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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Getting Addicted to Trump

Thursday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman reacted to President Donald Trump’s press conference earlier in the day, in which he took media.

Friedman, who strongly disapproves of many of Trump’s policies, said Trump had three things going for him, one of which was that he is entertaining and that he feared could wind up being an addiction for “a lot of Americans.”

“What worries me, I guess most Wolf right now, and I listened to this press conference, you know, Trump I think has basically three things going for him right now. One is that he’s very entertaining and I fear that a lot of Americans are getting addicted to him. I fear that we in the media, and I don’t exclude myself, are getting addicted to writing about him because it’s just so easy to do, number one. And so, he’s got the entertainment value.”

“Number two, the stock market is going up, and there is the hope and expectation that jobs will improve, that the economy will grow,” he continued. “And number three, there is no immediate pressing crisis. But I tell you, Wolf – if he stops being entertaining if a crisis comes along, and I think it’s been reckless on his part to boast about the stock market because markets go up and down. Presidents should never talk about the dollar. You know, this all could really change. This is all throat-clearing right now. But I have my seat belt tightly fastened.”



  1. Why in the world would you publicly offer a big job without knowing it would be taken? Deuce's Man Smart!

    1. Maybe he has something private that he wants to keep private.

    2. Maybe he is happy where he is.

    3. Harward graduated from Tehran American School in 1974.

    4. The White House official said Harward cited family and financial reasons for opting not to take the job. Harward is a senior executive at Lockheed Martin.

      Two sources familiar with the decision said Harward turned down the job in part because he wanted to bring in his own team.

      That put him at odds with Trump, who had told Flynn's deputy, K.T. McFarland, that she could stay.



    5. .

      CNN reported that Harward said the NSA offer amounted to a 's**t sandwich.'


    6. Was CNN certain it wasn't Michelle Malkin that said that ?

  2. Don't worry so about it.

    No one is ever going to offer you a big job, Ash, cause everyone knows you'd be in over your head.

  3. I loved The Donald's presser.

    Breath of fresh air.


    Wish he would knock off the tweeting, though.

    Even though he uses it to control the press.

    1. Tweeting is hard on the Contemplative Life.

    2. .

      If you like the entertainment value, but it's a hell of a way to run a railroad.

      I have to admit many of Trump's comments were weirdly funny (though not ha ha funny but rather wha! funny).

      Many of Trump's spokesmen are having their reputations hurt and are being laughed out of town trying to keep their stories straight and concurrent with Trump's latest claims. Conway, Spicer, Miller all have been diminished lately while Trump has skated by any repercussion.

      How long can it last?


    3. .

      Sadly, Trump may not last four years the way he's going much less 8.

      He's what, 70. He's overweight, he eats junk food, he gets no sleep, he's got the most stressful job in the world. His next cabinet nomination should be for Personal Trainer and Dietician.

      Add to that his management style and it's a combination for disaster.

      As I said above, he needs to recalibrate.


  4. Thomas Friedman is obviously hoping Trump makes an epic fail in all things, a very disgraceful outlook.

  5. Raul Labrador News

    House Dems hush up how Muslim IT employees compromised Intelligence Committee networks


    Idaho Republican Rep. Raul Labrador also expressed frustration over the story’s lack of coverage, especially given the media’s attention on national security issues under President Donald Trump’s White House. Democrats have repeatedly ignored TheDCNF’s requests for interviews and further information.

    “I’m surprised that the media hasn’t made a bigger deal about this,” Labrador said. “This is pretty outrageous. These are people who had direct connections and access to the House, to intelligence information, and the media has said very little about it. I know there have been a couple of reports, but they’re spending all this time talking about all these other issues. This is actually something that could directly affect the national security of the United States, and I have seen very little reporting, and apparently, the Democrats are not that interested.”

  6. See map of latest moslem riots in France:

    PARIS RIOTS: No-go zones expand as violence spreads ACROSS FRANCE
    By Pamela Geller - on February 16, 2017


    The Press is grabbing at Trump's statement about "fake news" but the "leaks were true".


    Isn't that the a similar situation as the Wikileaks leaks on Clinton emails were true but the disclosure was un-fair?

    1. .

      Very similar, but how you view it depends on where you are coming from.

      You see it as a conspiracy against Trump. I see it in a different light. I complained about it when the Clinton team and their minions in the press did it, but...

      - Hillary is not the president, Trump is.
      - That was then, this is now.
      - The Trump team complained when Hillary did it. Now, they are doing the same thing. AND it is continuing.
      - The wrongs don't cancel out. That's called rationalization.


  8. President Quirk, totally soused thus in the grove, fights The Press

    Clip #2

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