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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Worried About Iranian Arms in Iraq? Look Closer to Home. Say Venezuela.

An Su-30MK is more fun than a machete

Iraq and Afghanistan may be worthy endeavors but they sure are sucking up a lot of oxygen from other US interests. Latin America is our home turf. There are enough natural and human resources in the Americas and enough shared culture and values to enrich an area that stretches to both polar regions. Create stability and growth in all American countries and you create opportunities and wealth. The US clearly has greater interests in Venezuela than in Kosovo and would be far better off buying from Mexican or Nicaraguan factories than from factories in Guangzhou. When will that lesson be learned?

Published: Monday, October 29, 2007
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Moscow expects doubling or trebling of Russia's weapons sales to Venezuela

Moscow expects a doubling or trebling of Russia's weapons sales (currently amounting to US$4 billion) in agreements with Venezuela over the next few years, according to Russian state arms exporting agency Rosoboronexport executive Serguei Ladiguin.

"We have initialed agreements for US$4 billion with Venezuela and we are to at least double or treble this sum," Ladiguin told Russian television in a direct broadcast from Caracas, where he was taking part in Venezuela-Russia bilateral cooperation meetings.

Ladiguin stressed that Russia and Venezuela are drafting supply agreements for warships, warplanes and helicopter gunships, as well as a wide range of weapons for the Army.
Reported by Interfax, Ladiguin reminded his audience that Moscow is actually supplying Su-30 warplanes, different types of helicopter gunships and cargo choppers, as well as Kalashnikov rifles to Venezuela and that Russia is also building three military manufacturing facilities in Venezuela ... one Kalashnikov manufacturing plant, an ammunutions factory and one helicopter maintenance and repair workshops.

Over the last few years, Venezuela has made significant weapon purchases from Russia, including 24 Su-30MK warplanes, 50 helicopter gunships and cargo choppers, Tor-M1 anti-aircraft defense systems and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles.

Ladiguin confirmed that Rosoboronexport has an interest in consolidating its position in the Latin American marketplace.

"We do believe our company can offer a lot to Latin America, particularly in transferring certain technologies and supplying a number of equipment, not only military items."


  1. Aw, it's "silliness." The dumbass is squandering what little money they have at the very time that their oil production is falling off a cliff.

    The only people that will ever be in danger from those planes will be the pilots that fly them.

  2. :) Like the way you put that Rufus, and you're probably right.

  3. All Us Whites Are Racists This is such non sense that I can't believe it. It's the re education camp for bob, I quess. But while being hauled away, I'll try to ask, how can I be racist when I married an Irish-woman? :)

  4. Well, rufus, the Brazialians and Columbians do not see those planes in the same light.

    No indeed.

    They have to match him, or depend upon US for air support and supremacy.

    Bet they've read Mr Lewis with regards being a "friend" and dependent upon the US for defense.

    The Columbians are being left out in the cold, today. Without much pressure from Hugo. If things heat up, Congress will run for the exit, not double down the US committment to a free Columbia.

    Make no mistake, Gran Columbia is the prize, for any modern Bolivarista. Recreate that grand confederation, one that in size and grandeur can match the US.

    But since Hugo only supplies US with one million one hundred thousand barrels of crude a day, every day. He is of no concern to the future, why in a decade or so, he could be tapped, even though Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, although it's not Saudi Sweet.

  5. We'll have to assume that as Venezuela and Iran move forward with nuclear projects in Venezuela that the product will be ever more "silliness".

    That a confirmed fan of Castro and the Latin American revolution, fueled with $100 million USD per day in income, is not an expansive threat, when buying arms factories.

    But, since it's, "down south" and the oil is not so sweet, rufus can just write it off, even when the refugees of the coming fracus can walk to the US, as refugees.

    Crimp the Mexican output, Venezuela and Ecuadoran, that is over 15% of US daily imports of petroleum products.

    That is Strategic.
    Not silly