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Saturday, February 04, 2017

American Psychos

🙂 Putin Offers His Insight Into McCain

Sens. Graham and McCain Visit Ukraine Troops, Urge Offensive

Graham Vows 2017 Is 'Year of Offensive' Against Russia

The United States has never been particularly supportive of efforts by European nations to negotiate a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine. Perennial hawks Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) and John McCain (R – AZ) took things a step further, however, visiting Ukrainian troops on the frontlines and openly urging new military offensives against the ethnic Russian rebels.

Addressing the troops alongside Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Graham declared 2017 to be “the year of offensive” against Russia, insisting Ukraine’s fight was America’s fight, and that he was determined to make the Russian “pay a heavier price.”

Sen. McCain concurred, insisting that the US could not allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to “succeed” in Ukraine, because if he does he’s liable to also “succeed” in other countries around the world.

Graham is also said to be pushing a draft resolution aiming to impose a new round of sanctions against Russia for “trying to interfere with our election.” He insisted he would “never be satisfied” until the US punishes the Russian government.

Jason Ditz



  1. Putin is correct

    Both crazy old farts are clearly in violation of The Old Fart Clause of the Constitution where it clearly states that "No Old Fart Members Of The House Or Senate May Conduct Foreign Policy On Behalf Of The United States".

  2. Putin "Cyber" should be put to use to Out their sleeping arrangements.

  3. Paying for Yiannopoulos security is ‘double standard,’ Poly Muslim student group says

    Cal Poly’s Muslim Student Association is calling foul this week after the university opted not to charge the Cal Poly College Republicans for providing police security during the appearance of controversial right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos on Tuesday but charged the Muslim group a $4,888 security fee for a three-day conference it hosted on campus last year.

    Cal Poly officials say the two events weren’t alike, deeming the Yiannopoulos event, which was sponsored by the Republican club, a free speech activity with First Amendment protections. The conference, hosted by the Muslim Student Association in January 2016, “was not a speech activity — it was a conference,” Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier said.

    Lazier said Cal Poly has no written policy for charging student clubs for security or facility rentals.

    “Our practice has always been to reserve the right to charge for security and other expenses related to facilities use, if needed, on a content- and viewpoint-neutral basis,” Lazier said.

    Stephen Lloyd-Moffett, the Muslim Student Association’s adviser and an associate professor of religious studies, criticized that viewpoint.

    “It strikes me as a blatant double standard that Cal Poly will designate tuition dollars and state funds to protect someone who spews hate speech targeting vulnerable groups on this campus but then charges for the protection of one of the very groups that are the victims of that speech,” Lloyd-Moffett said.

  4. ‘Clock boy’ defamation case explodes in court — ordered to pay attorney fees

    Ahmed Mohamed was only a few weeks into school when the then ninth-grader came to class with what he described as an “invention,” which was basically a disassembled clock that was sloppily reassembled in a pencil box.

    Mohamed showed his science teacher, who advised him to put it away. Later in the day, when the clock began beeping in his English class, his teacher took action because she believed it looked like a bomb. Mohamed was detained and questioned by police and briefly charged with possessing a hoax bomb, though the charge was later dismissed.

    Mohamed’s politically active father, who has ties to terrorist-sponsoring foreign regimes, then took the boy on a world tour and was photographed with wanted war criminal and Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir before visiting the White House at President Obama’s invitation. Obama tweeted support for Ahmed as police investigated the situation.

    Activist groups including the Council on American Islamic Relations and others, meanwhile, accused officials of Islamophobia while the Center for Security Policy, Glenn Beck, Shapiro, Fox News and other news organizations investigated and opined on Ahmed’s story.

    Many of those folks believe the case is an example of “civilization jihad” promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Shapiro told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly the incident “was a setup and … President Obama fell for it because it confirms a couple of his pre-stated biases against police and against people who he perceives to be Islamophobic.”

  5. Judge Robarts Is A Crazy Fart

    February 4, 2017
    'Muslim ban' injunction is a judicial coup against President Trump
    By Ed Straker

    Federal district Judge James Robart of Seattle ordered a complete, nationwide temporary restraining order against President Trump's temporary ban on visitors from seven Middle Eastern countries. If you read the ruling as I have, you can see this is clearly unconstitutional on its face, and constitutes a judicial coup against President Trump and the executive branch.

