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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Monday, July 11, 2016

Come On Bernie, Grow a Pair

Bernie Sanders offered Green Party presidential spot by Jill Stein

The Green Party very much aligns with much of the Vermont senator's platform
Bernie Sanders may have another chance at becoming a presidential nominee, but there’s a catch: He would have to join the Green Party
Dr Jill Stein, the likely nominee for the progressive third party, told The Guardian that she is willing to offer the Vermont senator her slot on the ticket if he wanted to continue his “revolution”. 
“I’ve invited Bernie to sit down explore collaboration – everything is on the table,” Dr Stein, a former Massachusetts physician and environmental-health advocate, said. “If he saw that you can’t have a revolutionary campaign in a counter-revolutionary party, he’d be welcomed to the Green party. He could lead the ticket and build a political movement.” 
Dr Stein added that an “overwhelming” number of Sanders supporters have been flocking over to Green party events since Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination in June. 
“If he continues to declare his full faith in the Democratic party, it will leave many of his supporters very disappointed,” she said. “That political movement is going to go on – it isn’t going to bury itself in the graveyard alongside Hillary Clinton.”
The Green Party was established in 1984 and has been included on every presidential ticket since 1996, when consumer advocate Ralph Nader was its candidate. 
“To be effective, a Green political organization must originate from a broad base of support, from natural allies concerned with ecological politics and social justice, peace and nonviolence, local and regional self-management, and grassroots democracy,” the committee’s original mission states on the party’s website. 
Many of their political platforms are consistent with Mr Sanders’, particularly when it comes to campaign finance reform, universal healthcare, relieving student debt, and supporting a living wage. 
Mr Sanders has not responded to Dr Stein’s olive branch at the time of this writing. 
The millions of young voters who support Mr Sanders would certainly give the Green party the boost it needs in order to be included in televised debates alongside the Republicans and Democrats. As it stands, the Green party would need at least 15 per cent in polling to do so. Dr Stein currently has 4 per cent according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll. 
But the unpredictability of the 2016 elections so far leaves Dr Stein feeling confident.
“I’m not holding my breath but I’m not ruling it out that we can bring out 43 million young people into this election,” she said. “It’s been a wild election; every rule in the playbook has been tossed out. Unfortunately, that has mainly been used to lift up hateful demagogues like Donald Trump, but it can also be done in a way that actually answers people’s needs.”
On the presumptive Democratic nominee, Dr Stein is not so sure young voters will flock to Hillary Clinton, especially if they still back Sen Sanders.
“[Clinton] is the fracking queen,” she said. “We would be fools to expect Hillary to deal with the climate crisis – the day of reckoning will come closer with her as president. As scary as Trump talks, Hillary has a scary record for warmongering and the neoliberalism.
“It’s a mistake to think the lesser of two evils will fix things. A lot of people are in the target hairs of a neoliberalist nightmare. Wars are bankrupting us morally and financially.”
Dr Stein’s website boasts that she earned a record number of votes for any female presidential candidate in the general election, at 470,000 – a record Ms Clinton is certain to break come November.
But a Clinton presidency will not be the answer to all of the problems Americans face, she believes.
“At least when Republicans are elected, people fight,” Dr Stein said.  “When Democrats are elected, people are lulled into complacency and fall asleep.”


  1. Here’s what liberals DON’T want you to know about Louisiana shooting victim

    Listen to the liberal narrative and you’ll hear that Sterling was killed for selling CDs outside of a Triple S Food Mart. There’s a bit more to the story, of course.

    Police were called after Sterling had been threatening a homeless man with a firearm for asking him if he had any spare change. The homeless man had made the 911 call. After police arrived, Sterling had resisted arrest, and appeared to make a grab for his firearm at one point. This is still disputable, however. In the video footage of the shooting, you can hear the officer shout “He’s got a gun!” and “if you f—king move, I swear to God.” One of the officers then says something unintelligible, and two shots are fired.

    So who is Alton Sterling? For starters, liberals should know he possessed an illegal firearm. As a felon with a lengthy rap sheet, Sterling is legally prohibited from possessing a firearm. Police records show Sterling had been a member of the Bloods gang, and had a list of offenses including battery, assault, drugs and weapons charges, and owed $25,000 in child support. He was also a registered pedophile, having impregnated a 14-year-old girl when he was 20. The media, by contrast, has portrayed him as a loving father of five...


    1. Also he had a gun which was illegal for a convicted felon to have. This carried a MINIMUM 5 year sentence. Some ponder that's why he FOUGHT the cops instructions to submit.

    2. If all we had was the MSM, none of us would know a damn thing.

      I still can't figure out the Comey thing.

      I've read about 5 differing takes lately on why he did what he did.

      Perhaps the best is the simplest.....he simply sold out cause that's what they all do....

      In some heartening news, I read some speculation yesterday that Billygoat has a severe case of AIDS.....he certainly looks like shit at times now.....


    3. ... he simply sold out cause that's what they all do....

      Even the cops in Louisiana?


    4. ... he simply sold out cause that's what they all do....

      Even ex-judges, in Idaho ... Well we know that's true, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson has told us so.

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  3. It seems unlikely that Bernie Sanders will elect to split up the Democratic vote, and give the election to Trump.

    Especially considering the fact that Clinton is bending over backwards to accommodate almost all of his demands.

    1. Hillary has 'bent over' to take in and accept corrupt money and deals her entire life.

      Maybe I ought to give Jill Stein a look.

      If she's for preserving our National Forests much as they are in perpetuity, I might be convinced....but then I want my vote to really count against Hillary, so I'll probably stick with Trump, the only one with a chance....

  4. Paul Krugman: Cheap Money Talks

    What is the "extraordinary plunge in long-term interest rates" telling us?:

    Cheap Money Talks, by Paul Krugman, NY Times: What with everything else going on, from Trump to Brexit to the horror in Dallas, it’s hard to focus on developments in financial markets — especially because we’re not facing any immediate crisis. But extraordinary things have been happening lately, especially in bond markets. ...
    Specifically, there has been an extraordinary plunge in long-term interest rates. ... Basically, investors are willing to offer governments money for nothing, or less than nothing. What does it mean?

