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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Dirty Stinking Murdering US Cops


  1. You need to torture yourself and watch this entire video. I have been stopped by the police and told them I have a firearm in the car, I had to go into the glove department and find my registration. After the incident, I never carried another firearm in the car.

    The cop did not threaten me or draw his weapon, but he was nervous and I sensed it and I deliberately and slowly foreshadowed every move and turn.

    It should not be this way in a so-called free country.

    In this country, it is far too dangerous to carry a weapon in a vehicle as ironically it is statistically more likely to get you killed by our increasingly paranoid and militarized police.

    This is disgraceful. Shameful and tragic. The authorities and system shares the responsibilities with the dangerous or deranged cops, licensed to kill fellow citizens.

  2. "F---. I told him not to reach for it," a distraught man is heard screaming in the video.

    For much of the nearly 10-minute video, Ms Reynolds can be heard wailing, off and on camera, as police apparently cast her phone to the side at one point and later handcuffed her, so she could not hold the phone up.

    In a poignant moment toward the end of the video, Ms Reynolds's four-year-old daughter can be heard reassuring her deeply distraught mother.

    "It's ok, mommy," says the girl sweetly. "It's ok, I'm right here with you."

    A Facebook page set up by supporters, Justice for Philando Castile, said: "Philando Castile was murdered by police on 7/6/2016. We demand justice!"

    Local media showed protesters on Thursday morning gathered outside of the mansion of Governor Mark Dayton in St. Paul, Minnesota, about 10 miles southeast of the scene of the incident.

  3. Minneapolis police officer fatally shot a black man on Wednesday during a traffic stop, police said, with the aftermath of the incident livestreamed on Facebook by his girlfriend, who said he had been reaching for his licence.

    The Minneapolis Star newspaper reported relatives and friends identified the man as Philander Castile, 32. Castile was a cafeteria supervisor at a school in St. Paul school district, according to the paper.

    1. Your error is in slandering all US cops.

      Just hold it to 'cop', this cop, that cop, and you are being reasonable.

      Meanwhile Ms. Mosby is about to go 0-4, and a suit has been filed to take her law license.

    2. I am referring to a sub-group of dirty, stinking, corrupt US cops.

  4. The incident comes hours after the US Justice Department said it had opened an investigation into two police officers fatally shooting a black man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday.

    The use of force by law enforcement against African-Americans in cities from Ferguson, Missouri, to Baltimore and New York has come under heavy scrutiny.

  5. The man was taken to the hospital where he later died, police said.

    Police said the incident was being investigated and a handgun was recovered at the scene.

    Castile "was trying to get out his ID and his wallet out of his pocket, and he let the officer know that he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet, and the officer just shot him in his arm. He just shot his arm off," Ms Reynolds says in the video.

    She says the police officer, who has not yet been identified, was "Chinese."

    With Castile moaning and gasping for air, the police officer pointed his gun through the car window.

  6. Then the cop must have had IDF training.

    1. I came from a different culture than you did. In the military I learned that the uniform does not make the man. There are some real bad actors in uniforms. I was taught that when you put on a uniform you have a duty to conduct yourself in a manner that reflected the values of the organization you served with. Military justice was hard on enlisted men in uniform that conducted themselves poorly or in a criminal fashion.

      They even had an entire classification on discharge called a "Bad Conduct Discharge”. It was a document of rebuke and shame. It was even toned yellow. Society, at that time required you to produce your discharge papers before employment or enrollment in college.

      I know what standards of justice are. Do you?

      Do your high standards for evidence stand when applied to Palestinians?

  7. I do have an agenda. It is called justice. Not IDF or Clintonian justice, but a universal belief that everyone is entitled to Life, Liberty, Freedom and protection from militaristic politically-covered thuggery.

  8. I've never had any trouble with the police. But then I don't commit crimes, mind my own business, drive slowly - too slowly my wife says - haven't had a ticket in over 30 years.... use my blinkers......in other words, I'm an old fuddy duddy....it keeps the insurance costs low.

    1. Liar ...

      Bob Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT

      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, when I was on my knees, and fighting for my economic life, on my aunt's credit card. But that wasn't really stealing, just payback. After all, I had paid them nearly 20% interest for about three years. My lawyer thought it to be a hell of a good move. He got most of the money. It was tough, in them days. They couldn't do a damn thing about it, I put her in the rest home, age 96. What you going to do, when she is institutionalized?

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson was so afraid of the police ...
      He institutionalized his Aunt.

      Not only is he a thief, he sentenced his Aunt to a "Death Sentence", and one man "Death Panel", that's Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    2. Baltimore sees steep fall in police numbers as murder rate soars....DRUDGE

      Police !

      Some people can't live with 'em, and some people can't live without 'em.


    3. ... a one man "Death Panel", that's Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    4. Aha, ratto, my lawyer said it was perfectly legal, and complimented me.

      Since you're back stalking I've got better things to do.

      Pack the car for one thing.

      Write a letter for another.

      Say, Dead Beat, whatever happened to that super secret defense project off the shores of Panama you were so busy working on with the CIA, NSA, and the Defense Departments ?

      Get laid off, didja ?

      Cheers !


  9. Comey is before the House right now on Fox.

  10. Who cares, let go, move on. It's clear the Clintons got to him. Just like MS LYNCH.

  11. July 7, 2016

    Study: Cops kill more whites than blacks but minority deaths generate more coverage

    By Rick Moran