    1) The standards for granting a temporary restraining order are quite high. The plaintiff must show that he is likely to succeed on the merits, and would suffer irreparable harm if the injunction were not granted. Here the people from the excluded countries cannot show irreparable harm, only that their entry to the United States would be delayed. And they are unlikely to succeed on the merits, because the President has no obligation to let foreigners into the country. On the contrary, there may be irreparable harm if the temporary travel ban is lifted, as terrorists may enter the country and kill people.

    2) By the way, the plaintiffs here aren't even the people from the excluded countries. They are the states of Washington and Minnesota who claim their citizens would be harmed if the temporary ban were not lifted; perhaps Microsoft is being deprived of some cheap labor. It's a flimsy argument at best. This ruling has no substantial effect on states' residents, contrary to what Judge Robart has said.

    3) President Trump clearly has discretion to decide who to admit to the United States and who not to, when it comes to admitting people who are not citizens. Foreigners do not enjoy the protection of our Constitution. The fact that a citizen may incidentally benefit from a foreigner coming to America doesn't mean that that citizen has standing.

    4) President Trump has the right to exclude people from a certain country, or even a certain religion. The Constitution does not prevent the government from discriminating on the basis of religion when admitting people to the country because again, foreigners do not have any rights under our Constitution. President Trump could legally exclude all Muslims, or all women, or all gays, or any other group you care to think of, as long as they are not Americans.

    5) In any event, it is clearly not a "Muslim ban" because so many Muslim countries are excluded from it. If anything it is a ban of Muslims from the most dangerous countries. This is not the same thing as a Muslim ban per se.

    6) Presidents are traditionally given wide latitude by courts in matters of national security, and this is very much a matter of national security.

    7) It is highly questionable whether federal district courts can issue nationwide injunctions. It is called a federal district court because the court's authority is limited to a district. If it weren't, there would be no need for circuit courts, and we would never see different federal circuits having slightly different laws; one district court could simply impose whatever it likes on the nation. It doesn't work that way.

    Judge Robart, who was appointed by George W. Bush (should we be surprised, or not?) has clearly usurped his authority. The case clearly has no plaintiffs with standing or any kind of validity. At most Judge Robart should have stayed his decision pending appeal to circuit courts. His radical injunction smacks of a judicial coup, of a single federal district judge asserting his authority over the entire executive branch. His arguments for doing so are unconstitutional, as is his manner of issuing the order. We are living in a time when judicial Ayatollahs are usurping the power of our elected officials, and it is very much like a judicial coup.

    Ed Straker is the senior writer at, an attorney by training, and was in the same law school at the same time as Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch... but never knew him (very big class sizes).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Seattle judge halts Trump’s executive order on immigration

      U.S. District Court Judge James Robart put a nationwide halt to President Trump’s executive action on immigration Friday. From the Seattle Times:

      U.S. District Judge James Robart ruled in favor Friday of Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who sued to invalidate key provisions of Trump’s executive order. That order indefinitely blocks entry to the United States for Syrian refugees and temporarily suspends entry to citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries.

      The temporary restraining order is granted on a nationwide basis, Robart said…

      In his oral ruling, Robart said Washington had standing to bring the case forward and provided evidence that Trump’s order has immediate harm. And the lawsuit, the judge said, has substantial likelihood of success in its underlying challenge to the constitutionality of the order.

      So this temporary halt to Trump’s executive order will be in place until the judge makes a final ruling. However, even if that happens it’s not the end of the story. Politico notes this setback came just a few hours after the Trump administration prevailed in another lawsuit against the executive order:
      The defeat for the Trump White House came just hours after Justice Department lawyers scored their first notable victory in the legal war over the executive order, persuading a judge in Boston to allow the expiration of a restraining order against the travel ban…

      [U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel] Gorton ruled that Trump’s “order provides a reasonably conceivable state of facts [which concerns national security and] that could provide a rational basis for the classification,” the judge wrote. “Accordingly, this Court declines to encroach upon the ‘delicate policy judgment’ inherent in immigration decisions.”