    Some commentators blame the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, accusing them of engineering “artificially low” interest rates that encourage speculation and distort the economy..., however, it’s important to understand that they’re not making sense. ...

    Historically,... the way you know that money is too easy ... has been out-of-control inflation. That’s not happening... If anything, developments ... are telling us that interest rates aren’t low enough... But why?

    In some past episodes of very low government borrowing costs, the story has been one of a flight to safety: investors piling into U.S. or German bonds because they’re afraid to buy riskier assets. But there’s little sign of such a fear-driven process now. ...

    1. So what’s going on? I think of it as the Great Capitulation. ... Until recently,... investors acted as if they still expected a return to what we used to consider normal conditions. Now they’ve thrown in the towel, in effect conceding that persistent weakness is the new normal. This means low short-term interest rates for a very long time, and low long-term rates right away.

      Many people don’t like what’s happening, but raising rates in the face of weak economies would be an act of folly that might well push us back into recession.

      What policy makers should be doing, instead, is accepting the markets’ offer of incredibly cheap financing..., there are huge unmet demands for public investment... So why not borrow money at these low, low rates and do some much-needed repair and renovation? This would be eminently worth doing even if it wouldn’t also create jobs, but it would do that too.

      I know, deficit scolds would issue dire warnings about the evils of public debt. But they have been wrong about everything for at least the past eight years, and it’s time to stop taking them seriously.
      They say that money talks; well, cheap money is speaking very clearly right now, and it’s telling us to invest in our future.

      Economists View

    2. Yep, the US won the "Cold War", injecting the billions of people of China, Russia, Eastern Europe and India into the labor markets.
      At wage levels that preclude both spending and saving, so they opt to save.
      Not spending the money they earn, let alone going into debt for consumer products.
      There is no demand, no need to increase production, build new factories, when so many are scattered about the world, under utilized.

      The Supply Side Nightmare Scenario

      What we have seen in the past few decades is an unprecedented global explosion of cheap labor and cheap money. This trend is a huge driver of the developed world’s economic problems. Yet most policy makers, not to mention ordinary citizens, barely understand what has happened and, worse, many political leaders, economists, and think tanks still embrace a set of solutions to today’s economic malaise that aims to create even more supply — call them supply-side zombies if you will.

      Meanwhile, even those who do realize the need for greater demand have yet to face up to the monumental scope of the challenges we face in this age of oversupply. But before we say more about the policy implications of oversupply, let’s further explore this breathtaking shift — what I call the Great Rejoining.


  5. Then next three or so weeks should at least provide some entertainment.....

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  7. .

    The Left Wants to Ban Old People from Voting

    Some dark new twists to voting-booth demographics. Since the U.K. voted to leave the EU, there has been a torrent of angry progressives demanding old people not be allowed to vote. As it turned out, a majority of Britons over 50 voted to leave the EU, while a majority of Britons under 50 voted to stay.

    Forbes ran a piece re Brexit with the headline, “Angry Old People Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote”: “Better to leave it to the young, who have their hopeful eye on the future, rather than their fearful elders, looking back to a mythic past,” concludes Forbes writer David Schrieberg. GQ was equally direct: “We Should Ban Old People from Voting.” VICE News was even direct-er: “Referendum Update: Old People Seem Intent on Fucking Us Over Forever.” The Independent — one of the U.K.’s larger newspapers — announced the Brexit referendum result under the headline: “How Old People Have Screwed the Younger Generation — In Three Charts.”

    The first two charts showed the relative Brexit votes of different age groups. The third showed “How long they [the voters] have to live with the decision on average.” This chart shows that Britons 50 to 64 have, on average, about 30 years to live with the decision. Britons over 65 have, on average, just 15. Why should a country listen to these foot-in-the-grave oldsters?

    RELATED: Why the Left Hates Referendums “Not long to live” was a theme in all such pieces.

    YouGov tweeted a similar poll, re voters’ actuarial tables. The GQ piece says, “On the reasonable assumption that leaving the EU would take Britain a minimum of ten years, those of retirement age have little or no stake in the country’s next era.”

    Let us follow this logic to its natural conclusion. People with a terminal illness, or a chronic condition that will, on average, shorten their lives, should be unable to vote. Their stake in the future is smaller than that of people who are healthy. Likewise the obese, whose lives are, on average, shorter than those of the physically fit. The average rich person lives substantially longer than the average poor person — therefore, say leftists, poor people should be unable to vote. White people live, on average, longer than black people. Presumably progressives think that black people shouldn’t be able to vote either.

    Who knew that, to the modern liberal, the ideal voter is a rich, physically fit Caucasian?

    Conversely, the Left might consider that young voters are likely to see many future elections and referenda. The elderly likely won’t. Surely you take a vote more seriously when its outcome will affect 100 percent of your remaining life rather than — say — a fifth of it. Either way, conservatives reject such bigotry. The only people we think shouldn’t vote are people whom the law deems — for instance — too young to be trusted to buy liquor or (in the case of British under-21s) too young to be trusted to drive an 18-wheeler. How, we wonder, can such neophytes be trusted to decide who should control their country’s nuclear weapons?

    RELATED: Liberal Cosmopolitans Lash Out at the Shattering of Their Worldview

    There is — I’m told — a Greek proverb that says, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never sit in.” This is the right-wing position.

    The Conservatives, and the U.K., after Brexit I’ll leave you with this thought: According to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Education’s “Nation’s Report Card,” just 12 percent of American high-school seniors are at least “proficient” in U.S. history. On the other side of the Atlantic, one in five British teenagers thinks Winston Churchill is fictional. Do such people understand the implications of laws being dictated to them by unelected bureaucrats? I’d prefer to cast in my lot with people who remember the Blitz


    1. .

      The Left Wants to Ban Old People from Voting.

      As I recall, there was at least one here who offered a similar opinion.


    2. If it was me, I think I intended to suggest banning only 'selective old people' from voting.

      I thought it was a good trick the Police pulled using that bomb laden robot to get Micah X.

      He evidently thought he had to talk through the robot, which was, I read, only a couple feet from him.

      He declined the offer to give himself up and have a lawyer provided to him, and the next thing he didn't know was he was so thoroughly gone that not even any recoverable DNA was left on the concrete walls surrounding him....

