LONDON — A man who urinated on a disabled woman as she lay dying in the street while his friend filmed the incident was sentenced Friday to three years in prison.

Anthony Anderson, 27, was found guilty of the charge of outraging public decency in the attack on Christine Lakinski, 50, who collapsed in a street in Hartlepool, northeast England, in July.

Lakinski, who had physical and learning disabilities, fell and hit her head while walking home. A post mortem determined she died of pancreatic failure.

Prosecutors said Anderson, who was celebrating his birthday with friends, kicked Lakinski on the foot, poured a bowl of water over her, then urinated on her as a friend filmed the assault on a mobile phone. He also sprayed her with shaving foam in the attack which lasted half an hour.

Prosecuter Sue Jacobs said one of the group shouted "This is YouTube material" during the attack.

The group left Lakinski motionless on the sidewalk and called an ambulance about 20 minutes later after they got ready to go to a nightclub. Paramedics arrived around an hour after Lakinski collapsed and found no sign of life.

Anderson, a former soldier, pleaded guilty last month. At the end of the trial his lawyer, Paul Cleasby, apologized to Lakinski's family on behalf of his client.

"He cannot explain why he did it," Cleasby said.

Judge Peter Fox called the episode "a shockingly sad story."

"You violated this woman in an incredible way and the shocking nature of your acts over a prolonged period of time must mean that a prison sentence of greater length is appropriate in this case," he said in passing the sentence at Teesside Crown Court.
He can't explain why he did it? Maybe this will: England has a drinking problem. When I read this story my first thought was A Clockwork Orange.

Set in a future England (ca. 1995, imagined from 1965), the film follows the life of a teenage boy named Alex DeLarge (McDowell) whose pleasures are classical music (most especially Beethoven), rape, and ultraviolence. He is leader of a small gang of thugs, whom he refers to as his "droogs" (from the Russian word друг meaning friend or buddy). Alex narrates most of the film in "nadsat"; the fractured, contemporary adolescent argot comprising Slavic (especially Russian), English, and Cockney rhyming slang. The boy Alex is irreverent and abusive of others; he lies to his parents to skip school and has an expensive stereo sound deck blasting a classics recordings collection.

After drinking narcotic-laden milk at the Korova Milk Bar, Alex and his droogs beat an old drunken tramp (an Irish immigrant) under a motorway flyover. They then proceed to a derelict casino, where a rival gang led by Billyboy are about to rape a woman. A fight between the two gangs ensues; Alex and his droogs emerge victorious and leave before the police arrive. Alex and the gang steal a Durango 95 (a fictional sports car) for a drive into the countryside, where he leads his droogs in a home invasion, beating a reclusive writer named Mr. Alexander and raping his wife while singing and dancing to "Singin' in the Rain".
It is a sad thing to watch a society as it's soul dies but that's what we are witnessing throughout the world today. The rotten fruit of secular society.


  1. Whit said:

    "The rotten fruit of secular society."

    So that's all it'll take; a bit of faith? Allah Akbar!


  2. Bullshit. It has Nothing to do with "Religion." Give back the lives of all the people killed, and tortured in the name of "God," and it'll Dwarf all the street crime in the history of the world.

  3. I am not sure this is the result of secular society. My money is on multi-culturalism. England through the seventies had a level of civility that was the envy of the world. There was a sense of familiarity, safety, and public fraternity. Then the left decided that being white and English was somehow something to be guilty about. The borders were opened to any and all with no demand or no expectation of common public behavior and accepted standards of decency. In fact the opposite happened. Standards declined to the standards of the ghetto as black west Indians, from the Caribbean, brought the culture of the ghetto that was aped from the American black ghettos.

    Add Albanian drug gangs, socialism and liberal white progressives who blamed everything on racism and you had the perfect storm for a societal melt down. It did. Drugs, the break down of family,welfare, the loss of the concept of shame, and you end up with many of the places of urban England. Too damn bad,but most people will not have the guts to even address the real problem.

  4. Many more millions have died in the post-modern age at the hands of of the secular NAZIs and Communists than the religions were responsible for. It's been estimated that Stalin was responsible for 60 million deaths. Hitler killed how many millions? Together these two godless men killed more people in the 20th century than had been killed in the entire history of religious conflicts.

