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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Monday, April 26, 2010

Arizona Under Siege by Illegals, Drug Cartels, Liberals and Federal Inaction

American citizens support the law that was signed in Arizona last Friday.

Of course the contemptible Barack Hussein Obama does not. Today, President Obama released a new video calling on “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women” to help the Democrats in 2010.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows 60 percent of Americans favor the law. In Arizona, where so many people cross the border, the approval is 70 percent.

In Tucson, those opposed to the new law protested, saying their civil liberties will be violated when police check the immigration status of suspects.

There are currently an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona.

Al Sharpton is Unhappy

Al Sharpton promised to bring "freedom walkers" to Arizona to challenge the new law and force arrests, invoking the memory of the freedom riders who challenged segregation on interstate buses during the 1960s.

"The Arizona Immigration Bill is an affront to the civil rights of all Americans and an attempt to legalize racial profiling," said Sharpton, an asshole of impeccable credentials.

The Mexican President is Unhappy

The Mexican government will act against a new law targeting immigrants in the U.S. state of Arizona, which borders the Mexican state of Sonora, President Felipe Calderon told a broadcast public event on Monday.

"We are going to act, we have begun and we will do more," Calderon said.

"No one can sit on their hands faced with decisions that affect compatriots so clearly, including those that have contributed to the U.S. growth for generations, not only new arrivals," he said.

"The Mexican government will use all the resources within its reach to defend the rights of those Mexicans who will be affected by this legislation," Calderon said.

Say what? "defend the rights of those Mexicans who will be affected by this legislation."


  1. The Mexicans have rights to break US law. I missed that. Anyone know where I can look that one up?

  2. If Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and the Mexican President are against it, I think I may be for it.

  3. if you are an illegal in the USA?

    dont let the doorknob hit ya on the ass on the way out...

  4. Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the bill on Friday, said Arizona must act because Washington has failed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico. Brewer has ordered state officials to develop a training course for officers to learn what constitutes reasonable suspicion that someone is in the U.S. illegally.


    During a town hall meeting Monday in Tucson, Brewer dismissed the threat of a boycott, saying she doesn't believe the law is "going to have the kind of economic impact that some people think it might," the Arizona Daily Star reported. She added that outrage over the ability of police to ask people for citizenship documentation will fade.

    The law has strong public support in Arizona, where passions have been running high since a rancher was killed close to the Mexican border last month, apparently by drug smugglers from across the border.

    Immigration Law

  5. All people in the United States have the "rights" guaranteed in the law, by the Constitution.

    The person's country of origin makes absolutely no difference, to the people's "Rights".

    Read the document, it is easy to see the language.

    Is the AZ law the answer to the challenge? Far from it. But it is the only course open to the electorate, local action.

    Because, as I have been blogging for six to seven years, now. Federal inaction on the issue, during the Bush and Clinton Administrations has been by design.

  6. The F22 decision, a favor to Lester Crown, the ex CEO of General Dynamics, the folks that developed the F22, but were squeezed out of the production contract.

    We all know of Lester Crown, the fella from Chi-town that made Barack Obama a millionaire author, before he even wrote a book.

    Only a fella like Lester Crown would want the F22 killed, for payback against the competition at McDonald-Douglas squeezing his firm out of the deal.

    You get what you pay for.
    The Chi-town way.

  7. Shanghai unveils to the world on Friday its multi-billion dollar World Expo, which China hopes will be an opportunity to assert its growing global clout and show off the fruits of its economic transformation.


    The project has not been without its detractors. Rights groups have complained about evictions of residents to make way for the two spectacular main Expo sites on either side of the murky Huangpu River.


    "Of more concern would be bird flu or H1N1. If that breaks out on site, how will they manage to prevent it spreading and how will they attempt to quarantine such a large number of people?" said Greg Hallahan, regional director at business risk consultancy PSA Group in Shanghai.

    Expo Spectacular

  8. Funny, "misdirection" was posting vidieo supporting the reconquesta, just months ago.

    The fella has no center, no core beliefs. He uses any tidbit of data to gain a momentary advantage, with no vision of what he'd been advocating for.