      The judge also appeared dismissive of arguments that the order—focused on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries—amounts to invidious religious discrimination.

      So this will undoubtedly be appealed at some point and could work its way up the chain to the Supreme Court. Fortunately for Trump, that could soon be a 5-4 proposition instead of a 4-4 tie.

      A Nationwide order by a District Judge ?



      This sort of judicial shit should piss everyone off.

      It's exactly what many of us voted against.

      Sooner or later it will be overturned.

      There will be an injunction against the restraining order.

      Then maybe the new 9 member Supreme Court will deal with it.

    4. Judge’s blocking of travel ban sets stage for epic court battle
      By Joe Tacopino and Daniel Halper February 4, 2017 | 12:48am

    5. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, your hypocrisy is showing, again ...

      You cheered when the Courts enjoined Mr Obama's Executive Orders concerning Immigration.
      The SCOTUS will be hearing that case, soon ...

      Unless the Trump Administration decides not to defend the power of the President to issue such decrees ...

      Supreme Court to rule on Obama immigration orders -
      Jan 19, 2016 - The Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will take up a case challenging the legality of President Barack Obama's executive actions .

  6. Replies
    1. That's President Trump and since you didn't vote? Your opinion is shit.

    2. Yeah, Ash, your opinion ain't worth a cold dog turd.


    3. “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

      ― Benito Mussolini

  7. Nothing left to sell -

    February 4, 2017
    Clinton Foundation implosion continues as two more programs ditched
    By Thomas Lifson

    It's official: the Clinton Foundation is in a world of hurt. The Foundation president, Donna Shalala, interviewed by the New York Times, confirms:

    Revenues were down for 2016, Ms. Shalala acknowledged, in part because of voluntary restrictions and the fact that the charity's major fund-raisers – the former president and his daughter, Chelsea – were campaigning for Mrs. Clinton. Revenues "dropped during the economic downturn, too," Ms. Shalala said.

    So with the Trump recovery underway, and freed from the scrutiny an election year brings, they should be expecting an inflow of resources from civic-minded donors, right? Hmm, that doesn't seem to be happening. Why, it's almost as if a front for influence-peddling has run out of influence to peddle. The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

    The Clinton Foundation is shedding two of its most politically problematic programs, while Bill Clinton is asking for supporters' advice on where to take his family's charity arm next.

    Being spun into separate entities are the foundation's initiatives in the country of Haiti, along with the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, named after a billionaire backer of the couple.

    Additionally, the Clinton Global Initiative, the annual meet-and-greet in New York City between celebrities, rock stars, activists, dignitaries and Clintons, officially closed up shop in recent weeks.

    Naturally, the Clintons are blaming their opponents, although the word "vast" is missing so far:

    'In 2016, despite the political season and unprecedented attacks that were misleading or outright false, the Clinton Foundation continued its good work in the United States and around the world,' Bill Clinton wrote at one point.

    In another he said, 'he attacks on our efforts have not come from people and organizations who understand or care about the work we do.'

    There are a lot of Clinton Machine apparatchiks – people like Shalala but more obscure – who depend on the Clinton Foundation for off-year employment, and if the money starts running out, they would have to find honest employment. Some of them may even know things about the Clintons that would cause trouble if exposed to the public. So I would expect that other programs may be ditched, as the Foundation's priorities have always centered on the welfare of the Clinton family.

    Is it just me, or do the smiles in this recent picture of the Fun Couple look more than a little forced and out of sync with the message of the eyes?



      That pic of Hillary is up there with her very worst.

  8. from ZombieTime:

    Recent Berkeley Riot In Pics


  9. It is well past time to place import duties on products imported from Israel.

    Responding to a US reprimand on a recent rash of settlement construction, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely on Friday insisted that the Palestinians — not Israeli policy — was responsible for stalled talks, and highlighted the White House’s stated stance that expansion in these communities was “not an obstacle to peace."

    If the Zionists refuse to accept reality, continue to "Blame the Victim", well, the US will have to do more than reprimand that terrorist regime. ...

    And President Trump is just the man to do it ... by Executive Order!!!

