“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Left is Going to Get More Than It Bargained For


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    Legal Scholars: Why Congress Should Impeach Donald Trump
    TIME-9 hours ago

    Nelson is a retired Justice of the Montana Supreme Court and a member of the Legal Advisory Committee for Free Speech For People. Bonifaz is the co-founder ...

    The House should start impeachment against Trump now

    The Hill (blog)-12 hours ago
    Donald Trump hit with Hollywood Twitter backlash, calls for ...
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    This Democratic Congresswoman Keeps Bringing Up Impeachment
    TIME-7 hours ago
    Maxine Waters already thinks it's fair to consider impeachment. ... Waters outlined a longshot bill she has introduced in Congress calling for an investigation into ...

    LA Congresswoman Walks Back Call For Trump Impeachment
    CBS Local-9 hours ago
    Maxine Waters: 'Eventually,' We'll Have To Impeach Trump [VIDEO]

    Daily Caller-12 hours ago
    Petition Calling For Trump Impeachment Tops 600000 Signatures

    Yahoo News-1 hour ago
    Maxine Waters Wants to Impeach Trump Because She Disagrees ...

    Townhall-7 hours ago
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    CBS Local
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    Yahoo News

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    Fox News Insider

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    Atlanta Black Star

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    Google cozies to Trump but calls for his impeachment
    Washington Times-Feb 2, 2017
    Google, or rather its parent company Alphabet, got used to dominating Washington under President Barack Obama's rule. Perhaps, that's why ...

    1. I read about calls for shooting the President, not just impeaching him.

    2. How about a link to that reading ..

      Or are you lying, again, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

  2. The Democrats and the elites have not learned a lesson from the election. People don't like them. A lot of well armed people don't like them. They better get a grip.

    1. they have jumped the shark. they just cannot accept it

      it will only get more and more nasty by them...

      violence, incitement and yes outright insanity to come.

      All we who stand against them? Have to do absolutely NOTHING.

      Like eggs thrown at a wall...

      We are the wall.

  3. February 6, 2017
    The United States Cannot Survive as Presently Constituted
    By Michael Filozof

    “With slight shades of difference,” wrote George Washington in 1796, Americans “have the same religion, manners, habits and political principles.”

    That is no longer true.

    The inauguration of Donald Trump sparked national protests – obscene, vulgar, and crude -- by the Left. Over sixty congressional Democrats boycotted his inauguration. Plans to impeach him were in the works – before he had even done anything. And when Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by cracking down on immigration from Muslim countries – for the purpose of preventing jihadist terror attacks – the Left took to the streets once again.

    And that was just Trump’s first week in office.

    What do Americans of the Left and the Right have in common? Nothing -- except hate for each other.

    Washington was the chairman of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, where Americans met to hammer out a new social contract to replace the ill-fated Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was not only a work of pure genius, it was also a document of practical compromise. Severe differences existed between Federalists and Anti-Federalists, North and South, slaveowners and non-slaveowners. Yet the Americans of the Founding generation were able to agree upon a basic set of principles agreeable to all: limited government, separation of powers, enumerated powers of the Congress and the executive, limits on the powers of states, and a method for amending the document. In 1791, a Bill of Rights was added. The Constitution made the U.S. a “creedal” nation: agree with its principles, and anyone could become an American.

    But the Constitution of 1787 no longer articulates a set of shared principles. For practical purposes, today there are two separate and unrelated constitutions – a constitution of the Left, and a constitution of the Right. The Leftist constitution includes the rights to abortion, anal intercourse, and gay marriage. The Right, reading the “supreme law of the land” as it was actually written, sees no such rights anywhere in the U.S. Constitution.

    For the Right, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” means exactly what it says. The Left believes that government has complete authority to ban any and all guns and ammunition from anyone not a member of the military or the National Guard.

    The Right believes that the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment was written to extend civil rights to freed blacks after the Civil War. The Left believes that the Fourteenth Amendment allows discrimination against white men and preferential treatment for women, blacks, and Hispanics, and that it requires that 50-year old male-to-female “transgenders” share public bathrooms with third-grade girls.

    The constitution of the Right says that the candidate with a majority of the electoral vote becomes president. The constitution of the Left says that unless a candidate wins the “popular vote,” he is “illegitimate” and is “not my president.”

    The constitution of the Right grants Congress the authority to “regulate Commerce with foreign nations,” “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” and “repel Invasions;” therefore, the government has the power to secure the border and halt illegal entry. The constitution of the Left, articulated by Emma Lazarus, insists that the U.S. must accept “the wretched refuse” and the “homeless” of the world.

    These two constitutions reflect two distinct and unassimilable cultures. The culture of the Left is urban, agnostic, socialist, gay and queer. It fancies itself intellectually and morally superior to the culture of the Right, which is rural, traditionalist, Christian and heterosexual.

    1. The Right regards America’s Founders as men of achievement, morality, and virtue. They see our European heritage as praiseworthy, for it gave us the Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, electricity, medicine, clean water, automobiles, powered flight, and landed men on the moon.

      The Left sees the Founders as wicked, greedy men who cheated innocent Indians and enslaved innocent blacks. Whites of European descent raped and destroyed the pristine environment with global warming, imposed monogamy and heterosexuality upon women, and subordinated the “peaceful” cultures (like Islam) of black and brown people.

      Leftists regard conservative, rural America as the land of snake-handling, gun-toting Klansmen, lying in wait to lynch innocent blacks for infractions as innocuous as jaywalking. Conservatives cannot fathom how any sane person could attend the Folsom Street Fair, the orgy tent at Burning Man, or promote late-term abortion. Some liberal Jews believe that the U.S. has actually elected a neo-Hitler; they fear hiring conservative, Southern plumbers to fix their pipes. Pro-life Christians were elated to have Vice-President Pence address their annual march on Washington, D.C.

      There is not, and cannot be, any dialogue between these two groups.

      The Founders at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 established the federal system, under which a narrow set of national powers would be agreed to by everybody, and state governments would have wide discretion to create policies suited to their local cultures. It was a “live and let live” philosophy.

      Unfortunately, federalism failed – first over slavery, and later over abortion, busing, affirmative action, gay rights, and so on. The Left insisted on nationalizing as many policies as possible. It destroyed the government of limited and enumerated powers, and replaced it with a Leviathan, powerful enough to force its perceived moral superiority down the throats of its opponents. Now that Trump is in office and the Left no longer controls Leviathan, they are in a panic – and in the streets.

      This cannot end well. Every campaign promise fulfilled by President Trump will be enthusiastically received by the Right, but will only serve to further enrage the left-wing freaks, dressed as giant labia, shrieking obscenities, smashing windows, and burning cars in the streets. Violence and lawlessness will increasingly be seen as a badge of honor.

      These tens of millions of leftists will not go away. The next time their side wins, empowered by their rage, they will redouble their efforts to persecute the Right, and put conservatives out of business for good, so that no one like Trump can ever win again.

      It seems that we will be left with three options in the near future: the Right under Trump utterly destroys the Left; the Left regains power and proceeds to exact revenge and utterly destroy the Right; or separate into three nations, West Coast, East Coast, and Heartland.

      The first option is unlikely. It would require actions unpalatable to the Right, and probably could not be achieved without violating the principles of the Constitution of 1787. The second option is very likely. The Left has no constitutional scruples restraining it, and regards itself as so morally superior that its ends justify its means. And it has embraced the use of street violence to achieve its objectives ever since the 1960s.

      Perhaps the best option is the third. Why waste time and effort trying to persuade people who cannot and will not be persuaded? If Californians want to ban guns, parade around in bondage leather, and allow illiterates and criminals to cross the border to receive government benefits, let them. Ohioans and Michiganders ought not be forced to go along with it.

      But the present situation is untenable. The nation is like a car careening down the road, with two people fighting over the wheel. One pulls the car left, the other swerves back to the right.

      Sooner or later, a crash is inevitable.


      999 comments so far, people are interested in the topic

      It seems that we will be left with three options in the near future: the Right under Trump utterly destroys the Left; the Left regains power and proceeds to exact revenge and utterly destroy the Right; or separate into three nations, West Coast, East Coast, and Heartland.....

      Perhaps the best option is the third.

      I like the third option too.

      I like the idea of Californians needing passports to enter Idaho.

    3. There was a Russian writer and maybe military officer whose name I have forgotten who predicted years ago something along these lines of the USA breaking up.

      I thought he was nuts.

      And I still doubt it will come to that.

  4. There will be blood. There is nothing left that will reunite us over than one side losing to the repression of the other.

  5. Thank the Kennedy that died out of order.

  6. The Super Bowl commercials signaled that the division is irreconcilable. There is no likely outcome other than greater repression and revolt. It is fight or capitulation. Globalism is tyrrany of the left.

    In practice, freedom for everyone is freedom for no one. In order for everyone in Africa, the middle east and Asia, Central and South America to take their freedom, North America and Europe has to lose theirs or accept surrender to the Left.


    1. Globalism IS NOT the tyranny of the "Left" is it the "Tyranny of the American Elites", across the globe.

      It is the tyranny of unrestrained Capitalism.
      It is the protection of the global Opulent Class by the government of the United States.

      It is not a "Left/Right" issue, it is a Federalist position.
      Always has been, since before the Constitution was ratified.

      As Madison said. government ought to ...
      "protect the minority of the opulent against the majority"

  7. The Right just demands the right to to be left alone. That is unacceptable to the Left. The Left has a greater motivation to take than the Right has the courage to keep. So far.