    Funny fella, but none to serious a mind.

  9. Beyond the Constitution, there is the Declaration of Independence, where we of the United States hold certain truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.

    Which no man or government can rightfully put asunder.

    Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Rights which no law can rightfully deny any people, based upon Race, Creed or National Origin.

  10. "Rights groups have complained about evictions of residents to make way for the two spectacular main Expo sites on either side of the murky Huangpu River."

    The murky Huangpu River?

    What an EXPO site. "And a sewer runs through it."

    Haven't been to Shanghai in about 10 years but the last time I was there if you fell in the Huangpu they just shot you.

    Usually at your request.


  11. Why just last week or so "misdirection" denied the legitimacy of the United States, as compared US to Israel, morally.

    Funny fuck, but none to serious.

    Thought we should return southern Arizona to Mexico, that the Gadston Purchase was not legitimate.

    Many in Mexico feel that the "Venta de La Mesilla" was pure extortion.
    wi"o" has, in the past, agreed with that position. He has posted videos and stories to that effect.

    Of that there can be no denial.

  12. "misdirection" stands on both sides of the Immigration debate.

    Why is that not surprising?

  13. I do see that Deuce has come to realize the GW Bush, was a liberal.

    We are making progress, here.

  14. Roger Mahony is archbishop of Los Angeles, He calls the bill “the country’s most retrogressive, mean-spirited and useless anti-immigrant law” and wonders whether Arizonans are “now reverting to German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques”.

    Archbishop Mahony, the good shepherd to five million, has had memory problems in the past about homosexual priests molesting young boys.

    In 2002 Mahony admitted to leaving eight accused molesters in ministry as cardinal in Los Angeles. That includes Michael Baker, who admitted to Mahony in 1986 that he had molested several youths, but who Mahony kept in ministry for 14 years. Baker was charged with 34 counts of molestation, which were dismissed as a result of the Supreme Court ruling. And it includes Michael Wempe, who faces new criminal charges after 42 counts of sex crimes were dismissed last year.

  15. So, where and as "misdirection" has stated that the US has no legitimate territorial claim to much of what is now the United States.
    He now demands that those people that are on that land, without the permission of what he considers to be the illegitimate administrators, leave.

    Little wonder he supports the Europeons in the Levant.

    His mind is confused.

    Is he hitting his own product?
    To much sugar?

  16. If memory serves me DR, i may have made a post or two hundred critical of GW Bush.

  17. Catholics are like that, Deuce.
    Something to do with guilt and self doubt.

    Especially the Priests.

    Or so it seems, from afar.

  18. That is true, Deuce, but the headline of the post made it seem as if the guilty parties, to that Federal inaction, were liberals.

    The single man most responsible for that Federal inaction, GW Bush.

    Ergo, you now consider him a liberal, or "compassionate conservative" would also have made the headline.

  19. Yep, there it is.

    McCain, Kennedy and Bush.

    Typical liberal leaders.
    Republican and Democrat.

    Federal Socialists, to the core of their being.

  20. JD's poll numbers must be giving Maverick fits, for McCain to try to change his position on immigration reform, overnight.

  21. Rat. as usual, is full of shit.

    Can't understand anything but a brick to his head...

    So let's not try again waste our time trying to explain...

    Rat, it's above your pay grade...

  22. I hope when Rat tries to be an illegal in some south of the border oasis he find his heaven...

    and never returns to America.

    Bye Bye Rat...