    No need for Congress, he is already Authorized by the 13SEP2001 AUMF.


    1. All Mr Trump has to do ….
      Come to the same determination as Ted Nugent.


    2. Or pay attention to that "Alt-media King", Alex Jones

      Govt Insider Confirms Israel’s Role In 9/11 Attacks!
      Saudi Arabia wasn't the only foreign country involved

      The Alex Jones Show - April 22, 2016

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I see crapper rat aka Dead Beat Dad aka self confessed war criminal must be out on weekend leave.

      Therefore, I take my leave.

      Cheers ! to all except psycho rat.


    2. The "Draft Dodger" just does not want to discuss "Uncle" Ted ...

      ... hero of the NRA and Mr Trump's avid supporter.

    3. Nor discuss the fact that ....

      Washington (CNN) BREAKING NEWS: The Department of Homeland Security said Saturday it has suspended all actions to implement President Donald Trump's immigration order.

      The Imperial Presidency of Mr Trump, has hit the first stump.


  11. Obviously Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson does not want to have to acknowledge that the Trump Administration has embraced the "Rat Doctrine" in the continuing battle against the Islamic State.

    U.S.-backed forces are preparing for the third phase of an assault to retake the city of Raqqa from Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (ISIS) militants, Reuters reported Saturday.

    The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Saturday it was launching the campaign with "increasing support from the international coalition forces through guaranteeing air cover for our forces' advances<....

    Coalition Close Air Support ... provided to "Local Forces", and most importantly ... directed by those "Local Forces".

    1. .

      Trump adopts the 'rat doctrine.' That says it all.



  12. Vincent Viola, Nominee for Army Secretary, Drops Out


  13. The "So-called President" writes with disdain of a "so-called" Federal Judge ...

    Confronting the most serious setback of his young administration, Trump took to Twitter to complain about at the Seattle judge who halted his controversial executive order before heading to Trump International Golf Resort in West Palm Beach to hit the links.

    "The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!" Trump tweeted, after writing several other tweets defending his immigration stance.

    The president's personal attack on a federal judge and broader disrespect for an independent judiciary, reminiscent of his assault last summer on the Mexican-American judge handling litigation against Trump University, drew a swift rebuke from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, ...

    "The President's attack on Judge James Robart, a Bush appointee who passed with 99 votes,
    shows a disdain for an independent judiciary that doesn't always bend to his wishes and a continued lack of respect for the Constitution, making it more important that the Supreme Court serve as an independent check on the administration," Schumer said.

    "With each action testing the Constitution, and each personal attack on a judge, President Trump raises the bar even higher for Judge Gorsuch's nomination to serve on the Supreme Court. His ability to be an independent check will be front and center throughout the confirmation process.


    1. One must wonder why Mr Trump works so hard at delegitimizing the Government which he was elected to lead.

      Mr Trump tells US the electoral process which elected him, is corrupt and an illegitimate system ...
      ... and that a Federal Judge, nominated by President Bush and confirmed by 99 votes in the US Senate ... is not REALLY a Federal Judge.

      Our so-called President, he sets the Standard.


    2. Not in the Oval Office barely two weeks and Mr Trump is off to play golf ...

      Leaving the work of governance to staffers, while he recreates in Florida ...


  14. The Trump administration announced Friday that 9.2 million people signed up for insurance through ObamaCare for 2017 in the 39 states that use the federal HealthCare.

    1. While others tells US ...

      Trump blocked nearly 500,000 people from getting coverage

  15. I doubt that the "Trump Organization" will be cutting a check to the US Treasury, covering the US Government's expenses for Eric Trump's globe trotting

    Eric Trump's Uruguay trip cost taxpayers nearly $100K: report

    One of President Trump's sons made a business trip to Uruguay in early January that cost taxpayers $97,830 to put Secret Service and embassy staffers in hotel rooms, according to a new report.

    Eric Trump visited the South American nation on behalf of the Trump Organization before his father’s Jan. 20 inauguration, The Washington Post reported Friday.

    In the coastal town of Punta del Este, Eric Trump met with real estate brokers, dined at a beachfront eatery and spoke at an “ultra exclusive” party at Trump Tower Punta del Este, according to the report.

