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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Friday, July 08, 2016

One of the Dallas shooters ambushing an unknown individual in a firefight. The other person was caught unawares. It is presumed that it was a police officer.


  1. By the rapid instinctive reactions of the shooter, it appears that he has military training .

  2. This is the horrifying moment a brave police officer attempted to shoot one of the Dallas gunmen- only for the bullet to bounce off his armored vest and for him to turn around and execute the cop at point-blank range.

    The footage, filmed from a balcony on a building opposite the shoot-out shows one of the Dallas gunmen hiding behind a pillar when a cop approaches him from behind.

    The stealthy officer then attempts to stop the rampage with a well-placed bullet to the shooter's back - but it abounces off, leaving the killer unharmed and the cop exposed. The killer then sprints towards the officer, who ducks behind the pillar.

    The officer then apparently turns to his right, expecting the gunman to approach from the interior of the pillars - instead, the killer approaches from the outside, rounding the corner to see the officer facing away from him.

    It takes just one second for the gunman to shoot his victim at point-blank range, knocking him to the ground, while masonry explodes around him - presumably fired by other officers.

    The attacker then cruelly executes the prone officer before continuing the gunfight. Witness Ismael Dejesus said the maniac, who appeared to be carrying an AR-15 assault rifle, initially had no idea the cop was behind him.

    'A police officer crept up on the shooter and shot him in the back,' he told CNN. 'But it didn’t faze him - he just turned around and shot him.'

    And he said that the brutal execution that followed saw the attacker firing multiple times.

    ‘The police officer was down and he shot him maybe another three or four times in the back,' he explained. Dejesus said this shocking moment shows the attacker must have been well-prepared for the massacre. 'Unless he was a really big guy I can only imagine he was wearing body armor,' he said.

    The man - one of at least four killers who opened fire on police during a demonstration about the recent high-profile killings of black men by cops - was also described as being incredibly heavily armed.

    'It looked like he was carrying an AR-15,' Dejesus said, referring to a popular model of assault rifle.

    And he added that the man had 'lots of 30-round magazines - so many that they were falling out of his pockets.'

    Anthony May, a retired ATF explosives enforcement officer, told CNN that the killer knew exactly what he was doing, firing from that spot.

    'It appears he was trying to draw police into that area,' he said. 'He is very well trained.'


    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm_2UB-ug34

  3. There WAS a bomb.

    One of them detonated it and that was the end of him.

    1. Or, it got detonated.

      Well, it doesn't seem to have been ISIS.

  4. The bomb was a present from the Police, delivered by their little helper Robot.

  5. The very important number that the talking heads are missing is a very large decrease in Part-time workers (688,000.)

  6. It will be damned sad to see BLM, which was engaged in a peaceful protest, get tagged with this, as some people will try to tag them.

    1. Although, I now remember, just a year ago BLM explicitly called for shooting cops.

      Whole thing is really sad. So many of them are so young, I have seen many young women with tears in their eyes.

      But there are some really misguided bastards in the group, too.

      Confusing, all mixed up, the whole spectrum.

      Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County blames it all on Obama and Company....always stirring up racial animosity.

      Sheriff Clarke -



      Well, there you go. The idiots making the headlines, the good not knowing what to do....

  7. Well, I'm outta here, as Deuce has taken a perfectly appropriate comment by WiO down.

    I urge all others to join my boycott until WiO returns.

    If you don't you are supporting censorship.

    1. Yah! Boycott, Bob, Boycott. Stick to your guns, be principled, leave. WiO has just the place for you to spout your wisdom.

  8. I appreciate that. It will save me time having to remove his nonsense and if you join him on his blog he will enjoy the company. All the best and thanks again.

  9. Open carry

    In Texas, you don't need a license or any other special identification or previous training to openly carry a long arm, such as a rifle or shotgun. This is not new; it has always been legal here to carry long arms without a license.


    If you want to carry a handgun - either openly or concealed - you have to apply for a "license to carry" from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Licensed open carry of a handgun became legal recently, on Jan. 1, 2016. More than 930,000 Texans currently have a legal license to carry a handgun.

  10. Not sure what your point is, Deuce. I live in Texas half the year and have a CHL. CHLs are for law abiding citizens. You can't get one otherwise. The Black Lives Matter group and some offshoot, The Black Knights, or some such nonsense, are behind these assassinations. I believe they have a Facebook page, so you can read all about them. This is the new face of the America. Obama's America. This is the hope and change he promised to deliver.

    1. Does open carry mean it is a good idea to have someone walking around with an AK-47?

    2. The problem is that there has to be a tradeoff on a level of tolerable violence. There is no US military base on US soil that allows open carry of personal weapons of any sort. They know better. How many more shooting like last night is tolerable?

    3. How many low life thugs and felons, ex-cons, etc. are on US military bases? Perhaps we should get criminals off the streets?

  11. By the way, anyone who chooses to "open carry" is an idiot. At least in MOME's world.

  12. Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, has been identified as one of the suspected gunmen in an ambush Thursday that left five Dallas law enforcement officers dead and seven more officers injured, multiple law enforcement sources told ABC News.