  23. The only reason Obama is against it is because he didn't do it first.

  24. Moscow markets cruise missile launched from a freight container

    This relatively cheap, extra-smart, easy-to-use Club-K Container Missile System, which Moscow has put on the open market, allows cruise missiles concealed in freight containers to be launched from a prepositioned or moving land or sea platform. It is virtually undetectable by radar until activated. No wonder, Iran and Venezuela were keenly interested when the Club-K was put on the market at the Defense Services Asia exhibition in Malaysia this week for $15 million.
    Western military experts are calling it a "real maritime fear for anyone with a waterfront." The container-cum-missiles, carried by a ship, fishing vessel or truck can approach a targeted coast, highway or international railway and strike behind the target's missile defenses without alerting radar monitors or even surveillance drones and satellites.
    In Iranian hands, it would make the targeting of its nuclear facilities very difficult. Able to wipe out an aircraft carrier up to 400 kilometers away, the system's manufacturer, Novator, is directing its marketing tactics at anyone under threat of military action from the United States. One expert accused the Russians of proliferating ballistic missiles on an unheard-of scale.
    At the Malaysian exhibition, the marketing film showed the Club-K being activated from an ordinary truck. (See picture.) The truck pulls up, whereupon the container roof lifts up to reveal four 3?-54?E, 3?-54?E1 and 3?-14?E cruise missiles ready to fire. The operator then pushes a button and the missiles, which have a range of 350 km, are launched without further preparation.
    DEBKAfile's military sources warn that the sale of Club-K cruise missile systems to Iran or Syria and their transfer to Hizballah would give them an edge substantial enough to be a game-changer into the Middle East balance of strength. They are capable of surreptitiously approaching Israeli, Iraqi and any other coastlines in the region, and send missiles flying against an American, Arab or Israeli strategic or military target before their targets know they are under attack.
    The missile specialist Novator, which maintains a manufacturing plant in Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains, produces an array of missiles against air, sea and land targets, including cruise missiles launched from submarines, as well as the advanced S-300 missile interceptor, which Russia contracted to sell Iran but has so far not delivered.

  25. Myself, "misdirection", I have done a lot of illegal acts, south of both the US and Mexican borders.

    But I did them, for you, rufus and whit. Along with the rest of the citizens of the United States. As they were the employer, spending those Iranian pesos through the elected offices of the President, the top dog in the US political system.

    I later learned that the money was obtained "illegally", but it was a Federal mission, regardless.

    Breaking the law, in Panama, Salvador, Honduras and Nicoland, for the good of the USA.

    "misdirection" is a lost American, with no loyalty, but to the Europeons at Club Israel, on the shores of the eastern Med.

  26. Another case of old technologies, "misdirection", as the Iranians and Koreans have equipped cargo ships to fire variants of the Scud missile.

    A cruise missile is even easier to configure a launch platform for.

    Not much we can do about that.

    As the Israeli were the source for Iranian UAV technologies, there is a good bet that the Israeli were the source of that Russian tech for sale, too.

    Maybe General Dynamics is opening up a shop, in Russia.

    No comment on the F22 debacle, now that you know the source of that program cancellation, killed by Lester Crown, the F22 program.

    Had to buy a President to do it, but he got 'er done!

  27. I learned then, long ago, that the Federals had no concern for the laws of other countries, and not much more for our own laws.

    That the Federals ignore their own laws, when it suits them, well known and common place.

  28. desert rat said...
    Myself, "misdirection", I have done a lot of illegal acts, south of both the US and Mexican borders.

    So Rat does admit he is a criminal....

    Nothing more to be said...

  29. Rats says: "misdirection" is a lost American, with no loyalty, but to the Europeons at Club Israel, on the shores of the eastern Med.

    You really don't know shit. But as you have admitted, you are a criminal....

  30. No, "misdirection" I have admitted to breaking laws, in foreign lands.

    That is not criminal.
    Unless you get caught, in those foreign lands.

    That was the case you made, concerning the execution of that fella in Dubai.

    Your moral compass is broken, you never apply the same standard of judgment qcross the board, but skew your moral and legal arguments to suit your agenda of the moment.

  31. desert rat said...
    No, "misdirection" I have admitted to breaking laws, in foreign lands.

    That is not criminal.
    Unless you get caught, in those foreign lands.

    That was the case you made, concerning the execution of that fella in Dubai.

    Your moral compass is broken, you never apply the same standard of judgment qcross the board, but skew your moral and legal arguments to suit your agenda of the moment.