    The Secret Service spent $88,320 on hotel rooms, according to purchasing orders analyzed by the Post, and the U.S. Embassy in the capital city of Montevideo paid another $9,510 so staffers could stay in hotel rooms and “support” the Secret Service for the “VIP visit.” The president's immediate family receives Secret Service protection by law.

    The Post said Trump’s stop was brief — as little as two nights — according to a review of local press stories and social media.

    The Trumps do not own the Punta del Este project, the Post noted, but license their name to developers there. The 26-story tower is scheduled for completion in late 2018.

    “The definition of fascism is The marriage of corporation and state ”
    ― Benito Mussolini


  16. The other day, contemporaneous to the event, Quirk a Centurion of the "Lost Legion", told us that Mr Obama authorized the Seal operation in Yemen.

    An "Alternate Truth", at best.

    U.S. military officials told Reuters that Trump approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations.

    As a result, three officials said, the attacking SEAL team found itself dropping onto a reinforced al Qaeda base defended by landmines, snipers, and a larger than expected contingent of heavily armed Islamist extremists.


    The U.S. officials said the extremists’ base had been identified as a target before the Obama administration left office on Jan. 20, but then-President Barack Obama held off approving a raid ahead of his departure.

    1. The not so funny truth that was exposed in that Yemen operation ...

      The Osprey is truly "Not Ready for Prime Time".

      Another high cost piece of shit foisted upon the Federal taxpayer.

    2. .

      The other day, contemporaneous to the event, Quirk a Centurion of the "Lost Legion", told us that Mr Obama authorized the Seal operation in Yemen.

      Had you stuck around, rat, instead of scurrying off when I once again proved you were a lying little shit, you would have seen that I corrected my error here and even gave you credit for your initial comment.

      Unlike you, when I drop a little shit around here I clean it up instead of dropping more and wallowing in it.



    3. The Centurion returns ....

      Still unable to find any of his Legion...


    4. Perhaps that is because that Legion of his, it is a fantasy of his furtive nature.


    5. Trot out those Legionnaires, Centurion, there should be 3,000 to 6,000 of them with you ...

      But there aren't, are there?

      You still cannot provide reference to a single one of yur troopers, Centurion.

      Truth hurts our Centurion ... but there it is, he is unable to perform to promise.
      He is a liar, plain and simple.

      Or he'd trot out his troops of truth.


    6. You still cannot provide reference to a single one of your troopers, Centurion

    7. .

      You continue to make more of a fool of yourself here, rat; evidently a demented one. Everyone here saw the post I put up documenting your lies.

      Your false bravado merely shows you to be the sad little buffoon you are.

      Go back to rat-world. You're not worth wasting anymore time on.



  17. FCC suspends probes of telecommunications firms

    The Hill - ‎

    The Federal Communications Commission on Friday suspended its probes into whether thee major telecommunications companies violated net neutrality rules with their data plans.

    “The essence of fascism is to make laws forbidding everything and then enforce them selectively against your enemies.”

    ― John Lescroart


    1. The Trump Administration Will Be Great for Telecom Giants


  18. Trump to dismantle Dodd-Frank Wall Street rules through executive orders


    WASHINGTON - President Trump signed two directives Friday rolling back key financial regulations of the Obama era, including restrictions on Wall Street banks and on financial advisers who sell clients expensive financial products ...

  19. Wow. The Little Liar Shit desert crapper rat must be on the meth today.

    Why isn't he out working on the super secret defense project off the coasts of Panama with Defense, CIA and NSA that he told us all about ?

    The telling of which, of course, would violate the super secrecy of the project....

    Well, we all know the answer and the truth.

    It's because there is no such project, except in his bizarre psychotic mind.

    He certainly has not yet taken the advice of the vast majority here - which is to seek professional help immediately.

    Out again.

    Keep the faith, folks, he will go away sooner or later.


    1. It may have been the title of the thread that brought him out.

  20. Bob's readership doubles when Jack shows up.

  21. .