    Johnson, who died in the incident, served as an Army reservist until April 2015, defense officials said. He was trained and served in the Army Reserve as a carpentry and masonry specialist, they said.

    Police said he told hostage negotiators that he was angry about recent fatal shootings of black men by police elsewhere in the United States and that he wanted to kill white people, especially police officers.

    The gunman "expressed anger for Black Lives Matter" and told a hostage negotiator he "wanted to kill [police] officers,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown said today.

    Dallas Shooting Suspect Wanted to Kill White People, Especially White Cops, Police Say
    Police spent hours negotiating with Johnson before he was killed by an explosive strapped to a police robot.

    "We're hurting," Brown said. "Our profession is hurting. Dallas officers are hurting. We are heartbroken. There are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city."

    Three other suspects — two men and one woman — have been detained by police, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said. Officials said earlier that at least two gunmen were involved.

    "I can tell you they're being pretty tight-lipped at this point," Rawlings said of the trio.

  13. Sorry, I just don't see the relevance of what happened last night and open carry.

    1. There was that guy with the unloaded AR, or whatever it was:

      Made him famous in a less than desirable fashion.

      Maybe Deuce foresees a future with a bunch of guys carrying ARs, one goes off, and fission occurs, flattening crowds in a flash. ...flashes

    2. There is nothing to foresee or speculate about. We’ve seen this movie before.:

      I have been very critical of those creating needless violence and then expecting that there will be no consequences.

      On this event, we have five decent police officers would be alive today except for the predictable and consequential actions of three dirty murdering cops in well publicized killings of two innocent men. One of the dead cops was an Iraq war veteran and the shooter was an Afghan war veteran who went on an insane rampage, made all the more lethal by easy access to a military assault weapon and multiple ammunition clips. Both of the veterans were involved in needless optional wars.

    3. The morning after five police officers were fatally shot in Dallas, Texas, police officers were ambushed and shot in the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin, Missouri and Valdosta, Georgia. Authorities in Tennessee said Thursday’s shooting also targeted cops.

    4. As to the touted benefits of a right to carry state, Texas is a right to carry state. That right is virtually worthless against some maniac with an AK-47. The combined fire power of 10 cops who were openly carrying fell to the shooter. It is an absurd weapon and worthless except for what it was designed for, combat.

  14. Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa, 32, had survived three tours in Iraq, one of the world’s most dangerous places, his father, Rick Zamarripa, said Friday. And then this.

    “He comes to the United States to protect people here,” his dad said. “And they take his life.”

    The shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, , in the Dallas attack on police officers was a former enlisted Army reservist who served for six years and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan, personnel officials said on Friday.

  15. The Person Who Organized The Black Lives Matter Event, In Which Four Cops Were Slaughtered, Was An Islamic Agent

    The organizer of the Dallas Black Lives Matter rally, in which four cops were murdered and numerous others injured by trained snipers, is a sodomite pro-Muslim agent. His name is Jeff Hood. In 2015, after American Christians protested an Islamic event in Dallas, this reprobate, Jeff Hood, said:

    “I think that Texas Muslims are the real Christians.”

    Jeff Hood says that he is a Baptist minister, but I believe that this is a disguise that he is using to cover his Islamic sentiments. In one statement Hood described a conversation with a Muslim “about Islam”, and of how “The beauty of the way they talked from an Islamic perspective about Jesus and the need to love all people moved me deeply. Their faith pushed me to believe again.” The “Islamic perspective about Jesus”? This is the antichrist anti-Trinitarian Jesus, and he is embracing this false christ? Hood also promotes an Islamic Jesus and even states that Jesus converted to Islam. In his website he posts a picture of Jesus dressed as a Muslim:

    Under the photo Hood writes: “In our Islamophobic society, I have no question that Jesus is so intimately incarnated with and connected to our Muslim friends that he has become one.”

    This Jeff Hood is an Islamic agent. Look at his face, he looks like a convert to Sufi Islam:

    Not only this, but he is a homosexual and sodomite agent. In one book written by Hood, entitled “The Courage to be Queer,” he blasphemously wrote: “In fully living into the Queer within, Jesus became different and made all the difference.” He also stated: “Jesus was the most queer person on Earth.”

    This person is a wicked reprobate, and Islamic and homosexual agent.


    1. .

      There you go. Islamic sodomites did it.

      That didn't take long.


    2. I'm more interested in your reply to the Education Week link below.

    3. More information on Mr. Hood:


    4. You must admit, Quirk's comment is highly informative.

    5. .

      You two are hilarious. I have yet to see one official or for that matter the police themselves who has said this guy was related to any terrorist group or for that matter the Black Lives Matter group. They have said the guy was pissed about shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota.

      But let's see.

      The guy was black, it appears he was a Black Power advocate, he had a tour in Afghanistan so its only reasonable to assume that he was radicalized by Islam there, and as the third stooge observed he was wearing a protective vest which sure sounds like ISIS. So any logical person would have to assume this was a clear case Islamic terror.