    You are projecting, look in the mirror criminal rat...

  32. But you diverge from the F22 subject, which you posted what appears to be plagiarized material about.

    This was done, I suppose, to discredit the President. But when the light of day shows that Lester Crown is the man behind the curtain, the power behind the throne, you shut up.


  33. I rode with Ronald Wilson Reagan's posse, while breaking the law, "misdirection" who'd you ever ride with?

    What did you ever do, to serve the greater interests of the United States?

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Make no mistake, the average Arizonian has no friend in "either" political party.

    The meat packers, small manufacturers, and construction companies dearly loves them some illegal Mexs. So do the "Tote the Note" car lots, landscapers, and restaurants. All Republican Base businessmen.

    460,000 Illegals. THAT is a whole friggin' lot.

  36. Criminal Rat Says: desert rat said...
    But you diverge from the F22 subject, which you posted what appears to be plagiarized material about.

    This was done, I suppose, to discredit the President. But when the light of day shows that Lester Crown is the man behind the curtain, the power behind the throne, you shut up.


    Not at all, I love the F22 and I love the F@@ for Israel and Japan...

    But your obsessed with Lester Crown I am not...

    You are the clown...

    You are the criminal....

    You advocate hiring illegals to murder those you suspect of rape in America..

    You sir, are not a role model nor a patriot..

    You cut and paste out of context ideas to paint your bullshit...

    You are a rat...

    and a self admitted criminal....

  37. A law unto ourselves, "misdirection" that's what we were, still are.

    But enough about me.

    You fail to answer any of the questions, on subjects you brought up.

    Back to the F22 and Lester Crown, please. If we're going to talk about criminals, let's go large, aye!

  38. desert rat said...
    I rode with Ronald Wilson Reagan's posse, while breaking the law, "misdirection" who'd you ever ride with?

    Now I guess you will pull out all your "Silver Stars" Purple Hearts all earned "secretly while in the service"

    I think they call that a "poser"

    and if it's proven that you are in fact a liar and did not serve or earn you can go to jail....

    As for your "dick" is bigger than mine cause you CLAIM to have ridden the Reagan "posse" and somehow your illegal acts make you a MAN?

    go fuck yourself....

    You're a fraud....

    A cyber creation by a criminal whose only goal is to quit the USA for Mexico or Panama, some example of good citizenship...

    No Rat, no one believes you are an EX-NSA, and Ex-Green Beret, more like a low level grunt that never made it past the Slurpee Machine repair unit of a 7-11 in an airport....

    Really, go take your meds

  39. Or we can speak to your history of service, to either the people or government of the United States.

    But there is none, is there?

  40. Bless that little ol' Governor's heart. I know she would have rather picked up a 10 ft. Rattler than signed that bill.

    That bill is really rather tame. As far as I can see it just allows the police to take the simple, common-sense action of checking an arrestee's (or, serious suspect's) immigration status.

    If the suspect just has a single piece of reasonable ID the officer is prohibited from going any further.

  41. "misdirection" I have never claimed to be NSA, nor even a Green Beanie.

    I never claimed to have done the Phase training. "Cause I never did.

    I was just a Combat Engineer, who fell into working at the School of the Americas, supporting the SFG, there at Fort Gulick.

    From there, after I ETS'd in country, interesting things happened.

  42. Why is it, "misdirection", that you always want to talk about me, and not the subjects you bring up?

    Let's go back to that F22 and Mr Crown's team in DC that killed it.

  43. The Muslim in Chief thinks Immigration will be winning issue for the Dems come Nov. He's itching for this fight. I think he's nuts.

    His election, and Dem landslide was a "one-off." The Republicans, and Bushies had just crashed the economy of the world. Gasoline was $4.00, and Unemployment was skyrocketing while the stock market, nd Real Estate Markets were Crashing.

    And, people were mad at McCain, and the Bushies for this very topic. NOT for bein ag'in it, but for being for it. This issue will bring out more White that are agin it than Hispanics that are for it. And, the Blacks will stay home regardless.

