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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Donald Trump Had Nothing to do With Voting to Send US Troops to Iraq to be Killed and Maimed. Hillary Clinton Did. She Voted for it.

Khizr Khan and his wife allowed themselves to be used as political pawns by the Clintons. It was Hillary Clinton’s  vote that sent Capt. Khan to his death. It was Keizer Khan that attacked Donald Trump questioning his citizenship, right to free speech, understanding of the US Constitution and did in a public national televised event where Trump could not respond. 

Mr Khan, if  you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Mr. Trump, Clinton Baited you and you fell for it, hook, line and sinker.


Khizr Khan was tricked into smearing Donald Trump

By Charles Hurt, THE HILL

Khizr Khan is a fine American and the father of a true American patriot. But now he is also everything that is wrong with American politics today.

It is not entirely his fault, though he has only himself to blame for allowing his dead son to be used for the most hideous of purposes and dragged through the gutter of nasty and dishonest partisan politics.

Khan and his wife took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last week to deliver an impassioned rebuke of Donald J.Trump that was universally celebrated by the media. Even Republican politicos swooned at the gambit. The Clinton campaign trotted out the Muslim couple because their son, Captain Human Khan, was killed by a car bomb in 2004 while guarding a base in Iraq.

“If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America,” said Khan, sliding easily into the political tradition of lying and distorting the position of one’s opponent.

“Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims,” he went on. “He disrespects other minorities, women, judges, even his own party leadership. He vows to build walls and ban us from this country.”

Despite all efforts by the media to distort Trump’s position about “banning” Muslims, he has made perfectly clear time and again that he does not want to ban all Muslims. He wants to simply perform thorough and complete background checks on all immigrants coming from countries presently in the grips of violent Islamic terrorism.

Yes, that means if you are a Muslim who wants to immigrate from Syria or Afghanistan, you are going to get a lot more scrutiny than if you are a Jew trying to immigrate from Canada. That is most unfortunate, but not nearly as unfortunate as innocents getting slaughtered by 10th Century savages killing in the name of Allah.

Anyway, this higher scrutiny should be no obstacle for the likes of Khizr Khan and his family, except for the additional hassle. 

So, why would Khizr Khan choose to insert himself into politics and demean his son’s sacrifice by lying at a political convention on national television?
The answer is simple: He allowed himself to be tricked into it. And the Clinton campaign was all too eager to take advantage of him and his family and Capt. Khan and use them for their own political partisan purposes.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself how exactly the Clinton campaign arrived at the decision to trot out the Khan family in the middle of their highly-choreographed, exhaustively produced convention?

Were they just looking to give voice to the parents of a soldier? That would be a first. Did they want parents of anyone who had died abroad in the defense of their country? Gee, why not pick the parents of one of the fallen warriors who died defending the U.S. consulate in Benghazi? Oh, that’s right. They would have called Hillary Clinton a liar. Can’t have that.

No. Politicians like Hillary Clinton do not see people like Capt. Human Khan as a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice on a foreign battlefield in defense of his country. 

Politicians like Hillary Clinton see him only a demographic, a dispensable political pawn to be scooted around an electoral map, the way generals used to move armies across giant maps of the lands they were invading.

But instead of liberating Europe from evil fascists, politicians like Hillary Clinton use their long, worn croupier rakes to move their pawns about with the singular goal of advancing their own personal political careers. 

To her, Capt. Khan is not a just soldier who died defending his country in a foreign land. First and foremost, to her, he is a Muslim of Pakistani heritage and therefor is a perfect political pawn for just the right situation. 

For just about every American alive, Capt. Khan is an inspiring and unifying figure. To Hillary Clinton, he is a tool to be used to divide people. In her false promise of unifying America, she creates a national political Babylon. Her avaricious greed for more and more power knows no bounds.

It is an open secret in Washington that politics is the last bastion of rampant racial profiling. Both parties do it, but Democrats have taken it to a whole new scientific level.

Politicians like Hillary Clinton slice and dice people into racial and gender groups. Then they toot on all their little “dog whistles” to send all their little demographic pawns scurrying in various directions. That is how you wind up with Khizr Khan standing on stage beside his head-scarves wife, waving around the U.S. 
Constitution and distorting Donald Trump’s position on keeping radical Islamic terrorism at bay.

Perhaps a better testimony from Khizr Khan would have been for him to talk about how Hillary Clinton was in the U.S. Senate when she voted to invade Iraq. Years later, after that position became politically unpopular, she changed her mind and joined new political forces to vacate all the land across Iraq that so many great American patriots like Capt. Human Khan had died for.

It was her vote that sent Capt. Khan to his death. And then it was her decisions later to render that sacrifice worthless.

Try sticking that into your dog whistle and blowing it.

Hurt writes the "Nuclear Option" column for The Washington Times. A former D.C. bureau chief for the New York Post, he has covered the White House, Congress and presidential campaigns since 2001. Follow him on Twitter @charleshurt.

The views expressed by Contributors are their own and are not the views of The Hill.


  1. The media is so biased for Clinton and against Trump, that I doubt anything they report will be taken seriously.

  2. I am voting for Trump.

    I realize it's kind of a throw of the dice, but the dice on the other side are totally loaded.

    Trump For President !

    Hillary For Prison !!

  3. Meanwhile, down in BernieLand -

    Animals Starve to Death in Venezuela's Zoos as Nation Endures Devastating Food Shortages....DRUDGE

    Will 'The People' soon be eating the zoo animals there in the nation with the world's largest petroleum reserves ?

    1. (this is the kind of economy we'd be enduring here if ever Smirk, Quirk and Rufus got their compassionate hands in a death grip on it....)


    2. You would turn the poor of the United States into cannibals, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

      You represent the greatest case of moral turpitude I have ever witnessed..

      Bob Sun Feb 23, 10:56:00 PM EST
      "The argument that they are not native is amazing in light of the fact that neither are Europeans native."


      Shoot the Arizonans as well, give the meat to the poor

      Shameful ...

  4. My winning streak at the Casino cam to a grinding halt when some nice young lady was drawn for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

    She wisely took the $15,000 rather than the Harley, which is what I would have done too.

    1. (I kid you not, I know some old class friends, husband and wife, who each won a Harley at the Casino, about 6 months apart....)

    2. Bob Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT

      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, when I was on my knees, and fighting for my economic life, on my aunt's credit card. But that wasn't really stealing, just payback. ...

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, it was really stealing.

  5. Noop, not according to my lawyer, crapper Dead Beat Dad.

    Perfectly legal.

    He was once a District Judge.

    He was quite complimentary, in fact.

    'She did a good move there, Baaab. Legal too. Left them with a bad loan. What could they do to her anyway, institutionalize her ?'

    If it had been illegal the bank would have gone after her. They just got left with an uncollectable loan....

    Then he laughed out loud.

    You've just jealous, Dead Beat Dad.

    By the way, when was the last time you beat the women that fled from you to Central America ?

    Must have been right before she 'dropped the kid', cause she was in the hospital when she gave birth, and then hit the road fleeing you the moment she got out.

    I have a suggestion for you:

    Why not get up some courage for once in your shit life, and blow your brains out ?

    Most people here would actually be proud of you, for once.

    Time to turn in.....been a long day....

    Cheers !