    3. I think I may have suggested a simple literacy test for voting.

      Really, people voting ought to know what voting really is, what political parties are, what a President is, etc etc....

    4. (the Democrats would obviously be adamantly opposed to such a thing)

    5. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, you hypocrite you.

      You belittle US Senator Rand Paul for suggesting using armed drones for Law Enforcement.
      Now, when a drone is used to deliver a bomb that kills the suspect, why you applaud.

      Bad form, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, bad form.

  8. .

    Historically,... the way you know that money is too easy ... has been out-of-control inflation. That’s not happening... If anything, developments ... are telling us that interest rates aren’t low enough...


    This why I prefer not to listen to faux economists.

    The Fed's balance sheet remains bloated. Interest rates remain low. Central banks around the world are lowering rates. Major central banks are talking about or actually are at negative interest rates; yet, Krugman tells us 'history' tells us interest rates should be lower.

    While I can't argue with Krugman's priorities (i.e. infrastructure) I would only point out that history also tells us that if you open the checkbook to Congress most of that money we borrow will be wasted on phony wars and the 1%.



  9. Obamacare Going Bust

    Collapse of co-ops in Connecticut, Oregon latest dominoes, signal problems for health law

    by Brendan Kirby


  10. BAGHDAD — Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said Monday that the Pentagon will deploy an additional 560 U.S. troops to Iraq, a widening of the U.S. military campaign against the Islamic State that will place American military advisers at a key airfield seized by Iraqi security forces Saturday.

    The decision will elevate the number of U.S. troops the Pentagon counts in Iraq to 4,647. Unofficially, that figure is probably closer to 6,000 when considering a variety of American troops who deploy on temporary assignments that the Pentagon does not include in its official tally.

    Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.

    Army Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, said that the additional troops will “predominantly” be assigned to Qayyarah Air Base, installing everything from additional security measures to communications gear. The base was described as an important springboard to take back the city of Mosul, which is the de facto capital of the Islamic State in Iraq and about 40 miles north of the airfield.

    1. Al Pacino ... great character over that three movie story arc ...

  11. Philistine Burial Site Discovered At Ashkelon

    An unprecedented find in southern Israel may finally reveal the origins of one of the Hebrew Bible's greatest villains.



    A majority of Americans reject the FBI's recommendation against charging Hillary Clinton with a crime for her State Department e-mail practices and say the issue raises concerns about how she might perform her presidential duties, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    Six in 10 voters say the outcome will have no impact on their vote this November, even as those who do largely say it discourages them from backing the presumptive Democratic nominee.

    Last week's decision by FBI Director James B. Comey resulted in the Justice Department's decision that Clinton would not face criminal prosecution which could have derailed her presidential bid. But Comey's sharp critique of Clinton's email practices and systematic dismantling of her public defenses stocked critics with fresh ammunition for the general election campaign.

    1. This will dog her till election day.


    2. "... six in ten ..." say it will have no impact.
      The balance, 40%, they already were not voting for her.

      No indictment, NO RESIGNATIONS, no harm, no foul, for the majority of the voters.

  13. .

    http://www.vox.com/a/hillary-clinton-interview/the-gap-listener-leadership-quality”>Understanding Hillary: Why the Clinton America sees isn’t the Clinton colleagues know

    Normally, once I have started to read an article, I will force myself to read it through even if I disagree with it. However, in this one by Ezra Klein, I had to quit within the first few paragraphs when I read the bolded sentence below.

    And then there is the Hillary Clinton described to me by people who have worked with her, people I admire, people who understand Washington in ways I never will. Their Hillary Clinton is spoken of in superlatives: brilliant, funny, thoughtful, effective. She inspires a rare loyalty in ex-staff, and an unusual protectiveness even among former foes.

    Obama administration officials, up to and including the president, badly want to see her win — there is something in the way she acted after the election, in the soldier she became and the colleague she showed herself to be, that has curdled the pride they felt in winning the 2008 primary into something close to guilt.


  14. July 11, 2016

    At last we know: 1,200 New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Germany

    By Thomas Lifson

    German citizens have been shielded from the awful truth about the way life in Germany has been altered by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of young Muslim “refugees.” It is no longer safe for German women and girls to go about the streets dressed and behaving as they have in the past. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the shocking news that the mass sexual attack in Koln that received publicity a few days after it occurred was far from an isolated event.

    Standard.net reports:

    LONDON - At first, there was complete silence from officials. As rumors spread on social media, police had nothing to say about allegations of mass sexual assaults and other crimes carried out on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne.

    It was only days later that officials reported that hundreds of women were victims of assault in Cologne, Hamburg and other German cities.

    But numbers that are now emerging are likely to shock a country still coming to terms with what happened in Cologne more than half a year ago. According to a leaked police document, published by Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and broadcasters NDR and WDR, the previous estimates have to be dramatically revised - upward.

    Authorities now think that on New Year’s Eve, more than 1,200 women were sexually assaulted in various German cities, including more than 600 in Cologne and about 400 in Hamburg.

    More than 2,000 men were allegedly involved, and 120 suspects - about half of them foreign nationals who had only recently arrived in Germany - have been identified.

    That alleged attackers greatly outnumber alleged victims reveals gang attack methodology that seems to be characteristic of sharia enforcement gangs, who pick on girls behaving in un-Islamic ways.

    German girls must now submit or face gang rape. The message is as clear as that....

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/07/at_last_we_know_1200_new_years_eve_sexual_assaults_in_germany_.html#ixzz4E77FJc00
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    Thankfully my Niece is nearing the end of her time in Germany.

    1. STUDY: NO RACIAL BIAS in police shootings...DRUDGE

      Michael Savage to be inducted into National Radio Hall of Fame....DRUDGE


    2. (considering the behavior of the black cops I've seen interviewed on Fox, I'd be happy to have them police the country....)

    3. bobal Thu Nov 13, 01:29:00 AM EST

      ... the best thing to do is let the niggers abort, abort, abort themselves.

      They do a good job of that.

  15. .

    I think I may have suggested a simple literacy test for voting.

    Wouldn't that likely disqualify most English majors from Idaho?