      Sounds like one of those skits on Jimmy Fallon.


    6. .

      Oh yea I forgot, saw a picture of the guy and he sure looked gay to me. Clear case of Islamic sodomite rage.


    7. Yeah, I'm trying to say that a crazy guy that didn't do it is the one that did itl



    8. btw:
      In the last thread I recommended monitoring Bob and Rufus for Islamophobia,
      in this thread above, I advise Bob to apologize for his inaccurate defamation of Islam.

    9. .

      I'm more interested in your reply to the Education Week link below

      If you guys weren't so involved in your constant circle jerk here on Islam and Israel you might understand what others here actually think about the PC pricks, public officials to university deans, who cave to the whining demands of these elitist punks.

      If you can spare the time try to pay attention in the future.


    10. .

      Here is the line you started your post off with.

      The Person Who Organized The Black Lives Matter Event, In Which Four Cops Were Slaughtered, Was An Islamic Agent

      Black Lives Matter. Four cops slaughtered. Islamic agent.

      Did it come out and say that the cops were killed by the Islamic terrorists in the Black Lives Matter movement, those Jesus hating sodomites? Of course, not.

      But to the low-information sheeple the guy is appealing to its likely obvious.

      What did you google to come up with a link to shoebat?


    11. I must assume everyone is too dumb to distinguish a nutjob involved with the rally from the competent cop killer that did it?

      I didn't google it. I followed a link elsewhere and read about the guy there and on Breitbart.

      Neither article expressed or implied he did it.

    12. .

      What are you talking about?

      I was referring to Johnson, ol M.K. His picture has been all over today.

      The only thing missing in that article you put up was a comment about Johnson's johnson.


  16. Education Week:

    Black Lives Matter Activist Appointed to Baltimore Schools Cabinet

    Incoming Baltimore city schools chief executive officer Sonja Santelises has appointed DeRay Mckesson one of the most recognizable leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement, to serve as interim chief human capital officer for the district.

    The school board approved the hire Tuesday. The Baltimore Sun reports that Mckesson, who will earn a salary of $165,000, will be the district's third chief of human capital in two years, and manage of a budget of $4 million and 56 employees.
    After leaving the Baltimore schools in December 2013, he served as an administrator in the Minneapolis school system. He's also a former Teach for America corps member.

    Mckesson went to Ferguson, Mo., amid racial unrest in the city after Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was fatally shot by a white police officer. His work there catapulted him to national prominence as an advocate against police violence.


    1. More worthless information for low-information sheeple?

      ...or an obvious cancer on our society.

      Quirk would rather pick nits than comment on reality.

  17. Appearing later in the morning on Fox News, William Johnson, the executive director of National Association of Police Organizations, was asked whether law enforcement feels "increasingly under siege and targeted."

    "Absolutely. It's a horrible day. It's a war on cops," Johnson responded. "And the Obama administration is the Neville Chamberlain of this war.

    I think their continued appeasement at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible."


  18. Heather Mac Donald Talks About Her Essential Book: The War on Cops

    You said you could end all police shootings tomorrow, both lethal and nonlethal and justified and unjustified, and it would have a negligible effect on the astronomical rate at which blacks die by shootings. And then there was this:

    The Justice Department under Obama came out with a report in March of 2015, a little over a year ago, that found that black and Hispanic officers were actually far more likely to shoot unarmed black suspects under what's known as threat misperception. That is the false belief that the suspect is armed. That happens much more than with white officers, who are less likely to engage in that type of threat misperception.

    Then there was a study by the New York Police Department. Te former acting director of the National Institute of Justice found that black officers in the New York Police Department were 3.3 times more likely to use their guns at shooting scenes than white officers. So, A, officers are more hesitant about shooting armed black suspects than armed white suspects to the point where now there's a risk that officers are hesitating so long that they may put their own lives at risk.
    The Black Lives Matter, that is all about white officers attacking blacks, is simply not true. That's the bottom line here. Everything everybody believes isn't true.


    1. "a police officer is 18-and-a-half times more likely to be shot by a black male than an unarmed black male is likely to be shot by a police officer. So, again, there's been an effort in Chicago by some city aldermen there to create a Blue Lives Matter law. And that has been attacked as racist by the Black Lives Matter activists out there and the ACLU. "

    2. "President Obama lied to the nation last night, and he embraced the Black Lives Matter myth that there is a racist war by white officers against black civilians in this country.

      And we see the results. In fact, there's no government agency more dedicated to the proposition that Black Lives Matter than the police. Proactive policing has saved tens of thousands of minority lives since the mid‑1990s.

      And now police officers are backing off. They've been backing off before the Dallas assassinations under the assault of hatred that is being spewed at them on the streets.

      But above all in the mainstream media by activists and by politicians from the White House on down, they're backing off of proactive policing, and crime is going up astronomically, as much as 90 percent in cities with large black populations. And now, after these Dallas shootings, officers are going to be even more reluctant to engage. And the result is going to be more carnage."