    I might be wrong, but I believe this will turn out to be an "unforced" error for the Dems.

  44. I think that Mr Crown did US a favor, killing that Raptor.

    A waste of time and money, when the next generation of UAV fighter aircraft is already being launched.

  45. You might be right, Rat, but I'd still like to see another couple hundred of those Bad Boys in the air.

  46. I think you're right, rufus.

    This will allow McCain and the GOP to reposition themselves, to an anti-Obama position that is 180 degrees from their previous stance.

    The political market, having no memory, will believe that Maverick and the GOP have been there, with them, all along.

    And then, in the end, the status que will remain constant.

    4,000 undocumented crossings per day.

  47. Which is by no means "conservative", unless we are conserving anarchy.

  48. desert rat said...
    Or we can speak to your history of service, to either the people or government of the United States.

    But there is none, is there?

    I have history, not that it is your business...

    I have not held a government job

    I have created jobs for Americans.

    I pay taxes.

    Your so called service?

    I doubt 90% of what you claim, except for the fact you admit you are a criminal

  49. Private Contractor, that's the phrasing that is used, today.

    There was looser standard, then, when the contractors were not authorized or funded by Congress.

    But who knew that, then?

  50. "misdirection" comes back to talk about me, as is his wont.

  51. What is the problem with letting a bunch of Mexicans into the country? There certainly appears to be the work for them. They aren't coming for the lavish social benefits are they?

  52. The argument, ash, is that those jobs that they are working, could be taken by US citizens.

    Yes, while the immigrant may not be "coming" for the Social Services, they certainly utilize them, once here.

    Hospitals and schools being the primary services utilized. Both of which are funded, locally.

    Beyond that, if there is a legal resident in the same household, then food stamps and other social assistance becomes available, to that household.

    I do not think that the magnet for immigration are these various Social Services, but they do utilize them once here.

  53. Yeah, our Unemployment Index is "Only" 9.7%.

  54. The 300 illegals that were found to be working at the "Ranch Markets", here in AZ exemplify that employment challenge.

    When those undocumented folks were "let go" there were over a thousand legal residents lining up to gain an opportunity for employment.

  55. We've all taken advantage of our System, "misdirection", we've all hired folks and created jobs.

    There is no sacrifice for the greater good, in that.

    Your "service", motivated by greed.

    That's not service at all, but self-interest.
    The two should not be confused.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. "misdirection" profits from the sacrifice of his betters, and calls it service.

    This just gets funnier and funnier.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. If I were a criminal I wouldn't admit it.

  60. Just watched the opening minutes of the Congressional hearings on the Investment Bankers.

    Carl Levin gave the opening remarks. Although, as would be expected, he made no mention of Congress' role in causing the recession, the balance of the remarks provided a good history of the crisis touching on banks like WaMu, the failures of the regulators, the role of the advisory services, on and on, and ending up with today's hearing on the investment bankers.

    Today's hearing centers on Goldman Sachs. They have a number of the people involved sitting at the witness stand.

    To anyone that can read body language the scene is extremely amusing. As Levin pointed out specific e-mails penned by the individual witnesses the camera was focused on the witnesses faces. As incriminating facts in the e-mails were mentioned some of the witness eye were blinking at the speed of a hummingbirds wings. One would think it physically impossible but there it was.

    Funny stufff.


  61. It does get funnier and funnier. You took my wife to task for voting in Ohio, when she had the perfect right to do so, and now you call your own self a criminal.

  62. No, boobie, your wife was a resident of Idaho, according to the original rendition of your story.

    Property ownership does not provide voting rights. That is a medieval standard, well, maybe not medieval, but not the modern, US standard.

    You vote where you live, not where you own property. You and your wife, lived in Idaho, not Ohio, when she registered, in Ohio.

    An illegal act, she should be deported, back to Idaho.

  63. You won't admit to your own reality, boobie, why you're ashamed of it.

    I'm certainly not ashamed of mine, and the Nicoland laws I broke in the service of the United States.

    Your wife broke the law, was a criminal voter and you sill refuse to admit to that reality.