    1. My proposal as applied to this joint would be to eliminate from the voting rolls everyone here save Bob, Doug, probably MOME about whom I know so little, Sam, and WiO.

      It would at be a start.

    2. Don’t worry about our voting, keep your eyes on the road:

      Idaho is the fifth most dangerous state for older drivers, according to a new report.

      According to a study conducted by Caring.com, 22% of people killed in car crashes in Idaho are 65 or older; an age group makes up just 14% of the state’s population.

      According to a news release, Caring.com is a senior care resource for family caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones.

  16. That ABC/Wash Post Poll was pretty much your standard "push-poll." The questions were asked in such a way as to get the desired headline.

    The Ipsos Tracking Poll actually shows a very slight "bump-up" for Hillary during this time.

    Reuters-Ipsos Likely Voters

  17. .

    I love the way some here pick and choose which poll is more 'objective' and 'representative' based on what it says. Yet, today's favorite poll may not be tomorrow's favorite poll.


    1. I'm not saying the Ipsos poll has the exact, best number (actually, I suspect that it has a three or four point Democratic lean);

      But tracking polls are useful in that they will, many times, give you an insight into the "trend."

    2. When virtually every institutional establishment is behind Hillary, and willing to do whatever they can do to support her, Hillary is the safe bet.

  18. .

    Here’s what liberals DON’T want you to know about Louisiana shooting victim

    Why would a liberal care? Why would anyone care?

    The only thing that matters is the case is the arrest itself and the shooting. There are videos, the one we have seen and supposedly others from security cameras. There is the police testimony as well as that from others.

    As far as I know, "The guy deserved what he got" isn't a legal argument.

    It's likely the information that was listed above will be considered prejudicial and won't be allowed in the trial unless it can be shown the officers were aware of it before confronting the perp which I would think is highly unlikely. Even then, that's the type of exculpatory evidence that is usually presented in a sentencing hearing if the cops were actually found guilty of something.

    Of course, we could ask our Idaho brain trust. He is no lawyer but he did watch Judge Jeanine last night.



    1. He also has a degree in English.

    2. "Why would a liberal care? Why would anyone care?"
      Liberals care about preserving the narrative of the innocent flower being gunned down by the criminal police.

      The reality of an armed man with many reasons to avoid arrest refusing to comply presents police with a much more difficult situation.

  19. Doug

    "it is not a cop's primary job to declare sentence much less carry it out, and the excuse of "self-defense" can be overused very easily by someone sent out to arrest a violent criminal."
    Dealing with an armed criminal who refuses to comply was these cops primary job.
    More easily said than done.

    More easily said than done, indeed, and that's why a cop is allowed to initiate various levels of violence, and is excused from actions that in general are not allowed between two citizens, but IT IS NOT A BLANK CHECK.

    Police standards around the country have changed dramatically in the last fifteen years, it seems to me, since 2001 a lot of things have changed. That is what I am trying to focus on here, what has changed in police standards, training, and management, just within recent memory.

    Can't find it, but I read an article about how Rodney King changed things such that cops use batons less, and lethal force more.
    This isn't it, but relates how poor decisions made with regard to chokeholds led to increased violence.
    "When push came to shove in Los Angeles, the civilian overseers of the police department made billy-club confrontations a tactic of first resort. This unfortunate policy and the training that followed created a fundamental change in routine arrest situations that made the baton a tool of aggression instead of merely self-defense. Police Commissioner Reva Tooley told the Los Angeles Times, "The baton seems to provide a new, broad spectrum of control techniques that perhaps could enable officers to control aggressively resisting suspects without resorting to the chokehold," and that the burden will now be on the Police Department to prove that other methods of restraint are more dangerous than the use of the chokeholds (May 12 and 13, 1982).

    On January 4, 1984, Gates provided the City Council with information that injuries to suspects had climbed from an average of 3.1 per week prior to the chokehold moratorium, to 23.6 per week afterward. This represents a 661 percent increase. Similarly, injuries to police officers increased 521 percent as post-chokehold confrontations became more violent. The Chief's request to modify the unreasonable policy was ignored. Thus, a huge gap in the police use-of-force continuum was created, and it was not adequately filled.

    At a recent nonlethal weapons instructors course in central California, more than seventy percent of the attendees raised their hands when asked if their agencies still use the chokeholds. Around the country, there are dozens of in-custody deaths each year whether or not the chokehold is used. To this day there has been no validation that media-labeled "chokehold deaths" were chokehold related."

    Yes, I remember the chokehold controversy now that you mention it, one of the classics of "police brutality". I think the answer to that was the introduction of tasers, and beanbags, and even mace. Those would make sense. Upgrading it to lethal force, does not.

    Perhaps. I think there's a wider problem that since the courts won't convict criminals, or let them out soon after conviction anyway, it does start to fall on cops to go full Judge Dredd and do the real job of punishment. If the real laws are not enforced against criminals, then they are also not enforced - against police.

    But none of that is a good situation.

  20. The Media like the story of the Flowers Children crying over dear old dad, not the story of the 14 year old girl that this pedophile violated.

    1. You see all this 'story' and I saw a cop shoot a guy when he was down.

    2. Care to wrestle with a large out of control man with a gun, Ash?

    3. Quirk asked why people care.

      Different people with different motives choose different narratives.

    4. .

      Different people with different motives choose different narratives.

      True, but they try to weed out those predilections in jury selection. As O.J showed us it doesn't always work but that's what they strife for.

      If it works, then each individual event becomes a unique set of facts and circumstances that can be judged by the jury and the judge devoid of the extraneous stuff.


    5. Yeah, but first you gotta get the guy and the police into the courtroom alive.

  21. PA Cat •

    "Another shooting involving law enforcement personnel, this time inside a Michigan courthouse: "Two court bailiffs were killed and a police officer shot Monday inside a courthouse in southwestern Michigan, an employee at the county prosecutor's office told the Detroit Free Press." It's a developing story, 48-hour rule and all that, but it looks like one more example of open season on LEOs."


    1. Well, Robert has told us the we citizens cannot trust the FBI ...
      Cannot trust the US military ...
      Cannot trust the Justice Department ...
      Cannot trust the IRS ...
      Cannot trust the Courts ...