    It doesn't have to stay that way, unless you can't stand the sight of blood. The Left believes that election outcomes are correct, if repeated often enough to get what they want.

    The Left is determined to not allow the power to slip from their hands, again.


    1. The Right just demands the right to to be left alone.

      That is so blatantly untrue.

      Th "Right" demands many intrusions into the life and times of the "average" citizen.
      To deny it, ludicrous.

  8. The media as constructed has to be broken. The courts have to be broken. Both institutions have taken away freedom in the guise of extending freedom.

    Africa, the Middle East and the poor in the Americas will achieve freedom by seizing the freedoms of Europe and The United States.

    Trump and Trumpism can defeat them or be defeated by them.

  9. The Republican establishment will capitulate. Trump knows that and needs to unite those on the Right and that is a redefinition of shared values. Transgender bathrooms are not a solution.

  10. .

    There will be blood...

    If there is blood, it will be short lived. It would be caused by a few radical nutjobs on the Left or on the Right. The solution is simple. Arrest them, lock them up, indict them, put them on trial, convict them, and lock them away like you would do to any other slimy terrorist scum.


    1. It's already happening

      Sanctuary City's Mayors are being put on notice, they will be held for civil damages for any illegal causes crime do to their negligence.

      That ought to scare the crap out of a bunch of them


    2. The Bush Administration gave Chicago to el Chapo and the Sinaloa cartel.
      Are we now going to indict George W. Bush as a "Leftist"?

      "O"rdure now suggests that Mayors of US cities will be held responsible for the FAILURES of the Federal government to control the borders of the US.

      "O"rdure always has been one that blames the victim.

      Perhaps it is a genetic trait, perhaps it was how he was ill-trained.

  11. I have no recollection of the Right reacting to any Democratic newly elected president as the Democratic Left and the US Media is now. It certainly did not Happen with Obama, Clinton or Carter. The civil rights movement and Viet Nam anti-war 60s-70s protests were substantially different. Those debates were about the rights of native born Americans and American youth.

    Somehow this feels different and more dangerous. The Left is claiming universal rights that subordinate American rights.

  12. .

    The courts have to be broken.

    Nonsense. We are a nation of laws. If you don't like a court's judicial philosophy elect new judges. If they are appointed judges, elected people who will appoint new judges. The system will always tend to overshoot one way or another but has a tendency to eventually return to the mean. It may take time, years, decades, but it's designed to self-regulate.

    If you don't like a law, change it. Don't whine like a spoil child and tip over the chess set.

    Don't blame the system. Blame the people who screwed it up, US.


  13. .

    I have no recollection of the Right reacting to any Democratic newly elected president as the Democratic Left and the US Media is now.

    I have no recollection of a newly elected president acting the way Trump is now. It's only been three weeks but how many tweets do you think this guy has put out? He is president of the goddamned United States. EVERYTHING that he says is going to be reported on. And he never stops feeding the fire.

    To me, many of his actions appear precipitous and not well thought out, the raid in Yemen, the rollout of the immigration order, decisions made by a core group of advisors while leaving key appointees out of the loop. Others seem petty or just downright crazy, whining about crowd size, fixation on polls and popularity, fabricating news like the 3-5 million 'illegal votes' meme.

    He complains about the press fixating on him yet he continues to focus all attention on himself. He goes all the way back to 9/11 to claim the press isn't spending enough time talking about terrorists citing examples like the Boston bombers and the Florida nightclub shooting where the press spent weeks talking about it.

    Translation: "Talk only about me but don't say anything bad.

    As for the fruits and nuts in the entertainment industry, this is hardly the first time they have threatened to leave for Canada.


  14. .

    The Left is claiming universal rights that subordinate American rights.

    There is a growing corporatism that is affecting the world not just the US. But it is not specific to the Left or the Right. It was George H. W. Bush that talked of a New World Order.

    You may suspect Trump will change the course from that plotted by the globalists simply by 'declaring' America First and 'saying' he is looking out for the little guy. I say 'show me the money'. So far, I am not impressed.

    Despite what you say about Obamacare it was at least an attempt to address health care needs in the US. Trump with the stroke of a pen has laid the foundation for gutting it. Before he won, he said he had a plan to replace it. Now, he says it MAY be sometime in 2018. The GOP has had 8 years to come up with an alternative(s. So far, they have offered up jack shit.

    Trump has also with a stroke of the pen started to gut hard fought regulation designed to protect the little guy from the same 'too big to fail' bullshit they suffered in 2008. The XLF is doing great. The little guy? Not so much.

    The FCC head he just appointed is passing rules that will gut net neutrality.

    The trend we see? Trump will take care of his friends, the guys he hangs with, not the out of work slump from Beattyville, Ky.

    If Trump wants some good things reported about him, let me know when he actually does something good for the little guy.

    Judging from the trend in the polls at RealClearPolitics, it appears some of the people who put Trump in office are starting to have buyer's remorse.


    1. Monday, February 06, 2017

      The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 53% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove.

      The latest figures include 39% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 38% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of +1.

    2. .

      RCP Average of Polls:

      President Trump Job Approval

      Approve: 45.1
      Disapprove: 48.6
      Disapprove +3.5

      Congressional Job Approval

      Approve: 19.1
      Disapprove: 69.4
      Disapprove: +50.3

      Direction of Country

      Right Direction: 35.4
      Wrong Track: 55.5
      Wrong Track: +20.1

      Trump Favorability Ratings

      Favorable: 42.0
      Unfavorable: 49.9
      Unfavorable: +7.9


    3. They are the same polls that help elect President Hillary Clinton

    4. .

      Rasmussen, IBD. and the LA Times all predicted the Trump victory. They have explained their success. IBD and the LA Times are not included in the RCP average. I would imagine tat is because they haven't done the polls yet since I have seen them there before.

      Rasmussen says the reason they were was successful was primarily because they predicted the GOP turnout correctly. Had they predicted turnout the same way the others did with the advantage to the Dems, their results would have been the same as the others.

      Rasmussen did better than the others in predicting the amount of dissatisfaction by state and how that would translate to votes. Whether that expertise translates to changes in the expectations of those voters we will see.

      Those voters, Reagan Dems et. al., voted for Trump because they bought into his pledge to look out for them, to increase wages, to create jobs, to reverse the growing economic disparity in this country.

      The actions he's taken so far, IMO, is at odds if not directly opposed to the promises he made.


  15. Donald Trump specializes in offending just about everyone in one way or another, yet despite his narcissistic, brash, and sexist actions, he is still not the worst POTUS ever.

    Sadly, there are a fair number of presidential candidates who rival our current president for unpopular or unethical actions. Some of these presidents, while popular or well-supported at the time, proved to be at least as controversial as Donald Trump.

    So who to pick first? Let’s focus on the man responsible for the infamous Trail of Tears, Andrew Jackson, the president currently on the twenty dollar bill, soon to be replaced there by Harriet Tubman. The Trail of Tears was the forcible relocation of several thousand Cherokee Native Americans from their lands east of the Mississippi River. According to PBS, thanks to Andrew Jackson, “the migrants faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion on the forced march. Over 4,000 out of 15,000 of the Cherokees died.”

    So far, despite Donald Trump’s immigration ban for refugees from seven predominantly Muslim Middle Eastern countries and on refugees from Syria, no one has been displaced from their homes nor killed due to our current president’s actions. No treaties have been broken with Native American tribes which have resulted in death, destruction, and despair.

    Surprising to some people (but not to some of my acquaintances in the South), Abraham Lincoln is a worthy candidate for a president worse than Trump. Under Lincoln’s leadership, the South seceded from the United States, resulting in one of the bloodiest wars for Americans in history. Furthermore, while Lincoln may be known as the Great Emancipator, the fact is, the Emancipation Proclamation (an executive order) left nearly one million African Americans as slaves, as it did not cover states not in rebellion. The Thirteenth Amendment (which outlaws slavery in the U.S.), was not ratified by the states until several months after Lincoln’s assassination.


    1. {...}

      Watergate, the namesake of all major scandals over the next few decades. “____-Gate” is often the given nickname of any major legal controversy significant figures are involved with. And we have President Richard Nixon to thank for that. After a break-in (not hack) at the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., Nixon and his administration attempted to cover up for and hide the regime’s involvement in the crime. It led to Nixon’s eventual resignation.

      Bill Clinton Speaking At Clinton Campaign Rally
      [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]
      And finally, “I did not have sex with that woman” President Bill Clinton. Regardless of one’s political views or stance on various things, one thing is for sure: Clinton got away with perjury. In the impeachment proceedings, not a single Democrat voted against Clinton, albeit, that is no surprise considering how much support Donald Trump, also accused of involvement in numerous sexual scandals, has received from his own party members. Clinton makes the terrible president list because he perjured himself and got away with it.

      Any other terrible presidents to add to the list?


    3. Jimmah Carter, swimming rabbit fighter

      21% interest rates, wheat embargo, and it was all our fault cause we the American People were in a 'malaise'.....Billy Carter couldn't have been worse.

    4. Unfortunately, Deuce, the liberal voting block today hasn't a clue as to what "the trail of tears" is, much less Watergate, nor do they care. Those useful idiots think the trail of tears is something that happened after the Ferguson incident.