    Trump launches his attack on banks’ financial regulations, consumer protection rule

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump launched his long-promised attack Friday on banking rules that were signed into law after the nation’s economic crisis, signing new orders after meeting with business and investment chiefs and pledging further action to free big banks from restrictions. Wall Street cheered him on, but Trump risks disillusioning his working-class voters.

    He directed his Treasury secretary to review the devilishly complex 2010 Dodd-Frank financial oversight law, which was signed by President Barack Obama to overhaul regulations after the financial and housing crisis of the past decade. It aimed to restrain banks from misdeeds that many blamed for the crisis.
    The new president also signed a memorandum instructing the Labor Department to delay an Obama-era rule that requires financial professionals who charge commissions to put their clients’ best interests first when giving advice on retirement investments.

    While the order on Dodd-Frank, named after its Democratic sponsors, won’t have an immediate impact, Trump’s intent is clear. The law has been a disaster in restricting banks’ activities, he said earlier this week, adding, “We’re going to be doing a big number on Dodd-Frank.”

    During a meeting with business leaders, including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on Friday, he said, “Frankly I have so many people, friends of mine that have nice businesses that can’t borrow money. They just can’t get any money because the banks just won’t let ’em borrow because of the rules and regulations of Dodd-Frank.”

    Those regulations unnecessarily cramp the U.S. economy and job creation, he declared. But many Democrats see it differently, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was behind the formation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, formed as part of the Dodd-Frank law.

    “Donald Trump talked a big game about Wall Street during his campaign — but as president, we’re finding out whose side he’s really on,” Warren said in a statement. “The Wall Street bankers and lobbyists whose greed and recklessness nearly destroyed this country may be toasting each other with champagne, but the American people have not forgotten the 2008 financial crisis — and they will not forget what happened today.”


    Quirk Predictions - 2017 #1: Trump will be a one-term president (if that).

    It's only been three weeks but we are already seeing how Trump will be sticking it to his base. There are the nativists who will support him no matter what but they are only a percentage of his base. The are the 'anyone but a Dem' but the same applies to him. When he loses the Reagan Dems, he will be hanging by a thread, one that through his actions is quickly fraying.

    We see it in his growing disapproval ratings. We see it in the sections I bolded in the article above.

    The confidence rating in this poll: 99.8%


    We see it

    1. .

      ...There are the 'anyone but...


    2. .

      Rat put up some examples. I've seen others this morning. The advantage Trump has is he is now issuing these things faster than you can keep up with them and respond.


    3. You are yelling again.

      Knock it off.


    4. .

      It's obvious you didn't read the article I put up for you regarding internet etiquette.

      Bold is an acceptable way of highlighting something you want to emphasize. Capital letters are even acceptable to emphasize a particular word or connecting phrase.

      Putting entire sentences and paragraphs in caps is yelling as well as being rude.

      This has been an internet convention from the early days of the internet. Were you anyone else but you it would elicit some surprise that you don't know this. Since it is you, well...


  22. .

    So-called Judge questions Trump Lawyer

    Perhaps, Trump and the DOJ should have sent a lawyer from Immigration & Naturalization Service or the Executive Office for Immigration Review instead of one from the Civil division.


    1. The Judge is full of shit.

      It will be overturned at the circuit court or the SC.

  23. Quirk Predictions - 2017 #1: Trump will be a one-term president (if that).

    What folly, what pride, what non-sense, making such a prediction only two weeks in....


    1. What a so-called prediction.

      It's just throwing darts in the dark.

    2. In fact, it's so bad, I'm beginning to think it might be connected with one of Quirk's ad campaigns aimed at selling crap to thoughtless millennials.

  24. Opposition to Trump wall building in the House

    Budget hawks worry about offsetting the cost of the wall with budget cuts.

    weirdpeter merrimack1 • an hour ago

    Congressional Budget Hawks is the biggest oxymoron of all time.

    Republicans sat idly and gave Obama every dime he wanted and more!
    These "hawks" are just averse to rocking the status quo boat. They enjoy their position as holders of the purse of crony capitalism.

    We have a current federal budget of about $4 trillion. $12 billion is about three tenths of one percent of the Federal budget.

    In other words it is not a pimple on the butt of the budget Leviathan.