      Seems more and more people are agreeing with him, and taking action.
      Be careful what you wish for, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

  22. "We’re asking cops to do too much in this country” said Brown.

    “Every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solve” said Brown. He listed mental health, drug addiction, loose dogs, failing schools as problems the public expects ‘cops to solve.’

    “Seventy percent of the African American community is being raised by single women, let’s give it to the cops to solve that as well” said Brown. “Policing was never meant to solve all those problems.”


    1. The cops have a very difficult job especially in places where loads of folk are also packing heat. Big black men packing heat are scary indeed.

      On another note - how come so many dark skinned folk in the America drive with broken tail lights?

    2. Wasn't he pulled over because he/they matched the description of someone who a day or so earlier had pulled an armed holdup ?

      There are so many stories these days I have trouble keeping them apart ?

  23. I believe we ought to deputize SMIRK, give him the Badge, the Baton, and the Service Revolver, and send him out to beat the streets.

    1. (night pedestrian patrol only, no partner, no backup)

    2. I did something like that once a bunch of years ago - I drove cab at night. Did it for over a year. I played golf with a cop once and I told him how I had dealt with some rather nasty folks while driving a cab and how I thought a cops job would be pretty tough as they had to deal with those folk on a regular basis. His reply was the having a gun helped.

    3. trouble is, especially in America, the cop isn't the only one with a gun.

  24. Why are armed police stopping people wth open traffic tickets, broken headlights and tail lights?

    Don't they have more important things to worry about?

    American cops are dressed for combat. Why are they getting involved with motor vehicles and collecting not-so hidden taxes for municipalities to balance their budgets, all while wearing body armour, carrying night sticks and lethal weapons?

    Let cops be cops and put traffic wardens with no weapons do the hunting for driving infractions, open citations and license and inspection purposes. If they see something bad, they can report it to the police.

    When I was stationed in Germany during the sixties, the German cops didn't stop you for moving violations. They took your picture, sent you a letter. told you what you did wrong and demanded you pay up.

    Is that too sensible? Too much common sense? It certainly would solve the chronic problem of US police stopping you for what amounts to something no more important than a broken tea cup and having some paranoid driver, possibly armed and believing the police are stopping him for something far worse and reacting badly.

    1. .

      I was going to say the solution might be worse than the current situation until you got to the part about taking the pictures which seems to make sense unless there is a safety concern like the tail lights not working.


    2. As I understand it - don't know for sure I'm right - they were stopping him for something far more serious than a broken tail light.

      Were they not stopping him for suspicion of armed robbery a few days earlier, on the grounds he matched the description ?

    3. "Previously, Castile’s girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, had said the couple’s car was stopped because of a broken taillight; she said the taillight wasn’t really broken. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton repeated the taillight claim when he said, “No one should be shot and killed in Minnesota…for a taillight” and said he thought Castile’s race was a factor in his death."

      If Lavish and Markie both say it was a taillight, it was for a taillight, dammit!"

    4. LAVISH Reynolds ?

      Really ?

      That kinda sounds like one of Quirk's girlfriends.

    5. "Let's ravish, Lavish", said Quirk.

      "Swoon me soon, Quirkie" said Lavish in reply.

    6. ...of course Markie said because Lavish said it.

    7. Ummm, errrr, it's called "pretext"

  25. Trump in his speech io veteran's groups in Virginia gave Hillary a real scorching. I don't know how she counters that.

    1. After the last few days, she should get 120% of the black vote.

    2. She might, in Chicago.

      Rahm-bo knows how to deliver.

      (all the former living in Chicago, that used to vote Republican while alive, are now voting Democratic, while dead)

  26. Strikes in Syria

    Bomber, attack, fighter, and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 12 strikes in Syria:

    -- Near Abu Kamal, a strike destroyed five ISIL oil wellheads.

    -- Near Manbij, 10 strikes struck eight separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed nine ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL-used bridge, an ISIL headquarters and an ISIL artillery piece.

    -- Near Mara, a strike produced inconclusive results.

    Strikes in Iraq

    Bomber, attack, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 14 strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government:

    -- Near Baghdadi, a strike destroyed an ISIL bunker.

    -- Near Huwayjah, a strike struck an ISIL vehicle bomb factory.

    -- Near Mosul, two strikes struck two separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed three ISIL supply caches, an ISIL weapons cache, five ISIL assembly areas and an ISIL mortar system.

    -- Near Qayyarah, five strikes struck three separate ISIL tactical units and an ISIL rocket storage facility; destroyed two ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL headquarters, an ISIL mortar system, an ISIL assembly area and an ISIL vehicle; and denied ISIL access to terrain.

    -- Near Ramadi, three strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL supply cache, two ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL vehicle, four ISIL front-end loaders and an ISIL tactical vehicle.

    -- Near Sinjar, two strikes struck two separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed two ISIL mortar systems and an ISIL assembly area.

    1. WASHINGTON, July 11, 2016 — DDuring his visit to Baghdad today, Defense Secretary Ash Carter met with Iraqi leaders, coalition commanders and U.S. troops and also announced that the United States, in close consultation with the Iraqi government, will deploy an additional 560 troops to Iraq to assist in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, according to a DoD news release.

      "At every step in this campaign, we have generated and seized additional opportunities to hasten ISIL's lasting defeat," Carter said. "These additional U.S. forces will bring unique capabilities to the campaign and provide critical enabler support to Iraqi forces at a key moment in the fight."

      Carter met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi and other Iraqi leaders, commending them for recent progress in the fight against ISIL, including the capture of a strategicin airfield near the town of Qayyarah that will aid operations to free Mosul, the release said.

      "With the retaking of Qayyarah West airfield, the Iraqi security forces have once again demonstrated a serious will to fight," the defense secretary said. "I congratulate them on their recent successes and reaffirm that the United States, along with our coalition partners, will continue to do all we can to support Iraq's effort to serve ISIL a lasting defeat."

      Building on Counter-ISIL Momentum

      Carter also discussed the next steps in the counter-ISIL military campaign, the release said. In light of Iraqi security forces’ recent advances, the release said, the defense secretary announced that the United States, in close coordination with the Iraqi government, will deploy an additional 560 troops to Iraq to build on that momentum.