  16. February 7, 2017
    The Blood Libels of the Left
    By Sally Zelikovsky

    Contrary to assertions by useful idiots like Robert Reich that the Berkeley riots were the work of paramilitary right-wingers, it has become increasingly evident that black-clad Antifa anarchists coordinated with Bay Area community activists and UC Berkeley student groups to orchestrate the violent protests against Milo Yiannapolous. The Antifa rioters are the same mask-wearing, black-outfitted, Molotov cocktail-throwing, fire-burning, stick-carrying pugilist punks featured in The Occupation Manifesto and The Occupation Devolution videos chronicling Occupy Oakland in 2011.

    Although some of us sounded the alarm, too few paid attention.

    Antifa is short for “anti-fascist” and is pronounced an-TEE-fah. According to left-leaning tech magazine Wired, they are “militant anti-fascist[s]” and “anarchists prone to property destruction and online abuse.they double down on political polarization, driving the national narrative even further from center.” For a deeper explanation into its historical roots, see The Washington Post, Wired Magazine, and USA Today.

    Antifa is believed to have been born in 1970s Germany -- a far left, communist, anti-fascist reaction to far right, neo-Nazi fascist groups ascendant at the time. It spread throughout Europe and found its way to the US where it seems to have first appeared at the WTO riots in Seattle....

    1. There are more crazy asses on the left than right these days.

      They are all a bunch of total fools.

      It's not going to be the old more or less Republican farts like me that cause problems.

      I've read too much and know nothing good will come of it.

      We have a decent Constitution, and election system.

      Stick with that and things should go well enough.



    2. Another lie from Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson

      It's not going to be the old more or less Republican farts like me that cause problems

      Proof positive ...

      Anti-abortion violence is specifically directed towards people who or places which provide abortion.[2] It is known as "single issue terrorism".[3] Extreme forms are recognized as terrorism. Incidents include vandalism, arson, and bombings of abortion clinics, such as those committed by Eric Rudolph (1996–98), and murders or attempted murders of physicians and clinic staff, as committed by James Kopp (1998), Paul Jennings Hill (1994), Scott Roeder (2009), Michael F. Griffin (1993), and Peter James Knight (2001).

      Those who engage in or support such actions defend the use of force with claims of justifiable homicide or defense of others in the interest of protecting the life of the fetus.[4][5] David C. Nice, of the University of Georgia, describes support for anti-abortion violence as a political weapon against women's rights, one that is associated with tolerance for violence toward women.[6] Numerous organizations have also recognized anti-abortion extremism as a form of Christian terrorism.

      Then there are the Bundy's and the entire radical "patriot" movement of "Armed and Dangerous" reactionaries.

  17. The PC left has made offending someone or a group of people a crime. If one person or group disagrees with another, it has becomes offensive. I say grow some skin, folks.

    Otherwise, be offended.

  18. Yemen Raid Had Secret Target: Al Qaeda Leader Qassim Al-Rimi

    The Navy SEAL raid in Yemen last week had a secret objective — the head of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who survived and is now taunting President Donald Trump in an audio message.

    Military and intelligence officials told NBC News the goal of the massive operation was to capture or kill Qassim al-Rimi, considered the third most dangerous terrorist in the world and a master recruiter.

    But while one SEAL, 14 al Qaeda fighters and some civilians, including an 8-year-old girl, were killed during a firefight, al-Rimi is still alive and in Yemen, multiple military officials said....

  19. Meanwhile, up Ash way -

    Toronto Muslim speaker: “We must celebrate our way of life…until their way of life dissipates under our feet”


    Canada’s Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act forbids child marriage, polygamy, and forced marriage. It is being widely derided now as “anti-Muslim,” probably by the same people who last week were telling us that such practices had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. It has even been blamed for the Harper government’s defeat. It will probably soon be a relic of history, and immigrants can stream into Canada and practice child marriage, forced marriage, and polygamy to their heart’s content. Here again we see that to the Left, all cultures must be defended and preserved except Western Judeo-Christian ones.

    Meanwhile, this Syed Hussan is openly preaching sedition. But that is apparently just fine these days as long as you’re on the Left.

    Note his open Sharia supremacism and call for the conquest of Canada: “We must celebrate our way of life, what they called barbaric cultural practices on our streets and in our homes until their way of life dissipates under our feet.”

    “Toronto Protest: ‘Celebrate our barbaric cultural practices’, become ‘enemies’ of liberalism,” by Jonathan D. Halevi, CIJ News, February 6, 2017:

    Thousands gathered on Saturday, February 4, 2017 in front of the American Consulate in Toronto to protest the policy of US President Donald Trump. The demonstration was organized by Black Lives Matter – Toronto (BLM TO) – the self proclaimed “coalition of Black Torontonians resisting anti-Black racism, state-sponsored violence and police brutality” – that has launched a nation-wide campaign entitled “National Days of Action Against Islamophobia & Deportations.”

    One of the speakers at the rally was Syed Hussan, who represented the organization No One Is Illegal-Toronto and is affiliated with Toronto Community Mobilization Network and Migrant Workers Alliance for Change.

    In his speech, Syed Hussan portrayed white supremacy, capitalism and liberalism as the enemy describing Donald Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the two sides of the same coin….

    The following is the transcript of Syed Hussan’s speech:....

    That's a very nasty speech.

    1. See here:

      This kind way of life is liberalism. And this way of life comes in all colours. It comes in the red, the blue and the orange of your political parties. It comes in many flavors. It comes in a caustic bile of [US President Donald] Trump and it comes in the saturated sweetness of [Justin] Trudeau, who defends Muslims, but will arm the [Saudi] bombing of Yemen, who defends Muslims, but will scrap to the likes of Barrick Gold [mining company] and will not clean the five decade long of mercury poisoning in Grassy [Narrows Reserve in Ontario]….

      We must break down the borders that keep out migrants and refugees. We must tear down the prisons and the detention centers.

      We will seize the farms and the factories. We must become the enemies, so that in this city everyone can live with food, shelter, dignity.

      We must become the enemies that sow terror in their hearts so that laws like C-51 shredded away.

      We must celebrate our way of life, what they called barbaric cultural practices on our streets and in our homes until their way of life dissipates under our feet.

      Let us become enemies. Let us organize. Let us win. We cannot wait. Freedom is calling. This is what these demands, that demand of us, let us be enemies.

      I call this very nasty speech.


    2. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson considers speech nasty, but does not bemoan
      ... the five decade long of mercury poisoning ...

      Because, we have to assume, he is a pig.

  20. It's been 2 weeks..

    let that sink in...

    2 weeks...

    We've only just begun.

    Appointments to dept will happen, folks will be let go. Change is coming..

    Trump will, at a dizzying pace, continue to be the CEO of America, I expect? Frequent vacations? are gone. time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

    Work? Those on the Left may not KNOW that word



    1. Syria's Bashar al-Assad says Donald Trump's focus on Isis ‘promising’

      Yes, yes it is.

      Along with the REALITY that Bibi will not let the expropriation of Palestine come to a vote in the Knesset.

      Mr Trump is not, exactly, what the Zionists were expecting.


    2. Trump has indicated he might cut US support for Syrian rebels and might help Syria in the fight against Islamic State.

      He has made defeating Islamic State a core goal of his presidency and signed an executive order asking the Pentagon, the joint chiefs of staff and other agencies to submit a preliminary plan on how to proceed within 30 days.

      Assad was quoted by SANA as telling a group of Belgian reporters: “I believe this is promising but we have to wait and it's too early to expect anything practical.”

      Which would be set back to the socialist (reads as "Leftist") Zionists.
      Zionists that would prefer al-Qeada taking power in Syria...

      Not something that Mr Trump or a "Great America" would ever allow.



    3. Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told the Jerusalem Post that Israel so wanted Assad out and his Iranian backers weakened, that Israel would accept al-Qaeda operatives taking power in Syria.

      “We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”
      Even if the other “bad guys” were affiliated with al-Qaeda.

    4. Seems the Knesset did not listen to Bibi, much like the PM of Great Britain.

      UN: Israeli Settlement Law Crosses 'Thick Red Line' ...

      The Settlements Law sanctions a brazen robbery after the fact -
      Jerusalem Post

  21. 19 from Pam -

    *Today's Top Stories

    -ISIS migrants poised to strike after plotting attack from refugee camp

    -Prosecutors accept MANSLAUGHTER PLEA from Muslim who killed US tourist, stabbed
    five others in knife jihad

    -“Behead them in their own homes”: Pennsylvania Muslim's assassination list of US
    military personnel

    -Elite's Violent Revolution: “We deserve to be in in charge.”

    -WATCH Newsmax TV: Pamela Geller with Steve Malzberg on Trump's Ban and Violent
    Left, “We're Lancing the Boil”

    -Knife Jihad in NY: Teen Stabbed By Muslim Refugee from Somalia #YesBan

    -WATCH: President Trump met with WILD CHEERS at MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE (full speech

    -UK: Leftwing Commons Speaker John Bercow BLOCKS Donald Trump from speaking in
    Parliament but allowed human rights violators China, Kuwait, Qatar

    -“Terrorist Supporting” Muslim Mayor Declares Another Sanctuary City in New Jersey

    -Confessions of a Muslim Convert

    -Litigate This: Article IV, Section IV

    -Smuggling Migrants to Europe Now a Major Funding Source for Islamic State

    -Robert Spencer: Democrat Leaders Protest Trump's Determination to Fight Jihad

    -Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, Smears all Canadians with Islamophobia Lie to Create a
    Sharia State

    -Muslim pupils outnumber Christians in dozens of Britain’s church schools

    -Austria: Muslim MP calls for government to BAN Christian symbols after burka outlawed

    -Trump Slams Polls as 'Fake News,' as NYT Gets on High Horse

    -Geert Wilders Slammed by Brit News as 'Rabble Rouser,' 'Virulently Anti-Islam'

    -University of Illinois Anti-Trump Rally Features 'Bloodied' Israeli Flag

    The Geller Report


    1. Are those all, or just some, of those "unreported" terrorist acts that Mr Trump spoke of?

  22. I see above our self confessed War Criminal, Dead Beat Dad, Liar and blog psycho is back.

    I got better things to do....