  5. From the BBC, hardly a right wing racist source,although they try and deflect it and call it black on black crime.It is black crime, period.

    ..."How Much Gun Crime is There?

    Gun crime has increased in recent years, including a near doubling of handgun offences since 1996, the year of the Dunblane massacre.

    In 2001-02, there were some 22,300 firearms offences, a rise of almost a third on the previous year. The number of people killed by firearms was 23.

    But while it may appear to be rife, it is generally confined to a large number of incidents perpetrated by a small number people in very small areas.

    While this is of no comfort to those who may have witnessed gun crime on their own streets, those most likely to be victims are young men.

    So who is carrying the guns?

    All the evidence suggests that gun crime is not the problem but a symptom of a huge and well established drugs economy.

    The growth of gun crime in London has come with the rise in crack cocaine.

    The worst of the crack dealing takes place in the poorest areas.

    At present, the worst affected are some of London's African-Caribbean communities (hence the phrase of 'black-on-black crime'), centred predominantly among those of Jamaican descent."


  6. 2164th,

    Are you saying there are simply too many non-white people let in?

  7. If you have never been to Jamaica, and I do not mean the well guarded tourist compounds, I can tell you it is a shit hole and dangerous beyond belief.

  8. I've mentioned it here before but it bears repeating:
    A few years ago when the holier than thou British were pointing at the US as a gun hell hole of the world, I did some research and found that when one took black on black gun crime out of our statistics, our numbers were as good as anyones. Now, it seems the British are beginning to understand.

  9. Yes, I have been there and yes, venturing beyong the well guarded compound is a nerve wracking adventure. I've always theorized that a major component of that ugliness is the fact that the beaches can be privately owned and the locals, the public, are prevented access. The vast majority in Jamaica are penned in and prevented access to the sea by rich foreigners and their ocean front palaces and the tourist hotels. In Barbados no beach is private and the natives aren't near so scary. Obviously it isn't just this one factor but it certainly makes sense that it could lead to some resentment.

  10. Ash, what did these beaches have in common, Atlantic City after the fifties and before casinos, and Coney Island after the fifties?

  11. One can see the decline in popular cultural entertainment.

    Starting with the presentation of "Father".
    From Ward Cleaver of "Leave it to Beaver", the image downgrades a tad to Archie Bunker in "All in the Family". bottoming out with "Married with Children's" Al Bundy.

    The first time Elvis was on Ed Sullivan Show compared to any given ViaCom production, today.

  12. The Catholics and the Protestants(my people) nearly depopulateted
    Germany arguing over the Book. What we nead are sane secular laws, fully enforced.

  13. And to respect the other man's religion(or lack of) as long as it doesn't tend to overthrow the Constitution. And to 'pray in one's own closet'.

  14. 2164th said...
    Ash, what did these beaches have in common, Atlantic City after the fifties and before casinos, and Coney Island after the fifties?

    I dunno....only white folk?

  15. Well, having thought it over a bit, things have gone downhill, but I am still a believer in a secular society, where being polite is a mandate.

  16. Ash, see what you like. I see a place where people went to enjoy a day of recreation and pleasure without fear. Draw your own conclusions. I have mine. The consequences to multiculturalism have been more unhappy than not. There is no city that has suffered the consequences more than vast areas of London. The same thing happened to many parts of most American cities. Washington DC is such a horror in most parts of the city , so much so that I doubt there are few member of Congress that have their children in the public schools. Why is that? Why is it tolerated and why is it not talked about?

  17. I live in Toronto and it is a great city - very very multi-cultural. It is really a pleasure to enjoy the fruits of the various cultures here: Chinatown, Korea Town, Little India, Little Italy, and I live in a predominantly Porteguese part of town (there are many other cultural centers as well - a Pakistani restuarant just open next door to an Indian restuarant neaby me in 'Korea Town' much to the consternation of the incumbent Indian proprietor).

    While each area exhibits many traits of the various cultures it is hardly homogenoeous. In China town many many speak Cantonese or Mandarin as their first language you can still communicate easily enough. Many Vietnamese place of business are there as well - ironic given the historical enmity of the two peoples.

    If ever there was a city demonstrating he success and pleasures of multi-culturism Toronto is it. You should visit someday.