      The additional troops, the release said, will provide a range of support for Iraqi security forces, including infrastructure and logistical capabilities at the airfield near Qayyarah.

      As the campaign shifts toward Mosul -- more than 250 miles from Baghdad -- the airfield will become a vital springboard for Iraqi forces’ offensive into Mosul, the release said. Coalition forces will also continue to provide enabler support to Kurdish Peshmerga as they converge on Mosul from Iraq's north, according to the release.

      Obama approved the additional forces on Carter's recommendation after consulting with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, U.S. Central Command commander Army Gen. Joseph L. Votel, and the commander of Operation Inherent Resolve, Army Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland, the release said.

      In his meeting with the Iraqi prime minister, the defense secretary also expressed his condolences for the recent tragic bombing in Baghdad, the release said.

    2. Efforts to Protect Iraqis Against ISIL Attacks

      Carter said the United States is prepared to bolster its support for Iraqi government efforts to protect Iraqi civilians from ISIL terror attacks, according to the release.

      U.S. forces already share intelligence with their Iraqi counterparts, the defense secretary said, noting he is directing the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency -- which leads the department's efforts to counter improvised explosive device -- to provide additional assistance that could enhance security in Baghdad.

      Carter's visit comes as the international coalition has intensified pressure on ISIL in both Iraq and Syria, the release said. In addition to the capture of the airbase at Qayyarah, Iraqi forces backed by coalition air power and other support recently freed the city of Fallujah from ISIL's control after previous gains in Ramadi, Hit and Rutbah, according to the release.

      In Syria, local forces backed by the coalition have surrounded the city of Manbij, a hub for the flow of ISIL foreign fighters, the release said. The defense secretary said the U.S. is also prepared to step up its efforts to help vetted Syrian forces willing to take on ISIL.

      To ensure ISIL's defeat is truly lasting, Carter stressed throughout his visit the need for economic aid and reconstruction efforts to keep pace with progress in the military campaign, the release said.

      The defense secretary closed his trip to Iraq, his fourth as secretary of defense, by thanking U.S. troops for their dedication, sacrifice and willingness to keep America safe, the release said.

      The Most Intelligent Military Operation of My Lifetime

  27. “I’m going to stop a car,” an officer can be heard saying in the recording before reading off a license plate number. KARE did not publicize the number for privacy reasons, but the station said it had verified that the car was Castile’s.

    KARE has not been able to independently verify the audio with the St. Anthony Village Police Department. The station has also not yet responded to The Huffington Post’s requests for the license plate number.

    “I’m going to check IDs,” the officer says in the audio. “I have reason to pull it over. The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery.”

    “The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide-set nose,” the officer continues.

    About a minute and a half later, according to KARE, the officer reports to dispatch that shots have been fired at the intersection of Larpenteur and Fry.

    The officer then says that a female passenger ― presumably Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds ― has been taken into custody and that the driver is “at gunpoint.”

    A press release from the St. Anthony Village Police Department confirms that an officer-involved shooting took place at the intersection of Larpenteur and Fry on July 6, the day Castile was killed.

    The department told The Huffington Post that they were not answering questions and said to contact the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is leading the investigation into Castile’s death.

    “The BCA did not release, nor can we authenticate, the scanner traffic to which you referred,” Jill Oliveira, a public information officer for the Department of Public safety, told HuffPost in an email.

    The BCA has identified Jeronimo Yanez as the St. Anthony police officer who shot Castile. His partner, Joseph Kauser, was also on the scene. Both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.

    Reynolds, who was in the car with Castile and recorded a graphic Facebook Live video of the shooting’s aftermath, said they had been pulled over for a broken taillight. She also said Castile had told officers that he had a gun and was licensed to carry.

    Thomas Kelly, the attorney representing Yanez, confirmed to the Star Tribune that his client had stopped Castile for the broken taillight ― and also because Yanez believed Castile looked like the suspect in an armed robbery that had occurred a couple days earlier.

    “All he had to have was reasonable suspicion to pull him over,” Kelly said.

    He added that Yanez shot Castile “after he reacted to the actions of Mr. Castile.”

    “This has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with the presence of a gun,” Kelly added. “Deadly force would not have been used if not for the presence of a gun.”

    He had a gun, I had to kill him - Is that what he said? I'm confused

    1. Stopped for driving while having a wide-set nose,

      and, killed for legally possessing a weapon.

      Is that about it?

    2. Yep, simple as that.

      That White Hispanic Cop is RACIST!


    RALEIGH, N.C. — Recordings from law enforcement body and dashboard cameras will not be considered public records in North Carolina under a law signed Monday by Gov. Pat McCrory.

    Civil libertarians and social justice activists said the law will make it more difficult to hold officers accountable.

    Bystander videos posted online have fueled protests nationwide after last week’s killings of black men by white officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the attack by a black sniper that killed five officers at a march in Dallas. Police videos of these crime scenes have yet to be made public.

    The law clarifies that body and dashboard camera recordings cannot be kept confidential as part of an officer’s personnel file — a practice that has kept some images from being scrutinized indefinitely.

    “If you hold a piece of film for a long period of time, you completely lose the trust of individuals,” the governor said. On the other hand, “we’ve learned if you immediately release a video, sometimes it distorts the entire picture, which is extremely unfair to our law enforcement officials.”

    “In North Carolina we’re going to walk that fine line and do the right thing,” McCrory said.

    While 29 other states and D.C. have laws addressing police camera recordings, North Carolina joins at least five other states that exempt them from public records requests, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Supporters say the law, which will take effect in October, will protect the privacy of crime victims and suspects as well as officers. McCrory says the uniform system of requesting access will increase public safety.


    The US Department of Defense is looking to trim the fat from the F-35 fighter program, hoping to lower the price of the next-gem jet by $1.5 million apiece by 2019 and shave off $4 billion from a program with an estimated $1 trillion lifetime cost.

    On Monday, the Pentagon announced a two-year extension of the Blueprint for Affordability cost-cutting program, first introduced in 2014, that would see Lockheed Martin and its sub-contractors invest $170 million into new technology, materials and manufacturing processes in order the reduce the cost of the fifth-generation fighter jet. The goal is to whittle down the cost of the F-35 from over $100 at the present to $85 million apiece by 2019.