    May Blessings shower down upon all you others....

    Cheers !

    1. I se that Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson continues to peddle his lies ...

      You'd think he would have learned, by now, that he cannot validate his claims.
      But that does not deter him, he is a man without ANY moral character.

      He steals from banks, and tells US that he was deserving of the monies he stole.

      Such delusions demand medical treatment, or time in prison.

    2. Bob Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT

      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, when I was on my knees, and fighting for my economic life, on my aunt's credit card. But that wasn't really stealing, just payback.


    3. What is worse, though, is the PRIDE he takes in telling us how he avoided prosecution.

      They couldn't do a damn thing about it, I put her in the rest home, age 96. What you going to do, when she is institutionalized?

      She DIED, institutionalized, away from family and friends ...

      It's to bad that there is nothing we can do about it, now, but make sure the world never forgets about the pig that is Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.


    A new research paper from economists including Thomas Piketty finds that the bottom 50%’s share of income in the United States is “collapsing.”

    The paper, written by Facundo Alvaredo, Lucas Chancel, Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, studies global inequality dynamics. And while there are rising top income and wealth shares in nearly all countries, the magnitude varies substantially.

    In the U.S., between 1978 and 2015, the income share of the bottom 50% fell to 12% from 20%. Total real income for that group fell 1% during that time period.

    1. .

      The left?


      Carter (Dem)
      Reagan (GOP
      G.H.W. Bush (GOP)
      Clinton (Dem)
      G.W. Bush (GOP)
      Obama (Dem)

      When are you guys going to get it? They are all dicks.

      Trump? So far, from what I have seen he is following the same pattern.

      The people in the US consider ISIS an existential threat. A friggin EXISTENTIAL threat for god's sake.

      To my mind, the LEFT's PC social agenda is absurd and insulting. That said, it can't compare to the declining economic conditions for a good chunk of America. The system should work but it's being rigged against the little guy. And it's not just in the US. Heard a factoid the other day, the 7 wealthiest people on the planet control 1/2 of the world's wealth (not sure what the 'control' meant, whether it was their wealth or they controlled the means of generating that wealth). Either way, IMO, that reflects a problem, one that has been going on for a long time (1978?)and is only getting worse.

      If a revolution comes, it won't be one of left against right or visa versa. It will be one pitting the screwed against the screwees.


    2. .

      ...screwed against screwers...


    3. And nothing that Mr Trump has signed, in the past two weeks, address that reality.

      NOTHING from the Republican Congress addresses that reality.

      The Republicans are firmly in the Federalist camp.
      No deviation from the protection of the "Opulent Class" is allowed.

      The Republicans have LIED for over eight years ...
      They claimed they would replace ObamaCare ... They have lied.

      Pure and simple.

      All those that have placed their faith in the GOP, as an agent of "Change", they will be vastly disappointed.


    4. “The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.”

      ― George Orwell

  24. Knowledge is good.
    - Emil Faber.


  25. ... look at what the Federal Communications Commission just did after Trump elevated Ajit Pai, an ex-lawyer for Verizon who was in the panel’s minority of Republicans under Obama, as its new chairman. Under Pai, the FEC released a dozen directives further privatizing the internet in ways that prey on consumers.

    “He stopped nine companies from providing discounted high-speed internet service to low-income individuals. He withdrew an effort to keep prison phone rates down, and he scrapped an effort to break open the cable box market,” the New York Times reported. A Wall Street industry analyst said, “The speed of the ruling and the chairman’s tone are very encouraging to internet service providers. I think it’s a down payment on [cutting] net neutrality, with much more to follow.”

    Pai didn’t need Senate confirmation, which is the case for the thousands of federal appointees each president makes. As Matt Wood, policy director for Free Press said, “The public wants an FCC that helps people. Instead, it got one that does favors for powerful corporations that its chairman used to work for.”


    1. “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

      ― Benito Mussolini


  26. Labor nominee Puzder admits to employing a housekeeper who was in the US illegally
    Los Angeles Times - ‎

    Andy Puzder, President Trump's nominee for Labor secretary, admitted to employing a housekeeper who was an illegal immigrant in the U.S.

    Bad form, that.

  27. "...

    Perhaps that’s why a private letter he wrote to his investors a little over two weeks ago about investing during the age of President Donald Trump — and offering his thoughts on the current state of the hedge fund industry — has quietly become the most sought-after reading material on Wall Street.
    He is Seth A. Klarman, the 59-year-old value investor who runs Baupost Group, which manages some $30-billion (U.S.).
    While Mr. Klarman has long kept a low public profile, he is considered a giant within investment circles. He is often compared to Warren Buffett, and The Economist magazine once described him as “The Oracle of Boston,” where Baupost is based. For good measure, he is one of the very few hedge managers Mr.Buffett has publicly praised.
    In his letter, Mr.Klarman sets forth a countervailing view to the euphoria that has buoyed the stock market since Trump took office, describing “perilously high valuations.”
    “Exuberant investors have focused on the potential benefits of stimulative tax cuts, while mostly ignoring the risks from America-first protectionism and the erection of new trade barriers,” he wrote.
    “President Trump may be able to temporarily hold off the sweep of automation and globalization by cajoling companies to keep jobs at home, but bolstering inefficient and uncompetitive enterprises is likely to only temporarily stave off market forces,” he continued. “While they might be popular, the reason the U.S. long ago abandoned protectionist trade policies is because they not only don’t work, they actually leave society worse off.”
    In particular, Mr. Klarman appears to believe that investors have become hypnotized by all the talk of pro-growth policies, without considering the full ramifications. He worries, for example, that Mr. Trump’s stimulus efforts “could prove quite inflationary, which would likely shock investors.”
    And he appears deeply concerned about a swelling national debt that he suggests could undermine the economy’s growth over the long term.
    “The Trump tax cuts could drive government deficits considerably higher,” Mr. Klarman wrote. “The large 2001 Bush tax cuts, for example, fueled income inequality while triggering huge federal budget deficits. Rising interest rates alone would balloon the federal deficit, because interest payments on the massive outstanding government debt would skyrocket from today’s artificially low levels.”
    Much of Mr. Klarman’s anxiety seems to emanate from Mr. Trump’s leadership style. He described it this way: “The erratic tendencies and overconfidence in his own wisdom and judgment that Donald Trump has demonstrated to date are inconsistent with strong leadership and sound decision-making.”
    He also linked this point — which is a fair one — to what “Trump style” means for Mr. Klarman’s constituency and others.
    “The big picture for investors is this: Trump is high volatility, and investors generally abhor volatility and shun uncertainty,” he wrote. “Not only is Trump shockingly unpredictable, he’s apparently deliberately so; he says it’s part of his plan.”
    While Mr. Klarman clearly is hoping for the best, he warned, “If things go wrong, we could find ourselves at the beginning of a lengthy decline in dollar hegemony, a rapid rise in interest rates and inflation, and global angst.”



  28. Trump’s loose talk about Muslims gets weaponized in court against travel ban

    ...Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign and now into the first weeks of his presidency, critics suggested that he cool his incendiary rhetoric, that his words matter. His defenders responded that, as Corey Lewandowski said, he was being taken too “literally.” Some, like Vice President Pence, wrote it off to his “colorful style.” Trump himself recently explained that his rhetoric about Muslims is popular, winning him “standing ovations.”

    No one apparently gave him anything like a Miranda warning: Anything he says can and will be used against him in a court of law.

    And that’s exactly what’s happening now in the epic court battle over his travel ban, currently blocked by a temporary order set for argument Tuesday before a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

    The states of Washington and Minnesota, which sued to block Trump’s order, are citing the president’s inflammatory rhetoric as evidence that the government’s claims — it’s not a ban and not aimed at Muslims — are shams.

    In court papers, Washington and Minnesota’s attorneys general have pulled out quotes from speeches, news conferences and interviews as evidence that an executive order the administration argues is neutral was really motivated by animus toward Muslims and a “desire to harm a particular group.”

    Words have meaning, an Mr Trump has yet to learn about the Standard to which a President is held.
    His ignorance will not lead to bliss, though.

    Like Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, Mr Trump has little experience with people quoting him, and holding him responsible for his words.

    Robert "Draft Dodger" leaves the forum when it happens, what will Mr Trump end up doing?

  29. Ash provided an interesting piece ...

    “While they might be popular, the reason the U.S. long ago abandoned protectionist trade policies is because they not only don’t work, they actually leave society worse off.”

    This statement is TOTALLY debatable, with little if any evidence to support it.

    “The big picture for investors is this: Trump is high volatility, and investors generally abhor volatility and shun uncertainty,” he wrote. “Not only is Trump shockingly unpredictable, he’s apparently deliberately so; he says it’s part of his plan.”