    Your weakness, not mine.

  64. Rat's a self confessed criminal. Just don't be your own lawyer.

  65. Why, boobie, you admit to criminal behaviors, not even realizing they are criminal.

    Failure to report a felony, that's a crime in and of itself, don't you know?

    Aiding and abetting, after the fact.
    You conspired with others to stop the arrest of a rapist.

    Sad man that you are.

  66. No, criminal, she wasn't a resident of Idaho at the time. She was a resident of Ohio, she checked it out with the registrar of elections.

  67. I would give anything to see Goldman lose their license. Absolutely, fucking, anything.

    Along with "Criminal Fraud" trials for about a hundred of their top assholes.

    That would get the market "straightened out."

  68. Rat ass is back to the rape deal. Can't get his mind off of it. And he's the guy bragged how he would hire some Mexican to extralegal off the perp, without a trial.

  69. rat has that roman blood in him strong. pointing, torturing and hammering nails into hands. crucifier if ever there was one.

  70. The financial regulation rumbling down the pipe seems to have not addressed a core problem - capital ratios

  71. Man, these Goldman shits are some sleazy cocksuckers.

  72. ah c'mon rufus, greed is good and ya do what ya gotta do to get what you can. ain't illegal to get ahead is it?


  73. desert rat said...
    We've all taken advantage of our System, "misdirection", we've all hired folks and created jobs.
    There is no sacrifice for the greater good, in that.
    Your "service", motivated by greed.
    That's not service at all, but self-interest.
    The two should not be confused.

    Once again, the self confessed criminal knows really nothing of what he speaks...

    You dont KNOW me, you don't know my business, my charity, my social justice...

    your just a self confessed criminal that hasnt been caught..

  74. That's right, "misdirection" and I won't be caught, either.

    Because no one in the US is looking for me. No one in Nicoland, either, I venture to guess.

    But again, this ain't about me.

    It is about the F22, your thoughts that it was traitorous to cancel it and the part that Lester Crown had to play in the decision, to cancel that program.

    As far as the US is concerned, about my past behavior, got me two ArComs and a good blue passport.

    Ollie set the Congress straight, or not. But there is no one even looking to put us in the light, again.

    No one really wants to talk about Mr Reagan selling out to the Iranians.

  75. We can talk about the part Mr Crown played, in making Mr Obama a US Senator, then President.

    How the Jewish community in the United States supports Mr Obama, with over 70% of that self identifying group thinking he's the "best" of the options available.

    Mr Crown actively promoting Mr Obama's election, after paying him a $3.2 million USD advance.

  76. Muslims and Jews, from Chi-town, showing the whirled how to work together, in common cause.

    America, it sure is a grand place.

  77. ..."ain't illegal to get ahead is it?"

    Unlikely there was anything illegal in what GS did.

    However, they, or at last these guys who are representing them in the hearings, can't seem to get their head around the concept of ethical.


  78. If only the residents of the Levant would learn from US.

    If only they'd listen to Mr Crown's representatives in the US government.

    Emanuel and Barack, they well represent Mr Crown's interests.
    Proof is that canceled F22 program.

    Mr Crown, one of the foremost "Friends of Israel" in the United States. Figure he'll do what's right, by his cousins across the pond.

    Mr Obama, representing his Muslim family tree, can be trusted to do the same.

    Those two reaching for fruitful accommodation, here and abroad.

  79. Portugal credit rating dropped from A-1 to A-2, Greece bonds now junk status, Euro drops, stock market tanks.

    Not good.


  80. ethics and a sheet of toilet paper and you can wipe your A$$ but with money, millions and millions of dollars, well you can sit back and ponder the deep dark secrets of life, like ethics but until then, hey, they were "sophisticated investors"!

  81. Yeah, go out and "Defraud" a Bank, and then, when you're caught, you can say, "Oh, it's alright, occifer, they were "sophisticated" investors.

    Put your affairs in order, first, though. You'll be in for a pretty lengthy absence.