    The project funded 193 initiatives, of which 75 are still ongoing, the F-35 program office at the Pentagon told Reuters. The investments are expected to save between $1.15 million per aircraft in the ninth production batch, and $1.7 million each in the tenth.

    The changes would amount to $4 billion in savings over the life of the program, the program office said.


    CHECK THE DATEBy ARIEL HARKHAM \ 01/03/2015 21:29

    Upgrading Israel’s Iron Dome with swarm ware

    No doubt, it will be noted that combining software to not just take the pilot out of the cockpit but out of the control process altogether represents a shift toward algorithmic decision-making and even toward a robotized military strategy. Though this may cause anxiety (not without reason), in truth swarmware offers too many significant benefits to ignore, some of which may prove critical to Israel’s survival.

    Foremost among them is the defensive capability offered by swarmware to essentially “black out” a limited airspace like Israel’s. Mapping and intercepting a nearly unlimited number of intruders in real time without time constraints offers the IDF the ability to contain an impending conflict, particularly when the strategic objectives of enemies like Hamas is to escalate. Like with the Iron Dome, which was able to prevent the loss of lives on both sides – on the Israeli side directly, by intercepting rockets, and on the Palestinian side, by facilitating the containment of the war – a matrixed drone network can similarly provide a defensive edge that overwhelms the offensive strategy of the other side.

    But another part of this is economic.

    Israel is currently looking to buy F-35 fighters from the US at the astronomical per-plane cost of $147 million – a price tag that has already caused Israel to reduce it initial order of 75 plane to a still-barely-affordable 36. With the cost per UA V a fraction of that of a next-generation fighter (modern military UA Vs range from $1 million to $20 million) compounded by the drastically lower maintenance cost, what we see is not that the UA V is emerging as a fighter replacement, but stands to play an even greater role in Israel’s strategic air defense mix.

    When you observe a swarm, you immediately look for its hive. Observing Israel, limited in space just like a hive, is perfectly suited for a swarmlike defense. Creating a drone swarm would effectively free up the IDF’s manpower and high-end platforms for missions requiring greater skill and more planning and sophisticated decision- making. And looking at potential Israeli conflicts, from Hamas to Hezbollah to Iran, Israel’s ability to construct a swarm of drones buffered by layers of anti-missile systems on the ground and supporting attack fighters in the air would provide the capability to deliver a sting that can deter.

    The path from here to a functioning, massive UA V swarm is long and complex, involving the development of industrial-scale production. But already Israel is ahead of the curve as the world’s largest exporter of drones (by number of units), according to a 2013 study by business consulting firm Frost and Sullivan. Swarmware would also require overly prudent (almost neurotic) safeguards and failsafes against any cyber threats – but here too Israel has an advantage as it has one of the most advance cyber forces in the world today.

    The strategic opportunity, considering Israel’s brain power versus its scarcity in resource, for Israel in possession of a perpetually unmanned air-defense shield will return its qualitative edge on the digital battlefield and entirely transform the way IDF will be able to wage war. Not only is Israel one of the best-equipped nations in the world to develop swarm ware, but the technology can be a strategic game-changer for the Jewish state, one of those rare opportunities that converts perceived weakness into defined strength.


      Russian 6th-gen drone fighter jets to fly in swarms, enter near space
      Published time: 12 Jul, 2016 03:14
      Edited time: 12 Jul, 2016 03:17

      Planned to be unveiled by 2025, Russia’s sixth-generation fighter jets will be rounding on the enemy in “swarms” largely consisting of unmanned aircraft flying at hypersonic speed. Developers say such groups would be able to interact and transit through space.
      Read more
      Image from globalslaves.blogspot.ruRussia to kill drones, missiles with 10km-range super-high frequency cannon
      “The main principle of this aircraft’s way of deployment is a so-called swarm, a collective solving of any task. There will be one or two piloted aircrafts in the group, the others will be unmanned vehicles,” said Vladimir Mikheev, an advisor to the deputy head of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern [KRET], Russia’s largest radio electronics manufacture, in an interview to TASS on Monday.

      The revolutionary drone technology developed by the company would allow a single piloted aircraft command from five up to 10 unmanned vehicles. The pilot’s helm and suit will send a signal to the on-board system, which will assign a number of drones to his command. The tasks and number of vehicles depends on the pilot’s status and experience.

      “Depending on the status, he [the pilot] is given several subordinate drones. They, in their turn, understand – they must protect, for example, lieutenant Petrov. But if colonel Ivanov is in the cockpit, the number of subordinate drones should be more, and so forth,” Mikheev said.

      READ MORE: Russia’s first 3D-printed surveillance drone on display (VIDEO)

      Each swarm will consist of the main vehicle which maintains general command with each of the remaining aircrafts programmed to perform particular tasks, such as reconnaissance, hitting ground targets or destroying enemy aircrafts.

      The unmanned aircraft is supposed to by far supersede the technical potential of 5th generation fighter jets. Apart from developing a supersonic speed of about 4-5 Mach, it will be able to enter near space and reenter the atmosphere in a designated spot, hundreds of kilometers away from the place of the original entry.

    2. What is the bet that Israel sold the Russians the technology?



    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were all smiles when they shook hands for the fourth time in a year Tuesday.

    Netanyahu is in Moscow for the third time since fall 2015 to mark the 25th anniversary of Russia and Israel’s diplomatic relationship. It is therefore all the more surprising that the two men are meeting in such amicable circumstances.

    Far from being traditional bedfellows, the Kremlin and Tel Aviv did not even maintain direct channels with one another until a quarter of a century ago. The Soviet Union perceived Israel as a U.S.-backed state and even motioned that the U.N. equate Zionism to racism in 1975. Israel, meanwhile, perceived Moscow as a backer of regional foes such as Syria and Egypt.

    Try Newsweek for only $1.25 per week

    Now the situation has changed greatly. Israeli newspaper Haaretz declared that “ties between Israel and Russia have never been better” on the eve of the meeting. Putin and Netanyahu have quite a few reasons to get along and it is not out of the question that the two leaders will find plenty more occasions to touch base in future. Here is why.