    All true.

    While Mr. Klarman clearly is hoping for the best, he warned, “If things go wrong, we could find ourselves at the beginning of a lengthy decline in dollar hegemony, a rapid rise in interest rates and inflation, and global angst.”

    All possible, but those conditions have been prophesied for at least the past twenty years

    1. They have been but not, to the best of my knowledge, been prophesied by him.

      When I take a look at the stock market, from my armchair, they appear to be princely valued. We have been on a bull run (fueled primarily by Quantative easing) and some correction would be expected. There are a number of scenarios for the future where bond purchasers could demand higher rates for their money that Trump could trigger - from budget busting tax cuts, to big infrastructure spends (especially on useless things like walls and things that explode), to a constitutional crisis where the Executive ignores the Judiciary, or Trump making good on his 'word' and getting mixed up in wars. Factors leading to a rosy upside from here are less numerous and compelling.

    2. I also think it will be unlikely that Trump will find a way to work with Congress (the slim nomination of the Education Secretary serving as a portent of things to come)

    3. “While they might be popular, the reason the U.S. long ago abandoned protectionist trade policies is because they not only don’t work, they actually leave society worse off.”

      Now, if we scroll up to Deuce's post ...

      In the U.S., between 1978 and 2015, the income share of the bottom 50% fell to 12% from 20%.
      A time during which "Free Trade" boomed and the US economy suffered greatly.
      With 50% of the US population loosing their share of the pie.

      That is a serious failure for the United States and an indictment of "Free Trade", giving proof to the inaccuracy of Mr. Klarman's statement.

    4. sorry, 'the slim confirmation' of...


    5. I do think that I agree with much of what you say, Ash.

      Mr Trump will not find solidarity with the politicos in Congress.
      Especially with the senior members of the GOP.

      He needs to take a page from the Sanders playbook, if he is REALLY going to be a populist.
      Doubtful that he is going to persevere on that path, though.

      There's no money in it.

    6. I think those stats also show that most everyone's income advanced over that period but, yes, the riches of the rich grew much more than the poor's did. How the above demonstrates that protectionist policies would do better going forward is a quite the stretch.

    7. Well, Ash, what I would do, if one were going to show that some "Protectionism" was productive to the entirety of the society, rather than just the "Opulent Class", would be to chart wealth distribution in the country, from 1955 to 1975, then compare that to the numbers from 1978 to 2015.

      We would find, that for the vast majority of the people, the era of "Protectionism" provided more financial security and and greater economic equality than the era of "Free Trade" has.

      Life in Mexico, it has greatly improved during the "Free Trade" era.
      No doubt that part of the Americas has garnered some gains from US policies.

      Walmart has prospered, in Mexico, no doubt of that.

    8. A healthy and growing Mexican economy is a good thing for the US. I believe the influx of migrants to the US southwest has slackened quite a bit.

      The US economy has been doing quite well for the most part these last 8 years (i.e. growing albeit slowly) and, heck, you guys are almost at full employment currently are you not?

    9. Ahh, you wish to discuss employment levels, not wealth distribution.

      Easy to see why, when the wealth distribution numbers do not favor Globalisation, from a US worker's perspective.

      But "high employment", is also a matter of perspective. Especially when so, so many of US are now 'permanently' unemployed and not factored into the unemployment numbers.

      The numbers that are pertinent are not the 'employment' statistics, but the distribution of wealth. Madison said it clearly, it is wealth distribution that really matters.

      The business of the US government is to protect the "Opulent Class" ... or as Charles Erwin Wilson, United States Secretary of Defense from 1953 to 1957,said during his confirmation hearing

      "... because for years I thought what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa".

      But then Mr Wilson died in 1961.

      General Motors is now an International concern with little interest in the well being of the United States, except as a market for vehicles it imports to the US and the subsidies it's corporate managers can squeeze out of the US Treasury.


    10. An interesting marketing move has been developing for years, now
      The transformation of Dodge Trucks to Ram Trucks, by Chrysler Corp.

      Times have changed, though, and their new marketing line could be ...

      Ram Trucks ... built Italian Tough ... in Mexico.

    11. I agree wealth distribution is important but the devil is in the details. One can up the minimum wage, or, as is gaining popularity in some places, you could supply a guaranteed annual to everyone. You can use taxes to also influence wealth distribution. How would trade protectionism would even out the distribution of wealth?

      With respect to full employment, yes there is a proportion of workers who are discouraged and not seeking work. There are also a lot of workers who choose not to work (i.e. retired). Is Trump's plan to ship the retired and discouraged from the North East down to the Mexican border to build the wall?


    12. When the betterment of the people of Mexico is the primary interest of the US Congress, Ash, to the detriment of US workers, there is something EVIL afoot in Congress.

      NAFTA did not benefit the workers of the US, it did benefit some in Mexico, and it certainly was a boon to the "Opulent Class" in both the US and Mexico.

      Carlos Slim, a Mexican of Lebanese descent, the richest man in the world, and major financier of the New York Times ... He has not been thrown off stride by the Trump Administration. Nor will a border wall be a determent to any of his activities designed to influence US policies.

      We'll look at his relationship with Mr Trump ... it is defining.

      Dec 19, 2016 - In the closing days of his campaign, Donald Trump vilified one of the world's richest men — Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim

      Followed, a day later by ....

      ... Trump tweeted.

      Yes, it is true - Carlos Slim, the great businessman from Mexico, called me about getting together for a meeting. We met, HE IS A GREAT GUY!
      — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 20, 2016

      The Washington Post first reported the meeting.
      Only two months ago, during the throes of the general election campaign, Trump had a different sentiment for Slim, saying that he was part of the "monopoly power of new media conglomerates" given his stake in The New York Times, which has repeatedly sparred with Trump.

      "The New York Times strings are being pulled by Mexico's Carlos Slim, a billionaire who benefits from NAFTA and supports Hillary Clinton's open border policies," Trump said in an October statement.

      As Mr Mr. Klarman wrote:
      “The erratic tendencies and overconfidence in his own wisdom and judgment that Donald Trump has demonstrated to date are inconsistent with strong leadership and sound decision-making.”

      Well evidenced by Mr Trump's comments concerning Carlos Slim ...

    13. You make a number of unfounded statements there Jack. A few examples:

      "the betterment of the people of Mexico is the primary interest of the US Congress,"

      "NAFTA did not benefit the workers of the US"

      Your point as expressed by the Carlos Slim bit passes me by.

  30. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, he always has spoken highly of the Judges in Idaho ...

    Idaho Judge Suspends Child Rapist's Sentence, Orders No Sex Before Marriage

    "Draft Dodger" Peterson didn't think rape of his daughter was worth reporting to the Police.

    He remains, truly, a pig.

  31. Quirk:

    "The people in the US consider ISIS an existential threat. A friggin EXISTENTIAL threat for god's sake."


    When Islam takes over Europe, what shall we call that?

    1. When? don't hold your breath son.

    2. Been to Londonistan lately?

    3. I was in Europe last spring but I haven't been to London in quite a number of years - and you?

      My experience of those places certainly didn't lead to fear Islam. Heck, I don't recall noticing anything particularly Islamic there. I'm sure your privileged vantage point at your keyboard in your room in Hawaii provides you with a clear image of the Islamic over-run of Europe so we should take your word for it.

    4. I assume you did not go to the no go zones.


    6. Quite the list of sites your search brought up. Did you actually read any of them or kick back because you already 'know'? Let me guess - it was the latter.

      From you the first page of your search:

      "Why the Muslim 'No-Go-Zone' Myth Won't Die

      There's no evidence of extremist takeover of areas in Europe or the United States. So why do the claims continue?

      Have you heard about the areas of Europe, or perhaps even of the United States, that are run by jihadists and which non-Muslims can't even enter?
      Don't get too worried if you haven't: They don't exist. Or maybe you have, if you watch Fox News or read snippets of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's speech about Islamic extremism. While politics is rife with falsehoods, myths, and baseless rumors, it's often tough to see exactly where a claim comes from, and how it reaches a wider audience—including, for example, a Republican governor with apparent presidential aspirations and a reputation as a sober policy wonk. Here, however, it's possible to follow forensic traces and see how some small elements of truth metastasized into an outlandish claim.


      doug, hiding under you bed in Hawaii won't keep you any safer.

    7. I guess radical right wing wack job France David Ignatius of The New York Times, was on another of his acid trips when he wrote about France,

      "Arab gangs regularly vandalize synagogues here, the North African suburbs have become no-go zones at night, and the French continue to shrug their shoulders."[21] La Courneuve and other districts in Paris were described by police as no-go zones.


      Then there are the demographic trends:

      How can you deny the radical difference in birth rates between Muslims and "natives?"

      ...anymore than one can deny that when well over half of the school population in states like CA and AZ, the states are destined to become largely Hispanic.

    8. delete "France" ...David

      But in AshWorld, no doubt the situation has radically improved in the intervening 15 years.


    9. "They don't exist."


      Just as in QuirkWorld, voter fraud does not exist.

      Just by saying so, it is so.

    10. The Atlantic, always fair and balanced, unlike the Right Wing New York Times of 15 years ago.

      Plus, all the Dhimmi "governments" insist they do not exist, so it must be so.