  82. It's an awfully sad day at the Bar when Trish misses...Doug.

    And you think we've got problems.

    It appears that yet another Belgian government has fallen to the world's most boring interethnic feud:

    Belgium King Albert II accepted the government's resignation Monday after negotiations failed to resolve a long-simmering dispute between Dutch- and French-speaking politicians over a bilingual voting district in and around Brussels, the country's capital.

    The king had waited since last week to see if last-ditch talks could keep the coalition government of Prime Minister Yves Leterme together. But late Monday, it became clear the differences between the linguistic groups were too deep. Elections could now be called in early June.

    Belgium is a very young country. A tiny infant, really, as countries go. And there remains much to be sorted out. Possibly forever, because there's really nothing quite like a good interethnic feud as a feature of nationhood, hm?

    The Phlegms have all the money and all the sexy (and most of the immigrant woe) while the Walloons got stuck with French - that only a Canadian could love - and all the old, poor, ugly, sullen people. But also the prettiest weekend destinations.

    What they all have in common is relatively dreary weather and sublime beer. Also Asterix and Obelix and TinTin. Oh, and more royalty than any other country per square kilometer.

    If only they could see past everything else.

  83. There must be a spreadsheet, somewhere, that delineates the amount of fraud that you can perform on the sucker, depending on the "sophistication" of the mark.

    To be considered, I guess, would be 1. The level of "education" of the investor, 2. The "Net Worth" of the investor, 3. The general "worldliness" of the investor . . . . . . . .

    I guess a "Worldly, Wealthy, Highly Educated Dude like Ash would be Fair Game for anything we could come up with, eh?

  84. Rufus, on the other hand, would be "off-limits" to Any trickery, whatsoever.

  85. Thank you for bringing me back to reality trish, i needed that.

  86. They do got a bunch of royalty there.

  87. I could use a cheap Mexican does anyone know where I can find one?

  88. "If only they could see past everything else."

    Swift would have loved it. Tends to replicate, at least in degree of significance, the argument between Lilliput and Blefescu over which end of the egg to crack.


  89. "I could use a cheap Mexican does anyone know where I can find one?"

    Could you be more specific?


  90. naw rufus, a "sophisticated investor" is anybody on the other side of the trade ;) but in the cases before the 'tribunal' it appears a "sophisticated investor" is the firms on the other side of the trade.

  91. Am I always that vague? You ask me that all the time.

    cheap mexican = cheap labor

    Uh...I was being sarcastic.

  92. heeeyyyyy ruuuuufussssss, pssssst - I've got some wonderful oil in my bag here, magical oil, it'll cure all that ails you!

    SsssnakeOiL TM

  93. I'll work for you for free. But if you don't want me, you can try the Boise area, or central Washington.

  94. Try Moses Lake, Washington. Dad had an interest in a sugar beet farm there. Went belly up, but there were a lot of Mexicans around.

  95. My reference was to any specific characteristics you might want in your Mexican, physical or otherwise.

    I too was being a just a little sarcastic.


  96. Also they raised potatoes, and one year they had them stored in a big warehouse, I remember it well, and the taters got some fungus disease, and wiped the whole crop out. That hurt the finances, and dad bailed at that time. It was all irrigated land, from the Columbia River Irrigations Projects, and my brother worked there one summer, dealing with the irrigation pipe. It gets hot as hell in Moses Lake. The only fun he had was one date with Miss Moses Lake, but he came back strong as hell, very muscular. Then married his high school sweetie, and went off to medical school.

  97. Our landlord and immediate neighbor, Count d'Outremont, had spent along with his family much of his adult life in the Congo. He fell in love, truly, with the Congo. About the end of that affair, he was sad and angry and unyielding: "No. I would *never* go back. They destroyed everything we built."

    The chateau, Morval, pre-dated Columbus's arrival in the Americas and he had gone to some lengths to restore it after his aunt was reduced to keeping and living in a few rooms after WWII.

    He puttered around, proudly, happily, but always a man somewhat preoccupied and removed.