    1. Netanyahu looks to strengthen pro-Russian vote

      Outside the former Soviet Union, Israel has the world’s third largest Russian-speaking community. While anti-Semitism was a systemic problem in many parts of the Soviet Union, and continues to be an issue in former communist countries, Putin has tried to model himself as a friend to the Russian Jewish community. This could help the Israeli government’s reelection chances, McDowell says.

      “On a more fundamental level, the shift in relations has been driven by the growing community of post-Soviet Jewish immigrants into Israel,” he says. “The Israel Beiteinu party of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has made Russophone Israelis a principal base of support and they are an increasingly influential electoral block.”



      israel selling technology to russia

      About 758,000 results (0.48 seconds)
      Search Results

      ANALYSIS: Drone deals highlight military ties between Israel and Russia
      Oct 4, 2015 - The significant arms deal between Russia and Israel has had very little ... in recent history that Israel and Russia have cooperated on UAV technology, the timing ... that Israel is selling off older variants of its drones to Russia.

      Israel Signs $400 Million Deal to Sell Spy Drones to Russia - Haaretz ...
      www.haaretz.com › Print Edition › Business
      Oct 14, 2010 - Israel Signs $400 Million Deal to Sell Spy Drones to Russia. The sale ... Oboronprom manufactures helicopter and other aviation technologies.

      Strategic setback. It’s Israel, China buy-buy - The Tribune
      The Tribune
      Jan 13, 2016 - TheTribune: AFTER Russia breached the exclusivity in its military ... if Chinese want certain technology, they will get it, whether Israel sells to ...

      Russian Missile Sale to Iran Involves Unseen Deals With Israel ...
      Bloomberg L.P.
      May 4, 2015 - On April 18 Putin cautioned Israel against selling arms to Ukraine, saying ... from IAI, and to set up a joint venture to produce drone technology.

      Report: Moscow purchased 10 Israeli drones - Israel News ...
      The Jerusalem Post
      Sep 8, 2015 - Russia has purchased 10 Israeli intelligence-gathering drones this year, ... to reduce the chances of Russia selling advanced weapons to Iran, ...

      Israel–Russia relations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Israel–Russia relations refers to the bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, Israel .... Russia planned to sell advanced surface to air missiles to neighboring .... In the field of technology incubators, collaborative projects are being ...

      Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology To China |
      www.defensetech.org › The Defense Biz
      Dec 24, 2013 - Israel has a long record of getting U.S. military technology to China. ... Affairs Committee that Israel had been selling U.S. secrets to China for about a decade. .... Israel spies on America almost as much as China and Russia.

      Russia’s Israeli UAV Deals: Quid Pro Quo? - Defense Industry Daily
      Defense Industry Daily
      Aug 10, 2014 - “An example of Russian UAVs technology is the Tipchak system .... Novosti, Israeli firm sells UAV assembly components to Russia (Update 1)”.

      Israel Sells Drones To Russia To Spy On Ukraine Border
      International Business Times
      Sep 8, 2015 - The drones will be used to observe the Russian-Ukrainian border ... Israel Sells Drones To Russia To Spy On Ukraine Border .... Technology .

    3. BOTTOM LINE: Our greatest ally of all time ever helped put Russia into the drone business big time.

    4. The most toxic non-ally ever is more like it

      Cui Bono?

      Not you, or the US, unless of course you are an Israeli-firster, in that case all is endaxi.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. The US taxpayer is stuck with a trillion dollar bill for the F-35 and the Israelis help Russia produce a technology where their 6th-gen drone fighter jets will fly in swarms, and enter near space.

  34. Is that a skunk I smell or someone wearing the new Netanyahu Cologne?

  35. Didn't take you long to go back to your anti-israel screeds...

    1. Obama has funded Iran with 150 billion and opened up another 30 billion a year in oil sales for Iran, removed most sanctions and has helped Iran fund and train hezbollah and put those troops on the border.

      Israel has to play the game of survival.

      You remember that game? The one you are hoping that Israel will lose.....

      So sorry if they don't cooperate with your death sentence.

    2. After the way Israel has been dissed by Obama, who can blame them ?

      They do, as we are finding out, have other options.

      They have some big programs going with India too.

      Their first concern is, as it certainly should be, not to get genocided again, as the Gazans, 'Palestinians', and Iranians have publically pledged to do.

    3. ** The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran

      My latest book, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran, is out today from Regnery
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      “Simultaneously, Iran is the modern iteration of one of human history’s richest
      civilizations and a paranoid jihadist state bent on global conquest, the destruction
      of Israel, and ‘Death to America.’ It is our most immediate threat, yet one
      strangely remote from our understanding. In The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran,
      Robert Spencer punctures our common misconceptions and Washington’s dangerous
      delusions about Iran, bringing to bear his unique blend of fearlessness, erudition,
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      would do well to read this highly accessible book and grasp the challenge that
      confronts us.”
      — Andrew C. McCarthy, bestselling author, National Review contributing editor, and
      former federal prosecutor

      “Robert Spencer has succeeded where many fail, sweeping through Iran’s history with
      a sure touch and an eye for the essential. He has also understood the monumental
      significance of Iran’s material contribution to the September 11, 2001 plot. Despite
      sectarian enmity, Sunnis and Shia can get along just fine when it comes to killing
      Jews and Americans.”
      — Kenneth R. Timmerman, President, Foundation for Democracy in Iran

      “This masterpiece illuminates the most lethal threats against America and
      civilization today. Iran aims at global and hegemonic control through its terror
      networks, which are widely dispersed over the planet. Robert Spencer’s vivid, lucid,
      and comprehensive record of Iran’s genocidal apocalyptic nuclear program gives us an
      invaluable and perspicuous tool for understanding current crucial topics. Essential
      reading to prevent mass extermination.”
      — Bat Ye’or, author of Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis

      “Robert Spencer is arguably the most knowledgeable, authoritative, and prolific of
      American infidels with respect to sharia, jihad, and their most dangerous state
      sponsor: the Islamic Republic of Iran. Naturally, his is the complete guide for what
      all of us—Muslim and non-Muslim alike—need to know about Iran.”
      — Frank Gaffney, founding president of the Center for Security Policy



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