  18. Starting with the presentation of "Father".

    - Rat

    Recurring topic of discussion in my house. On again, off again TV viewers, we really started to notice with the series Home Improvement that the fix was in, so to speak. It had become by degrees fashionable to portray husbands and fathers as domestically, familially inept or indifferent man-children, with more-or-less benignly contemptuous wives-as-mothers. It had become the standard. Even Cosby did this to some extent, earlier in the television trend. Married With Children may have just been the crudest portrayal. Everybody Loves Raymond is the form in high gear (or is that The Simpsons?) But look at their enormous appeal. The character dynamic attracts viewers in droves - now endlessly in syndication.

    I'd say it established itself with the domestic comedy films of the 50's and 60's. Best guess.

    Does the pattern still hold? Has it changed? I don't watch enough outside of HBO series to know.

  19. ..." Writing in the National Post (Octrober 27, 2005), Bruce Garvey
    decried Jamaica’s “born fi dead’ culture being imported to the streets of
    Toronto – another vile result of poorly screened immigration and
    multiculturalism polices that encourage immigrants to hang on to their
    culture, no matter how dysfunctional of destructive. Writing of Toronto’s
    wave of gang shootings, Garvey noted: “Almost all of the victims and
    perpetrators are young black men, … It is widely – if quietly – acknowledged
    that a disproportionate number of the criminals and victims hail from
    Jamaica. To understand why that it, it helps to understand the place that
    they come from. By early September, the Caribbean island – with roughly the
    same population as Toronto, had recorded 1,157 murders, almost all of them
    involving guns. It was the country’s highest ever by that date, and well on
    track to top 1,500 by the end of the year, eclipsing last year’s total of
    1,469.. … But it’s still a fact that since independence in 1962, when the
    murder rate was 3.8 per 100,000, Jamaica’s crime rate has been getting
    steadily worse. By 1976, it had risen to 17.6, and by 2001 jumped
    dramatically to 43.”

    Table of Toronto's racial makeup
    Ethnic group Population %

    Chinese 10.6
    South Asian 10.3
    Black 8.3
    Filipino 3.5
    Latin America 2.2
    West Asian 1.5
    Southeast Asian 1.4
    Korean 1.2
    Arab 0.9
    Japanese 0.5
    Other minorities 1.5
    White (Non-Hispanic) 57.2

  20. I am all for 'multi-culturalism'-after all I am a Swede-a definite minority in todays America--I think the Constitution is the best thing going--but I have said that before!

  21. Please give your definition of Multiculturalism.
    Til then, I will have to equate being Swedish with being a moron!

  22. I'm with Ash on beach access and urban crime.
    Last time Ken Hamblin was in Haiti they used dead babies for doorstops where they were denied beach access by another million or so poor souls.
    My son's Rich friends from Haiti, otoh, have beach access here, and the only crime they commit is promotion of socialist larceny.
    Proof enough for me.

  23. Black crime will no longer be a problem in areas where "Hispanic" gangs are conducting ethnic cleansing.
    All Hail the Outlaw Decider in Chief!

  24. Those Jamaicans in Toronto don't have beach access, so that is yet MORE proof of the negative correlation between crime and beach access.

  25. Doug, the broad won in Argentina...

  26. She ran on her husband's jockstrap.

  27. AlBob,
    While looking for some of your celestial wonders, I ran into this creature flying through the heavens:

    Purple People Eater

    Well I saw the thing comin' out of the sky
    It had one long horn, one big eye.
    I commenced to shakin' and I said, "Ooh-eee"
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    Well he came down to earth and lit in a tree
    I said Mr. Purple People Eater don't eat me
    I heard him say in a voice so gruff
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    I said Mr. Purple People Eater, what's your line?
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    sure looks strange to me.

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    And then he went on his way, and then what do you know.
    I saw him last night on a TV show.
    He was blowing it out, a' really knockin' em dead
    Playing rock and roll music through the horn in his head.

  28. this mainly goes out to ash and rufus..okay the thing is i don't really understand whether your just using this as an avenue to let out Your beef with religion but here is the thing if u don't believe in God that"s cool nobody is twisting your am to do so but get this whether or not millions have died in God's name is of little concern to you (since you're so inconsiderate to begin with) HE PEED ON A DEAD OLD WOMAN!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH U DUMB FOOLS!! MAYBE HE OUGHT TO DO IT TO ONE OF UR RELATIVES WHEN HE COMES OUT.