    11. Who ya gonna trust, David Ignatius, or Frau Merkel?

    12. SCARBOROUGH: "David, let’s talk about this a bit more, the aspect that you just raised for people just tuning in, just watching and perhaps people who have never been to Brussels or central Europe before. The ease of access within Europe from Syria, the numbers of people who can go back and forth with quite — with no problems at all. That and you referenced the “Times” story over the weekend. The seeming inability of authorities not just in Brussels but within Europe to get a handle on the scope of these terror networks, not the — not necessarily the activities that we’re seeing today, those are hard to pinpoint, but the scope of the activities. Could you talk about that a might."

      IGNATIUS: "Two things, Mike. First, modern Europe is premised on the idea that you can operate essentially with open borders. That’s one of the great achievements the Europeans fought in the European union. They have what’s called the agreement where you’re allowed to pass from one country to another.

      What they’ve realized is that they don’t have a firm, hard external border so that they can see who is coming into the entire group and then do monitoring. The second thing is, within individual European cities, and Brussels is a perfect example, there are communities that essentially are no-go Zones. They’re typically north Africans who have come as migrants over the last few decades, as a report this morning said, in molenbeek, which is the suburb of Brussels where Abdeslam and the other conspirators were hiding, there is what an anthropologist who studied the place called a code of silence, like in a mafia where, where people simply do not talk to outsiders, they don’t talk to police. It’s been evident week after week in this chase that the Belgian authorities simply were not getting enough intelligence to be able to crack this cell. And even when they staged the raid on Friday, captured Abdeslam, there are still so many other people in motion toward today’s attack at the airport. It’s extraordinary how much they didn’t know."

    13. "What percentage of the population in France is Muslim?
      With an estimated total of 5 to 10 percent of the national population, France has the largest number of Muslims in Western Europe (European Turkey and European Russia each have higher Muslim populations). The majority of Muslims in France belong to the Sunni denomination."

      yikes! With numbers like that they'll run the place in no time.

    14. 80% of London Muslims (1.03 mil) Support the Islamic State

      The report, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on May 16, shows that although Christianity is still the main religion in Britain—over 50% of the population describe themselves as such—nearly half of all Christians in Britain are over the age of 50, and, for the first time ever, fewer than half under the age of 25 describe themselves as Christian.

      By contrast, the number of people under 25 who describe themselves as Muslim has doubled over the past ten years: one in ten under the age of 25 are Muslim, up from one in 20 in 2001.


      If you have taken any statistics, you know what a ten year doubling rate portends.

      OTOH, as you say, no go zones "DO NOT EXIST!"

  32. Jack HawkinsTue Feb 07, 12:20:00 PM EST

    The Bush Administration gave Chicago to el Chapo and the Sinaloa cartel.
    Are we now going to indict George W. Bush as a "Leftist"?


    How did he do that?

    1. He had the DEA make a "deal" with the Sinaloa Cartel, of which el Chapo was the head

      The details of this arrangement can be found ...
      Here ....

      The U.S. Government And The Sinaloa Cartel - Business Insider

      An investigation by El Universal found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an arrangement with Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed the organization to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs while Sinaloa provided information on rival cartels.

      Sinaloa, led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman
      (in a US prison awaiting trial, thanks Mr Obama), supplies 80% of the drugs entering the Chicago area and has a presence in cities across the U.S.

      There have long been allegations that Guzman, considered to be "the world’s most powerful drug trafficker," coordinates with American authorities.

      But the El Universal investigation is the first to publish court documents that include corroborating testimony from a DEA agent and a Justice Department official.

      The written statements were made to the U.S. District Court in Chicago in relation to the arrest of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the son of Sinaloa leader Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada and allegedly the Sinaloa cartel’s "logistics coordinator."


    2. The question remains, Doug ...

      Was the Bush Administration a "Leftist" one, or just Opportunistic?

    3. .


      As I said, they are all dicks.

      Look at Afghanistan. The US fought the drug trade in Taliban held territories but ignored it in the provinces held by friendlies. The fact that it's now reported that 80% of the world opioids trade ends up in the US was never a factor in the calculation.


  33. Berkeley and Hitler

    Here’s the best article you are likely to read about the absurdity of calling ANY American president Hitler. This is the sort of persuasion (sprinkled with facts) that can dissolve some of the post-election cognitive dissonance that hangs like a dark cloud over the country. Share it liberally, so to speak. You might save lives.

    Speaking of Hitler, I’m ending my support of UC Berkeley, where I got my MBA years ago. I have been a big supporter lately, with both my time and money, but that ends today. I wish them well, but I wouldn’t feel safe or welcome on the campus. A Berkeley professor made that clear to me recently. He seems smart, so I’ll take his word for it.

    I’ve decided to side with the Jewish gay immigrant who has an African-American boyfriend, not the hypnotized zombie-boys in black masks who were clubbing people who hold different points of view. I feel that’s reasonable, but I know many will disagree, and possibly try to club me to death if I walk on campus.

    Yesterday I asked my most liberal, Trump-hating friend if he ever figured out why Republicans have most of the Governorships, a majority in Congress, the White House, and soon the Supreme Court. He said, “There are no easy answers.”

    I submit that there are easy answers. But for many Americans, cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias hide those easy answers behind Hitler hallucinations.

    I’ll keep working on clearing the fog. Estimated completion date, December 2017. It’s a big job.

    Scott Adams

  34. You beat me to it.

    Good article.

    It's not amazing to me to see Ash teaming up with Dead Beat Dad.

    ho ho ho

    What a combo.

    Though I doubt Ash will want to join The Crapper in his armed march on D.C. of his hallucinations of several years ago....


    Cheers !

    1. (the rat crapper would push Ash out in front as the tip of the spear, and not even Ash is dumb enough to agree to that. Ha ha ha)

      Out for now

    2. Idaho Bob Thu Jan 14, 05:57:00 PM EST
      I'm for carpet bombing Detroit and environs as a necessary precursor to urban renewal.

      "To destroy is to create" saith the Lord of Hosts and Urban Renewal.


    3. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, he never saw an American he wouldn't prefer to be dead.

      He is a bundle of hate, disparaging veterans of the US military whenever he thinks he can.
      Which is when he thinks no one will quote him.

      bobal Sun Oct 19, 04:02:00 PM EDT
      Colin Powell served as a kitchen nigger, just like Belafonte said, and sent youth, black and white, to their deaths, and served the Republican 'machine' all those years.

      And, now jumps ship.

      Colin Powell is a black piece of crap.

      He sent youth to their deaths.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is a pig.
      A pig who has never done a thing to protect the United States, yet he disparages a better man than him, who has.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is a pig.


  35. The Latest: Kelly says Trump order isn't Muslim ban

    Washington Post - ‎

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly' is a liar.


  36. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson was lamenting the demise of the "Clinton Foundation" telling us that the Clinton's were closing up shop, for they had nothing left to sell...

    No more news, there ....

    But the Trump's, they have an "Organization", too

    Melania Trump says White House could mean millions for brand

    WASHINGTON — First lady Melania Trump has said little about what she intends to do with her prominent position. But in new court documents, her lawyers say that the “multi-year term” during which she “is one of the most photographed women in the world” could mean millions of dollars for her personal brand.

    While the new documents don’t specifically mention her term as first lady, the unusual statement about her expected profits drew swift condemnation from ethics watchdogs as inappropriate profiteering from her high-profile position, which is typically centered on public service.

    Money for nothin' ... but a little influence at the White House


    1. Melania's Lawyer Is Right: The White House Is a “Once in a Lifetime Marketing Opportunity” for the Trumps
      - Vanity Fair


  37. More lies coming from Mr Trump ...

    President Trump falsely claims US murder rate is at '45 to 47'-year high — But the facts prove he's wrong - New York Daily News

    According to Carol Lee of the Wall Street Journal who filed a pool report: “At one point POTUS said the country’s murder rate is highest it’s been in 45-47 years. He singled out Chicago. He said Chicago is worse than some places in Middle East where there are wars going on.”

    The country’s murder rate is not the highest it’s been in 40 years. It is almost at its lowest point, actually, according to the FBI, which gathers up statistics every year from police departments around the country.

    The murder rate is defined as the number of murders and non-negligent homicides per 100,000 residents. Beginning in 1957, when the rate was 4.0 murders per 100,000 residents, the rate rose steadily to a high of 10.2 in 1980. It then steadily dropped, to 7.4 in 1996, to 6.1 in 2006, to 4.4 in 2014. It went up in 2015 to 4.9. But that is less than half the murder rate of 1980, while the population has risen from 226 million in 1980 to 321 million in 2015.

    Facts and Mr Trump, they're like oil and water. Separated.


    1. Here are Trump’s exact words to the sheriffs:

      “And yet the murder rate in our country is the highest it’s been in 47 years. I used to use that, I’d say that in a speech and everybody was surprised. Because the press (gestures to reporters) doesn’t tell it like it is. It wasn’t to their advantage to say that. But the murder rate is the highest it’s been in, I guess, 45 to 47 years.”

      Total and complete fabrication, Mr Trump is a liar.
      The President of the United States is a liar.

      No doubt about it.

    2. Also from that meeting ....

      Trump jokes with sheriffs about destroying a Texas legislator's career over asset forfeiture
      Washington Post - ‎

      At a meeting on Tuesday with sheriffs from across the country, President Trump joked about destroying the career of an unnamed Texas state senator who supported curtailing a controversial police practice for seizing people's property.

      If that is true, it is disgraceful, but Mr Trump was probably just acting true to form, and was lying about what had happened.