  98. I can't seem to find a live stream of the senate hearings but the NYTimes live blog has been interesting:

    "Mr. Coburn asks Mr. Viniar why it is that Goldman received 100 cents on the dollar on its deals with the American International Group.

    “All I can say is it was what they owed us,” Mr. Viniar responds."


    I'd like to monitor doug's blood pressure as he contemplates that one :)

  99. His children - the males among them, anyway - are financiers (natch, I think) and he took great pride in his insistence, wherever they happened to live abroad, that they attend the local schools.

    It was he who talked me into having my children do the same.

    I'm still not quite sure whether to thank him or to curse him.

  100. Well, at least the Count didn't invest in a sugar beet farm in Moses Lake.

  101. And oh my God there is a picture:


    We were Rue de Morval 11.

  102. This has been entertaining.

    Blankfein reminds me of Dustin Hoffman in Papillon.

  103. McCain is going senile. He's confused. Or, maybe he's just toasted.

  104. "Blankfein reminds me of Dustin Hoffman in Papillon."

    Reminds me of a Klingon in Star Trek II. Whats with the ridges on his head?


  105. The 4 footsoldiers were easy to beat up on. The VPs were quite a bit harder. Number One is a Toughie. Imagine that.

  106. Of course, It's Numero Uno that they have to go to for money for their PACs.

    Kinda hard to get too tough with your Patron.

  107. I've been watching it on and off all day, pretty much as background noise.

    After the first hour, you knew which way it was going.


    Nothing new here. Move along.

    Time to walk the dog.


  108. Yeah, I'm gonna take my nap. It ended with a whimper.

  109. Well let Congress do what it will. I've at least now got eight football players in my duplex, big duplex, four bedrooms, three baths on each side, and the wife is happy. Most of the guys are returning next year, we should have a hell of a team. She likes those boys. Her boys, she calls them, which makes me a little jeolous. I seem to have a problem with that.

  110. Yeah, rufus, imagine a President McCain, just a little bit toasted, or senile.

    That'd have been grand!

  111. I'm working for Vaughn Ward for Congress--we're gonna take Minnick out. Put a good Republican in that has family back three generations, and two tours of Iraq. That's the guy we need.

  112. Jon Stewart Wimps Out On Comedy Central Issue

    "There is nothing new here, really. Same thin soup, different bowl. Neville Chamberlain hosts The Daily Show...

    "It's their right," he said of Comedy Central in a verbal shrug of indifference. "We all serve at their pleasure." In a monologue punctuated by yuks, he defended the network by saying, "The censorship was a decision Comedy Central made, I think as a way to protect our employees from what they believe was any harmful repercussions to them….but again they sign the checks..."

    Jon Steward Defender of the 1st Amendment? Naaa


  113. Tea Party as Nazis?

    Big lie from Brandeis

    "The folks at Brandeis assure me it’s all just a big misunderstanding. When they compare the Tea Party movement to neo-Nazis, they mean it in a nice way."


  114. Northrop Grumman Chairman Wes Bush said today it was the complete package of economic factors that tipped the scales to bring the company’s corporate headquarters to Northern Virginia.


    Gov. Bob McDonnell said today that the state offered between $12 million and $14 million in incentives and grants to lure Northrop Grumman Corp.‘s headquarters to Northern Virginia.


    McDonnell said the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is “a setback” for proponents of drilling, but he stood behind the proposal to drill for oil and gas off the coast of Virginia. Some “re-engineering” might have to be done to make drilling safer, he said.

    Economics Drove Decision

  115. In honor of same:


  116. Re: F-22

    Originally, the USAF sought 750 units, having an expertly projected per unit cost of about $107,000,000.00 per copy.

    Unit cost has risen to approximately $373,000,000.00 per plane.

    Had the original USAF order been procured, the cost would have been in the range of $279,000,000,000.00.

    No nefarious Skull and Bones conspiracy is needed to explain the F-22's current plight: The country cannot afford it and interest on the national debt.

    Another lesson may be taken from the F-22 program: Government projections are worth approximately 0.