  38. Meth again, desert crapper rat ?

    Or is it crack cocaine this time ?


  39. .

    "They don't exist."


    Just as in QuirkWorld, voter fraud does not exist.

    Just by saying so, it is so.

    More simplistic bullshit. No one here has said voter fraud doesn't exist just as no one has said there is no Arab problem in Europe. In fact, the only resident of Quirk world has gone out of his way here to point out that there are documented cases of voter fraud from both sides. I've also pointed out the problems you noted above in Europe.

    However, none of those facts come close to the bullshit you guys put up here daily about the US. There has been a minimal number of jihadist terrorist events here in the US considering we are at war in most of the countries on Trump's list. And incidents of voter fraud also do not translate into 3-5 million illegal votes being cast in a single election all for just one of the candidates.

    The shit you guys put up here is idiotic as are your posts like the one above.

    Do you just put this stuff up to stir the pot? I can't believe you actually believe it. No one is that stupid.


    1. .

      "The people in the US consider ISIS an existential threat. A friggin EXISTENTIAL threat for god's sake."


      When Islam takes over Europe, what shall we call that?

      Do you even see the illogic in your question?


    2. Back to your standby namecalling again, I see.

      QuirkThu Jan 26, 10:02:00 AM EST

      That may have been what they meant. This is what they said in the court filing...

      All available evidence suggests that the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake.”

      They then reference comments by Obama on the general election that there was no evidence of fraud. They reference SOS's and the Clinton campaign. Basically, they were covering all their bases.


      "They then reference comments by Obama on the general election that there was no evidence of fraud."


    3. QuirkWed Jan 25, 08:50:00 PM EST

      "Is there voter fraud? Of course. We see it in convictions reported in the news. It is committed by both parties. Can it affect elections? Yes. That too has been documented. However, smaller elections, mostly local.

      National elections?

      We have no evidence of that."


      Senator Franken does not exist.

      California has no illegal voters.

    4. .

      The argument these parties made was that there was no evidence of significant fraud, hacking, or mistakes made in the election that would have effected the results. As far as I know, there is still is no evidence of it.

      Has there been fraud in the past? Yes. Has it been significant? IMO, no, though there has been instances that have affected local elections for some offices.

      However, in the 2016 presidential and congressional races we don't see it.

      Even Jill Stein admitted, before the recounts she asked for, that she had no evidence there was any fraud or hacking. Trump's team argued before the courts that there was no fraud during hearings on the recall petitions.

      Now, if you want to tell them all they don't know what they are talking about, that you know that there was fraud, and that, to whatever extent, you support Trump's claim that illegal votes are the reason he lost the popular vote, it's simple. Just show us the evidence.

      If you are not saying that, why the heck do you keep arguing about voter fraud?


    5. Senator Franken got elected through voter fraud.

    6. Al Franken May Have Won His Senate Seat Through Voter Fraud ...

      Jul 20, 2010 - Al Franken May Have Won His Senate Seat Through Voter Fraud ... as the election results from the 2008 Minnesota Senate race suggest.

      United States Senate election in Minnesota, 2008 - Wikipedia,...

      The 2008 United States Senate election in Minnesota took place on November 4, 2008. After a legal battle lasting over eight months, Al Franken from the .... Pre-primary reports filed with the FEC that cover finances through August 20 show ..... for investigation 110 alleged cases of voter fraud during the 2008 election.
      ‎Candidates · ‎Primaries · ‎Fundraising · ‎Predictions

      Throwback Thursday: Remember That RIGGED Al Franken Election ...

      Oct 20, 2016 - Throwback Thursday: Remember That RIGGED Al Franken Election? ... Minnesota Majority took the information to prosecutors across the ... Even widespread voter fraud would be unlikely to change the results of this election.

      Reality Check: Is The Election Rigged? « WCCO | CBS Minnesota
      Oct 18, 2016 - And one of the fraud examples his supporters are using: Minnesota. Trump surrogates say Minnesota Democratic Senator Al Franken may ...

      Rampant Voter Fraud Alleged In Minnesota | Power Line

      Jul 1, 2016 - A new voter fraud case before the Minnesota Supreme Court claims 1,366 ineligible felons have cast at least 1,670 fraudulent votes in recent statewide elections, possibly tipping the ... And Al Franken should be turned out of the Senate. .... “Proclaim Liberty throughout All the land unto All the Inhabitants ...

      York: When 1,099 felons vote in race won by 312 ballots | Washington ...

      Aug 6, 2012 - Although the authors cover the whole range of voter fraud issues, their ... Norm Coleman was running for re-election against Democrat Al Franken. ... Minnesota Majority took the information to prosecutors across the state, ...

    7. I believe it was Al's vote that put ObamaCare over the top.

    8. The only voter fraud documented at the Elephant Bar occurred when Mrs Peterson voted in Ohio, in 2012.

      Mrs "Draft Dodger" was not a legal resident of Ohio, and committed fraud, there, when she voted.

      Those are the facts, as pertains to voter fraud, here at the EB.

      Not so funny that the voter fraud came from the same family that committed bank fraud.


    9. The Fraudsters, maybe there is a sit-com there?

  40. :)

    Points earned so far today in Quirk v Doug debate:

    Doug 175,000

    Quirk 0

    1. (scores tabulated and recorded by 9 member National Debate Judging Panel)

    2. (insiders report that it was these statements:

      Senator Franken does not exist.

      California has no illegal voters.

      which heavily influenced the Judges to give another in a long string of lopsided victories to Doug today.)

    3. .

      Well, let's see. Bob offers his 1 vote in favor of Doug's position (though I am not sure exactly what it is). I have voted my 1 VERY BIG vote in opposition (probably mostly by habit for I rarely understand the point Doug is trying to make).

      Bob loses.



    4. Doug 1 vote for Doug

      Bob 1 vote for Doug

      Quirk 1 vote for Quirk, even if it is a Very Big Vote

      Doug gets 2 votes

      Quirk gets I vote

      The 9 member National Debate Judging Panel thereby awards:

      Doug: 175,000 debating points

      Quirk: 0 debating points

      The Judging Panel has spoken.

      Session is adjourned.

    5. The 9 member National Debate Judging Panel vote was unanimous, 9 to 0, in favor of Doug.

    6. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is typing, that means he is lying.

      The is no nine member National Debate Judging Panel

      The "Draft Dodger" is committing a fraud upon the reader, once again

  41. Rep. Maxine Waters calls for Impeachment of President Trump, charges Putin with invading Korea, can't recall the name of the city of Aleppo -

    1. My Grandfather:

      "Vat ve nedt ist gut KING"


    2. Kim
      Sun Oct 19, 03:54:00 PM EDT

      Bobal: Powell is a black racist, like the others.

      No. Powell is a 35 year veteran, wounded in Vietnam, who single-handedly rescued several men from a burning helicopter.

      He was chairman of the JCS during the Gulf War and author of the "Powell Doctrine" which minimizes friendly casualties by applying overwhelming force, rather than the do-more-with-less approach of the neocons.

      He was troubled by the "false intimations that Obama was Muslim."

      He stated that Obama has always been a Christian, and continued, "...what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no, that's not America."

      So Colin Powell is precisely the opposite of a racist, and he is troubled by the whisper campaign of his nominal party during the run up to this election.

      The Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson put in his place by a woman, so just, so true, and ...
      ... so righteously done.


  42. The Republicans are 'coming apart' ... NO SOLIDARITY

    Republican Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue faced pushback from fellow lawmakers on Tuesday after rolling out legislation to slash legal immigration – a controversial proposal for the business wing of the GOP, which has long seen more foreign workers as a boon to the U.S. economy.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a member of the bipartisan Gang of Eight that crafted a sweeping immigration reform bill in 2013, said instead of an “arbitrary number of green cards,” he would prefer to see a system that “fluctuates based on the economic needs of our country.”

    “Over the next 20 years, one thing I can say for certain is America is getting older and the number of workers coming up in the system is not where it has been in the past,” Graham said. “We’re going to need to replenish our workforce.”

    His fellow Gang of Eight Republican – Sen. John McCain of Arizona – was a bit more blunt.

    “I haven’t looked at it,” McCain said of the new bill. “But I’m not interested in that legislation.”

    When asked why, McCain responded: “Because I’m not interested.”

    No Immigration Reform coming from the GOP ...
    No replacement of ObamaCare, either

    The Congressional GOP is incompetent, to say the least.

    1. “In the Gang of Eight bill, what few people realize is that in that, we kind of diminish the family reunification visas – or narrow it down a little – and expand skills-based. So some of that was done in a broader context,” said Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), another member of the group. “I don’t know how you’d get support just to do one side of it in the Senate. I just don’t.”

      Flake also argued in favor of a “more robust” guest-worker program, arguing that there was an economic demand for it. Cotton and Perdue argue that more low-skilled workers have a detrimental impact on the wages and job prospects of working-class Americans.

      “I mean, if you go to Arizona, try to get a house delivered on time, whether it’s roofers or masons or anything else,” Flake said. “There’s a huge shortage of labor. So we gotta take care of that.”

      What Mr Flake means ... there are few AZ construction workers willing to bust ass for $10.00 per hour, while the Mexican nationals in the State will.

      If the US workers got paid a reasonable wage ... Mr Flake's construction company contributors would not enjoy the marvelous margins they do, today.

      Contributions would 'dry up' and ... Mr Flake would have to get a real job, instead of being a so-called Senator.

  43. Done with Burbank, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    Screenwriting was an interesting gig, but ...
    Riding horses at the Burbank Equestrian Center and Will Rogers Polo Club .... well ...
    Doesn't quite 'make it', when compared to AZ.

    So, I'll be around the EB a whole lot more, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, and exposing your deviant ways will remain my on=line hobby.

    1. Did you see my holiday video this year Jack?

      The tater is burbank bound!


    2. Sweetness ... Linus is the bomb on the big bass!


  44. Marco Rubio ... Graft is his middle name

    Marco Rubio Took Almost $100,000 From Betsy DeVos' Family Before Confirming Her Today

    Rubio has taken a total of $98,300 from DeVos and her family members, according to Federal Election Commission reports crunched by the Center for American Progress (CAP).

    That's a decent chunk of cash, even in a GOP Senate where DeVos rained nearly $1 million. And as the CAP noted, DeVos hasn't been shy about why she donates so heavily to Republican causes.

    “I have decided, however, to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence,” DeVos told the New Yorker in November. “Now I simply concede the point. They are right... We expect a return on our investment.”


  45. Appeals Court Panel Appears Skeptical of Trump's Travel Ban - New York Times


    1. The USA Today, which is not dominated by a Mexican, tells us ...

      It took only minutes for the president's plan to come under sharp questioning from all three judges — hardly a surprise for an appeals court known as the most liberal in the country.

      Friedland asked for evidence that the specific countries are connected to terrorism. Canby noted that no visa-carrying travelers from the countries were implicated. Clifton asked why current visa procedures, which can take months or years to meet, were insufficient.

      When August Flentje, representing the Justice Department, said more evidence would be forthcoming as the case progresses, Friedland said, "Why should we be hearing this now?" For Flentje — and the president — it was not a heartening reception.
      Clifton repeatedly questioned Noah Purcell, the solicitor general representing Washington state, over his "allegations" that there was "religious animus" behind Trump's order.

      The First Amendment forbids the establishment of religion in the U.S., but Clifton asked how Trump's order can be viewed as a ban on Muslims if the seven countries targeted only represent about 15% of the global Muslim population.

      Purcell cited "rather shocking evidence" of Trump calling for a ban on Muslims throughout the presidential campaign, both in speeches and through his Twitter account. After his inauguration, Trump told the Christian Broadcasting Network that he wanted to give immigration preference to Christians who were being persecuted in majority-Muslim countries. "This was done to favor one religious group over another," Purcell said. "So we should be allowed to go forward on that claim."

      The State of Washington takes Mr Trump at his word ...

      But that Mr Trump said it, true enough.
      That Mr Trump is taking the first step towards implementing the 'Ban on Muslims' that he promised ...
      Clearly so.

  46. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has dismissed the US decision to put Iran "on notice" over its missile tests while calling President Donald Trump the "real face" of American corruption.


    President Hassan Rouhani backed Ayatollah Khamenei's call for Iranians to rally across the country on Friday to "show their unbreakable ties with the Supreme Leader and the Islamic Republic".

  47. .

    The 9 member National Debate Judging Panel vote was unanimous, 9 to 0, in favor of Doug.

    Here is video of the 9 member National Debate Judging Panel in a team building exercise.

    Panel on Parade

    No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The 9 member National Debate Judging Panel is made up of only 5 members. You have seen their team building exercise. What would you expect?


    1. .

      The will be a contest later this evening to try to identify which of the 5 twits on the 9 member panel goes by the alias Idaho Bob while posting at the EB.


      1. He lacks driving skills.

      2. He has never had an opportunity to try to remove a bra before the team building exercise.

      3. He is an experienced hunter.

      Tonight's winner will receive a Trump t-shirt signed by the The 9 member National Debate Judging Panel.

      Good luck.


  48. .

    After Flawed Raid, Yemen Forbids U.S. Ground Missions

    WASHINGTON — Angry at the civilian casualties incurred last month in the first commando raid authorized by President Trump, Yemen has withdrawn permission for the United States to run Special Operations ground missions against suspected terror groups in the country, according to American officials.

    Grisly photographs of children apparently killed in the crossfire of a 50-minute firefight during the raid caused outrage in Yemen. A member of the Navy’s SEAL Team 6, Chief Petty Officer William Owens, was also killed in the operation.

    While the White House continues to insist that the attack was a “success” — a characterization it repeated on Tuesday — the suspension of commando operations is a setback for Mr. Trump, who has made it clear he plans to take a far more aggressive approach against Islamic militants...


  49. .

    Elizabeth Warren Muzzled by Senate after Screed on Sessions

    The Senate voted to bar Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) from speaking on the floor Tuesday night, after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said her blistering comments about fellow Sen. Jeff Sessions, President Trump's pick for attorney general, broke Senate rules.

    Senators rebuked Warren in a 49-43 party-line vote, rejecting Warren's push to overturn a ruling by Senate Republicans that she had violated the rules during a Senate floor speech...

    Fun times in 'the world's greatest deliberative body'.


  50. Nearly two years into the Saudi invasion of Yemen, the United States has struggled with its role in a conflict that has been much longer, and far bloodier, than anyone imagined. President Trump’s early interest in Yemen risks doubling down on already risky US entanglements in the conflict, and blundering even deeper into the war as a direct participant.


    Even then, the decision to send the USS Cole, a ship famously attacked in Yemen back in 2000, appears ridiculously ham-handed as an attempt at symbolism, and it is downright foolhearty if they genuinely believe the Houthis wanted to target an American ship to send the Cole there to be a sitting duck.

    Yemen War

  51. .

    The Fly on the Wall

    Gossip from the West Wing...

    Does Sean Spicer now have two strikes against him? Is the ump in the red tie even keeping score?

    Strike One: It appears Sean Spicer got the message once Trump's dress code was circulated among the White House staff. Sean no longer wears a suit that looks (and fits) like it came off the rack at Walmarts. His latest pressers see him dressed to the nines and wearing a Trump tie. Way to go Sean. Looking pretty dapper.

    Strike Two: Word has it Trump was really upset with last Saturday's SNL skits, especially the one where Melissa McCarthy satirized Seanny Boy. The skit was bad enough but the fact that SNL used a women to impersonate Spicer was enough to turn 'D' from orange to red. My sources tell me Melania slept in Barron's room to avoid the tornado circulating through the Mar a Lago estate. Better lay low Sean.

    Strike Three: ........

    Well you'll just have to wait. Come back tomorrow and see if Sean strikes out, is kicked out of the game, or hits a home run for The Donald.

    Buzz...Buzz... See you later kids.

    Candy Kane


  52. .

    Harambe-shaped Cheeto sells for almost $100,000

    A Cheetos corn snack resembling Harambe the Gorilla just sold on eBay for $99,900.

    Harambe the Gorilla was a 400-pound silverback fatally shot by a zookeeper after a human child entered his enclosure. His shooting went viral on the internet, creating several memes and attracting worldwide attention. Harambe was housed in the Cincinnati Zoo...

    Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter and gossip columnist Candy Kane caught up with the man who purchased the Cheetos snack outside of a casino in northern Idaho. He asked that his name not be released and we are abiding by his wishes. All he would say is that he works as a faux farmer and sometimes part time greeter at the local Walmarts. What follows is part of Candy's exclusive interview with the buyer.

    Candy: So Bob, what made you buy the Cheetos snack?

    Bob: I thought we weren't going to mention my name. I really...

    Candy: Don't worry, Bob. That part will be cut. So, about the Cheeto...

    Bob: Well, I was in the casino for free t-shirt night waiting for this elderly lady I know to head to the rest room so that I could grab her seat. Anyway, I'm sitting there and I overheard a couple of guys talking about this wild item coming up on eBay. So I walked over and asked him what was going on and he shows me his iPhone with the eBay screen. And this crazy Cheeto snack in the shape of Harambe pops up for sale. It was amazing. You couldn't miss the resemblance.

    So I'm watching and the bid starts out at $11. Pretty soon the price is going up like crazy, through the roof. So I scrambled to get my phone out but by the time I got my first bid in the bidding was past me. Now, I'm panicking. I really wanted that gorilla bad. Do I decide to jump ahead on the bidding to make sure I got in so I jumped in with a bid of $16.75. As soon as I got my bid in, the bidding jumped to $17.00. I went crazy. Everything was a blur. The next thing I know I had won. I've never known a feeling of such satisfaction and euphoria. I gave them all my info and was told I would be receiving the Cheeto by first class mail in 3-4 business days. It was then I realized I had bid $99,900.

    Candy: Well, how do you feel now, being the big winner and all.

    Bob: Well, I'll tell you know...say, I just noticed, you are very attractive. You remind me of my niece. She's over in Germany right now working on her PHD at the Max Plank Institute of Brain Science and Phrenology. She's Indian, Indian Indian not American or as I understand they like to be called Native American Indian, and she says...

    Candy: But what about the Cheeto, Bob? What are you doing now?

    Bob: Well, when I realized I'd bid $99.900 the first thing I did was start going through my Lazy Boy and all the couches in our double-wide looking for spare change. Tried to sell an old Mustang convertible that I totaled a few years back but it never had a back window and the mice had got in it. Ol' Wayne was interested. So I've been looking at selling some property...

    Candy: Well, I'm being told we have to cut for commercial, Bob, best of luck...

    This is Candy Kane signing off. Back to you and the guys in the truck, Jesse...